The future is already here

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The future is already here
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- Discover the future in the Silicon Valley as innovation driver and digital trend setter - The Digital Lifestyle Revolution re:invents everything - how we live, think, connect, drive. - How Digital Lifestyle is evolving into a "Digital DriveStyle" - What does that mean for our Mobility future? A talk presented in cooperation with Daimler
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of and the nearby E cell that they give us things so they had no authority 638 here in Berlin and I'm happy to see many of you here so I'm going to talk today about the future which we can
already see basically by looking at the right places in the world 1 of them actually being the silicon valley and in the San Francisco Bay Area which you can see actually here on this picture with the Golden Gate Bridge in the background so the
future only here just but equally distributed and what was actually said by Canadian-American writer and I actually believe this is actually to and by looking at the Silicon Valley for example with the digital lifestyle evolution has started and has taken over the world basically all of us in our lives and how we interact how we communicate and how we socialize and and and and I want to give you a brief introduction about another Silicon Valley for those of you which haven't been there which I have not had the experience yet actually to either work there or be that these for visiting and then to look at you know what what kind of trends actually were born there and what actual tensor a driving especially us now also from the mobility of society and for Dyna for Mercedes-Benz and all actually and other automotive Williams now looking at the Silicon Valley just a few topics here and this is a geographical region were at the Silicon Valley is in the bay area if the if you haven't been there yet so I can just welcome you I mean there now since three-and-a-half years I live in the silicon valley are working cultural and live what city basically between the airport and work in about 20 minutes each way and it's just a wonderful place to work to live and you actually see what but 1 of the reasons being that actually the weather I mean you might think it's funny actually to even mention the weather but it's actually to if you look at a comparison here between Frankfurt and Paolo and the average basically over the year also for precipitation and it actually has an influence and there have been studies actually been done about there's been made about this and that it has an influence on the creativity on basically you know how people can live and work and act and of course you know was beautiful sceneries nearby with Kamel 17 miles Monterey Napa and Sonoma Wehrli lakes Sacco and they'll it's all very close by so actually the lifestyle being lived there in the area is also actually having a positive influence on on people now looking actually that the people which live and work there as you can see you like employment patterns venture capital you know huge spikes in the Silicon Valley also compare basically to the rest of the world and immigration has a big impact the positive 1 actually and as you can see here in the meantime more than 30 per cent of start ups basically being built up by immigrants and yet people like me Germans basically living in the Silicon Valley working there are driving innovation and actually a lot is about innovation as you will see in the next few minutes
and what's also the driving factor in the success factor I would even say is the density and the close proximity actually of the companies of the universities Stanford Berkeley of the whole basically environment with with the legal and administrative support which you know start ups need with the venture capital companies basically here essential road it's all very close by and Our headquarter of Mercedes-Benz usage and develop in North America which I'm heading is actually there in the heart of it all just a few minutes actually also from Facebook from Apple from Gulu other companies we're working with now looking at the digital rights in the digital
revolution through its and digital lifestyle that evolution as we call it being born in actually in the Silicon Valley so you can see a few essentials here on the 1 hand actually people are very much willing to take risks is actually OK and to make mistakes so make have actually failures also in the start-up community as you all know they're probably only like 1 out of hundred maybe 2 out of 100 have been very successful and you know having successes and some like Facebook like Twitter and other companies you know being purchased by Facebook like recently happened for 1 billion dollars and that's 1 key aspects and the high value and it's very easy actually to grow business there so if you're very creative if open minded and you start something you maybe start your own business if you don't have it yet I can just invite you i mean the environment there is really a very encouraging and there but it's it's a great place to be to live and to work and face-to-face networks actually play a a very important role even though with all the social networking and digital you communication and so on still face-to-face where communication and also this interaction of work and and from social and private actually drives trust and trust actually drives and relationships also long-standing relationships and it actually helps innovation in in the valley and how people actually work and invent and as you can see here in the meantime actually we do not produce any the silicon anymore in the Silicon Valley and we just kept the name of random meantime actually in the 5th innovation wave as you can see so the Silicon Valley has something you know it has this ability basically to reinvent itself and we're talking about here on the and the reinvent track about the right topic and as you can see basically starting from defense integrated circuit to a personal computer the Internet and now the social and the mobile Internet being the actual wave of innovation and the silicon valley actually the top websites as you can see here that and you know which are visited every day by all of us around the world are actually are headquartered in the Silicon Valley or new bride some Francisco no talking about digital lifestyle trends it started in the Silicon Valley just a few and to name here out of this recent innovation wave always on simplex innovation acceleration and social networking and would just go briefly and cover them and so on the 1 hand always on basically it means on the 1 hand you know as we all know with our smartphones and mobile devices you know we all along we always connected
it actually has changed how we live how we interact and you know help streaming information basically this is this coming upon us and we need to fill the much more information and it also creates some topics like urgency addiction you know we want to be you know basically all respectability few very strange you know if we are not online on the plane um and you know in other areas where we have no service and so on so we just get used to this end as we can see even in the smartphone world as OSS like IOS or like Android are the ones which are successful and others you know like Symbian um and and you know maybe even BlackBerry OS
which have not managed basically to cover this trend even from the technology side well and have some some issues the next simplex at the what this means is actually you know complexity underneath you know heavy technology and the underneath but then you look at it
from a user perspective it's very simple it's very easy to use and I just wanted to basically mean of show you 2 examples that just by chance being of a product and the iPod and actually the very 1st life from 2007 which really revolutionized the world in terms of you know phone where phone means to us and being a smartphone and that you actually do not even see that the difference between apps which are connected and apps which just you know use onboard data uh so this seamless integration and that's easy to use and also a static from a design perspective innovation acceleration being the next 1 so it's really all about innovation speed in the Silicon Valley so that's what's what's really driving you know the success of the companies and those companies to know which really are able to reinvent themselves continuously and are able actually to can continually you know accelerate innovation and they are the ones which are really successful and also with new deceptive business models and if you look at school will also now with Larry Page taken over again and the CEO you know you're really matters the company is a giant start-up company and focuses on the right topics the next and last actually is the social networking so as you can see here basically you know global diverse networks and wireless speed bottom-up in Parliament lifecasting you know very very you know big trends and actually big changes from and we have further actually in some of the topics today you know what actually has been driven by social media and how it helps all of us actually today around the world next topic actually wanna go into a little deeper you know what does it mean for Mercedes-Benz what why are we actually there and actually we have been the 1st company in the 1st automotive companies have having an office there we started our office back in
1995 and in the meantime we have been there basically and since then have grown actually significantly as we have done in the meantime actually 2 officers since we grew out of that 1 location which we had and we have about 130 engineers designers and no software and hardware
engineers working closely together and creating innovation for our chorus of course and for the different brands like Mercedes-Benz AMG smart and so on and we also collaborating with other
OEM so for example on topics like how to access and then cut to cut communication creating standards for the future and it's not all about competition from actually and it's also about collaboration so 1 example actually my
commands which we have introduced to the world in 2008 it was actually born as a skunkworks project and actually many of the innovations and even inventions from the Silicon Valley stuff like that they start as a small skunkworks project and it was his idea of actually building a hole in payment system for the car completely built on the clouds built completely on cloud content cloud infrastructure and even the softer basically you know running on this system is continuously updated each time you started up and based on this actually and you will see later on we have built the 1st product which we launched last year in 2 thousand and 11 just 2 years later in 2010 we introduce SmartDrive which is actually the 1st 2 automotive AP on a smartphone it was an
iPhone we have introduced this for smart you know where the cradle and you were able actually have a complete entertainment solution on a smartphone and touch the screen actually the multi touch screen of the device with media phone navigation and system and you can try it out for free them from the Iowa store and for some time and then of course because of navigation and so on and there's some feature to be paid if you want to continue to use all the features In 2011 we introduce a ng performance media and those of you which might happen to and drive SLS AMG from you can actually get this and and and it's an
Android-based system it's actually the 1st days automotive solution um by an automotive OEM especially premium OEM and we have been not just the 1st exit and integrate Android as an operating system for an infantryman solution and also performance and you know solution with
different performance apps actually to support but you know your racing and energy meter and and other features but actually fully connected to support the will maps in the car and this also driven from the silicon valley actually by cooperating closely with companies like Google and we have announced a strategic partnership actually with Google in January of this year and working closely with them actually to bring their innovation into our cars where it makes sense also internet you like OPO here from below and as you all know another apps and we offer actually a an open platform and SDK we college life mode and actually any Android Developer was mapping a running on Android which makes sense to use while driving could basically check changes that have to make it workable even in the car park while driving on this and other platform very innovative and I am sure this would not have been possible you know within diameter with basically the company without this office there in the Silicon Valley you know being there at the policies of of this innovation and also working closely with the company's nearby next this command online on our Mercedes-Benz apps which we introduced last year in March 1st with Google to search was sending out and sending Pew I said to the car and also whether we have added Facebook with article was stadium Panoramio in November which is adding now actually gloomier actually news morning star finance for stocks and so on and and parking finder and just lounging actually in the next few days our of Mercedes-Benz apps shop so that customers actually can then download the apps or approaches additional apps which are not for free and outcome included with this and this was actually the product which we built based on this original idea of my command in In 2008 that some 1 other example additional lifestyle at which we just announced actually interviewed at the Geneva Motor Show and and this is actually a completely new approach kind of built on the SmartDrive ideational before to use actually the smartphone an engine in the car for the infantrymen solution in the car
and here we go a step further we use the iPhone as an engine to actually drive the screen in the car and being completely remotely controllable from the you know the rotary knob and the the keys and so on around us and in the car and also
with this actually and having this approach of driving the screen from the smartphone actually through additional video interface ht my we're able you know to bring in a completely new you know user interface structure is also very very rich UI as you can see here we we invested a lot actually in the y in terms of having you know these glossy tiles and having you know mirroring on this glossy surface and a new approach in the UI menu structure with media social and places cause with Facebook Twitter and so on until navigation integrated but with a lot of connected apps and and media also getting
your media out of your social streams and so on and a very rich feature sets and and and just a few more examples here like these glass
tiles in a when doing in alphabetical stop search so not just innovation on a macro level but also innovation univariate you know the micro level when it comes to use interface design and user interface technologies and and there's
a lot of actually design and engineering work you know being being actually put into the development and the design of these technologies you know and basically for the customer at the end of the day it just needs to be a and you know delightful easy to use and and just enjoy basically to to use the system
and many of you know the little details we focus
on you know and at best only seeing the um right away on the 1st glance now the last time topic
I wanted to represent here today is this dice dynamic and intuitive control experience we show that the consumer electronics show in 2012 x in January and and just to give you a few examples on the 1 hand we included actually gesture control in the interior of a car and so basically complete experience you know without patterns without hotkeys without switches you can just use your hands and you don't have to you know use certain gestures and to actually control the system it's like it's like a touch screen you know without touching the screen actually and we use the whole front windshield you know for augmented reality which I will show in the next page here as you can see you know with rich for k display basically integrated and in the windshield and this will be possible in a few years from now you know and with all the rich data from the cloud you know with all this information basically from the information space around you there's like tons of layers of information actually which we could digitally used and overlay them you know in a professional manner what makes sense as you can see you with a few examples and you know thinking about you 20 20 and down the road you know you think about some also autonomous driving you know and even more so you know the usability
of augmented reality or or features like this being possible you know without having the driver's section being an issue um and then you know this approach
of social media and places we introduce it in this dice prototype and new interior and then actually continue to use it in the product in the digital device that product which we will lounge actually in the new class later this year and also with you know like a swarm intelligence and and uh you know connecting basically your social data with an intelligent map underneath and then and you know with many many ideas actually to just create a new rich experience while driving and well integrated and of course very easy to use and here's forests so that the whole of all of and
all of those who have been in the human knowledge so think the
I hope you have used up by abuse and actually experienced we have a very intuitive to
use the ability to seeking with human knowledge
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having an instance when the Alex from the
exterior of the surroundings and
interacting with with that data are likely to be and what for those
cars around you share information immediately
identify when you have and to add the following on Twitter when you diving by insisting that surrounds
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of you the the beginning of the this is the 1st thing and it just says
was 1 of the slides here and there some
information about things we're working on now and where we go next actually beyond what I have presented the forest you know we have really thinking about a new know generation of vehicles which are truly intelligent eventually in Digital Companions which learn your habits and which adapt your choices predict you most and interact with social networks and that they create an experience no which goes beyond what we all you know know today and experience today so I hope you have some questions or some common so we have a small Q & a session and that thank you very much for listening the
1st thing you do the you for just let me know when
you're in the Silicon Valley and stop by office high high and present it in the past to all of these so that used to be that the the the the car the world and the electronics will to was hard to synchronize we used to use and have a new iPhone every year we buy a new car 3 years 7 years something like that on and another point is so if diphone sometimes crashes and does not what do we want so that that's OK maybe not nice but OK where is a cop we expect that it works really every time so how do you synchronize those things so yeah it's a very good question actually so we have 2 things
on the flexibility side to actually be always up to date and you know to keep pace basically with the technology and with their innovation and so on and you kind of you know couple and have a solution you know for the the slow 568 development cycle of a car and you know the 6 to 12 months development cycle of these consumer electronics and an absence or on for that to solve that and bridge that gap actually we created 2 solutions on the 1 hand basically Mercedes-Benz absent for example you know running in the browser environment having this flexible approach and having the fully embedded systems basically which are fully proved and run through the 3 to 5 year development cycle you know be open for you know apps which you can continuously download update upgrade and so on and adds down the road without having to visit the dealership that's the 1 solution that know creating these fully embedded systems being flexible and being open for these add-ons and and and new installations of absence or on on the other hand we are creating as perfect integration as we can of smartphones and actually new solutions which are based on the smartphone and to enable this way customers actually to bring in the latest technology latest gadgets and each year basically as they come out and use it in the car and of course you know in terms of stability we put a lot of focus and a lot of automated and manual testing and so on to make sure it is embedded systems you know work rock-solid and and you know as you used to today and of course you know when you make it already develops systems based on smartphones and there could be cases you know just basically based on you know the nature of smartphones and that you know you cannot completely rely on you know compared to fully embedded systems that is clear hi uh thanks again for the great speech
I just 1 the questions and you said that for the new a classic and unengraved the swarm intelligence technology and um how soon do you think you can include the technology over all all models yes so this digital lifestyle concept actually which I presented with social media and places in this which you I
will introduce the 1st class but actually it is planned to go across all for most of the model lines that should say so we do a staggered lounge basically then and the B and C in the class and and other variables as well so it is planned across the color line solutions and by the way if you haven't
visited the diner boost with that in that they don't so
how is it as a theme please feel free to stop by check it out school of hi and actually I am a bit
disappointed by your talk you feel if you work in In the Silicon Valley and and you're presented products as disruptive say as long as the iPhone or the iPod like products that have completely made of the products of useless and have all obsolete and defining new and what new ways of living and this I can see that in your products like if if I if I put my phone in a car and it can do the same things without that you guys without loss and if I had if I write by qualified factorized flies in and the close the truth if a drive by a bot which plays music in a closed vehicle and I can hear the music from the bottom of the true it seems a bit over the top because if what I could hear the music from the open door so so this the this seems like a lot of it so it's an awful lot of but actually doesn't seem diets that that much of of of an effort to to put like those in electronic gadgets into a car that we know from a hundred years so I I I would like to have a if I the the like I thought there was that this is something from the you know the the lifestyle that I don't need in Europe where thing so if I have this this kind I can't find a parking lot when I when I hear that lovely music from the from the the bonds and it makes no sense so I I I I hope to to here if you moving ideas that maybe went away from the pure and the box in which I sit and have to but I'm sure you have ideas maybe you could tell us some of these and it's the
integrated rate comment and I mean that's 1 of the reasons actually why we're here to you know it's it's over all about mobility so cars you know it's 1 form of ability and you know everybody can choose you want the car or not you know the 1 a small car large car convertible or a real cool or whatever and in that a got something we created solutions like car to go as 1 mobility concept you know car-sharing we're working on other New mobility concepts so in general I think as a company and also you know for me in the Silicon Valley with our team there you know we fully support you know to come up with very disruptive and new ideas from below mobility and then also for we know the car as long as it's with as as long as it's there we all like it or some of us at least enough to create solutions like my opinion if you look at the dice and and you know maybe it was just a very short clip and you know we didn't talk to you know deeply about you know all of its my opinion pretty destructive you know innovation and ideas and with the augmented reality was gesture control you know with with you know the intelligence and I talked about last is the last point point and you know with having you know basically context-aware technologies you know with bringing them in you know more personalized and and and more adaptive you know user interfaces that basically the car or whatever you have in terms of you know view devices Lydia step ahead of you you know and can give you the right accommodations and and and making predictions of you know what maybe a next move may be based on calendar database to lots of data you know and based on your habits and and and what you used to my opinion there are actually a lot of you know big innovations and inventions in this area coming up but there a lot of small improvements to you know which my opinion will make our life just much easier I mean if you look at the car itself how many things you do not have to operate anymore you know like you're Vipers going on when it's raining you you light is going on when you go into a tunnel you know with the solid class in our cars you know because breaking fair use accelerating for you it's in many many things in in the next step will of course be and it's going to be a giant step is autonomous driving and you know and there will be scenarios 1st it's much easier maybe an hour on a highway and so on with our cars driving in 1 direction and so on before we do autonomous writing in in the inner city or so away much more complex than intersections with you know people crossing the states and so on but in my opinion there's still a lot of innovation and inventions actually awaiting outdated to be discovered or we're already working on and you know partially maybe not openly talking about it yet this is all various kind of items that gives the
user and the advantages of normal angles the velocity manager but it and