From killing to healing: A tool called "Drone"

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From killing to healing: A tool called "Drone"
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Rarely has a technology incited so much negativity from its advent as the drone technology. In so many war-affected countries including Pakistan, the word “drones” provokes the image of vicious, killing robots, and not without reason. In safer regions, people worry about their privacy with the image of such a robot hovering above them. In most minds, drones are the evil kind of science fiction becoming real. However, when judging the technology, what we forget is that these drones are human’s creation, and as such, a tool steered by human hands.
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along use of different isn't but keep the I How I 1
on I mean in theory I have you
got the introduction and now a few years back after I started working as a researcher in University of Stanford this is a erased 1 university in Austria I was visiting my parents and by this my father is a doctor and he ordered his release it at all and with 7 kids become completely and have and they're not staying with him and home so he's tested set of doctors appointments for me at the dentist he has a started talking have you know trying to prove how close his daughter was and I was a it and those of course I was sitting there have been talked about in 3rd person I could play no part in that conversation because my mouth was wide open with all kinds of instruments mean BOLD insight then my father said you know she works the drones the dentist carrier suffice mine and was like I hope she works for humanity and not to kill the drums and then the worst part can you know what my father said he
was like yeah however you know as if to say when you have no one's ever have humanity in that moment I
didn't just feel embarrassed to tell you the for the truth I felt quite guilty I found guilty because I really wanted to defend my work but in the meantime could also see that the people around me had a genuine and justified hatred are associated with the word drones the I felt guilty because I could remember gets like that the lines of they got injured in a drone strike on October 2012 their grandmother was
killed in the drone strike while working in the garden not such a smart thing she was just working in the garden for these kids that started as In all the usual sunny bright day but changed life and all its basic concepts for them we all love days many of my friends are saying that they feel the breast when the that rabies that the sun is the source of energy video awards about said and I quote I no longer have the blue skies In fact I prefer gray skies drums do not in the skies tree and the skies brightened drones return and we live in the I remembered boy like for him for she he was a survivor of 1 of the so the 1st drone strike on anti-terror January 2009 in northern was time in Pakistani he described that day as 1 of those Monday and is you know it was a bit denied that they users because he had to stay at home to the majority and actually wanted to go out with his friends in the playground and played reporter Daniel Kleitman and states in his book kill or capture that the drone strike of January 2009 had gone terribly wrong because there were no targeted militants present at the premises instead 9 civilians died In that don't drone strike according to a government of Pakistan the document 9 is a 1 number of maybe of a small number yes would not when it comes to that especially depth as collateral damage 9 people many from the family of 4 he could as she was murdered that day boys as young as 21 year on having ports and means for their life left this world and left a big hole in full of pain in the hearts of the survivors but he himself was a bright student of 14 years at that time we're interested in chemistry No he himself I was lucky enough to survive the strike device that he's living now is not 1 he would ever have chosen he lost and I suffered burns to the left side of his body and has been living a displaced alive for the past many years a career in chemistry is really of offspring in this moment left as the as this survivor at this survivor in the house His main concern is to on bread for his family and their displaced until they can Don vector resistance he says that the people and was the response think that this is exactly what the country's carrying out drone strikes 1 to destruct dives to uproot people tool target them without reason it all without trees and it's a very big meaning tell because these incidences that they feel are without trees and have very far-reaching baneful effects they remember that that to attack on German training birds bird I I think it was last year I came across that article that contain the would you know made by the 17 year old of gonna take before the incident I come from the not the bodies and how it is if we use the frame because not about this time is affected by that other 1 and of our by the drums and I come from the not and I could understand what he said in 1st of and that gives me goose bumps the hatred that he had in his speech he said he was addressing their estimation and he was saying you know you came to our country and killed without reason now we do the same to you seems like the
technology that has a way of belittling human life like the drone technology it doesn't just lead to innocent lives lost but Innocence Lost and as a result many times more innocent lives last it seems like a
sad vicious circle In my opinion nothing justifies taking a single innocent persons life not even fighting big monsters but this is not all good drones are notorious for you know when I started working with John's commercial drones are not working with military trans and answer the attended Marshall runs I would get really excited and I would come across the word drawn in a non military context in the news and I cannot tell you how many times I have faced found myself reading such news the 1st bit of news that I came across was about a delivery drunk in mind you this is a couple of years before Amazon tested their 1st delivery drones the carcass of a drone was discovered outside the premises of a high security prison in the US trying to deliver drugs inside then there was this high find story of an 18 month old boy they called Oscar web in England he lost an eye in an accident in modeling the drawn his neighbor was trying to draw on and in the process of man in the draw on the ground lost control the boys I was sliced through the propeller of 2 forms then recently you might have come across many news that are talking about near-misses involving planes and drones I think in february or march there was this news that the media was was about to land at Heathrow Airport and the pilots nor deserve our custom-made drone 20 meters away from the plane and this is really dangerous because experts claim that some collision would definitely have led to the plane crash but such news people are skeptical of a word with commercial loans as well they imagine dark skies with these buzzing and covering and flying insect like machines all around them they're afraid that they're going to be hit in the head is 1 such object falling out of the man the the deliberate on they're going to steal their jobs and in way their privacy people feel that the negative ethical implications of this technology far out really any positive impact that this technology might have and so when I realized that my father was not convinced about the positive impact of this technology ideally fails to the so I ask myself why am I trying to justify the development of a technology that in this moment seems to already have gone broke why am I comfortable developing this technology myself and then if I'm comfortable why am
I feeling guilty no I grew up watching reruns of Star Trek drags on and on I tried and I was always still amazed by the protagonists machines they were so useful so efficient so
understanding and human friendly enough I was especially late resonated in discovering novel knows those were always without for agonists is going around guiding them rescuing them from the mouth of certain I felt like I really needed 1 of those covering companions because I think 6 siblings or not enough of because the ones that the siblings so when I got the job the 1st image of the commercial don't bursts of 1st imagination that came to my mind was the possibility of having these drones as I hovering ov companions in some far future and I see that at the cost of something like a naive try but I think you will use when in pursuit of their passion had the possibility of capability of becoming curious and naive children because I think humans that curious means you know we have fascinated by our imagination we are also builders we we have the desired still done our imagination into reality it would keep on developing tools to make the fraction of today the reality of tomorrow some of us would keep on experimenting with drugs but the other the 1st like it or not and you know I feel like we should keep experimenting with drugs because if we stop at this point we would have familiarized ourselves in the negative aspects of part of the drugs that we know and I have stated but there are so many positive possibilities also associated with this technology that maybe we don't even know about in this moment soul I
feel like we should continue I cannot promise you that I foresee a future where all negative concerns about this technology would be allocated
the bot if for every every fear inducing usage of this technology we can introduce the some positive human-friendly applications I think the development so far out of this technology I think 1 from each would be justified because I believe that we can image the should the image of bronze from being these killing machines to those feeling machines that I imagine I feel like most technology can be used for good or bad depending on the intentions of the user for technology is like a tool you know it does what the user wishes to do I usually give an example of an eye because it's with this example it's very easy to couple though book tool from the hand using the and I can be used to slip through what ought to save lives in operation theatres began on Lehman 9 or the intentions of the user the responsibilities so falls on the shoulders of the user this is exactly true for drone technology has to have these remotely
controlled devices are still control devices directed by the hands of humans and this is
what we should not forget if humans can guide these devices to
take life they can also guide these devices to save lives you know when we were younger and we would get really bored then there would be nothing to do at home and we would be really fidgety my mother would say if you have so much energy go and wash the dishes take garbage order in our work in the garden at the and this is exactly what we can draw door with advanced the technology as well because we know all the capabilities of these devices and we can use them for good as well I mean of course to my mother I would say what you're talking about from on the road don't say that to me you know so we can make them new very for things and as an example I show you what we do at the University of conference please take a look the
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you so In this video
what you saw was us taking our fears of the technology and using them to wall against image that we
have so far so that state for example our fear of these eyes in the sky you know taking the images or something like that let's take it as a capability the research that when we started we started in 2008 and we started with drones from taking the aerial images this kind of a of images are really important because and they can have been scenarios like fire fighting this fire fighting uh was scenario in this scenario when you use wrong you can look at the source of the fire and this not on the time and resource version but it is also the the book and giving another puppets it helps and reduce risk to the life of the firefighters then we use this as our technology and a step further and we use multiple around the motherboard on somehow collaborate with each other and that they need to talk to humans as well this is where my nieces started I was focusing on certain rescue application I will I'm a communication and and as I was responsible of making the communication network between the drawings and the rooms and the humans so Dyer said no we were focusing on certain as to certain mask is a very complex and scenario it is dying critical because of the risk posed to the lives of the firefighters it is also some and application where human intervention is of utmost importance of the polis can do all they have to give information to the ground personnel and the ground personnel would have to get to the accident spot on the farm rescue on the 1 hand and don't have to spread out and search for the victim them in the shortest possible time and on the other hand they have to somehow collaborate with each other and stay close with each other so that when they look at the with them they can carry the information the rescuers as quickly as possible and this is what our algorithms are doing to search and that deployed this information about the search victim as quickly as possible to the ground personnel then we're scared about the ones that are from delivery drones that are
going to take our jobs like I showed you hear maddening the same search and rescue scenario you can use those drawers to deliver of first-aid kits and in that case it is also very important in many an interesting application because you're you if you
have multiple victims Euratom's I kind of popping up demands for the 1st it boxes so you have to keep in mind not on me that you want to deliver in the fast the fastest possible time but also to delivered to the victims that I am more need 1st and then the other victims similarly we have another project that is working with the drawings being capable of navigating in with visual and navigation through forests and this project is basically focusing so we can use it in search-and-rescue as well because search-and-rescue you can be performed in forest scenarios as well now but we are using this to x estimated the biomass of the forest biomass estimation is of critical importance in prison precision agriculture and precision agriculture has a lot of high these days and not without good reason you know because the world population is increasing by many forms in the next coming here than are the monster form would would of double in the coming years why is that 80 per cent of the land is cultivated already so we need precision agriculture techniques to be able to estimate are used to of located the disease is and will look at the weed and to find out the plant cover I think it would not be an existing vegetation if I stated that the drone technology is that the broader the precision agriculture techniques to the farmers to any farmer these examples that I gave you right now these are just a few examples of things of capabilities of draws what we were scared of it and how we are using them for the good of humanity there's so much more this is just something that is happening in a way a small university in a way a smart city 5 and 4 and maybe you didn't even hear about it in a very small country for Ostia imagine the scale of the wood research that might be happening in the world that researchers immediate as you recall using drawings to make a very basic overall bridges for places where the ground conditions are so both those that humans and other kind of instruments cannot construct then there is the example of war-affected zones where even you when would not send its staff to deliver his 1st medical kits we got our really big heroes like Peter cases why is doing better he went to Syria tool provide is from a medical relief and already far of freezing and was captured and we lost him draws kanji help us reduce these silent losses that we suffer each state I really believe that we can hijack the technology and we can use it for human benefit ideally believes that as the human then as a scientist some I'm feeling looking forward to many more healing applications coming of as a human I'm still feeling very guilty because I feel like I should raise my voice more against word the bad news is of any technology would be I feel like all of us as world citizens should ponder and question on what is what I actions are that what the positive or negative ethical implications of all our actions of all the actions of our politicians are our scientists are our artist are humans but as a scientist I can tell you that I can work together closely with this technology because for me that tool called drawn is not defined by the intentions of the people other the people using it it is defined by my on intentions I feel like the neurons have and will keep on being healing devices provided that the humans in command become more human friendly thank you thank
some questions and be reasoned nobody come to make on gasses well thanks for your very interesting presentation and uh and especially for the masses that it humans that meets need to become more human-friendly in the 1st
place on you seem to be thinking about that ready for quite some time do you already have a suggestion how would you on get the people to be more human-friendly I think it's
so very important question and like you said I have been thinking about it very very long time but I mean I think for me it all comes from education from educating people that's the main problem but I I'm really against our education system as well because I think we are being bad bad and you're not going to warn the working poor you know explore different possibilities from our own perspective we are given a perspective and this is where I think as a society we can come together and decide OK this has been enough this education system worked mainly for others it's not working anymore we have a warrant and 1 of the beam out so we should start and maybe if we can't make a bigger chains we can start at home we can started our kids we can teach them to bonded to think about things and not just accept what is given to them I think this is my suggestion for it the new image
just thank
the lord if banning ways