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Transformational Confidence
Designing the human role in the age of artificial intelligence
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or around the and if we think of the he and
if it that would object come we talked this through several times and
stood in that it happened I think they give a being here um uh and I'll just dive right into to show you your future this is your future work place but the question is now are you in a warrior not in it and for
us it is right now the dark side of communications happening around artificial intelligence and how will take away all the jobs and we just did some research if you know just a week
back go to that end we found tons of information all of you know all the jobs getting rid of the root been a few talks here at republican where were you heard or what would what the future work will look like so we're trying to seperate this a little bit but will come in detail to this but uh in the Obama administration has already been said that the change your workforce due to technology has already begun and if you look through the news says that all kinds of industries already we have a lot of impact regarding technology so here the apple picking robots tart starts to take away the farmers job so it's not a picking robot by apple of course but it's just an apple picking robot and this is just 1 example it goes much deeper this is this is uh was a German news but it was about a japanese company who fired 1 3rd of them please use workforce exchange them to artificial intelligence what they called the that is intelligence um machines to sell insurance online and um going further in a different domain of um AI uh will replace Dr. diagnosis because it will be much clearer cheaper to diagnosis of sicknesses et cetera so the question is how long will there be a doctor's will they just sign off for the machine and told them what the sickness might be uh um we go further even to lawyers accountants everything where you tons of data will always be the question you know isn't it cheaper to have or even better but with a higher quality to have a machine doing the job for you
and this is where I would like to go out and then give a shout out to you and ask you what other jobs you have in mind just tell me what other jobs will be from uh gone teachers interest the bus drivers and
drivers in general probably more
banking anything well banking alright yet I would agree and what will happen to all of them we had just recently in the
newspapers so they will all get fired and this is right now this sense of communication out there and we think that this uhm if you look back a
little bit history and the fear is it is it a real fear or is it just a made up here because all the journalists you don't have to write something really really you know fancy so people read it um but if you look back just
shortly the into the automation and robots and they a few years ago a change that the system in Detroit for example and out of 2 million
employees in Detroit working in the car manufacturing industry uh hot 1 million 300 thousand lost jobs and actually this is a picture of a destroyer Detroit's well destroyed Detroit's uh factory 0 for cars and will for example aliens buildings look like this in 10 years from now in order to telecom I don't know so that's a question if you look even further back in
history and I've I'm sure you've seen all these kind of slides a few times already so this is nothing new but what we always experience it took for ever to understand new technologies and go into the into this new technologies understand new jobs and or maybe even develop new jobs and to go into detail here a little bit if it's 1850 with a steam engine and you started to lose layer manual labor right so less people were working on let manual labor and the
service sector start to rise but but that
was too fast the ahead so sector
satirized and right now uh today we're having other impacts uh with artificial intelligence and during the increase of population we're right there at the top so services right now are and declining and we're there what kind
of new jobs will be available very soon so for us actually is the question what we have is and will AI destroy really jobs or will it create new jobs the question we have is and if you look a little bit through literature 50 per cent of the experts say it will destroy jobs the other 50 per cent say it will develop jobs and our theory is that also in the past because we believe that it will destroy jobs we will create new ones so this is something where we don't know if this is uh um like like itself of predictive uh um thing what we do right now so it will be that we lose jobs everyone fearing it or our really uh doing here or do we have to be more confident and say hey we're humans we have certain capabilities others don't have and it's time to get rid of this depression and go into the future and for this we have little inspirational movie
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and and this is what
the we do so my name is John I'm
work for 2 telecom and Innovation manager there yes my name is Sam more and and I just work for for the last years has
about the institutes MHB I where we get educated executives in being more confident especially creative confident and now we want to that further and talk about them something we would call the transformational confidence which is then trying to to redefine maybe and also we design our human role in this yeah very transformative while author where that's changing so much and we just had to scandals during the become well so I again felt old cause I'm I'm so behind everything here and and Alistair dialog I don't know do something with my life and so again I think this is and also the described by this little boy
right to doesn't fewer the and AI a police officer but is more confident in in yet being his his own choices his own decisions and then the edits of something you wanna talk about today and then this this human role in the age of of artificial intelligence so and what can you expect from this talk actually and we're quite happy that it's not that crowded because we want to have a more interactive
because we also believe that the I think in future it will be much more about collaboration right and and this call rate of intelligence so yeah just already and get familiar with your partners left and right and besides you gonna need them and during this this this talk and and yet so it it will be interactive what else can you expect it will not be and this talk where we represent you and thousands of solutions just because we don't have them and because we don't know them it's more a little bit inspirational talk and which will try to also and give you maybe some some ideas about how an attitude could look like to to face this AI future and especially how you could maybe also moving in this yeah very transformational time and Sam band and later we will also think about OK what can organizations also due to to yeah get their people on board with this and with this trend because yeah they also expecting answers in this context OK stop yeah let's let's
get Sarge and yet doing this this discussion also off and get a I and am I think that that what is really be and yet in important to see is
that many people in question also what what is the role of assuming what can we actually give valuable into into work what what is the thing that we can and put it into words world OK so that yes here and in the age of a I'd get discussed what reminds us as human work and if you look into studies I think and get their scientists who Hussein quite obvious OK there's something which we can bring onto the table which
technology and also a I a future world will not bring onto the table like for example most intelligent fight when it comes to creating empathy to what's users to was of and other human beings maybe also in in in this yeah data tapes and life was else their curiosity curiosity is something
which drives us all so if you're here at Republic I you probably more curious than a lot of other people so for us curiosity is the main driver to experience new things to
learn new things to interact with other people to meet new people so curiosity is something where I don't know yet how machines will get this kind of porosity so this will so far and still for a while probably differentiate us from sheets
yet what else is there I think taking initiative of course right we are the people who who see things in the world changing and thereby reacting right and and having ideas of
what we can maybe change and I think this is a part of us will will always be something yeah maybe technology cannot imitate that
easy especially when we're thinking about a bigger context is like ecosystems I think and then I think it's is asked were taking the initiatives and not the machines maybe adaptability adaptability it of already said it's not the
strongest will survive it is among the 1 will most likely adapt to new situations I think everyone of you know it
knows when they start maybe a new job you know how you know a fairly fast it is to to get into the new surrounding how it is to meet new people and it is for others much more difficult to get into this new kind of fields even if you within your job change maybe your role and suddenly you get different tasks so there's still a very strong uh ability educate competence or the capability stated that is very strong in humans yet and then of course and yet those unary thinking by attack of
it and I think you're right but when it comes to 2 gas solve complex challenges complex problems but also maybe in in collaborating with people who have may completely different
perspective on those problems and and again I think the last thing is is is also creativity so we're we're we're not sure if this 1
is something where we will be very long very long and this is a lot of machines there are tried to draw images or compose music and so that's a question you know what is
creativity in the way we define it is that the way we find solutions around different problems that could be a very creative part of humans where you all know that you know if you're in trouble or even the bad situation somehow so I you find a solution and this is usually done by being very creative yes so these are kind of our potential right that we can bring onto the table and and collaborate together with but also maybe some point with machines and I think that's good to know right that
there is something you know which is which is still valuable a wall when a deal to technology is is is quite powerful and them yeah and another thing further and I think organizations and also we people started to use this a little more maybe than than in the past and
and yeah I think this can be can be put on the the and headline of yet find that that we
started to try to unleash maybe those kind of human potentials in our day to day work so if you if you look for example on on this yells also be trends of of design thinking for example but also of of that innovation becomes more more important to companies then we can say yes we started to to make more use of of those potentials by for example uh um yet being delivered more iterate and in all processes and and and thereby maybe also that more explorative but some of yet also due to be more user-centred when it comes to to to problem solving because they're gonna find inspiration to X you come up with some new ideas and you and approaches and also when it comes to to to the way we are to work together right and in terms of writing the corporations so these kind of new ways of working together this new work motors is introduced by more and more organizations but more more people and like for example with the help of methods like design thinking and and and also been started from and but we think this is really the out far enough in the way of actually think about because I think in order to be the iterative in order to be 1 half this kind of user centric approach an altered to collaborate it has to go much deeper than just to talk about methods like mean started cat and this more canvas and so on and and and that's I think also and yet what we would say that for example and that I think is the knowledge in this context all this this whole discussion about the future of work
for example is and also going for enough right and we're we're talking about some flexible yeah maybe flexible working time we're talking about and that we have to add a note introduce bring-your-own-device policies to companies and so on and I think we're not getting the next level when it comes also to H R and also when it comes to to those 2 to those new new ways of working actually together and I think we have to think this from scratch and then again I think also that although I think what we got to put up this idea to to presented to you today is that this narrative also Chem introduced us at the beginning right that that AI will destroy
everything and the AI will change and and us by by making us animal useless maybe because reducing our jobs and so on I think
this discussion has a completely yeah maybe wrong narrative or maybe not lot I think this would be the only narrative and that's why we want and try to to reframe this this whole talk by
saying OK we actually have to start creating the Human Future of Work and instead of just the
future of work which and get just the tries to highlight that that we humans have to play a part in that and especially those potentials and qualities and also skills which is introduced and
a 2nd ago should should be be be fostered and and driven in this uh at all not like to make is thinking everyone
is talking about design thinking right now and it
is a tool right and it's something that large companies right now which I personally think it's very sad although I like this and thinking methods of course uh the throat at their employees and then they're saying at the we're now now you're very innovative and all you can do something really great and but there's a famous saying right a fool with the tool is still a full so the question here is what can we do with all these methods and tools by interacting with humans real interactions and the and and I think we try to
get this conversation it up by by saying on the 1 side OK there's a perspective for every medium so for all of us to actually start embracing maybe those those human potential this simple qualities and on the other side as a perspective of course
what can organizations may be due to 2 cumbia foster there's more human and yet Future of Work and we gonna start and with some get a perspective on on the individual soul on on every every 1 of us and what we can actually get change made in the way we do things
and some ballots that's that's that's start maybe with them get something and you may be wouldn't expect there because of
course we're talking all where we live in a very very complex world maybe some of you will this term of carbide somewhere where the the future is not predictable and we we have to get a day in day out solve some very very complex challenges and some guy I you he she was very i think interesting analogy to that because I say what's the what's the news about that I mean we we when we will maybe this this this tall grew up also in a in a very complex world right where everything was new for us and and yeah so so for example and did I
write and and when we were this young and and
maybe just as tall I think we were experts in in getting familiar bar of a very complex world wide and so on and in this
context it's it's yet interesting to just and ask you guys maybe that's the 1st time you can introduce yourself on to you for your partner left and right and so what do you think
this is something we can learn from kids when it comes to to solving complex problems lie because just imagine yourself in in this world and I think you did know anything right everything was bigger than you you did know any person and what what do you what would you say actually can you can you learn maybe from from from kids when it comes to living in a complex world and some of them maybe we just have a quick chat with your with upon us or maybe just distorted in what would you say can you learn from a kid when it comes to to living in a complex world
asking why perfect what else
curiosity heard right yeah what else what else would you say could you learned from a 3 year old when it comes to the future change the rules nice what else yeah do things that matter focusing on
things that matter what else play right being playful and and trying maybe things out what
else and yeah you're the but in a safe environment and maybe that's also why you can try things out any other ideas no
prejudice very good yes and yes you open right your open for people
yes very good so we've tried time
differently there is quite a lot right and and I think the most important thing and that's also what what what I learned in my time at all to do a study maybes I'm thinking but also teaching at the adults design thinking and executives says that I think the most important thing we can learn from kids as this right that myself here I'm trying to catch sheep and find out whether they are
maybe some some play friends for me and falling down and and I stood up again right and I
think that's that's actually all that's all
what I've learned that when it comes to this this year Future of working and also when it comes to to this complex that we live in it's all about India and yeah
just being explorative trying things out like me trying to find your friends at the sheets
man falling down because they much faster than maybe me and the wanna play with me and the answer yes standing up again and and I think
this is actually the core at the core of all those methods out there and and also the core of all
all working mode and the future initially why because I think that in in the in the in the center of all this stands for liberty and this will ability
axial cancels up for for something new and and also opens us up for doing things differently and and being explorative trying things out
failing again and I'm pretty sure that all of you have made this kind of 1 1 experience where maybe also this probability lead you to to a very very very interesting learning you may never forget and um I'd
like you now to to share this with a partner so the task is yet now to yet talk to
your partner next to you and and this is very personal and all but but let's try to be vulnerable in this and and really tried out
tell each other a little story about a day in your life when you really felt courage by by something and this can be private life this is life whatever and and what did you learn from that and I think there is something just just tried out ask
you partner left and right of you so tell so tell me the story of the day in your life when you really felt heard about it I think there is something that the 1st people are running
so that that's OK I mean it's part of the game right as part of this vulnerability not
out this of late I like that this this is what we expect in the future that you have to open up
its not sharing secrets right of course not but it's sharing uh making the you partner or
the other people understand what you're all about right and understanding your your kindness just your weaknesses your strength of course so 1 minute yes One minute One minute yet really very quick sharing yes but will not go yes In
the conclusion what of and
the this is only in this part of the official site and the environment was was of and so on and on and on
and on and on and
the so and the the little time that support socialism or the for the and
the 1 on the and right the new implications of some of the participants that the money and
the question of what is the most it OK I
see some of them yet variance by discussions maybe you can take them off the
talk also into the evening so and then maybe or making already friends new friends
and so in the break right after can
continue this discussions this will get more chances to this yes so maybe you keep something for yet but what what is
there there were it's right so you wouldn't forget so who of you and heard a very interesting story with with the learning of about a person he or she would never forget to give assigned have you heard a story of a kind of learning that this other person
will never forget it was it was that person OK there some OK this these
ideas and stories of k CELP and let's get back to the topic I mean ability is is really the
core of this new working mode and I don't show you why because in the end of the day this 1 ability is is just showing us yet the willingness to fail and to constancy question what we what we've learned and also to dealer and and maybe also learn again and I think that's in the in the core of what we understand under this will ability and and just to think that further and yet is liberty for example opens us up the the courage for imperfections and we need to cross from perfection when we want to work at a rate of processes for example because whenever we we are an iterative process we have to work or deal with yeah I'm ready solutions and test them and try them out so I think that's that's for example 1 thing we we've learned that only when people are bringing this kind of ability after time by the personality they are really opening up and they are really having an active the cost to run an iterative process is another thing I think which is interesting is that yes through will ability we we we develop a kind of compassion also passion and build on this kind of compressors empathy to what users so only when we open up and and uh vulnerable we will not be the masters in human-centered and and human-centered design for exam because only then we can be truly understand what our users or customers really want or need and and the I think the really interesting thing is we all talking about collaboration also when you want you to to collaborate you need to to be evolvable in way by just saying hey and that's me and I'm good in that and maybe not that good and that and and that's where consonant Terry parts actually need and no matter whether that's a person but also in in in in companies but 1st of all yeah you have to bring onto the table this this kind of 1 ability because only based on this you can then really go into a complementary connection and based on this kind of collaboration we can then think about yeah getting people out of silos into and maybe not birds and I just wanna status for a 2nd on this picture because I think that's that was my kind of Brittany of of of the yet to use design thinking and also the resinae me off of me coming from a big corporate into this design thinking school and learning there that the and the and it's it's not a question
of method and tools as a question of personality and it's a question whether whether you you young may be brave enough to to to open up to open up and and just
come yet be be vulnerable in the Bay of of yet failing and I think that's the way we gonna get create and and the shape future and and that's not easy right because guess who enjoys to to get her to enjoy 2nd to be will then what you and what you do so I would say the kind of raising your conclusion out of this was that if we want to be ad
creative and if you want add a work in those in those kind of iterative processes and so on in the end it's really comes as to dare to to be human at work and and this is something which and there isn't that that obvious because we have work tool to be professional and and not told to
them they're usually yet not to be this this this kind of human and I think this is a very funny positive perspective when it comes to the future of of of work the feature of human work that I think those who were really shape and create this this this kind of work we move and
yeah they I think in the end and have 1 thing in common they they they dare to be human and what they do because otherwise yeah I think they they will not be come to those yeah maybe innovative ideas which will change the world and it's really really fantastic that you guys have to
change or maybe adapt or do
different things differently but if you go back to your organization with strong directly in silos as this will you know not work of course so this is the 2nd part of all talk that we say on the individual side you have to adapt to change do things differently open up a curious as we said but on the organizational perspective you have to uh see what happens there right now right you have meetings for example you knew in surrounding
work which which has been going on for years maybe in meetings are a very good example that I don't know how many of you are questioning
meetings at all you're going to a team meeting and usually get a management download from you superior and then a lot of meetings are that the alpha male for example in the room talks maybe with that another 1 and then you're 1 hour in a meeting at 8 people are sitting around and don't have any task so this is something which is very normal and people saying that you know is this a value my time you know could I do something else can and just get a wrap up for 5 minutes at the end uh even read the minutes or they don't even read the Minutes anymore so this is what we have today so repetition also something what we have jobs every day right now so why should you do as a human being anything which can be automated or moved done with a script or by rule what why do you have to do it all over again you should be the 1 I'm thinking up new concepts you should be the 1 thinking of what could be done next and next thing are scientists know large companies work in these different silos as this is 1
thing but also them it is learned that when you go into and you want to make a career in a large company you have to work in this silo and get up to the next
level maybe have someone to pro property issue and as you know to get up and then you'll be always a shadow or 2nd person this is 1 word but it's seldomly the 1 because you really really good at will it happens here and there are a large corporation that people were really good they're so good you cannot ignore them but sometimes it's just really a people are very very happy that they have employees who were really really strong but they will never you know let them
go because you know who is doing the work that in their team so this is what we have right now
and the question is uh now to you and this is um content should do this as a shout out of talk again nothing
talk show you what what experience like the ones we're saying right now have you experienced at work which is really shitty which you'd like to have changed but the very
important thing is you have to be aware of that and and change something by maybe just talking another 30 seconds to get 30
seconds exchange with your partner what is really really bad and you
use it in the government was concerned with the problem
of the In the material from the there's something going
but the
and at the
OK perhaps this this this should be
rather quick saying every Italian neighbor everything that is not working at jobs to be
like bam bam bam bam bam that's obviously the case here so I'd like to share with you what we
think how work should be done and what it could be differently at work so you would love to be there and you know it could contribute even more so in theory is that experience it's not about learning in school it's not about reading a book it's about exchanging with others and as soon as you learn something from
the other and you know all this is really bad for this is really good I have not heard this before you begin to transfer this to transfer this to your
own life you transfer this maybe to another team or to another meeting or even if you're in a in an entity off of people who are in different companies to transfer this to a different company so this is what we call uh the transfer of element of this and then you go into a viral mold and as soon as people understand while these guys are working totally differently that bandstands why can't we just work the same way and to go a little bit more into details I would share with you experience qualities we defined where we set that um what makes a human we set record that earlier is because we are humans is much more impact when we talk to each other the exchange the the exchange of knowledge the exchange of experience is much better I don't know what your experience is
but if someone explains the theory to me with his own words with his own passion with its own enthusiasm then again it's I usually get it but if I have to read in the book and it's so from a method and rule or something theoretically the leg of a closure can you please explain what he set so this is something where I think this this is something where uh the personal into action that creates tangible outcomes and I would have a uh and um expand and I like to share a very good example manifold as the city or Muslim shared with me where he said that they introduced the concept at Amazon with someone um invited uh um as there appears to a new innovation and introduce them to the Managing Board and someone said no we're not going do this because it might be um a cannibalizing existing service the person who said no you had to do the job so the naysayers have been actually punished to do the idea or the the innovation work someone else suggested and so they stop saying no in meetings and what came with this was the high innovation rates of what we all know what Amazon as about today so this is something what I thought was a real real good inside so when you learn and uh and and that change the the perspective of looking at things you have very
strong experience and knowledge of so here's the question to you again do you have similar experience where you heard from someone who had uh some deep inside and he said well I wish I had done this the same way or pay now I will do it the same way so I would say another 30 seconds
or a minute for you and this is the last time you will in fact real quick um to share your experience and say I did this and maybe you can take this away next time when you go to work 30 seconds the the
and quality of a person really read and that this is the kind of the function
I we would that in and you can you photographs and 3 units of the
company on someone and on hidden subsidies can come from
the it the OK
what what we'd like to uh
achieve with this kind of task which is actually a totally out of my comfort zone to be very honest to stand here and not talk for a minute and have you discussed and weight and not knowing if this works at all because we've never done this is showing my
sight of vulnerability because we have not got I've never done the talk like this so um the transfer quality is something I'd like to address in this context here right now so if you learn something right now from your neighbor or if you learn something due to experience yeah by yourself with others you will talk about it you will transfer this knowledge to other people this is you know you can't do anything about it you will do with bad things but you will also do of course with good things and the idea must be of all willing to to transfer knowledge we also get rid of this so called hash of this so that the thing 1 of the the uh what people have is of information hiding this is something which is a thing of the past if you want to work and continue in the future this will not work you have to share information you have to share knowledge and then people will tell others and you will be a much stronger perceiving a strong leader and um so even take this away not only in your business life but also in your private life and when you do so at the here about you
are the here about the way you work and then they say I want to work the same way or I wanted that in the same way and this is something where we think this is the true to future of how people should work and with the target and goals within jobs within the private life because if you think of how um people organize their private life is how how you go to movies how you go to concerts church you know if you don't like it you will change its right so why should you not do
something a change things at work for example where you are probably most of the time in more and more of them there with the family so so for us um
these are crucial elements of the future work and the idea is now to think of what the
future will look like yes and I think and as he is amazing during the talk I think
what what is the I think there are some some advice for for every person individual rights and on on on what may be in for personality wise but also form for methods and so on might might just make out a few a person can be maybe create this human Future
work and and maybe also develop on jobs and new jobs and on the other side we have of course organizations what they can change in the way they redesigned maybe those interactions within companies and maybe think also really from scratch I think of course organizations and they they do the things they did them in the past but I think when you see how how the environment is changing and also on how the the also the the qualities a changing which are needed by the employs I think it's time to really rethink of of how people interact in companies and how they also work together so and I think what what's yet maybe it could be a good ending for 2 days and that maybe we all together and then I think we all pioneers in this field when it comes to work I think if we would just go through the rows I think no 1 would be this this traditional either no person working in this and that and the street and that we may be all just to get a complete and say well it's maybe our job to find out what the human future or 4 is actually is and and and that there is in this answer but also that on the other side it's maybe you also difficult or dangerous to to just draw out this this this negative all dark side of the future of work and um yeah so that we would like to to actually conclude by by saying hey that's maybe together yeah create this kind of
some human future the work MAV theory and that's that's the pioneers in that and
and that's maybe creates together and would like to invite you all whoever wants to on gadgets to come together you may be in fondant and talk about what what would you say and are maybe 1st steps into this into this human
future for what would you see and actually the the potential for us humans based on those
qualities but maybe also based on on on on the way organizations maybe should work and future together and send the and and and this will be the I think the the invitation for now to use this this this gap last lot I think you've heard too many inputs of today I guess and to to get more into conversations and discussions and and yet discuss about the yet human Future of Work and how this gonna look like thank you for being here Thank you very much
so you if you like lost mitogens please come the
middle come on some of the a common I don't look at the come to me but look at the it and so on the final question was
how do you find out what the future jobs or as all the other human future over look like is it not going to use evolved points of the features in the think it just like just like I'm using so using all the invention of attractors denotes the strong forms when certain changes jobs that forms the but we still have people and events and structures the so when we use the and this is such a fantastic question he was start and what's
was goes into this um well if you look at numbers this is actually number I know uh you have the today 1 farmer doing the job of 2 thousand farmers 70 years ago right so um this 999 farmers are not unemployed they're doing something else now this is what you say but if you just let it happen this is of course you know this this will be assisted like all suddenly we have smartphones this same thing and what we're trying to encourage is that instead of letting it happen I'd rather have it in my own hands this in my own hands to to develop maybe new jobs based on the skill have based on the environment I am in and see you know what can we do differently and what may be can be a new job which is not existing today I just talked to someone you'd outside until and H are expert who said that in 5 years now 80 per cent of the jobs existing in 5 years don't exist today right so then you can say that well it's hat lets you know how to make it happen it will happen anyway this is a solution but I'd rather have to drive it myself so this will be my answer yeah maybe to to build on this I think what is really
new in this development we face right now I think also with a Iist speed in in that it would sure Altes that's what what you many many non-scientists say so and if you see at for
example industrial pollution and maybe also at some point it the tractor came into this game based medium steam engine and it I think took maybe 50 years until this kind of innovation and get get in touch with most people I think in western world of these and if you look now at at a I i think furious and the fundamental them digital and and so this will spread much faster so we will not talk about 50 years till it reached into society to have reached into into companies and so on and this will be maybe 1 2 or 3 years so this will it as in a in a much higher speed I think and and so I think you you to be a little bit kind of fire prevention and this I think it's it's really time to to to to reshape this and and not just a maybe maybe that gold and and and I think also that many companies are asking themselves this question what are going to do with all the people and and how can we make best use of them and that something also because of maybe 1 reason why all those methods of it is unthinking and so on the size of course the fact that they need to foster innovation and yet gets that popular and famous maybe these days the
kind of thanks for a great to walk on the moon you was speaking about the validity of our ability is that people are
facing can you give me a practical example how can help my colleagues with these insecurities come with it yet practical exercises for an example of an intervention you can do and well yeah I think that's actually good question and so
on and yeah I think I can maybe described best from my perspective because I kind of
grew up in a corporate I studied at the big media company Bertelsmann and then just bumped into the school of design thinking and and this was really a kind of upside down turn around for me because everything I've learned in this corporate that should be right and that some the the axial so where should behave right most professional not emotional and so on was completely wrong because the that the school is really more about being motion trying things out making kind of mistakes and failures and this I I couldn't in this corporate so what I actually would would do with your team would be and maybe just to to to try things out and and have some maybe 1st projects which maybe not that correlated to to you day in and they all work and and and really make them yet is a bit like like like kids playing and and realizing that actually making the states and and an animal falling down isn't something bad that actually they learned with every failure and and I think that's also what am I think it's is behind for example methods like this and thinking and all this discussion about Figure culture it's it's not that we all have to fail because fading is so much fun no it's because we when we fail learned most right customers about the users about maybe prototypes and product ideas we have and and yeah I think I would try actually to give a makes them this kind of experience hey when when I fail and this isn't something bad it's really bother learning at this that was maybe
help you know in a way or odd I think you have more this and this year off this change had maybe you or you use you
mention security right security for
example is this you might fear to tell someone here are capable of using some technical tools for example
is that some kind of a circular theories I work for a European authorities authorities we're
140 people we removed 1 at higher at 1 level of hierarchy so and then sold women time now when we need to help the colleagues who are willing welcome to MIT to deal with this new kind of situation with new responsibilities and and among the very vulnerability that goes along with it and I you would like to hear a practical example that how How do I need them relate OK this this is so
1st solid the so called let's talk right away after the talk and and the
beginning of talk so excuse me if my question wasn't was answered in the beginning of the month and I'm
interested in this you know like the question artificial intelligence will be yes you you obsolete and all other sometimes even need us anymore to do anything and do we need to restrict artificial intelligence To make a recent past humorous even there are that there's some reason for us to be here I think there won't be any need for in
case would be find all all all way on on this kind of yeah thinking further right because I mean if if we use all this kind of potential we have inside of and and and maybe also the way off of maybe being
creative and so on there will be always I think a next step so that's my this very personal opinion what we gonna use maybe than the technology of the i again for 2 t ordinal and down in the end may become to 2 ideas which we cannot really think about today but this will be just possible if we combine maybe then all forces with also this technology so and I would be quite positive and this but I usually tend to be more positive about the world and I think the other perspective from yeah this is is different the animal also 1 that need to be discussed it if you think it much clicks or
in terminates as terms of course uh we miss the point to implement other most lost for example right so this is gone so
that the the artificial intelligent problems out there so the question for us we must be um what can we do and what what I I cannot do right so it's not the question of that we have to hear them the say of OK certain task will you them and other task will be with us there will be times of collaboration between R I and humans no no doubts about this but there will be also type things which only we would we can do so actually it said this is what we said what experience transfer and and you know this knowledge and seeing what is the thing you can do really well ended up machine cannot so this is something you have to find out in your organization with your friends with your company whatever in places 1
question 1 myself is isn't it too late to implement that
were on the other hand have as you say now that artificial intelligence and the use humans have to work together and what I was thinking about is that why do we think that artificial intelligence is some kind of sentient it isn't it's just common rules nothing more but we do like it's essentially being with which is interacting with it but it isn't it's just like word type strings and numbers and working with it's nothing more so a clear answered your question so you
have and the other thing when we artificial intelligence yet it has no you with
intelligence at the such a great marketing term right it's really cool right now
I I've heard actually talk today where said that our artificial intelligence Perseus Books right now it is machine learning deep learning etc. space of algorithms etc. we're talking about this the singularity at the moment when machines are really thinking by themselves and the question when this will happen is probably you know we don't know what the thing is not that well this is what we try to point out the torque it can be all kinds of technologies AI is like a like a placeholder can all kinds of technologies where we have to the French differentiate ourselves and find our spot and our sport can be still in the future a very strong 1 and it doesn't have to say that all of our for me human the machines are taking over know it's transformational confidence I stand there and I'm a human-like just like James Tiberius Kirk by the way where recognize them that was you said like a I don't care if this is a machine doing a certain job it's still me so this is an edited things to hold most of the clickers
and have additional questions what if machines are able to enterprise and be curious because in the time of singularity and collective intelligence of human race that is in machines machine also become suspicious and really get so how do you see that but I love the movie her yeah
so but then we will have new friends
me I don't know right so will see I that that's like the 1st impulse would have we will have a new species will if fight for themselves will they know what want machine rights with human rights and this is I think this is very very in the future right now it is about not losing jobs not you know yeah and I would agree with you I
have actually better with removal of a senior executive uh that out that node will take less than 5 years to a topic like this but we will see how the high of my question
is basically this this is like a pep talk don't give up for for humans and and what I'm hearing is as we hear you saying that you would have to find out what they use the compared to machines that will probably be able to emulate the whatever you as he we have in due time so I now that the basically the year you're trying to tell us you still have a chance against machines here and it's it's you trying to frame this in a very positive way I look at all the kind of funny creative staff that you can do in the future but in reality also that funny reality you know creative staff will probably only need very few people if and all because you know the meanings that are trying to emulate what I'm taking away from the start of the Soviet bloc of helplessness s which is probably the opposite of what you try to she sorry no
not at all it's uh I know I can stress like a naysayer right so it's like can say no you're wrong I don't believe this right so this is what we said is that um when you it's they experience the exchange between humans can bring up totally new things you know thinking outside of silos knowledge transfer right so everyone tries right now to to to do everything by them right so this kind of it's it's like an attitude thing right if you bring experience and the exchange between people and knowledge into you company into your friends or whatever it is and make it new in the in a way that which which benefits to you to your company then this will be totally different you can even that you say that all this is a great AI you have in your company I can use this in my company as well get can be even this whole well I can even save more money and get rid of more people by using this but the exchange with is that the basic thing here so this is something where we truly believe it will separate us for a long time from machines so helpless this I would not agree it's like you know taking your own measures instead there's a I talked to my peers and I change with them what they learned I haven't learned yet because machines they will load up into the cloud what they've learned and that all machines know that we humans are not capable to do so so as soon as we try to exchange learn from others that we have the transfer quality that will say hey I learned from someone else I'll use this and be faster and more successful but in what topic in what area I don't know maybe you're right but I would not say see it in the pessimistic way as as you mentioning it we have to find our spot absolutely and I
think maybe just I'm sure I would say yeah maybe it's substance maybe it's it's them that gap we're not sure
about what kind of role we gonna play in the future and and I think this talk yeah isn't really meant as a as a path for to say hey humans they're still a spot for you were killed couples also can do something no it's some more
meant as an invitation for for all of us to really think this through and and and see this kind of design challenge behind right and and storage not just happening at all just teeny happen but more thinking about well from the scratch what what can be work what what can we do actually in the future and I when it comes to this whole creative staff and so on I think also this this confidence I think everyone should be confident about well I can be creative I can create something in my life and this doesn't always necessarily need to be and the big business company and Tech whatever because this can also be in your private I don't know environment something an initiative or whatever and then I think that the toughest part of it's going to be and and I think if you look back in history also and at for some this example in in Detroit Michigan and was to to give people again this this kind of confidence to to read think experience because of lot what they really wanted to with their life and what they really want to create a what they wanna stand for and and I think this is all part maybe of of this this this confidence which it will be necessary in order not to lose everyone on the field just to give them the tools democratize all those to be maybe no use of those fancy creative staff and and to to democratize given to everyone so that everyone can start creating something and final to sense meaning than in life yeah maybe my question goes in a
similar direction I just came out of another talk about artificial intelligence enhance the essence
was rather terrifying what not to facilitate intelligence is actually able to do and what machines will be able to do in the near future and how tractable everyone will become random I apologize if I miss the essence maybe because I just stepped in halfway point and are you saying um where do you see a clear and good sides and maybe also of artificial intelligence and in what can make the crown so it should be but the con the patrol
the good side and on the back side of English the economy very terrifying to have only a digital what's everywhere
and and traceable down to I don't know your privacy and was you maybe don't want to reveal effects on what is the actual on when maybe that we should also see an army which we should and get how to with yet so and that's also again a very
positive and a glance at the world but you asked for it I think that if we humans we try to focus on
on and get that what we really good and and the like for example this is what we pointed out the creativity stuff and so on and and doing this by being really human truly human right in in terms of showing this kind of probability which opens up completely new years off of creativity opens of could be fears of of also creating new ideas and and maybe also also shaping and this this world I think that there can be a kind of some very collaborative way where we don't humans work together with the with technology and also a i to solve the really big global challenges we face right now and and I think there are some challenges left if you look at the global gold for example Development Goals and when it comes to hunger in the world when it comes to I don't know education and so on so and I still see the potential but therefore I think that we humans we have to start reading play also all and this and this is not you know copying and from left and computer to the right and computer and so on but it's really more this this crater stuff and I think we will see it very also in the next year's ways where this becomes quite obvious not only in or cardinal fabrication for example that humans and technology worked jointly together and and be there by much more powerful I think in this industry sector it's this this kind of leverage of muscle power you see there right and I think we gonna see this also and then when it comes to all McGann mechanical mind maybe that this some kind of mechanical mine AI school have will be combined with maybe this more human yeah maybe mind we we humans so have the really concentrate on that and this will maybe openness and competing if of of of problem solving in the world and so this would be would be my in my very positive units and also the chances I would seem and an but of course there's also this this this this other side and and I just think it's important and I think that's that's also again what we mean by paid not to structure straight I the future for military the human future work because we humans have to focus on what really good and and what all we may be also unique in and and bring this on a table with maybe also technology and by combining this then maybe will have some some some pretty ways of solving challenges in the world that's the refusal of the the yes it is a lot
about you know what I mean question right so that the at the beginning as you miss it at all we're thinking that people who design
artificial intelligence services like insurance companies a better police man better all the examples I had in the beginning right this is not stored by the doctors there for better diagnosis is not done to get rid of jobs or you know you know be bad to humans it is done to be more efficient to be you know better for for all of us right so this is usually the motivation of of of large companies even of what's on and will so they want to improve certain things and of course they want to make money with it the question is at the end you know what do we make out of it and then use it because philosophical partner the word itself also question of course of politics right what kind of rules that we have an they enable what kind of thing of do's and don'ts are a machines allowed to do etc. right so it's a long term thing it's a very good that we start the discussion very early and it's uh um but you know should never forget that um it is should not come to like depression kind of area where you get rid of thousands of jobs and people don't have jobs and go into it like a deep depression like in the twenties thirties where we don't have jobs and then we have totally different problems so the question we're not that the thing would try to raise this to be aware that this will happen and to engage somehow to find new task new challenges new jobs to create new jobs and so this is why we very positively and try to see the future this way so at the end we
can say never forget to put in stocks which brings it and sadly we have expected that point here is like that I would love to talk with you about the hours and hours and again so months ahead more often seen as an extension that that I think I will here talk to us thank you for being here the 1st part of the
graph here that you need