Building Information Modeling mit Open-Source-Tools

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Building Information Modeling mit Open-Source-Tools
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Hollah, Steffen
Dresen, Martin
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Mit den Open-Source-Tools OpenLayers und Cesium lassen sich Gebäudemodelle in 2D und 3D nebeneinander visualisieren. Das Framework ol-cesium ermöglicht dabei eine einfache Synchronisierung zwischen 2D- und 3D-Ansichten. Im Vortrag werden verschiedene Lösungen und Beispiele gezeigt, die eine Visualisierung von Gebäudemodellen in Kombination mit Geodiensten und Hintergrundkarten ermöglichen.

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last lecture in the area am
im all new highly complex and now the question arises how do we get this complex data in the internet browser and there have stefan holler and you think the counter made and said okay open airs there it already Sorry , there are already and cesium is yes to 3d presentation you can not do that in the browser maybe next to show yes so again welcome maybe all participants for a short time To introduce us two pretty ones like us come here from the area is one could say that has nothing to do with it but here it works already earlier the pipeline just does not stop listening Building up and sitting as a reporter and programmers on huge Data sets of infrastructure that are canal networks roads and so on and so on and the question that is asked us how Can we get the bim now please data and the gis data together like Can you explain what you can do there do
I'll go up for a second some norms that exist there partly it is already mentioned been a not yet doing the It is actually no software but a procedure as in the future
to be built Things should be managed in the area infrastructure and will definitely Do not stop at the edge of the building is there a workflow there is a standardized one exchange format and there is something not really addressed yet Namely, this has been bfc namely a procedure as stated can collide between components and certain errors that are in the model
to visualize and then there is of course, plenty meanwhile open source tools where you Data can make visible where you data can merge pots only very briefly
why you ever got around to it to the topic am that has something to do with that on the end up wanting to save costs and that one faster to the information buddy and the Information also throughout of the overall project and would like to keep Thus, in the end, the quality of projects improved and the whole procedure that we also optimized it can be from that point of view actually a completely different view approach than before
times shown here very briefly as as actually things are going on like this from design to planning and at the end to facility management and all These things will become one in the future mimic the process and that's it necessary that one on certain
processes specific modeling agreements and then practically in the frame of this
processes the data together can exchange common
Now, as always, there is life too things if there is to data exchange goes where there are limits abuts there so to speak also applications the not open are the standards and The form does not support where I am then while you can do it but at the bottom there is a kind I have it in all things proprietary systems in contrast to this
Only these systems will be at the end
help further there is also the open in the systems and standardization and rules and they will exchange our data allow similar as is the case if i document word excel what too always in a pdf save and pdf Anyone can actually read that
so that the whole thing works and that is yes addressed here many times been So there must be very clear structures starting from the project land Build the bullets and then the
individual elements shot in the are and about these structures and the associated definition can then be uniform data exchange organized become
this fc has the stand is here too
have been addressed many times here again very briefly when he came into being and how and he that is already called by education smart in principle with developed, there is also but some others at least has since ever formed a club itself take care of it
basically it's about one lossless data exchange and when I hear loss-bearer data exchange
Everyone knows then lossless it rarely happens so far, fc has some Things agreed and these things on the one has agreed one can also exchange easily parts of factual data remain in the end we are stuck in the proprietary software again very short what is in the fc format in there next to it the geometry attribute classification also relations to the guests banks is by the way, we have the same in it geometric objects we have attributes we have objects the relationship for example a bay is always with one be connected and in the end we have a similar one model only we do not have it clean classified and there it will be go and then of course there are so that the whole thing works Exchange format of different kinds we have listed here again
that sounded like this earlier File format here as a typical wall with the individual definitions to the I need this exchange
organize and so has every element window door tga equipment every element has typical properties that defines are about the then the exchange can be made here only briefly shown for Example of wall on example of wall what can be of such properties these are now even a few but the whole is defined and above this defined exchange works that at the end and the wall is not alone in the
Of course there are other worlds elements related to the wall Stand the doors and floors so on and so on, so I am on end so you want a collection of standardized elements and the have relationship with each other we in the in our normal kisfeld nothing is new to us either we will only be at the end of one subject to normalization
now i have the elements for these elements There already needs databases where I I can choose certain things someone example of an address where it even 3d objects are where objects are is that I can pick out me there The database is being fed by manufacturers and we are confident that there will be more things for everyone Manufacturer of the future on a tree wants to play along will deliver objects have to
yes, here only normal from this website there you can see soma manufacturers are in there and yes so we assume that really everyone manufacturer in any form of his The components may now be clumsy dwg drawing has or as blocks or anyway in the future in 3d databases insert becomes
on the subject of the Commission's examination Coalition exam is one of the In my opinion, the outstanding one possibilities that offer now if I then on a common platform like pumice ore or others platforms made my data visible I also check for others and times does that fit together then I can So find out if I have a wall was a window should be pure he is extremely useful if there is also the appropriate breakthrough would be in it and maybe that's in the right one too size or a pipeline through a wall goes it may be one to check
firewall and then I need another way of doing this Collision testing becomes possible by being with standardized works components
so the big question is about the I said that must be everything be standardized and our guests We used to have them that way everyone formats his database every his ideas what factual data are then what can we do now? ever do in the open source area to play in the concert and me think that's a whole lot So it starts with that I am at the end
3 d models can also generate my guests and can combine with bomb data and then this in a 3d view and a 3d model pose can be such that eg city-ordered or Decision makers looking at a 3d model watching where I can show how will this building will be like that integrate green area into the city A completely different one makes a decision as if I then flat dwg plan to the wall throw that means we will be with the with the virtualization of the gis and also at data in the future and can do something
very big point where we always how can we get addressed ? now the cat data or the catch
stirs up with the data with the guests together currently there are here and there already approaches and november in connection here again, imagine something then it is about the documentation of the not only consisted of the stock completion of the construction measure but also continue to hand over to the facility management and there you can certainly do a lot with the open source components the us today already available and the question will eventually come will also be in the field of municipalities of waste and disposal arrive
currently it is so that construction project affected by the federal government but I assume that it is it will break down to the commons not today not tomorrow but in the future will also become communes themselves also cities have to deal with because At the end it's all about data meaningful exchange and one to produce standardization around the well what you have a bit of a growth everyone has so his data models in gis something break up and the dates of to make available to the general public
Exactly I have mine here that we then made it so that we are so have tried a bit these same 3d models to get into the web or just with the cards too to connect on the web what we did there is that we first layers up have used free javascript library can connect with yellow cards, the is where we also more , so to speak actually we can go in notes as well as various geodienst 1 ie if somehow data is available that we want to show with is that no problem then her important point was just
then cesium that's just one too library with beside 3d or in globe can bring something into the web what then with web gl where we just work 3d Then display models on the globe where can you also check the background? So also different tuesday with can be displayed that was to combine both then so what we tried a bit yes that we have such a 2d and 3d view next to each other where we have a monster
Have 3d model on our globe and besides further information on one 2d card next to it There was such a small program
that's not the same way there is anorexia around
what, so to speak, cesium with open airs in the end-effect linked that means I have just mine 2d map above wet and my 3d globe and of course I want to finally that means if I am myself somewhere in the 2d card to one certain place should move globe almost to the adapt and just with moving that is the card frame and the the is called browning box so the border and the zoom level will be level synchronized as well as just data I is for the second card
So what you are doing in the end is that you really have a second card the data series were programmed the then just with the 3d map is synchronized in the model is then again so a bit of a special case because we are watching
to us now a best the example I talked about have that's just a guess as, inter alia, have programmed on the left today page open layers have map on the right side then this you map or c7 globe where we are then also have integrated 3d models then Let's hope that's fast enough that's fine
we do not see that here right now
that's our foursome , so to speak men had programmed too now already invited different models to have
I would go a little further into that Zoom in downtown we have like us see this 2d map , so to speak and what you do not do right now it looks just on the right side of the 3d map will see who is not so to speak, I'm starting this now view first to tilt then you see that there is a little bit of 3d becomes visible or so much 3d is not yet because we just now just our satellite images, so to speak have taken the globe when we Now we would like to incorporate 3d models now have different models once the Frauenkirche to attractions
we already see that we are now and have integrated the 3d models The problem with cäsium is that we are there now can not invite efc data directly but are now, so to speak converted models into the glc format that's just the format also consumed I show but right away yet another example where, so to speak
also be invited for data away but you can see it is possible as well Now our 3d model with the quasi two to link the data so synonymous Also on the globe is indeed a so to speak 2d data in it and exactly yes what else is for example after what
maybe the second, so to speak travel link better shows are as well to say kml files kml files can also contain 3d data and are now building just inside the only certain height have from the building They are always in the 3d map now really has displayed three-dimensionally they are getting their higher assigned and you will also get a second card hired and then can I'm on my second card, so to speak if you do not think so want to do next to each other but in the 3g toilets maybe and a small card just feel the information accordingly link more accurately
another example of what we still have
or what is not ours now? this marco 3d I would always
to open
there it is with, so to speak humming in the background but that's the case a bit extended that one just different data in mind
can show and have just fc data are here so that the difference is
But here I believe that the data from
cesium just rendered in the browser that means it took accordingly even if there are larger records where As soon as it comes to the limit
that something is loaded
Here you can see that you too everything takes a bit longer is loaded
but there are very many
different and big models too
also loaded very detailed models how we look a bit I go in and see that I am in the touchpad, I have to first look like the control system works exactly
[Music] I just do not remember tends tomorrow how does she not work exactly?
but you can already see that it gets relatively slow depending on how much just information will be loaded
but it's just possible here in here This year, for example, this fc
also display data but to draw the difference is what that's what happened here, so to speak I think so to speak , that means is rendered on the server and then is sent, so to speak and it is also in tiles , so to speak So now when I split a I should of course invite this model, of course before litigation that is that one Divide up various small areas can that be something accordingly goes faster and not the whole big record is loaded and just then something works faster
that should be it already have been At first I do not have any more than me as I said a little more
show in the viewer maybe if But interest still is that one
might beg to ask if it fit would yes thanks stefan holler
stefan holler and it was not there martin Dresen as in the program booklet to a ralf so jara sorry there are questions the two are coming and the field is now a very different approach only times there there to ask The Frauenkirche we saw nice model as they have So what does the source data the I do not know anymore like that now website is there you could say so I'm not sure anymore if ml Files were already there So let's start with money tiff files format which, so to speak, csu needs and you had now at the Frauenkirche that was nicely colored that was not the original model, so to speak
we just paint a bit adapted that we now upside down
bit orientate
they have pink, so to speak colored that one or that there
also tried a bit, so to speak you still have to adjust then it was basically just a gl tf model what we have invited you to have on the site and even a Converter where to get colada files can convert this money he format
but from the fc im it is always on a bit awkward and though about We also tried about that a double conversion first quarter then in the etf the correspond so we can display it in zeesen does anyone have a question because I have a question you have Yes, even if you continue there rhine is looking for it is getting slower
does that mean that someday the So usability suffers for the
user maybe not so friendly is or is that still expandable the goal must be the end as well as
we are now in a spirit environment before also change 3d cards prior to change it will not work otherwise currently we are in the position of one 2d model in a limited 3d sphere
to jump and yes at the end it will be like this that you actually tile 3d must hold so the idea is task significantly more extensive than the previous one before we force area as from the know
does anyone have a question then would like I conclude that with just the same question I ask you both other previous referents set has you come from from the gis side how do you see that is one revolution yes i am actually responsible for Drink and sewage network and if I am I look at the data models and the Vfc would be wrong then I know that de facto that somehow has to translate or better start from scratch that means the whole that can be the whole thing about the environment Let's spread strokes and cola and then say three to three are one you are underlined pipe something else and you are one bay and a hiker cola is what other now we have components that means if I have something a farmer there then it is a piece of work and when that is off Stoneware is then this must be Also leaves as it looks in the in the catalog in it I can so no longer any colorful circles and distribute co country I have to come up with a completely new one
data model start and that means also that certain normalization such as you for the documentation of sewage networks either from scratch have to be changed or disappear So yes , I'm convinced
everything I do not like this standard submits will perish Thank you very much that was a very interesting topics castle to building information modeling we have only once learned what the word is and we have now seen how to solve problems manage this data relationship I can visualize and I want to Now again with all four speakers Thank you for that


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