Love and Intimacy in Virtual Reality

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Video in TIB AV-Portal: Love and Intimacy in Virtual Reality

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Love and Intimacy in Virtual Reality
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Cinema is voyeuristic in essence. Only when we watch movies it is ok to stare at a face, study all the details of a body and want to see all the details of lovemaking. In virtual reality, this goes a step further as your audience is put inside the action. This talk explores the reasons why we crave watching other people’s most intimate moments and how this can be translated into the immersive world of virtual reality using the erotic VR experience “Viens!” as an example.
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on the other side of the road and if you don't want to hear the little called the
that 1st detect not but
few over a but then about 1 is in the work of mourning so please bear with me so the confused on so that love and intimacy and much that was the the talk on schedule to give going inside the central metaphor the yes Men
it's Tottenham dressed in a crate or just on and the dual of technology and I was like dealing with edge of technology and trying to create things that have been created before the mother's and biohacking in and they i and they have this is uh a bit on a journey through but reality in and try to make essential so the apostles something C so I love and intimacy that you have the so that's
kind of where it stands at the moment of sigh I think the mean is that reality is that this is not just like go having to extend your mind to feel as a your being intimate with something the radius just it's just technology so if you know being interviewed and the like you have to extend your conscience to pretend you are so yes so
actually answered love and intimacy of attracted to before we go in fact we answer but to love and intimacy in reality and going inside each other the so I was under
that we make how reality how we see the out how we're dealing with reality of it is lot to talk about how and maybe we're living in a
simulation right now only as nobody going to map by everyone's right about it and you know that may be over 20 % chance according to Nick Bostrom you must think it's thinks it's almost definite but uh but yeah there's like those things behind the reality that we know the see sensors that we haven't quite discovered yet through discoveries in physics and you're so they decide to create a little bit of biology here and CSE but the and the brain and
Germany that that the brain has evolved to to to to come out that each layer that we have all the as we by the father the brain of the go bigger it laid off and it got we go actually is so this is what we evolved as the
most earliest and as a kind of come up around the frontal lobe so we've we've evolved most recently some according to the tree and brain model in which the a got a lizard brain which is the there was difference of the of of the peak load and then the that the novel brain which like that the limbic system which kind of they came off would sort of uh was OK models and then the human brain which is the most recently evolved part of us cynical cortex
around and so a lot of our very like all those level parts lobbying comes in because that is a brain and and the normal of these things like sex just things we want things of it just wanna a craving we just can't stop going for them only things like opening hopeless grab for these and we we just can't prevent cells from going for them but the weights say unto as a lot of neurotransmitters order going to leave that
these are really good to learn and the more you can learn about yourself the neurotransmitters in your brain around the better I got my DNA test about 23 me and cross-referenced it with a new track and I found out go quite small don't mean receptors which is really useful for the now I know while about my and opening that's why give that come down
south who my friends and I would think that that is the reason they're really good tonight and and look inside to find out what's what happens inside From the wouldn't about opening a certain
specifically so this is the uh the chemical and that alignment for the mean and the character of a certain dopamine's being
the owners of the reward and pleasure part of the brain to light that's that's what you get for reward and pleasure so that some of the whenever you get something you wanted
the against and evening in any ahead comment like most things generally justice hunting don't mean and the from yes asserting the his happiness noradrenalin such a pain in the middle
of so people from forget about on NIH-funded top themselves up with neurotransmitters with alternative therapies and things of the oxidation was that the the love glue everyone loves in that ready keeps together quite literally erase it is it will hunting of text but they mean has such a core part on all of the parts that we hunting for in life ready in open 100 any of that we're trying to stay awake cortisol fuck causal in this I can do is try to get rid of that much we can but with this requirement is to give away from things like that sadness shame disgust and fear to to stay away from the we would be in
and the I don't mean levels of
securing the future but 3 we
that's like uh 150 basal comfort around you and sex gives us 200 so like eating policy is the same pattern how and sex is quite similar to food intended to me so again the same case will hold for this omega petition sex from the ceiling came up says particular male that's getting a statement from then we look at the effects of drugs on the mean release so amphetamine invited 1 thousand 100 which it will look pretty good fuel the mean effective per game
as like 350 the nicotine space same sex as the the dating and you can see how it is very addictive the drugs are kind of the same as that of how we can call the 1 to keep fighting for this like physical don't mean release that we get with a set of every physical that some Seattle chasing that may so the contain this is that is the role of me as I was searching for someone to hinder and always was looking right who just looking at the data link to get that means many well a is
getting this mate but that's not so things always chasing made and that's something a lot of a sentence tasteful if we're not trying to take control of maybe a lower so active limbic system the brain and
so the thing is when you're chasing that the equates to masturbation I believe that is
is your your kind really just kind of both chasing the Dave mean for yourselves rather
than actively really compassionately trying to understand each other's bodies and and get within each of the cycle is from and that mass from the from the just chasing that they've so what 1 of the ways I can start to get
around this letter the modern way if if like you want to get to see your way through this like this expected nasal magical time anyone 3 of these pathways can show you avenues to some other ways of of compassionate sex and deeper
understanding of each other and the recommendations of the class of any of these things if you can never get a chance to
be aware that set of places you can with true breeding and blogs alignments you can move but the 2nd part supporting that they wouldn't it wouldn't go to a and
so here we've got the temperature of the human body in different different emotions from is happens like look like a warm Japan where depression is like a kind of goes down so this is I come to like blood flow and and the temperature of the body alone and it is the way it goes that but and is the subconscious deciding to do this that this happens is your
brain deciding to do this is your is it is you doing that maybe your like point just isn't quite aware of that happened last so I direct and but I say
but there is a a way of directing blood
flow to have the if you really focus and meditate enter into parts of what he listen to her and to make hand become warmer you really have to let focus in medicine can feel your York your hand becomes warmer it's you you focus and it becomes more sensitive on so there's is a like a tumor meditation which is a a of to the Tibet
Tibetan form of meditation and the development section melts now this is not and so on and so what will off and he's quite considering to my meditation cycle dice man and you have him but and they can they can melt snow around them just by meditating staying minus 27 degrees for like an exceedingly long period of time despite keeping the body wall and and pushing out to the outside of the body to to keep the insights
and it is like a event in the subconscious to do so but please if if the people of the
men in Germany goes down to the point where it it goes down south of women like when when sexually excited that is for women it's is often up around the chest and
breasts and around the heart and that that's quite often is 1 of the way that how where the blood and the flowing in in
a sexual excitement and so there's there's a method for doing that which of which are done and I think it's really great a little bit like Earth sector places in magic but that from
molten everything back and forth and meditating with each other and into imagining energy flowing from from the female downwards new males to females that the person on top then he flowing downwards than out through the growing and up through the mail and up and up through the head mentoring bound through the female was quite often this idea of energy coming back in reverse and the speed of light but the male so of giving influence the female and this kind of out of the set sizes and its breathing is it is is really the the the same meaning as those were the you
feel that you don't want to have sex the default couple like this is the like the other side of it really is like come this is like going deeper than coupling is really really getting people and understanding so and you could do this someone you just met in it so they might get to know someone's energy and how I feel and it is kind like that some drugs about the drugs that
equal voted recommend trying out from the things on the relaxing
some that's uh is is is so after orgasm and the data mean so shoots down and production comes in from Neckarstadion for 2 weeks of August and some and function the
shutdown such as I and is 1 of things by abstaining from August sexual quite good the lavishly healthy
predefined so sometimes as points which do every day he taken think sentences to to do that thing is mailed on the emotional pull out and the other lakes of people with was about so of a friend who found she does want oxidation release in the brain so passengers have sex so much he roles of deciding which in way such as for the love she's trying to self to look up the case in which I think is really sad thing like like oxygen linear now in and around each other to love each other is to there after I think go deeper than in the
chair the the US allows that instance but in reality sex acts of love and intimacy and but out the day insight into whether this back to here but now we live in years and unsolvable
tation some having a last name I'm oxidative things like a big a grammar tree in a sense you yourself at home with a connecting pretty things endorsed
in this life but much of the Coulomb
armed to this will lead to things like hollow tender which is going to be really beautiful he ran out of date with someone instantly and then they'll be next you and so that we can have a chat needed takes
Nelson pixel analysis you just keep on thinking through people but you need to get this this feeling of of but I my contacts and seeing that long you are able to speak with each other face-to-face and it's not quite the same as touching each other but this still you can go quite far with that but you know this is not quite so ordinators body communication because that is so important these guys and make it produce and they're like hey how's the guy you know they they just do that like have to do that we don't even
humans were close like him you know that the cats displayed in the body to the body communication which is not doing that much as humans using from the
eyes things like other the test the seats which um there is 200 of 10 more that after
that it's at so and yet it has a system that
is found kind of a haptic body bodysuits which are is potentially is supposed to allow you to feel some each other inside virtuality but if we watch a quick clip and has a lot of the things that not members
of the skip through we to previously any haptic talk yeah
it followership through mn so
immediately when you use it you win
wouldn't put in the field and then I will
say they come back to time this because
the energy from being the well to a a counselor it'll electric field here so they
feel bad videographic it's quite hard fun to get a little pay molecules that's not
how many so that to electric
shock during the USA also that I get
Hough just solved in the heart of
leverage us that we should give me out a
liability where all the food area here that was not you know how the
Fed has this fact just the 1st stage of development started uh and
spirals collaboration for example the big mechanics have hot this logic fodder fuel cell but it was that some
a then it is really work and that's the thing is in the moment is nor do we know about ball with them go to the form it would far with the with
haptic feedback to allow us to come to really communicate with each other as I call it the yard love that's quite so this is a one to the videos but you can interact with each other you through haptic feedback on
the glove that'll give us another way to don't interact on that's is I think I think that is a K there there's it feels that subject is our quite seen by the greedy what's going to happen was to
really feel each other inside virtuality is going to be is that of all trapped text which is on the haptic feedback with with ultrasound
so the way that works is the or some kind of comes up I'm not feeling it so this is using sound and once you have a whole room full of crap like all trapped text that's when maybe haptics will be good enough that we could feel each other inside virtuality when do we get the point it's just not going to happen and I don't that this is gonna be an extension of chirality can do with your mind and you can extend it was imagination but to
read communique and be really genuinely deeply incident with each other through body so that any doctor 6 the and the if a critical and
but I think that the and and at the very beginning of the where this is really interesting and and they
will without doing the links on the news you'll something you know it within the legal agrees with all the release of its very beginning of that we are given the names
of the other group was rude and a
clear and you feel that you need a lot of them no and the cs and some other good
haptic feedback and devices are among the particle particle so packed resonance
and few residents in body and you can actually make you feel certain emotions with resonance inside you as well as so a
makes an organs vibrate using resonance which is really cool stuff syntactic over to Mory's with
this thing we can so that's quite seeking to over change of the notions of stability sound off I think that's kind of that's if you ever have some other thing as
close to where we're going to get that in the center of each other so that you're out of you city conservative a close of things that and there's been uh some revolutions in history Indian of such a revolution and yet which I is the kind of went like that and those the the western
1966 revolution which were kind of still living through on that yeah i it kind of got us to here and now people are kind of struggling to we have polyamorous relationships me she we would be doing the experiment thing we can never relationships divorce rates right down like how we how we deal with things and I think maybe like now that might be a time
of revolution of deeper compassion and I think
with things like and sex magick insects a place I think we're going to be able to get a deeper compassion each other and just learning to body communicate that I think is going to q is everything that we want say at this all behind the fair just try out the risk get of everything you dream of is behind the fair the just divide the curtain yeah certainly looks and In hopefully virtuality will bring us closer together which ensure
that was telecommunication of the that's
everything that did and k directed at a piece could be an which is that we'll see of says it's going to constant thank you
you thank you thank god you that everyone um if there's some sort of question before call it's something you wanna know about tundra maybe it's not the case are they may be and the men's questions some edges wondered if I wanted to know what you think about the opportunity to use body modification in line with the virtual reality and how you can superposed emotions and bodies and but we do know think actually like web Woody modifications to the next
is a biohacking the Crispin cast 9 that is a project which undergoes the new walks insulin to use it this just become
possible to be able to use spliced DNA with adult humans I really love the idea of being blended jellyfish DNA and because of that has been and what will that that sequences that does that until splicing in shouldn't be too difficult to be like that everything about but only by anything that's where body modifications for we can again I think runs of butter reality however we offer beacon everywhere some kind of contact lens rather than having our sort of our phones not computer screens notice together and extensive little
from Thomas to sort of push where where maybe something will him the the way magically brings thank you there's no and mine is
rather comment that a question and I'm just wondering if it can be overwhelming for people to experience that and it's not right for everyone to be so close so intimate I always think of a lot of people can have they don't
realize what it is until experience rows with the missing and I think it's always is with fear that prevents them is always
and that right there there's nothing to lose so I guess it's on is a it that it is less of a it's some you can't find it from like you should DAC is better to go to class and how the body communication given the and that's their meaning the thing is if you have to have sex addressed westbound just communications of the body language but it is a question people are ready
for the technology to protection on for the for the test system for example yeah what it does this is something that is at for the beginner because this kind of Robert and because many of you would help these things to so to get money in funding than actually isn't the spin axis select stealing
3 and it doesn't actually feel like much and that's where I think it's sort of resonance and it should fill myself and so it it should feel like something that you want to touch a feeling anything should feel natural but you think the question is whether people
are ready for being touched in Gujarat which reality I think we're so the stage where we like getting used to all these images i for for for that is chart this so this game where was like 0 basket that's basketball basket was catching the basketball team there was quite an experience if I imagine myself like being in progress the balls that real touching who we would be maybe too
much you know what I mean if you play like Grand Theft also something yeah maybe if you know the gonna like playing a boxing day magical punches yeah a value at about mice experience it would do things you want to touch on like like getting to play with like animals like having a pet dragon get like struck the dragon scales the wall you know that's that like that's what haptics ago will be ready for it
so I think you call 1 of the things
in the hall and
around the