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Safer (Digital) Sex: Pleasure is just a click away
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The digital era has changed how we seek and receive love. Technology has facilitated our relationships. However, the digital revolution is presenting huge risks in our love lives – usually without our knowledge or consent. Are you aware of all of the risks and implications of digital love?
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on the other end of the year and the
people in object to then
and I will make you very much for coming at so we're at the introduction scientist
types the guess so my name is my and I work for every and and so today we're gonna talk about the little pressure as we explained that before and virtually to label to make it but we have a guest today with us and so I want to introduce into to famine as the phantom head of the 3 of us that way I degrees of grading add these human beings we realize that we would not make these to get but
basically the point is that the session is going to be about you being aware of outwards as you're the cell of life can look like after risks the benefits and so you can be in control so we don't want to talk about any particular person we're not gonna recommend that complete applications for any and concrete and the applicants or sex stories of any of that sort but basically is for you to to be aware of what's out there and the answer the system on so as the title says player pleasures is a click away as soon as that to explain an so how we want to prison this we're going to have 3 topics the 1st 1 is going to be about that pure attractors so there there's some applications where has a female and you can now when you have
your administration out when you have sex and when you're fertile and so on and there's all there and they do have any particular I'm gonna talk about to act there and right now and then the 2nd track would be an about them happens at cameras and sex distortion and this that would would be about that he didn't think so so are you ready get of a let's that about that thing absent and the trackers so at some point you have them actually add
set some point down the look get their periods so with the connected world as she wants to be bound connected and also and also that share the information on with said that happened with other companies so she and I will use a certain absent but also she's also are willing to look for partners and for that can use and tinder and gender as a said before and as a general overview I want you to come retained 3 main things 1st is the permissions and you get when you actually have an apple in your mobile device for example in Japan looked and this for example access to your location data on axis at Heurigen access to your contacts and an axis and through Europe rose in history and permission and 2 eyes so some cookies in your device and so on the 2nd 1 that is attempts service as as you know it's a take-it-or-leave-it situation I'm not gonna ask how many of you have read evidence of service of any of these apps and but here we are just playing some of the things that are in the stems of service over terms and conditions and any you don't like them I what they tell you like both them don't use them right at the 3rd an important thing I wanted to retain the privacy policies and then more specifically at 2 types of things that that companies do as 1 is profiling so they operate patterns across users and they may say it's 2 all the partners or themselves can already monetized said the data for example team there I was launched in in 2012 an army in 2015 the 1st quarter that's when there is that in monetizing and uses 1 it was starting to be profitable and that's has grown globally that when it comes to an end Data and and this that is actually not only human beings have relationships your data also has the relationship and guess what also there this that assists as an open relationship in white people in every area we let's talk about pregnant data because someone that said this money that you introduce your age and sex your preferences and when you for example you in there and you cite here are also are telling the off the type of people you mean like or dislike and so with the status that sets they actually get together and they have the the previous and the babies when the grow as they also that they do that very quickly by the way they also had other hand in order for the babies so ambient air it's aggregration are of different that they and our different stages and sometimes you cannot really and no cool depends of the state that babies are so in other words that that your data tightly promiscuous and even though you Deunan know about it and actually basically the rules and the census added now the detection regulation at the EU level for example would be the birth control of the data so the rules are there to make sure that that's at and there some limitations and and them there's some condoms let's say am so when it comes to pure talkers chose 1 example and that is an application called on the flow at its own by lot of of health is say an American company and I I know if any of you use is that American ask a question but if you were to use that and it as said it's good that you actually read the terms of service and privacy policies it he actually do that if they just think of all 1st of all I all the information that you're providing is no longer on the Erste
at it now belongs at 2 L O W health because you fire at a license and to be used as I'm not only by its but also by other companies with whom they have agreements and partnerships also if you the dates and some data imagine that introduce them I've got government purity stay in the and like actually I don't want to provide exact date and I want to lie to the top of the you think that they may and now a bit about it view measurement no longer be there but what happens is that once you and put some information there they created thinking any store in their servers and even if you terminate their on your account back in their because suddenly you won't have it anymore or for whatever reason they still have a copy and they still can conduct profiling on as they call it an they help provide an heir to that I have patterns across users
and so I think that this is for example on X stock of the of the pollen seasons since would you did that your your data actually I didn't see it but they do see yet and they may retain and then use it for different purposes such as advertising for example and then we talked to you about and they do not think is that's even more interesting right and we always trying to look for lover Elias or adjust their friendships or I many over the different things that so I wanna talk to you about Tina and the 1st thing I want to talk to you about this that maybe something that you do know is that the there is part of an now 1 of the companies that the much group have basically and you can really see them but basically there there are many different companies which are part of this group like OkCupid me take an and so on so basically there the the data that you are to provide in to Tina and it's also being shared across at this companies as well unwilling to the
team they're actually encourage you to read from the privacy policy actually this encouragement comes when you execute clients so it's very interesting they when once you click on the privacy policy tell you please readers which said this is quite good and
also very and also on and you know but even if you think that that your patent message as with all the attendant users are parent actually they're not because if you read the policies they say very clearly if you chat with all that in the user's you provide us with the comfort of your task and they'll say that they don't have an obligation but they have a right to monitor the content for many various reasons such advertising or also they may share Europe's and data and in the end they can actually create a profile at a few quite easily and I also and it's very interesting because contrary to all the privacy policies they actually provide links to opt-outs so as that in the USA you're able to and go into these policy an opt-out from the friend and things that so that's actually quite quite interesting because by analyzing and gender and gender at the near end and flow and the attacker team there was the only 1 providing an opt-outs links so that's very interesting 1 of the things that is presented here in this slide is that not tracked actually when the user presses I do have the possibility of the user to send signals to companies that you don't want to be tracked however it's very interesting that in the privacy policy they say well you may as well do so actually thing would dense but it that a similar work and care have where you are something as because that's what instead of you having the right to decide that they come don't have they cannot track you they say that the industry's thinking about what it means and thinking about how to comply with that of his me at bit in data protection of regulation will enter into force next year so things may change and that's as so and also I once experiments and c and I wanted to try and other have call and gender and so it's mostly 4 and for example in sexuals and their comes and conditions and privacy policies are a bit different actually I found that that Ingres and privacy policies and terms in the time period but there are also very interesting things for example in the in the you're required to have a Facebook account and and then that means that your also are given access to certain now the information not only your a public profile in agenda for example you need to have a Facebook account however they have very interesting things in there and in the policy is 1 of them is this 1 which to me it's quite interesting work this for example if you will have an account their act in principle you're not able to ah publicize its and in a public setting i guess public as a public setting so that would not be a paper into them and you agreed to this hello or even you may not have been aware of it and the thing is that the gender receives the right that has no obligation to monitor and what you do and including how many times you look at the uh others profiles how many times you talk to other people what to talk to the other person and what you share and I said put
a string the lines have been found so many although it's not all there is no hard to laugh but and I still will work through through the eyes and then you wait for it thank you so through their dating application fame has some known as you can see and but this person is living far away so their relationship is based on a long distance and as many long distance relationship it involves a lot of Skype call handout called and face and make the ranks so they having these steps of communication online offering sometime their intimate and they think they're just the 2 of them but we'll do they
know that sometimes there is an unknown 3rd party that John defined as the government
many of you might have heard of from this non revelation of different programs that allows governments and intelligence authorities and other authorities to access your communication online including and voice and we're coming communication this is the case for instance of the infinity norm prism program which involves the collection of data from you and many social media and that the collection of communication that you're having through Skype initially in 2011 the 1st slides are revealed by the and revelation indicated that it only uncovered the messaging and the text messaging sense through Skype then just a voice and then the video was added so the full communication in everything that was happening during that's happening cation could be recorded search in use by uh by the Authority the Authority even created a sort of User Guide for their of his 1st in how to search through this large amount of data on communication data that they were collecting because there was so much you might have heard of wet and search engine the internal use cold excuse scored and the had specific feature was an excuse score to search through the Skype data that was here for certain target similar program were created also by the British intelligence community the gchq through program called optic nerve there was a installed into southern 8 which included the collection of which come and of would come recording from a young what prompts it worked a little bit differently than the prison the prism recording the whole conversation you were having the optic nerve according to the document there were links in there was a system where the webcam was taking pictures of the communication every now and then and then they would have sort of screenshots of the communication that was happening this of course it isn't clear infringement on our right to privacy to direct action when people are aware of this is also create and the possibility of self-censorship because people know that there are actually not having a one-to-one conversation but there is a sneaky third-party there is here in the back looking at you or recording order Texas later but these they I can also you be used in the future by government to sometime blackmail you that has happened in the European Union the Hungarian government has used and the recording secret recordings that they've made of a journalist who was writing sorry and revealing information about and meaning and programs that the the and the government were doing that they wanted to keep secret and so the government went to the Germany saying that they had videos of heme and having sexual relationship with partners order and his wife and threatened him to reveal them if he was not stopping that in the in the journal is decided to um reveal the information to his wife because divorce the basically the Girvan and use all of this information to you and I try to censor and to try to censor the activity of the journalist this is the use by government but this is also used by all the search parties and there is a growing friends in the UN around the world of what we call 6 torsional not this can happen with the word and you're having a chat on a wet come there could be a 3rd party person and that is accessing your work can without you knowing it and recording are taking picture of our you in front of the and put it online or this can also happen when you're just in your bedroom we the work can not being covered and uh there is picture taken of you did a little light next to the webcam can is not on so you cannot detect the fact that this is happening but then pictures what you're online on website and it will just have happened without your knowledge this has very serious consequences on the lives of the people that are being abused through the system do we have numbers from the UK that injured between 2015 and 2016 the number of reported cases of 6 gaussian have doubled in the country due date uh available indicates that 95 per cent of the victim at the moment are male uh from really young teenagers 2 older ones uh that the crime and the National Crime Agence he thinks that there is a large number of unreported also from uh did the and this know population and it's difficult at the moment to link to have a clear indication on how much suicides are actually and linked to that this activity and because in the in the way the process people are feeling really a shame is really impacts the personal life it really impact of so their professional life some people lose their job over this but because of that change uh a lot
of and a lot of the don't actually go to report to any of forward Shiori need help support system because they don't wanna at add further people within that group so and a lot of work is being done by government around the world to try to raise the issue and try to create support groups for victims unfortunately and this and there is much more that needs to be done there is an and stories from the gene that have managed to recover from it and get get a bike there like that are trained to help that but this is not the case of every of every 1 and there is also an the word that being done to try to link further to suicide our happening in in relationship to this and how people that who wished and blackmailed and blackmail people that led them to commit suicide how could they be uh perhaps persecuted or heard in those cases and many of you might have heard a few years ago of the case in Canada of a teenage girl code as amended taught who and was tricked online and in a chat with someone she was uh with with with with someone was which was discussing for more than a year and convinced her when she was 13 to ticket and take a picture of her breasts and the person then put the pictures online she's suffered bullying at school had to move many many times but each time and she was moving school B and the persecution continued because the person find out which cause was going he was contacting no schoolmates circulating the pictures which has led to a lot of abuse a lot of depression on her side and she committed suicide into southern 15 per cent that when behind that was found in the Medellin income common coming to 11 years of gel and because in a lot of cases of extortion them the most the most known 1 in the persecuted 1 are often linked to teenager because it's not only exertion of use of private light but it's also linked to trial expectation and and illegal content but there is also a lot of models that are being targeted by that so it's and there is a lot of research still needs to be done because the victims and fit a specific profile it really could happen to anyone online and
the point of bringing this issue is not to scare any anyone from teenager told her to not use chat online auction services online but to be aware that we don't always know the intention of the person who your speaking you don't always know what's happening in very specific we need to protect our devices to make sure that abuse under here and also create a better support system around us as it among the society to provide assistance to the victim when those cases happen this is a big issue at the moment mostly through work on and smartphones but if we put this problem in the context of the development of IT in the fact that more and more products are having cameras in there is the surveys and sodium and we heard yesterday in the presentation here that the within 3 were expecting to have 50 billion connected devices with camera Croat recording us sample time then this problem of devices recording as spying on us and sometimes and to blackmailing leading to blackmail might be exponentially as important we already known from a recent case that and the air gchq as used as some smart city to smite to spy on people by recording them and by also taking some video we know Alex have been used in some cases for recording we know of a kind of a little Dora led on the children playing with them we know of baby monitors that have been spying on people excetera etc. so be it the
large numbers of of connected and connected devices puts could put us in an age of the Internet of rent somewhere where all the devices could turn against you and links you being further blackmail but funny will go into that in more detail thank you you thank you so as a as I already
spoke about it and there is a clear trend in the increase of the development and also the use of the Internet of Things no Internet of Things parallel to this trend has become this buzzword but you don't all standard offer up proper context or explanation and that that was a problem for found tool who has heard Internet of things but also heard the Internet of Everything and also the Internet of ships and that made her really confused slide but this concept is about and if it's good or not so we wanted to talk a little bit about what that is and you can see the use of words and I'm wondering if you have any idea what can be a common common thing between street food and and more tree and also Internet of things and actually the only thing that's common is that all of these of words were added to the Oxford Dictionary as official English words in 2013 of the the specific definition for Internet of Things is which reads as follows of a proposed development of the internet in which everyday objects have network connectivity allowing them to send and receive data the and that's 1 of the
most important element going beyond what as said about the camera as which is of course a lot of an important part of it the real the real core parts of the Internet of Things is actually a sensor a sensor that is able to gather and transfer data between machines but also to the cloud and enables these devices and mechanisms to offer real-time responses the Internet of Everything includes things that people focus on today but also people process and data and from the things perspective they can vary from everyday objects as already named a few so from 2 with branch hairbrush a toast there there was a pretty famous example or a fridge that's 1 side of the of the range but if you think about cars pacemakers insulin bombs or thermostats even in very serious of government buildings you can imagine that there's a the beasts also very 20 years well we left found
the local that's let's go back to family of it what happened since then uh since she found a partner so actually at the talked about how connected she was how many devices she had and she was interested in sex stories as well she found 2 things and the 1st as she found the slogan that meter very interested the slogan was so was like this have you ever wondered how you stack up to other people around the world since there are found was a very active the fitness tracker user she got very very intriguing and searched a little
bit more and then she found the 1st smart condom on day on the market which is called I on icon costs that's 70 EUR which is pretty expensive for a condo because it is not exactly the condom that course like this but it's serving that you can put on your penis after after the condoms and what's interesting about this is that it the caught several Date Doctor just to name some of them the calories burned during sexual intercourse on speed total number and the velocity of trust frequency of sessions total duration of sexual intercourse the different positions you have sex and on this is only in beta testing but they not they are telling us that they will get back to us with more information on the positions and the every scan all every skin temperature the of the company the company claims that all data are kept anonymous but all users have also the opportunity to share the data on social media and all where did the overall to so after he and he was also interested what's out there for her and the chief found the specifica the product by slack on it's called a sign mine but this time I'm is a is a vibrator video camera on of what you can see on the bottom right corner on the edge of the of the vibrator and end up from as she is a very very cautious so consumer so she red give review of this product and this is 1 of this is what she found what makes this I'm actually unique is the built-in camera surrounding the camera our afford LED lights making Gamages clear and easy to see it is available at the at the at these available of for the west Mac Android and Windows and the reviewer had some issues because it
created lots of error messages and it was very difficult to install but in the end she was very happy to note that she was able to connect all of her devices and seeing them and also link that to the uh 1 of her clout to provide the account and shared the stream recording of the of the the partner and all of these apps on whom sorry only then she
started thinking about this and it some extra research see she also
found that according according to do so this specific product lots of people experience problems with it and already started that and forcing the different rights 1 of them have was a highly have reported by this motherboard and an article that the camera is very easy to hack but in a very very basic and air technical level it probably there are people in this room will protect it very easily and the and that created lots of doubts In her
alone and I wanted to talk to you
about a little bit of this hacking situation and what what harms you can you can actually suffer from from these vulnerabilities there are lots of different interferences which human rights related to all to I O the 1st is the privacy privacy interference an infringement that already alluded to be touched on government surveillance but also surveillance capitalism then specifi comforting companies monetize your dealer uh and key line is a really good example which was very famous in Germany I recommend you look it up it's a very very creepy dolls the but there are other issues data protection and money and also talked about the change in in terms and services also location data and what these companies are using your data for for instance she beat the defer to pieces the secular to feel which can be a fairly you're dead is the delta malicious intent
or the that malicious intent and the hacking there parts that can lead to not smaller incidents than random a central heating system in Finland was taken down and ultimately there's another harm the should talk about and that's not less than death on the land the think of connected cars and they're already reported that accidents by dust
here I'd like to leave you didn't know what from Bruce Schneier who was 1 of the 1 of the leading security experts who tell tells us not to concede and in the development of Internet of Things is not definitely it depends on us and he says that we need to reverse that trend to connect everything to the internet if you raise calm and even death then we need to think twice about what we connect to the internet and what we leave on computerized and at this point I'd like to ask you what you think of the limits of innovation and is on all these risks and harms and
possible interferences would you use these devices are not we think time someone wants to go 1st otherwise I can just say that it scares me OK have you have you had it like that to talk to consumers of these devices yet and his you spoken to recently to some of us like
to use some of things yes the as soon as well is it not only spoke about consumers of what my colleagues in there with their colleagues in the US did is they filed a complaint today FTC the Federal Trade Commission which is there competition but also consumer protection agency and they filed the complaint based on the technical the securities and wanna abilities and what the impact was pretty high because the company acknowledged of all of the issues and they're thinking of withdrawing the product from the market on till the proper security and of digital security standards are developed in the product the but we're talking about 1 product only so there might be more like filed complaint of reflector complaints against the other
stakes and workarounds and consider use with your body yeah but even even with knapsack for example I would organizations like as to especially in
Brussels deducted legislators to make sure that we put the rules that need to be put in place to prevent this from happening and to make sure that the users remained and in control and that with other organizations like for example the Norwegian Consumer Council data is that they have lost a complaint against indeed it is to the Ombudsman and Norway and things that actually seen a change systems of services worldwide as specifically they introduce a lot of changes and for Europeans for example something that you think might be very basic if you were a concern Norwegian our consumer are user and you could not reach their terms of service at the Norwegian you have to read them in other languages but not a region or a African built-in there was available for users and below 18 and now and they're not able to to use and for a and before at the license that you grants to team there and he was quite whites now it's set by the limited and before they didn't domain the rights to come to keep everything and to share a lot of data out my default and now and they are not able to to the to the relative changes that and we can make it also as a user you can also do it and the new but active here using any of these acts actually there's always an e-mail address and I'm an opposed to address what he can lodge complaints you can ask about the type of data they happen you and also how would you can ask what they do with it and this is possible and so right we'll encourage you to to that little things that a lot of of
very interesting and I just wondered I mean it's really scary for everyone I get all of us against Is there any possibility is that people can
use already that I must say if I mean if you have a long terminations for example you are very dependent on digital devices and also and if you wanna get in contact with other people is there already like the movement of people working on that is there already programs add something and I can use that is more saying so making up on that 1 I talked about how they the government
after party can and abuse did the programs are using this is possible also because there is a cooperation with the company and because most of the company are doing there i are building the products in this in a way that it's made to be data harvesting and it's not made in a way that it's respecting your privacy and these will have to change that is for everyone living in the European Union and this will be also further implemented hopefully through laws that are being developed now specifically for the I 2 Herbert but for instance there is this concept of privacy by design and by default at the products should be built in a way that it only requires a collection of data that is necessary for the future you wanna do it doesn't request extra measure that building system for making sure that when you communicating this security encryption is 1 of the tools of course for these and other in other ways to predict anonymity uh are possible and friendly at the moment most of the products on the market are not but the buying by the standards there is some Nietzsche and markets that are being more Pennisi friendly but this is not uh the case of most of the applications so there is a change that needs to happen in the market in that sense if and when people that no predictive offer for services want people to trust them because what will happen is will see more and more obvious is in more more people at being scared or just not wanting to participate in to this if we don't go into way were there is more privacy-friendly options we've seen that trend starting to move a lot on messaging after this man and relation the use of education like signal instead of what's up of increased a lot and even though know what's up to offer a type of encryption but not as robust as the 1 for signal so it's an it's not impossible to imagine that in the future just Skype will develop the same way or they would be possibility for and mumble which is the buttons and a system like that but doesn't offer video because it's non-secure yet on these but will also be more secure so people would be able to communicate in any way they want through the internet with the partners with anyone they want without having a 3rd party where the government or private interfering in those in those types of things so there is a need for the Government of course to stop spying on but there is also a need for the industry to step up and protect our privacy in a more stronger basis thank you
for any more questions you this hi an Italian looking for wire it's an end-to-end encryption messenger we also have the booth here just in case you want hear more about us the progeny and here for a few more minutes of stuff by it's called the wire and stuff the also more secure than signal that you just mentioned thank you but was the plot have other questions if there is not we can show you a little video on a new idea that is entering the market the and so probably trigger question
it's 7 it's a particle smarter just smart matters 10 counting work and the just before the video how many of you would find useful to have a connected mattress penny please raise your hands useful and comments saying that it's their privacy or a friendly or secure OK what for N O I would use of primarily but they freight for it is tho the quality of your sleeve like they just even your pushchair and some they personalized according to a movement and things like that but as you can see in the video hopefully there are some additional learner
advantages according to some manufacturers but then I wanted to go back a little bit to what he can do and what they're to secure toys or anything I think it's very important to note that at 1st
you have to make that decision that you need that specific features to be connected to the internet or not and if not then don't choose the product but if you ask then you should not be exposed to these are risks and Hans because of your decision so the answer is not definitely that you shouldn't use the answer is that the manufacturers have an obligation to work and strengthen their are both legal and technological safeguards for for users the as the we use video was not
working I have just against another question about what you which actually saying is that the that I can use the intelligent technology of like tracking mostly with an intelligent mattress connected to the internet and pay you with my data and lose my data to companies who sold or I could do not use it all the correct well that's the situation right now but it
doesn't have to be that way in it's the same with social media it's the same the same ways and free press online were being told that in order to get it we need to be tracked by advertisers because if not it doesn't work also being told that if you wanna have free social media you need to be tracked in your data being sold to other if not it doesn't work these the business model has been created in but the business small of privacy has not been explored so we're just being sold at this is the only way to do it when we have not explored the business model based on privacy and security the problem was the 1st 1 below is that people will start realizing that you have pictures of your baby is an advertisement even though you generalize that you agree to that you have your data and stolen by uh by people in the profile being created in abuse that leads to that that make you lose trust in this product and more and more so you the industry does not react to this there'll just get to a point where people don't 1st of service but most importantly privacy and their projections are are a fundamental right and if they want to 1st part of the need to make sure they comply with this is not only just a good business decision it's a duty to do this but were not were not going there because there is no enforcement of role in the moment the yeah yeah that any more questions
so a a lot from should wait for the video you could tell us what the use cases described in the news so elements toward this matches up about that
is marketed in Spain is the it is a smart marches matches that sends you notification when somebody use is the mattress while you're not there in a suspicious way that it sends you notifications of and then you can ask questions when you go home and injuries is of course lots of questions but I think 1 of them is that is really how we wanna build our society and the lack of trust in in people all in devices in indeed i in in all those issues and this high but at each of these you could see it because it's very dramatic it's very dramatically the great music of and it is what it says that they are marketing in Spain because they carried out a survey that Spanish people according to this uh company are the most unfaithful in Europe and there's no no all it evidence that the that show that shows that why this companies doing this on and so yeah so that was just a victory those natural from Spain and we we're not unfaithful at least not not all and so have actually I think it's good to end of file on what can you do and really after he how this scary things as we said in the beginning of the session was it for you to be aware of everything that is out there that you or your friends or people that you know and I do think or may use in the future and what can you do about it right so if you
think about the up so obviously the option that it's quite obvious it's like OK you I want use them right and year if you don't want to choose option then you can choose at the at that fits your needs and what we heard before about wire that's there many others so so I'm not even acts that are in search
engines like plant or that go over that page and different companies that actually standing up for your rights at least more than other companies as defined by other men more mainstream companies such as you say you can support them and they ask for the nation's they as for for users and also what you can do each of the set up for a user like and what I just told you I'm I'm about setting there or about gender and more about any of the Apertium use went to them then the medieval know actually encourage your friends uh that hey I just into talk and I heard about this I don't like an idea I want to find and somebody but that's mean that I want certainty there to find me an in this other sense I don't want MIT of a relationship it's me that it's have relationship right and and so you can also support and use like us and also other effective and use like the Norwegian Consumer Council has these things before the focus more on consumer issues and then what is the important is that knowing about it is not enough I am we are obviously human beings we all have our stories are experiences and likely our error we don't know all the that sexual distortion habits the experience of the thing so you have to be in control of your life I would I don't think that you'd be comfortable with having a person observing how would you do in your house all the time and there's actually a lot of campaigns that you can find on line and where and when people follow our some people some some customers and their like language doing what that's what happened on online so if it's uncomfortable in the offline world then let's make sure as
governments and also companies now that we are not OK with it and and so on that weren't that said the message I want to leave you with it thank you
their so that if it was me