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Notes on the local p-adic Simpson correspondence

Video in TIB AV-Portal: Notes on the local p-adic Simpson correspondence

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Notes on the local p-adic Simpson correspondence
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The local p-adic Simpson correspondence by Faltings asserts that there is a natural equivalence of categories between small generalized representations and small Higgs modules for an affine semi-stable scheme over a complete discrete valuation ring of mixed characteristic with algebraically closed residue field. However, in the case of rational coefficients, the construction of the functor from the former to the latter, reducing to the theory for integral coefficients, does not seem to work as it is written, as pointed out by Ahmed Abbes. In this talk, I give an alternative argument based on a generalized Sen's theory for the semi-stable scheme and complete the local theory for rational coefficients.
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smallest in this case find thus the user some shaking I don't really need think about this earlier this month the others in the I'm looking it from this is the 1st of the emotional because they worried because that come but there could be used it is same to the women the glove you know it's going well respected projected models so the receiver you go with you when divide locally locals look as it sank I spoke with the view of most of that that would do think because there is room for for the division of of those that use non-harmonised is here right right right right will use U.S. different so amazing doesn't mean you can't answer yet so yet but by the end year history and by city considering the something but it's some use the but now that's that's really there are really run on the the rules really it was represented 2 and insincerity going 1 so that's the their rerun was was small but that there is data makes it easier for small but for you it interested it In yesterday during the war this very simple problem so yes that his ideas just as the you have the kind of matches and the continuation and then only the he zeroed in on the plasticity Monteria within these areas and he has told me I'm not certain related exist right down this year among you can also and then but this year we have a new regional of the series the symbols the so in narrow Ahmad and mystical in the discussed and from that point on the return From this we have some good the greedy grapevines the condition all you have to be smaller those criticisms of your book so the move Christopher who was that is out we don't holders who want to choose forces this is because the good news is that we have that this is the beginning of this small whose executives in the job Alta so that is where he is still in the provisions of the opposite goal of the season is told the Post it and yet so yet another terminal stages of these companies BGC security agreement among the unused the decision on the sale of the smaller of OK so now trying to explain how yeah proved this theory and to prove that I used to interest since the and I think some of the men and in the area so that the family on under US the the people of some of and the know and I introduced in the intervening years part of this is there rewarded gold In the following such futile Okayama witnesses this and for out no this is a result of this and the other being old the he power yet so this is an during all the of the year the country Sandy however not Marsh you know what the and then I indifferent government involved as open this article user of the world that we use the all of these things you as the and the use of force well this long means you have to hire outside sensory will need to introduce more so than we don't think so yes I also needs find so here and in the garden In 2 and the addition of what happens is that here so I can kind words so this is for the president of the 1 in mind of unity among the people and then the the needs of the poor and bring it to you yeah right from the start of all this all this fighting there and this is continuing and we all know this is this this is the major movies are on the line and that the Union but this is not reasonable and in the other 2
were and so but it said that at any more and just the spirit of the list of those who were there so this is the case because of this incident and wanted to it I don't know where it is on the side of he sold through this activity during the nite of the year and this is the kind of work comes from the word from the of the statement you go so for a release of the centenarians presentation there is In bar in the office above and the the that new representatives of the World Bank and hard to secure To this year I don't want to spend a hero who as of now this too so the people of all this is the 1st person to use the uniform of the severity of the sentence to some time in the biodiversity in you finally the to some of the worst the worst thing the right rhythm structures on the other side of the according for some number of friends of 2 computer here that because the names I don't know maybe it's not true we need a and some words of warning was what is this thing under the venues of the opium-growing center that is involved the early lead more for all of us in the eye and producer is in use in the car on the way to the owner unknown well you have to wonder OK and so on and I it and the and the statement is I want you to do the things that we can work more you can see the kind of eyes the are of all of these Is there isn't Belmont you can off for a united in medieval this year and introduced in the 1st the division over the end of it "quotation mark this season going out of the way this is the leader of needs that our priorities .period and do all the work in look at the hearings the In new rigorous standards or because of the and throughout the cost of of too it is stated in is not for the 1 if you was this is also the the Council of the using of the season war and so units is the solidity of the of but it is so this is not the time of this writing advice about where you might as well be a problem for the smallest you can't use the fragmentation of the device to the jury I have to do use we think there should also the so there are more than others for the yes vote was an arts and the region as the sole really the area Mason about the condition of the trees moreover the just you and your friends he possibly but is the very well with of the of remains in the of program I don't think we can but also in the all of the of this Gunnison also formed in this regard the purpose whereabouts of his career over the already being all things to all men and solid now as of this series NBC's last year the battle than they originally built for the use of the new agreement was the view of the use of "quotation mark these are I'm sorry the truth is that the finals I guess look what was it here and in inference event at the heart of the trying to smoke or not over event and it is not thing on the reason then that it was a matter of some of the things that been need them the energy of the you this is
actually the cultural center of what it was and I was ready for any followed months of music theory the world is full of it there also the Sundance Film the things from this former formerly the more through it all the time because this is what we have here since then the idea is that In and all the time you have to remember that you're going to get us through the 2 challenge again last year or so you have to love you the there is some of them convenience please respect the freedom of all this is just another but the city's has been banned from because we are engaged on example the devices will actually use you know everything you are have all you want them to do so what we do now the and these acts I don't know if this is going to be all that says that look the Of course and I will give you 1 of the most important of all against then I was hearing testimony from while correspondence view of Europe among the Soviet we that the year all our use of the sequence of the area of the that is right around the International year of the tumult in the annals of the house and so this is the this has been told you that period people who have responded the the murder new underground in game the court isn't going no recently year and here the you ought to be involved in this and then a after study by father the end of year it is as if you think this going it's a little here during the small final doesn't respond urine envisioning the entire injuring and they need to be there all of this is "quotation mark stressing that the theory Ancelotti and you and you write this then the computer viruses are engaged as he easily land of of those the engineering over the years this is the end of the year in and year members of the soul the problem is certainly something you're more evident on that this movie is not enough this was 1 of the few who was in his room with you let you itself in this was all they're all in the head and my friend is being given a lower than it is under construction spending during the using and there is little more graceful than to their opponents the fans who either here or prevented of from all of this and this and that ,comma the issue here about and there then there's a lot yeah and the use of bases so this is 1 of the reasons
why 1 of the studies and then you don't want to be more years time and this is a sensitive area where is the party it is a small event like talk our 1st and then world to know after I have been forced to this theory that small is the new where he proves that the the leader of the the confidence of the optimal use of the all it will be the only the the discovery the analysts deteriorated during the year the original intent of the law for on the years that for each of the those years finally the evening In view of the war and the year the the interviews on the eve of coverage all the times of the year the answer is over the idea introduced found that during the period and then you think so clear of all or part of some of the people of them own in the hours leading up to his car I think the burden of and then the overall cost of personalities Group is something to be at in the hands of the university right now because of the the the the the the small but it did indeed there all I'm going over there and is small to the relation here and then operated for years in this part of the U it is in the you know the American people I thought you misunderstood the passengers free the roof of the world and then immediately said the it was the used of farmers for example by any reasonable for the year the only thing you can do it they can on this on the other this time of year again all of this is result it usually used the sense of use some of the smaller of the 2 of them and we are using it as a period during which you have and the other or both in the but this season and most of the project in water Wal-Mart in recent years and so this is the regional finance so and you know this is a solid seasons but for all of our patients during the argument that police this is the only 1 that is close to the other direction is still needed to be downloaded because they never wanted described the onset of the uh look at some time in the 1st year and construction of the new data directly from the use of using spirit on the arson is that you have my kind of units of the existing so I just kind of getting used to relationships more exporters was constructed using 1 of the Americans want some of them will be the head of the explosion at these users so when you go Liverpool 2 martyrs of the lines are in the spring of this scenario the same exactly others the news that you've got to stand and their over during the I was but overall and admits overstayed their whole year this year forward he had hired through the combination of all of this reaction and then you guys this morning the other thing but I understand it's adults who made it In the users of the death of he really the small and was here as it was yeah I is the largest has resigned was more than the sum of 5 years of war 1 of the but what is aware the