Dark Side of Action

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Dark Side of Action
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2011 was a year full of political upheaval and protest. From the Arab Spring to the Occupy movements, thousands of people took to the streets demanding (and enforcing!) change. Focusing on collective action, however, we tend to neglect what can happen to individual participants who find themselves under enormous pressure to succeed, to perform, and generally save the world... In this session, we want to broach the taboo of depression and failure in a (hack)tivist context, taking a step back from the challenges at hand to look at the effects on people getting involved -- as well as those who can't get involved.. It's not as scary as it sounds! Suitable for all and trigger-happy in a positive way, Anwen will be presenting an assortment of ideas and iconic images from science and art history, following the trace of depression and melancholy from ancient hermits and Noonday Demons to the digital natives of today. We will explore the "dark side" of action -- compassion fatigue, depression, shellshock, burnout, suicides --, and talk about how the (social) Net can become more of a safety net for its inhabitants. Stephan will be sharing some examples from his personal experience as a Telecomix agent: Hackers, especially those who work with activists on the ground, see the consequences of their actions and inactions every day, putting themselves and others under immense pressure and "burning the candle from both ends". But we also want to talk about the different patterns of behaviour and interaction that let such situations develop and about the measures that networks and jellyfish clusters can implement to not only solve these problems, but to also ensure a healthier way of interacting and behaving in future.
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but earth memory but my can do well this is a very personal topic I I think we already have another any other chance except talking about it personally I can stop at having my own story I came to this project 0 well to me it started with the story actually never met his 2009 was 1 of he was an Austrian activist founder of ostia Pirate Party founder of states which is what you might know use and was a game designer and generally a very active person and he committed to
society 2009 and I came across a story or others non story in and was immediately intrigued by this sort of what here reaction but married said to you I mean even if you don't know this individual story I think that's my 1st point that the trigger warning is that comes with customer needs to be included some warning if you talking about sensitive topics but I think this is such a universal problem in a way that almost everyone is in a way triggerable and we're trying to keep the trick is in a positive way and to talk about to general phenomenon but I think what's what's really intrigued here is
how people can just disappear and how people live there remains on the way I mean welcome to quake 3 arenas pretty haunting last week and if
you I was looking at this the dead Twitter born in a way I was thinking about the ways of the tyrannized story and it'll it'll bits and blogs Learning at Twitter is is to be really credited for the phrase monetary hiccups which is like if you have a problem then we're experiencing momentary hiccup but I think in a way Twitter is as big ocean of momentary
hiccups because you you're telling your life this was treatments and in a way it's sort of light that's all you realize that quality time at the very ancient sort of the phenomenon that you that you try explore your own life through the stories are telling bit by bit by bit and I think Twitter is a technology that supports that uh and I was reminded of this sort of soundtrack you had a lot of songs on his timeline and it reminded me sort of floating in empty space I was thinking of the Voyager Golden Record I don't know if you've ever seen on the cover of it it's an amazing thing it was sent out space in seventies and only included all
sorts of songs sounds halfspaces if you try to deliver graphic from that area will at some point be able to read I think it's pretty challenging task and trying to imagine what sort of avian would would look like something you don't actually understand what is the point at the bottom which actually gives you the mine each time frame of reference and it's actually of the hydrogen atom changes state
in the hydrogen atom and so this little these 2 circles the distance tells actually the scale to decipher the entire whole cover diagrams and the binary code because this is the smallest possible time element the smallest transformations and thinking about the soundtracks in space and gold records I was uh I was reminded of this and from the National passed down and dirty subsidiarité amazing that in the seventies and and he thinks a lot about isomorphism which is basically an analogy to steady but it can be mapped to 1 another so this is
the the the the diagram which shows that the worst articles isomorphism of a transformation that
preserves information so we have a time little time which but in the way the information stays inside and yes all start has really I think it's been such an intractable because he really places the the analogy of the heart of everything of language of thinking of rational reasoning and uh cognition itself you region because she is later which is called StrangeLoop where actually argues that consciousness itself works like like 1 of these analogies systems where something is just gone wrong where the representation doesn't work out exactly and
thinking of what 1st they're thinking of of this name and 1 of atmosphere from gaming area but you're constantly sort of striving for the next level so it's like gratification if you if you are do well when you're gonna make it at the next level and the whole idea of sort of matter levels of the matter is that sort of jumping for what I think is illustrated very well in this this idea for status that's your constantly during this sort of querying not so as sort of the human mind
at versus the outside world you get consolidating these comparisons of I think it's a very of sticks thing in our in our minds that we actually take where these amazing digital people but in fact we worked so much should we rely on this analogy so much where a constants and querying married of is this the map is not the territory
of friends are not a real friends of Facebook friends and our top friends and especially with the digital world and others sort of layer which the more surreal somehow I think we're constantly doing this of questioning and and that determines our research questions examining these these matters in a way because of we try and try and see this see the differences between let's say 0 answers on search results and this is constantly something where which checking but this is the analogue way of thinking and I think this is a very well represented in although this is a gift report which sort set the the some words farther so but I think that it's
a mode of representation where we're doing sort of comparisons mentally and this is being in art history or with the history of thinking for a long long time and it did I hear the sort of difference that changes to the idea of the trace or what he calls the and I think this great managed by the way he says something like an important thing in life is that the traces with a leave behind when we when we go and I mean that's pretty she's
epitaph scary but are I think in the web context and the trace is the really important idea because and like I said the Twitter will we don't really have a culture of dealing do we wanted to remain on the Web once we've actually literally physically dropped out of it I think these traces the written in a way very inspiring and then I don't really exist right it's that to the guys said like when I was looking at this twitter wall it is taking away
I and I don't know if you've seen the apple yeah landing page when when the jobs that we don't really have the perfect way commemorating all finding digital heritage but I think because we don't because we don't have the experience that is just while which although there are hundreds of thousands maybe hundreds thousands of people already dead on Facebook maybe you have a of that Facebook friends as well but in fact we can actually have the experience of of dealing with that that's how we want to produce and ordered to remain what we want want us lifelines will timelines to be assumed as
we've we've dropped out of the web site what I think of how this relates to the depression and 2 what I was mentioning about isomorphism about comparing it trying to sort of state of reality by constantly comparing 2 sets against another of finding good I don't know if you know the population above that he was 1st grade troll basically say the title early and modern mathematics that is destroyed this century projects and uh at least 3 people including Russell and Whitehead and that the Commission to show that everything is consistent and complete and he just went and traumatized entire science saying that now in fact it isn't and these loops and the stranger the strange patterns way where analogy doesn't work out there right at the heart of logic and mathematics and all thinking itself so we can't actually a state is we always looking for that completely inconsistent systems but in fact the
StrangeLoop estrangement is actually a trait of the system itself I think of this thing completeness and consistency and constant reflecting back on yourself is in a way
but I've been treating depression melancholy is a special case of this strange loops cost argues it's like it be as that as soon as you ask questions to yourself and fits with the outside world and to me that's also that the the connection to to net activism or activism in general because I think if you constantly reflecting the cells
on your own mental state which is in a way very strong feature of depression of it's very hard to actually direct questions to the outside world and to make that we cannot just constantly fall back on to yourself and I think this strangely phenomenon is which is often described in in of in research also in different times a lot of people say will unite and facts depression at the same time the self I would really good itself but I think that's exactly the problem we talking about the sort self reflectiveness and at the depression how does have a long tradition of salon tradition of being described as an as an illness as mental illness but also has a C and if you look at the characteristics of let's say that today in the symptoms that are on the DSM-IV lists there's hardly any of the of biographical psychological data is uh factors in the sense that they rely very much on how we relate to the physical world and how we relate to the social world which I think it's in a way best represented here this is an ancient or other relays picture from that accounts work and he was the study of consciousness on perception and for me this is still 1 of the most the world and pictures because it actually shows the way we try and reflect the outside and there's several of these I think this is also an instant of this analogy of finding isomorphism between what's
reflected in my head all my kind the picture I make the world and so the sort of outside world this is being great topic you know in all of science and philosophy ever ever since really and actually this cannot image is itself a bit of a mean which is even older can yeah you can see this on the left and 1
on the left is another decouple illustrations and she show how you might use of muscles and what
happens in the brain and lecture set it's about tool but the 1 on the right that we actually predates the card player 930 years and the a very famous picture by you have not can knowledge of linear it's an
amazing picture because it has this figure on the right uh described as an angel's our was use of research into this into this picture obviously it's fighting of art history and you don't you know everything is only related much 78 taste the commodity and I read it to of the united simply but I think it's a really good picture because the figure on
the right is what sort of an angel and this will not historical discourse is really being very
concerned about that what kind of thing this is is is an angel is is man of female and I was getting into all these debates and then I did what I usually do and I'm stop and looked it up on Wolfram on and because that's something you know which was just relying on the fact and uh WolframAlpha obviously created all the inner of this strange shape here the Mallet melancholy of which is a strange figure and the engine is
obviously not quite looking at figure that it has all the tools for it ready to you know analyzed but uh the transition doesn't quite take place in some of the information is going where it should and so it's a case of you know not quite properly representation and it's just looking off track and in fact what amount of housing
that's the figure on the right is it not a transsexual angel as this is is this code neutrinos against particle which going through everything and it reminded me of that thinking these angels text discussion but uh Stephen Wolfram just says it's only a frustrated intellectual and without explanations selected is in fact is something after all and I think that the the 1st trace actually comes through this this strange phenomenon that you would actually like to look at well do something mn is holding the tools readiness towns and has all the scientific equipment at the ready so it's not a matter of not having the proper materials that just sort of missing the point something doesn't quite overlap and this is very some old native and this this pictures of this layer determines very much how we talk about this day state so this is 2011
speech of the last feels melancholy film and I think of you can see a lot of these tomatoes this year in in the dual that picture that you can also see that the great planets in the in the background and that's something that's very much related to the whole tradition of this depression you have sort of that displacement that's in Greece or cial
depression taking somehow detached from physical space but also it's frame very much as the gravitational force that's being related to or connected to the planet saturn since antiquity and of course the sort of melancholy goes right back to the Greek molecular humans and section and that's a very bodily thing all thanks and says that in the word depression which literally means users reached the spot and maybe you'd like to go out and do something that you can't actually on this the idea of this is space it
comes from the government and this is well all the example of all the motif that's been the most influential and things because it has to do with sort of being well frustrated at the world is being sort of having high ideals maybe but not quite being able to recognize out and will eventually just sort of
giving up or turning a back on society of finding a and to conclude in the spatial ornamental context and I think we have a lot of so we also society way words today I we don't have to cave do this so that's saying it can be another procedural together and it's been a very influential the sort of in pop
culture this this really lives until today in its place investigation as the deal which was like
a part of the biblical settings for a while it's it's the Greek interior actually meant to carry out the main maintaining paying attention to the data especially so called kind of mourning and I the was was like the lack of this sort carelessness especially in relation to the time that passed the heritage on the side you not treating your answers with respect to the to just letting it go that was Xia and this is very much framed as the as the monks disease so that this was an inflection of the Desert Fathers and you went into the desert and live there have this is the 1st description of the depression of clinical in a clinical sense although it dived under became a part of the Catholic can until it was merged with small which is like just lazy yes some point the 8th or 9th the even but exceeded disappeared into that and has been sort of sleep scene and and since nothing that's really a remarkable and it tells us a lot about how we deal with with with depression today because it's such a specific trauma and so see these these connections to the next hour for me it was the question of how can it still be connected digit can only be connected to all of that mean you you you pull yourself out of out of society altogether and um I've been thinking about these
actor-network relations lots of and what does it mean to actually be but in a in a network and the things that yeah has a very specific way of dealing with with that of negative emotions I mean we have infographics like this 1 and we have it sizing thoughts that disappears from where we have you know the means that are related to negative feelings and somehow tell you know I'm not the only
1 experiencing these sort of bad so and something
we have recommendations report of white this of
of course so that is the most important clear cache of I think that's pretty good the the recommendation
because that's just so exactly tell you to get rid
of these constant positive feedback which is of exponential of the motion the same thing
trying to place it somewhere else places out of this in an analog into more digital network context and we did lot about the next in terms of body works exactly like the roots of real life but a few things that work differently than in real life and 1 thing that's constantly forgotten or I think it's just not maybe ignored the sadly is that passed law which actually just tells you that in talk to the communication the value of the entire network that increases always exponentially with the number of participants the as a casino how many more
connections are established so in that sense I this is a technical description obviously but I think this sort of idea finds its nice most inspiring sort of echo in philosophy in what's called actor-network theory a vibrant on a tool the french uh through anthropologist as Paris and he's space to transform the whole concept of just you know I'm just happy node in a network and can be put whatever it is possible from my side to all to make as a sort of set up where you can't fail where it's just by the input something into the system and giving more information or you transmit something else and he describes different roles so intermediaries but all mediators but but this just remove yourself from failure in this so the favored context because in that you can't actually
in this sort of network set up using of actor-network using that kind of that as nice as failure of an individual node of such I think that's just a very intriguing all well nice figures thought and this is classic both that to see what is strange what's a positive illustrations strangely is this is the Laplacian and this is the best thing I wanted to search for of all the great question
happens small groups react and this is something the paradox that actually call work everyone sitting on everyone else is laughter and everyone's being supportive and varies and and supportive at the same time but in a way it's still it's still works and what I just like to pass over to you in
Minnesota sort of network context and small group context major entities focus from sort of process on on time and change
small changes in time Whitehead goes over is of trauma and went on to this did develop process philosophy which has been extremely influential and I think it it's a a way of getting rid of this trauma of all of analogy of isomorphic sets and have to be exactly 0 well have to represent each other and teachers find a nice way out to the focus on the sort of process and change in time and make sure you get your own routines straight because there so the
self reflection of self handling analyzing always have to be a bad thing I believe because that's like Stephen Wolfram is just published all these data on them well self quantification so that's the sort of is the most extreme way self-analysis but I think you can see my things here because you actually see the sort of what he calls family didn't strike and the gaps of the that the chopper always right for years and years and
years and years is just the same that's in my mind that's important to me that's the time I have dinner or whatever and no one's going to take that away from me and that his reedy which is very very visible itself analysis so I think make entities and this whole all AID of connectivity the that using 1 would like to remind you and I think that we can get talking about a group context as well so connected to
mn no why it was this that changing the mixture to something more comfortable after these very theoretical remarks well and when we we want to talk about a case that some of you might know the
case of stuff on uh was willing to talk about it
here in the open which we are very thankful for because we think it's really important what we 1 remark I'm not a native speakers 7 is not a native speaker so or might not be as brilliant as and when was so when we give our best and we hope to get the point across OK so thank you for being here here you are asked uh as activist of the comics and in the hacker and activist community you become very famous with the blogpost you wrote last year it was titled that I decided to do with the little that they want to die wanted to die that 1 support quite
a few waves all over the globe basically because nobody has talked about that issue before the deals tools with the 50 thousand hits defined France and what we try to do now is to to find out how we came to that point and to start and you have always been active obviously you know which 1 acted is you have a normal life the working at the well of speaker this year in the U L is a custom support with which can lead to nutrition to model the way as you have a very good day job that copies many different things like all all the other guys didn't get that from this winter's snow more of a role playing games most momentary stuff so the health of an average you like that get into act of what was a 1st contact for example public on that 1st which was total was politics was
all about actor doing politics and European level and on the estate of this group because of a cool guys read but much fun and I will land which will with them that nearly every day when I was online we reach out of all the data you had fun with the cat pictures limit of telecom really well not just in Germany but not just in Europe basically all of the planet because of the obstinate that you were part of 1 of those was obviously the year of spring ammonia and that they are starting to work together as a latent variable which is currently is still running but still going on you know how did your data working in these operations look like well on this is assignment with each of them reorganized modern pools for for dialog for the children to people and on I've the normal day job still looking 8 hours a day and then they can hold I just moved to bottom but this time and I looked at a friend's apartment and on the sum of looking in the trouble might just client and wrecking and doing phone calls to the different companies to get the modern pools around organizing people tracking of configuration everything in the stove 3 in the morning so basically you know you get you what's called the guy I I hadn't truth also it's going to move was
just go and who applied on the culture so now known unknown a time of no my my good
friend brought me food to the computer so and if you would have
forced me I would have a complete so I was totally in in the in the workers and the I just forgot treat sometimes so the punch me to read learning in a certain way success from your right and you had to have success all of medium we we we we we went the new york times here Washington Post where where in the summertime
mechanisms and and career we aren't present crucial all over the world of the Egyptian operation but only 100 by the way so what what was your personal
reaction to that sort of off exposure that you got a person and as I mean people call you here and they're still do around world the reaction was hero some of us so we we tried to to call ourselves less well less than US and on it was
like a wearable my got the press again should we could talk to them or not and and 100 decided that we just drop 10 per cent randomly the but the rest you doing and because it was important that the story is going outside so the press had played an important part because they they really pushed you guys for more information about about the press people I met when I was outside to ask what are you doing here my father called and asked for example the other groups asked how can we join how can we help so you have to bring out time to to to integrate them while you were doing the other stuff so you had to FIL simply at that point if you still have the
danger of well my company that also can close down so I was sitting on the coach of the that eating chips and typing but I did not found the energy to apply for a new job so that was all this artistic work doing all the time and that basically the last thing that gave your your days
some structure of basically melted way for some reason and your life was basically to get jobs at that point yet dual so we will move we're working and working and talking about and working and then talking in there so let's come to to the point that brought all here the
point we decided that maybe you could go on like that what would you say was the final straw what
what made you decide to end to end your life that was sort of just sitting in
preparation of that his communication was writing the the the presentation for from talk of the camp and I I was while I was writing as it I was like where's my life government will ever get back in the thought about that there was no chance to get it that I didn't solve any chance to get back in my normalized and on so I was writing everything down during the presentation getting prepared paid by staff for the and and decided to say goodbye FIL why did not what he realized that you were at that point well I had that the better position at this point I was working all the time people and you will you you while was working for the greater good and that was the moment that I don't have time because they saw that work that was important most problem that I do this right that people and so get help
and while the ticket was going to do it that's OK they're just doing it so so I mean the telecom experience that were in conflict holding with the other have why did nobody of them realize that some of my god well some of our data from this had a normal family life and they had the normal structure and that on the sign because we we're not talking about Livio revealing and 2 we did this half the can not before that and so and some researchers the same problem I thought they were the only 1 that and that sort of thing to talk about it so there was little began there so I mean like you didn't go through with it like you found a way out I think that calls for a round of applause that you know all that you thank how high way out what changed your mind that you work at 5 and yeah quite a number of them at the justification can
monocular comics term red mournful and Sussman who killed himself after suffering for 15 years on of depression and with this memorial and they're all the hackers so-called leave some hours before hero to and they got away at this point that depression is something to talk about and that unmodeled the feeling of being the alone was awake so suddenly new there are other something from it and people know it they reached out and it's OK to reach out and after I knew those and I got well all all the people that they were don't coming to us and said hey great great did you do you regret you're so that's OK so and I was like OK it's it's OK to be hero just except that I'm going to move on and off and I didn't want that these people who a very great that's state somewhere some and do the same Memorial as we to some meeting the other guys person at at the camp what we think we saved life the basically meeting my personal heroes who said it's OK so if my
life yes and of course the other guys because here the 1st time talking this openly whenever the that before OK so at the can you shut don't have comics you said OK we're gonna that's it yeah how that did that help you guys it helped us that suddenly there was no pressure on us because formerly gone so I remember during the can promise to come from from from England thought about shutting down the net long because of the riots the came in the trees to comics get prepared my was like what the the thought you all know how to do that that people they're expecting that we do it and then we shut down the suddenly was done there was no need to to have any new duties and get really free of course we the culture of everything left for minus wrote to stay connected and talk the cat so you said you you continue to talk about what steps have comics take you to fix the issue and maybe you to make sure that you have again well aware that the more we did not taking enough steps but we we're we're start of we're working on that list working on that as it's not easy to rebuilding the complete system so on we know all force people to go offline the force people to go to bed the force people to go to a party we force people to have a romantic date so the
next and but if we listen to each of some more than before we started to listen and this is very
important we are not talking more more postal stuff which is safe people because we are friends very huge bunch of friends and you know the real difference and what 1 thing I want to hit on his the the whole going out into the public thing that you did that not enough people did before obviously in you cost quite a riot because he did it and everybody was
was kind of scary kind of kind of freaked out because somebody put that's that belong to the opening of why did you decide to go all to the open like that you could adjust just the size that we can find no that's not the case and the ones that are talked about in terms uh which uh 1 from from was bridge who was talking about his depression and public and open and made only good experience with it and on the other side I just because people can understand the null then a stem while I have such a such would changes every now and then they understand why see things things from from another view and then sense now that I sometimes just want to be left alone that's no easier for people to handle me and and that's very important for other people that they know that they're not alone I the position I can't say I'm suffering from depression it's a case of us are not in this position because of maybe jobs or a family relationship or whatever but then there's no there's that while there are other want suffering from depression and it's very important to reach out so what was your experience with going out putting yourself out there in the open i for myself only good experience with of yeah I got e-mail so full of people telling me I'm suffering from the same until you the 1st time that I am having this and thanks for that so long that was very impressed with the histology and on the other hand I'm I'm a little bit freer and I don't have to hide it anymore not hiding myself before and the other the way I am free now what it thank you yes but apart from looking at different case here so we extracted a few things that we wanna go from now on you can see and
we have from stuff cases from other cases
of come up with a you things that we being we might
give you as maybe advice things that might become a problem later and maybe strategies held fixed so that summary to give a positive spin to this rather obviously depressing topic of the of the of the catalysts that we we identified that we think
that people need to be aware of when interacting and from that we have a few strategies how to counter that those catalysts are not checklists that if you have all these candidates identified that doesn't mean that you have a depression and you can't have a depression without having 1 of those in your life it's it's not that simple but those are things that we want you to put out into the open so you can see that in your in your environment and your projects in you in your friends made and we separated those there are things
that relate more to the individual and things that relate more to the groups and I'm going to look at the individual parts and I'm going to look at the group parts so I just look at the individual and their research that personality traits that might become a problem and that might and leads to a depressed help develop a certain sense of depression and there's something called to the there is the need to always have something new people ask OK what are you working on it you have to from President something new and next year this next conference that you are going to ask you again you always have to provide new things and that leads to too many many new projects never going anywhere you will have 10 projects 20 projects 30 projects and they never get finished never get done and that can become a prime problem because all those projects are in your life you all what do you want to to all of them you want to finish all of them
and you never can so you start to put pressure on yourself and those demands are also from the group from the outside world from the community and the self perception is that you just have to more because all the other guys and girls that doing so many woman or something that when you know doing so many called something from another part of the responsibility and as we saw in different that the task at hand was really important there were people dying there people suffering and they really had important job to do but it was gonna do with if not telecom except that point but the perception is that the task salt water so much more important than the individual and that can lead to 2 great problem because you start ignoring your your needs of an individual and you're a person that has taken at the gate of another for a problem that we also
saw stuff like that you start building a life around your project the activity you start to drop the things that structure the average they may be used in jobs they stopped having regular meals maybe you start having regular really regular scheduled you start establishing mitigation strategies to deal with the pressure and stress that you put on yourself in Germany we have this knowledge movement with people throw this word at each other than that it actually doesn't mean anything anymore just trying to cover up the the problem and that is a big problem you can just dive into my little pony and hope that everything is going to be all right by the phone can be a great direction to to release
some stress and it's also for that but you just cannot fall back on that all the time it can become really dangerous just like a drug that can become dangerous and some people use extreme sports for the thing being and you just get their kicks and just go back to working again that's sort of structure in the life about around the project molecule things and there's also this this whole self-perception thing that we see in the accuracy that we see in the activity of the package that it's getting should on the see themselves as a function as as people that just a fixed things that we see the world a as a technological problem that just a few tweaks years of cold there everything's gonna be fine and at that point to start ignoring that you as a person if feeling that you as a person has means and that can be done a very dangerous power and now and we're going to talk about a few of the things in a group and so the pressure is very clear the dynamic
dynamic element of this because we do have some feedback effects like this in a positive feedback physics is
something of this exponential growth is the vector that we of the nice things like nuclear chain reaction that and illustrated by a virus that it is just a very powerful phenomena I think I like these expectations from outside the country to come back to the connectivity dismiss it so it natural that your self reflection on these expectations ladies of interact in in a in a way and I think there will always see what's the reward is situated lacking is getting more responsibility get can start
new projects sentence I think yeah this is this
is what we want to be thinking that an actor-network how and what to be vigilant little cluster around passed the In comparison to the group think that perception is also that of the actually comes from within a group that is seen as a monolithic construction and the individual ups and downs there really is directly the feature actually should register method of expectation of that individual problems you know I have to get get marginalized because it was the whole is more than the sum of its parts of sentences and Cybernetics treaty strong strong medium and that's just all these little statistical releases mental out of it and I think you know what's going on here they don't talk about entities it's exactly that like stay with the topic get she done and don't talk about this whole matter of because that's just you know just as
through is this is really that many of next OK so after we we show you some things that we have seen at front story in other stories that problem we want to give his strategies that might help you might help your project to mitigate this these pieces of trade with together and looking at the individual undiscovered category group
and as an eventual there are strategies that you can use to to help you think that this 1 is a force the
routine you that enhancements part of the presentation with With the wool from just has a lot of data that is half the time and there's nothing that's gonna stop them from having that that is a good thing have you where basically you have you need to lead you need food and you need a break and some that are tied plan that put it in your calendar if you can get it otherwise and a lot of those parts in there is your your your sleep schedule and if somebody wants to do an interview and you know you have to be here you say OK we come to the interview now we do that when I'm awake don't let the project dominated data you decide what happens with your data and you enforce that that happens put it in your calendar and make sure that it happened those which is a really really important they can help you to
mitigate those problems another thing that's really important become detachable that people talk about problems they have online and that's sort of the way you think yeah you know just go off line and that doesn't work because for for people like like me for example who lives online if I go off my support network is the way than my friends are aware can't reach the people support that can help me that can support so just going off line is not a solution to many of us like to think so but a strategy could be to separate your personal and your project communicate each other Effort another dressed for your project and 1 for your privacy so you can still communicate by e-mail without having to read all the project e-mail that piles up don't synchronize at at a certain point OK at 8 PM I stopped reading project know I just stopped
because I can't it all day make yourself detachable have different accounts to be able to do that and without having to use to support network you don't have to be available all the time you have the right and duty to be for yourself to have time for you force that nobody is about to tell you otherwise
and another thing is the principle that all the premises join the project it's cool to work with your friends because you like be a smart they're finding the brilliant but if you have all your friends this project that means that the particles of dominates the social circle have the outside get there's they have them tell you OK maybe you're investing too much that project maybe Europe you're focusing too much on that that's something that people from the outside and gives you so it's not a smart thing to pull all different into the project even if you'd like to have their because you the feedback that can help you make better decisions basically and another thing and there lot putting
quotes on this slide I don't take your project seriously and Bertrand Russell really brilliant man basically equal log in any case you like whatever you want but most of
1 1 of the symptoms approaching nervous breakdown and the belief that once work terribly important and yes there are important projects we so we talked about a really important projects but you were are reported as well because if you're gone gone do the work you have to take care of yourself and then you can take care of the issue and it's just not help to focus just on the project because you're not projects folding machine Europe person so I don't don't have of course and asking for help us yes yes I ask nobody replied don't just ask the nets usually doesn't work us the 1st asked some guy you just talking you have you have a minute can we talk and if that person has no timing happens as the next person is located just ask more people often directly do you have 5 minutes only do have half an hour can we go get off the cost of person to get help and get help and finally there is no shame weakness and that we use is called and here is where all human beings we all have the query just few everything starts we we you the start we we feel and love and we wish that I don't embarrass you also feel that way and again a quote from just we use Firefly when you can't walk anymore you crawl and when you can't that if I don't care if you find people carry you to help you few few you when and things and culture and the media and performance is really important in this context that especially I mean they'll become the hashtag and I think we have to keep the meaning of it all really asked what what
is this means that there is cultural native measuring performance by what you can see the monitoring on the United States that was itself a during the mental health of the why is that relevant and that's the attitude of saying we don't want to want to hear about them is very hard to implement into a group of culture but I think from experienced by women at the beginning of the delay on the matter of Justin have made the and that a lot of previous experience abandonment to the most sensitive approach to this kind of thing I watched a understanding about the coming in Canada especially in small groups you can you can adapt and change is about to change the culture that and not remotely related more something more than what was the let that it
tends to be what people with more responsibility something really need to break down that it is very much
also not only a matter of distribution of local really technically but it's a I think this sculpture aspect how do we name of the is very relevant and love me at this fail fail attitude that we should just be a bit more careful with this this label may be well guilt guilty of the
StrangeLoop sort of phenomenon in itself because it just takes the reflects resenting what you've done before maybe we haven't done all gas expectations in the outside world tatively strangely phenomena and and I think a lot of people these really suffer from major depression on the searchable by literally just gets worse and worse and worse and please just let up and I think the routine and focusing on small changes in for focusing on processes that have status on analogy is is maybe a way out of the
network context because of what their what we've been talking about such small implementation and the time to suggest is that of Tuesday nite if you're trying to find the day and week where everyone can meet all it's always Tuesday and the time to look like well why not to sort of take on Tuesday or something just institutionalized little little measures and make small teams don't like diving I go diving and is always a buddy system you're always coordinating with your partner and there's no measures can you can actually implement rather quickly and things that can might have a big effect connect as
well that was my point and get professional help what was your point which don't really get to a doctor and find out what you need
you need a secretariat the needed compared this you just need a friend to make guarantees and find your way of professional held Italy a doctor nevertheless that's not afraid to reach old and that color that this good
this we have not had left and maybe some people will have
questions that we don't want to on the stage is set to be cannot save space for talking about this topic will you know we are going upstairs to then take part of the open space in the bottom so if you want to join us get a cigarette them because of the gradient at 1 of the new open space to talk about this topic a few of the things that prior being now here you you