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Enter Me Tonight: Meeting in Virtual Reality

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the idea of what the and if you if you want to know what he was doing was and
what type it ch OK so
welcome thank you very much for being here I'm very happy about this invitation and to present my work in another context and the art world which is very nice sometimes this around artists and so the room is made with 7 empty chair basically and let you attended virtual meetings were my character you know is talking to you about the rest of human reproduction in different perspectives all the artifact that experience in reality doesn't really talk to you on the left you have would've your own experience and then you have that there completely reading of the room that you have enter 1st so for me it was it using virtual reality that that's in escaping to another world but expanded real world with another layer of narration basically so the meeting is streaming it's it's a looping so you can enter at any moment in the character that speaks to you come a little closer and then you the meaning or what is this 1 of the most reproduction how is it used in that context told what has the 2 problems and that the action that it that little story when I start 20 years ago I read in the newspaper that
the novel sperm the from by the Nobel prize that people were giving their sperm freely in the hope to Emilia rate the human race than I thought it was really funny I say wow OK and ecology represents theory germinal choice so I did the sperm bank and the internet as a cynical irenic
and served this all idea they take only the novel and price sperm to and then you're if the human race at the top that work very well people or the sperm imaging elegiacal tree with 10 different sperm of famous people and make demographic studies of with each chose for rich reason and all that so it was my 1st experience with for production and after that the decided he has to do more on this subject because it's absolutely crazy that reproduction becomes a product therefore selection therefore technical reproduction you could go on and on with different analogy because it's actually thought about our society the way we perceive and consume life and then distributes Berman because of a lack of our in you know confined environment where reduction is still selected you know you have a function to we so it was 100 there's the of the same man and then it was with Acadia of supermarket and all the kids she because it was free goodies you know injection with altering the minister so they came to me but if you had the prior and start screaming class is not as not that you are taking all the baggage of the and then I wrote a book about act not in animation if the technical reproduction of life is happening with will be the end of life it will be as well a technical handing and then I wrote to actually another book uh and science fiction and actually what if there is no more orgasm to create life what is the difference is there a difference and if you can actually reproduce life in a technical matter there it becomes coupling there's not the flies in time were actually let's
of in different can happen right because it Chestek significant I have exactly the same position with exactly the same time at exactly the same orgasm to create life but if it's just an injection with the same scene and then all but the appearing in a very technical and reproduce environment therefore you get copies of by keys so the reproduction couldn't them the the B and technical in terms of how it is performed
but also there is the possibility of cloning in which would reflect and a cloning and and he cloning very interested to but I'm very much more interesting in this work about artificial uterus because for me this all topic comes together you the desire to go out of women's body to read the control reproduction like from beginning to the end right then you have escaping the art because again the treasures place or climate change or war so we already have scenario all we can escape so I made images with an alderman of sperm going you way and the spaceship going the other way and then you put this thing on your head so as I got that's a sign of our time we have this medium that just we put their we have to escape to another reality so
that's why this meeting is that only talking about reproduction about escaping but it's talking about the deciding that we're actually witnessing right now on the issue of reproduction and on the medium of its endless reduction in computation the of reality OK so that
in in in the way you use the it doesn't have the intention of trans else LNT the users estate reality of them how would you describe that a hard and I hope that actually when you go there when you come back to reality you see you all obligated because you had this story and the narration to expand your view on reality and this this also and the reason why you use of theatrical like insulation all room and objects with them a has to refer the rumors to refer to reality you you have to ask yourself is it that a a meetings at the political crisis which can meeting that is when you sit chair and where is it going to be a speech is it going to be a performance happening there's a kind of absence just by those empty chair and that the rule
already said something and then you see those artifact that actually are covered the exist but they're covered the same that is characteristic of a right it's a woman but it could be amended to we don't know it's of you sit idea of human and then you use this idea of a human in all kinds of other reproductive form of you know the paper the communication the Facebook the images the postcard the flyers and then you see this and that we refer to this story and then you referred to which kind of presence is real or not you have those spikes cultural right that they're dead then you have this virtual reality it's another level of presence than when I perform into in the peace act as the producer that unlike you know their life and setting them like you girls keep on the program you know you tell this your story but don't tell this 1
which is really dirty when the lady but you so you you play with then another level of life of debt and a virtual presence and of actually reproductive image uh I think it's moon that's only unique point of view because and it seems that there is an emerging parody and M. in how we evaluate and new digital those spaces and that augmented reality is more a defined control will in both directions and the artists on more of the perfectionism also a perfect escape from world so this is and it therefore that yesterday and today am as well again and again and it doesn't become true of if it's repeated so I really appreciate that that perspective and and and how do you tell in the yard if it's not and by the um by having the dominant artistic uh I take you out of this world and put you in another how do you tell when you're staying in this world with them what narratives to work for you object developed very good pieces to be I
mean this is documentary works narrative works as well as as I like this idea that you can move and another world and it's the but for me it's always
then keep this idea of for producing reality in all of the Phoenician on you still stay a lot in this so I don't know in the you still feel you in the eye in the field of the Phaenician and emotions is that an experience that I mean I never had 1 that like quality that really needs this tool to give me this impression in BC and I perceive your own body when you when you going to be
our that's the thing is if you don't move with detain you're like little bits of makes me a little sticking you there it goes up and down in late or it everything was that it has to be slowly and handled and that's a fan of all distinct except if you would be reading moving but which makes you know you need this wireless stuff and been spaces where there is no obstacle and all that so that's another thing yeah and I don't know my next project will not deal which were production acting and I'm really you can all the cops their production and all that it's a it's was nice but now I want to use the eyes and expand expansion of consciousness How ahead with I want to work on this it dreaming because there's
very easy technique to lucid dream right you you look at your hand Simon as before you go to sleep for a week and then you have listed dreaming that that works I tried it but I would like to use the the are to actually expand this possibilities and then if it works that means that's the testing because you use a technical logical told to experience the dreaming waters that way so that works for me so that did technology is not the natural findings things that you escape or you have this capacities because you use it so much but on the contrary it gives you the the the talent of its potential for and what what kind of stories would you like to to tell as an artist if they might influence the actual dreams of people in that's what I would like to influence the that minimal as possible just identified you know all the ways but did make research on all to get more user dreaming right visual it knows ascended to the different ways that different words so just use those technique in most minimal manner to try to trigger words dreaming potential it's the dreamer Wes like all the images that he has or accumulate to us today that comes in a more weight in manner to the 1st so you would more less influence people to create art in their head which is totally off Emeril could never be repeated you reproduced and maybe not even remember that when there well all the you remember this giving you really remember this is that's the beautiful thing about everything study clear and you know that you're dreaming which actually should be the thing of the RBR your there but you have a certain narrative it's always this thing of you know of trying to have definition when it's in your head and you wake up in the gene that's this virtual reality is the new might have the question mark on authorship and copyright has now and they use this so them in you will how how how the produce the in in in that means how was your production process so you use like and set design you also design objects you intricate text for a like a drum up for a several characters and you produce the our how does that come together with good friends because the in order like you I suppose you heard the talk about the ah production and all that and and there's no economy get except if game game developer OK which are not but the game is a great thing but if you don't gain any hearing that's the publicity agency to make marketing with the ah I mean there's not much production money so you need good friends that have talent and then you can exchange you know your competence to have I had friends who helped me because I couldn't fill myself on green screen and do all everything so you help me and I help you but and how do you develop the themes artistically so is there something that comes 1st artists and always what I want to stay with that thing and I was really and the the meeting and in many different girl to talk about this in which Uma with economy getting people understandingly extracts firmly engine of the novel those prostitute becomes like nothing cheap fares slot anymore but they're worker and then we get this permanent may cream to the EU project in its becomes economy you know and then you talk about OK and it's not about anymore and behind the and it's not the dark thing but at the same time it has to just be dog that where it will sell sell for produced groups using each other and what's the quality of this slide that is reproduced in wide this make it a little science fiction but at the same time you and you know kind condense numerous begin with the the question was like l I produce I start with the text the tree minutes is very important I wanted to say things in 2 minutes and know people and the time become there they try it so if to be efficient so the text came 1st and then the the idea of a meeting and this idea of talking which reality not being just your head you sit in your in another world not all you in this world therefore this absence and these are the presence in virtual reality and wanted to play with that and that therefore all the different uh traces right this culture are dead then there to performer alive the VR character and disorder dimension the print on the do the photos to and interview yachting which is the paper the cardboard thing and all those different and that ionization of presence and would you like to scale that up all of course approved of the idea of a girl they're just that they did I don't think that's your science should but I think this objective little frightening all the sperm things than economy and selling sperm so this is the Canada Council was interested but I think it's in I frighten them until it they will come back he did all this because I it's really hard to produce the I would hope no money and you know I don't know who are you producing the R is there anybody producing the iron here or interest or consuming via not yes yes Try to try stuff and you see that and it's difficult to have good production in all because it's all
about creating this definition right so if you haven't but I think there's model the thing is there is a model and if you
go more in the Asian model side distinct companies are putting a lot of money to other parties to develop a stories and product in the product asked really residency program from Canon from different companies in the support this development because the know that it's a winning thing for them and competition but with more money to have artist sitting on their and you know in their office and make great experience FIL string attached just push their product you know and what about public funding could you imagine that this would be a a a strategy to develop your work for a lot less of left and that that will work on the Canada Council for the because some Zeman and reproducing and people it might not be so interesting for a cannon but I'm I'm maybe but aside from and from exhibitions like teen us or um fossils like this there's worried this little room to present and even to work known it now and the dream home going more to the train subject hence the spreading of how how it is going to try to put everybody to see him as there also distributing plan about them this dream because there and this and this and half the these U-tube firms where they had come your hair and that makes your skin prototype and that they also pay for a minus sites as that something where you might um I have limited by a company and then you have this for free beyond yeah like in the fifties presented by the 2 base that are and then you have show and also for when you have your you know retrieve project going on it could be downloadable for we handle Ellis talking here how would you actually and the yellow little game maybe you know something that are really shorts and a good experience with the gene thing at think that could work and then you can download this for 2 tree boxes something or get it for free and and little extended version of all those model but it's and then it becomes a small business and you need a little support to make all this happened in the marketing and to put it on the platform in 10 and so and proved that we will in yelled we would like to give you will have the chance to ask the real are artists questions about interesting and
also just and and it's on the 2nd balcony and this call all the crew host you'll find uh the audience insulation Anthony tonight the until tomorrow evening possible of any uh questions unique I can't see anything the evidence in the piece that might be difficult Our gentle challenging what was your last maybe that's that that was a production yeah yeah and way you because you that the of performance there we go i was wondering what went on to work with them with gaming companies because I think in in this particular media medium the virtual reality think everything is like you know me maybe coming together like this arts this so we saw the porn industry that's the gaming industry when they have interests and maybe the conceptual ideas of artists um is there any connection structure and mean I haven't heard of gaming company I mean I know some people
working given company I could push it but I have to organize it to say OK in your structure you need a program to devote I don't know 10 hours a week with 2 programmers that in on the resource and in general they're totally overwhelmed with their own production then if you know what I mean structure in that is going to be done in all and that's what can enlarge that did so well the provide tree acting we tree engineer working full-time for making at at at 3 weeks on the project and we make we went 7 German and Canadian to took you with the exhibition and we had the production when money I think a lot of money and then a given that that you know gaming company should do this of course but it does be program set in a certain so the usual manner last question do you think that's the old struggle the artist looking for money somewhere out in Lake immoderate was advertisements like all in the sections where there is like the potential of using the technology for their own needs then this is just like that the old essentially has always the same mean the arts is used to you know think portraits of kings Arnold and this that you have to make an association that's a win-win situation right and in those world where it's really hard for and on many are survive it's 1 0 . 2 per cent of any artist that can make a living out of it OK so therefore what's the of all the other strategy in when you're not to do it all right you produce the product to marketed you syllogism and then if you want to in working with technology and it's a lot of resources to produce anything then therefore you need to support of companies that actually will win of course it will get but more clues of all kinds of topics for their own game development but to the at the you know the understanding that it would actually be beneficial because they already sell a lot right but it's not the point it's like we already make money they already have a market but he could do something different that might be more beneficial for you know all cancers have assumed that the only the in the politics of that and maybe that's not boring but I really feel strongly for that and we will repeat that this evening at 5 30 on that State's again because it's a it's a mistake to leave uh mn the our or a new emergent digital out of about something and Bowman and especially the the critical mass that is in the city and the independent game developers that are not corporate fixated and doesn't want to work at a at a big scale usual took and and the independent tech developers and they should be also be able to access public funding for their art and if those people are kept in town and the performing arts kept in town and detect developers are kept in tone
than lots of interesting things all come out of it they this actually the problem is that there's not enough mass critical production that's interesting for the people to get those devised actually consume it so therefore that you know we have the next question I'll get something whenever don't think about this and discover anything affords you amount of money I could have independent game developer and art is creating more content
therefore making it more mass critical and then setting more in the next question is highly and movie just an awesome when the
brain data so that people don't know the formant to brain this it's really cool so we get had to go on for half an hour and new so that's really expensive to get the press production process of the off artist going on how I use virtuality Otis connected the guts so the other 2 to help each other the problem of from most the production processes to like platform you know like 50 yards as and come together you do the product so you have to development and I know web development or at development whatever and that kind of sensor system um the whole while you guys organized in a virtual artists see that's that's a good question and then there's the the army that that actually are in Berlin in different occasions so you can go there and but I mean the already have their own projects have to fit in an office never so easy but then yes you have to exchange of your time in your competence to make it happen with no but there is no and I don't know of any part of your platform in dedicated it's more gaming and in more than a half but he is and what he's doing the bus and I have no it's yeah like give the are so it's more artist related but it's it's an art curated exhibition made that's a good idea to the
platform for exchanging knowledge and competences would be a very good article that will support a lot of people that's could still 2nd question maybe and that's real-time anymore and I think someone formally not quite sure materialized model and we'll run up I guess so I don't think you the and
thank you for the interesting talk and the insights on the hottest of dealing with the I will have a short break right here will be back in 15 not 20 minutes with an interesting discussion so stay tuned and have a good boss thank you so there was lot of time
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Titel Enter Me Tonight: Meeting in Virtual Reality
Serientitel re:publica 2017
Autor Alin, Li
Kamphausen, Julian
Lizenz CC-Namensnennung - Weitergabe unter gleichen Bedingungen 3.0 Deutschland:
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DOI 10.5446/32977
Herausgeber re:publica
Erscheinungsjahr 2017
Sprache Englisch

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Fachgebiet Informatik
Abstract Li Alin is an interdisciplinary artist presenting art works questioning evolution strategies and human reproduction. In this talk she presents her body of work Enter Me Tonight (EMT), which questions the patronizing of human reproduction by patriarchal societies.

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