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Designing the Impossible

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if you don't think you need to you
all more than that to the 0 all
and a new can of 1 of so I am made and I you know I was you just heard I am
still happy to be with here it's soon I with you all in reality in what's right there yesterday in France have an action at an answer so that the wind is without violence and I am so happy and proud of my country so these are always start I need to give you all of these also warning has again brought ITER right now I sound terribly sorry reads friends and I
must apologize I come from the south of france and I'll use that 10 years in the UK but the accented like old wine it gives maturing and it just never years so all I'm friends as you just heard that we only have 30 minutes and this presentation is going to take you about
10 years to digest it's going to be an absolute don't got bombardments so I'm going to bombard you uh it's going to be an
absolute scale something to bombard you with architecture literature design music theater
and it's going to be an absolute scale so chaos usually is used uh these are creative process but in need and you know studios we actually see jails as the main source of the leak engagements that's what we believe in
so what are we going to talk about today so we are going to talk about the life of the sea and the space by which is a serious division which is
under development we are still looking for funding so if you are interested how we see the website later and the well to talk about the university of the underworld so education of course
because as far as I am concerned that I have been teaching and practicing at all time all the time so we will talk about this a little bit later but
1st you must wonder who
we these crazy Frenchwoman talking to you right now so I and I need and I even and irony neighbor and I use studios I class each studios imperial because we are everywhere
above and beyond so what do we do I a variance to use we actually try to design the impossible so I
hate bullet points but my thoughts for you tonight I would actually give you some bullet points so she is French that's done get us down designing impossible done to well start about the design of experiences the life in
this space I change and the University of around a bit more in depth so
what do we actually use in nearly but I used to do we base our work on
3 things critical design of the practices and performance of politics so so what is critical the critical design has been created in 1999 and so on that
day you can see what's critical design a product design is usually of usually use so problem solving and on the beat what critical design is now uh it's a problem of finding that's what it is about and it's actually really interesting for me
as a designer because it creates a platform for debates theater of
cruelty it has been created by on so of the on of frames so on so that also believed in violence in order to connect with an audience in order to engage with an audience on afterward actually vol meets only audience of so we are not going to be
it's tonight's except if there are any volunteers have Greek
tragedy reenactment
reenactments so sees uh the the experience of the past experiences that's were bringing back to life and soul it what we do I mean abandoning us to your as we actually work with the space science to in incredible flights like at the the lot hiding collide when we try to reproduce the 1st seconds of the beach bonds how incredible it last week right dark energy and dark energy in your kitchen sink as we trade volcanoes in your living room at this project was called the order of OK note this so share in collaboration with the French astronauts this least chair at that
so this woman in right thing
an the experiments in this this we are as the and none of the the uh this effect can encountered that for the next tournament Meghan's up on the super
case-only and the me Carnation Revolution with about 84 thousand the model of
those design of experience is is basically what we do of nearly balanced and actually I should say in the design of extreme experiences so
now let's go back to the life of the sea and the space of items so as I said before it's a projects under development so we are looking for funding and if you want to support rights life-changing close then please contact us and so the licensee in this space by is based on terraforming which is essentially the concepts where we actually take life from the earth and we try to recreate it on on the planet actually if you think about the Vikings the Vikings where at the origin there were at the confluence of the old age basically and the Vikings and they to the
entire world they controlled Mary can be even Christopher Columbus and the Vikings they actually there is actually such a strong connection between then and the space sensors feeds off today and we won't in our offense to see what if we
butts and my kings and makes a space sciences together ownership and the the see what they do and what would we find so in
our fight it is results of our TV series so the light this in this phase I think that's what we explore how we are going to be incredible so I won't trying to find a difference of of life so we are going to incredible place even what uh
working with a space sciences like that on the son the city institutes at the dry money of Antarctica where we are going to vote if we have the funding many Boston at the astral biology institutes and the giant crystal cave of Mexico where we will go as well it's not Gerald and
Jill Tarter Jill Tarter she was the former director of the city institutes so I need to understand film contact with Jodie Foster's so she was performing Jill solitaire where she was looking for extraterrestial signals on earth and actually that's why we want to work with Jill salts are at to try to find how this expedition could connect with the young generation probably could engage with them and they lost C. S. cilia Ali chris my K and cherries difference and all of at these incredible at NASA scientists and of course the
marvelous bonds cigarettes
so this is an image of what the sheet could look like so we actually try to put some ad diamonds if we could have run its own it may results would be cheaper to make it look like the lights shining of the
and and or just like the last for the new is in the nori art
this is joint so and the system would be the lab at the living room in the middle of the Red speech would be where the Vikings would actually of causation with NASA scientists
and this chair to give you a little bit of an idea of what the film could be and so we worked with there are so many bright people and that's the idea we could come up come up with so let's watch it the of this is
the thing
and I I mean the you know the the
the the
the the the
best service and
that the that
that that the user has to
say that I I I I I I don't know
I don't think based on the use of this phase of the cell to assess the less likely to in the form of a hazard that always has a ball and so on and on and on the responsibility to model you know and understand what they say that what I as I have about the uh the uh so
it's not the story itself recently have been to kilometers underground in South Africa in the mine where I went to for the
warmth of failed so this is going to show you a bit about the the expedition we went through and you will see this as the dangerous and possibly dangerous and scary good the fact that he did not like to see that line of 1 that is the bacterium think when you want to that in the in the way of the use of our time and I amazing
that that each going this is
a so we
invite since we don't have much time so if you're interested into watching the video please visit our website as I said so the licensee in the space is and it's a project under development and when looking for funding so please feel free to contact us and visit our website now we are getting there have been many of the sorry you enter the
linear manually during the university ideational and everything 281 the jails and the ending of the right and it's not that it's and this and I don't want any land uh it's a it's a often on the great students we pick 17 . net irrigated and this year for Baylor University is weights
many there I think what OK I all done in the very good your so wonderful but I this it's so difficult to be many than I use I think I can be continue OK means that I think the room you know it's worse than that of a given and so did error anyway the University of underground the University of underground University uh when
where you came through that was great students where you can in uh studio is free yes create 3 areas yeah yeah it's so important 3 it's in branch in London and the Amsterdam and there are is no and Absolon and Heizer I managing these and then can I you a lot of wonderful people on a wonderful teacher a wonderful people nearly as well as from the solid institutes by yes
yes it's true so and I think I 2 that suggests to experiment there's a concert
at the University of the of the round I better a video OK the the so you can see the underground postgraduate universe it
provides a monster last a great sensitivity
the tuition is free covered by a nonprofit foundation support seamless where
created soldiers like can infiltrate contract of digital scientific and other ecosystems and modify 3 music films designed this past book of Our aim is to teach students
have Internet change and design experiences and events to support social dreaming
action and power within the in
the universe the underground is now selling 15 cities in the deadline apply to the 1st
of applying now at University of the
underground don't know so very good
it's more clear right yes of course so the university of a and the wrong is a composite off the dream of the day and uh more them we want to have reduced shares ends you're uh uh incentive the engineer or designer and maker of nature of nudity OK
so uh I mean not not lie about using a bad how what there is
that she's saying is you need to make sure they went out and why why
are we doing this size why are we doing the
University of the underground so you should go back just a few slides before just make it go back a bit more before the lecture by the fact that the IEA so why do we created the University of and examine the 1st place so
it was by making it has the right and we're trying to figure out a way in which we will make sure that not and then have access to education of great so what we talked about was structure the stomach we spend 80 % made of you know
philanthropies the and the nation money so you can also will make the University of the underground and 20 % coming from governments so that in itself was going to support the tradition of our students and then we also don't actually you know when it comes to the line really very important to sink in term of through discipline on you know the what I do when you brought me at the back of the proposal that we have just shown you that you know it is
involving the data so that the about music also talking about the impact this season so so that you have all these different items so we want to develop a master program in which you have right now at the young generation going into the design is going to be able to actually go and none of the civilian and eventually becomes an of to roll cannot make your jobs right so you know that's what you said as well you know we are all very much involved with trying to figure out how we can create these
networks of 3 miles of the data we are trying to figure out a way where the young generation is going to be able to actually access public institution walk with
against Agen and design experiences so what is the thing that is all about the University of the underground you know we are very much concerned about the notion that know the very much but that by the notion that social
reading and should be re-implemented in we been to the weight of public institutions to share their knowledge and share like that is
is member of the public so 1st social remain the fuel to social action and the other thing that we are very much concerned about the institution because let's face it we aren't you know we have a situation that I like more than 200 GeV all in Europe is 1 of them how do we get a member of the public to engage with the cause of the we didn't
actually really a big deal concerned by all of these topics and what we think could bring that kind of connection possibilities the
design of experiences so what is the design of expenses so far as you very much is you know how you can bring together critical design how can you bring together surgical practices how can you bring together the practice music practices and the performance of politics and all of these things are being taught at the University of the underground so how do we do
that and we see that policy really is how can we get the young people to actually become a diligent agent modifying a can of navigating is true artificial systems so but it
is something we out of the nation We are nonprofits we have an incredible
advisory board which is I guess it on some very much by all the centipede and we all which is basically the music if in practice you all you
know like coming from a different background so you know what I'm talking about what I'm saying that you know maybe in your job you are actually trained as attendees a number you might actually find yourself the music you might actually find yourself being the star wobbling by the chief and use of the film and so very few pebble that out also reflecting that wedding creative against each like what I share that with you know 1 of the partners that diagram people at just enough to that of each develop who's standing the sensation of authorized estimated to teaching university regime and about the mentioned about the you know whereas the Russian and so on and so we have an agreement amongst each other is of course but there is you know
like older people from again from quality practices is again from the impact that is adding this is quite something so you know we just think doesn't 17 students and actually use young chap their centers you because you wanted to get into the university of the underground so that we just share we use these utilities sent to us and that was application to the university of right
not to continue unfortunately we have just obligation but uh yeah it's Jack giving us a sort of insight and why you want to be a part of the University of the table here about the life that light down and I know that the way I have also started to do in order to make this a profession and most of the users and the and and so on and
off particularly motivated the and world
would a total of 3 things that make up
the bridge a language of the
brilliant the joint
in all states and all of the other to that of the community the action new standard that you can you don't want the I am how great that thank you know we keep learned interviews just last week and the question is whether the Jack made to the final right because it's only 17 students on you know more than 250 applicants had not yet taken can show this with you right now but I think he might have went on that you know but anyway so where we database at in the end of an of an ICA but the math and think in Amsterdam and we are so busy didn't know we have so obviously we want to governing belly and eventually we only teach from down below because we actually believe it is important for us to that that you know that people change needs to take place have that the wrath of the city so you as being the right of the city all the way until you make it to become president
that advantage teach in the University of the underground now if you want you want us you know you can
donate as books right now we have a the nation the way you can send us the books and I think it's very important to remember the right now we live in a world of me but it's not you right is that you've been there since 1957 there is someone got box with a French sociology that was talking about this in your basically the what is very much made of genuflecting flexing at it's the what is made of semantics and there is a
man is best of his and what's in the middle of the inventory is really industry-leading systems of meaning to the EU member of the Breeders revealing the
system of meaning that 10 of like very much off inside public institutions now from a very important that we start to think about how do they know if there's something to which is to some extent and it allows you to your rent from everything you mentioned that these edge of gamble to dopant going there to like in all the queen magnitude jealous of the time all of these
things are very much needs to some extent so far as this is what we do in the studio we try to figure out ways that we can reveal the power structure to member of the public so anyway let's keep on going because I have a
we have so much to both true and this is pretty pick lot that's all day on at
that time was that the construction of a lot of any we did tell you know that public days the intention of this of this right so talk i will not meant to me is very much richer going to expense right now I know this is for every 2 that the people right to evaluate the this is the way it's always use users is that usually takes about 6 months so they just to just stay with me and now like this is going to be like going to your by justice system in 6 months of going to put as an event many you know all of what you say makes it anyway right now let's think about the intention of this of this so what you get out of this of this rock and a hard idea so it's in collaboration with the NASA and with space in science you
know that to create music to show that they have so much changes but that was just another challenge for them and for all for myself need to create a not a not constrained collaboration with enough so it's was such an interesting and inspiring
experience you know when you're doing them while was interests you know it's like if you just
tell them what it is that you don't expect them why this is interesting than on the right and this and
has much to go through many and that we I know but you know the Bible but it's something that you have to plan of weary after I mean that the don't just
get just like that anyway so what the analysis that satisfy the of space of this size of the centers that you said and they are all very
much like sinusitis at Nassau get that
of not having that long after intervention off we go the other way out rate
everything that went wrong in the space program so of course of course you know when I went to hadn't and seen as silencing them leads to an orchestra so then we can share with member of the public at the craft of space exploration through the performance of a greek tragedy you can imagine that this agency absolutely no way right so this is where our spatial coming right this is after should be hammering taking you want their them with the honor and dignity is hammering technique of images so it's just a thing you were your Hommer information and into well yeah your brain to to just
express ideas insists on ideas and yeah you have to do with something you are experiencing right now I'm the humming technique is longer than it would become a years so far as to when you say no to us then the chances are that would just duplicate can actually go back and go back and go back and eventually and saying yes yes so anyway this is what we do mentally
went back when back when I and the finally someone told us that this would so anyway there we go to all all way team of but actually
chemical was music them and all we got them from a part of the world largest which you know you have
a i that eventually because it is anything and everything can happen in California then we end up we call I would go which is a place for the recovered star walls and so eventually because the neck and back and I said we did this for a 2nd would you believe in it so we made a vigilance film which actually tell you the story about the addresses this of history can actually watch it online but the so again just that you how we
actually made this impossible project happen at now to just tell you a bit more about how the having you know this year and this is this isn't going to back to the future and necessary as we've been pretty much like the mean starting back in 2012 so that make quite a while and and the way we actually descended that this is as we remain inside and the density like NASA was designed technical interconnections so if you know the sort of put a picture of the contact address the notion of a like developing country that would
get off I go against the usual usual and the usual kind of critical thought of an entity an institution and that was something that was actually terrorized by someone put a bold you have as a kid what he was saying was that not all for you to remain inside the message and you have to see them of different people so what we did this gives rise we sort of academic of membership right on the money you know you only the government I got from within that shows that business as you need a membership then the 2nd thing was a good Gujarat applica how can we actually get you to acquire knowledge and of course when you don't need to learn the form of knowledge and then the last thing to actually make sure you can create a product which is sinking down of economists and what we didn't get that as this is right that the beach performance we do you get a new batch so he can what can achieve you know what the molecular basis in fact so this is typically some of the better we have designed for the shows this a construct this is the 1 that we did for all baked which is where you know the magicians yeah for uh strategies which we did few months after you know whether the model is the place where the value that around and European on people aware of aforementioned you know actually do that that's performance and then finally lately there as that is actually there for me Segura Symposium on the bar which is 17 thousand 100 people yes you can be another so that we actually have an amazing rock style and so all of we go the he is then they got you know a
standing ovation that it intended add and I can't say that you know when you come from a scientific background and actually manage to get from the inside you that is is the and that shows this circuit of jumping on stage with this from banging a broadband percentages you know they are you know that being illegal so they go to the hollywood bowl a the rule with the world this is thing that I have I have a very high on in their way I don't like what they think about it but I had my own way
of life and the life that have anyway so that the idea of what we do a bit anyway just keep on going into the hands because you know pretty much of what we do in this you we just keep on walking and I mean you can see all of what we do and this is something I mean that we want to that's impression that that's a big was so the challenge in that we do which is basically about the shape of the
man choosing place at the NASA which was to strike you've already seen because you've seen this you are my get done gravity divided by releasing that there is someone here we're going to save you even acid was just right weighted let me tell you which we is not going to come and say this is a big drew this is not
happening so actually they're looking for you know who all the people that we actually get to be in like this was something that was to happen what we did is we we try to
train then down we trace all of the space things that we have a state to state to have something to say something because the solid that was to happen so we went to find them
in like you say that the about set of 40 before we can we use the proximity of of them involved with it and so anyway I'm not going to
show you all of this but anyway blah blah blah but in too much we have no not that this was an not that now we are ready to take all of your questions as this is happening we get either and or allowed that out of that bombardment about the history of the body all the
about there was like you yeah thank you will all
the and thank
so any question on the meaning in the western Canadian immigration money that the questions on the side of the stage of I really we
haven't time no time not session and voted no call on the is that all of them in relation to the
best foreign yes will know and move down the like the way you know it when you know what I think and I II and if the truth
about the believe you
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Titel Designing the Impossible
Serientitel re:publica 2017
Autor Ben Hayoun, Nelly
Lizenz CC-Namensnennung - Weitergabe unter gleichen Bedingungen 3.0 Deutschland:
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DOI 10.5446/33032
Herausgeber re:publica
Erscheinungsjahr 2017
Sprache Englisch

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Fachgebiet Informatik
Abstract At re:publica 2017, the Willy Wonka of Design and Science, Critical explorer and fearless and passionate provocateur, Wired Innovation Fellow, designer Nelly Ben Hayoun will create a space for thoughts, debate and provocation around the sociological and critical impact of new technologies. She will define her design work and practice as a Designer of Experiences and demonstrate how the Human Condition can prevail over technology. She will pledge for Greek Tragedy and remind the audience that innovation often comes from ‘multidisciplinary conflicts’.

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