Occupy International

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Occupy International
The Next Phase and the Legacy of a Movement
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There was a moment, a global moment where Occupy was the topic of interest. Whether you understood it, hated it, lived it, or just asked about it, it was impossible to have experienced 2011 without having said the word occupy at some point. But what happened after it left the headlines and the dinner conversations? How did occupy develop once the media moved on? Some think it ended when various police forces marched into camps and dragged people out and beat the crap out of them. Others think it faded away because no one knew what else to do and the problems were too big to solve. But in fact - occupy is still going on. It has moved on to a new phase. A phase where it is both a symbol and a tool. Where banks and shopping centers get occupied for a day. Where human microphones shut down a political speech or campaign rally using a wall of noise that the powerful still don't know what to do with. This talk will focus on Occupy, in its totality. Not just the moment the world recognized, but the legacy that is ever present yet seldom reported on anymore. Why should we stick together? Clashes in the contemporary European (and north-american) social movements between digital native groups and analogical groups. From large masses to small groups to win the european revolution. In cooperation with the Federal Agency for Civic Education (Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung).
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exchange of for this so is that even and B so Hillary 1 nice to see you all here I am becoming bicycle market you find that the unprofessional you don't have to call me that common market and I'm giving a talk today on occupied if we give it its title occupy International pretty good title doesn't really tell me that much other than occupies international which we kind of knew about the strange thing among the many strange things about giving a talk about occupied is that no 1 has any business telling you what occupied is you're supposed to decide that for yourself so you should completely discredit everything I say in about 40 minutes and what I am curious about when we get down to it is your own experience with occupy and uh perhaps somewhere in what I talk about it triggers an idea or maybe a memory but may be an exact opposite experience which is also possible that so we'll get to that at the end I normally we ask questions and that kind of thing but myself I was introduced as a among other
things the journalists which is basically what I am the problem with the error we live in is that journalist doesn't tell the whole story you can be the kind that pushes the was set of 10 but nobody pushes pen uh I'm the kind that works alone apparently or with my audience directly without having a boss if anything the internet is my boss which is a terrible loss to have really to think about it the except that you can start really late and stay up late as well as the 1 of its good my own experience with occupy is for was primarily through um I live in the Netherlands live in Amsterdam and I accompanied occupy Amsterdam tools days of the week I did not have a tent nor do I feel like having a tent live so near the occupy I was pleased to occupy from about 11 AM until 10 PM here and there but I went to visit occupies often as possible help out when I couldn't
sometimes like a scumbag journalists I didn't help and I just watched everything happens but which is 1 of those problems that occupied can have sometimes that so the problem with explaining it occupy International primarily from having been occupied Amsterdam is that it could be a quite different story from New York to amsterdam to London to Australia to Nigeria and but all try anyway uh when I talk about the United States and speaking about the country I was clearly born in somehow or at least lived in for a long time based on my accent and specifically New York is the place I was raised in New Jersey if we really get into it the same thing it
is uh and so that's another place and the whole experience that was very close to my heart although I didn't experience it in person there's meaning now let's move on we had occupied but before there was occupied you wanna go back in time a little bit especially if you're if you've ever heard about it you know kind of like a jury that somehow they always find a jury never heard of the guy who murdered all these people and supposed to be giving a judgment maybe you're like the jury you didn't know that occupy happened that I the first one to tell you about its soul before occupying there was closing the novels and actually before the indignados there was the arab spring before that there was a lot of history as well but I'm just gonna start from 2 thousand 10 in the summer of 2010 you had the gentleman who unfortunately uh set himself on fire in in Tunisia I say unfortunately I don't want anyone to get hurt but which in the end so that was 1 of the catalysts that sparked the movement throughout North Africa and the Middle East known as well as the arab spring a lot of people took great inspiration still do um from what what's happening in Tunisia in Egypt and Libya in bothering to a lesser extent in serious I suppose you can take inspiration from what I said I suppose because it's free you don't want people again to get hurt that's the rule that I was going to come back to so we're talking about Arab Spring that's the end of 2010 and 2011 in
may several squares maybe you were there in Spain start getting occupied and uh Madrid being the principal place where this was happening but certainly not the only 1 they call themselves closing novels I never read the book the little red book written by French gentleman whose name escapes me at the
moment I will read it 1 day or perhaps they'll be a short film about and then i'll watch but so they adopted this name of again slightly inspired by not just the arab spring but by Spanish Republican with small are reasonably got small oral sex republican history which was rebellious and of course crushed by Franco and be military that Franco put together during the Spanish Civil works and then I get lost for a 2nd there they were inspired by the history recent and the long past and then in september september 17th in fact which is some kind of significant date because I believe the constitutional 1 of those rights that we don't pay attention to anymore was written and so September 17th in New York City near Wall Street uh Camp began now known as occupy Wall Street or OWS if you can no longer speak in real words so I put my for photos because the force is where it connects to my world and that of course was in Amsterdam but that was October 15th and actually since 4 in Europe and many of you may remember October 15th better than you do September 17 unless you have a baby on that day and then you probably remember September 17 memorable so October 15th was an international day of action but I know that here in Berlin there were definitely occupy protests cervical product protesting occupied occupied is protests right in Amsterdam to 3 thousand people out on what's called the financial square burst 1 of those insignificant squares from host people in the Netherlands by symbolically very important similar to zygotic pocket useless square that 1 day became important but otherwise very ugly place in my opinion cement and a few trees struggling to come out of the ground so this was October 15th around the world it was international occupied a I have to admit it was then impressive and I admit it because I'm a cynic sometimes and I looked around and from Australia to Israel to Portland Oregon where there are always protests but people were out in force and so you could therefore say at that very moment this is an international movement and international movement in the tradition that we haven't seen in a while but in the tradition of say maybe the entire war protests of all 3 or when a country called rock was invaded our main the I don't know I missed the anti-nuclear protests in Germany I don't know how big those were maybe that's the last time we saw something this big of Vietnam is often compared to occupy choose your your historical moment for me it was the nineties and the WTO protests in seattle I was just becoming politically aware back then but this is the last times I remember so many people being so passionate about something more several issues all dolled up into 1 in this case after October 15th of course it becomes a different story somewhat because then it becomes a question of all weight is not just a one-day protest these people are staying some of the many didn't maybe you went home and I came back the next day after good sleep and uh in some cities around the world people stayed most famous of course is New York closer to my home in Amsterdam besides Amsterdam which state indeed about Brussels tried to stay for a little while before being forcibly removed that we inherited some of the refugees from Brussels who came up to occupy Amsterdam and sent many greetings and told these are hard to sort of protestors were stories about how they were cleared of the camp and so forth but so that my experience is based on what they said about Occupy Brussels a couple against so so-called we know that London state of New York of course state of Portland Oakland 1 most famous ones also stated that many disappeared mentioned Brussels have member well disappearing Paris didn't even have 1 and you can argue with me on that I looked around and they were very well hidden but of course Paris falls into that category of the indignados because I know it's not stay but they were at that time similar protests what happens in Spain so maybe there's a border there somewhere between France and the Netherlands and Belgium and it becomes occupied and if you go down south it translates to another but they're very connected politically and and the way they operate so the constant stayed uh many people remember about away occupy Roma just on October 15 that turned seemingly according to the media very violent and the images suggest that it was quite a rough day in Rome maybe you were there I'm curious I just sort photo that distracted because it was very memorable so these
camps took hold and camps had a few characteristics maybe you never experienced at 1 simple 1 is tends everybody remembers tens and tens may seem very standard to you every summer for every hacker camp every 2 years but some for protester was really something that everybody would bring attempts that the sign of a protester was now we're not just going to be a placard a poster but it was going to be a bunch of mostly decathlon purchased of tense In a square a senior here in in London I believe that so that's 1 symbol you had the kitchen right everybody could eat I always ran into people occupy that maybe they cared about the issues but they were also very glad to get a meal and in the case of Amsterdam there's lots of people that are Jones and for some food real quick and so they came out occupy of course as well but there was the kitchen run by the people so the food came from donations but if you live in a city amazingly people do still care sometimes and there was a lot of food to be had I know in New York you had corporate sponsors that injuries among other famous names we have such famous names in Amsterdam we just had a local people who sent food works very well for super pancakes fuel medium healthy treats there's a kitchen then you that occupied College of an odd name also because it gets a little bit crossed with occupying your college and some colleges are in need of occupied and that actually has been happening since the occupy really brought process back into a practice or something that is more often than but occupy college was in fact during the day because occupy was going on day after day there would be an educational program so yeah you're hanging out you're playing guitar your readings sucrose and then injuries which are also going to learn something or even a share knowledge if you have something to teach teach it but if somebody
comes with a specific experience they can share it I everyone odd moments I was nobody will remember this name but might prevail came out of the occupied college tend to a round of applause and I thought was the the senator from Alaska that ran for like libertarian President Ronald legalized the platform and there he was at Occupy collagen in Amsterdam giving a lecture and I just thought wow these guys got connections and shook his hand and said hello certainly had no idea what was so there was occupy college and then there were the Daily actions direct actions often called uh of course you had different committees in your occupies so you had the committee in charge of the general food and the festivities when there were festivities so events that could be music and you have the
people in charge of direct action and that was to the side yes from our little home base camp will go somewhere and will hold some kind of direct action to raise awareness about 1 of the more famous internationally organized direct actions was a bank transfer day and of any of you participated I'm still working on it and now transferred to to environmentally sound banks I think I overdid it to be honest remembered very little money I don't have to ecologically sound banks but I'm sort of choosing but there was a day where everybody would coordinate moving from a corporate bank to a well in the United States you have credit unions um which yes I haven't committed any major
crimes that are as well publicized as Bank of America for example Bank of America by the way started as a very small innocent bank in California I believe only later became a terrible large conglomerates and so you had then transferred day you had general occupations or protests in front of specific institutions that had somehow committed a violation during the financial during this financial crisis and that was 1 of the activities that came out of occupied so here's a
scene from occupy G or direct action in Amsterdam where a very simple idea organized and occupy Amsterdam which was to occupy the banks make it difficult to for them to go about their business tried always raise some awareness about the activities of this bank of maybe among customers that otherwise point at Occupy but we're going to check on their money who goes to a bank to check their money and when somebody does my grandfather does he loves to go to the bank and argue with people that started funding and argue with a bank anymore know people so then there's a sort of I don't see dark side sometimes the word just comes out that there were problems but I don't know if you experienced problems that occupied it's hard to find a lot of documented proof that isn't just slander from some occupied heating blog I'm telling you that I love Occupy and the problems concerned me constantly again just a war the spent any time with security because there was of course a security committee and people who were in charge of making sure that everybody was all right but that nobody was stealing or injuring anyone in any way keeping the peace that because we can exactly rely on the police or we didn't want to for that and in the case of an occupier Amsterdam I mean security issues were drunk this and generally people fighting which happen very often it's kind of attached drunkenness in my opinion of you had the staff which can happen when you're in a public place for people just pass through my understanding of some occupies there was a lot more on there you could see who was coming and going depends on you know what kind of setup you had the security problems were 1 of the darker sides in my opinion of of what I saw at my occupied it was a disaster it was just hard to keep these things that they and then how do you enforce them and the guy that got into an angry drunken fight they got taken out of occupied today he comes back to next day and we're not we're not a police force were not looking to hold people in pens so the idea is you know if you don't wanna be here don't be here but people actually want to be there and still fuck around which was kind of a problem and you know then there are other concerns and this has been the bane of most occupies ultimately what brought many down in terms of the occupation public safety right you can always 1 of the classic ways to get rid of a squat uh especially in Amsterdam was that the fire department declares it somehow unsafe so even though legally you might have the right to occupy something the fire departments as you could business safe so we have to remove you for your own good and this is a constant thing with the authorities that there are too many tense on the squared has to be this many numbers I realize this might be very Dutch in some ways um but if you had similar in Zakari part where it became about there were rats maybe items I wasn't there to see any but there were reports it's not cemeteries and there was a concern for cleaning you have the cleaning committee but still you know occupied DC was famous for apparently also unsanitary conditions bedbugs heard of where these things really I don't know but where used as a good enough excuse to mess with occupiers on part of the authorities yes so we have these issues in Amsterdam which in my opinion ultimately have brought it down and here's the weird thing I'm going to be hated by anybody This watching from occupy Amsterdam because what anybody was but from shouting from
open to shouting and throwing things just not glass so but there was this where was I um earlier so they gave in sometimes to what the authorities said mean what even do you don't wanna be evicted completely because as we saw in in the end if the police really wanted to they created physically come and drag you out of occupied now this is controversial thing to say because if we stand up and if we if we link arms people power and I love people power I'm interested in the people power i'm glad people believe in the even more than I do to some extent but what I've seen over the last year and years is that when it comes down to it if the government wants to kick your ass they often find a way and I'm talking about police in this case but would say the government pointing strings there and so there were concessions made as I will have less tense OK will make fire lanes actually makes sense right so we do that then more concessions start to come as time goes on you know a winter came in December was a bad month for a lot of occupies not just because it was cold but I I see what I saw was in the United States a coordinated effort to clear them out in all the cities right there is this famous may oral phone call for all the mayors of certain cities spoke about how we can get rid of these kids but I realize it's not just kids occupied by the way but marriage don't know only the main must of a cool man that so they had this phone call and they decide to coordinate the removal of as many occupies as possible around December mid-December this would be around the time where the famous overnight the fiction of Isaac iPod happens of around that time you had several incursions into the Occupy Oakland which ended quite in a lot of violence mostly violence on the part of the occupiers
getting beat up on some say occupiers fighting back but so occupy Amsterdam at this point it is hard to find a photo of this by the way in which is always like why are we being honest is mostly just uphold to be honest with you here because I'm I I didn't realize this I stopped going around January but and so I went by last month and there's a whole with flowers with some signs and information about where the General Assembly is going on which is still is so here's the weird part occupies the got evicted have they still exist online and offline in case of Amsterdam we still meet in a bunker fantastic bunker near my house and uh we have the
General Assembly and talk about the General Assembly will get to in a 2nd so the place itself became somewhat less important which takes is a little bit to what is the future of occupied which is which 1 of can answer but you go online you continue to have the means you don't occupied the square necessarily because that became impossible to some extent also because the idea was in that square besides education and eating but there would be debate and there was a debate discussion you know try and picture what what to do next in order to alleviate this situation financial thing lack of being represented in government all the problems we know that occupiers were concerned about but so these meetings still go on you just don't have the square in most cases anymore and other some places where the square continues but someone years from direct I think even including today there's still attends 2 or 3 maybe marked but there were never more than 1 of 20 but but so some occupies do continue but it's not so much about that tends or those tense it's more about the discussions that are taking place wherever they can take place about what to do next about protester right action and plants making plans so let's do the General Assembly for a 2nd because this is 1 of the legacies of occupied and on a really simple level if you think about it occupied means something quite different than it used to not me I used to think about occupies that thing that that the Israelis do in Palestine that's an occupation or the Americans that interact that's an occupation but we've kind of now taking the name to a new level not to forget the crimes of imprisonment past but uh occupied almost in a joking way has become a word that means resists protesters I'm I'm not gonna let that go I have friends who always talk about occupying some friend's house for a couple days to a party that occupy itself became sort of urban dictionary words to be used for whatever the hell we want maybe that's good maybe that's bad but that's a legacy this thing is the 10th I notice there's a lot of protesters they may not even be called occupied the people bring tents at when we occupied the bank and the I. N. G. branch there were tents outside the bank it's kind of like a calling card the movement continues this tent as part of this occupation which is not on the square anymore simple yes anecdotal maybe but it's part of a legacy this thing and my favorite of course is the mike check Mike checked has become a visitor verb to get my check yeah spot got my checked at the park today that so much to get my check of course comes from the tradition of the way meetings were held the General Assembly meetings were held occupied you that stems from the fact that you couldn't have of course a megaphone or anything that makes you because because that would be somehow an offense against the City of New York or any other city so
instead of doing that right you do the mike check you've all seen it 1 person says something everybody repeats itself becomes louder now my check becomes a tool during speeches during fancy Gallo dinners with political representatives that perhaps you don't care for in general and have committed some crimes and you coordinate amazingly uh perhaps during some of those General Assembly meetings this on that everybody will at the same time someone will shout like check and from all over this room I could get my check right now of a kind of weird and picturing going on OK and you you do your my check and you make your speech and security goes a little bit ancient because they wanna take you down but you're saying it so so we need more security to take everybody down so you can might check someone for a while this is part of the legacy of occupy a new tool maybe a weird tool but still useful and used but when it comes to protest you know in the days of a labor strikes in the auto industry in the United States sit-down strike was the thing you know system and someone must have invented it on the 1st guy to sit-down sorry arrays of what you going this is a sit-down strike your lazy now that everybody sits and suddenly you can move these people cause they're sitting much harder and that they since figured out the cops they now know how to get you out of sitting down but so now we have my check that's the new sit-down strike of our error and 20 30 years kids surprise they might check is lame you know that's easier messed up lot some device that'll kill you might check somehow so this is the tool of our error enjoy it yeah and by the
way about this General Assembly meeting I'm not your dad novel occupied even if I do it here and here and general Assembly meetings were something quite interesting there often listed of course as 1 of the very unique aspects of occupied and so every nite in Amsterdam is around 6 o'clock there be a General Assembly meeting everybody is welcome different committees report what's up housing going from Financial Committee will list how much money has been donated transparency right and everybody can bring up a point and if everybody shows up to the meeting and was to bring up a point that can be a long aceMedia such is life right if you want everybody to participate you're going to have to be patient but made for some very difficult meetings my leads the opinion of it it you have to be there for so long and it's hard at some point in this so general Assembly is often listed as the strains of an occupied camp given it's interesting it's useful it's democratic in some way direct democratic but it's also a pain in the ass and anybody that doesn't admit that sometimes is lying to themselves but I'm not saying I have a solution I have had had I must say I have a solution to to improving the General Assembly maybe those discussions that I missed out on the went on to sleep but they were working on this issue in fact but that's the weird aspect we talk very highly of General Assembly's rightfully so but we often don't talk about how much of a pain in the ass that she was and maybe some those things like taking a medicine you gotta do it doesn't taste good uh so maybe that's the answer you it's partaking in medicine your democratic medicine um so we all know
that these these camps eventually ended and there a lot of people looking around the critics and supporters and everybody in between in 2012 what's going to happen we just had made a I know it's a very fun time here in Berlin uh back in the US has be boring they normally they have no idea what it all means that some people know um but occupy announced that this should be the day of wakening protesters happened all over the world again especially of course in the US context but not only and the idea was that occupy will show itself again and lot people wanna know are going to take to guide pocket cut to photo of sky pocket live video punter cops and barriers and you know you it's it's a kite pockets still there and so a lot of people wonder if we're going to go back to where we were last year but and I would answer that that wasn't the point but that's just my opinion the point was repeat your rinsing repeat winter comes we come back at the point was to move on to something else we've seen hints of what something else is because nowadays they whether it's a bank or insurance company of some kind but you do have direct actions that happen uh these are organized someone out of the occupy movement those still meeting online or offline so you have more focus on the target if I can use more military word but with apologies you have specific places that you're going to protest new creative perhaps inspired by occupy way you're maybe going to use my check when possible you can bring tent but you're going to stay that's something that was brought back with occupied that people don't just protest day although some people do that that you stay there you
sleep there your body like a sit-down strikes of old is going to remain in this place so we can still use this and it is being used in targeted actions will they occupy a space and sleep and live and eat there again we don't know but maybe that happened in the time I've been busy with Republican and I missed out on it by all means let's talk about it afterward but
occupied lives on the lives on in stories occasional appearances like a superhero that of your peers and leaves and then reappears but the the language remains of besides occupied is the We are the 99 % even in countries where I don't think the wealth gap is 99 % 1 % people still adopted saying I remember the beginning I saw many Dutch neighbors of mine were not very political going I don't think 99 per cent in the Netherlands control the wealth and now giver take a few % you know come up and so the slogan itself is more powerful than the actual facts and I'm not saying that they were lying about something no 98 % was very successful way to look at what's going on in the world and it really is worldwide anyway even if the percentages exact and so this is a powerful and lasting figure that's still gets used occupied yes here I mentioned my check this remains a tool that that will continue to appear in especially in a campaign year and has sort of haunted especially the republican candidates of Sarah Palin at the great what is C-PAC meeting she got my checked she ever you know the answer my check is have you noticed it singing the Star-Spangled Banner which is American and from very weird answer to my check so we here we see some protesters battle going on you might check me I singer Sherry song it is issued a song in
the American context I notice and maybe I'm looking forward but you find politicians but the greatest among them the president of the moment more will more often now talk about uh he likes to say people doing their share but that the there was a time and it is a divisive issue but there was a time in the US we couldn't criticize the wealthy everybody wants to be wealthy so whenever talk show about that things have changed a little and I like to think that has to do with occupying and you'll find all bomb is 1 of the people whose language is much more work towards criticizing the rich even if in practice is not really harming them but in rhetoric occupy I think it had an influence on his talks and even on a lower level may years I mean there were a few meters that would speak out against occupy they were scared to do it you then the mayor came by on his bike with kids come and that only came to talk about 1990 sharing and chat with the occupiers in organs quarters with 20 dogs are talking with the Mariners kid on a bike and some you can see that whether or not he liked occupy you might have hated it but he could not come out and say it because this was a force to be reckoned with in his city and in any case I mean the mayor of Oakland and how she's doing now but she was hated for the way Oakland handled occupied or at least the authorities have occupied so a lot of politicians have shifted but I don't know if they're going to stay that way but Obama certainly seems to stay on that page and borrowing a bit from occupied being critical of the wealthy talking classes for a little bit by 5 million articles to do that and then immediately he'll say I'm not talking about class but I find that a lot of the rhetoric and politics especially in the US but not limited has changed a bit thanks occupied part of it is fear and and maybe part of it is people's feelings like they get it you know as in the case of even the people who didn't go to occupy and in 1 of the great successes is that if you talk about the financial collapse for the financial crisis that we're in invariant all over the world were in people now know a bit more about this fault it's there may have been a time regardless the economy goes up and down the now we blame banks we blame certain large corporations that benefited from certain government policies it's not only occupied success but it's very related will become much more we know who to hate or at least to target with our protester frustrations of yes No focused focused more focused but I don't know you cannot
evict an idea this is often said and I don't even know how to argue against it but they can evict people and they do it all the time and that is a very scary thing I was speaking with a lawyer recently who handle civil liberties and Guantanamo Bay among other places operated guy can you was talking about how we don't notice and has been happening before occupied and after occupied is that there are more and more of course rules about where you can protest how you can protest of what time what it can look like and so police have more power than ever this may not always be true country country and kind of Germany big defender of individual rights and freedoms great very good for you but I find that 1 of the other legacies of occupies at the cops also get more toys to play with I mean I know we've been talking about what sound can and for a long time but they use them and you know we thought rubber bullets with something that beanbags those would been around for a few years but still they're all coming out of the closet all these great sort of tools that they wanted to use on people they have more power to use them sometimes with legal backing sometimes with hardly any legal backing but it doesn't matter they use them anyway the case goes to trial someone they got injured occupy wins or a gets thrown out but the cops in that moment are able to really hurt people and clear people out so I understand completely you cannot evict an idea and I suppose that's the most important thing but what scares me a bit in the aftermath of occupied is you can evict people and when they really want to they do it and people may be horrified the public that is an occupying but do they really do anything about it maybe the next time we vote but generally people just can't live with you know uh that's my take on it but also talk about something and this is a problem I have in my own work and we needed psychologist to really get into it but this tiny tiny graphic you can read says that old annoying proverb that probably isn't really a proper 2nd you get a statue in Chinese and you know know Chinese and you've no idea which have on your arm but they tell you it's courage and stop proverb is may you live in interesting times right and I suppose all kinds of interesting but 1 of our problems I think is protesters as journalists is that we really want to live in interesting times and working hard to try and make sure we live in interesting times and so every little protester sorry even large protests get compared to you know I didn't beginning of this discussion today compared to the Vietnam war era and maybe back then it was similar we often want so badly to live at a turning point but because what we need a turning point into it would be awesome to have lived it so 1 of my problems with even me talking about occupied or talking to occupiers about occupied pursuing look arch conservatives about occupied is that there is this battle between acknowledging that moment is significant this is and it is but then an argument how significant it is this you know many people say occupies the beginning of something huge as like we don't really know that you know you and and mineral there's a plan and any day now they're gonna unleash occupied drones were being drop ice cream on everybody like there may not be applied in you know not this may not be the interesting time were hoping for but it doesn't mean we should abandon it I just find that influences everything we do that something comes with being in the Twitter Facebook everything is recorded I'm holding an iPhone was full time is ridiculous but we live in this area where we're pretty sure this is important so it must be important and I don't want to dissect that I mean maybe by comparing history I I don't know but I comes to mind a lot we want this to be important so bad but is it is it worth it and and 1 way to measure is due changes occur so I leave that up to you to keep an eye out for changes occurring I tried to bring some small ones today and then
upon the Crying of a lovely young child that's the basic idea you know that the future is underwritten we want act like we know what's going to happen you come to a talk and you want this guy guy who might know something might not uh to tell you what's going to happen you want disagree or agree we love doing this but we really don't know 1 thing for sure after a period of not much going on a lot of shit is going on you can quote me on that that election is going on and more shit come the and that's good it's better than nothing but so it's to make it is an exciting time to live where it all leads we do not know but you will occupy come back and look exactly like last year actually not it how could it you know that this is too many forces that have changed in shifted in individual it is something new anyway and then move on and and push forward and so the future is as I believe Joe Strummer said once the future is unwritten and maybe that's a good thing occupies not finished keep an eye out you know the out there insert good and speech it thank you so much classical much does anybody have any questions and remarks do you want to say and how they should pose the question what would you like to do is before you get on hating marriages and I know what I would really like is I think a lot of people lived occupy perhaps in Germany or wherever you're from that we use to get messages from occupy frankfurters and the better the go about um I would be curious about your own story about how you lived occupied if you even visited for a day or state in tent as I did not know I'm I'm curious about your story about occupied and the remaining how you see it and yet so we have 15 minutes for that does doesn't want to set heightened was when I was born on September 17 so I stayed home and watch the system in which universities and liberal and I was curious as tests all of you know and I was wondering how much you think the petition of grievances might have politically impacted in the US and my 2nd question is how much the same the unions of labor is involved as a member of the there's a lot of our our approach as what you're doing here like you that kind of thing and has that got any better and then you see a lot you have thank you for creating the a questionable or person for the 1st part was partition of grievances so people after all all so how effective the grievances of occupied how have they been of the growing list of uh I've seen it at different phases but problems in the last was right and so the question is yes yes yes it and I can analyze the 2nd part 1st because I remember that this grievances that I haven't thought about it since the hand and the the the 2nd part of the question was later so I don't know if there we didn't have that as much in in Amsterdam there were meetings you know and they said all labor has said on this particular day can Saturday was a big day for occupied so there would be extra people coming and the music and and and labor would show up on that day I think they did maybe more than least once I remember uh so their members who may not have been part occupied all would show up in the US was a much bigger deal labor joined occupied in this cave in another sense of importance and and legitimacy because you want the working classes have more working class but it definitely helps us to be more you know all encompassing but the bomber about labor in general I mean and what about 2 violin but is that they're losing battles left and right in the actual workplace so it's a it's a movement that is already struggling to remain significant and unique question much power they have anymore anyway such a politically so I think was great I mean right parents demonstrating that already had but um yes no doubt labor union any kind or as many as possible joining occupy has been important probably will happen again in the future but there's another problem going on which is that the power of labor or how people relate regular people so many now are in unions relate to a labor union of as something I'm actually been thing what about lately the future of labor and an occupied so we have another question on my experience has mean that for the weeks in October in the UK and joined the application as part of the kitchen teams and and I think you that the social and laminectomy is the European it was at bit here and I was there on a holiday and to have for 3 weeks I haven't seen much of New York only Cycladic para have to admit so and then to me and I think there were a lot of problems like and it was that it was a massive imagine time there the greatest of my last decade of thinking and say that but there was also problems for example we couldn't get the kitchen to get like more ecological or people like bringing up the nation's from Duncan donor and and it wasn't the it seemed and you know the energy it on on the square and the and the efforts made were amazing you know the the passion of of Duran was coming up with their home including saying keep up the the good work you you distribute this demonstrate that then there was a lack of arm OK let's make it a matter you know let's make it ecological let's make a vegetarian at least here in this in in the in that in the kitchen and you know people come up it was the product that they come up to you know consumer has had a few things like I want oranges Jimmy oranges in Annapolis and yet and you know 1 of the big problems I experienced was and I I come from a family of therapists and social workers mental illness I mean we have a lot of homeless in all cities around the world who don't always have a place to go or even if they do they you know we don't reach the and occupied actually attracted a lot of people with mental illnesses and then there was another problem because you have people were just volunteer security you know very friendly guys and girls and here you have people of mental illnesses that world or difficult to deal with or had some of their own problems but they did not have to treat these people or how to handle it so it was always like we needed an emergency psychological unit and occasionally as a psychologist would stand up and say I'll go with him or her but this is 1 1 issue I know it's a lot for me like that and back in New York it's harder to drink on the street not too big on alcohol but alcohol was 1 of the banes of occupy Amsterdam at least because people were too drunk sometimes not everybody obviously it is 1 of the old and there must be a rule of thumb is not Murphy's Law but then for every 1 per cent in the situations that he's trying and is doing volunteer work and is from listening and there's what 6 that just hanging out and it's OK to just hang out with and some even do words and make it hard to to to exist and this is 1 of the great problems we have in society and I'm not getting all of you know pick yourself up and and get a job but occasionally I had the feeling that their part of the name of the movement and their you know it's not like that the very an you know where strategy to exclude them they were not the a problem I think was more problematic and you know the way it has to be to get to and dig enough in the middle of the the nite or in the middle of the General Assembly just out of nowhere and I don't like that have you know by authorities 0 yes and yes yes and interesting aspect was in some occupies a as mean in all occupy the some communication between cops and and and occupiers I hope that in the case of the Netherlands you had a lot of communication I gotta talk all time with the police officer was sort of responsible for occupying you walk through and I was that there was key especially with the people who can kick your ass and have the authority to do it legal authority and it's good to show them their you know their human and they know you're human and no 1 wants to get you know because I I really like this sort of interaction between the police and the unoccupied in the Dutch case but when push came to shove the Dutch police would do whatever the order to do is they have many times and then they become no friend of ours and the I I notice saying there was some discussion of whether homeless should be welcome I remember this discussion in the General Assembly and a representative of the homeless stood up and said but we've discussed it with you know the Committee for this and that and will stay in will try and keep an eye out for people who need extra help there's about represented from almost you not that because it embodies the city council ever but if you will thanks hi I'm I'm from Germany but I live in Spain and Leila notice that but contaminate the movement last made and I visited the the 1 in Barcelona Tarragona and also in another because of my work and I found it quite impressive to see this in different cities happening on especially as you mention it as well the let's say the patients and the respect for each other in the General Assembly to listen to each other for hours and hours of which kids we uh lots of people and this strength that was in there was really are impressive especially and maybe some of you have noticed is that there was also some violence in Barcelona last May then and afterward so more people came to the square and more people were very clear about this on well Pacific nonviolent and this was also part of this strength and you could see that my question is um now that elections last year and not only because of the protests in Spain but that they brought the conservatives into power with the term and I talked to a professor from Granada actually said well it's beautiful what they do and we get it some decades ago as well I I have a lot of sympathy for this and he didn't consider it to be part for him now but that he said actually what they do is they weekend on the left wing I didn't agree to that but I found it interesting also because of the discussion about is that the in movement outside the parliament or could it be the next party and what would need to happen and do we want this this kind of discussions where for instance going on in the assembly and I wondered down what is your of your impression on this from the inside maybe also given that in the US we will have elections this year and that you may criticize Obama for many things but if you consider the alternatives and you know you are aware where our and 2012 and I but the thing about being a party right and this is significant to what's going on in Germany in a way not in the occupied becomes a party sense but in the sense that the uh case of the hackers become a party or at least some of them some of the Pirate Party and another not all hackers obviously but but In the case of occupied I would never want to be a party of it would be a mess for some reason you brought up you you've got the person who's a vegetarian and and and and supports that during parsing the presence of or begins eating meat but never mind food uh recycling and the people say about recycling but they're hang out occupied it I know that sometimes you can find points that we all agree on 1 of the simple ones for occupy was things are not OK things need to change it actually became a political party in the system that we currently have that formerly that would be scary informally as a force it's interesting some people compare them to the tea party which I kind of hate because I don't wanna be in any way compared to the tea party and I don't wanna be the polar opposite only on the scale of but there force that the body is a force that sort of fuels the right wing I don't think that and especially in American context occupies not powerful enough they captured all lot of attention people sympathize with it but how far would they go on sympathy I'm not clear on that it would a vote maybe but I think 1 of us the sort of underlying things was we don't like the system as it is so we wouldn't run a party in the existing system and then comes the question what kind of system would you run the poverty and and so I don't see it happening at least not in the American or the that definite the Dutch context and I make a face because that is 1 of people actually even public support wasn't that good my Dutch trends can directly but it wasn't that good could been better but my neighbors in answering did not give a shit you know we talk about it would never go so well that's my audiences OK so and this we only have time for 1 more remark story experience and there's so many people wanted to say something so it would be great if you just go outside afterwards and like have some chance maybe you can use yeah it would cost thank you Aaron a mark of the last word will to you will have God to do you might well I just wanted to come very quickly it was also observing the optimal occupy movement but the loss in the amount of movement and sustainable and so on and I just want to comment on the 1st commentators because she said she credits criticized kind of that the movement toward a kind of undermined by and let's say corporations all for commercial whatever and II of observed in Spain it was often undermined by moral trying to be part of society and there were a lot of things that were certainly drawing the wave attention from the real topics and that was a problem also yeah yeah yeah I would talk the and I now so you have