Curating Science Fiction Art

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Curating Science Fiction Art
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This science:fiction panel discussion will assemble curators, who (recently) organised exhibition projects within the broad spectrum of science fiction highlighting motives from literature, art and music inspiring technological visions and development.
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and the and the the the on the and
the project the body here on
stage L 1 1 of 2 stages of the so called elaboratory all hop OTS technology culture and experiments I guess I'm because of value state shows onto the evening In time Sweden reality sometimes like science fiction we thought why not stop this stage with the panel about science fiction and more specific about how to cure rates science fiction out the discussion would be 1 long and your host is was much commits a freelance consultant and digital strategist based in Berlin given a warm welcome few hi everyone at some such a pretty exciting to be here again Republic every year something you Lester's hard cannabis the year before I was talking about the new work and this year I'm
moderating a panel on the arts and science fiction 2 of my past passions as of also worked in the museum field and I'm very glad that we can now today 3 amazing speakers will share their experiences on products they have worked on and the I let us welcome to Martina Luca from the Jewish Museum Germany her background is in the in the in literature and she was most recently responsible for the expression
goal and which you may have seen welcome Martina few
and now we also welcome Gloria leave from of the full where I is the general director in initiator of the utopia festival interdisciplinary festival and then until you've gone from film to was installations and other experiences that there you will talk about welcome worrying few and 1 of his collaborators uh you know Cooper welcome few has been consulting on the ToBI vessel he himself is a historian and looking into the modern era history and lets us this could start with some presentation so you get a better understanding also visually what we're talking about we're talking about art and sometimes good to see the actual exhibitions so Martina brought as a presentation also worry and eaten so Martino you want service of hello can you hear me at great so I brought this pretty ancient guide to the Republic had today ancient hipster called the Goldmember come we didn't exhibition on on the sky and in winter of past winter and am I would like to introduce just a bit little bit the tone of the exhibition and and the idea that we're behind it through some objects and
also through some insulation
shots so we're starting with this and like guys here and he greeted and the audience when
when the public came up to to see the show and class it was just the perfect Gollum although the artist them of thought about and the golden when he conceived the work it's made of table light bulbs and lands it's about 4 meters high and it's inanimate material that the is brought to
life by a by by his work so and the metaphor of bringing the inanimate material to alive which is um is so important to the column was 1st perfectly done with this work and bikers of content container is funny because he's from Prague actually that and he just thought
about it the idea later when when when and we called the skill great like died the colon and and
the not all that not everybody knows and the story of the Golan and we wanted to start the exhibition and with the present so the question was an you might know that goal and
but you don't know and you don't know it yet so and about 30 of figures from computer and video games and the visitor when they came in and they cast at pick shadows on that and concrete wall and they were they were out of and things video games like Minecraft or classifications aware of Warcraft and it was interesting to us because for those with the catalog we did an interview with the young minecraft players and we were asking them you know what what what is the goal mean and to you as Minecraft plant and indeed some the character in the game and and the recipe related so well tool and what we wanted to show in the exhibition later and at the end of the exhibition and
we also ask visitors to rebuild the Jewish Museum and in Minecraft and and bring it to life would go lands and they did but they also did and many other things which we checked about every week and looked at what what am l
visitors developed and the what we're but exhibiting an and this is a
computer chip become from an Israeli computer from the 19 sixties from the Republic Institute of Science and I brought it here because it's called Goldman and the computer as you can see above and it
was named by the Kabbalistic scholar guassian Shawn M. M. and when he was asked to and given inauguration speech with this great computer if he and asked to name it and he named it Ghulam are and he was about the first one to make the connection between and the modern computer world and and the goal and so
that's why we exhibited the chip here it looks very big on the screen and it's about
5 centimeters and big but we also see it as a piece of art actually because it looks like an art deco from element and the
next room only took our visitors back to the root of the Golden Legend to Jewish mysticism and he had the idea was to combine an contemporary
art with actual medieval manuscripts with recipes for gold in making from the medieval times and you see lying in the middle this is a large sculpture by Joshua abundant I brought another picture here you can
see better it is made of the Hebrew letters and tough man and I left the artifice hanging around the neck and am this refers to a traditional recipe of activating the goal and actually the out has to be put on the
chest here in the sculpture asked the artist about a secret about the sculpture and to give when it when I give talks like that and he told me he has space for another live on the back which you don't see so that visitors don't accidentally and bring this sculpture to live and he walks out of the exhibition and and this brings
me to an installation that comes and right in the middle of the thing that we're discussing here today and it's about
science science fiction and film and how all the Golan is present in so many and science fiction films and also television series that was our initial idea of conceiving this artwork we did it together with video artists that fights and stuff and motivation and we told them about our idea of making and you go in narrative from all the elements the creation and the bringing to life the transformation and also be out of control which is this employed and about and to go in and maybe we can take a look at the video a little bit and to see what we did here it's much better than me
describing it and
it that the the so made about up to about 70 and intelligence in his uh at each time you want you will win the 1 and what it means to get the story of the creation in the room right now and how do consented EU error where there are no constraints out of school out because of the it's it's about 9
minutes long and although it's really great
to watch I don't wanna use of all the time now it's gone that I
the a rule and a goal aggregations and some atmosphere and actually OK so then that's just
watch like 2 minutes of its and to
see what it's what was done because it was an interesting collaboration between securities and the artists we had an idea in mind of what we wanted to say we want to know uh telling you goldens nor his home to all the ones mean until rules of years and we are just came out with an inner with the major 100 discourage rural errors and so that an and some of the things you know and you find this all
the and and and the and the and
the and I can continue a little bit with them the
explaining some the way it was
done because it leads actually to the last chapter of the exhibition and I want to to talk about that that brings us right back into the present and the where we used contemporary photography as as a major means and for example of photographic series by g you went into um Robert Torre laboratories and photographed the creation and the creator both of them together on portraits and they're
very intriguing and brought 1 and photograph that I would like to show at the end so did you get an impression of what this installation was like OK so then
and I want to show the so yes you side and so we're likely and
OK so the exhibition and it actually um with a photographic images by
the rule did portraits in computer and M. in Robert robot labs all over the world and the
irritating plot shred of the creator and its creation it's hard to tell them who is who only coming coming close to the image maybe by the hands you can tell from which 1 is alive and which 1 is not M. this brought us to the conclusion flow for the show that we wanted to ask our visitors how
are we responsible for what we create and and it what do we do we think about the consequences of our creations when we create so thank you for
your attention thank thank you for that
thank inside and giving us some images and better to relate to women coming from museum background obviously but it wasn't clear what to expect and now this torisation sometimes happens museum but this still
felt very much like a free of inspired arm exhibition and don't daughter free inspired exhibition we should also get some images and the ideas from the token festal which in itself is sort of an
interdisciplinary UN conference utopian know how medley of
of events and the workshops sold or or even know maybe you wanna give us an introduction to that as well do you have for the body that thank you all for coming
up with new look at my notes there there and renounced Newtonian um so this is our title that the uh utopia size imagination and the future and
people should be appears in a mountain it's a it's a blended Spartan International those festival dedicated to our sensation in particular and the fantastic genres in general and part a program of events titled Science imagination fusion visions article bit above about the let um
you uh go on with those some of our intent with that of the utopia Association which runs the festival and uh the festival events during the festival season and throughout the year um so a little bit about the film festival portion of it and um but I like actually about this continued conversation between us is that we bring different perspectives on programming on curation and different perspectives maybe on science fiction which have been very which would be interesting and
so the full vessel sections so the who so this is just a few images of the many many events and types of events we hold at some that's utopia as I said it's part of the vessel so you see a bunch
people seeing films and other so that the the other program of events size imagination of future visions it's trips together academic and professional conferences meetups lectures talks and panels art exhibits a lot as complex and uh at intricate and as as the ones in
museums such institutions in uh uh governors emission still and and theater and music events and so forth and all of them stem precise diction intersect science fiction with science and technology on the 1 hand but with society Ethics philosophy on the other hand and are projections and intentions that toward a future so of when programming for such a wide scope and complexity honesty ambitious event uh the report the dilemmas of 4 or about
curation ring that I think we can we can share with you in my arm
of start with are selection of films so these are some of the fills both classic and knew that we presented the past 3 years um I hope you so I hope some of
you have seen some of them I imagine you have and if not then you have the 1 of the the the the 1 poster in Hebrew is interstellar if you if anyone had not seen in the Soviets please enjoy it the other ones are all recommended I hope most of you have seen or all of you had
seen the right hand upper corner which is Congress life among the anyways now when programming fills and programming in general but uh we all wish the programming and curatorial decisions um were
always and only about content um and if I think about that then if you think content is all about content that you may not have fully understood what content means because content means different things to different people constant involves a lot of stuff that is outside of the of of the stuff of content itself and what do I mean by that for instance were weak to want to present a the completely focused on science fiction film festival hard core science fiction a technology science aliens robots and space exploration then we would have the 1 of the 2 we would have either a very short film festival annually or a lot of very good 1 the because they're not all science fiction and not many is being done and also fiction
that treats of of the filter medium as it should treats the content and tries to present in the field
or to put it simpler for a lot of bad science fiction films out there and very few good ones all of the few that are made so then the question arises OK were a film
festival and we're a film festival that um um grants to focus in size fiction what was to bring over the some of the films from the book from what's called a fantastic shots so where are the borders where the frontiers where we want to go what we want to connect with what do we want to connect science fiction or science fiction folk it focuses Folke folk I think you are with and I brought some obviously the top row is our
size that this is a selection of some of the we've presented over the past years and the bottom row that is some of the outside of science fiction fantasy genres uh films that we presented
some more through the summer horror some more the the movements undefinable would be the right word surrealism magical realism I hope some of you had seen some of them all of that all
of them were very highly recommended they have different attributes different term In addition to draw quite different sensibilities around
but that's 1 dilemma to share with you and there's no this is not about something that is answerable if what they're in it or has a solution this is the annual and sometimes daily um our struggle to think OK with this this coming into it is are we putting this on what would that mean for the rest of the program for the summer for the for that a message we're trying to 2 terms to bring to the public which I guess leads me to the only through the Bruins take on this so up
put that in just to showcase that what we're actually talking about is what exactly is science fiction what's the borders of science fiction um but to go on I'll give by to even just talk about our intent with the program of events called title due to appear thank you in some high everyone thing is so much
for being here and so I started my Joni with the top of the festival as as a fan as a as a goal to the festival I've been reading and consuming science fiction fall off a decade almost 15 years and I was always intrigued by the ability of science fiction to challenge cone norms compost bottles and current ideas and when I started working with the I was suddenly and exposed to the power of tuition and that's why situation is activism when you decide what to showing what not to show you decide which both talk shows you want to take on decide which posts functions you want to collaborate with you decide which messages you want to bring forth to the public in which you want to hide away even if you do that possibly even if you what actively suppressing a film by not giving at same time slot that you do other things you simplicity in in fact I and and the other part of that is that what skew waiting anything with Huiqing science fiction and science fiction is a very interesting tool the it can be like all tools that can be amazing if be tell of and what I mean by that sensor can can be very conservative very traditionalist and solve ideas such as
isogeny racism economic but that additional isn't conservatism and you can see at all although this the sensations not just relegated to the fifties and sixties when we want to sure will doing it was just some white Americans lighting science fiction it's even
today it goes on but science fiction can be incredible it can be feminist can be qu'il it can be
challenging it can be shocking it can ask questions like what is gender what is the body what is economy why is the world the way it is when you bring those 2 forces together so you have the potential of the science fiction Q because it's up to the Culatello which science fiction they want to show they can stick to the safe films flights that have a big Hollywood style looks great on screen but don't say anything else for example the 2 versions of totally call so still in 1 without flattening ago and a new 1 and the new 1 they took the entire political message and a completely
removed because no we barely and those snow the people of course the corporation it just took all that content out and that's it that's
culation fight they later the message of the cell so what we decided to do something called designed to more so the idea behind to
mall is to bring people who have interest in science fiction which is a joint
utopia Republic project supported by that you do but you allergist is it could
fall I wish we live in a world where we don't have to do because the tools of the time but what could I have happier so yeah this is joined with with Republican unwanted public so that's good and it's
it's kind of a think tank bought together artists designers architects and academics policymakers economists more and more titles and filmmakers to ask the question how do we design to mall how do you science fiction ideas to think differently about every aspect of our life the city states now and the ethnographic groups and economy and more and more basically put them in the womb and told them think and we speculate fights project into the future and try to culate as little as possible In the beginning and the end Q weight as corpse and think about which it is you wanna put in which 1 out which seem more feasible and the end I'll fall was a free fall
fell visions 5 yeah 5 visions for the future and that bring together interdisciplinary thoughts and ideas that's it the will
great thank you and for that introduction to what you have created in which are also planning with designing tomorrow obviously very ambitious project and now let's stick with that science fiction is that
for for you on something worry on more of a utopian dream more dystopian nightmare where we're moving with a with what you put together when
you cure rates things do you hear a certain things out certain things in How positivistic are you OK
so obviously dystopian nightmare but um so the 3rd 2 to cover its to that uh 1 and when you do it when you hold a the in any will program or when you hold program that emanates from its time and then you have to to and you have some limitations 1 at 1 versus reiterates the program of films you're limited by a about what's been done in the the world of the past year 2 or 3 depending on how recent you want the selection to be obviously and you always can have a retrospective or you can I go back and look at some of the stuff that's been done at certain points but and and that's also a curatorial decision but overall you're that you have 1 limitation which is that and the other is also um the continued dilemma of other OK where in where we're were activists curators programmers what this is our message moods love and that's a that's a that's and in it emanates and and personal struggle as well as a public 1 because on the 1 hand and I might be I might have a dystopic the political vision of the future how have Technology and Policy kind of interact and creates a more and more dystopian and future that we live in but do we not want to utilize science fiction to address that
and shit and trying and challenge change from them resist resist would be the word resist that and that is also that it if if if all you if all you showcase
is dystopic nightmare then where's where's your hope for the future which science fiction should set should have that much of what you were you on interstellar for instances but I thought that I was as since but he said terrible I'll but that 1 of the things I like about interstellar that's personal view of you see there is that that is hopeful I thought it has the itself posts Internet post dystopia post everything we've experienced and with with with the cynicism we may have about technology about progress about about the exploration of space which was a hallmark of science fiction and now it's you know the it's got them on this must has anything to do with it so it's really know of co-opted so and it's still embodies a somewhat I positive humanistic future so that's that's the tension of of wanting to be a true to what is going on but wanting to change what's going on wanting to resist what's going on so to I hope I have somewhat answer that question is the no absolutely and that's good now
let me and as working about her role as a key a curator in the Jewish Museum with this ambivalent figure of the Golan and you probably looked at similar challenges are you our looking at a more optimistic or pessimistic and 1 how did you
portray the Goldman overall storytelling I think that and curation is also by asking questions to the audience and making the content relevant to the audience and for example an In our shall we didn only social films are artworks but also as ourselves in the process for example has anyone compared Donald Trump to the goal and yet and so we started researching
model and the 1st ones so we've found on Twitter that it would be there were many comparisons and we found this
Canadian journalist and he had compared to the golden and to Donald Trump and vise versa with a very good article so we decided to exhibits Donald trans and campaign can make America great again because the journalist used the image that once you would take of the and cat he would deactivates the candidate
just like you can deactivate the gold and so this was 1 pardon that showcase the other part what an old used I found because many people have compared our smartphones to the goal and our dependencies in our use of and the control they take over us and that this is we are not
in control of how the audience received this and curation processes and what I like about exhibition making and is to ask the question given the set given an argument and then let people discuss it and we saw that in in the exhibition space it's so interesting to go there secretly and and listen to people's conversations because it actually engage people in in in quite controversy that the uh controversies and the the to see these objects and to think about what and he's science fiction objects mean to their own world and to their own debates that they're having
and so uh all 1 word that's being that's thrown around a lot of them but this is the continued to my previous and can use the microscope and answer so when 3 1 word and that's this is from the year for conversations there so uh when with it's for lots of wet when conversing about science fiction is
predictions the and over there couldn't be a word that's further from science fiction than prediction and or good science fiction site but traffic the whole 1st because inspection is not futurism it's not futures research is not strategic research it's it's a
narrative or it's an art form it's storytelling art form um and quite an innovative 1 quite a good 1 if it's done well enough to ensure the people during the year this year here
and but them so pretty technologists and use and many of them that might
be utopian technologists use the word prediction and they step aside from society look at technology supposedly and say OK this is the trend this is how this how the graph looks like I would say we should be here by the year 2025 you know on Mars or with uh you know some uh autonomous cars or what and that's sort of a lie to put it up to to say frankly and up because they're not out of the equation and then themselves saying this is our
prediction um um enforces a certain viewpoint on the world and it's their viewpoint and it's what they want all of us to kind of think about this as the truth the
and it's it's a deterministic viewpoint on the world what science fiction does is not prediction it's speculation it's a whole different ball game and it offers something that prediction does not or what it does it well at least start to get going right it's very but let
let maybe even I can can follow up on that and them also tell us a little bit now what we heard is when you say speculation not prediction that means the unexpected that also means an art mutations 3rd the future not only about biology but also in
let's say the social and and curatorial form so what can we do not expect but speculate on will come so I'll start by just a blessing of the polarity in your previous question as the polarity between dystopian utopia and what I try to do it with the sensation that I and sometimes Kate is Blake that spectrum on because the world doesn't work on spectrums the world is a messy messy messy place
everything is ambiguous even them the worst evils in the world have context and they have something that preceded them so good science fiction today and in the past is sensation that is ambiguous and so
what speculates and he was well I come into your open until 2nd question would speculates it doesn't talk about what will be but talks about the field of possibilities and how the feel of possibilities will change so we ask about what is going to mutate and I like that what by the way I'm it's evolve because of all this also like deterministic and it is we'll might I on can expected the new is a very important book I think so what we mutates is what is possible at the 1st thing I feel will mutate is it was possible to do with all bodies it's already old and titled that all bodies or go out becoming more and more modifiable animal even talking about sigh all that because that's the ancient history talking about what's been done done now with new ways to use organs new ways to use sensors people while implementing since devices into the wings and on artists
we use seismic activity on the stage to communicate music artists who create synesthesia on topics I sort of sense of smell and the sense of sight become conflated so what we can do with our bodies and how we communicate with each other with all bodies which change and of course brings gender
in in both you know the current estimates are that the 1st artificial both will happen within the next 10 years so what is that mean and what is the mean for female bodies was that new for male bodies was that mean fall for children and so forth the 2nd field on of mutation impossibility would be space and and what we do with geography today we still on identify ourselves as Israeli Gelman our and Eastern European American we can go to follow along was and still suffer field
as transportation technology advances and you're going to see I
think maybe I speculate and we're going to see a Blake for these fields as it becomes faster and easier to cost balls these ideas of fixed identities
will change we will still have identities this is a very important point for me I I don't believe anybody
who says you won't have an identity I don't believe anybody says that the nation state is dying it simply going to change and I think that you know will enjoy many on and those a wave of Paul Union pour you on
sentiment washing for the area and I do think that the model of the U. of freeloading citizenship this that sits on top of nationality is something that is very interesting and the last thing I think the last field of of possibility well we're going to see on a
mutation is in the transactions between us the and how we comport portal cells with each other how we set up a label how we sell out how we consume out how we consume other people's labels and below some very willing in no and just last year a you'd you'd you'd you'd you'd only the biggest issue reputed by I'm used
5 0 which is an is a start up to pay 5 dollars although sources cost finals and he paid to men in
India to hold up on a flag all postal service and kill all Jews and that was his joke that a about how people plot too sensitive but the
skit wasn't appointed government on all sorts of Tobin Disney pull this contract and you and wanted to do with him but the
fact that he used 5 dollars for the computer he lives in Sweden to hire the label of 2 men living in India to hold up an anti-Semitic statement that was a joke that's the real issue here how do we communicate with the people who work for us and what we can
get them to do thank you that that is pretty scared
the last you give us and now and in that so in this case when we look what Amazon yet which is the big other with that but I think that this is a separate discussion also if you wanna here even he's going to be talking on Wednesday 12 o'clock I think check and become a
coming back to the exhibition being part of something and that that's a thought that you just mentioned in in the sense of belonging and in and around with the art form as exhibition festival on highly deal with the the concept of immersion I saw lowering and in some of your pictures this is virtual reality in Martina and this is installations maybe the 2 of you 1st Martino connects little bit explain about the the concept of exhibition versus immersion and yeah the it depends on how we understand immersion here every for interpretation I think and being separated to and from the content you produce always an not a good idea so what we try to do is I'm force our visitors to an immersion that is an active in and in the topic so I'm very interested in projects where the that an audience participates in and what we create and also where we lose control over what's and we're trying to cure rate is also the question of the tutorial voiced at and comes in In the golden exhibition we tried something and that we use to text the golden so much about a narrative and he lives in texts and just as much as he lives in art works and we try to make em text as an artifact and immerse people in his text so I'm you would stumble although quite irritating quotes and while woke walking around the exhibits and and I think these these things the this immersion process and resonates with you after you leave from the place and go somewhere else and it's it lives on the outside of the museum space and I think and offer me that makes an exhibition are a festival or something and that you pureed interesting
and also risky because you don't and you know what kind of life it's in it's it takes on afterwards I have to I have to get some them compliment you on the exhibit and and says that that a
little more about what you just said because the the interesting 1 of the most 1 of the many interesting things about column is that um he said it lives in text the column itself the golem this is about creation and the creation can be used and is used as a
symbol for the creation of art as well and and all taxes metaphor for the creation of of of government of text so the columns in texts in both levels and if which
you presented and the 3rd level is of course the fact that you both um bring to life I 1 up through through 1 of them is you bring to life and you kill the column through the vicar for laying out of letters who make up words that are either truth or dare and you stupid trade that beautifully all throughout the exhibit and 1 of the main things I enjoy that so thank you but the right now
giving the immersion question to you worry also what we're talking about the the opportunities of virtual reality of film short long form some really basically in the movie theater can be an immersive space as well OK so um in I'm in the ER skeptic I'll start with that if we're talking about some for talking about that aspect of it and your
rights as some filmmakers that films are I agree that films are an immersive experience when when when done right I mean when when you decide to view them that way you don't have to and from and to the film festivals and film events and so on some of the consumers have have a more and more part time and struggle to bring in people because we have these and have great great ways to see films not as an immersive experience um I I'm I to have to say and from what I've noticed both is abroad especially in the in that it was called John from passage shown as saying it is that there's this there's a celebration and the resurgence of film festivals because um FIL festivals both OK to the more um some interested audience the more of you don't go to from facilities as you would go to the cineplex on a saturday afternoon you'd go there with intent to go to the film festival so that's 1 statement which would mean that you're in a specific subgroup of people that enjoyed the film festival I experience which includes an immersive experience and some uh and um um you see as as films become more as media because more ubiquitous and can consume films in a number of ways anywhere you want to then um uh there's more and more um the as it is in a position to that event based uh watching the films of the watching of of film as as as something you what you might prepare to as an experience that involves more than the watching the film itself um the that's a spectrum and it can start with a tall or a parable before after the film and it can go through as something that maybe some of you have to know about secret cinema has anybody heard about secrets animal OK so
that's the sort of immersive experiences cinema and check it out on the web um and they have all sorts of events sister-in-law often London and now they're going there they've when global um more or less um they take a
certain film which is either a new field they just done a wonderful thing what what I don't know what that scene at about have not been to it uh with the handmaiden which is a wonderful uh 2016 that Korean title but they've they take on uh this these some incredibly uh of and some sometimes classical films and bring them to life in in in in immersive theater that culminates with the presentation of the film so I would prefer that because as as a social experience and that's the other angle film festivals a film events have it's a social event around the room uh um and not the ah although there's a there's
sidetrack a little element of the that is really interesting which have been exposed to the past year which is embodiment and that's about the are not as an
experience uh that about as a flu like experience obviously games will people do great and the are but some of them as an art form being presented but anybody know what embodiment means and and the terms present
hands should have sorry OK so you put on the ah that got spectacles goggles whatever helmet and you still see the
world from your own viewpoints but if you go to Mayor within the VR Experience you would see something else you would see if you're white you would see a black person if your male you would see a female
person if you're um the five-year-old you would see a seven-year-old or of seven-year-old and you would look at your hands and see something different that is something that's truly interesting and and uh we're going back to what we've talked before there's a curated experience that has some radicalism in some some intend to it
that's an exciting time before I am we open up the discussion to the audience I just have 1 more following up that to Eden and now time with virtual realities where what social virtual reality a mean after you just mention what's possible social media and a little bit and how do you see a virtual social reality something that we saw initially 10 years ago and the 2nd Life a died away is the resurgence of that coming up that's a very good
question around 11 thinking about of a sense Facebook permute the product of their fate and that is basically 2nd Life with not as good graphics on the they will very excited about it and supposedly axles love to think that such a a Facebook is an interesting thing to stuff with because they have kind of both from me dust and the deft touch so the evil touch something it becomes golden oldie type something in the case completely because everybody gets soul height and it goes no well for example bots last year the public on everything was about lots and we was talking about bots and it's gone on because Facebook Hartford up and everybody and the company I worked for like those and also those spots on an and was so hyped about it but it's it's it's that so is that the future of social chirality on I don't know but I do know that's like everything else presented we should look at social social reality as a double loss as an empty slate that would take what ever we implement onto flow going back to the goal in life
we influence on these things our own ideas and ways of thinking so it can be something those used for good like 2nd Life which gave people a
while Int'l votes who had on half time communicating physically with all those who had enough time expanding their social circles they could give them an out it gave them up a way to interact with the world of the novel even imagined all it can also be used for for bad things like 2nd Life and we talk about that a bit you the light where it was used for for calling for boxing for harassing people online so we as QA ladles and people who think about these things it it's it's now or never and it's always known of it was known over the years ago it was known about 6 years ago and it will be known of a hundred years ago that always has to be that immediacy that we'll always on the cusp of something syllable something great and it's up to us to to a court also an and the people on the same time make these things better than what they would probably end up being those pessimistic there was more
persistent and that's the thank you can anybody from the audience questions 4 of our speakers panelists and there's microphone coming up in a
2nd I think there's a question in the front row the hello and think you uh you said a lot about this stop yeah and don't care and I wanted to ask you about just continuing due to break those that those values they use and just 1 or another and do you know when you say speech in the you know and the wall use so that's also a more artistic question and that is about this something very close to us in time for example something like according doctoral as it is an ideal creates that would trace knowledge of how to create a world this talk at heart to all was wall posts happy guys but how to just avoid it and what are the patterns that we can enforce right now and and this is just that using since speech and isn't this isn't illustration of how we can do better right now
so that's a good question and yes
I would like to recommend of book which I hated them until the last 50 pages and it's up to like the lightning by other pommel it's a very level to utopia that high the dystopia inside of it on and while it's it doesn't and so your common logical specification because it's set in the 25th century is very model it's not like everything is different we'll we can't even recognize humanity and what she asks doing ho Stoli is what is the future of the sparked tools that we are facing today so how will citizenship look like Howard transportation look like How will allegiance and loyalty look like and how agenda looked like and she gives very ambiguous and very yield and so these questions and she goes back to the Enlightenment philosophy from the 18th century and she eats asks how we can revisit visit old ideas to change all consistency and as you said in the beginning I I
study history so and in my lecture is going to be my talk at the elements there's gonna be about that how we can use history to imagine a future and so that's a great book to answer that question how we can use all the idea is to
modify the current plants I like to have not not give another example
because even is far more than as you read it for more than a suspicion of wasn't I have but them um say
that the 1 doesn't need to look for some specific answers to specifically with political situations and science fiction I would say and 1 doesn't need association to be set in 5 years time in its narrative to talk about what might might what may happen in 5 years time it can be said 25th century or denying or 19th century but still reference that um and and that of the this is sometimes necessary in order for the idea is to permeate and and and establish themselves I was looking for a to encode about about the ideas of science fiction is background radiation and I think is pressed having now find it and of the level of punitive but that's that's something I would think about don't don't look for this specific vision of how different the you China wouldn't might look like in 5 years time because that might not be the best science fiction to prefer a how they would look like in 5 years time have any more questions and they're in the
3rd World and
and I'm the 2nd at so I super appreciate that the desire to like break the barriers between tied utopian dystopian I wonder if you would feel the same way about breaking down the barriers between design fiction versus science fiction residues magical realism that etc. on and if you could leave a comment on that briefly well the you mentioned a few top few topics so
I don't want magical reason we realism science fiction um science fiction in itself is is you know it's a term coined in the 19 twenties and to to to uh for for um under short stories printed in engineering magazines where engineers Americans I think and maybe in the UK and the published work speculation how this and that gadget might might look like and how it would to change society that spawned into some of the science fiction we know and you know there are other um interesting about bottom traditions that um come over into the same into the same narrative or the same social space that we're now or in the past to say 24 years becoming it is becoming apparent that they have similar action so as you said magical realism which can spun off of something different from a great the only thing I would say is that it uh what well it's less and less uh important in science fiction some specifically um and we sometimes use speculative fiction as as the as the correct term tuned to encapsulate more of that so um but what for me would would single out science fiction from from other other other things is that it would necessarily um try and interact with technology with innovation with with with what enables this panel to be that Republica for instance and I think that's really important because technology is the driving force of change and we need to think critically about its and the the 1 all if not the best way to think critically about this through storytelling not say how exactly to the to the of to call that's that type of storytelling from and in in the in the in our selection of films for instance we try and and utopia which we've tried to that includes a magical realism that are that that kind of some into that trend and and talks about social philosophical moral dilemmas it might not be uh based on technology but they would they would still be fair as food social
condition because of the obvious uh and Blake it all down Blake it down from literal sense literature and
out I firmly believe should be chaos don't worry about definitions and some of the stuff the way to
do it and that's the thing in a state the way to do it is to see those titles as modifier ls instead of John what's so it's not a science fiction Charlotte science fiction modify and once they see it as a modifier I can write science fiction history science fiction all men's science fiction flee and I can add and modify was against a science fiction magic realism all men's and this is in the lobby call exactly and people see that more like small and small specifications as a bad thing but I love niches and more features small fragments more chaos in all suspicion science fiction is a really good thing great actually I
think that time is not you have a quote to finish up that pen a wonderful someone services Bruce Sterling Introduction to William Gibson's Burning Chrome if poets are the unacknowledged legislators of the world science fiction
writers arts court jesters we are wise fools you can caper utter prophecies and scratches cells in public we can play with big ideas because the garish motley of art Pope origins make a scene harmless very few feel obliged to take it seriously it our ideas primi the culture bubbling along invisibly like background radiation it the thank
you again for wonderful panel and if you have
questions still be around to see and even 1215 on wednesday thank you for showing up
around the hand