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Notes from an Emergency

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so it is true that the if you will I don't
know that and the but
thank you so firmly the good part about naming a talk in 2017 notes from an emergency that gives you a lot of latitude and I
want to talk about the but obviously the emergency element discusses the rise of this vigorous ethnic nationalism that is making really skillful use of Internet tools that we thought we were developing to promote democracy and freedom instead of being used against us us depending on where you live this may not be any sort of news to you but in the United
States are moment of shocking last November with the election of Donald Trump about the final outcome of that election was actually that Clinton got
almost 3 million more votes but because of low blood in the operating system of our democracy 1 of the long shadows that slavery cast of American history of the Electoral College went to trump and so however reluctantly elected user president I and our crisis unfortunately is your crazy not just because America is a superpower and not just because the phenomenon that Trump represents seems to be broader than just the United States and then is extended to Europe but because the
Internet that you depend on is an American Internet which is a weird outcome so Facebook is the social network for Europe it has 349 million monthly active users here Google has something like a 94 per cent
market share in Germany the services of Europe are littered with the bodies of dead and dying social networks that tried to compete and failed the the few ones that still left breathing like axing are being slowly finished off by companies like linked in so when you're online life you were completely dependent on companies that are headquartered in the United States and so in charge in America in America has all of your data In fact it significantly worse for you than it is for someone like me a US citizen who lives mostly in America of because at least in the United States we enjoy semblance of legal protection against arbitrary surveillance by our own government I know that the NSA is seen as the bad guy but they're kind of like lossily evil bad guy they have to follow the rules and the procedures and some of those procedures involve secret courts and warrants and things that protects US persons as the lot that's it but do not protect you at all so everyone in Europe is completely and kind of hopelessly exposed and I think this is an astonishing result I can imagine a world where Europe would let itself habits cheese market diary dominated by the United States for example for everybody in Germany was drinking cause later some other shitty American beer and you know without examples like Airbus where Boeing was becoming a dominant manufacturer airplanes and Europe collectively decided that we have to have a competitor and so they funded with great American complaining of viable competitor now you make aircraft to an end and have your own your airplanes we even have farms in western Europe even the from an
economic point of view it's not the optimal use of the 1st world economy but we know that farms are much more than just economics it's something to do with national identity it preserves a landscape preserves national security
and food security and it gives us a shared sense of who we are the but when it comes to the Internet you're basically did nothing didn't put up a fight it to
see the ground entirely to American companies and now we're confronting a crisis over which we have really very little leverage the status quo in May of 2017 looks kind of like this there are 5 Internet companies Apple Google Microsoft Amazon and Facebook together they have a market capitalization is just short of 3 trillion dollars Bruce Schneier's call this arrangement the feudal internet part of it is due to the network effects that make growing very beneficial but a lot of it is driven by the problem of security if you wanna work online with any measure of convenience and safety you have to choose a feudal lord who is big enough to protect the and these 5 companies competing coexist in complicated ways so Apple and Google have a duopoly and smartphone operating systems and rate 82 per cent of
market iPhone 18 % I Google and Facebook have a duopoly in online advertising half of that revenue in that lucrative industry goes to them and it's growing in total at about 16 per cent a
year all of that growth is being captured by Google and Facebook to the very quickly pushing everybody else out of online advertising Apple and Microsoft have a duopoly in desktop operating systems breaks down something like 9 to 1 in favor of Windows other also I think 3 people who use desktop Linux and they're probably in this room today the of 3 companies Amazon Microsoft and Google dominate cloud computing Amazon Web Services has 57 % adoption Agirre has 34 and Google 15 and outside of China and Russia Facebook and LinkedIn are the only social networks at scale Lincoln is survived by selling itself to Microsoft outside of Russia and China who will is the world search engine so that's estate of the feudal Internet leaving aside the court jester Twitter which occupies a strange kind of niche role as a chat room for the internet Google in particular has come close to realizing a nightmare
scenario we had in 1998 that a vertically integrated Internet would be controlled by a single monopoly player who will runs its
own physical network that builds phone handsets develops a laptop in a phone operating system it makes the world's most widely used web browser that runs a private domain name services is a PKI certificate
authority it is photographed nearly all of the public spaces on the planet and it handles much of the world the but because it is run by more sympathetic founders and Bill Gates and because it builds better softer than early Microsoft was and because it's build up a lot of social capital around that early don't be evil motto which had been in the past it has a nice smooth out here and and and I'm sure they're friendly the some it is an open question whether it is even possible to keep large data collections secure over time right now it looks like the answer might be no but if defensive scale as possible at all clearly the only way to do it is but pouring millions and millions of dollars in the hiring the best people to form security teams to defend it data breaches at the highest levels have shown is that the
threats are real and ongoing and for every breach that we know about have heard about in the press there are many that we're only going to hear about years from now but a successful defense against these threats also
increases the risk if you pile up enough treasure behind the wall then know eventually attract somebody who is good enough to climb those walls and get added the feudal system makes the and more brittle because it make sure that when a breach finally happens the results will be disastrous each of these companies with the important exception of Apple has made aggressive uses surveillance central to the business model and this is the dilemma of the feudal infinite as well we go to these protected because they can offer is more security but their business model is to make us more vulnerable by getting us to surrender more of the details of our lives to the servers and a put more faith in the algorithms that that they train and that then trainers and return to behave in certain ways these algorithms work really well and despite attempts to convince us otherwise it's clear that they were just as well in politics as they do in comments and so in our eagerness to find protection online we found that this dual
internet is changing our offline world these very unanticipated an unwelcome and scary ways the big 5 companies
operate on a global scale and partly because they created the industries that they now dominate the enjoy very lax regulatory scheme everywhere outside the United States and the European Union their immune to government oversight
even within United States over the last 2 administrations the government's tried to play with a very light touch to not over regulate the internet so in practice it's only the European Union that has had substantive meaningful regulation of surveillance capitalist thanks to the size and their reach the companies have become really adapted stonewalling governments innovating attempts at regulation and
oversight In many cases the evasions kind of noble you know 1 block reign of Poland to build a subpoena Facebook and find out who organize the political protest of but in other
cases it's kind of self-serving and mover is the poster child of that kind of misbehavior words made a sport of evading regulatory authority simply by moving fast enough to outpace the legislative process the lesson that these companies
have drawn is that they should only be accountable to themselves that they can handle it and that they are the best and the brightest the software and algorithms affect the lives of billions of people decisions about how the software works are not under any kind of democratic control right now In the best case the being made by idealistic people in Palo Alto with imperfect knowledge of lies in a faraway exotic place like Germany In the worst case there simply fed into some black-box training algorithm and nobody knows how they work or cares what the the train them this is a really colonial mentality In fact it so we fight the American Revolution over people in a faraway country across the planet making decisions about our lives and without accountability in without input from us and not knowing what the specific conditions of life for like now returning the favor to Europe Facebook for example has 1 manager in all of Germany to deal with German publishers the entire publishing industry here is at the mercy of whoever this person is I'm sure they're very bright I hope they're not in
their twenties maybe they're in their thirties but they make the college had entirely dismantled the
publishing industry in Germany and the rebuilding around phase Denmark has gone so far as to
actually have an ambassador to the giant tech companies which sounds really weird and creepy but it's actually a pragmatic acknowledgment of the balance of power so 1 question and a rhetorical trick I like to do is say we about all sorts of groups nominal put myself in we as EU citizens since I have dual citizenship 1 question speaking the new system is how did we let this happen we used a matter we used to be a contender we used to colonize other people we used to call the shots Star Wars stop words but now some dopey kid in Palo Alto gets to decide the political future of the European Union based on some coding bootcamp that they want to this doesn't seem
right the lack of accountability isn't as troubling from a moral perspective but it's also dangerousness political climate where there's a backlash against globalization all around there's nothing
that represents globalization better than these and of the nation with tech companies the rule above of any sort of of national system of regulation in China and Russia have shown as to the Internet doesn't have to be a World Wide Web that it can be subverted in appropriated by the state so by creating a political tool kit for authoritarian movements those global companies to be signing their own death form given this this
scary state of the world with ecological collapse waiting for us on the 1 hand and a population is sharpening its figurative pitchforks on the other an important question is houses globalizing unaccountable tech industry seeing its own mission what is the
what where they think it's going where is spending all of this money was the plan and the honest answer I have for you today is rocket ships and in mortality that
is a two-pronged plan of Silicon Valley the best minds in Silicon Valley are preoccupied with science fiction future that
they consider their manifest destiny to build Jeff Bezos inulin must be a racing each other the models must get most of the present this is now selling 1 billion dollars a year in Amazon stock to fund Blue Origin his his space company
investors over the last 5 years have put over a billion dollars into space ventures as part of a push to export our problems from earth out into the broader solar system where they will presumably be
easier to solve as happy as I am to see you 1 must inject those fired into space I'm not sure that it's worth the price of a plane our cohort of Tech Founders is starting to feel the chill breast of mortality as they drift in the middle age and so part of what is driving this push the space is a more broad concerned with what they call existential risks must things that we may be living in a simulation is in fact quite convinced that he's hired to people to hack into it which if you believe it honestly is a really really rude thing to do because I am using simulation you are as well as someone Segfault at were all done so if you believe this please don't hire hackers to try to break it but he believes that and he's done so for reasons that remain opaque to me here till unfortunately imported from here in Germany has built a survival bunker for himself and close friends in New Zealand open a i which is a religion religious cult
disguised as a research institution has received a billion dollars in funding to forestall the coming robot rebellion but of course the biggest existential risk is deaths and a lot of money is going to make sure that our big idea men don't expire before the world has had the full measure of the genius Google Ventures started the very secretive Life life-extension started calico which had 1 billion dollars to begin with and Google is now losing 4 billion dollars a year on so-called moon shots which include all the life expansion projects the employer Ray Kurzweil who I honestly believe that we're still on track for singularity and therefore in mortality by the year 2045 Larry Ellison is but 350 million dollars to tent aging research as if the world needed an immortal Larry Ellison people are very eager to make that are not that experience now I'm no fan of that I wanna be very clear I don't like the time commitment at all like the permanence and number of people I love very dearly are dead and has strained our
relationship but at the same time I'm not convinced that a civilization that is struggling to cure male pattern baldness is capable of taking on the grim reaper and ever going to worry
about these existential risks I propose that we address the 2 existential risks that already exist and we know for a fact a real which are global nuclear war and climate change but these really difficult problem of mass the tech
culture perverse depict more difficult abstract problems that haven't been solely by any sort of
contact with reality so they worry about how to give Mars like climate rather than how to give birth and nurse like client they debate how to make it a morally benevolent God like artificial intelligence rather than figuring out how to put ethical guardrails around the real artificial intelligence to the already deploying across the world by industry enjoys tearing down flawed institutions but it refuses to bow working demanding that the runaway apparatus of surveillance and social control is making them a fortune but in the process of destroying everything around it and all I can think about is the cool toys it'll spend their money on the message is not getting through Silicon Valley the same message that you heard from your mother over and over again you don't get to play with new toys and so you clean up the mess you've already made but the circumstances that that given the tech industry all this power are not going to last long there is a limited time in which the small gas detectors who hold power will have the latitude to make decisions that shaped the world and by wasting the talents and the energies of some of the smartest people on fantasy role-playing were seeking the ground to a more practical group of successes some truly scary people who will put their inventions to use in a ruthless and much more practical
manner so to recaps the internet has centralized into a very few hands we have an extremely lucrative apparatus of social control and is being run by chuckle heads and the American government is also being run by chucklehead the
question everybody is worried about the 64 million dollar question what happens when you put these 2 chocolates together for many Americans the election was a moment of profound shock it wasn't just the policies of Donald Trump but it was the person of Donald Trump is deeply irresponsible obscene human beings was being handed power that he could never hope to responsibly exercise but there is no change of course when this happened either Facebook or Google that an emergency staff meeting but is only to placate concerned employees that work there no 1 in the press or at these 2 companies had the courage to say honestly we really focus on after the election both Facebook and Google looked at amount of data collected they looked at the threats of the Trump administration posed those making its threats to deport 11 million undocumented immigrants and it said R I we can handle this the people who did care which have workers for a moment we saw this gap of political daylight between the hundreds of thousands of people who work in the tech sector and a small group of billion to run while the latter filed in this famously opera meeting with Trump up in his golden tower at a table with his children wearing necktie's that they had found in draws it clearly had warned since their school days of workers began organizing and the 1st thing organized around with a simple but very effective place they simply would refuse to work on anything like a Muslim registry this is a small gesture in the grand scheme but it represented the 1st collective action by tech workers around a political agenda that I remember that was outside of
just the text here and was also the 1st time I can remember where tech workers organizing against the wishes of the management a
forced of new organizations from around this time I started 1 myself Caltech solidarity so I started traveling around the country in holding meetings of tech workers in big cities I had no idea what I was doing other than that there was this window of time in which is important for us to act and we had to do something and that feeling of momentum continued went from took office the women's march brought 5 million people out on the streets America is not a place for you often see mass street protests but this was exceptional in any sort things including 3 generations of women grandmothers mothers and daughters are marching and enhance the same thing using extraordinary moving and hot on the heels of this came the travel ban this executive order that was astonishing not just his cruelty families display part of the airport in 1 case a nursing baby was physically pulled from its mother like in a bad Dickensian melodrama for a weaker 2 lawyers were camped out at airports they're working frantically sleeping little with the spontaneous effort to bring those lawyers supplies to get them funding to do anything we could to help we had a rally in San Francisco that raise 30 thousand dollars from a room of just over 100 people your organization's you're raising the many for could even send a representative there were so busy trying to fight the legal fight but it didn't matter the tech companies is little they could do it again did as little as they possibly could in this period but to placate their employees this but for example has a special safety checks feature if there's something going on in you worried about someone's well-being they can go on to Facebook among the features activated it can say I'm alright but they chose not to turn this on at airports you know people waiting for hours to find out if people have them Let through immigration and the promise what they could to do to help with their own affected workers
but that was about the extent of it employs however were electrified it looked like not only visitors with permanent residents the United States were going be barred from living there Google employs of all
people staged a walkout they had the support of the management facebook of course competing with Google not wanting to be left behind decided to hold its own walkout out but they turned into a town hall meeting in an should was confidential so that no 1 can hear about it but they had their own unsecured protest by and immediately you saw effects as soon as there is the slightest pressure on management management relented Google released official statements of box soccer repentant explicetly will the letter about how he was just so sad that things had gotten as bad as they were people even briefly got mad at you I must is normally darling the tech industry for its failure to resign from the President's Advisory Council and the guy Travis colonic who's not
the world's greatest human being to resign from and under pressure and then after that and
not much happened the tech workforce had gotten a taste of its own power its smallest efforts of collective action had resulted in immediate success and so they just went back
to work the worst of Trump's travel ban was blocked by the courts and we moved on the initial shock a kind of gone away in this American discomfort with prolonged in open disagreement kicked
in when I started trying to organize people in November my theory was the tech workers were the only way to apply leverage against the Giants my reasoning went like this the large tech companies are not susceptible to public pressure like I said the monopolies they control the outlets that the price has to their readers a Google and Facebook shares of structured in such a way that the Founders will always have the controlling vote you can't boycott them is united in their customer the only people left are the tech workers the expensive to higher they take a long time to train they have a lot of
options in their culturally cohesive so if you start losing your tech workers you're in serious trouble as a tech company unfortunately trade unions in the United States are under siege and are not as powerful forces they are in Europe there's no
union culture and technology I held a maybe rally in San Francisco and we got 13 people to come out in total 1 woman e-mailed me later explaining that next time I should hold on a weekend because then would be easier to take the time off of work but we're trying we're trying some here to ask for your help what I think we need to do is
connect the tech industry back to reality in a way it hasn't been connected when
communism collapsed in Poland in 1989 has started visiting the country again every 8 months or so and even the darkest period of the 19 nineties it was striking to me to see how the overall standard of living was going up suddenly people in cars and phones and appliances the gains were even but they were broad even farmers and retirees who were the hardest people hit finally had access to consumer products that had never been available before and for all the looting corruption and inefficiency enough of the new wealth got through the broad standard of living rose and 1 up 2 . 2 times from 1990 to 2010 I'm sure you saw something similar happening in East Germany the cost a lot of money but it worked In the same time
period in the United States I've seen a whole lot of nothing despite fabulous technical progress practically all of it pioneered in our country there's been a singular failure to bring this prosperity the average person a study just that shows that for the
median male worker in the United States the highest lifetime wages came if you enter the workforce in 1967 which is astonishing people born in 1942 at higher total lifetime earnings and someone who's entering the workforce today as the median male worker and you can see this with your own eyes if you ever visit Silicon Valley is a homeless encampment literally across the street from the Facebook headquarters California a larger GDP than France at the same time it has the highest poverty rate in America when adjusted for cost of living and the reason the cost of living is high in California is the tech industry has just failed to help raise the standards and communities that it actually made it too expensive for people who grew up there to continue to live in their own home state the people who run Silicon Valley the identify with progressive values are not bad people we worry about these problems just like we do and they wanna help so why is this failure to connect the there's is a great line by the poet T. S. Eliot the between the idea and the reality between the motion in the act follows the shadow 1 reason nothing happens plainly just of culture of tax evasion there's a spoke belief in American business that
if you pay your taxes do not performing a fiduciary duty to shareholders and a your in be fired CTO Apple now has a quarter trillion
dollars offshore that refuses to put into direct productive use use in California in the United States Apple will sell you a
book that is called designed by Apple in California it shows every Apple product we cost 300 dollars but Apple flights of standards to make sure it doesn't pay a sense of taxes that it doesn't have to be in the state of California is so proud of designing and and you knew all too familiar with this tax evasion strategies a 2nd reason the good intentions don't translate is that capitalism and especially venture capital just doesn't work well when there's too much income inequality the richest 20 people in technology control fortune that is half a trillion dollars that is personal of that's not even the money the control and the company's so this small subculture wealthy technophiles just promotes investment in the luxury-goods in this kind of closed ecosystem things that I call Mom
is the service that's why you get things like 120 million dollar juices that can be replaced by someone squeezing a pouch of free we get the
worst of both worlds we get the inefficiency of a command economy because that's what this says but we also get the total absence of the safety net of laissez faire capitalism now I have a solution a request for my time is up so you're going to have to guess what I wanted to do mostly regulate regulate
regulate regulate the hell out of us regulate data retention the you is the only agent that has both the
independence of the will and the ability to affect these tech companies unionize you tech companies here and please please regulate specifically around how long data can be kept whether it can be transferred or sold can't know and uh and whether it can be used to target advertising advertising needs reform so that it targets content and not users and that step alone will take a lot of the hot air out of this horrible at bubble that is distorting democracies most of all don't repeat our mistakes here in Germany or here in Europe learn from them don't let the disaster that's befallen United States happen on this side of the ocean thank you so much for your attention if
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Abstract The Trump administration and the political movement it represents pose a unique challenge to the tech industry, which is mostly based in the United States and controls enormous amounts of sensitive data on entire populations.

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