The Internet Freedoms

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The Internet Freedoms
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Internet has been a fantastic force for growth and innovation. Now that it has become a central feature of our lifes, some consider that Internet is too important to be left to its own devices. Commissioner Kroes will highlight that the Internet is an important expression of freedom and that a number of freedoms must be protected on the Internet. This also requires responsibility.
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it ensures that the around at the home hi everybody this is this is this is the 1st time I haven't experienced that before coming on stage a gentleman was asking me to take off your earrings and I said is that the ends and the promise me that the and for otherwise we were facing a problem and I'm going to talk about freedom online and not freedom for gentlemen to ask me to take off staff and why is freedom online wine matter wide we must protect it and how we are doing that that this what is made in my address today and I know that many of you in this campaign for internet freedom quite active and please don't stop we need to I need you to give indeed the backing for a policy that is focused and face of freedom online the internet is the new frontier of freedom in western democracies but also around the world it's not stopping in Europe it's not stopping in the developed countries it is all over the globe so to say it's changing the politics it's
changing the policies the economies in the
world and some find that change to disruptive at that it is still challenging and they want to stop it and therefore I need your activity for we can't afford to we don't want to have that limited speak but
remember how many kinds of freedom we can promote and protect online it's not only talking about fundamental freedoms like freedom of speech and the right to privacy that is quite clear that it's also talking about the freedom to innovate it is also talking about rewarded and recognized for your own bright ideas in the way you think it and you think it's and the
freedom of the Internet architecture as a whole so far more than just a couple of principles yes the Internet should be open and yes it should be free but that's not the
same as being a lawless Wild West and that we have to discuss we have recently
seen how many thousands of people are willing to protest against the rules which basically as constraining the openness and innovation on the Internet and I have deep respect for them it's a strong new political voice and as a force for openness I welcome it even if I do not always agree with everything it sat on every subject but that is democracy isn't it it is freedom of speech it is activating a dialog we are now likely to be in in a world without so fast and without actor you are hearing it correctly without the 2 now we find and we need to find solutions to make the Internet a place of freedom openness and innovation is fit for all citizens not just for the techno from like you and the fact
is that sometimes online activities have real world implications and like it turned out people sometimes use online tools to conspire for horrific crimes like murder or child abuse another launch cyberattacks to breach or destabilize Internet systems
attacks waged increasingly impact on people's daily lives as ever more transactions go digital I
know that this is the the tiny minority of online activities and I know that we can't overreact as in other fields of life we must balance liberty and security the 2 will need to be in balance but neither can we ignore it and the Internet has become too important to just leave it to future toward fortunate that doesn't work that is why we must recognize right rights and responsibilities online for an on-line world that is an increasingly important part of our society and today I would like to focus on the future on the chance for internet freedom to unlock european potential increasingly people are realizing that the web is capable of powering seemingly Internet innovation and that we don't have to be constrained by the habits of the past but can be released by the opportunities of the the future isn't that nice opportunities of the future and that whole industries once based on limitation and control could now be based on customer focus sharing and interactivity freedom online can deliver that potential to innovate but systems that are outdated closed are complex then strangling what comes the freedom online gives us for 1 thing the Urich economic boost and open Internet bandpower innovation search productivity and compute innovation tools into the hands of ordinary enterprising people and that's why I'm convinced ladies and gentlemen wet entrepreneurs are the key to our future growth and I want to make sure they have to tools to innovate weapons and for dose people can do amazing things if the only barrier was their creativity and imagination would have no problem at all but I know there are other barriers enterpreneurs need tools to
network better and I'm working on that I promise you they needs credits and political recognition they deserve and our recent thank all stars competition is looking for Europe so hottest start up a talent and they meet
our universities to be innovation hops inspiring empowering the innovators of tomorrow and I'm working on that too and I am also working on open standards for open
markets we still haven't completed our telecom single market a recent study showed that this could be costing us as much as 100 and 10 billion euros per year so this year we will engage with European standardization bodies and industry the term and the best way forward for standards that mean content
providers and operators can get a uniform surface offering avoid
deprecate charges and exploit economies of scale we also need to preserve open as of access to Internet service what some call Net neutrality people need to transparent offers so they know they are getting what they pay for it they need to be able to easily switch providers or deals if they don't like the server they're getting and they need to always have the option of accessing the full unlimited best efforts Internet if that's what they want but most of all web entrepreneurs need us to identify and deal with the barriers that stands in their way of their online freedom obstacles like complicated and incompatible systems for identifying and pay and licensing like 27 different sets of books when there could be 1 1 single digital market so to say and all those things can crush innovation and keep bright ideas confined in unprofitable unprofitable national markets because freedom also means that freedom to innovate in in business model 1 by 1 in different sectors are facing up to new online reality and to decline of old ways of doing business and the rise of new opportunities the music realize that long ago other sectors like audiovisual are now starting to are media Futures Forum is looking at how this applies to the media sector in general of called changing for the digital age doesn't mean always giving material of a free of charge but it doesn't mean we need to be open to new approaches new ways to distribute new ways to be rewarded for work and new ways for people to access great online content easily sometimes people are prevented from making this change by out of state rules and practices like
those of copyright licensing other times it's just that they need a change of mind set that they are too comfortable with old habits to realize the world has changed by the way we need to wake up we need to smell the the coffee this is why I am frustrated about the lack of progress in creating a genuine digital single market and if we
are really going to help free internet and helped wet and 4 per nurse in particular we must promote and open culture and in particular I think the public sector data is called mind just sitting there if we unlock it if we could boost creativity boost the economy and boost encratic accountability and that is why we have proposed legal changes that will show the way forward on Open Data making data
cheaper and easier to reuse meaning more datasets with less complicated conditions it's not just about unlocking new datasets it is about promoting a whole new attitude within governments about openness culture online creating a new fuel for innovation within our single market and I am this will in 1 sense be a relatively modest but it's an important 1 affecting the
change to an open mind set and it could be that page unit to wouldn't wider work needed on copyright reform at the moment it is still just a proposal on Open Data and before becoming law and it needs to democratic scrutiny and approval of the European Parliament and national governments in Council I'm convinced legend gentlemen of the benefits I'm convinced of the public's appetite for change and so I'm calling on those institutions to agree proposals swiftly and ambitiously and if you have ideas for how we can make it more convincing to them please let me know
but of course there is another very significant thing we mean by freedom online it is about freedom to express yourself a fundamental right and at the level of a democracy we must defend it on line and of last year Hungary introduced a new media law as you are aware significant parts were incompatible with European law not least because rules about registration and balanced reporting could have imposed heavy obligations on all kinds of online content from online forums to personal blocks so I pushed forward and
achieve changes to those proposed to rules and since then Hungary's along the Constitutional Court has ruled that the new world unconstitutionally limited freedom but also for written press both the European Commission and the Council of Europe continue to have concerns that this law is not fully compatible with our European norms than Gary and governments needs to
do more and we will follow it I can assure you it isn't important area clearly there are a high public expectations for at the usability to whacked but equally we can only enforce fundamental rights in areas subject to you will so we need to think seriously about whether the EU will have sufficient powers in this area in the EU off course of freedom of speech is protected by law all actions taken place within a framework of safeguards a legal protections as well as a well established political culture that favors openness and that gives me confidence that
problems that arise can be fixed through a combination of legal tools and political dialog and as you might know yesterday was you when World Press Freedom Day the date to remind
us that around the world people including journalists and bloggers do not always enjoy the same rights we have in the EU 1 example is and without food to lie an answer to the Azerbaijani journalist and human rights activism and this year the winner of the UNESCO World Press Freedom Prize and he is doing a great job indeed many don't always have to write to an open democratic debate nor the legal protection of the Charter of Fundamental Rights nor safeguards like oversized and recourse in spite of that indeed because of it in such places the right to express oneself is all the more important and fidelity who struggle for democracy we just and fury they have a fully the Internet can give them kept for we saw that with the Arab Spring the Internet alone didn't cause that of and rising it's much more complicated than that we all are aware but clearly online platforms gave protesters a means to organize and hardness to afford a power of researching these are for democracy in Egypt the government tried to turn off the internet in a failed attempt to silence this despotic governments use
communications technology as a tool of surveillance and repression we can not allowed that happened where countries struggle for democracy I want to ensure there is no disconnect how we will be doing that in many different ways by supporting NGOs brave human rights defenders who work against cyber censorship in undemocratic regimes so human rights guidelines to ensure EU companies played their part and for European and international coordination there is 1 final point
I'd like to make and and that is about freedom
to often freedom and security are correct in incompatible alternatives as so measures to ensure work 1 can only be at the expense of the other in fact the opposite is true because there is no freedom without security these common set are interdependent and they are complementary and I may have the legal right to walk down a particular wrote at nite but am I truly free to do so if it's not safe likewise people aren't really going to use the internet freedom unless they know they are in control of their privacy that their personal data will be handled transparently and fairly and that in the dependence is White liberty and security are mentioned in the very same article the very same sentence of the European Convention on Human Rights on Wednesday last wednesday we launched our strategy to create a better Internet for kids for me that is crucial I think we have to responsibility for dose vulnerable in our society safety is all
the more important for at most tolerable and assuring this is everyone's civic responsibility and at the same time I realized that the online world can be a great place for kids to discover to rumored to interact and to create but only when they have the
confidence to freely explore if there are 2 main strands to my final defeat them number 1 we must avoid crashing the openness and freedom that drives online innovations to avoid collateral damage to the Internet architecture and 2nd we must acknowledge that we can never totally eliminate risk for children we can just read used that exactly children will this face risk online just as they will always face risk like traffic in the real world rather we need simple tools that educate and empower children and then a Briton them to deal with those threats just as we do in the offline world so to say and I am pleased at the leading Internet companies have joined the coalition to make the Internet a better place for children they are working together to develop solutions to develop solutions before at the end of the year to empower parents and children and that is my tuition for a free and open Internet at once a
vehicle for innovation a platform for free expression and a place to exercise the liberties and short for safety and security and the best thing
about the Internet is that it is open and intend to keep it that way is my strong belief and my thank you thank you very much but you
don't really lose are in the was the sum of the log on
and it was in I infer from it and the common for was I don't even know what was but no good morning and thanks for the thanks for you know them and I have 1 specific question that term basically addresses 1 of In my opinion the basic issues that the Internet has is that all of relevant infrastructures especially the companies are turning into monopolies and for instance we use see companies like Google Facebook and Apple battling with each other them they all rely on a network economy and they all turn into monopolies and that the interdependence between let's say traditional media companies and those of and infrastructure companies is starting to become even more difficult know all those companies are buying for instance patents left and right and a strengthening their monopoly position and isn't that um um the opposite of what you were trying to achieve resolution version thank you for your challenging
really mark and question and I'm pragmatic and I'm realistic I am aware of what is at stake I don't need to explain to you why is my past in my 1st term in office and the Commission I was the 1 that will have to deal with and competition policy and I am certain that most of you are aware that I was not only preaching that I'm against monopoly and misbehaving and abusing a situation but that there was also active we should make a difference between and how a monopoly quote unquote is dealt with and therefore I'm sorry to take a bit more time to explain but anyhow my vision is we need clear rules of the game and only saying we we don't like the US global by the way Google and Facebook and Apple and they all our global companies with most cases had offices in the US but it anyhow they're good global companies and they have to follow the rules of the game and that is where I absolutely and acting if they're not following the rules of the game and of course telecom uh operators the incumbents that not only the incumbent's are complaining that they are using their infrastructure we shoot for more than we are doing also tried to be active in the services and in the products that they are offering I'm not the 1 who always is fearing difficulties I am the 1 who is trying to use all the open and the Internet possibilities and opportunities and what is at stake and therefore I asked you you give me food for thought for in itself we are all aware that's the products of the Googles and apples and uh the facebook art absolutely preferred to most of the citizens so quite often people are complaining and when I'm looking they don't have type that they do have diphone and they are on the internet and they are using the Facebook so we should be quite precise what is at stake and I'm not the 1 always blocking surfaces that are taking into account the rules of the game and so forth I think that what is mentioned following the rules of the game and we have to do more by the way we have to do more to be transparent and precise in what are the rules of the game and working on that
think using model violence anymore questions here government right I also like to thank you for your introduction is also quite interesting I do have 1 question related
basically to the previous when you just asked for for food of thought so I think if we want to protect the internet and keep it in open places undue agree that that's probably the best that they had to make sure that there's no single party who can control rats so I Egypt where the government was able to take them on the internet and I think that shows that no matter who is in control it's a problem whether it's companies or governments there are a couple of efforts trying to basically credit infrastructure where nobody can control the Internet's than you think that is the direction things should take in general I
couldn't agree more but again I'm coming back to the rules of the game then those users of the Internet and thank have and there are quite a number by the way I am still worried about the high number of European citizens that are never that have never visited Internet can you imagine I just visited Italy and I got the latest figure 41 per cent of the italian population has never ever visited the Internet and things have and the general figure in Europe is a bit more positive but still it's worrying it is around 2 30 per cent and taking into account that our system with all those new technology challenges is based on that I can't afford to except those exclusive and numbers in uh the traffic care of of internet but I'm is using your question what is at stake that the rules of the game and add them and that it's not only that they are Derek but that they are indeed is taken into account and that is a bit my worry for we also are talking about the copyright if someone is asking me what in your portfolio is worrying most 2 which shows the role and of the copyrights not solved yet and not up to date so to say and that is connected with the rules of the game and others connected what are you accepting and the Internet is there a also uh an authority needed yes or no well we do have some experience in other fields in competition but also in telecom and so on so I'm not in favor for Big Brother is watching you if everybody is taking the rules not only for granted that seriously but having said that we should be aware and the other 1 of my worry is at the position of children I think they are twofold rebels in the whole Internet development and that we we have to do quite a bit and therefore I'm grateful and looking forward to the
result of that report of the circuit C 1
and C O step will be different hopefully
practical solutions for having more stressed uncertainty and but all in all the and we learn from those countries and you were mentioning 1 at each that there it is that's not the only 1 on the list so to say there are quite a number so we still have to be aware that there is a lot of abuse and misuse it's not only positive news Internet it's also misused by certain regimes have to to say so follow the rules and of the game for otherwise the game is over it's just like football if there are no rules or if the rules are just tackled than the game is not fun anymore we
this is the cargo is and I would like to ask you to
questions could you give them go into more detail on 2 issues 1 is net neutrality how what I knew what intentions to make sure the net neutrality there exist in the future and the 2nd is down and you mentioned that you will make sure EU companies with play their part in countries where there's just 1 against dictatorship how will you make sure that the EU companies won't allow and technologies on that enables surveillance and sends of countries and not neutrality AAM I will
start and discussions about net and trality let's be a clear that you're on the same uh waste so to say or on the same page and that our definition of net neutrality is there and I followed a rule and I have followed a definition of net neutrality that it is possible for everyone to join and that it indeed taking into account that there is a limitation on the capacity that we have to give the floor to everyone but that there can be a follow in which state that is given and we are preparing a proposal and and I am absolutely certain that there will be a discussion afterwards and I'm looking forward to that discussion but there is no special treatment for 1 and there should be competition and that its name for it if there is competition it is up to you in your situation is if you think that you're not treated in a decent way wage to just moved to another 1 and that should be possible so that is the answer to question 1 and question to and I'm taking this question tool just push on the standardization for we should indeed make far more global standardization efforts yesterday and I dare and have a cup of coffee uh a minister of the Japanese government and we were pushing down for we are talking about an issue that this global it's not it's not limited it's not ring-fenced for Europe or a US it is really global we need to have standardization we need to be aware that we are losing time if we are not doing that and that is giving a answer to your question to for then it can't be that shouldn't be misused by certain companies insane this is it and that's at all that there is no way but we also should take into account and and taking your questions for another uh left baby so to say it's cloud computing and I'm certain that quite a number of you are interested in books Columbus cloud-computing we are preparing a strategy for cloud computing for my main worry is that if we Europe and if we are not able to give our strategy art thoughts and our philosophy about cloud computing then we are in a position that are that are the ones that for example the US is dictating how we we should follow the line don't misunderstand me I'm not pleading for at a European Cloud but I'm leading and more than pleading I'm preparing for a huge discussion and a very interesting discussion what Europe position is in cloud computing for me it is a tremendous challenge and it is connected with the citizens it's not only talking about big companies and multinationals or whatever it's talking about a small and medium-sized companies it's talking about citizens if you just have a call felucca at with you the only 1 western locker the then it is also connected with trust security and with a little less cost spectrum then we are used to hello my name's on
common Internet activists and journalists and I'm very happy to see and you Commissioner of an event like this so thank you very much for being here and and and call
them such and so many important issues um 1 issue that I wanted to get a bit more into detail with his access because this I think there's been a very strong disconnect between sort of emotions and ways of expressing cells from I think opposed Florida and we the web casts and some of this movement and what happens on your server in EU Commissioner and a language which came from the trade commission which seem to be very 1 sided if you see from the other perspective and vise versa allegations of being undemocratic and I'm very happy to hear that you at least see this movement as democratic movement but I'm interested in hearing your personal experience of this process because personally I find that actors have been dismissed solely on grounds of purpose and so I'm interested in and how in the future we can ensure processes that share both voices thank you I was just thinking when
you're mentioning I'm 1 of 2 ways that the web I would love to work be at the end of my term in office 1 of the Web mothers so that OK but then you will certainly face then you have to prove and that is that makes sense and act and 1st a general aligned if you allow me I think that talking about movements and I'm a big believer in democracy I don't need to explain that we all and we are is looking forward to far more discussion and what did happen with is the big movement in the outside world is facing not only Brussels all the capital so to say that there is a difference in just voting with your feet and with the legal preparation in a democratic system I'm not saying that 1 is better than the other but both from each example and what was for me and I'm talking on a personal basis what was the most important 1 is that this was a wake-up call for anyhow Brussels so it was not anymore I don't they worried that we are doing our utmost and so on you know it was not paying the boat and it is indeed and a wake up call having said that and I don't worry about arc that anymore and my boss quite explicit and certain that when I'm back in Brussels that I will get the message that I was too explicit but I'm also saying I direction of straightforward come on and and I don't need to new term in office and that but and having the act itself and that is what I'm asking you to to to think all 4 so keep that wave but the content of actor was connected with copyright as far as my responsibility was at stake and I am 1 of those believed 1st that artists creators writers they need to
decent remuneration if we
don't give them a decent remuneration
than culture is over 2 states and I will never forget that 1 of the big syngas coming over for a cup of coffee and that he was saying maybe if you don't are aware that we need to get the disk decently thing and the explained to me that you have already a very decent living so he was not talking about himself but about his successor show to say and I am aware of that so copyright needs to be uh to field in and not filled in 10 years ago with that old-fashioned way but with the new technology in mind and what I'm worried about and that is what actor is also uh approaching but again gone but we have to solve the problem that is at stake and that is a copyright that we have to find a way in which talking about a digital single market so that means no borders anymore at no barriers anymore but was talking about music but also the audio visual and so on and so forth we are facing that it's all ring-fenced by the collective societies well if I have enemies and I can assure you I have a long list of enemies on that list article active societies and I can't care less for it they are monopolies system we are touching upon that 1 earlier that this not about protecting the artists and writers and the creator it is about protection that system and perhaps it makes sense that the long time ago but it doesn't make sense at this moment and as long as we are not solving the problem and as long as we are just look at in the the real world that illegally downloading stuff is at the end of the day just cutting off the feed forward uh the copyright for the artist and just talking about Germany 94 95 per cent of the artist in Germany are only getting 1 thousand euros copyright on an annual basis well if we are aware of that then there's something rotten in the state that can't be the real world and so the
last slide for decades and optimize food
in all turns and we know that it is time-consuming and we know nearby what the outcome will be the OK but let's not stop our activity for solving the copyright and the longer we wait the more it is getting the normal attitude for it's not anymore the younger generation that is illegally dealing with said that stuff it is also around my circle of friends so to say and I don't accept that but we are to be blamed as long as we have and take the right decisions itself a long story answer for your question that's demonstration industry is a wake-up call for us that we are in an area and the time is not if some of you come home Obama's minimum of animal
questions now waiting for your hands well were a story about a again but accounts can help but have to ask the question here is you talk about copyrights you say you know what our
copyrights there will be no more art and literature and music and that kind is a weird thing because copyright was introduced about of for 500 years ago as a measure of censorship because that is how it started in England I believe in you would say there has been no art and literature and music until 500 years ago when it's kind of weird thing I think the fact that you say that 95 per cent of the people here in Germany don't get more than say a thousand euros for their creative works every year and yet there is a huge amount of creative work being created a think in itself is proof enough that I'm not saying we don't need copyright but if it is comes to a choice between freedom of speech and copyrights way prefer freedom of speech because you know I think stocks will do just fine without copyright right any Arnold
everybody was applauding so don't make
the the wrong decision that you get the whole audience on your site and FIL the Europe you're prevail during an example of a long time ago compared to now is not completely correct and and of course it's up to you to do that for what we are talking now is with new technologies where people can indeed be far more creative in their own way of just taking and a artist projects and not giving a remuneration I'm I'm happy with an iron and grateful to your question for it gives me an opportunity to correct myself a bit so I'm not a a strong protector of copyright as the copyright as a system I'm in for more creative forms of remuneration my only for copyright is an instrument if you know about the instrument and by the way with the technology development and talking about cloud computing there will be for me absolutely certain and a proposal where we can tackle the copyright system in a better way than we did before it and we see already was initiatives Spotify and there are a lot of examples where the industry is so creative that anyhow for the consumer and the connecting of 2 devices it's possible to deal with it in a legal in a proper way so to say so for me it is I think that everyone who is creative and who is just making something service product or whatever it that at the end of the day there is a decent remuneration for that and it's nothing to do with freedom of speech and the so far in this act I'm a liberal so I would curse the church and I would say I'm not in favor for freedom of speech and I sincerely hope that you got already from my acting so far and that I am indeed not a Shiite lacked effective that and needed by the way very interesting but that is talking about freedom of speech I asked a couple of wise people and to prepare a report talking about freedom of speech and and they are absolutely there's 4 of them uh a former minister of justice of Germany uh a former president of 1 of the Baltic States and a and acting as a professor and a former at generals to quotes in Lichtenberg they are preparing freedom of speech principles and that will make a big rocking the boat also in the European Parliament for I don't accept any more that is 1 country is acting not in line with our principles that we just say well let's find out how we can just protect them and so it's over we should just be aware that our democracy in Europe is based on principles and freedom of speech is 1 of the very important issue so for me it is not there is only 1 way of a copyright the creative and give us a hand and the technology will give us a help but it is at the end of the day is not a free lunch where 1 love question you hello
of my name's looking thing is and I am 1 of the co
initiators of the cultural commons collecting society to an initiative to only found new collecting society fault free licenses and the non-commercial of creative commons licenses and so looking at the we have to go topics so that you consider to to look for new ideas and and licensing and for copyright would that be a chance to show support of such a project that from your side from your Bureau of at the end of this
session come over and give me your cotton let's discuss it uh if if there is a a grant to go on yet but I think there a here is 1 of the of the last question hello
um I just wanted to act as a complement to
topic again because I want to know you find something that's there might not be committed some of you because copyright is not the same thing as did distributing geology copyright it's about the artist who itself and on I think it's correct to hold on to that thought so what we need is a leaf form of some ways to distribute to make money 2 of them over to guarantee out is that they can live off the altar and I think copyright should is not a problem itself this is the problem that the artist to not just get directly and we what what their work and on but your position on the act of like something and I think of it is very important think uh to also consider the citizens of Lois that is the come with the introduction of such of the union of things like actor or any of outside the loop style of other things are in the discussions as well it's a global of movement and sink and I wanted to ask you what kind of effluents with the union of I don't see you intends to work on the achievable we've long on and on out distribution always we what about is that out of wood out of but without still taking freedom of speech or uh in selling of plague samples of fiddling of surveillance systems in in in the digital world just make it quite clear and
and not giving hope for word and issued that I can't fill in for normally spoken I'm a following the lines that I can be quite clear in what is within my responsibility and what's not copyrights what for a new form and so on is for me talking about a decent remuneration of a product or service that is already delivered and that is if you are doing something for word you're listening then you're also expecting that you can earn a decent living out of it having said that uh what you're touching upon is in general terms what could be done for a artist friendly climates if I get your uh question there correct that's not within my portfolio number 1 and and that is not really what is in the portfolio of the European Commission for you know that there is still quite a bit and linking in the hands of their uh their Member States itself so this is far more for in Member States itself and I wouldn't touch upon the policy of the German government's neither of uh governments of for example might get governments at home having said that the European Commission is stimulating in the form of grants and in the form of um know pushing programs for artists to but that is just a drop in the ocean of air the issue that you were counting but let's 1st solve the other problems for depth from me is made and I promise you that I love rest before we have done more but I need your help I need your backing and demonstrations like you did before it would just give me a hand talking about pushing my colleagues in the college to the put your machine you you