Access all areas - Independent Internet Infrastructures in Brazil, India and South Africa

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Access all areas - Independent Internet Infrastructures in Brazil, India and South Africa
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The digital divide is a clear and persistent reality for the more than 4 billion people who cannot avail of the social, economic, and civic benefits resulting from access to the open web. The winners of the Mozilla Equal Ratings challenge will present three different solutions on how to connect underserviced communities.
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but I at the time and he
called the and but that contribute to the I'm I'm onto a
2 and a moderators session I can ask to because we do have a passion for decentralized networks and as we do mobile mesh networks and so am I feel really on it and I look a bit not like a start up uh person right now because I really had a 3 hours workshop at the H R festival and and also a dance artists so that was about tangle lifestyle meeting corporate culture that's the outfits some and I hope you like it so um yeah we have 3 winters here they are they are some awarded projects by the whistle of foundations and the panel is from access all an areas independent infrastructure Brazil India and South Africa so very international here um I can I have on stage and Jesper it's just the thing I think we will
go on Saicho we go 1 after all talking we do 1 of 2 so that is something about the other main winners there the main main winners in a
i have the
project is called um grandma right and the other way manners of them with the like equal rating challenge armed which is some of our challenge by the Mozilla Foundation arm in order to foster an open Internet arm they're interested audit see the Internet as a global public resources and therefore
they created this challenge and they have 3 principles and those are and free discrimination free off discrimination and free of gatekeepers and free of paid to play so on yeah
desperate and you are you are the senior project engineer of the Department of the of a lecture electrical engineering of the Indian Institute of Technology in Mumbai had to write this down as you can see that but it's I hand over to you OK we can have 3 minutes presentations of each project and then we cannot discuss a little bit of the challenges and down the last thing is we can have
a Q & a session so desperate thank you and so interaction by this and the thing is that 2 representation so because this solution as the GOM mod
solution let me just explain the system in 2nd so ground in its that is that he knew or ground and saying you can say to garments really as so religious and a model is already so v find of faith of the status to the rulers so I think of what the focus here is the connectivity what about the the people who are unconnected 1 so we just find the solution to this more than open no innovation challenge which is given as a APEC fumble through showcase globally of 1 and the same thing for that OK so the Constitution engages like you can see 4 billion people unconnected globally
OK so 800 million that's fixed lack 40 pardon religious we have 6 lakh particle the religion in India and 0 what unconnected I'm like
uh there's no connectivity so forget about of the mobile connections to which even so the output unconnected with difficulty the black so by this so we have many challenges like so there's no back on the back on is the fiber point
of presence that is that that the debate the point where the endemic in the internet connection is actually sold like yeah getting signals on a mobile vital to nearby
Jesus says station where it's very and mix and you're able to receive a signal and the villages the all back on so
this is the 1st of a maintenance thinking so why and how like these it unconnected because it's the law of no private
operators are going because VO IA view on this work average you when you but we use that means by what appeared on 1 the win the villages because they feel like knowing them is coming back so date did a strong 1 the next difficult that it so in India is mix off that in different ln somewhere is the less he began to call them as cogs someone sees the reverse so it's a makes so you know we have a blind you are forgetting and you know latin itself in different is very difficult so we came as the solution so what is the
what is the solution so it's at the the bites you know whitespaces quality free job in that television spectrum so we have different perspective you know what it's like a hundred regards on makers the frequency because it's a dataset is of that in the frequency which can sounds for a
people fight it giving a hearts is that there is an frequency which currently this to be as the national broadcaster Doordarshan but they distort and use so different positive entries smaller gents like it regards of their but in India a complete ban of like 90 megahertz is line free and
nobody's using them so what we are proposing the government OK by the user better putting because no spectrum is Spanish sparse this like girl if today at this moment you're not using the spectrum it's totally based like all the other think it's got like spectrum they're not using it it's got OK so we came up with the unique solution by the colonists unique
solution because it's a 1 boxes veritable the
fiber diameter enters it give them past boxes that you can take the internet connection from the fiber bundle presence to the unconnected when using these different locations like back on is again using that you might space as of you have developed low-powered low-cost solution chips that can be you would you'd utilized the the date the internet from the fiber of grid point of presence to
the different 1 so it has unique probably like is the frequency the interpretation you can go
on long fiber make the going begin with you you have gone so and vector 1 is the coverage area so you can go 1 more on lake so because dead different even Devon and of the businesses to foster you think of what different and long villages which already unconnected with the help of distribution so this can be an outdoor and indoor the back the means provided by the presence to the unconnected bent and dense symbols can be was thought but what you hearts and all our connected talk about you know this
like you can collect them on board at any anyway so next 1st like scalability yeah so no to
known mobility that means the pedestrians we call them as fixed broadband users fixed like you're sitting here you're getting the neck to do need things because people in the villages they just the goal in the what did I 2 in the nite and they can utilize so the main thing is we are focusing its fixed so what we got do this for the fight the so scary the ladies and all this in hardware by the option
hardly used the open the and so open source of so whenever we have delivered that develop Soviet wouldn't like open-source anybody can use this out of Canada's and provide and uh this distance solution to the blue and unconnected communities so that's what we say
that we have and don't and distance solutions for connected the ruler of the unconnected other and of comedy what is the need of the nation We have underneath people's the have taken a men and that in itself technology 1 they the have network labeling that then you will get this commented on disability should be connected with this of 5 enterprises and on so they have to be accounted as the different different testbeds properly tested yes fucking fine and then we have sure sure economic changes that means if you can just do this so people will be but we are going to create that relates level and brand which states that the model is that a substantive but if you go around it but we use it and do then you will be definitely is indicated but with what with local solution low power so this is the only thing let's get because there more when is so that's why we call that the sky this solution is that it so thank you
thank you thank you just spreads soul and we have the 2nd winner of the equal
what's alike equal rating challenge understand 10 from project them this way and to Mezzanin backround
in digital um and media and advertising and he's um he joined disease we as head of content and figuring out that content is a good business here open a new business this calls to this side correct so here you have and and
and and so on go it started and I ran into the and so on from prejudices way
which is an organization and non-profit that delivers free public Wi-Fi in public spaces in South Africa predominantly low-income communities we started in 2013 and the main thing that we did that was our primary kind of driver of success is that we convinced that the city of 20 which is the capital city of South Africa and 1 of its because nature is that the Internet should be a municipal service like ordinal it the electricity everyone to get a very basic daily quota Wi-Fi the the so we started out address that 5 sites in the city said if you had said targets in we'll talk about a bigger
project we smashed this targets out and they you could see that there's a massive demand for this public Wi-Fi and
since then it's been a snowball effect than we delivered of a thousand free internet signs as we call them which are maybe the size of these theorems would be 1 free internet and so we got a thousand across the city of 20 connecting over 100 thousand users a day and since inception we've connected 3 million unique devices to the Internet and just to give you some context there
are only about 3 million people in 20 but obviously a few people have have uh um multiple devices but we made a huge impact in 2008 and
people or by using it daily all the time to keep connected and how we manage to make its affordable and at a fraction of the cost that they irregular sort of private supply would be able to provide is we use municipal infrastructure so we city power and we use hottest city high sites that have been used for the actual antennas and it is clear is a lot of the red tape and about digging trenches and getting permissions and just
makes it a lot faster than a lot using a lot cheaper and we'll see is local suppliers so we don't
have a centralized take the team goes around the country or around the city we use local guys you're really going out to richer people you getting wife I put in the house but we just pay them to go into the informal settlements with the way they normally would go to the basic sort of uh maintenance and servicing of the hardware and we struck deals with major fodder suppliers is a huge amount of items of Africa underground but these supplies don't have any incentive to bring it out of the ground and go the last mile full these informal settlements because no one's going to pay for it and this you
strike a deal with a city like we have and so we giving them at a discounted price but it's better than getting nothing for this 5 it's just continuously flowing underneath the ground and then we've also got deals with providers like ruckus um hardly as part of a suicide then what are the other main things that
we do which is being part of a success is that's weird offer significant order and 500 megabytes per day per device and the main
driver behind this is that in South Africa mobile dada station prepaid plans is usually expensive and 87 % of essays on prepaid not plans and depending on how much you by that uh how much about time 500 made will cost you plus minus 10 dollars which is the daily wage if you're lucky enough to have employment so you can imagine that having at 500 megabytes per day is really putting money back in in people's pockets and the problem is that these mobile . 2 users have had is that it almost becomes a self-enforced walled garden and that
you only access the internet for the very basics of what you need to do so what's at
Facebook check e-mail if you have e-mail to modify users didn't initially and and just you have a very sort of rudimentary understanding of what the Internet is once you get people 500 make about today and they don't have that fear of daughter consumption and fear of just losing money then they're able to research um they degrees research the school projects look for jobs make digital CDs and these are just some feedback so like the english in grade is evidence and but you can see and people are using it uh fall for things that are greater than what they can just use 10 make of 50 meters 0 20 makes that they would normally by and but here is a
huge driver on quick because obviously people on their mobile devices conquered video so obviously the watch lot entertainment content and this discusses you he gets a soccer but there's a lot of learning material that we push over our content Portland thing to sort of open
up the internet so this is this a lot more out there than just the basics that you know so that's what we been but the next chapter is to take a national and hopefully continent-wide the but the Our main issues because we are and quite reliant on government funding and we subject obviously what happens in government so for example last year there was a change in
government at the local level so it's a it's a whole new and system a whole new contracting process all of that so we just quandary fast enough relying on government contracts every Phys that is the next chapter prejudices when we consolidating yeah other public free Wi-Fi networks across the country under 1 banner obviously the more users you can get online all and the and the wider the sprayed the mole valuable it will be 2 sponsors and instead of users just getting 5 and makes Adela currently they can have to in a Wi-Fi so they might have to watch a video download an e-book many play a game and download an app will have to undertake some action in order to unlock that makes a little and that's we will approach the sponsors that instead of um that that that video that they create the costing people . it's actually given doctors that flipping the model and underlying grants to get involved in the part of the story of of
providing people with free Wi-Fi obviously another important part of this is going to be thought a collection but we're very cognizant of the fact that we we not take will pass on any personal information is old and be anonymized and aggregated but it is going to be important for sponsors and with this there we can also save a lot more personalized and relevant content as well as advertising and unlocks the opportunity to get private sector uh sector sponsorship 1 example uh um is that we've got a deal with 1 of the major banks to deliver they job reading this program
and over the last and I can see I'm thinking of the time so the other 3 going thanks the and some of them few and we have the 3rd winner from Brazil some that are no he's a journalist by their
crowned um were involved in a
lot of free technology independent media projects and you are presenting the project
and called letter and so in the long run and let's be here for so far I would like to thanks to was and all the guillotine for inviting me to be here and shallow a little bit about a process that we have started numbers you it's cold collide and it's a network bases known cooperative principles there and dedicated to reduce the digital divide in Brazil so just to be the sole numbers about see about part of the persons of resident population have no access to the internet and although Kolab has only few months we aggregate amount of people who have been walking the police in
the last years with different aspects related to mesh nets works related to community on internet service providers and community radios and so on but the main difference from collabor to our previous experience is that now we are addressing the connectivity issue in scale so instead of raise funds in nation they
equipments for each community we as we use it to do now we you make a little well in all or investment we be recall over in 1 year at most so with this money back we will keep connecting new communities and we are also thinking in that kind of missile or association fee for the groups in order to support or torque and this week you we are finishing our own open call to communities interested in implementing infrastructure for just communications we are interested mainly in low-income rural rural areas areas uh in places where you want to find in all the alternative for Edisto communication right so basically we are
going to find communities
in 3 different kinds of all of the fields of services in the first one is simply connects the communities to the Internet's soul we tend to retain you use a tool uh use the mesh networks but actually we can do its roots in kind of natural topology and the 2nd 1 the 2nd 1 consists in local service that can walk you uh in the area without intranets local so is that only walks in a certain place in certain of 7 community and finally we we intend to support grassroots comunitaria GSM stations soul and with this kind of mobile service providers phones by the of the community z k and make it almost free calls inside of the notes for membership calls for a broad they're using their voice over IP so we can we can also affects the use of text messages month for free in this era and so you are proposing not only develop if their independence infrastructures for maintenance but also infrastructures for images go communications that uh independent from from the internet so we are trying to develop infrastructures that can can walk in in the that's not entirely or at least a mean that without a been that the dependence of the Internet's soul if you do it
since me an important point because we know how and now we know how compromise it is the
nation's 1st infrastructure of the Internet we should think about civilians to refute think about privacy or if you're talking about uh about 0 . mu so and basically after this election
we we will limbs equipments and find communities in all different aspects related to the operation of such an infrastructure and it includes not only technical aspects but also legal logistical and financial talks about operates in a system like this so actually it's an important point we don't install the service we
always Cheech teach the community through how train them so operates this kind of service and you what that of
course we support them along the way into the community if use red operated by themselves so I don't know if I have more time talking because of his not the annotation I still so just 1 more point a we mean I'm not or other possibility is that they're all going is the organization responsible for uh for the service management local service management can also implement small charged to the users to call over their operating costs costs and you it could be done to vault Voltaire systems the users by voters and then they can call they can use the Internet or use a local service and you 3 will help the community the service to to Montaigne to provide with the suspend W so some some some kind of system but for this system
so basically that's it's the very excited to select their the villages the groups that you walk and we are planning to next month's this started the you you to implement this kind of information infrastructure of there and that's it the Convention thank so about let's take under all 3 winners from here and on the stage so I would say very powerful projects we have been yeah some we would like just to have like a little bit of a discussion because I mean on what comes to my mind is um they're probably the big players on on the corporate site and that are not so much in favor and so what is your experience and and other big players like the government how is the Government and dealing with the use of what what was your experience in want to stop here thank you for the question yeah so that's correct tool by the
have solution we have everything but still it is not implemented because of his government is being here the major role down as they say earlier uh they're television spectrum test is the national broadcaster evolution and our government is not it it's like it's it's a license to 1 it's not a licensed anybody because I can't use it so but have done if taken experiment lessons for 1 year and fined in all experiments against so and it is related to a game with the proper sites yes you know everybody so it's engaged like a big big telecom market so a decently and dual delay student is money is 1 of the just personally engaged lunches for was in India and do the rich and like it's and it's like so use of government here is being the major only he it's not on the letters in this manner because of the influence of the big telecom market but we are really trying hard by using the open innovation challenge so that we can then globally can look this is this is a better solution to begin with and provide the connectivity to the order thank you and yeah from outside
of thing when we started we're a small non-profit in the mobile operators system really care the
honest and because it was just a negligible amount the most people but as that's got bigger that have started taking notice but I think our kind of what we set of is that actually helping them because people are going to use public spaces and getting the free Wi-Fi but they're starting to understand what the power of the Internet is a set earlier that assigned to watch videos of this learning to delve deeper into these things that they don't want a government not have access to it so it is actually getting people to use to sort of understand the internet and as they go up 11 as they have a bit more money they will start using that that move on the but because we have fixed place um we not really eating and see you up date today we are but not not enough in fact will probably help them in the long term so
uh about the the the coffin big players and the kind of community of the litter that we are planning to work is not exactly the kind of community that uh the mom being mobile service providers of the
companies they want Prof it of written in this place in this kind of village so there won't operates there there's no other alternatives so it's not uh heat until now it's not really a big problem for us but we are also planning to makes the great some partnership with local local business and local movements in local companies also so I'm I see we
have 1 more minute it's some sort of I think I you have a lot of questions and they're all valid and we should continue the talk at their geek at the Global Innovation gathering at the make a space in there so I think you have a lot of questions that you can ask that penniless the yet but then expands gonna start so ask them and and we have 1 more minute albeit through they have been so in the name of the of the of the life and the access to the the the life of the of the people on the and so limited that is just so the question the microphone otherwise it would mean the recording question was was the criteria to select their Ruperta's spirits because the demand is
something thank you again so then sold selecting and the selection
based is on the phone in a 90 is unlike console of 1st we need to get the find of prisons where there is a point of presence so we can see the word
to extendability OK this is the intent of availability so these are the 5 more he has written at connected so we we need to work the selection is this really in my case in detonator red is the actual point of presence and so we select depend the 2nd that geographical link to set up the disparate hunting this is the selection and for us I mean we moving to a more
sustainable model we still and to work with municipalities and so historically we've worked with a man
municipality to identify areas where the most need was and go from there I mean in 20 is a project the idea is that we take um the as we're treating it like a municipal service just like and people need a walk maybe 1 kilometer but to a bus stop we want to bring a free Internet and within 1 kilometer of every person in the city and so that's the idea for that city and that's what we wanna that will cover everybody but not into everyone time but you should be able to go there for you weather
yeah so we have to stop them and getting like anything group theory and things a lot all
over the world in form