Connecting health – Systemic mHealth solutions for better pregnancy and birth

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Connecting health – Systemic mHealth solutions for better pregnancy and birth
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Eventually, we want the entire experience of pregnancy and birth to become a matter of joy and fulfilment – not pain and death. It is this common vision that we share across our network in Kenya, Germany, Tanzania and Cameroon and that forms the core of our innovations. mHealth solutions are often developed in “silos” in single island fashion, and while being successful, they don’t have the “collective and multiplicative” power to make significant and transformative change to our health systems or create synergies for joy and well-being of the citizens. We believe that only through pooling our collective intelligence, resources of all stakeholders, including policy makers, ICT specialist,...
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and is I good morning good modern bourgeois warned about assessing Boyd and this has allowed the and and it's not that and the the of the kind of thing really impressed it seems to be really in the hope that
he agrees with me it's really a fun and inspiring event to be at and we hope that our presentation will contribute to and to the forum and give you a good feel of how digital technologies have become really important issues in delivering health care in low and middle income countries so on behalf of innovation factory I'm happy to welcome you all to the session on connecting health systemic and all solutions for better pregnancy and by giving can what we'll talk about today is how digital technologies can help overcome the challenge that is really the close close to the heart of every 1 of 3 percentage even at Addis mothers and children what I want to start a session with a story that I was told and while working in Tanzania it's a story that we could have happened in many of the countries that as few this entity animal it gives you a glimpse of why we believe this is so important and why we want to present the work today and that's what I'm going to say is going to be followed by 2 presentations from an a panel discussion at the end so the stories about a young old I'm pregnant woman living in several Tanzania she's some 20 years of age and she's pregnant and when she felt at 1st and later payments and she did what was common in her village she called the traditional midwives and for the next 11 hours you would be lying on the floor off a small house and on the page with ours passing getting more and more unbearable and birth not progressing so eventually the midwife did decide together with the family to bring it to the next dispensary accessible by road she was carried by we'll card you have to imagine this streets and not not streets like we know those little footpaths that we have been talking about here and by the time she got to the dispensary and ask was present and she immediately called the ambulance again by the time the ambulance had come and 6 hours of pain had passed for the theater and and by the time she eventually managed to get to the hospital the doctor was there when the doctor came back he delivered the baby that was there yeah and in August Assistant high maternal and neonatal deaths and the resulting visibilities that women are facing in low and middle income countries are still 1 of the greatest challenge that we we're dealing with and what we're going to speak about today are really the concerted efforts by an expert in Tanzania and Kenya and Cameroon and Germany at all striving for common vision and that is to on that women like the the it can deliver healthy babies and the pregnancy really becomes a matter of joy not theirs their ideas that will be presented today have been developed in the framework of the innovation factory which is an initiative commissioned by the German Federal Ministry for an economic cooperation and development has been supported by the take German Technical Cooperation TI set and it provides a collaborated space for health and IT professionals to make use of the innovation potential that digital technologies provide support health systems in delivering
quality health care services while the initiative recognizes that digital solutions house solutions are often developed in silos single line fashion and that
while they are successful they don't have the power to make change to the whole system on and to create synergies so collaborated nature of ideation has really been at the forefront of this initiative and itself steel country units experts and policymakers and civil society organizations and and medical staff community health workers private and public sector have really come together and to forward systemic eHealth solutions based on the special needs of the countries and enhanced by local knowledge so the prose of ideational in these countries has been highly participatory and there have been informed by local needs and lack of international support all countries have done their own needs analysis analysis they composition of teams and the steering of the coming from off the of the teams as very different methods for developing the ideas has been different has been hackathons the use of design thinking methodology and ask them that's odd ideas that will not be presented by Stephen you see I welcome standing to the space the money and he is a member of the canyon country unit and he is an M by medical information specialist with really both of experience a hands on experience in the entire continuum of care from concept to foreign development implementation you supported maintenance of digital how strategies on which he has a very strong focus on standard based interoperability of digital Hall systems and um
C will now be presenting the results of the ideation process of the African factory team so didn't territory
how do much of the morning to modern in various with the rest of you must live with the again much insulin-induced even when you are from Kenya and uh as of interviews but I was involved in that it is possible for Kenya in primary what anxiety as also but we say that and really honored and privileged to be presenting on behalf of connecting to random Vanya biodegradable presenters letters from those 3 countries here and so I'm really grateful for that the trust me 2 % of its before them lies with this succession before we get a conversation and so this is what the customers radial get through the lights I'll stick for a couple minutes and then I think we have a binary fission but you cannot respond to questions in detail in the answer of generally the data in the context of this focus for digital health interventions was the reproductive child adolescent health only the country's under in terms of conceptualizing of thinking I think about the continuum of care for moment moments of time that is pregnant and to the future but the a child so the question then becomes what can be to help already eHealth but do for that and that continuum of care in terms of reducing maternal mortality John tell it in with anything that's really the question that you are grappling with and innovation factor models help us to think through how can we effectively apply digital health along that and that continue to reduce maternal and child Satan with it is so distant out of context so so generally know the the concepts of what you need is this challenges and again has been mentioned earlier there couple of similar telling you that it's a very different values in every country as expected but that is not the common set the course of the countries but differently that accessibility to quality community and my that outside this thing that's very are common to most of us who work in now in the most that's of countries and and then the communication and coordination between and across various levels of the Pentagon system so basically what the real case provided it is the countries I think of the noise of right from the national level to the community level for example in terms like Americans the community level is very disengaged from the health facility level as so the radio disconnect in terms of service delivery between the Lewis let which community services and the next level which is the health facility level but also thinking and Pennsylvania as well as the letter you disconnect vertically and horizontally so continued you've cared file systems of communication between patients and providers point of and providers and about as effective I need to see again is a big problem model don't know what to do when they get pregnant they don't know what the underutilization
scheduled on went with the facility of similarly have gallicas particularly common to help daughters I think of you know I'm not formally trained health care workers so they don't have very precise skill sets and their competence and capacity of a collection of services so initially to support for the for the mother young mother and also
for the health care providers and lastly known about data or lots of data but also the the challenges in making good decisions a lot of positions
unfortunately most African countries have been some authorities who are you know what's what is the evidence base so again that's a big problem we're trying to do with and and and that's the discussion for these to health as an intervention so
again of mention idea of this was writing called applied both of the countries that want to make pregnancy and by a matter of doing what does that
to united of the countries and we'll see later on in the slides but there is an opportunity for collaboration cell-to-cell again based on these common writing call the so as not to compare and
so Cameroon and will be discussed later on in more detail in the final the maintenance around around committed when delays delays but a matter of onto an assignment 2 basic care the is in terms of reaching the health facility again as I mentioned earlier on this that this the gap in terms of some of that community
level so motherland to health kill this for it is not the other health services for the sort of thing and then there's also delay in terms of once they get health facility but how quickly and efficiently DL in health substance so Cameroon dealt with delays relays and we had it own from the from this and about about those delays and how they affected the thinking in terms of developing the solution but but in terms of thinking about the solution then a lot of emphasis was on communication and collaboration I'll be connected they're different parts of the health care service to assure that the woman who
is pregnant actually gives permissions requires to make good decisions to seek help gain obtained 1 the Committee of what that is well-equipped is you know we knowledge with capacity with skills to ICTY about and this and of course of the development they have doctors inadequate and trained health-care personnel have equipments ordering minded and things are so we're dealing with that that continuum of care in terms of connecting to health care services at this honorable so provided the so that the key objectives fall Cameroon study sums of using this model for innovation fluctuate what endpointing women like another mention idea to make an informed decisions only minor to seek healthcare services before it's too late again have the story of the
the and so that was 1 of the objectives for that for the country and also the issue of the women seek around and it on Pacific yes I this is effectively we know that these 2 recommends at least 4 times that of the it's nicely indicates but we all know that there the number 1 thing Tokyo visits by remain the most entities with the law was supposed to be for example a container is less than 60 % no that's way below and it's really up contributed to i so many women lose children because they the they small all the the and jewels of health care workers so that's a big problem again cut across the 3 countries and of course believe the referral process we all know about the need for effective continuity of care people migrates for different reasons and so just to be a system that supports continuity of care right and then they mix of idea is that the marine
hopes to all was hoping to improve their ability to of what information verify our process and of course providing better evidence for making decisions then had sort of the observations 5 0 integrated ifyou equivalent that on side but 1 of the solutions was that and trying to encourage Europe strengthen the cooperation process between health darker so this bottom picture here shows a community health worker who is listening to my that to be done in this to of a pregnancy and above so more a bit more sophisticated by a still healthcare worker soap operas in between these 2 is important that the health of the this is at the village level and then is also the on plants in terms of following not practical for practice again you
find is that Stewart's trained SMEs and unskilled health darker and thirdly the types of solution was on also not patient-provider communication so using and taking advantage of mobile phones to communicate to the pregnant
woman so this the object is in Canada to improve the class of assumptions the model was on it to improve the performance of a health care worker and also improve the surveillance capacity of the health system so when someone gets pregnant she's not followed up until pregnancy until the the but
a bunch of the were hoping that through innovation factor process that the unique in terms of discovering but ability and protecting that solutions using the collaborative requirements the development methodology would come up with innovative ideas and I think we did that to a large extent and also utilizing and advantage over to help assets like mobile phones that most people have incomes like Kenya and also but given that it doesn't operability contributing to the Enterprise architecture thinking of the country and lastly was the value so the value of the difference in then you has fairly mature and this 2 systems actually systems that are more you talk about it around and this picture shows the 1st problem which is that fragmentation so they have made the systems are implemented in the whole country but right now they're not well integrated so the system communicated the healthcare worker whose at the bottom there and so committed to that with a pregnant mother and all
try to send it to the national health information systems also fragmentation a loss of a problem because of that purpose now the solution was to integrate this using interoperability and then what the 2nd picture shows us is that the music for example into property from what like the Open Health Information Exchange valuable to that integrates data and wasn't important operate systems in a way that ensures sharing of data and continuity of care so that they what the 2nd is trying to do and so they're really working hard on when the letter from Ministry of Health and
that's generally been adopted is going to lead to happier models and and Johnny happier and health committees so they have a very well what
you and health of community of practice and these other objects opens idea again but this can integrate system stronger because it's a big problem that reduced but the light by the tightest sorry about is everyone coming with the different or similar ideas and trying them on its impressions and then of course what is very close with Minister of Health and food is the hope to all you know aggregate data use it that and make it more available and through collaboration and solve bigger problems
so we have a bunch of opportunities but this is actually a welcome side to all of you that might be set in what can the different countries we have fairly mature concepts we have very much to our implementation plans that we
can engage a difference of reports knocking these 3 countries so you don't feel welcome to
speak with any of us of all that spot but these environments a given that you what with governments all these new innovations are led by government minister of held very strongly so well into the system so we have a fairly old 2nd is environments to implement this systems and in most systems the department is a big problem in 3 countries so if you're expecting to probability integration of systems again at the opportunity to
work in the 3 countries from people who work well in open communities of practice again um be the parties in as well but if you're in capacity-building both characters uh that's a big challenge but also that's ongoing and and then if you and
reception conditions answer such and evaluation again loss of operatives do research and inform practice and yet it has a bunch of ideas but we also hoping that you can show more interest thank you very much so the
context a
think use even alpha is great presentation have now that we've had from 3 African countries I would like to introduce to you if the teachers union who
is the key peasant for the German country unique who would like the other teams have undergone a similar ideation process and they come up with a wonderful idea that he will not listen miss a kid is that director of the at the Medical University Institute of Computer Assisted medicine is the system at the German hard Institute in Berlin and used the CEO of the company called the medical communications and involves the product development project management for digital house solutions welcome Mr. to human
have act of thank you for the introduction of new things for the Bruins tall the although just looking for among just so you know endurance
it but it doesn't want to think of the PowerPoint presentation on it and it and it it it OK great thank you very much in the the yield and the small media and Everybody knows problems seeing the slides some space in the front the and so I think we need to take that 1 so maybe just have a shot of um you back historical view about what this digital health means in the context of international development and humanitarian aid so if you look at the along you're um period at things and the focus of these actions in terms of the agent and after the development of very much on tropical medicine which evolved 1 more step by step for international health in the column on the porch and needed compost for we where the family planning aspects like Steven presented that already came a little bit more on the screen and the fairest of health and services were established this was then followed by a followed by something which I would like to call it the global have 3 point so where we have more the focus and that's a current time on a more global uh and um system diseases slide which of also and the use of contrastive talking about like tuberculosis databases each of the and and so we have to have to take account much more complex diseases also then just a tropical and disease elements which I mentioned before our and when thinking about global health 4 . all which becomes a reality hopefully soon we need to tackle certain things which are much more 1 depending also on technology and and linking different institutes together so this in a university or a single health center will be not able to tackle that when we're talking about patient participation like and the mobile health area linking data together as Stephen also mentioned that and particularly for the Tanzanian project to encrypted data into 1 platform to make really really powerful use all of and that's what we would like to call global health 4 . 0 actions but let's step back now and we have a lot of problems before us on before we can talk about global high health and 4 . or we have large amounts of data yes but there remain and used
very often we have a lack of data of which you can collect of course in the remote areas in the cities approach for a robotic we have something which is called digital
divides the more remote things are the more difficult it becomes to really get high quality data also the quality data must be taking that must be taken fresh market anyhow always behind it isn't really helping me and then we have the lack of interoperability student just a preventive 3 projects in Cameroon um in Kenya and Tanzania each of this project consists of many other projects so we have huge new fragmented landscapes of different solutions and this is also very important this is driving costs tremendously if we are not able to reach which kind of critical mass and draw on merchandise aware of solutions we will end up the spending a lot of effort and money and the island solutions which might refined in those particular island but we will never get the global started from state scope of of the 1 in terms of use of project which I just would like to talk 1 minute about where we tried to or that's illustrating the the different eHealth solutions as a cluster of different future fragment of things to bring a little bit on into that and to arrange these different of applications and a way like you know from your iPhone use them at stores where you actually can take those in those tools you which life and use are those which you are not finding interesting you're not on and downloading them or not using them so we arrange things in the protocol subnet that's a European project in such a way where we have icons and guidance illustrate different ways how you can use the different tools and the tools means that you start with something slide witches of interesting for the national level for instance where in collecting basic data and the different health center so that you really know what the prevalence of a disease what we need to do water or tackle a specific disease how often this medication use what is the treatment applied in different hospitals so at the registration of the house and also hospitals that's a basic information we need a strong human agent applying help system that we have not these information available you can't move had become make things better so that would be the 1st layer of the 2nd layer is and then maybe 2 or Robert your role and see how the position of the patient and some benefit from these different things them tons of applications for radiologists for cardiologist for that the topic of talking today about being a row of child and mother of the sum of all these kind of things and then the 3rd layer might be given some giving skills and by education training programs which now can be very well done for and digital media so I'm education must not only of the performed on the local side so we have the marks we have tools like was from millions of people participated in they it can be of course use from medical training to um we have some role of these projects in different countries including a very difficult country lecturing on the new knowledge on Bangladesh Eritrea and Phillipines and the global idea of German country unit goes all form of this kind of experience with the new partners from come Tanzania and Kenya kind of a common standard to define a standard where we can really share resources but also the subtitle of innovation breast and sharing ideas and resources and solutions and have more transnational our approach of these ICT solutions for health so which means we have at least in a kind of minimum standards of some of the technology and a minimum standard of data that we want to collect and from there we can then spread into over communities and enjoy over more in rural areas and to have a diversity of applications but we must have a shared platform which allows us to also share resources which are sparse and that's a little bit of idea how this would work and then we're talking about tools which have already a huge and lower footprint like Oppenheimer as the report more than 4 million cases per year moodle view learning to about 5 million cases per year of so called digital health information systems with more than 3 million reported cases and not more than new tools like pro forward toolbox um to unify them in the hospital information system environments combine them and and health and prevent them in which part of the form that analysis of course is also very important the neutral and make sure that all of the data has high quality and also over Doctor science suspects become more and more traditional so also here in terms of
deep learning machine learning that have need new tools and our and report information about the collected data and
that's basically it just have part of minutes I think I use servant loose Venturer much
fj I think and now I was going to
read it and what has just been presented are cool ideas but are not to school everyday solutions that are close to the heart of the people working on it on the participants of innovation factory all working in that area that with a lot of effort into this in order to save life and babies they all unique ideas Towards Better Health systems and then making use of global experiences and local knowledge and of course digital technology so which leads me to coming in presented you the panel of experts which is composed by the representatives from each country in butter cream on the validity of already been introduced please come to the states and now it's ladies time but don't what I meant to be and and money can
the mn put work here we only think yeah so manner to EEG ECM 1 and consultant income Rudy's these black and maternal reproductive health he's like as a consultant and technical advisor to the GHz and she has also been instrumental in you know opening the 1st midwife in Cameroon
with 400 15 now that have a license to take care of antenatal and postnatal care services she's organizing training of health workers that give the furthering her knowledge about party GM and then how to take care of women in delivery we all have now we hear money we can achieve some a highly experience in mobile health development community development projects project management and eHealth she is currently working executed director of the invention to all technological ideas development organizations short until the Tanzania she's however also the secretary of health community of practice of which is a group of experts and organizations 68 by the Ministry of Health and as a platform for technical exchange coordination and cooperation in the field of digital of intensity on the welcome again to the entire team and I
would like to start and session with a couple of questions for myself to the teams that you will also have the the opportunity to ask you
questions so the 1st messenger that to the global level and that to you and that the punitive you know you've all what integrated participatory nature on a global talents and through proposing local
solutions and the German kind some of those beyond that level and and I would like to understand a bit more from you what global opportunities you see in change in the local solutions that are at stake the hinterland that some for thinking well just try to
convince the emotional talk about home for into 1st to really have a bunch of solutions I think if you don't reach a common level at least a minimum standard when we have lost simply because of the cost otherwise the too high to really push this digitalization through uh medical application and the our target countries and I think the root this huge opportunity to introduce these tools timely and there might be some otherwise of 10 maybe 15 years until we come to a 2nd opportunity draw introduce things like that and I think digitalization of course it's not curing patients but set that's the from them and that's really the fundamental on which and the health care system must build on it for the mode have developed area I can't make healthcare befuddlement no evolved from what locations of suffering that's why can't learn my health care the the doctors are not able having access to or share expert ties become become experts and all these things on our can be easily solved by some digital tools which already exist but we need political support
support its point of on 1 which might be lacking and on we need also the willingness of the players to really I agree on a standard 2 layer form and when you own kind of formats and to push things jointly you
have and that's 1 thing such a global approaches the important to realize the local approach states acting very can
fully agree with that and not going from a global to the local level what I would like to ask to that I'm actually on since she's really your hands on in the field I mean you have a story of Dorothea how would you say that in know approach like happy mother's would change the life of the affair and how we we will be talking about linking we've been talking about this is how does the protein integrate within the whole system thank you good morning everybody with then
again and my has led with his bones will I think we understand this study and we have to in much cont and we have an integrated solution it's much for and that and the platform the 3 men function the 1st part of his bit dipole and home-based care these community here and this is not part of the scene improve reference process that France process the improved communication the cheese community have woke and this step in the HITS and because here we have the proposed collegially it down to take a decision to go to the hospital they dumped envisioned in must be the and it down to the top of the center to take a decision and now we are at the beginning of that of this community that adding rule to take a quick decision I think that is the different reporting that we can have this much of this much fun and they in they did application and also a lot of the different of of community thank you
that element madam actually and we talking about the potential benefits these technologies can bring to the other and just health-care systems low middle income countries and with fired and numerous 7 efforts that already out there and some might actually even also whether we need you know even more protects the going in that area and while you know integration scaling up this year to take place in many parts so and a question that goes out to Tanzania would be and you know how is that innovation factory and approach that you've been developing different from what has been done before and you know how the all the try trying to overcome this challenge
the main meetings so he abandons with thank you add in Tanzania we had a lot of housing the housing project a lady but the problem with trying to solve use the PTT of those projects and the program is all these would just being implemented in and they reach it this is because those places which are hard to be reached the point excel going there so Outline of version was to help the Minister of Health to make all these predicted to be integrated into have a system which would guide all the project implementers to know what to do anywhere to do there is no need of repeating the same kind of project is in kind of solution in the same area and that's the problem we have you might find that is said and done in the same areas many 10 3 times for signs in different results ministry need that is but that it should be from all the countries not just a few areas in Tanzania so we as the implemented with all that that you would be better if the mental health will help us to coordinate all the project in Tanzania so that they can be implemented in the areas where we're not to be reached to the standard of the immediacy not to our standard so because of the and the mean is the 1 who actually that as the mean is the 1 which needs improvement of the people living is the 1 which leader with these acts not as we're just partners to the health soul our aim was to change all that happy to have in the implementation process who wanted to each other areas which relative each backs with coordination of the means of health thank you know and I think we really
seen you know how different and these countries are approaching this but also where the commonalities so this is the question that now goes out to the you know we've talked about the data that context and but they are also a lot of commonalities then you know there's both in the in the in the in the challenges that we encountering but also 80 and the solutions that have been developed so I'm which commonalities GCU body it seems advantage
of you know why can't get and these challenges that you come from if is the old saying for once all of the variables in communication of collaboration and coordination and and conservative care is is that of the look at the fundamental that we all using acoustic full countries with the country's in of the underlying what the really this the the of some systems that promote continuity of care and we support the interoperability that is this little standards and I don't think we're going out of the stop the proliferation of systems of very different from each other but I think the fundamental thing to focus on the user how support continued you care using some of this and appropriate unless we would to focus on a lot energy that's really the opportunity for us here very well I Othello and you know a
question any also use that to the panel on way dealing Indian know land he seemed advantage of not liking it as as an individual organization on the ideation process that actually 15 lacking within your country but also across the countries and every you know it's a question that goes out to all of you active last activities like that another thing the fossil from the planning from each other and that that the health of the weights of these texts and and also users of the than the resources very wisely and that because they use all of the growing up and rapidly growing out of the trend of where the that the the green for Digital global goods common goods is called so that in the leaves and improve rather than reinvent and it creates and you liking that these projects were coming that have ceased in my complete because they're guess what the response vector to community need that is that this problem and this is that community that Walker is when integrating this system and that what is the make and difficult decision because I think that there is OK and this so this problem that we have been the quantities that only have localized market for my little ones multiple when there were these nodes very well in the late and the 1 that the process what the government that we take for me to have woken allowing for money but the In this system Thank you yeah in to my say that these working together is group will and that's In summary should we
have advanced this is not so there isn't listening to from 1 country to another which can improve our host systems that can help to solve the problem we have is non-legal falling this indeed while others was a little ball and then all the way out so Cameroon has wanted to reach that level be kind from maybe Tanzanian in we can lend from Germany and other countries there is no need of repeating this semi 6 while others is a legacy of the yeah we also want to add a man
who resorts concerned about food greed and on what the problems are not the same but they similar enough to the
region of formal joined wars away require policymakers to support these kind of projects in the future of the people of the model the past thing OK thank you for your ideas and so you know and we've we've
talked about it we need political support we've talked about that we need minimum standards and before it you know building strong local solutions we need to add to look at the
systemic solutions that look at all the levels of the health system and also especially at community health that has been neglected in certain areas we need to look at the integration of of of of of system and rather than repeating solutions we need to look at the I think you summerize very well with your with your foresees communication coordination collaboration and continuity of care and in that also in creating a learning environment you know really sharing ideas we too often my think that in our own little in a nutshell and think without sharing ideas and I think that video sharing ideas can lead to 2 and a lot of uh you know enhanced the effort like the seeking it's an ongoing and really want like to you know give you the opportunity to also ask questions to our next heard
who asked questions and so at yeah the thank you very much for the brilliant presentation on they need some air from common role cluster and update C and Menominee have sold
the concerns about this integration with the community at the end he rightly said it that you know our community participation in health is not
farmer has not been formalized and indeed the novel and what and this you know when somebody's being been and what you always called a community community but station come and go this form of common dies the women to come to the hospital that they have to move to the health facility have to spend their time and that 1 because the knowledge of the talk about community participation that not thinking about the motivation I'm so happy that now we're having these so the the b f which is before Monday's financing we started by saying that OK now we have more less than 60 per cent of deliveries along Donoho facilities meaning that more than 40 % as carried out in the community and so all this tradition of that attendance now what are they doing to motivate them to know that they can identify the respect us and bring this patient to the hospital these women delivery is a natural process that complications that counts and that is when we have the mortality and I think with this idea of integrating and made the community will the health facilities that would be great enough to see
that we can really uh minimize the simultaneity of the seventies thank you thank you and I think I think what you what you just brought up as a very important issue now that that is the involvement of national stakeholders in the development of such ideas and I think that something that has been key in each of the countries in in the flood and in the in teams where and you know the Ministry of Health was also in the steering so I'm convinced the old ideas that have been developed and are being developed they did they already in that integrated then address that level and like in the case and off of coming in and I think the way the idea has been structured is actually to you know this this this project you will also be able to very much in foreign policy makers of the needs that you were talking about the needs to you really formalize the system really give community health workers and you know not only am a role but and get off all the lights go and and the system I don't know if you have if any of you would like to add to that thank you I agree with cone is the and rapid to see but the problem that we have again is the problem of traditional him know that traditional had and that that and that they give more savings and there it is not expenses that hospital that is a compromise that the some cities in those with that I'm always busy and you have a serious problem you know upon please that promote me midwife know that this no midwife is not a long time that this school of work is open and is open season corals and the beginning you opened 2 thousand and then but I think and have the 1st comma I did to order uh coma and look the this system but that is the city of program that if you want to walk in the community is good to have provided is good to have a midwife to walk with them and I that before I come here I supervise they but does that put the type based in the 1st 1 deletion in 1 region that we did happy and we have a did game you know what we the the case achieved in their 1 vision of hell with but that she warned at the level of community be fomenting that and if you don't mind at the school I went to support yeah the let's hope that you know
the way produce structured that can all over it so happened more questions from the floor however with the from your thank you for it the
warning about this have you have a comment and then the question last some this a given year the year the water and interval the linear from each other the late stage we used to have a low we used after going on the cooperation between river the humble and the Churchill that together with the uh the tangle digital responsible and analyzing the comment only 1 end up in the northern part of fully committed to this and they found that we didn't really now because the about how when the the acid has advanced but commonly in Tanzania the look like similar they share challenges so what they do they will they did is that how to solve the corroboration and now what would you can win we then you can only refunded are been better so and support of the as the project we are support to the tongue almost all the way to go to Bamenda within a so if you have a prayer it would the Office function you into the so called you customer care so much playing when a good when done laid now for wedding fantastic attended only freedom is even more than the coming concessions for enforcing so sort universal of that is the linear from each other as they tended their strong where the true that you can become so in love coming up with dicta word so discussed tuition all police from Kenya can come with knowledge of the a wedding but in some Western Union in mother and child the the communication is a good to but now coming up with all the level of course we have we are not having over 2 more between the band before my friend from the tragedy if we had
that a tumor was uh subpart a techniques supported by the tragedy uh accorded poster performance surfaces and to know the problem with the system this this limited the challenges where knowledge shared the joint venture was almost over the of predictor can mean a supporter of the gendered self now having given guys in the country they give up man now the and now they're ouch became known we have written the option option you of you OK so they ever present they haven't they can with another also another tool that be focusing on the mother and child I think you should download it upon came and went out of Chicago made with a lineup which is now the challenge now the question is I Europe loving out knowledge well enough a wonderfully wonderful
what of the of the year so I looking at the interdictor word you to come in on your mind to become in your mind chauffeur supply beach and is very briefly and and I think great great things for for this and what I think this is a key challenge that we all
facing and added that continues fluctuation within development cooperation of different partners different approaches in all of
them and not talking to each other I am not trying to really ensure that sustainability so I think this is a call that really goes out to the you know all the ministries that goes out to all the elements of organizations and that supporting but I think it's also a question an issue that is trying to be addressed at least in Tanzania through the community effect is another so maybe Molly can also that actor that year what he's saying is true some model by implementing organizations and in our community we're more than 70 communal organization Implementing on how we saw the same problem that today I have find from Jersey I'm cremating on how and that only came in this and maybe I would make sets kind of projects so I could be friends when an ad approach at this simply as mind has not yet been adopted by the government and the other 1 has not yet not did not sustainability 2 non-scalar be leads his skills so we is community decided to have this kind of logic that we need to push the government to set standards for all the projects we want to be in Tanzania so that it can be easy for the government to adopt them when they find schools out if we want to to collect data of for years my put should be of the same standard would that project so when it can I do ABC once somebody else came should know the F G and the other 1 should continue this so that things can be scalable and can be adopted by the government not the way we are 1970 everyone comes at this and mess with this kind of project but is to actually changed this is probably why you know that ended questions of what to add tequila presenting is in any area is of
the different than your colleagues in Cameroon and then we still have the
fragmentation on a larger scale so I wrote I mean throws raster and I'm really happy to see that the Tanzanian government is taking a little bit of responsibility of least but I think we should even push harder problem to a kind of a generic 20th theory we're really false all the players to accept a common standards and if this is not meant to have also a long-term plan of former timizes and otherwise we we will end up with the same what we have little bit some things were some other remarks were and this was sensor-fitted across our resources are obviously and let's not endless that is
in almost all of that and I think uh this uh some of you not in this and the is a 9 principles all 42 development
if you happen to look them up and they've really been formed out of this sort of experiences and in that and I think the very good collected principles that bind as that at the should actually be just to floods forming a code of conduct both of development partners and also as implementers tool to support government implement this the could be 30 governance issues and I think incentive saying that offered a Tanzanian team and on you know I'm sure you will come both of the community of practice and also of course iteration factors seem to contribute with your ideas and the lessons that you've learned in in in in your project and also to welcome you to I think there is a there will be a presentation by the way the view of development of innovation fund and Tanzania on exactly those principles of development of of coming to do get in touch with the team and I'm sure that yeah that's a good start this phase over there is my country's thank you it tho and could get looking at stats from 48 so just a quick
come into what was just said about and the need to push governments are like an anecdote because it's not only government sets and helplessness fragmentation you all mentioned before that when I was in South Africa there was this incident of actually GI sets and a KfW and accidentally and basically comprising a very similar project in the South African government than asking back like guys I'm
talking and they left that officers on the
same complex and so it's an it's happening everywhere Bread for the world is also not that good and that so the problem that also the development agencies and engines have to
take to the heart because the short end of the stick is of the executing partners and beneficiaries and that were actually wanted
to ask is 1st of all and Mr. crooner mentioned at the political support that is needed and I was wondering if and because 2 countries presented here and Kenyan and Tanzanian you are in the east African Union and I was wondering if something is happening there In that sense there's any energy there between I think that also includes runner and that's necessary of this energy and and any energy there and the 2nd question basically to all the panel because we're talking about and how you
not eHealth as as the as the sun so I was wondering and is there an experience that well on the technical level the most robust and and best accepted and technical
features you using I you're relying more on SMS and feature phones or is it more advanced tools you use
OK the 2nd 1 about the original forms of governance the community of because most of you may be aware of that encodes a practically and in terms of just the functionality and nothing much is going on across the countries there is a municipal community there is a sort of a section of the green eyes and a 1 . for eHealth coordination across the 6 countries in the East Africa Community but it's a country to country cross-border is a strong answer but I think it's it's evolving to us that point yeah thank you writing in my country earpiece new we have gift that moment gifted Maltese project or make like year that is begin that only 1 here we have to talk to to walk together to see how to implement it in the quantity but not what about year like electricity shot these access to electricity the probable world is not easy but the reading that these and support provide that to make this sensitization and education in the community thank you and I think I would like to that that last question EEG choked about about you know and
how the of what our in other technical solutions that out there that already working and successful I think I would like to pass the question to to lose it because I think that's what they approach it is also about looking at what proteins are successful and how to integrate them in
Tanzania and we have to section have you home and temporal you help me is much bigger in and these in a small branch and house is not on about SMS will have some more advanced devices we have uh multiple full of full checking he said the heart activities and I we call it this this contempt of didn't and at the end company the members so we have more than years semesters will have other protocols which are helping we in 5 we advise that a lot of uh concerning the 1st question just about the uh correlation that is much of political I can say that 1 and that the guys in the government but in daily use sense nor tip things has been done that we a sport and we don't have a quot abolition in how the between Tania Tanzanian wonder when every using is Africa country has its own stand is on sanity insulin of what he sees so we are not yet at the core of what it thank you and we
only have a few minutes left here and I think what has really you know there's a lot of things that have come out and as a wealth of experience is out there so I think the 1st lesson is really
you know getting together really sharing the experience that they've is out there and I know for example Tanzanian if then the mapping of all the projects of our work is about 120 is something that that we don't know that there's a there's a wealth of experience get out they ask for it get connected and the names of the
participants were on the last slide please just come forward I think the other thing that we really learnt and is is the issue of and it's a call for long-term thinking for sustainability for the global standardization and for a you know using that for localized context for looking at those
principles of digital development that are out there and you know we having a code of conduct yourself and I would like to pass on microphone for a break before wrapping up to 100 an it's just say and you know lost it yet but I think you am I manage like advisor and the innovation factory yeah on pocket and um i Justin like to say um thank you on behalf of the and that's and of the Ministry of some economic cooperation and development end of 2 years that's for a and B all the efforts that's on the health and diet is a health experts and IT experts that thing here as representatives of all the other people and in your countries and their institutions and networks and some now that you really pushed forward and the connectivity between the initiatives that they're they're they're ready and into and how to combine and the link between the different levels really from the bottom up from the mothers and their children up to the governments and to the policy makers and all and people in between the medical staff and everyone who has an important and see I just like to impress my express my appreciation and I hope that the concept and the innovations wealth right and I hope also that some the rocket some context to um have afterwards hands on that and how there
student at the beginning of the plan


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