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What´s love (got to do with this)? - Fireside Chat about #LOL instead of hating in

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Paolo complement and how are you doing today I'm doing great has everyone during the last nite
we danced who is your last nite pattern plan at BAE it against so blue we Indians tonight it was so much fun Sunderland rate that's great through here because I didn't know how will Clementine here and see if they graduated from Yale in 2014 actually is a member of the board of directors are
women from women International she is um social entrepreneur and activism human rights activists are contained you last and rural wonder at a young age and you went to add to the United States can you please briefly tell us about your journey from row 1 to the United States for those allows with 0 no you very well the this
right there on the fly have because I was born in Roland in my home at least I feel like I my mother in a way she prepared us to be lost in a world where the world was very and kind of but to be attracted to people who share hand and so our journey after the conflict in Rwanda in 1994 I was with my older sister and she is 1 of the most incredible humanity as we find on this earth found that we walked like millions of i their wondered who fled our we ended up in now refugee camp but in Burundi and from Burundi went to another effort to camp I went missus again there to another country from that country a yearly Congo we hear leader were started with packed up all we had a link to a refugee camp in Tanzania in Tanzania a it was no life that anyone should ever lived Clara said let's get up and go we left tariff to camp went to Malawi in Malawi and the refugee camp was 5 different nation in 1 place of Africa could go to names but my sister said he again for 3 months and no 1 supposed to live like this so we left we went to Mozambique and Mozambique said
Africa and when we're back up and then came to united states that went to named
seeds as on on the with the refugee agency our ended the new the new basis for the past 16 years now wow that is a very long
journey so how did it change you going from having so little tool tool having at your basic needs that met in the United States having shelter having full having security having opportunities habitat that changes maybe I should go back with and we
go back a little bit by saying in my home of in a row wonder everyone was welcome and this is how we will all welcome address some chocolate how to share with you here is that if you have to
everybody's i have a box here if you
like them later as well on it's the you know my mom taught me this that to really go no limit right now what is no area of the
money has really delicious very
creamy so I now I want to this very binary a little
bit later on 1 assaulted him so it is really guided this really delicious so that I might have that
do you want to get for their well then you could have so sharing with you yes some sharing with you if you was an orange out
public I and give you peace led my mom taught me that life it's it's a life when shared because they're all this different levels of being able to experience life and and a living in refugee camps in not having food being on the street not having a whole lot being in a country where you now wanted it tastes so better need truly T so bitter any it hurts it's not as free as this chocolate come but there are few people you meet a hole in it give you this Sweden and an end and if you call that love and now I will call the love then now as we're sitting here but so we did having my home and having be a place where I learn how to share with others and then having was 6 years in 8 different countries being a person who's now wanted a person's now valued a person who's invisible and finally getting to 9 states and then feeling also that I can be visible at the invisible if I allow myself to be him in a single and I could be unwanted and except that story and so the new United States having the resources that I've had you do the education or water food are shelter I take a step back a modest taste good think taking a shower this morning I took shower for 15 minutes and was so good and like always not 1 anyone to have that right to seek a nice shower so is to say that my journey our journey osmosis deny it was a journey to learn about how we feels to lose it all to have it all and in the choices you make after you've had has very powerful so that is your
definition of love not having it and then you having its any cases of great yes any changes you know exactly and and I think that we are all
feelings where nothing but feelings and our sensory experience with to sound and through through touch that's when were able to connect to humans right beyond our skin color beyond the categories that we're in and and so if I was a love loving myself is the in itself is destructive and while minus
disruption to an ideology of how I'm supposed to be loving myself he it and maybe even
goal of that in my country Rwanda will believed in the story of Tutsi Hutu and Antoine right these people and these people and these people and we believe this so much in this story of course was later glossed over and punched and made really nicely in terms of these people had this resource and these people don't have resources and therefore that's the story the living in 1 group of people or decide to kill the other group of people but in on context that our bodies our way of being was a part of like either you hate yourself or you really love yourself and yeah that isn't that is political and that's not political and for my mother to be able to teach us how to love ourselves by sharing there was nothing that we could not overcome the end
now as an adult looking back the life that i've lived in the people
that love to me UK walk and sing this chair and being such a deep gratitude and so again when you if you wanna talk about love and sharing it's bowls both loving yourself loving the body they use it as a human loving whatever you have but it's not only used to keep 0 2 front but is to share so for me being able to stand up conflict with confidence and around other 1 that like look I'm really confident my own body and not scared because of that story of how I'm not supposed to be comfortable in my body will be comfortable in my skin color so love and acceptance go
together you have to accept yourself and you have to be able to belong to feel like you belong in order for you to be able to love Is there a
connection there there is a connection and and I hope of making sense on even though we were refugees for 12 years wondering from 1 country to another and in units is for 6 years there was no old story in our head that we do not belong to them like because we believe will belong in this earth make when are from mars like good births like all of us in this room and and so clear my sister anytime we walked into situation such as of 3rd refugee camp in Tanzania it was actually a prison and it is rounded up as many people as they can and put us all over and we now have water we do not have food it was no bathroom and they're expecting for us to live like that 1 at my sister was later hell also know that would a the
truck I ever on OK killer this
situation like this is not a loving out all this is not sharing at all I know there's a bathrooms out there there's a rule that there there's where there neural where out of here right in my sister sold everything she has she sold jewelry shoes sold close using less get the heck out of here and is just such another like because of her saying do long and then when I see others not belonging all being treated as if they don't belong in the except not belonging so I am going to challenge them by being out of the air and rain and so late we left everything and got out of the car and so when you say acceptance like we accept yourself it's you accepting beyond the story in the categories that was supposed to be in as a human right like we are human well all breast and there are all these ideology that we're so different from each other because of i gender because of a race because their nationality because of but all these dividends you believe and we sit and and we make money off of and we go in prison for and so acceptance of yourself as a human 8 Morse revolutionary but I believe the reacceptance 1 has to truly see themselves love themselves as well share which 1 everything that happens this
now in the now when are you with your concept of love because I know that you do we allow war with other high refugees your extending your love so can you tell us a little bit about about that I'll give you a great
example so in the past week I was in either others in 4 different city are speaking and and I was so like with them I wouldn't would we organization that I was working with I sent to me in the middle of nowhere and it where young people are not going to get as much attention all someone to tell them how life it it's a majority of people are people who have no wolf were seeking refuge in Ely from Molly from Senegal from our Syria from on Afghanistan from out a Burma and and there was this moment where I spoke to arm a bunch of 4th graders and it is fourth-graders we we sat and I told them this fairy tale and or like that's not a real others like it is real it's real estate and then 1 of them got up and said you speaking like a 3 all them like yes and the 3 old and MIT you should try to be 3 old any magic just imagine me if I smiled the will appear everywhere and you see them in these like no 1 like if you look hard to see them and for me a love the I lose my love for humans and love for myself is being able to transport myself beyond that constructed human ideas you know being able to get these kids whose parents being traumatized by war and taken to a place where when they what they can lift an ocean with their hands and they have right it's is being able to go in there and said I understand where Europeans are coming from had been traumatized by other humans but for your mind we are going to smiled walls the fall from the sky and available to this ocean it wouldn't take gap in the cockpit in that would dance with mermaids
there some for me love that is it can be formed to anything that is kinder
and gentle and saw to mind based in so traumatized well this is a very
powerful we are all we have to have allow the audience to interact with us that had 1 more question how long did it take you to go from to going to that place to reach that place of love within you can be able to extend it well if it's like a gradual thing
that well maybe I might turn the question to you because yesterday she had something that was so powerful about you ancestors and those who came before you and I feel like we share that and so if you would you mind sharing that with us to come I
think if I can recall correctly that yesterday I said that some of the choices that I make I have I always think back to what of my ancestors think about me is that to me is very powerful because I am not here on my own I came from somewhere so I always think that if and when I do that is what keeps me in line with the be proud of me and my leaving something behind so this is what I that and any within that it was a
shared is something so beautiful that made me realize when I was walking around a to the training just walked around and listen and observed and I realized how many other entities into the how many other Germans parents of women and men would have created a space for odds for the 2 of us to sit on the stage and there and then going back that we are all of our ancestors appearances wildest dream of sitting together here's a human 18 In a curiosity in conversation in peace so now I have to cut you because we want to take
up the from the audience arms anybody that has any questions for Clementine trees that for us was to and functions you can come to them all our we will discontinue talking no question I think everybody it's it's it's this listening and taking in what would talking about my
correct y you there boys yet OK it also I think we have a question so news BN and that I I hear you about helping create alternate realities for youth and young people to be able to dream and to have some beauty in their lives and and I I I I
work with and some of these types of and at times a lot of the organization seemed to be very interested in supporting their intellectual and their physical health and well-being but they don't really consider the emotional landscape so much and as all torn between thinking that these programs that we can do so to work on the measures of aspect so far I had a friend come from and we did this mural project and my kids they got a chance to dream for a little bit and they express themselves onto this wall
in a public space and it was that support this particle the diffuse collective I encourage you to come up through the
core and and then when when they left which went back to india and I was left alone with these kids some of them came up to me later and you know in the moment of such a beautiful experience and I could see the bonding happening when when they left their like justified in with the we get out of this mainly I so like I don't know man I don't know and so how do you feel about that
1 when you think about like the beauty that can bring into a
life that is temporary and the long-term consequences of the physical and financial and just you know the other aspects will be yes think you so much for asking
about question and I do both at the imagining what Alice and also just distinct reality like you gotta have bills to pay and you have you know things to do but I believe that with your imagination true you imagination intact in you feelings absolutely clear there's nothing that can scare you in terms of finding new jobs and at example I I never worked in at tech company I know and you know anything about technology in area that Google was hiring and and on that they've your understand I'm also they to select set off the wall and so I have high I sigh and they like all marketing and sales and like OK however who well enough rate and the next 2 stages dreamy humbling to walk around that campus I went on what a bunch of videos and I imagine is just to me to me to admit I was parameter and the right by the time we get an interview the last interview was a if you were at a vegetable what vegetable you be like of course subject the made all all that that atom is a vegetable and if we could put away every you want that's the reason that I immediately my imagination had was able to allow me to access 3 different places want to imagine myself and allocation and at Google in Mountain View in California it was able to give me to think beyond what how I'm supposed to be there and so then I became a tomato on a could be a tomato that could be a food vegetable and in 3rd the confidence that imagination gives you it's absolutely and analysts and so yes the reality in terms of like paying rent doing all these things it's real it's absolutely real but if we imagine what asking the how we can be imagination is the door to the gate is the digits 1 open and you know that the story story we tell ourselves that stories that others tell of how are we supposed to be if is not positive and I think that's very very powerful because if we
imagine then our reality can be different this is the door that we want to happen if you want to be anything you 1st imagine i want to fly I want to do this I want to reach this height at 1st
starts with your brain exactly with from where you can go in there and then from there you said that goal and that is when you reach exactly I mean you all
storytellers in our own the given rights and through storytelling need a few telling a story through beat through on telling a story too bad colors telling stories to taste which ever way he tells stories to be of Hmong humans if you truly love yourself in love that story like yeah they it's not even it's not even 1 plus 1 equals 2 is displayed at infinity so absolutely infinity we are infinity humans we are infinity beings and through our imagination and I would and I know running out of time so it is with a few with the 2 that influences that have recently won a is lost the reaction 1 is Audrey Lord I Lord on and I was going to project to seek to have it but she was phenomenal she's surpasses over time when I read her few like I'm leaving a thousand from now where our race as a human is just so easy she makes it so easy by appointing nothing there so hard to be human and then 2nd person octave Butler it's if you are all about science fiction she is like she she is living in a time of AI walking around sitting right next to us having a conversation with a sharing the you know she is she's she's taken us over there any problem you don't know them because they were African-American black women and no 1 wanted to publish their ideas you wanted to publish the story and in the 3rd person is Hank Thomas Willis who areas at a Hank Willis Thomas who is taking all and then here there's on a minimal really quickly so you could see it but this is my story at
very fast on and is able to walk on ice into place of an they're able to welcome us into a place of so I do the word business odds and you lowered Thomas Willis and not productive yeah about the but also to the strive you were were linked to real people on yeah
and I'll say this as a conclusion and and please note that this is coming from a place of love and kindness I believe that the West the Middle East this out whatever it's so crucial to learn from the Africans and to learn from our imagination and our way of creating and it's such beautiful invitation because there's so much wealth of what world can be because of so much suffering throughout the centuries and centuries of suffering why has come out of suffering it's so crucial to our humanity moving forward will thank you very much and for everything in thinking for allowing as to
listen I was supposed to interview but you get grace us with everything you said since I'm bloody made out you made my job easier so thank you very much and thank you for teaching us how to love allowed in reminding us of the importance of love I think we have come to the end of our sections so thank you
very much for morale function the
here and now I have a better half of the the
so what are the kind of thing that you
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Titel What´s love (got to do with this)? - Fireside Chat about #LOL instead of hating in
Serientitel re:publica 2017
Autor Wamariya, Clemantine
Mach, Achol Jok
Lizenz CC-Namensnennung - Weitergabe unter gleichen Bedingungen 3.0 Deutschland:
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DOI 10.5446/33081
Herausgeber re:publica
Erscheinungsjahr 2017
Sprache Englisch

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Fachgebiet Informatik
Abstract Clemantine Wamarya and Mugethi Githau are honoring this year´s theme "Loving out Loud" by defining what love might be in respect for oneself, for community, for country and for the world; discussing the importance of being aware of what is in our way of loving outloud as opposed to hating in silence, rooted in their personal lived experience.

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