Alternative narratives: Telling stories through open data

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Alternative narratives: Telling stories through open data
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Nowadays, the empowerment of subjects from poor classes necessarily involves access, diffusion and production of information. The narratives built by the hegemonic media and, on the other hand, by the new channels of communication that appear in the global peripheries are proof that the data are in dispute in the world. To whom do data belong? For whom are they more or less available? How to make the data visible to guarantee new narratives that allow the development of communities of rights?
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it would be and on he and
I and for the time being object the the it's
nice to see all of you here and thank you for taking the time to visit our session I'm I'm Denise I'm from the Open Data lab based in Jakarta and I will talk to you I will share experiences of using using photography to make data more understandable for basically regular people mn yeah so let's start with a click rates of hands how many of you have any social media account Facebook Twitter Instagram how many of you have an e-mail you I every with this is the price of that of you know every of almost everyone here obviously has either a social media looks at calendar has an e-mail or uses Google Maps or Serie over 1 of those things and the very fact that you are all in your pool become means that obviously you have data traces data breadcrumbs you have produced data and you are also consumer of data so data is everywhere now the challenge that remains is that from there's this imbalance Alliance was a lot of everyone produces data but not everyone fully understands the
power order influence of data and there's still this disparity were not everyone can make full use of data because of that lack of understanding and that's what we're trying to address today with this session I I'm going to talk about our experiences using
data and particularly Open Data in Indonesia and I'm with the Jakarta lab with open 11 Jakarta would we try to do is we try to make data work for everyone whether they integrated into the work or if the user to empower the communities as I will talk about in a bit or even just to have a better understanding of the surroundings so I'm not sure but how many of you have seen that exhibit just directly outside like between the stage 1 in the networking area also it's so often that some of you have seen it for those of you who haven't yet I highly encourage you to please drop by and take a look at it because that's what I'm going to be talking about it's it's a project that we call data to life life to data it's made of 2 components the 1st is bringing data to life wherein we use photography as a means to and the stories of how data is produced translated and can should whether it's through online platforms are through mobile answer through newspapers and the way we consume data affects how we understand data where there were government officials are regular citizens or something there's that correlation between how we produce it and how we consume it in our
understanding of it the 2nd component is life to data where we show how data represents the reality is that people face every day when we're talking about open data or specifically Open Government Data and you look at it usually you will just numbers and words of text that's unless you're a data analyst 3 have a lot of experience with working with data you will probably struggle to understand me as the designer in is you know a person who works on commission communications I still
struggle to read to you know like the just raw data so I also admitted that harm and what we trying to deal is used photography to actually then make that very data understandable for everyone so you know what could be numbers in the government data could translate to arm clean water sources in a small village in Indonesia and how that all states can also translate to building a small business in Indonesia to manage the trash problem in 1 of the areas there so this project we did it how did we do it it's basically we had for amazing partners who helped us the biggest held that we had was with good Institute and then attacked very local partners because they know the field a lot better and that's super important that you have local partners be empowered and aid organizations and we taught them about through 3 workshops were and we build their skills and data on ethnographies so they have an understanding of the context and in photography in the end we had 78
photos in 5 states stories that here only exhibiting 13 so I'll just give
you 2 quick shots snapshots of what you will see in the exhibit the first one is this photo with this this photo tell you guidance hopefully it tell something about water yes yes they are some and so this was 1 of the products is 1 of the photos that was there and the story behind it the be the story that comes behind it is that I'm there's there's is local organization J. and K. B. I'm very worked with the local government to get access to the data and reading the data they found out that 270 million Indonesian rupiah as that's approximately 2 thousand 500 US dollars were allocated actually I'm for projects that would help resolve water sanitation and access issues water access issues and so they
use this very information to verify whether actual water whether infrastructures for access to clean water were made arm and after verifying that they they looked at the impact of of and some of the things that they find that they found were that from access to clean water led to 1 1 more kids and being able to stay healthy
because they would play around and then they could just clean afterwards and not be as prone to getting sick to that the local women did not have to travel long distances anymore to get water from wells from like wells that were more than 25 meters feet in 3 a very interesting finding was that now that people had clean access to water in their homes they use the public parks less for 3rd toilet businesses can you guys imagine how important that is so 2nd
photo is M again we partnered with the local organization and the story behind that is that they they looked
into our and they looked into the village owing to the enterprises and trying to formulated in my head sorry they looked into the village on enterprises and and solve with the by-products were from there and they saw that during the that there were long discussions about what a village should invest in and what problems need addressing because there was a an actual budget to from invest for possible enterprises that would benefit the community and they found that 1 of the biggest issues that the I'm community had was over production of trash much relatable against for a
lot of other areas of but then they decided to work on a project or a and invest in an enterprise that would solve that and this 1 is called a martyr in you can find more of story outside yet so just
very quickly 1 of the biggest challenges that we found was when you have different
stakeholders 1 government where you have to get data from 2 of them different organizations that your partnering with with different levels in of skills in photography and reading data it's
very very challenging but with the right steps in with a lot of time and with patience if you have
very committed partners if if if your project is very fit for purpose then you can really succeed in it yet so again where the open 11 Jakarta we are based in Jakarta we have mostly
we have most of our projects in Indonesia but we also have it in the Philippines and in other areas and we work with open data and when we try to find solutions to social problems using it and we are kind of a baby organization of the World Wide Web Foundation you can see the exhibit outside
between stage 1 in the networking area you can find out more about us through our website in our Twitter account follow us and now I will hand you over to offering and after that
to get better and
the while the change of the computer but we welcome of really use of from Bogota Colombia and use 1 of the founder of the hackerspace in uh in Colombia which is called hackable and also he is a consultant for for improving the skills of and leveling the ground uh in Colombia when it comes to enabling uh telling the story was later was open data of freedom getting ready the the the and the in the that the the the the so it is really like at really quick talk up for me in 10 minutes in English they cannot so it's fine I will
1st thing for having me here and and for being here I so it is that I will talk about what we are doing we data in Colombia and we're trying to to do these from the same approach that means that we are to to do inactive understanding plane to understand the stuff like doing this stuff so I would like to to tell you about the relationship between artifacts and communities I was don't freeze about a
day the place where this is happening on after about a community but to grab places or a hyperspace that these are physical space and also so user ID the space he's he's also located in the cyberspace has so we have
uh mostly flows freely will pursue software advocates like we have new members of so but but mostly output timers on the up that these self assembled you so no doubt we'll display by by yourself because not any form of organization behind the what gives us a lot of freedom of and we have this practice that is called about the week so I would call about these are that stuff on the the we do some kind of communication between our work to open a hacker solely so water because she's about like learning by doing and by example and the such a hackathon because he's you saw about like intensive prototyping uncommitted beating for me hackable area had at the middle lobe the fashion is 1 like like now with the real had at the start with a bridge between the past and future of a community and so trying to make that thing that the space of and these about 5 so the constructing power so all that's the the uh ignore nor had at we have a lot of different profiles or it is not about like having this big with self is undiscovered that is more about like having a lot of people from different places but I'm so we're point to war capacity-building inside the community and in and being forced to do
so is not about this kind of forgetful hike at the words we do the stuff I again and again and again would we try to change the plot
the form Due to put these kind of capacity inside the but so the next time we do the Hackett they plot the for kind of is more complex problems the where and I replying to the goes through criticality right 1 is between
sort for use on developer we don't believe the size of really by now with a salve files 1 between having these the people the people who holds and the people who go on and the together do need to go to the code we want to create a gold as a common language a wider language with with the that we can create stuff together and if we
have more why the common language and a languages and 1 of them is called in their so we think that the 2 is a model boat and if we have only a hammer the problem with that is that of well what this stuff is that to select the same uh because
that's the way that we model or total order presentations and PowerPoint order right inside are in water but we think that it could be like although only way around so instead of having a single 2 to 4 different produced we try to add that the to so it can be but like working for a particular protein a particular way so we have this kind of very flexible problems that try to adapt to the to the big matrix with at that by to add up to the problem of the CIS after
his example of what we are going there
of is called a piece about like a visualization of what was it doesn't look so much here but is the this looking nice inhabit Bureau wrote that the solution so what we do was try to mop up since all the information we start with the use of of dissociation from the Guardian that this mapping like that of rights for the people how we use that as a more than formal problem about mapping the absence of information for a pair but Yemeni seems so we may some kind of changes there and after that we got these these initiation but the gracile we start with a broad and not with the data and we start to more that 2 modified it to to sweep the problem
um another criticality way that we're playing to others use our
the baby of data last so we think that they base their eyes would block then that would be asking the other 4 away so some big does the scene with the right there speed of light in if grammar not but is the these are factors but most of the database or signed week we get to was to captivate that I would put them out of or thinking of all for thinking of what is data and so all unimportant test of ferocities who becomes the bill for most of the time they polarization boa relationships are that the people with out becomes the date of the border from 1 so that means we usually governments I'm a big corporations would would think that we can reverse these the defeat the beatification process so create that data from the bottom up about what these big companies or entities are going of an 1 example not well other ways that
applied to to make a really simple you impressed group does not this kind of effect blood a really complex now and we're
trying to to criticize the gap between and more data so we try to to create what we call a book in the 1st 2 use that are interested does that work of of online or offline that fit in your pocket and that has what is needed inside them up so we have 2 examples here 1 is about Panama papers what we the was to create a mini side with a visualization and kind of computer environments all is that do have a single place would you can go from date that the queries to call to reach what to look when patients in a single place notebook of what we
have now that this use role data of 100 rows and brochure to just click would have have having this kind of bridge between role data on all the stuff that is going between data and the find of association of rows
of an on we want also to make these people is not is not properly showed here but maybe is that all these artifacts has uploaded history so you can trace what is happening on hold these
visualization and accommodation and inductive stuff was been some and finally we have these a predict that is called the period at the surface
that we're trying to do a show without the without question and so
on which the with paper the about of the farm if someone is making a dialog or a monolog intruders so this is the group this is the amount of tweets it to it's a replace and this is the main wards that history cannot use today and this is the profile that choose replying to and this is they that
repres the provided that he uh the painting so in this kind of association we try to to see them on of dialog and monolog waste booking we told from the point of view of the 1 who is making the tweets I wish that with these and I'll graphic and start to make
some changes and to write the code 4 0 for getting these kind of association and this is the rest will of the end of the hackathon it takes a
week so the and the people start to take their
on that the self is they is to be
tied to it you in in that that to me that that people in power of so politicians and all the foundations I that they thank you and
what so although now we'll go as intuitive as Rivera from President and user working in the field of enabling of from and cultures of young people in formulas also and to that of so and what is a little bit of a rush but I think the next 1 will be and also just in case everybody's here we will just continue with an acceptable so this experience how entrepreneurship is enabling of leveling the crown to form a was digital help also just 6 to ground and takes into and yes the way that thank you you get the the and social over body of undue battle in the in 2012 I went to a region to worker nodes advantages of Velez on Monday in Monday's 1 of the biggest for
favelas in Brazil in our used to work on them because they're scholar lobby working on bringing the diversity to technology production so the uh is important to to localize the favelas here there are more than 700 in what and 1 billion people is to not be such a 22 per cent of population and the Brazilian Institute of statistics consider normally desires like supernormal agglomerate and this is just an illustration of how the official enough achieves about favelas cause prejudice spend distinction the political action in this
spaces are based on the security indispensable presence of the police the political action eliminated the diversity art in human productions for favelas and we need to see this issue from a new party the result of this of
this political practial is genocide against the black in young population that's historically stigmatizing Brazil we are the country where more to using the word in 2012 56 thousand people were murdered of these 30 thousand young people between 15 and 29 years old and of those 77 per cent are black most of homicides are committed to buy firearms in less than a 2 per cent of the cases can be due to 2 the In this
context the opposite of authoritative of there was in now the new we should do to my usual allocation aims to implementing an
agenda of rights to the CD based on a new definition of Islam's extending these the public policies in well this palette is especially since last year I have been working on a project called the data the that is elaboratory located in matter and run by 7 youngsters to develop stories about ourselves through the Open Data and start tools bring it to the men discussion
visibility identity and participation I bring here for you some
examples of our work just to illustrate his Uppal trait off the 1 who dies in prayer pregnant pregnant and pulse pregnant in this state of futures in New between 2009 and 2013 they a young black along with occasional level who discovered dead and wrote dead and decided that is the 1 like that in that's makes difference another
fellow try to use data about transgender producer by the President will remain and he discovered that they produce the Sara data and we need to see this population resume on the end of last
year we met collectives newspapers blogs that make recalled communitarian communication and omeprazole open and collaborative exploring the
concept of citizen gender data to data a we are developing a predicted that user what's up number 2 Budin you database about sanitation in the city and we discovered today uh sustainable development Development Goals and this is the reason of this is small squares there and we think we have an important hold on diet into we do not want to be left behind well we
don't have many certainties but questions like how to promote collaboration how to think and promote public policies that of Aurora how to encourage inter-batch works how to influence on that as the jeez and more how to
sustain ourselves I'm open to the can with you think you will
few having having having whenever a little a few minutes if you want to as something for us make some commentaries I think we have some little minutes with no but thank
you what and any questions the all because there's so many worlds and this so the Republic up to put it in but I think you old history and all is difficult to develop 1 question to to all the 3 of you scientists found this for the last part of the houses in brazil when you will work with so fish school players and was was was a community of users any because it's still very good grassroot or is there because it warehouses becoming a structure is there help from some official part already or is this the very heart the heart fight no I don't think so I think there's a so there's some difficulties to to come inside and work with people but I think when you are open to their to know we work with many angels and many of many growth roots groups and qualities and there's like a said that many of the qualities many groups
organizing for those that are open tool to work open to to to to exchange with other parts of the city so I don't think that's not on a challenge know I think it's a nature of being a thing that's happened when you work every day working with and and and discussing and exchanging with the people what
the and now I'm and custom under from that incident account and just want to share that the verdict that Denny's was talking about about the of the exhibition was actually born here because we met has said it will become important kind of it's a very big big
city something that he had a be 2 years ago and we decided we have to do something together and then we did this and other predators as well and the next 1 is already in the making so it will be can condensed change lights and does bring projects to life in Europe because they're
they're the ones that I cried thing right