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Let´s talk about tech, baby! Slam against the gender digital divide

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it welcome everybody is the pleasure being here my name is to we want you and I'm here to talk to you about tech and I mean this literally
I wanna talk to you not just in front of you because this subject effects all of us and this is why my 1st question is to use the audience I would like to know who of you knows how to code has any experience encoding rate we mine sending out that would be great uses that's easier exercise who create great crowds good for you now all that he has right of about please keep sending the steep stemming and allows a
relentless seeking M not all the man standing would you mind sitting down this means we have all of you ladies year sending out knowing how to code this actually amazing pictures this is not normal for the year 2017 so right of applause for all of you right I mean things
and to all the other ladies in the room including me I think we have to put that 1 on our bucket lists and we have all go to 1 of these courses and because it is to sell and Levantine and all these polls are showing that few people think that gender makes a difference but it's still dance so 2 quotes The New York Times technology got man problem and that is why we here today that's why we having 3 amazing slimmest waiting for you we got a Chris waiting for you and I would like to welcome the speakers on stage right now please on your audience it
we it's a pleasure to be on here I am my happy to introduce you to over you and coming Maria around this is all for solution she's a spoken word artists from that Africa was started the cherry M. Larson project the project aims at preparing underprivileged high school girls for the real world and having them realize itself sufferers and like to ask the question you having no microphone suffers from then to get you might all the think is then because what I would like to know is why is your heart beating for women in tech woman
often nominal beings and I believe that there's nothing more beautiful than a woman who's living out her full potential and she needs the right tools in order to do thank you so much for being here and
makes you is Juliet OK go on my on your yodo she's a cofounder executes director of whole woman network leadership and common and advocacy social enterprise for African woman use thank you so much for being here and
the atom my question for you is why do you think them if the skills for the l-th important topic but and I think the skillful girl is an important topic because we make up half of the world that so it makes sense that if you want to get the wall world unskilled right functional that we include girls so and most of these girls on for a lot of in different parts believed in rural communities so it's important that we reach those that are kind of being ignored thank you very much and really look for getting your have
your view on the subject later in real vector that Tariq test food and your gender tuba and focusing on gender equality and the moment it's quite popular to ask someone or
just the ladies she's a feminist I would like to ask you do your daddy itself feminist as well cause them a feminist and I think that the world have a human being every gender in this work because they're not on the men and women in this work as should be a feminist because of good and great to stand up against sexism racism homophobia tonsil will uh and all those should be things in this world that later today that in Bonn among anybody officer for ICT for D and the digital world at the German Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development form that continue as well as in a 1st I wanna know why so heart beating for text for both of these tools for family my heart is beating for schools for girls because I believe that on his girls are limited from jobs that have some their future safe there also limited because if they lacked the skills they also limited form of getting at earn and income and so they have less chances to actually rule the world as well we thank you so much thank and last but not least and scorched and you the Director-General of yeah that's music the angle the programs departments and you hear you uh man and I would like to know why is it important that we have 2 men and a man on the States today as well well the typical German made on so the because of economic reasons but that's not what I'm standing up here so it's kind of like this is another step to a different society a society without discrimination and with equal roles of men and women and their we still have some of some distance to go the when you along we know it's right after lunch
amino I feel that's why we haven't prepared like a 60 minutes the economic we have it Chris waiting for you and we have 2 teams team 1 is going to be kept clean and Todd team to is going to be and their structure and poor old and we need 2 want you from the crops so if anyone would say OK I would like because I have to present for you so this is your chance to get a nice steak away from the public eye their Langmuir and if any 1 of you would say our only part of the book because only part of this
session this is your chance to want to use for the quiz that would be really great anyone anyone all but for you then you and there's someone as well please thank you very much thank you so much less than
and and we begin with a formal you don't need to know that's great by related Asian get a microphone as well so if you'd like to deduce itself what's to name a lower and probably great having in with your name on the time perfect OK and so he is interested he actually you wanna
stay with Alan OK to get perfect there we figure that 1 out great and thank you so much and you all have a chance to take because as well because I'm not sure if you've already noted you have achieved with I'm lying on his seat it's different question than the ones really taking otherwise would be no fun and you have time to take this is after session and we down collect the quizzes have chance to win a prize as well it's great ends and a guy announce the winner it's all on the sheet it says justly via mobile phone number you hand over just user for that and he can't adapt and the price so I had enough that all that I think they're ready to go perfect M of course custom just have the
rules of was questions we have 20 seconds Stanford and Juliet you have a special role because we have to open answers and you're gonna be the judge saying OK I think this question like this better than the other than yeah I think you're ready to go I think that at the start and the ability question out of the 20 seconds the 1 was quicker will win or you will ask 1 after the other know I see it we have a a B C D option EMS like this and and you are say yes yes yes have 1 and so you have to say OK we gonna go for a and you have to say whatever the food you know and and this is not the them so that they're not and then some years ago it it's them collecting the right answers and then we don't see at the end of 7 questions that starts the Alan readouts M in OECD
countries age 15 fewer than x per cent of growth of their careers in engineering and technology compared with 18 force them % of boys and say is 15 and be a stem and secede is 5 you 20 seconds
now the with like we also home we know that we have equality
erected and discussion of democracy and the trace it is the opposite yes to out effects thank you trade said about great so what's your answer all answers to see my this your answer we set C of the present that's both direct so everybody gets quite a bit sufficient to M it I can see it like that on OK like that I will sit like that of the the what factors are often cited as responsible for the lack of women working in technology fields a gender
stereotypes be lack models the insufficient support the family and or education
the all of the about 20 seconds I think coming the OK you you did it on I you know when I was gonna say the 1st place all of the above so and with those
whom the more difficult for us again a try now we have a lot lessons now because the words it's the of about at and it's open questions so
and I have this for you the I'm sure some you volatility before M.
carbon Acadia E and policy you purchase and he stated this of course women must be less than an beakers the beaker they're smaller less intelligent they master list that's all might have for years now you heard the statement if not 20 seconds to prepare an elevator the pitch 1 of you guys have to give a short speech a short answer to this guy you would meet in the elevator 22nd fabric of racial and then you answer and you have this is
now your chance to say and this is not your job saying which entered into like more and I would like to be and to and the the I k times the who of you is going to do the statement
made OK so the 1st edition also I uh is not so it's just a fact you could have had
the 2nd 1 is we want record in the post on in Guyana promote which is a good answer which this which states In order to get a job a man and a woman must be twice as good as a man fortunately this is not too difficult I like that 1 the URIs
1st we would say miss them because you
need some uh that have at but not allowed there but unfortunately you should learn less because you are weaker you a small value less intelligent and that's the reason why you should run this the more thank you so much thank
ways retains the reactions so here we think the OK I have a difficult job and I'm going to go away this group and that that the
progress made from my life seems to but the next 1 In here we are
the World Wide Web Foundation research shows
women selected developing countries Cameroon Colombia India Indonesia Kenya Uganda Mozambique and Nigeria are less likely to use the Internet than man how much is the difference in per
cent you have you know a little bit about that and I think it is argued that let's move on to the next question but I really like this and and at
and others is that an archaic you'd give an open question for the next 1 so this is going to be unsafe sites and so be would have been both strands of would have been that assist both pointing at the 2 end No. 5 but about the M here and please answer in the sentences maps what is the
meaning of the term glass ceiling with regards to gender same thing
if 20 seconds just prepare an answer
and the top and the and this is the time and the last thing I just and the things which aren't
producing more and more and you can do this to do so even though they seem to care
receive priority made of your mind times Apr times OK this time you're you're going for a c mon place OK glass ceiling means that some it is and the barrier that consi hinders women to get into top positions and to make a career not only in the IT sector but in general and it's like unspoken norms and that exists and we can see that the glass ceiling still exists because so a little women and not little women left women fewer women are and
out of positions and this is the last thing and any so much for the center late in the file and saves the glass ceiling is a barrier
faced by means of a not allowing women to excel and to reach the Goals and I can use another example it's like an invisible finish line that mean keep moving further and further and further away from a woman that lecture speech the training we have like to
add that I have I I believe that 1 of the problems of the last link is that it's not only imposed by man to Hindu women but it's also often imposed by women and so that you know the sexism is also a topic that also you know like a lot of women all source sexist and so this is the time I would like to underline that well the thing that I would have to change that again having also that to it yeah I have the the death of well still difficult because both of them gave a great and and adds to the conversation and I even when the lean with this group because of they got the the the next
question just 1 link if the OK that CIA official answer them but I think we've already got that so 1
of public OK I think have get back
and the yes here we're M. comedy Celia's at mobile operators in Africa are women what you think less than one-tenth less than 5 and 10 less than 3 in 10 10 20 seconds to start
this island the lecture and action on and can this seems quicker just make sure the seems quicker right now just kind
of pressure the the ways the 1st we said a list and 1 in 10 OK within us a say a less than 1 and I can we you were never click that's great OK and I'll ask questions it's kind a tricky question and that's my favorite questions giving up and I want you to estimate the number of Google entries on the following topics
for women calling for women dressed video and just think about an hour and we have some on calculating Louis closer to the actual numbers to it this
way is the and the in and and you have think you done you know was 1 aspect I have the but there have that can but we always have more than that OK we decided that we're going forward with a thousand fold
women coding and 250 million for women breast good guesses the guests so you have to say something today
we also believe that a woman coding would be allowed 50 thousand entries and women dressed would be around 8 million and woman just be even much and that this such aside but it is good points M just another click here so women Kelly actually more many already
figured kind of good and that it to a million and and component entries and for women dressed with 228 so you work for achieve with that 1 so I
would say yeah was closer and and it and kids so you both got applying them all
then many of does this may mean that we have had yet having to a nice is that the results OK so thank you so much for playing with this this last thing a much regard we do have to present some the run of applause for the warranties please visit this and I think I can the thing and now it's time to get anything you can think with them I the you're monomer into the Latins M. thank you thanks we wanna put and the gender digital divide
into perspective right now we have scattered monument yeah we have and we as Poccia and they will explain how the German development cooperation is settling the issue and why the topic is an important area for B and that's and yes at the status of the this yet it the and the and of I think you might have a magician microphone collecting and well should I repeat that we can I'm very pleased to welcome you here on the behalf of the federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development the beams that on I changed my speech and a little bit and so actually I wanted to come here and tell you about all the things that we do and everything but 1st of all it's very important for us as Federal Ministry to point out that digital inequality and the sexes is not exclusively something that of course happens in developing countries but as we solved by the close of that's our you of parliament spokesperson and is of course also problem that we have the and and we have to deal with here on so we're not pointing with our fingers to developing countries and saying in a very patriotic and also southerners way will this is exclusively something that happens just in your well of course not on but it is my ministries mandates to promote women's rights in the digital world in developing countries and this is why are we here today ladies and gentlemen it is a man's world it is 2017 and it's still is a man's world this is the reason why it is also amounts of digital world those 2 things are interconnected so sexism and Digital Agenda inequality expresses itself in many different voices the only thing they have in common is that all of these voices of very likely so what does it mean it means we have less women that have access to information and to the internet we have less women I have the skills and thus qualify for jobs in the IT sector and thus are not fit for rivers for the future in turn money we have less women that can influence public opinion that is more and more happening in the digital world we have the content in the internet is made by man Tech conventions tech innovations are designed mainly by men for man so women are much more the victims of hate speech than men are to sum it up what is the Internet means In 1999 were still also convinced that it's a free Internet with equal rights of course it is not it probably start the sign so we are prepared to promote our action schools for girls says no woman wept I have a really bad surprise we have the web and on women or their religious very little them and so of course there is a web without women and its functioning it's functioning pretty well so we need to change the so what is the Internet mean we have men talking we have men talking to men and men listening so what are they talking about they're talking about male dominance uh dominate its content and when they're talking about women there are often victims of hate speech and of being sexually objects right so this is but this has real repercussions for the analog world because the digital influences the analog world and vise versa it's a man's world and therefore it's a man's digital world and it's the man's digital world and therefore it is a man's our world so what does that mean for us it means you can't think feminism with out fighting sexism an inequality in the digital world and that and this is an issue that's you know as as also the very charming and nice and moderator and introduces but I have always had a problem that we have so many women campaigning for the issues and still way too little man and I think they they tend not to campaign for the gender issues in the digital world because they think it's a women's problem and of course it's it's approval for everybody and so on I like to emphasize that campaigning for women's rights in the next hour outside the net is also human rights issue of course so I called for every woman and every man to position themselves as Digital Agenda applicants and to support our initiative the schools for girls also if we are to support any other initiatives right counter arguments when you see hate speech right arguments means see any sort of declassifying the competencies a when you see that women are sexually objectified I think we're all in the power to do something here right a lot of comments love speech and set of hate speech and it really doesn't matter where you're getting involved and where you're getting engaged but the thing is to get engaged thank you very much it might be called
the but thank you very much and will come from my
side is well and thank you all
very much could be born among for the he for a different world tend to what else for me as a menu to act it said really that the digital world and the digital industry has been built the by men inform and and that the phase of technology and programming is to a large extent still Khmer the White made 1 and the young white male 1 we had seen a local women standing up when the when you were ask of some experience in coding but unfortunately this is not the typical and is country born 1 has said this is not only a problem in our partner countries but all over the world from Morse 2000 from east to west and this is by and large are also to a very large extent true for Germany common stereotypes related to women in fields and signed and technology need to be challenged and that's why we from G IC at very much appreciate and strongly support the initiatives he skills for girls be extremely impressed and we also very enthusiastic about the strong support from many sides we very glad that the German government our paeans it gives money for these initiatives that it has made it part of the G 20 approach but it's not only the government it it's er strong coalition of the private sector of many you take a firm stand companies off-peak foundations like a billionaire Gates Foundation of are the foundation who really see it's as a must perhaps a must for economic reason but also a must for our society there are already some concrete poll people concrete programmes and for instance 1 of the program 2 years it is implementing on behalf of the is it is a program in Indonesia will also Indonesia like very strong country was gender sterotypes especially in the field of digitalization and the year 3rd is a project to increase knowledge and awareness of gender discrimination in education 0 my we promote and encourage the just take a 2nd look at the role women can play in the industry and we support women to study and work in the field of science and technology and sent the message that diversity pays off another important factor of this project Indonesia is the involvement of the private sector he know all for minicomputers sticker Intel inside also the project of Indonesia entailed is insights and we think without the companies without the private sector it it's not successful tool promote such an approach we know all and that's very unfortunate there is no quick and there's no quick fix in this field we need continuous support for a changing role of women in education and professional environments we need a special focus on girls for subjects of science and technology we need female champions and we need support from governments and private sector German development cooperation is accepting this challenge let's get going and all I'm very very happy and I'm very much looking forward to listen with all of you to over slamming experts thank you very much
the for the insights for the food for thought it's my pleasure to introduce you now 1st as slammer it's going to be pulling all and I'm pretty sure it's a best sales pitch you've ever hurt 1 of the state of the art before I start I'm just gonna give the camera sees somebody here and on my mother and affricative engages ran away from home I am in billion to do stuff for a public and you so much for having me on this platform I'm am all the way from southern Africa and amenity be doing a
poem for you that I wrote called cheese and I wrote it specifically for this section so if I forget it's just kick in and it'll come back to the right so that's how December if you like something that you hear what I'm doing the poem just snap along and if do forget aligned to snuff along and get to see invest in me this is my sales pitch my application to be a co-creator of this platform this new world technology and ICT imagine if admitted both you and me but before I begin I hope you understand how humiliating and black and it is for me to be using all my creativity and energy to convince you set of an ancient obvious truth I know I am great it's like waiting to the sky and saying to the Sun say you up there did you know that you signed seriously should rolled eyes and reply what you think of been doing this whole time I am radians I am firing sign the is untied giving me what's really mine and just like see that pretty much explains me I am phenomenal and I am worth investing in but for some reason I think you've missed particular pages and life's manual with the outline the splendor of my gender so you spent centuries scrambling your name on everything erecting statues of your face in every place honking your own horn so that mine was the story is never made known the whole thing reeks of you you've marked territory pretty well be at the tree all this boardroom or that tendency to lift up I'm surprised you haven't yet Pedon my teacup so now it is up to me to read induct you into reality and introduce myself again hello I'm she and I am with the I'm sure by now you folded your arms cleared you nervous throat and prepared Unix defends the keys relaxes to uncurl unfurl and him I put it to you and your inability to really see me is due to the fact that you see me remain here here me your incessant need to control and direct me takeover every space is a clear sign that you feel that I might take your place and we both know that I'd be downgraded it but that's just it I have no desire to be you you see me as a lesser than I'm worth investing in not because I can throw like you run make you pull my voice away appends but because I can do it like you can a because she's the man no but because I can't do it like I can people so Mr. I have no desire to be you just allow me to be me everywhere anywhere and always I was never created to live in comparison to you but in relationship with you side by side so please take your big feet off of mine while I was given a you me always speaking a language of blue versus pink soccer balls with flowers and peak in some way somehow you is me started sounding like strong vs. weak I know you don't think I know how to be great maybe you think I'm too scatterbrained or soft CD or DVD or pretty on ED missteps what is it really and no need to raise your hand I know your next question on woman asking for too much we really giving access to what they can nope not really I'll say it again you still control everything and it's simple woman's rights are just a human rights dressed in flowers and sass what's wrong with that and please don't think that you Varinia bone when you open the door for me an act gentlemen G. I. Q. you can keep it and if you don't understand that I don't really needed to then token at and your kindness is a beautiful bonus but it is not to equality this is not a game of cards and I never traded opportunity for your chivalry invest in the and I'll tell you why they are wonders and was there's an untold wisdoms buried deep down with a planted by the warrior woman who came before me was pearls of knowledge now adorn me you see no matter what the cost of the magnitude of the truth we carry it in our rooms we live to share it with the old with the use heirlooms of stories bend our backs in agony but we carried plenty for we know that there's no greater gift than knowledge from a has to EMI my heart aches for you for the duration of your life you'll be told do not to cry and that is why whatever you make wobbles in shakes for you create with an unsteady hand that I am part of and we do not come easily we know our weaknesses in daily we rise to face them with every challenge and believe me there are plenty we grow stronger we grow brave we are stadium invest in me trust me if not for mine for my daughter's sake for your daughter's sake Mission look in the mirror and not see and number 2 but abiding bundle of great because she saw Mamadou at 1st she will feel safe she will be seen she will know that she does belong that had dreams that she is worth investing in certain
invest in me thank you so much in the way that
it that at a meeting of the meaning making it on any you think he still wants to 1 and whenever a good thing you gain to tackle this challenge with a poem and I was
wondering why did you decide to do this at home I love words words communicate so much in this so much power embedded in it and impose or just short quick creative ways of communicating a strong message and because of the artistic license can say a lot of things that can offend a lot of people but people are adherents so over is really a way to communicate what's on your hard to quickly and effectively thank you so much for being our own model thank you so much for being here today thank you for that
and the good thing is this is not the end we have
2 more to go and the next 1 is very tight you known for being very frank and I'm pretty sure we will know why in a few seconds after that Republic of wasn't so provocative as it should be and should have been done banned I think we don't change this year so I think it's so much for being here and status yours thank
you and me and head of the movement in the waning who
rural OK and
I have and I have to who pulled the minute you through the internet for that went on in this case that's over here at the Texas yes tired of you do high low
give me give me give me some hate after midnight good some of us from I hated
it out you on the highlighted the hostile environment all the gender get this
the instances that you have a group is the 2nd Ecolead out by the court vendors I have been found hate to me
baby 1 more time what if that al-Qaida offense aligned with toward of upwards of experiments the media go
about and found intended it online and put tools would on top of was Slavin thank you by the house size as the least a kind it must have been hates and it's not over now was used to I have found game online and you might want to do was a meaningful have some value dilemma good knowledge with the human mind
was still have to be column aligned with time and with as little ending up stand into collaborators thank you thank you very very much what is the
bottle with the CMU and the displacement to the cards then then I'll call
in economics as party of should talk of his life and it's not always the lighthouse wouldn't the act would not
inherit got divorced mission lies want what they think of you want order as the feudalistic slower than capitalization have divided councils he's the lands
hassle being and I 1 hates to allow its radius high literally a has been call this differently the other the other classes hate each year loss then
think of items stolen Pam islands of Borneo and flat sharing the absolute search and I hate get kind of tool shrewd dynamics noise
than the have come signing in less than other shows the effect decision eventually in offline and online what is it's hated on purchases don't hurt yourself no
more the indeed in the absence of a bit of either the left half of the columns from the
against of island it's up
I was leaving it that you have to the violence that them with the words
please In an thank
you so thank you so much for your perspective when it comes to gender equality luminal the role their tickling different sort of challenges but I guess the challenges be talking about you have in common with it's about
hates as important to you I think that hate speech is a very big problem and then the text women in another way than it and it affects me or other man and I think that we should talk about it and I think we should talk about and she will not way because that's what I do I am against racism sexism and homophobia but I'm not like OK stop doing it because I have the right to say because I think it's easier to make it with humor and that the people you can love about all these better things and that's my strategy with paint the effect of such meetings anything so much for being here today thinking and
if last but not least due at the at the hearing your thoughts and you place status yours and thank you I do this piece
for all the girls around the world as especially the gold in Africa and we have a program where we all come out and we stand bare feet and recite poetry so they can find their voices and Terry studded with some musicality some does the low leading with you and go let's talk about tech b let's talk about you and me let's talk about all the good things not that bad things that may be let's talk about how what is it that someone talked about analog I were talking about digital and i'm going to use this cue cards because leave in an age of called all coordinated boxes code or the and so we must teach her a new language to break out of this people perfected prisons so that she can on for world like predi paddle so new Thornton's inner city then offspring come time travel with me to the very beginning on the day that she was born how model wet which fell to tears when should be held the folds between her times and have father stead blindly with accusing II's bereft broken the as he said it's a girl why while we why do we at her personhood entering commands chromo then the x y the defined parameters each reads Aero on why the unwelcome on unwanted on equal economically less then 5 the a girl enough research for reason we go on in to a doll pre greens which becomes the colorful walled when we turn her way from the pages of life afraid that should discover new Walden adventures in citadels of learning in the secret holes in walls of libraries from Ward warriors and queens off colds like in because the IDT my read who read a data lovely another scathing goes wider and wider I I I wonder how many girls all very like her enter a command 1 million error the 13 million arrow voting answer 130 million girls out of school 24 % represented in intact to I didn't enter a new code a universal code the agency educated girl repeat command educate a girl educated girl educated a girl 2 and got that's the color code of a society directing her life movies perhaps that the marks on her wrist when in non social media mocks her looks but that's the the rational fear of Paris 6 sensuality got that is the cold for the village medicine women would also create tends and it's the re-speak mothers and daughters prison up pay track we strain here down on the helicopter the tingling but all of her maidenhead and they prepare her 13 year old girl for Aidid rooms chief god of men I with this sharp razor and shop Tong then known her and all of a sudden these doctors grow up to become women who grabbed by or in men in white houses girls who fear girls who shrink from their line light Dell's af raid all of their voices Gales pool I'm so scared to fight for a place in that room where decisions about the very right to Life if they can Gail afraid to code region red that's the color of the blood that flows when they killed her in honor by palace tens of below brothers and uncles on whose needs you want bounced we joy
in whose arms she was once lovingly rocked rest in peace and rise in power to infinity fuck window of of Afghanistan stand down maybe of India rule 1 of Yemen did the deed while Al Khaleel all of the rat the and tuple girls of my homeland North east Nigeria Gale shot at beating rate Dell stoned fold kidnap displays girls who were killed because the year girls who dared to love dared to learn and of course we run out of hashtags we ran out of hashtags and so we say now enter a new command delete pay tracking delete factor that delegate misogyny delete all of it delete side chain create new command faith open field In real inside world engine you command parity and new command equity enter new command dignity for all then the new code Molly l the mouth alpha the alpha matte shattering the filing voice left no more name let's normal face left normal describe new code tributes all of my is daughters volume vision disability I am here and I belong and still the rise the repeat command with this persists reverse professors refers heard this do you now get it we must teach her a new language we must tell her that no rule that barred the other room the situation room the news roam the median Rome even open spaces on the morning how to explore the you must crawl out of that sunken space she must create a new world Apple meanwhile in how all the major on the goal in her mobile in her FIL figure letting go of x y I E she discovering a new place embracing the digital world she carries within she is becoming today inequality doesn't faze all scare her did a masterful matter Dora she stares down bulls on Wall Street today we life policies terror tight can't define all right over she then on untamed mysterious boundless energy Dominion War can no longer breaker to go wild with clearly gust of wind volunt all groping hands can no longer contain her to the wide beam of electrical lighting an old boys club can no longer freeze her out to the force of frenetic for lord of fire see spread today she's everything all old programs encoded to develop a new software His reformatting the hard we where of body and soul mind and spirit she is becoming she's writing the new code you'll N. B decoded on break able the reconfirmed valid a new truth and grace she's becoming she connects she cold G. call creates a new world in our own image and likeness seen a the code to connect are disconnected universes she is the beautiful bridge between poverty and prosperity between the wall and peace between security and everything else that it the she eighties and unbreakable code thank you the the
the thank
you thank you the ions they allowed the planet whose but at the this thank you so much for being about and so much for sharing of thoughts I would like to know 1 of my last question actually today is what
makes you think that we can overcome if a digital divide at the time and the data on the seems very daunting when you look at the numbers but I think because we're human beings right by the poem said we persist way here we're doing this because we're all doing this we're all talking about it it's possible we can OK I wanna believe you when leaving you and I think as
having you as having all of the year this is a good perspective time is running out so but we wanna talk to you so please you welcome M and there was a call that a better place and now that a placeable data left stamps it's F 7 1 have an informal gathering they're all always speakers will be very please just come over at the price a present for 1 of you is waiting about an adjustment personal thought I think it's totally OK if we go about women dressed but I would really want us to will and invest in women and coding as well so thank you very much for being with us today we wanted to have a chance of a big group of them for low right now if you had a column B in it as well the you monomer about come we would be happy to have you wanna do together with this yeah please just coming here and be disfigured photo and thank you so much thank you so much for being the best thing the patients residing at the whole world
will rule over the port in moles
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Reverse Engineering
Gruppe <Mathematik>
Digitale Spaltung
Kollaboration <Informatik>
Ordnung <Mathematik>
Lesen <Datenverarbeitung>
Wort <Informatik>
Weg <Topologie>
Reelle Zahl
Mobiles Internet
Spezifisches Volumen
Binder <Informatik>
EINKAUF <Programm>
Offene Menge
Wort <Informatik>
Lateinisches Quadrat
Statistische Schlussweise
Familie <Mathematik>
Maschinelles Sehen
Große Vereinheitlichung
Lineares Funktional
Digitale Spaltung
Konfiguration <Informatik>
Arithmetisches Mittel
Gerade Zahl
Projektive Ebene
Faltung <Mathematik>
Web Site
Nichtlinearer Operator
Data Mining
Bildgebendes Verfahren
Leistung <Physik>
Universal product code
Konvexer Körper
Objekt <Kategorie>
Displacement Mapping
Rationale Zahl
Innerer Punkt
Umsetzung <Informatik>
Bridge <Kommunikationstechnik>
Digital Object Identifier
Metropolitan area network
Befehl <Informatik>
Kategorie <Mathematik>
Mobiles Internet
Güte der Anpassung
Kontextbezogenes System
Rechter Winkel
Grundsätze ordnungsmäßiger Datenverarbeitung
Klasse <Mathematik>
Abgeschlossene Menge
Arithmetische Folge
Inhalt <Mathematik>
Elektronische Publikation
Körper <Physik>
Abstimmung <Frequenz>
Gemeinsamer Speicher
Formale Sprache
Kartesische Koordinaten
Prozess <Informatik>
Figurierte Zahl
Nichtlinearer Operator
Amenable Gruppe
Geschlecht <Mathematik>
Strategisches Spiel
Gewicht <Mathematik>
Kombinatorische Gruppentheorie
Zusammenhängender Graph
Diskretes System
Geschlecht <Mathematik>
Cloud Computing
Mapping <Computergraphik>


Formale Metadaten

Titel Let´s talk about tech, baby! Slam against the gender digital divide
Serientitel re:publica 2017
Autor Bornemann, Katrin
Selesho, Puno
Proksch, Andreas
'Kego Ume-Onyido, Juliet
Tesfu, Tarik
Cube, Julia von
Lizenz CC-Namensnennung - Weitergabe unter gleichen Bedingungen 3.0 Deutschland:
Sie dürfen das Werk bzw. den Inhalt zu jedem legalen Zweck nutzen, verändern und in unveränderter oder veränderter Form vervielfältigen, verbreiten und öffentlich zugänglich machen, sofern Sie den Namen des Autors/Rechteinhabers in der von ihm festgelegten Weise nennen und das Werk bzw. diesen Inhalt auch in veränderter Form nur unter den Bedingungen dieser Lizenz weitergeben.
DOI 10.5446/33134
Herausgeber re:publica
Erscheinungsjahr 2017
Sprache Englisch

Inhaltliche Metadaten

Fachgebiet Informatik
Abstract The session looks at the inclusion of women in tech as a global challenge. Women’s employment in the digital economy is often marred by gendered barriers and stereotypes. The good news: Times are changing, there are plenty of inspiring women who are following their dreams despite the challenges they encounter along the way. The session brings together development professionals, policy-makers and women from tech from South Africa and Nigeria and explores what is needed to better reflect the diversity of women’s know-how and creativity in the digital economy. The session is convened by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ).

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