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gravity at Republika 2017 and I wanna welcome those who made it on what I want to do is to say that this is a celebration of a book that was published 20 years ago in the title is on the street in neighbors on this tree in bad news and the internet it was published in English and Japanese in 1997 and we
followed its trail around the world and that is around the world we like to report back a little bit about South Korean giant bound by Monday will give some background of the book and speak about that is and democratic events in South Korea and then I'll talk a little bit about medicines in China arm and we all did that there can be some discussion and comments questions and at the end where you want to check hello I'm happy to be here and of if this any problem hearing
just let me know so because up I today by the way this election in South Korea and I'm going to give a little bit of the flavor of what's come before what's happening and on I thought also what's what's a bits splendid is that the of essentially the medicines have been critical to what's happening in South Korea and so I'm doing is I don't know how much people and have his background but essentially I'm going to be giving the background both of medicines and of what's happening in South Korea up this May marks the
20th anniversary of the publication of the book medicines on the History and Impact of Usenet and the Internet some of the who takes its commitment and the 2nd well if I hit it will work OK take a minute if you see the 2 slides there
on 1 this scandal girl and her only men and the other is the former president of some sort of South South Korea so you go
and find out OK so there's the book in English and in of Japanese this additions
and for a minute what I wanna do is just give you a little flavor of the recent candlelight demonstrations that have been going on in South Korea and I'm going to be going back a bit because of there's not a whole lot that I've seen that analyzes what's happening in English though in Korean that they're very well might be but I thought having the background of
the previous demonstration and understanding what happened a lot of the same things are happening with this 1 and have happened with these this set of demonstrations if you see here just quickly this is on the head of Samson this is the 1st picture photograph with and then he's using as a
marionette the friend of Pokémon hey and that person is on is she soon sailed and essentially it shows her pulling the strings unchastened cell
and essentially this is the of analysis this is sort of the analogy of what people have seen has been going on that they were so upset about in in South Korea in the demonstrations of this is
just the demonstrations have been given the concerts and then there's been various marches to different places
essentially the demonstrations have been totally peaceful on and then there's on the former president tied up and I thought this is helpful is an image of what essentially
people have have presented as the of the image of what they want felt had to happen to her and
essentially it went on till this the finally the prosecutors did in fact put a bunch of people from the blue house which is like the White House in the US there's a blue house itself Korea and put them into detention and it into jail and there there's supposedly awaiting trial
and that's a number of the people from the From the essentially the government that that was very recently the Government today by the way there's an election end of its they were think 13 candidates and we should still soon know who's won that election
to and this will be a continuation of the struggle that's just going on and there's just a picture of the of the candlelight and the sound a bit
little bit of the flavor of the fact is many many people but essentially the light has come from the people scandals and these have essentially been at nite all right I just essentially what I want to the reason I think this is so important is 2 things 1 we live in a time of of where there's the internet and there's the medicines and I hope to clarify why the netizens Avery
ports pieces of what's going on it's not just technology it's very importantly the people in the connection of the people to that technology and essentially what's important about all of this is that that essentially around the world now there's a real crisis of democracy and South Korea has it has had it and has a continuing and essentially what they've been able to do is make some impact on this and that's what we see is they've essentially managed to impeach and to who to put in jail a number of the people who were part important officials submit country and essentially they have taken out of power there's the lecture now
is to fulfill the to to have a new term for a new president so what they've managed to do is a little sensational I thought it's not very well understood in general and by looking at it on I thought it gives us a sense of of what the potential this of the medicines and the and the net which you don't get I don't think as as clearly anywhere
cells right essentially all and these demonstrations have gone on from October 29 to 2016 from 20 sorry October 29 2016 was the
1st candlelight in this new series and a bit the last 1 the last recent 1 was April 29 20 17 and there were 23 of them are basically they've been on Saturdays and a decay at what they've been occasionally when they've been another time and and essentially what I wanna talk about is the vision that helped to inspire the creation and development of the net and how what's going on is in fact that
somehow the on the demonstration that that vision still has this tremendous importance and then the other piece I want to talk about is the emergence and development of medicines and I at 1st a little bit of
background on essentially in 1992 Michael help in 1 of the quarters of the net is book was a student at Columbia University and he was online as part of Columbia University's connection to the internet and that's 25 years ago so that's and
it turns out that in 1990 93 this was just when the internet was really beginning to spread it had been worked on for 20 years in the research but it was 20 years after that work that it that it then began to to have from to be spread and being used by people all over and Michael was it in the class and he did a paper on the liberty of the press
on James Mill's article from 25 and I thought the importance of that is that that's very much what what we see coming on in South Korea and I think is the general come we the general idea we have to understand which is that that unless we can watch over government officials government will be corrupt and that when when we went to South
Korea essentially people said they understood that also sold on I thought that's that's important because it it means unless you have the oversight if you don't have any of a situation that you want and so essentially those of his positions to rule would abuse their power so that's a bit with James Mill said quite a while ago and essentially on the point was that I for the Michael realizes that people need to keep a watch
over government to make sure that it's working in the interests of the men and that the technology of the personal computer now makes that possible and so it's important that that we understand that and we figure out what do we do about that and I thought in South Korea that's what they're working on I but they also want Michael was was taking a class computer ethics and in that class he was told that he needed to do a project and
essentially the project was to do research but the encouragement was not to use books and so essentially he's felt he would use the Internet and that was just developing which was really not quite the internet that it was different networks and mailing lists and and different things but it wasn't the Internet was just really connecting people up in different places and so we wrote a post the largest machine where it came from and its importance to society and essentially he said that he would write a paper concerning the
development of the net this is interested in exploring the forces behind its development and the fundamental change it represents over previous communications media and that he
hoped to come to some understanding of where it's come from so as to be helpful in figuring out where it's going and essentially what happened is that many people wrote from many different places and basically said the net was something very very special but is it was special for making possible with those people wanted to do
but it was that that also the people who wrote and said they wanted everybody online and so if he put together all the responses that he got any wrote something called Common Sense the net and the medicines and it said welcome to the 21st century and what he did is said you were in medicine and I've always felt uncomfortable saying that somebody else is and that is but I thought Michael at that point was was recognize that the people who had any interest in in spreading the net in having the net the something good and make society better that he those people wordnet . citizens are medicines and essentially the PC he wrote was a fairly substantial piece then put it online
we said we're reseña revitalization of society the frameworks of being redesigned from the bottom up a new more democratic world is becoming possible and so I thought what's interesting about this is that it's now common to hear this in some ways from some people but this is 20 years ago 1 of my guess it's moments 25 years ago it's because this was 92 and 93 so and I thought a lot of people seem to say that all this is uh hopefulness but I thought that this stuff going on in South Korea uses the sense it's not only a hopefulness on
right so I thought another piece of what's important about what was on what's happened with all this is what Michael realizes that not all people and medicines and that I thought there was a tendency among some people who were on using the limited in various ways like that the media it's in started using the word medicine but what they meant as anybody online and what Michael felt as he had clarified that he had called all users medicines he medicines with those people who who had a public purpose but the use of the net and that it wasn't that they could use it for their personal needs but the important thing was where they using it in a way to try to to makes the world better to make the net something good for the world center on right so like this is basically that that then on we managed to get the book published in 1997 in May so it's some 20 years ago and on and that there was a Japanese edition that actually was put out in our October and that was interesting because essentially the book challenged at the time the commercialization of the net and sometimes when people calling themselves medicines were people taking up to try to
make sure that the net was available for everybody and for general-purpose users and so on they they be but the somehow the it wasn't easy to get above put up a book published in the US because the US was more interested newest publishers were it were
interested in having books that would done that would help people make a million supposedly on the net or whatever and and so it was it was a bit of a struggle but the fact that there was a Japanese interest also in the book meant that that really helped us to get the book published on right so I essentially on would what
perhaps ended up happening is that that Michael ended up being able to to not only get answers from people just In general whole around around the different ways of using the
net but he also got answers from from some of the computer pioneers and 1 of the things he asked was is there anybody from whom the net behooves helped to establish with the natives is who the vision the net and it was interesting that essentially a number of people said that the work of of J. C. R. Licklider was in fact the person who said the vision of for the net and Michael had asked what what is that vision and there's J. C. R. Licklider and essentially what some people said was that communities formed as people interacted and help each other and this is sort of in the early time sharing on users of computers we you had many several different people being able to use 1 computer in various ways but what he what he but quite was a psychologist and he observed what was happening in the sort of document had how something something was going on that he felt it was very encouraging in terms of the ways that that people use it and then also that it
had an effect outside of just the particularly use that people may also he often talked about an intergalactic network in the intergalactic network was essentially of he gave various meanings to it but I thought the essential thing was that it was it was the grandeur of his vision that he really had the sense
that that 1 everybody had to be connected if everybody was and connect was not connected them and that would not be something good and in fact it was the basis for the net to be something really good for mankind according to his vision if everybody was connected and there's other parts to his vision but is in a sense about the net but I thought this is the sum of the fundamentals of over the years is who have have taken up the
idea of medicines and of our people online have taken up medicines but essentially what I found is that the most advanced examples of both the research and the practice of medicine so in South Korea the 1st is a proud tradition of protesters sacrifice on the part of the South Koreans to win the minimal democratic rights have gained secondly South Korea is 1 of the most wired countries in the world where a larger percentage of its population compared with many other countries have access to high-speed Internet connectivity my connection to South Korea started
when out I was reading it looked at that that's Financial Times in the library handout this was February 20 0 3 and what I found and the headline on the front page in article continued in the later on in the issue was new president of South Korea elected by the medicines well that was a little bit amazing to me because of here
was somehow the net is is responsible for the election of the highest official in the government of South Korea so of course I had to learn more about what what was this really all about and so on what I found was as a as they began to find story of it it was it was even more amazing because it turned out that the normal young who it was a candidate from outside the political mainstream that he had been a human rights lawyer fighting against some of the the uh um
the very difficult situation that people had in South Korea with regard to a very repressive government and somehow the on the net is instead taken on to back him to run for president and so this was an unusual thing but it was part of a whole series of things that I don't have time to go into but essentially he was backed by medicines the medicines formed a different sort of political party that they called no sound which was we love but we no no more young essentially
and they basically got him elected are another piece of what was important about what I learned about South Korea was the use the word medicine only they have a different pronounce all slightly different pronunciation which I can't quite duplicate but they they basically use the English word medicine to describe medicines and another piece of what was for a bit fascinating was in different ways of learned that they knew the that in
on but there was 1 particular research paper that showed that that they ought not only knew the book they also knew the sense of Michael sense about the medicine and that I I thought this is useful to read a reinforces a bit the sense of medicine
out Michael help define the term medicine is the people actively contribute online which was the development of the Internet in particular Usenet newsgroups internet bulletin boards are considered for when medicines actually actively discussed in the pay debate upon various issues in this manner a variety of agenda of formed on the board and their activity there in medicine can act as a citizen who uses the Internet as a way of participating in political society so it's not exactly Michael's but it certainly is is understood it in the head at the real flavor of it so so that may have been also many commentators have taken up the concept of medicine I thought it was
important not only to look at the the use of the of the net in the practice of that but also to look slightly at the a little bit at with people of said in 1 of the people walk poster art was this essentially media on the wrist and essentially out what he felt was that this he was very interested in the relationship between citizens and government but then he was interested in what happens to the citizen under globalization and I'll essentially what he felt is with globalization it becomes much harder for the citizens to be able to have some say about with the government and so he was looking for some way that they could be something besides a defensive position and essentially he saw the WordNet is an online and he felt that that in fact the medicine was something
very important because it was connected to media in away as well as as connected to citizenship and it wasn't it was more than necessarily the citizen of 1 country and so he felt that
is that medicine might serve for an offensive challenge against the harmful effects of globalization and I'm really shortening that here but I thought what he says is useful and I wanted to then I'll give an example of this where I thought that he's he's it's been helpful what he pointed out because in 2008 would candlelight demonstrations in South Korea and I was there the 1st day of them but
they didn't going to but then we left but then I watch them for my teachers in the in the AUC of and essentially of the what
happened is there's a world a World Organization for an animal health hold the OIC which stands for some French terms and in 2007 the US got the categories change for judging the safety of the and then the essentially the been of set of clear categories which are not at this point going to go into but I can fill people Anonymous if they're interested and essentially out the US if you have made cow disease any cases of that then then you can the you you under the old system you would
clearly not and I risk person for were you there was a risk of people taking by taking your beef whereas the new me up means of on the categorizing this meant that they called it a controlled risk and the US has 1 out of 4
thousand cattle and Japan tests every cattle so the US is very very bad on on its how much it tests and and the danger that this represents but obsolete in fact in February there was a different a new president was came to power in no South Korea in box and he was not or greater than in February 2 0 8 and essentially they had sense the internet so the medicines were unable to act the way they had acted but on in early April there was an online petition by some people wanted to impeach him due to policies it already instituted it as of April and then in april
17th 18th in 1 box the president of moments in the US and made an agreement with you as President Bush and essentially the agreement was piece of any cut any
agent with bone in could be imported into South Korea from the US on basically people were very very upset by that agreement and so this is the middle of April and people were discussing this online and talking about how frustrated they were with with the fact that that this agreement had been made and this meant that school lunches would be with on with unsafe the and housewives would be using a safety and so essentially there were on the there was was a lot of our own that a lot of disagreement that with the the present being done this and on April 29 there was a South Korean TV station aired a documentary exposing the poor US safety practices In his Inspector USB from cow and after that many many more people were upset and were were on the line for online discussing it and so some some middle school girls and high school students using a fan website and other other websites that it got spread to basically called a demonstration from a 2nd and this is from 8 April 18 fits and or sorry yeah April 18 May 2nd so that's not much time basically what had been going on through that period of time was that on that the online discussion had
been the main thing and so it wasn't until May 2nd may 2nd that something happened besides what was happening online but essentially what they call this this on demonstration and they're very surprised 15 thousand people showed up hand up
and from then on until August 15th they had basically nightly candlelight demonstrations and is essentially these were done at nite and and then of some people would stay until morning but basically people would would have these demonstrations at nite people would bring their families on
essentially there was instruments playing them dancing singing there were heated discussions there was a free speech stage and what was interesting about this is this is South Korea in the eighties and nineties essentially what they have is very sombre and militant
demonstrations where's here this was a totally different situation and essentially knowing this set of things 1 can then understand what we just saw with those that the puppets and the kind of quality of the demonstrations that have just 1 this impeachment etc. up another very important aspect was that people would come with their laptops and
they would be broadcasting what was going on around around the country and around the world because I was watching it in in the Bronx at that time and I had a for somebody had met in South Korea who was then in the UK and her boyfriend was in South Korea so she and I would talk on high by the neither of us and lied and understand Korean I don't know if she understood any but essentially somehow we can have the sense of what was going on because we're able to watch it and it was we we would watch the nonstop at sometimes up and so France 24 the the international TV station essentially said in South Korea and new form of democratic is expressionism urged by the internet as follows call themselves medicines and when demonstrating against the government they carry their laptops to broadcast the event live and so you just saw that going on and then she interviewed so somebody and what he said is what I want to do is inform people through the Internet to provide with detailed information on the situation and tell them the facts the government was hiding deciding and so basically there were many many people that had appointed themselves as the journalists and they were spreading the story of very substantially on the the right and and so on people basically participated on online and on the internet I'm sorry online did the demonstrations said and what what somebody pointed out they were members of the cooking of the classical music society fashionable of a US Major League Baseball watching color and other similar groups so Internet groups that basically came together to the demonstrations and essentially what had happened was somebody these where word groups to discuss cooking etc. classical music they warranted to discuss politics but somebody in the group would it online would introduce what was happening and then other people would start to talk about it and then they basically came to the demonstrations and people took up to bring snacks with them to bring give water out of and to even take to take paid advertisements as some of the daily newspapers on and basically these groups had engaged in politics before but somehow this the fact of all this going on in being so so available and spread around that it it really encourage people to take it seriously and the out another important piece was people act the demonstrations were there were a lot of women there were a lot of high school students were college students essentially was a very broad set of people that that when there are and and participated and essentially a theory and practice of a more participatory form of democracy was being developed by medicines online in the streets of South Korea and in looking at the
2008 candlelight demonstrations however a particularly salient example was a set of things that happened on June 10th to 11th and I wanna quickly just look at that
of June 10th is a of a special day of in South Korea and it was going to be a demonstration and it turned out it was the largest demonstration in recent history in South Korea that happened that day but planning for it what happened is the the police brought on shipping containers weighing 40 tons and 8 of them it's and spread them out and I don't if you can see but those that the things they covered over were shipping containers and that was basically blocking what was the what's called the Blue House which is where the president lives and and and works essentially and so these were were set up to blockade and what happens the medicines saw these being built they called it beyond box castle they decorated it with all kinds of posters and things and then they created an entry for the Korean Wikipedia for
and am and called it a landmark of soul and also some people brought up and Stier from blocks to the demonstration of and let them on the side and at at 12 midnight it's that started to be a lengthy discussion and I don't know if you can see that in the bottom on the side on this side of the people sitting in the talking about what to do with it to go over the blockade because the they felt that this tariff on blocks would make it possible to go over so should they go over Aust and pay and essentially on they stay debated this people online would right to the people who were at the demonstration to debated and essentially on what they decided after 5 and a half hours was that they would not fall over and they would go to the top of it and bring their banners and they also brought a banner that said that they wanted to communicate with the president they didn't want to to contact him they wanted to communicate with him and so essentially that was there that decision that they had all come to have the very lengthy and substantial developed debate OK and this is just the shipping containers once they decided what they were going to
do then together they put together on the shipping container so that it would make it part of the problem sorry forest fire from thank you this tariff on to make it possible for them to go to over there I just wanted to see on the other
side 1 side of the people the other side of the please bosses with filled with police so I have they gone over they would have had all the police essentially and and it's it's somehow what they did is they
showed they could have gone over had they decided to but that wasn't the purpose and so different people commented about this and 1 person said through this demonstration many medicines comment on the significant meaning of this event to ask what is democracy whether the rights of citizens steps that participants made In order to climb on the container boxes showed what they wanted was not
being against the government in a riot but being in mutual communication with the government and I thought that's very significant somehow because the is a and the net is some people who communicate
and and and essentially another statement was honestly I assume that people would try to find a way to climb over the container boxes when they had been piled up during the day but when I learned that the steps of St IRA for were built up at arguments and discussion by participants not by a few extreme elements I was really impressed even though we learn that problems should be solved by
dialog in textbooks we're not used to having discussions and are not willing to have arguments and of the person was was just very impressed and and essentially this is is an example of democracy and I thought in summary of what I've found is the people looking at this and with the had looked at at South Koreans and at some of the things have now been translated so it's it's very helpful and 1 of the people who were wrote a very very interesting article called analog government digital citizens and what the he basically said is that analog politicians must realize that the Internet offers an opportunity for a breakthrough to improve Korea stagnant political culture the candles lighting up 1 parser are carrying the demand that representative democracy evolved into a new form suitable to the Internet age and essentially what he showed is that when it was impossible and create to have the discussion in the
plaza in a outside people the medicines took up to do it online and then to move what they were able to do online or offline so I think this but hopefully sets of basis to to see that it's really worth looking at what's going on in South Korea and trying to see what lessons there that we can draw thank you very well done and the reason I say that as you go talk more but you promised me sometime in the so I appreciated I'm in a big up a little bit in but don't to China
but I will speak about that is an activity in China my case studies from China but that is interactive almost everywhere in so it's not them up and take you to China but it is that the example from China but there are many situations in China with the activity of ordinary Internet users if that citizens of the net that isn't the letter that contribute to a cultural revolution and the development of new citizenship
of the 21st but is entry by study indicates that the on the Internet increases for many a sense of collective the inner desire to
defend the use of the that for all I offer this study to indicate a little out Chinese-speaking medicines that demonstrated that active participation in exposed negative roles of the mainstream media and of the authorities in even of academics and said some of the social and political agenda of China in the direction of greater citizen participation In the process that medicines of finding new
forms and new means to assert their will and value to society the the but a lot of at who logic getting things there there are more than 731 million Internet users in China more than 95 presented them use the Internet at least some time on mobile devices many but this debate in
online communities some of the home also contribute over 280 million Japanese language microblogs known as we book but small that of that users are active contributors to formant jad group discussions among the users who actively contribute online I would locate that users who medicines who practice some form of medicine chip that is the that the Internet and tribute actively do it to affect social and political change the but my example
is to be about online gamers In some of them will who were actors that isn't online game playing this popular all over the world by once again the over 1 billion online game players currently in China the old
nearly 400 million users who at least occasionally play online games of all sorts at its peak there were 5 . 5 million chinese that users who were playing the Chinese version and of the
American massively multiplayer online role-playing game World of Warcraft most of the time they would not be isn't not in the sense of of considering but with those that used to play World of Warcraft using service in China often there's been
many bridges the restrictions that made digging game Playing use of the Internet frustrated by an uncomfortable new releases of the game of been delayed for months as the game companies negotiate with the government regulators over 1 can get must be modified 0 which ministry is in control it additionally especially at the dual weight there was a major crusade against what the government media and academics called Internet addiction the government made concerted efforts to control stigmatized
and eradicate some game playing world of warcraft became a target of much negative government and media attention social pressure on World of Warcraft players from the media
teachers and parents include sending young people to read training camps to kill them of their addiction playing World of Warcraft requires cases the treaty each other as equals and cooperate India game there's facilitating trust and friendship this is because their common frustration implied on forums within their games then on the line general game is forms set up some set up their own
game a growing number of families of registering and existing game servers outside of China especially and I want the best known response that that that the gaming where the use of the Internet and criticize their
plight but the 64 minute animated video the war of internet addiction it was made with some
so as footage from the World of Warcraft computer-game itself using dedicated software known as machine about in war right did you know
Warroad interdiction World of Warcraft player characters the skeleton body do to do battle with the Green Monster for control of the as a red counted the Green Monster is a but like reference to the government to organize read then Internet content regulation project that is that project Identidad require all PCs in China do install software to filter quote vulgar content it
was of course eventually withdrawing because it wasn't feasible and everybody protested against it In this war of
denote addiction the characters also do battle with shouting DC-AC named after the real life that know she the end of the state-funded growed Treatment and Rehabilitation center for online added the game disease an example of a medical and academic establishment governments in a bird that but generally think again the regulate their access deletion game playing shouting Chinese is on your phone bottom on the Japanese word for professor he has betrayed is an evil manipulative moneymaker rejoining the shock therapy to torture young
so-called addicts the narrative and action is full of parody pions conveying a message of resistance and community solidarity Long walk right to use the internet the blade games of their choice without government restriction that controls it also
playfully criticize it rampant commercialism social inequality in Chinese society and the abuse of power it satirizes social and political agitation that the dot an example is betraying the corruption of traffic officials who extort money from ordinary God drivers this scheme called taxi driver or portraying the 2 government ministries better over the game playing on the internet as to evil gods don't have to be dealt with is the end of the video the rebel leader God in the meaning I know it's a long and impassioned speech dressing the
Internet addiction treatment that it begins dangling we other generation has grown up playing games over the many years people of change the games of change but our love again is not change and the weak and disadvantaged status of gamers in this society is that change but we work a lot for all day got home to I rent problem we face such a distorted version of the game all we can feel is output this make no mistake yes we are addicted but not to the game itself but the feeling of belonging that game gives its predicted to the friends and emotions we have shared over 4 years this knowledge of adults in dreams we have placed in these games we know it is impossible but still we still swim
dial is to the north pole to the edge of the goal of the place where the award but we still didn't see that i the led in the this year I just like the others who do love this game diligent degree go to work on a crowded bus we never complained that wages low we never lose
that meant a balance due to those big down outside you bought the money you don't from our meager wages we morning cry for the flood and earthquake we rejoice in G of them and space flight in the Olympics but the bottom of we never want to lag there any other nation the world but this year because of you we can't even play a game we love all oddly with game is all over the world thanks to
all you so-called recall is experts shouting be professors are there enough eulogies cosmetics and is an esthetic every day you have nothing else to do but enjoy a prestigious social status and pointed out from ethical I graph at at the wondered why 5 million game is but collectively taking this net poisoned at you still describe our addiction to divert or virtual game the deep-rooted social reasons better covered we are accustomed silent but silence doesn't mean surrender we can't stop shouting simply because of voice the low we can't do nothing simply because our powers week it's OK to be chided it's OK to be misunderstood it's OK to be overlooked but it's just like longer want to be silent shouting the dances this region a current event the boys nice beach but it's useless you have a voice so what that power behind me easily overwhelms all your voices by the end of the video shouting being that Dowling be
Gaga's defeated but he warned that other B will be selected giving the impression that the war will go on and go on the idea for the video and the director creation uses the online name gone dog is a player on Lover of World of Warcraft be in some other
game is had to previous videos whereas in online forums to make another big added technical team about
100 game Arab volunteers most unknown and use online chat stage sessions in e-mail to discuss things Dr. emotion that the doubling sending files back and forth by e-mail it took 3 months very time-consuming voluntarily collaborative online work the make the video up try good going was at the time 26 year old engineer in Beijing on January 24 hours 2010 war of internet addiction was posted on a few video sharing sites it was viewed and forwarded to so many that millions of people purely within the 1st few days to capture the attention but tens of millions of gamers but also many others not only in China but around the world some that is that it's I subtitles so speakers of different Mandarin dialects could understand English subtitles by a Chinese student in New York State In the garment that the video sharing sites and elsewhere then he said they were moved to tears because the video captured so well their own feeling of knowledgeable of life as the game but also in general of some people posted that began to making them feel alive and valuable and why would they be pressure against people playing the game up in giant at the average amount of time users spend on the Internet is almost 4 hours a day the game is likely more than that throw a half the population of China the online is a normal part of everyday life war the Internet addiction abuse of service as a video created for a rather restricted consists guns but thank you and the the but it has been viewed in shedding comment on at so many
tens of millions of people because it captured their grievances desire for change so in fact answered the larger purpose going to organize elaborate is served the public purpose of varying the grievances of the World of Warcraft game as defending the rights of online game and criticizing restrictions and control in the society but the day when that in that make together with many other than anything created videos moves and we create is awarded addiction we're attributed doing emerging Gold you from the bottom up approach able in a playful but serious way the presented grievances make criticism at rally community is to represent themselves the most what they have learned out even satirized and criticize this antigen without being censored just quickly as a cold conclusion that net and balanced people in every society to a greater participation and more more aspects of their societies some of that part is a Bayesian takes the form of watching over the media what defending the ordinary people and game is writers in the award Internet addiction medicines everywhere but contesting for a better society the axes betting on logic is on-line users blind ways to contribute as Michael Albin wrote a revitalization of society the frameworks of being redesigned the bottom up and you want democratic world is becoming possible thank you for the and well
thank you very much but we do have some time I think or if you have questions you have and the yeah there's 1 here I thank you very much for pointing to these efforts made by netizens around world of may I that maybe we in Germany can learn a little bit of that spirit that there is the power to influence by the power of the word through the means of the Internet because recently have coming from the top down the discussion 2 sons of the net uh what you don't know what the senses are and they would decide how to censor so I think that this the stands for a and the power of the world's support of discussions for important thank you do you want to say something new to you if I have any comment it admits it I mean I think it's interesting that you make it very you it sounds very optimistic I'm still and that's
kind of surprising because a lot of the discussion at the moment is kind of like not so much more in the spirit of that will be used in the changing factor a small of what he was saying that there's a lot of censure so a lot of centralization and so and I find it very interesting that you are very helpful um maybe you could say 2 or 3 words to that the world is like the lady said when we put the book at a book store and this is on the welcome we gave a similar talk to people that you to optimize the and that was jointly years ago the knowledge when he is they've been like doing here and there's been South Korea and China the people of China I have never been able to be citizens they've always been the subject of the Empress of life far away and they can't understand each other because they speak different dialects but when they got but of that they use same characters and so for the people of China they found a way to find each other and to see themselves as responsible out may want a better China and the Internet gives them a chance to say that and so I think the optimism is not a personal good feeling it's observation that where the Internet has come to be bluff forward to make it into something better for themselves and in many places they succeeded and failed to succeed and fail and this is the early bird of this new phenomena but my point of view it has proven itself over these 2 and and I thought what's sort of amazing is this is the 20th anniversary of the book and I thought the South Koreans have made a very important body for the book so that's the somehow that's very significant that on at and I guess I hope to have find a way to to understand the significance of that but as you say when we go places you talk with you hate speeches talked about and that seems so the predominant but medicines called no maybe it said that's optimistic but it's not optimistic it's it's happening in a very substantial way and I thought the mainstream media somehow isn't able to cover and so it's up to the net assistance to cover art and so on if you don't know about it and then I think 1 you don't quite understand what's happening in the world but to he then you not optimistic and so I thought it's really important that we find a way to to understand not only the internet but the medicines because a lot of people say 0 the net it's it's it's only like some something you can use or it's you know it's but but it's a question of the medicines what the people doing with it and it's what's interesting is I been when I do research I basically sometimes look for that is is and what I find is all kinds of things are happening in many different places so South Korea is the most amazing really in nite and very
it's lots of ups and downs that to but but it's also that so that this somehow achieving something it's very important to somehow have some idea of how this is happening in what's happening so yeah so how do we get more the word out and we appreciate the fact that we got to to to have this presentation you so that you think you you very welcome thank you very much maybe a round of applause from the left
I cried and I had
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Gruppe <Mathematik>
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Titel Celebrate the 20th Anniversary of "Netizens"
Serientitel re:publica 2017
Autor Hauben, Ronda
Hauben, Jay
Lizenz CC-Namensnennung - Weitergabe unter gleichen Bedingungen 3.0 Deutschland:
Sie dürfen das Werk bzw. den Inhalt zu jedem legalen Zweck nutzen, verändern und in unveränderter oder veränderter Form vervielfältigen, verbreiten und öffentlich zugänglich machen, sofern Sie den Namen des Autors/Rechteinhabers in der von ihm festgelegten Weise nennen und das Werk bzw. diesen Inhalt auch in veränderter Form nur unter den Bedingungen dieser Lizenz weitergeben.
DOI 10.5446/33149
Herausgeber re:publica
Erscheinungsjahr 2017
Sprache Englisch

Inhaltliche Metadaten

Fachgebiet Informatik
Abstract "Welcome to the 21st Century. You are a Netizen (a Net Citizen)," wrote Michael Hauben in 1993 when he discovered that along with the Internet there had emerged a new form of citizen and citizenship. He called this new form of citizen 'netizen'. The article Hauben wrote introducing his research and the concept of Netizen to the world soon became the first chapter of the book "Netizens: On the History and Impact of Usenet and the Internet". Come celebrate the 20th anniversary of this book with us.

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