#Freebassel : The cost of loving free culture

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#Freebassel : The cost of loving free culture
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A public reading of texts dedicated to Bassel Khartabil, loved and celebrated Internet volunteer who was detained in Syria in 2012, demanding his immediate release and reflecting on the love and the costs of free culture.
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and at the time and but if the world
and to build it and to the so few thank you and
then we had to tell a very sad
story very uh greatest story but it's also a story of love the love of the Basel credible free Internet activists for the Free Culture and the love of the Free Culture community for Basel and Bessel was them in a free Internet activist and he has been detained in Damascus in
2012 and his name is been deleted from the prisons register in 2015 and since then there's is no information about its
current status or whereabouts and so what we want to talk about today is his love for free culture and I think today and this there's a lot of spaces where people talk about the value of a culture of open source of open science and
etc. and them and we also committed to the scores so we take this as a given but today we also want to call awareness to the cost of living and loving free culture may bring to some of us so really the focus of the free Basel complain that we want to talk about today is to bring the attention of the
people to the free Basel has attacked the free basel . org website where you can to get news sediments constantly updated of them the status of fossil and and the campaign and especially campaign letter we would be honored if you have a name to the campaign to free Basel and Melanie is a researcher at this analysis and institute and in Paris and she's also a founding member of creative commons in France and she'll talk a little bit more about the free Freebase and when that she's been part of for many years
am I haven't had the chance to meet basalt but I know a lot of people who did and and I facilitated a booksprint with a lot of people from the free Basil Ell and come from the travesti movement and the and free culture
community right after the news that that as of this of that that does it disappeared from prison and and so the campaign came together in 1 of the many activities that that it was a booksprint um that talked about the cost of living in London free culture so I'll talk a little bit more about that in a moment
and so the book on the right
is the 1 that we did when they disappeared from prison but that's oneself participated in the book spend in 2011 and which was initiated hereby transmedia island and the books symphonic atom right for an open letter which is this 1 and um there's a nice quote about his contribution to the book that back from 2011 and Edomite road most of us were confused by the proliferation of the term Open Web since any discourse of the net has abused both terms of the last decade none of the none of us really knew what open was anymore or what it meant these days by the web what then was the open web society contributing remotely from Syria gave us a clue he outlined a stack of conditions that would lead him to agree to Webster events being
identified as open then the conversation turned to mapping the idea on book structure so this wasn't 2011 and then when the terrible news got out that basel disappeared from prison many of his friends and free contract its came together for another booksprint to speak of the cost of freedom
and that we will look at a little bit later right 1st just a quick to show you this fossil and we want to show you
a really quick video 1 minute um introducing Basel and then Melanie's gonna talk about his contribution to the free culture movement and the free best campaign of this
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do it thank you
alright and link to will talk to you a little bit more about and 2 different and movements of of Rica chapter in which vessel
has been ninefold far from in euros and in the uh to the proposals is part of the presentation is to Wall highlights and the fact that there's a compaign in in in favor of uh the duration and uh the raising of awareness uh about uh about his his work he said as Ricci needs act as the user engagement uh our soul for instance he's been a part of the Creative Commons
community as has been mentioned to be uh from D D a hotter not that in their in
Damascus he was also an instrumental and in doing uh 3 E and reproduction of uh of new what city many years ago
and then the work has been picked up by the of the of uh of the of different 1st of there are other artistes consumes with which at least preservation of uh of heritage so and we to teach you how and font library we have a cat Olsen some would see that so
many many yeah uh meaningful movements and so the
fairest uh the Basel debt are took place on
March 15 2 thousand 13 and I Each was organized by the Friends of uh of Basel and most region in the past been translates who you swing into movie has been uh has been very active and as so that was the start of London International Campaign we've many events happening in in many cities at uh at the same time people would just gather there and organize something so for instance in in various we organized a meeting in the Syrian
restaurants and we came with the newspaper or because we hadn't op-ed that the SHT about uh free culture and and and and Basel all the examples of uh of parts of uh of this campaign in in different in me Jack as a cookbook so you can you can download the 10 you can cook a
uh a dish and so of course everything is under an open license or in in the public domain and his friends have been putting posters on the streets so that 1 is the man in
Amsterdam and yet so a lot of uh of graphical where she and also could ever achieve translations of of articles due join the least have been commissions tool and to lead their investigation about uh about uh Basel you know into here and you know uh in Palestine the 1 stiffening the data
wrote be article in in French and then members of severe user communities uh have been translating the article in many different languages all soul in the garden you can you can find some an interesting and article as another example these as so that was the last uh last year and asked uh in in March and that the pth
so every year so movement organized specific gender specific events and uh and with Els uh local a design design competition and its recent these there has even been a debate there are called for by even 1 who the terror PhD with uh with a
friend of uh of Basel so she she studied as we said was of course there still have the campaign in the organization on on Twitter with the uh with the hashtag free Basel which the after Bessel was disappeared uh from uh from prison was segmented by the and other hashtag where he's
uh Basel and last but not 10 yeasts and uh the booksprint ease and other example of of collaboration among go muscles
friends and friends of friends so this happened just a few weeks after the news that are that he disappeared from prison and 44 contributors came together to contribute to this book 12 people were actually in the book spring in France during
5 days so I'm writing editing compiling the book and there are many many
people participated remotely so um by contributing paintings poems a theoretical treaties polemical pieces and very personal reflections and all of them very committed to the free culture movement but also taking of uh um a critical look at of what happened at personal cost and whatever the cost of the movement and in a very humble way because of course most of the people contributed a did so and freedom they didn't have to pay a price as high as as possible and but
distillate that at problems loneliness and burnout exploitation and and also the fact that they were missing friends who had been disappeared because of their participation in the in the movement and so we want to read a few quotes from the book to you but we would also like to add some no what what your perspective is sort of what have been your experience is what is what are the reasons that you love free culture open sewers open science open education etc. and what what costs have you seen ah personally experienced and so what we would like to do it by the end of the session as on the having a wall for the 3 basic campaign and take some nice photos and then we would like to ask you to write down um sort of 1 word or sentence about what you love about free culture and then another post it with something that maybe you know a cost that you experience or something that that you've seen happening so maybe you can just pass this around yes the so
1 thing you love about free culture and 1 thing that the cost of participating our living free culture that you've
experienced as history and and pass them up and then maybe we can base symbol on on the wall and then we will take a photo to
each will feed their their uh the websites of of the compaign I highlight the spécifique events but of course there are more things are happening on on a very regular basis so just take a
minute to write it down and then maybe once you leave the room you can uh pasted on the wall so we don't have to get up all of us now and I'm not to read a few I don't don't worry it's not going to be a long boring reading we just read a few short quotes an of what some of the contributors in the book wrote about their personal experiences and many other contributed a chapter to the book so we start with 1 of her quotes and so I didn't suffer any costs uh by the participating to move the free culture movement soul writing a short piece peaceful off this book was the uh opportunity to to reflect on my uh and they
privilege and in the contrary contributing to with these movements brought to me very close friends and colleagues and and a partner and I really have to think hard about which social costs and it was just that at some meeting I would have Menge alone discussing good character will the that was unique the any cost that Mary socialist has been exclusion by conservative people are from whom
I needed neither approval nor Frenchy thank another contributor motions these wrote freedom of information much like freedom of markets doesn't naturally lead to the kind of freedom we hope for in society In fact in the past decade since the rise of the free culture movement we've seen many costs such as time attention and education shifting to the site of the content creators of financial profit a centralized by the data forwarding Internet giants but enjoyed the reputation of information liberators so he goes on to say will for example is considered a great patron of free culture
whereas in practice it cannibalizes the free culture that monetizes offsetting the costs of culture from both comes to consuming it and profiting them from both creating it and that is us it
shall and McKeown and the rights weaving the running times even the computers with which we create these digital gifts are made to often make people trapped in abusive conditions using
processes that lights our primary our primal comments on the global environment we missed advocate topped the comments in all of its forms digital social economy environmental before the cost of freedom becomes too high to bear and and then we have a short quote from John low
lengths right there is also a cost within the movement 1 we don't talk about much
when we do actually all get together and for once we not transgressing against the rest of the people in the room the once you don't want to sit with you to talk about copyright at lunch we have a nasty habit of judging each other fighting each other over details but the rest of the world doesn't even recognize the
Gene Joaquin In all the free
control work have done over the last 6 years with my most pervasive and insights he has been the feeling that I work in public that everyone is always looking over my shoulder or could be if they wanted to it's a difficult
feeling to come to terms with even if it's based on 1 of the most buttons invaluable principles of free curvature transparency and and the next quote is from like Campos than working in
open education and she says I'm not by nature a very open person my inclination as always to remain close to I have had to learn openness and I'm not sure I'm very good at it the it's a continual learning experience when we say that or a Porsche outside all boundaries and institutions it's easy to feel disoriented and insecure and I did not the
free when a hat which my 1st book with a commercial press 2 people can actually read the book now because it's so expensive I
signed with a copyright of the price for a job in an ideal world I would have reached this opening marching police and I coming to the
last vote and before you want to hear from you adequate by Adam Heidt 2 says I find myself after all this time immersed in Free Culture amazed at my holding onto some form of the proprietary way of thinking there is no purity on the path to freedom walking through the shameful path of not meeting the high bar we set ourselves To avoid proprietary
life I keep learning about how deeply embedded those in our daily lives I keep examining at and it keeps surprising
me I keep discarding it is still a long way to go thank so does any of you want to share some of the thoughts that you wrote down or maybe you didn't write down what or should we give you in a minute of break do we have time before the next session and you know what time it is you can see yeah anyone doesn't assessing we have like to speed minutes so if you want to share maybe we just like poster things together and
yes and exempting arrays and rate of seeds and and then there would be also nice yeah numerous before you leave to the the melodic and take a picture of of that so I mean just to wrap it up and you can download the book for free across a freedom of CCA and you can find the petition if you want to help the campaign there 2 petitions 1 unchanged at a
lot and 1 that free vessel that art and that also another book that we uh 1 to pointer attention to bypass life and it's that the collection of poems that you wrote to him while he was in prison and you can buy it at waiting for about 4 . cc so all of this will help the campaign and of course the posters on the wall would also be great thank you very much
thank you very much so that amount of
the mind that that's