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Open Information Nation
New Rules for a New World
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Will the digital revolution give us information democracies or information empires? The answer lies in a political choice, a choice between open and closed. Either making information open and freely accessible to all, or, closing it off and having it owned and controlled by the few. This choice matters everywhere from inequality to freedom. It matters whether you are concerned about a robot taking your job, or the power of Google and Facebook to shape how we think and vote.
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a thank you we and Burgulence engaged German-style studying precisely on time which is wonderful I OK so and so it's a good morning but good morning bottom I'm going to talk about the Open Information nation a new rules through new world my name is Rufus Pollock and I am the founder and president of of knowledge which is an international nonprofit start in 2004 the now operates all over the world 13 fact activity here in Germany of knowledge Germany is here and that works to open up information to build tools and communities to see that information be it train timetables or government spending your tax money used to improve people's lives to make a difference to what is important to them and in addition to that it would be interesting if you know that I grew up on a farm family comes at a moment of so I start by talking about this new world what I mean by a new world well 1 thing I wanna mention I said I
grew up on a farm my mother is a farm she still farmer she 73 a she has characters and she really loves animals my mother doors animals that's kind of why she's a farmer as she gets very concerned when cows again have their little babies when they could have cost because just like humans things can go wrong sometimes the cough get star when when I get looked after that so my mother was always quite worried around the time when the cow should have its new costs but also like humans it's not precisely known and when the Council has cost you know roughly in the we could see what is going to be but you don't know exactly and for example where around that time my mother tends to go out and check Kalikow every couple of hours and then when she goes to bed she makes my fall the go l and check Macao every 2 hours and then she doesn't sleep very well because she's boring during that period which is asleep something might happen she's a warrior the other thing to get our moral fault mother that you might guess as being at being a father she's not she's she's a bit of a technophile the but she really adopt early I mean I think of
1st function foam was about 2008 and she insisted that she never had a phone on the only reason to having a mobile phones to make emergency calls so you can imagine my shock a few years ago when my mother calls me up and she says can you tell me about international text messages my 1st tho is 0 my god does my mother realize has she got caught some scare is busy I don't know calling some hot line in united 8 the pacific or something I think some incredible rate but no chief they she of the and international Texas cities she wants to receive them how to make a long story short what she's done issues for this device it's called me on hold
and you attach it to the tail of a cow I when the cow goes into labor contractions happened the device in the tail of the cow the device known as this and it sends a message board or stuff like to HQ in Ireland and then on the the HNR and since your text message and my mother is worried that she's not receiving these text messages in particular member her mobile phone is off so the text that is you have to be sent to a land line that's another added complication where the long story short we get all sorted out and this is making whole life way better than the plane is that story is my mother who is not really interested out Wall indicial technology if anything is an opponent often of digital technology is engaged
in 1 of the oldest professions known to man she is being affected by digit technology is adopting digital technology people have been kept causing carols for thousands of years and now they've got this device so our economy has changed the we are now in this digital economy well what we
produce often what we use is digital information In that avoids account maybe a plastic device attached to come but it's digital technology the and I was to advise look deeper because world familiar with this right I mean we all got further rooms where a conference about digital tag and familiar me the self-driving cars AI but I want you to look deeper than the kind of the glitz on the surface because what is the digital economy made all what additional material it's made of information when we talk about digital economy we really mean an information economy and that's what digital technology created it and it's a technology that allows us to communicate to send information to send bits to produce fits very easily or more easily the now how is this new and different
houses in New World because for example when people the motor car they replace courses that was a big change all the time I think we in that we see in the digital economy the information commonly seen like it's faster better and more but is such a something profoundly different about the information economy which is costless copying in information economy we can cost the copy that was not true in the old world so just to think again to see that to really see that what information if you think about information is ideas right now the In theory I'm sharing idea from you the idea is going from my head and it's going to cost you copied into your brain
if this talk is going well right now I can share that idea with the hundreds of people thousands of people tens of people In this room over the internet and it just happened just like that and you wanna contrast this with what we've been used to consider ideas or information versus cause if I shared my car with everyone at this conference I wouldn't get to use my car over a much when I share my car I don't get to use it anymore unless we happen to go to the same place 1 I share my shoes with somebody else on economic benefits but when I share idea I still have it and suddenly you have it too at the thing about the
digital here is digital makes courses copying at reality at global scale sure I could always go and speak to people have ideas copy between me if you like any other person but suddenly I can share my idea with 6 billion people at the click of a button so what digital technology is doing is enabling truly an information economy and new economy when making a new world made of bits and ideas where we can share costs asleep the right and it is profoundly different isn't just it's not just like a car replacing a holes or industrial agriculture placing hand so in the field is a change in the very substance that allows us to cost you share you cannot courses you share bread will steal a house or a car now do we need new rules for this economy or will the old ones to
I was there I mean by rules that would tell you another story it's a story about St. Columba St. Columba was a monk about 8 18 about that 15 hundred years ago and St. Columba was very big on Caltech sharing knowledge in the form of the Bible and other Christian knowledge the and he had a teacher called and 1 day Finian traveled off to Rome and this is about the 6th century AD OK so this is a long time ago in the dark ages and the Indian travels to rows and the columns back from Rome and what does he have he has the 1st copy in so in Columbus country in our and all of the Bible in Latin the famous 1st translation of the Bible in until after and called the Vulgate done by St. George and of
course St. Columba is so excited he rushes off to fit in and says hey can I have a good look at the book to have a look at the bible can I copy it and share it with others and for the assessment of course come take on the you can have a look but I don't want you copying it it's Somali copy I got it and if people wanna look at it is going to come to me and they've got a reading here and even those St. Columba really respects Finian really loves him he was his teacher he thinks this is wrong he thinks it's so wrong to confine the knowledge of it in the bible just affinity and just in this book and he's got that he decides to violate his friends trust and it's secretly at nite he creeps into the church and copies the
Bible out but 1 nite opinion captures and they have a huge argument the argument is so big that they end up having to go to the king of onlin to adjudicate the decisions and the king make the famous decision he says I don't know think on the way you get these fancy notions about be up to copy people's books when you have a cow I have to call off if I 0 Makhoul the cost is mine the same is true of books to every cowards cough to every book it's copy and this basic idea of
translating the ideas of real property that is not dust as humanity very well for thousands of years this stone axe was mine this apple is mine this piece of land is mine and if it's more and I get to do what I want with it which is sort of this very very well got translated into this world of ideas and information we turned real property into intellectual property the even
though as we're not information is different so we took all for all rules and apply them to the new world particularly the last 400 years as the information stored import as ideas commercial ideas started to be important in our society we created intellectual property repeated Copyright recreated patents we expanded the week applied them to more things and we took up all the rules and worked in the world of bread and of cows and apply them to books and software and ideas
now maybe that works well and in general it's not a bad idea it's worked well before they could work well in the future it's a good idea to try to adapt what's working and that's what we've been doing with intellectual property rights and they've often have very beneficial effects it helps stimulate innovation in our world but what is the impact I want us to look through it what are the real impact of those old world rules in a new world in a world of the digital economy where we can truly
costly copy with the whole planet I but I wanna look at this through the lens of Mr. Frisby and his American during Mr. frisbees a real man he was born in in 1963 in rural Florida just south of Tampa the at the age of 15 the he went to work in agriculture machinery business he worked
there the 30 years is late forties he left the business started American dream welding fabrication and if you like the is very symbolic he started American dream welding and fabrication he was repairing the the American dream and he's symbolize not be calls his world is not working His world is not working around him in the world he grew up in the industrial sector is disappointed in the jobs he did all disappearing the blue-collar sector is disappearing its declining in United States when the recession comes in 2009 he's really struggling he goes from 6 employees to test to him in his stepson His partners daycare center goes bankrupt the government's killing him with regulations he thinks he resents other people success why are they doing OK when he's struggling he was as immigrants because his world is not working the and it might seem that this is worlds away from our topic it's worlds away from what we're talking about here in the digital economy but there is a coincidence right
because the rise of the digital economy takes place exactly in his lifetime when he is 5 years old in 1968 Intel is founded when he was 12 years old in 1975 Bill Gates will drop out of Harvard to start Microsoft in 1978 when he goes to work in the agricultural equipment business Steve Jobs and Wozniak will start Apple Computer a carriage in Silicon Valley and whilst there is no direct connection we can't see direct connection there is a hidden connection if we look we can see a connection between those 2 things because essentially he world is being impacted
a the fact detractors have computers the Wal-Mart can automate their inventory that you can ship stuff from China the isn't just a consequence of political decisions or free trade all immigrants it's a consequence of the information economy Wal-Mart could not do what they did without the information economy tractors wouldn't work without computers more and more of the value in our world a cruise to information units everywhere from what we consume to what we make kids don't go and play in the streets anymore right the play video games they consume information when we get we we biphones we buy TVs we buy films the and also more and more of our work is in the information economy where directly we often focus just on the TREC as is what is just software a high-tech but indirectly advertising financial services that information industries and even in retail and height and agriculture
look at my mother information is there our entire economy has shifted the and in the economy not only is Mr. frisbees the job going so that he is 1 of the dispossessed but there are new jobs instead the robots there are new jobs they're just robots and software and what is that bad it's information it now why and more than that more than that it's not just that there are these new things to hey we could all have demanded a beach like this have got a real boy does my job I can go to the beach now that's not what the world looks like it's not like the time you bought a
dishwasher and replaced all that sure you did washing of dishes in this just right because more and more of our world more and more than that of our economy more and more the value goes is concentrated that wealth is incredibly concentrate information world because and why is that it's because of course this copying go back to the incredible thing about our information economy is costless copying but think about it this way suddenly you have someone with a robot and the real value of that robot is it's digital brain and some of the IP that to break and they can give a copy of it to everyone in the world yeah With 1 click they can share that would everyone but they are entitled it's like a lot of that when you bought things if you are sitting at the dish what we had automation of some cars before the we got on instead now we rented at best we rent those digital brain and someone owns them In this what innocence evenly Bible renting and that brain is owned and controlled by someone else Jeff Bezos runs amazin Mark Zuckerberg can supply a social network for everybody on the planet so the brain can run a search engine for everybody on the planet Bill Gates can give you a pretty system for 6 billion people at the click of a button it's not like the old world in all the world if I made apples I
can't supply apples to everyone in the world the other apple farmers the sun is no need someone performs worst as 1 good operating system there's no need for others necessarily this is very hard to have them look at your devices look each vertical look at what processes look at social networks look at messaging apps is only 1 or a few and cost coping plus the all rules Košice copying best all the rules of the form intellectual property gives us monopoly right and that monopoly leads to incredible concentration of wealth and also emphasized it's also not just a fact this 1 supplier is the fact that every time Bill Gates makes a copy of windows it cost him nothing all everything that you then paid for that copy when this is profit essentially like apple
farmer held it is he only makes a certain margin you have this extraordinary margins and leads to an extraordinary unprecedented concentration of economic power and wealth Facebook Amazon Google Microsoft we can go on in 20 16 8 people on this planet has much wealth as the bottom 50 % combine as the same 8 people had as much wealth as 3 and a half billion people and all of those 8 billion 8 people 6 of them would have been you go
back to when Mr. frisbee was young in 1975 there was 1 tech billionaire in the top richest courses copying plus the rules gives us a monopoly and this growing and that creates this incredible gap for Mr. Frisbee since he grew up inequality has massively 1 United States he sees his job disappear he doesn't even really know why at the same time he sees the few people do well the getting rich was 3 guys hi tech billionaires in California and he gets angry and he's resentful and that creates this incredible gap and it's
this incredible inequality gap that is the motor for these great political shifts of our time that's actually when present from gets elected it's people I missed frisbee who what angry and upset and dispossessed it comes
down to this information economy the biggest cause of Trump's selection was the closed information economy running on all the rules that has driven inequality like
this for the last 40 years that is what made from President if you're worried about extremism you worry about these things look at the heart of the information economy and it's not just
about inequality it's not just about inequality the monopoly rights model of intellectual property has an impact on clothes and freedom people are now talking
about secular stagnation economies were grows fast people worry about freedom then is illustrated quickly to you talk about freedom freedom of thought freedom of enterprise Facebook is a multi
theory have a choice if you don't wanna be online connect with people and they get to decide what you post and more than that's not just control of your freedom of speech in that way it's a Facebook and Google shape what you find think a 2014 study published in the Proceedings of National Academy of Sciences 1 the most prestigious journals in your estate showed the bike angle manipulating 1 saw a page of search results have not impact on undecided voters to change most elections in the world yeah that is
incredible concentration of social and economic power and it's also having impact on innovation because we think of these companies Google face because beacons of infinite if innovation and in a sense they all the dish economy is pretty amazing but actually we wanna look at the cross effect here we understand that there's a limit to that but for the chronic fast if you know your Greek mythology was the father of Zeus and he had been told a
prophesy that 1 day his children would repel an overthrow him and enslave him so what did he do the ate them every time you had a child he any the child they lived in the stomach and 1 day use escape the and while his father was sleeping he call him open allow his children there was a huge rebellion satisfy and into was true the gods through their parents and that
is what every monopoly companies daily lives in fear of the 1 day they will be eaten by their children White face fact Facebook spend 23 billion billion on what's up because they're afraid that what's that 1 day compete with them these companies live in fear of the cause effect of being eaten by their children and as a result they suppress competition they buy companies they act ruthlessly and is damaging you know really profound sense innovation in our economy and to the freedom of enterprise who today would you ever fun to go stock company to the with Google with Facebook no matter how good you were there's no freedom of enterprise anymore so the summarize these old world rules in a new world creates huge problems the
impact of inequality when he can grow growth and freedom of thought and enterprise that generating spiraling inequality social injustice and economic stagnation leading to exclusion anger extremism instability there is deep connection between how we structure the information economy and the other big political 2 starts and armies that was saying about time so we need a new rules the old rules with this new economy not working we need new rules for a new world and a better world is possible we've got stuck in of thinking which is to be taught people is that all this work to the Old World Property Rights work like this in this world but you know they must work the same here no we've got
stuck in our thinking we need to create new institutions we need to restore free markets and the freedom to innovate there aren't really free markets today they're monopolies we need to restore the words I create true freedom of opportunity we need to embrace the magic of course copying pursue what so extraordinary is we suddenly have the ability is like a world where food imagine a world in the past with food could be infinitely copy nobody gone hungry now in the world of information we have that ability to share information we need to get the best of both worlds we need to embrace that sharing we need to create economy that is dynamic and inclusive and
we can do that we can do it by building an open information commonly an open information nation where knowledge is freely and openly share and innovators are recognize rewarded by creating new institutional structures for new forms rewards new legal rights want to restore the market restore the dynamism of our systems while also providing inclusiveness while leaving no 1 left behind creating an economy of the many and not the few we really new rules for a new world if you were to combat extremism you wanna build a dynamic increase economy that's vibrant and where everyone gets a share then we need to build an open world we need to build an open information nation come join us come join Open Knowledge and come make the new rules for a new world thank you very much in
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