Feel Screenless: Why Artists Use Virtual Reality

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Feel Screenless: Why Artists Use Virtual Reality
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Since the launch of HTC Vive, Oculus Rift or Google Cardboard, Virtual Reality (VR) is widely used in artistic practice. Not only artists working with the digital deal with the new medium, also many artists from other fields e.g. performance of sculpting discover VR as a medium to extend and enhance their artistic ideas.
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the the the the Hades and here he is
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button Cook so thank you so much for
before coming here to introduce a presentation of the it is the use of virtual reality my name is tina solid and my main topics today will be these foreign history of immersion just briefly because you already had a presentation on this the history of the
development of virtual reality and the history of virtual reality in R and then the main point of today's artistic use of the hour to start with the history for marriage and I have to tell you that the margin is not a new thing actually humankind always wasn't interested in this and get it in diving into the other worlds assessed eating into other worlds
also like for example the 2 contemporaries or also Romanesque churches in the Middle Ages which you read if you is the nowadays most of them are have lost all paintings stages stone but usually they wear college of painted like this at a very rare
example in germany at that irrational or then I also the image of the centre perspective and the renaissance like this is a kind
of like example on how people or humankind wanted to become immersed or dive into another world because you if you stand in front of this some influence and some familiar novella you will have the feeling that this there is a space opening up behind some Christ actually and also the painted architecture that will play architecture refers to the real
1 another example which like very much and then of 1 of my favorites
so uh really huge a painting by when user Richerson no planets and it's 12 by 5 meters so obviously when you send a fond of it you can see like decides and you will have the feeling of immersion and she also see clearly how the real architecture relates to the pink 1 so of term bitch to
like nowadays as you can see here it's and I make cinema where people sit in the chairs with the I think pretty glasses on and of watching a movie which is like a very contemporary example of how people wanna become immersed and how to take an illusionary spaces some are created but still there you in your body you see your neighbor if you your seat and you're not alone as you are in virtual reality the history of the development of virtual reality is a history of developing age and is
which serve as a means to fully dive into another world like the 1st ones artist stereoscopes invented pellet photography and the 19th century and here are and you know you have 2 different images of the same image slightly viewed from a different angle with the 2 eyes and then they overlay in your perception and you have the feeling of 3 D
also like the wonderful you must to assess the same idea what
this mysterious called which was used in the the former GDR or nowadays you can use the stereo
granny major of the annual public library and use their images or use your own to create your own Fiji gives was in create and samples to use it to the oscilloscope so
1960 things changed around more than he later created a Telesphere mask of to screens and and so that you can basically view 3 D television so the images began to move and to became three-dimensional in front of your eyes same here to sort of demo
class by Ivan Sutherland had it's a really big thing and and which is because this is the 1st agent India head-mounted display rituals connected to a computer and also an augmented reality display the consequents the school the lenses yeah and over the computer basically all the resources of some technology went into lake in creating the computer so we are a kind of stopped more less some for several years and so we jump to the
agents through the that's not all right it's it's the iPhone and which cost 1400 dollars in in the eighties and was very useful so far cut gaming or sold so there was a virtual reality but of was really really expensive so it was like able to enter the mass market also a
seagull for example wanted to use this headset for the mass market in which just wasn't like related but day just and function was like ready for the mass market they just use such a for occured gaming also yeah and 2 years later
Nintendo and indeed released to the heart of the ah um had said for the mass market that the tender little boy and yet as you can see here the graphics and had a really actually and people uh got nausea from using it so this thing tall they thought the technology false just not ready to to be used in a broader sense as we know it today
but in the history of the virtual reality in art the I also starts in the late in the eighties and nineties and um an example by Jeffrey short 1 of the pioneers some in this field this is interactive art installation and so anointest but the idea of interactivity it was really really important dispute you will see all examples now giveth and interactivity of and I'd also need the virtual
reality was kind of a different poster fully qualitative in the nineties because it also meant that you set and fond of a huge screen which gives you the feeling of immersion and then you could use the work would interact with the word with the joystick warlike here sitting on a bike and I'm running through the city and the other legible city is a city where you can read all kinds of some information about the city of going through and efficient at this for a Manhattan for a construct got and cause for use and we also looked at that k was a founding director of the institute for image science so some holding this is called also Mykhailo and I'm markables can and inventing the consul movie meant that you could do it from right to move to the city basically in the virtual reality if you want so 1 of the big
pioneers in this field you really need to remember her name chart is she was 1 of the few people who really worked with the our headsets in the nineties and it was really really expensive it's also not everyone and could afford it and she was 1 of the few doing this work of small was in 1995 or
also this 1 if the merit in 1998 dealing with the body to perception of the body and of nature in general and
also this thing decay if I use T and use the term virtual reality the cave is an quot automatic but for reality environment that was invented in 1992 when it was basically just a 3 by 3 matrix this projection will also use certain sets cube the with the meters they had projections every round this was called also like which a reality or like it would take medium in Star Trek so they don't let so um and this cave was widely used also in on them for a production design in the automotive industry syllables not of art related thing that also art artist discovered it and like this example by David paper or Jeffrey Shaw also
use them the k for his installations or Peter cooler than Austrian artist usable infrared arsenic 20 kind in support and 1 case and yeah why artists use virtual reality as you can see here
Peter cooler already did like 3 years before for 4 years before he was dealing with the whole space of our architecture can be changed by a giving it a new surface basically here use them system Prince to cover the whole and the whole uh in a room and the out before
that are like after that in the case he could even use moving images covering the space and creating new uh um space where the projections the the um and I will
skip this another IBM insulation about like being surrounded being embarrassed and be able to interact with the people outside in a nearby park and
term yet we could teal and here you see hold verdict you had you had a big screen projection which covered all involved and and the words have been screened there and you could like interactive and that the trust take
here some more visuals of her work beyond answer now which is about as they relate relations between Japan and the US and in the 2nd World war and an internment camp called on some of the and then before all
the technological mentions happened they had also been on the on shows like this 1 in 2010 just to tell you that they are a false there all the time kind of even if he didn't recognize it so much then that's my main point actually today's artistic use of virtual reality and you know all
last year the last 1 and a half years many things happen so the headsets doesn't cost like metals notorious anymore but maybe 100 euros for the wife 740 Oculus 104 the size of the of 1 or you can even go to work and by headset for 5 you wrote that the out box which is even cheaper than the glue code book for 10 euros and in the end I will now introduce a different exhibitions that happened in we are in the past month or it may be years you so this is 6 additional them and um it was made of a created by the pulse Meyer who owns metaphysics the and he programs
the art works for artists who use the are for the 1st time we actually so and he was invited by age to survive to produce shold nausea and last year featuring the these artists here some visuals at peak would unlike i.e. source really nice insulation that you jump between data of different layers and votes no and what
because his holds all it just happened in the idea that the headset that all the time is so that the wife and then you when you start you stand in the middle of lake empty space and with the artist names floating around and you open up and the portals would a different artworks with the with this some movement the few H swipe from controllers then
no there's also we are that the our picture and can use it can be used by all the fuel pump boards at home and is released in the phonetic for example this 1 here the 1st look
artists we are from the new museum and rise and in New York examples of these in February 2000 17 and yeah when you open the applet looks like this and you could choose . work if you wanna see click on it and then downloaded for stream and 1 example is system richer
Austin's some men mask for offers smoke then another big thing
uh when it comes to art and virtual reality is of the Bacillus ecolabels digital Museum of digital art trade show premiered already in December 2015 at transfer Gallery in New York and this is really a museum in all you can know is then a fall of 2 billing you very oculus and then you
can go of doubt that that's the outside you can then them go
inside but the control who move around and then you will go up the stairs to see the um art that a presented then and this museum soaps the oversight for Ultrix presented
for exam be this 1 by according to a set of right who already did work for the new Museum's we are at which you can download an app store or a purely
a heart also for the model for the 1st edition and then the
we have on real this show a room will open 11 May 24th and Dusseldorf at and of W form and to monitor known he created a new space of virtual space for the museum so that
so that space basically so you see the real life going on and then when you enter we left aligned to the top of my floor you put on a headset and from their own you will be able to climb up in this new building which only exists in the hour and then you will see also there are different the
art works like this 1 that he could turn you could achieve what you see and if you
do this so where there and NOW forum from 20 May 20 4th on it will be really us and uh David also holds a the conference on the true at which a reality and yeah now I
want to take a chance to talk about the exhibition IQ rated the unfair growth which a reality as it is the medium for the 21st century so
at home that took place at tech holes of Electronic Arts in Basel this year and future dying only international artists and so all the other we are shows I introduced you to before they all took place basically only where they all took place only in the hour or in the digital
so for this show the other from world I am created a virtual reality exhibition in a physical exhibition space and job which was them the a which was really exciting because of the idea was that the are is a new tool for all of us all the digital reinspection you to us all and we always be true about the real world and virtual world and they just takes slowly merged together so and term many generations Tellilink feel the difference of today you still feel the difference so I decided to show that relates both worlds that they have real expression in real space combined with virtual reality words and both sides of the top which are the interview with each other or the you can see things that you can in real life can do in real life but what the reality or mostly see the other way around so um this is the entrance we showed only of
because I experience I showed the orbits before and I experienced that many people are still it has tend to use it because really have to be active to use the headset and so we ensure the video introducing the ISA technology to and yeah create something that like reading just the people who entered the show and we wanna see the the artworks and try it so about when you enter the space you just walk and you just see this work element this 1st at 1st which is uh you he met of a hand but this time of digitally parts and in real life uh 2 meters by 1 meter 50 and perfectly round shape and colored so to looks like a real hand and so you have the idea of the digital then transferred to the real world and so this hand basically it for me it symbolizes a lot about the exhibition 1st things that you have to do that you really have to be active you know you just can't they look at things you really have to try on uh the glasses and then walk around and look everywhere so it's not like you go to use a museum and there's just a sculpture and what of the uh painting on the ball and we have to be active and 1 special thing about the odds that you don't have an interracial anymore so you you need to you can decide where you go all by yourself when you have a head on you decide I look left and right and look up and it's the same for the show there's no like powerful so when you enter you see the hands and then you have to cite there you go it's your decision and there you see and the book by Rachel rocín and you can see that she paints moon the subset paintings deriving from the patterns she finds in her they go closer surroundings and there's physical version of dissipated the of the patterns these paintings with the and projection honored envy our
you would see in the following thank so you again see the fabric floating around and you're basically trying to grasp it all the time which is not possible so you can do this some senseless occupation and this beautiful surroundings kind of forever if you want to get not back to the hands
diverted by melody will see engine and along here you can grow hands you is like this and like you know that they have in the hands of the colonized by thank you can do and then you can also the life in his life and this is this guy was John von these hands so you also got lots of different associations about like to tell all of the above the is 1 big association I have at least warlike and being connected with each other that individuals being connected in a society like if you have to strain of hands or and for the artists it's mainly about and reproduction actually she compares the human reproduction system to the virtual von where actually not original exists in both and and therefore the idea of uniqueness of strongly uh rule unimportant and all and in both worlds yeah I feed
ocellus accountable here and I will show you the video 1st mean the I mean it would the yeah so as they
used to have the option to and create an of a new way a paltry of of personal when you just pay to portray you will just have 1 view of dispersion per person that of fetal created this lush garden in the yard where you can move around and see different versions of the same person and term as a see this last 1 year this is tortured sculpture than during the ah it's right next to you and it's like this big and folds and it turns around all the time and this of course you can do in In realized life and that's why the
don't by we had in the submission
space this more sculpture despite sculpture of next of his work birth so that you can it definitely see what's the difference between doing Skype be and doing it in we life in also looks great in real life but in are you have so much more possibilities obviously you can be in the same space the floating sculpture without any screen separating you from the sculpture and that's a very and great experience in a great you will efficiency yeah also for
artists and yeah it to just sort of responsible thinkers they created another planet basically which resembles ours but then um Tolley changes and physical laws are not applicable anymore and they
our and and Johnson he's an American artist ceded to Poland for the R and it was really important for him that you have read a feeling of immersion and as you see as you can see use that uses that the hours so could you can download the this file from youtube what should review coupled at home from due to that would just so we also Creek
sequence fucking I thought this the answer in Venice but the kids on a can now she said the sex was so good should marry me and I was range I told her I was she said she met you marry me if I was black structure from behind after that there can be a new talks about really crucial issues of our time or our person alive sex love and gender it's some really great work at some the flavor of seeing it so that's a yeah it's very complex
but not for the people of what you can see here is that she customized is glue couple arts and Pfeiffer pieces because you can actually see you perfect boyfriend the firm and the uh the add-ons were meant to be too physical expression of what you see in the hour so all these devices are made of silicone they heat up the day um vibrate and they also light up and then you could um c and future perfect boyfriend from food we are actually and yeah she it's a very
complex of virtue critic says a lot for example uh online added to the tests in girls magazines teenage girls magazines that tell you how what type of whatever you are or what's the perfect wife and for you and so 1st thing you do is taking this on test answering really at so question as to offend then get you resolve all the
perfect by friend for example the to guy here of 428 so
also relates also between the real and virtual in the virtual world wearing the
glasses you see gathers moving with few around and the people who was it to show that they saw you like sitting on this rotating chairs different call choreographies In the actual exhibition space and yet it's
mocking yeah and again why
artists use some virtual reality so from what even he created in V are like this so knowledge that from the so marking the ones creating art work which was for on but she would cuits in real life so he had it exhibition space that he built like similar cubes but cubes very high and then projected to social media images that you collected on these bit by a projection in the real exhibition space and this is of course really a huge effort to do this to build like big cubes to have lots of project is projecting honored and from ugly we are was the chance to actually trends fair his whole insulation
into we are to have the chance to build even higher cues that you could not build realize to really create descends over um of skyscrapers and um to project much more images from the internet on his own Q so that you can now go both what a different it in the hour at which a projected on the towers and read a few of course again that mentions of them because they don't have this friend anymore then we have this wonderful insulation million in was also here and she'll be on stage in a few minutes but
after me talking about on her work and this 1 I presented then the Basel and Hector and and just briefly I know formed tell throughout so so when you enter the exhibition space of physically sufficient space will find a circle of chairs which is the which are more less empty you just find different devices laying on the chairs and yeah when you enter the
armed you will see um S 7 clone characters of the you know and that fell and talk to you about them the reproduction system we are here today to heal projected evolved reproductive system of the of the situation is catastrophic Bureau from fever himself or a matter of the yes that's all I will say by this and leave a continue in a few minutes yeah the ramp up maybe and the
and why out artists use virtual reality as a sort of the the the wish for emergence of a new thing it's a kind of inherited into humankind but and 50 yards the 1st time actually that you are fully immersed and I know you don't have your body with you yet but this will also change in the next years and yet you have a 360 view will you don't have any frames
anymore which really connects is so much more to the digital world than before and therefore you also have and the different way of Narrating Stories of telling stories it's not like in a similar way you watch 1 perspective on 1 screen it so much more complex known you can do many more interesting things with the R. in art now and then of course is really really important is that your body will be your behavior that you in the are related to the dimensions of the hold space and that makes you feel the dimensions like if few them in the real world to and um therefore as I told you about a flea to and this sculpture floating around turning around you have much more possibilities in and we are then you have viral and I will I'm in the same space as the African debts and they're pretty great and experience yeah and then know what I like them of very much about which reality personally is that this device to use like is that's where the wife Oculus cut it's a usable for many other experiences you can have a new daily life cycle watching uh moon and watching movie is watching porn or have interest tical experiences all kinds of stuff and the can be part of it would be odd can be part of it which means that this kind of art doesn't is not made off from materials you never use the lifelike by painting or model we use the daily life no 1 but these devices you will use in daily life in your living room for many other things and so that's for me personally as a curator of the chance that out can be bank and homes of everyone thank you
thank you thank you to you your I was wondering where we can see all these beautiful and solutions in the future and you get through their their documentation alone I can also give leading so that the i've of museum you could for example download and I myself will be doing a you solve reality it or planning on September 8th at this couple corpuscular in Cologne FIL thank you thank you gave birth
last time what are some of the things that you need