The post-Web Internet

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The post-Web Internet
Is this (the future of) television?
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The demise of hyperlink was caused by the social media and mobile applications. How is this shaping the future of the internet and what is its impact on our societies?
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home and the time landmark in home and the
and it the OK let's start there was a story in the Koran about a group of Christians who escaped persecution by taking refuge in a cave that they fell into a very long sleep which what they thought only lasted a day or 2 but it actually had lasted for centuries there were obviously very hungry after a few centuries of sleeping it was only when they went down to the city to buy some food that they realized how much time at all so when they wanted to pay nobody except that their money this is what happened to me in 2014 when I was freed from a 6 year long imprisonment in Tehran over my Web activism I was a pioneer in tectonism and in blogging neurons and for that reason they came to call me the block father I have many readers many friends and obviously many enemies when I was freed I realized that the currency that we all use those days have become obsolete I'm talking about those blue underlying bits of text unweighted click on on weighted plate and be transferred
to another web page to an unknown place to another way they wear cold hyperlinks I understood
that most of the blogs I used to read they were abandoned the vibrancy pairs blogosphere but I dedicated myself to promote was a graveyard now I started searching for bloggers and surprisingly enough I found them all in a place called faced with In 2008 before I was arrested in there on I thought of Facebook as a great place to keep in touch with new and old friends to maintain a social network of the people I knew in person what had
happened during my absence was that facebook had also become a publishing platform as well as a social network
1st most readers of blogs and moved to Facebook and then authors we also have to follow Facebook is a close publishing platform something like a password-protected blog which I always
hated it is also a very centralized limiting 1 you can't hosted on your own domain name the and you can't change how it looks like but still I discovered the main problem with Facebook is something deeper Facebook doesn't like hyperlinks let's go back and of bit hyperlink was the foundation of Tim Berners-Lee's invention but the was like when it was what made the web so incredibly diverse 0 10 nonlinear and
decentralized it was the biggest achievements of human civilization since the emergence of alphabets writing and printing press blogs best illustrated the potentials of hyperlinks In the error of blood we used to read and discuss all the time we used to challenge each other make
arguments provide evidence investigate discover debate we used to think a lot of and most of that would have not in possible without
hyperlinks those days anyone who had more hyperlinks from all to my webpage was considered as well but now on Facebook and increasingly on most social networks instead of links we have like and instead of thinking we have the reality show on Facebook which the most people on the planet would soon mean the entire Internet because more than half of the people in Brazil and India think Facebook is the internet or vise versa links are treated as objects and not as relations anymore thank this is a huge difference they're not supposed to enrich your text they are themselves open to a popularity contest like far less and less sorry links are less and less encouraged because social networks make money only if you're inside of them is the ground completed bans hyperlinks and Facebook what its instance article project has found a way to even further minimize links meanwhile smart phones pose a different threat web pages of filled with ads and scripts that slow down everything so less and less people follow links on mobile web browsers or open several taps because it's just a hassle and quality web based media or losing more and more money because people or using ad blockers the result is that with the demise of links the Web is
dying the now the Internet is comprised of social media acts rather than websites and these apps are not even connected to each other but the new Internet is also different in other ways it's
catching up quickly with the offline world and its dominant social values let's look at algorithms that social networks now used use to show us what we need to know what they take is based on 2 things how recent they are How many lights they have received the basically they only show you what is new and what is popular these are the 2 most dominant social values of our time newness and popularity it the anything else is doomed to silence to a quiet death and in this like our society's obsession with young
celebrities and are increasing neck legions of the elderly and the minorities Facebook news feeds algorithms our views and opinions because they work according to our habits but at the same time they suppress minorities because the minority opinion never gets enough light to appear on people's news feeds it also radicalizes them not only by producing a sense of frustration that comes from imposed silence but also by depriving them like all of us from being challenged Facebook and other social networks have put an end to a utopian vision we were all inspired by a decade ago the a diverse open nonlinear and decentralized space that promoted dialog and tolerance now when we log onto Facebook and scroll down and
see all these entertaining pictures and videos there's nothing left of that utopian vision this is not the internet I used to know before I went to jail this linear passive centralized and homogenous stream of still all moving images is nothing but television a personalized television with many of its features the it has a prime time imagine that when more people out need then and can see the stream it is heavily dependent on celebrities it treats the most serious topics and the most shallow Russia and emotional way it is obsessed with sound bites an infographic it is closed and self-referential the new Internet is clearly not a place for thinking and debate as it used to be no wonder why all those so-called Facebook and Twitter revolutions around the world collapse when algorithms replace charismatic leaders they divide everyone into numerous separate bubbles fragmenting the unity and will and the unity of will and vision and leading them into fighting each other rather than pushing for the cost there is another aspect of this shift from
library Internet to television Internet we seem to be moving from and Watson said to an image centered society look at what's happening to news outlets they're rapidly losing readers especially among the younger people we are creating or expanding and their video departments while downsizing their newsrooms look at genes and how they're forming a universal free alphabetical language look at the shifting In our friends from blogs to Twitter and now to Instagram less and less text more and more videos this is recreating the social formation of the old historical
time where a tiny elite of religious scholars and politicians were able to read right and think
this was how they control their largely illiterate people and justified their continuous dominance Soon anyone who can read more than 140 characters yes I'm exaggerating will be considered as it links threats the rest the quarter hook to their old on new TVs I mean mobile personalized TV analysis not firms will be and used to death as Neil Postman said somehow this is already happening in a culture the that invented television and is now dominated by at Donald
Trump was produced by the old and the new television the and is now on his way to ruin over the most TV centered society in the world so where are the points of resistance in all How can we re imagine a space that no waters debates diversity and understanding and nonlinear 1
way out of this horrifying tunnel is probably to reimagine new algorithms with new kinds of social values such as diversity or quantity it is possible if we have created algorithms that enforce or habits we can also get and to challenge those habits deejays do this all the time their selections are not based on
what's new and what's popular necessarily they play old tracks we always loved in the past and they surprise us with great stuff we
would never have listened otherwise so maybe it's time at the same time on a different level maybe it's time for states to intervene and push big social networks to open up the algorithms and also allow third-party developers
to create different kinds of algorithms as plug-ins the truth is our habits or destroying us now and hyperlinks where 1 powerful brilliant idea to challenge them we must revive hyperlink somehow to help save the world from growing conflict what we need now more than ever is not to be comforted it is perceived to be surprised thank you be the
sole although the questions so please reasonable you the how much fun will
thank you for rules that say sorts them challenging talk let me start by stating the prior do not personally use Facebook book because it mostly burps an still as sink cure view of television and Facebook isn't and that'll GPU analogy as they await despoil of culture and debates and especially putting the blame on for political phenomenon it's logic so you collops of revolutions spores in of Donald
Trump on media does not make much sense to me I don't think the media and the media not give 1st book is inherently evil are Torres heart sure debates s such Media the smart people make profits and 1 could argue for example that the geez this if we offer buttock universal language our beautiful singing because the and they stop language barriers a as in your top cross the 1st time ever by her arts universal language being used in negative contexts so ever the as of form challenge to stop that a
kind of a media can be evil in itself and destroying discourse and even bring down revolutions I don't think media
voxels thank you let's take a few other
questions may and then I'll concert altogether is there any other questions you know at the
moment wrong isn't only only all comments maybe that's not hi if I got it correctly you mention that uh for jumble states should
help us and forced social order sorbent there or grid the was that correct what would you think about the fact that this algorithm are basically in the possession of companies and corporations that lately have been at the forefront of the defense which is quite strange of pseudo in 2 rights in some sort we're at this and think about but what happened recently just yesterday and today with fish food in Brazil for words in water of the blockade of what's up interested taking position against that in in the fence off encryption and 2 and what suffrage of that's something that is actually very important to all of us but at the same time asian would say of what's your rights defense of that stands in your this course and I should we deal with the fact that this corporation in some way are also balancing of overreaching here are all the states which mention should help us regulated the um a
k let's the ogress the 1st question or comment and then I'll come back to this 1 I think the web was a very short
window in the human history where nonlinearity was encouraged and nonlinearity has many connections to many other kinds of social and cultural phenomena and personally I see uh the decreasing tolerance for um full immigrants or for other racial groups or other opinions as and as a result of of a decline in the nonlinearity and and then the problem is not about to the shift necessarily from 1 form of communications to another form of communications it is about the capacities that each 1 has and the capacity that's text and words have always had to empower knowledge to empower debates and and to and to encourage and promote tolerance and and dialog was much more than image and there is there are lots of studies in in the media studies feel about how television is incapable of conveying some complicated messages that you would be able to find and read in books for example in magazine all basically in the written form and it also brings
with itself a culture which is uh and you can see now
in parts of the world that the TV that television dominates Old Europe even among
your own friends and and family that the people or book to their television sets are completely different from many aspects to the ones who are not of course I'm not saying that I'm not blaming people for watching television that's another aspect of capitalism that is consuming you energy and time so much that when you get home office so much so so many hours the work you don't have yeah any energy left to read anything the complicated or complex and you only want to watch something shallow and you laugh and then go to bed and this is another aspect which is maybe a larger political aspects and 1 more thing that I want to say was that I forgot them but let's talk about the other questions them
I think the government can intervene now there is the cultural and maybe even legal justifications for it because now
the social networks X more power in some domains of life of our lives than than the governments and the states for instance these algorithms on now determining what people buy what people watch people see you will read how people meet each other and dates and I don't think any state can um dismissed the possibility of not having any control on many of these aspects of life at least where in countries where state our respectful not in the US maybe where the state is always considered as an evil for a long time at least among the majority or maybe a least among the Republicans but I think now it's time it's this the the the power of these private corporations and is getting beyond what um is probably allowed to what was tolerated in a representative democracy and that's a very important thing and if democracy the 4 per presented of democracies are elected by people to to represent them in power to take care of the infrastructure and security and and safe you that I think now the social networks are entering some of these acts the aspects of of of the duties of States and I think it'll um legitimate and fair to push uh the governments to push the the corporations into opening up to some degree and make some of these things and will be a bit more transparent is any other questions efforts
of market here my name's john worth but was and I encountered you 1st of all on Twitter which was not
always all about things and I encourage you medium and that way I'm a long-term about European Union Adam about person who brought about that anymore and the reason that those focus of stopped in European Union businesses not maybe to do with the stream this is to do with the mainstream media having been able to produce much more content on the Web instead but in 2005 we bogus defined she's in between the printed press enactivism audience today the mainstream media churns out much more content terms all out on the web and those of us the blog enough free time simply can't find a gap in the space within that anymore to think that's a factor in about a year the pieces that you yourself are presented and of the could
be yes definitely there is much more content mouse on all the social networks um but then at the same time I think 1 of the things that relates with that in mind so my argument is that Twitter was founded as a word centered as a text-centered idea and concept but now you can see the Twitter is in decline but Facebook which was based on an face book was based on an image kind of sense of idea is growing rapidly this is another sign that I think that text is in decline so it's also related to what you just said that um there is too much information now probably and much of it is in the
visual is is in is in the form of image still or moving the and that's quite sad that even take newspapers now are uh um expanding into something which
is the function which has been the function of television I think in the future and in in the very near future new big newspapers and news outlets have and Prince ones have been we are going towards 2 directions at the same time 1 would be 1 extreme of the spectrum which would be publishing belonging articles that would be printed and distributed as books that would be 1 possibility for the New York Times for for example and then becoming a television channel with media reports and anything that is in the middle we is going to disappear because it has it is losing in a way it's justifications um in many aspects yeah and I have a question about that at the and from
and so you mention 10 years ago as far as he was 1 of the main languages in the blogosphere and where the
Iranian lovers now I would like to know you just said they all moved to Facebook book which may be explained what do they write what do they do they still active or not or is there new and generation may be and and the 2nd question would be if Facebook would you really like kind of television will and that makes people dumb that's kind of give you think he what I got out of your words anyway of why isn't like any neurons what does the government has against and and I know a lot of people still use it because they but why is it locked in so many other countries that don't want people to the politically active and get together and the
other 2 questions because at the same time that it's the television is also a social network that connects people and I think for some countries maybe this aspect would be a bit problematic and I'm not saying that for television is making people dumb um I'm saying that it doesn't allow it doesn't challenge and doesn't allow them to think they are smart people everyone's
not everyone is intelligent but this dynamic prevents
any kind of a deeper look at problems and issues it doesn't encourage thinking and when you don't it's like exercise if you don't think a lot than you would stop thinking and then you would eventually become stupid in in some ways but uh so basically it's somehow true but maybe not as simple as that and yeah around to the test but about the 2nd part about wide some governments or so we run in blogs so
now so there are a few of them to writing in the blogs but if they
don't promote them on social networks they wouldn't be red anything that is out so social networks is kind of irrelevant now unfortunately and many of them are actually writing the same stuff that every the used to write on on on Facebook many of them actually because Instagram is not filtered and blocked in Iran many of them actually using Instagram as a
text-driven platform for writing longer order wrong articles and that's quite funny when you see
some even officials when they use Instagram for writing about very complicated and serious topics such as nuclear program nuclear negotiations
in on Instagram for that's happening now the other thing which is a huge 9 around his telegram as messenger and it's very interesting because telegram has a has a feature called channels which allows
anyone to write In this channel tubes to basically you can open your own channel and then people can subscribe to it so would function as the 1 way kind of communication right and like a newsletter in a way and in its immensely popular now anyone who was writing anything many people actually we're writing even blogs and and many news outlets are now using telegram channels to communicate with their potential audience and they have a big number of readers because it's used a popular maybe around 20 7 all maybe 30 million run and now using telegram and this is replacing everything is replaced e-mailed is replaced logs the kind of chat platforms this 1 very big huge thing that dominates everything now in the in terms of indications on the internet
so I would say it's time thank you very much thank you for the next time Thank you very much
my family meaning aligning a