A Robot Psychiatrist and a Battle-Robot builder walk into a bar- and talk

Video in TIB AV-Portal: A Robot Psychiatrist and a Battle-Robot builder walk into a bar- and talk

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A Robot Psychiatrist and a Battle-Robot builder walk into a bar- and talk
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the water in the form of it he along with the and for the
time it object not the yeah at the
thought and about a little robot friend you today many 10 tone think joy and the not very important telephone and mom mom and so how do we get a lot of things that you know what I mean by that enacting head
over a time
many of you know that I would not 1 of the of the in the new iteration or was so and this is a Keynesian might face like in the use these don't have any
unilineal occurring in my like but I can think I think it's a wonderful idea heard so now 1st started in your body well as I stated in the 1st of all of the variants of about and in 1994 there
was robot words in different so again they have granted which went to the press competition would bring back you just created and I would watch them and I got through I was really
impressed and I thought it was a lot of fun so I decided to make some drawings and my parents looked at them and thought well and this is like a different idea so let's build a it
was about 11 filled with
family and then this life
yes we are with that great and as you can see the can you see that and so you showed the 1st of the 1st Revised
well yes and here's a plenty of robots that exile and the first one was still boy and out of know the Pillsbury
doughboy but I is I like and at that moment I was 10 years old and I decided to make this
metal box with a spinning on more blade on top and in order if it have a show but what I read what I did was I put gloves and a hat on top of the robot hiding the blade
so that I would come out into the arena remove the costume and everyone to be like 0 my god visibly an efficient and a lot of it was audience participation at that point and so I would throw croissants into the audience to get them on my side and that's how I will tell you this I was 10 years old and it was like to
compete with that of course the 1st
competition revive I I loved it and this was a pretty efficient robot and
it was a lot of fun and there was a small group
of people at that time is really a hobby for everyone and it was the 2nd year that maybe the 30 year that Robot Wars was ever around and so it wasn't that big and this was really made from stuff from the hardware store and if so how much it will then it was it was made from joy and I know I was destroying robots with that In once you've
got the robot fighting wars and
thinking of ladies in by how did
you get from doughboy
to attend to machines and
yes and in a play this video here a year ago and so behind us we're gonna see a little some clips of me putting together tend to me she and this was my next robot that I built when I was about 14 him and it's made from a ladybug sandbox and so you're right at the flea caught the but there and basically I was
looking for areas and some other form of robot to create
an and went through the files of hardware store as went through 2 is the as so this ladybug shown and thought that would be really cool
robot and In the thing is it's really light in thinking and
indestructible because of Medford like 4 year olds and so the plastic that the concept of this robot to that
the lid opens up closes down and covers the entire upon and then I have a spinning blade and science the whole
yet as it do video in
the area you have this this is robot wars in the UK I was invited out there there's me going against foreign she
you thank you all all both of my little intended to make the kind but the thing
about this is that the sandbox and a lot of its plastic but the stuff that doesn't matter is plastic so they could
get completely fold it in half and
bounce back to the made for toddlers
In this thing I want to
you said that Comedy
Central's battle but just in here is this 14 year old prodigy who did kill their elephant range is the idea of this Galanis spot and now I think the audio off but
basically it short clip of of me being interviewed by Jay Leno before he officially welfare and there's there's tend to rate their this is a little in the behind the scenes and behind there's a gander studiously below fight this thing and this is 1 of most
popular TV shows in America have yeah the quickly so when you are
now it's interesting that you write regular start of the robot
character you will influenced by science fiction the yeah so growing up I was very much into a
star trek and data and so yes applied for data here the main thing
I say that and I call me the
but I guess that the use sigh boring or a robot arm depending
on people's definition and the I grew up on Star Wars Star Trek and in start as just great it's it's the most advanced society out there and everything should be perfect and so why not limit this and in fact
simulated data and other words we mean
did you later due the way we think of robots operate logical or that how you perceived them from yeah with
data of I think Joanna's
is restarting come so I hear you correct
so yeah for Fredelia ideas I really related to the sense of being very functional on he doesn't have
emotions and is very and it's very thoughtful in terms of well this must happen we must save the ship so let's let's do this and and I are very much related and my own personal life to that opinion so I guess by relate more to robots and humans you may think it and can you describe this
year form and function philosopher universal philosophy in designing robots for the function right yeah form vs. function it is an
it's a huge thing when making combat robots there any robot really and as you can see of any of the above I built and have yet so here's a whole bunch of robots they built an In a for combat you really want 1 better be can be effective have a
spinning blade flipper and Julio the robot within 3 minutes and but that's not my entire year of the know I I want something of a character on something to be fun and
may be relatable area and friendly attracts the young girls to it and so that makes
of the face of i make lady by the same 2 things the deadly it includes also interior highly got call that but what we're we're currently doing from a town I want you find so I think there
was slide on so really the robots were a hobby and and for my job I've started doing rapid prototyping and the robots really sort of played into like teaching me had a project manager did do something when you're given a very strict deadline and must show up with the working robot and so that really helped to me in my career and as you to work at sprout wings developing a wearable baby monitor and I we got acquired by Mattel about a year and a half ago and the largest with company in the world but I'm developing text for them and and so it's the wearable baby monitor under a fisher price and we should be launching this year that's great our where you think the yield were 20 years from now 20 20 years isn't such a long time Joanne and moreover working in robotics for 20 years but I know for a really old if they the of I feel like sort the model of my
life I just takes the fun things like and what I find them when when they come toward me and just called up to speak at Republican and I said yeah sounds fun let me let me do it um so I just wanna take every fun opportunity and I also have a real passion referred to as seed in the world that it is a and I think people yeah we slides I would really like to work in an all prosthetics and just because I do a lot of 3 D modeling 3 printing and I love helping in animals and and I think there's not enough work done with them right now and there really uncomfortable people are using and like he could see like a pencil and some Lego wheels and so I would like to do scanning and make some very useful profit experiments the that's also in what I have people who are entering the field of robotics yeah I mean so i is
30 when I was 10 so that you know the DL there's a little box of 1st starting in robotics and and started tubes series recently where I I teach how to build a robot and it's pretty simple so I really I just want everyone to do it and there's basically a power sources and speed control in Europe signal the transmitter and and that power gets sent and into your motors so you know maybe maybe does sound a little technical but if you watch as we all know that becomes way easier to but I really think anyone can do it a hand up so you do your past and like all the time right so we can cite you get to wear like like with the talk for example how did how did you get from 1 robot project to another race toward your career and it's
sort of it follows my plan not they have a plan and we had to talk the building robots in doing this stuff every nite and every weekend they using
this passion has really got me the job because some people see the robot at the resonance
so I've never actually had to show a rather and they just go to you to bird watching ABC and they see my robot working in and they know I did it every nite and weekend and and they know a passion that robots as a as they are yard so at
all relaxed goal which when you love the most in life the the moon well guess sorta like children a
generally low 1 more than the whole thing that homes you have those 2 anyways is an I like many center I don't know if you could see
by brought many tensor with me and maybe I can discover say hi so many is um is a small region of maggot and so and could see the
literary moving close there's master the
capturing technique and so I built this 1 and it's it's really cute it has a clear shell and I'm thinking putting LED even at so it's more of an art piece and I guess this would be my
favorite right now a lot that's great in of here what career 20 years
much you like what is the proudest moment you career the proudest moment yes
How would probably still yet to come and that so that's so exciting effect again so what your thoughts on what's happening in the world with robotics today it and what aspect the most excited about it and will have
been a lot of people are talking about EDI and in AI so that there's a lot of robots right now with AI I haven't really been dampened dabbling in that and and then everyone is scared of EDI which is an artificial general intelligence where really that's that's what where we have to be afraid of that's when the robot take over an hour smarter than and it can be you know
it will do I think that the
I mean people feared computers decades ago right right doesn't want space lattice using a take over and now we
co-dependence dependency the whole world of tutors but they have great taking all as that that that's a natural thing to think about the robots take over with the AGI well I don't wanna be proven wrong but I strongly think that robots are not going to kill us
all and in the middle of that
status and intermediate like watching a movie worthless so afraid that they're going to kill us all and but uh yeah don't think
that the and I think it's not what I mean is this type of no more connected there so what is it that was due to me honey and how do you think intermediate and people should
respond to this these this fear about robots taking over the world and you're designing a robot so hopefully seeking
community or safe parts of the world itself raise so how do you how do you know when you recommend at the robot assistance were this
assumption I mean if you actually of radiation that might be on the side of the robot and be nice to them at the end of the track about societies about
a great agreed to be nice to them OK again I actually do and I think there was a request for some q and they would seriously
without absolutely I see so I'm going to leave it to someone to be
ridiculous thing who was
then yeah would anyone like to ask the question you can just shout a kimono yet good over
a distance of the microphone know you yes um I meant that I was hoping to last would call but could make
it very clear to you in this year's thank you for coming at the end you told to broaden it and go and I would like to know more about the experience reading this things from Customs yes that's a very good question and
so I had a factor very well I got a pelican in case they did totally destroyed and when I opened it everything was a mess and somehow my controlled entirely reprogrammed so I've been working in the hotel room about that and and they took some batteries out etc. but um they are not too bad and thinking
and the and here is a well yeah I have a question to use and because you haven't said anything about what you do you have a really
well because you know what I mean the world's policeman but it might be that so I'm going to transfer the the world's 1st surviving psychiatrist and I build myself
that all that we that the 1 used to go that way you care the world the human robot relationship that's the basis of my mission in life it's in it saying that 1 day when robot here where I don't
think it is and what they say about the business intelligence that perhaps i and there a living and working with
human clinical away from the commonly I have I had ringing in my
ears and I have you personally sad when needed some to deal with assuming but it's a way to get the world to think about some of the psychological and ethical and moral issues of of Libby and the 2 units every day and that's a little bit about what I do the the can someone reported
that question for me I can't hear you out thank you know what this word come
about comes down to in the world that we don't have a major yet and robots don't need it you need to do well
but it's actually like a patent filed OK so it it it's the parents and it's the owners that the therapy so none on it so it's not really the robot really concerned about my my real concern is on the human operating system is not the robot operating system so it's possible to humans our understanding other humans in being able to accept this technology so what I tried to pass the years is to bring robots and screen I've consulted for inducing descendant nodes is dead for about about i in I grossed myself robotics industry but I'm real effort is to bring complete international awareness to robot awareness leads to accept it it's been do
better in here think the center 1 white some the the leases so since we're all friends here but can you really tell us what you planning for the whole for next season uh
and we are friends but
it's less than that that that and there there has been no agreement yet we don't know anything about the 3 unfortunately but I
also hear that robot wars in the UK is doing something that you know maybe we can be involved in them and there's a lot of opportunities the so you're not talking to it OK meaning it
tells how it work with the sensors
to be able to feel a teletype again will
eventually I think that it's also about what future what I really want to actually feel getting
a hot dealing with some my senses and actually made a whole robust before you get well we can do about that in
the thank you doing and as greater talk with you know the the the
world or if in any