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Working swarm-wise
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Rick Falkvinge, swedish IT-entrepeneur and founder of the swedish Pirate Party talks about how to apply open source collaboration in order to change the ways of policy in the world.
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some of the effects of the or a a be thank you for the instructions thank you for inviting me at Republic sex for the 1st 1st time in a very long time so I'm a
politician that to be a very long time to learn to say but a from a politician today's topic is going to how we we apply open source collaboration to changing policy in the world we worked with open source and free software for at least 30 years right now right but these principles it turns out that can be applied for a much much larger things and we learned how to do that that's what I'm you to share my Twitter alias is something and I love seeing my name on Twitter
regardless of whether it's that good that any mention is better than no mention for convenience it's also on every slide should forget it so a quick introduction how many in here
I have heard of the Swedish party as showing OK when it when I do that when I do this talk in and around the world that's usually between one-half and two-thirds but here was practically everybody which was kind of
expected actually so just just pixels how many have heard of any other Sleaford want to just
a few so you started hands like the the rest of the world and I think that's kind of fun because it shows just how much aligned style movement this is and people who can hear even that we're fairly minor party in Sweden people heard of us when I speak in San Francisco when I speak in halfway across
the planet so brief entered a very quick introduction is that we love the net we love copying and sharing we love civil liberties people policy pirates for that but rather than being ashamed
which I think is their intention we decided to stand tall about it and we've now been rewarded with 2 seats in the European Parliament 19 seats in German regional parliaments almost 200 seats on local councils across Europe and we exist in 56 countries at last count so today is let us today's speech is going to be
a little bit of what experience did we draw on building and building activism workings formalized
compressing not compressing 6 years of Pioneer Organization Theory into 40 minutes means that going to cover a lot of topics and only cover the most important parts of those topics as we go here but I can almost guarantee that there's going to be something interesting here for everybody because we've learned so much in how you just change the world but
1st what is source this I see it as a new form of organization that's been
enabled by affordable mass communication where somebody could today somebody can organize hundreds of thousands of people in their spare time from the kitchen that was a physical impossibility just 10 years ago it was not anywhere near reasonably possible so see that ordinary
people can get this kind of movements going what we learned from that some swarms are
leaders less like anonymous while they certainly can have an impact I find that a hybrid where you mix in just a few cent of people who take formal responsibility with a huge swarm of active can make best different it also allows the interface to the old old kinds of organizations as they look for something that resembles them and if you have just an interface layer that does then you can work with them so that's what I how I see a
swarm and the most important thing about it and called it the most important contrast to
old-style organization is that in a swarm the focus is on what everybody can do all the time In contrast if you're working in a corporation or in an NGO the focus is usually what people must do or what they cannot do here the focus is what everybody can do so it's a huge enabler Starting from some how do you
bootstrap a movement say got something interesting you want to how do you do that how do you go about planting
that becomes something that spreads over 50 countries and a takes place in parliament it turns out it's not enough to be interesting you need to do 3 things you need to be tangible credible and
inclusive and of course interested you need to be
tangible you need to be very clear about this is what we're going to accomplish we are going to do this and it's good that has been so clearly expressed that people will realize if they've 1st go to spend their spare time helping this will succeed because it coincides with their personal goes that is the key to having this 1 succeed people must realize that an hour spent in this warmer have their personal goes back to then if they have spent on their own you need to be credible it shown
in the plan and that this can be done and you also need to reinforce that every single day we can do
this we can do this we can do this that's part of psychology because usually swarm forms around something utterly impossible if I'd say if I told you guys 7 years ago before the property that was
started that they were let's let's form a new party that spreads over 50 countries and changes the world as it will kind of idiot things they can do that right but it turns out you can turns out again this is where I have my final my famous line and as in the ocean for the movie that's been done already issued from Mars and show that you can do it NET inclusive everybody needs to see immediately so that they can contribute to this projects and how they can do it it's not enough to say that we're going to do this and you know well we're going to do this period you need to say we are going to do this and this is how you can help make it happen so looking at the once you've done that just need to publish this published your ideas and it will find its way to social news sites you don't need to worry about is finding its way if it's interesting enough when I started with properties I put up with a really ugly website with this kind of with this kind of plant and I mentioned it in 1 in a chat channel in the 5 things lobbying just once I wrote to light so they look the part party has this website up now after new years and the address that was all the advertising images the next day it was newspapers and on the evening there were 300 activists holding out their hands to me saying give me something to do I want to be a part of this so you also speaking of active you also need the focal point as if you want if you wanna be part of this here's how you can so looking at a couple of examples of
how you do and don't do this I've seen many many initiatives to start out like this essentially having a huge game of Bullshit bingo words draws no interest whatsoever and after that people as instances what did we do wrong we didn't do any interest no maybe that's because you're trying to raise quarterly profits by up to 2 per cent you're not going to Mars you're not changing the world here another example I see much too often is this kind as of people just want do something but they don't really know what they don't know how and in particular there is they just thinking that something is funny Of course this should be fun another 10 that but you have to do the homework when I started this with our party and knew that the math was there there were 1 . 2 million people sharing culture in Sweden and they were being demonized if 1 5th of those were angry enough we haven't party in parliament you need to do the math so a better example would be something like this we're going to create 1 million new and we're gonna get a torque
applied installed in 25 per cent of the installed browsers by user account this is doable this would change the world's for this would totally drop every politicians aspiration of surveillance for ever and it's completely doable
anybody's welcome to actually do this by the way I just use it as an example so how do survive the operation of
hundreds of activists like is that I 302 is
holding up the hand stimuli overstate how do you deal with that obviously you can't talk to them 1 by 1 so the only way to survive that is to have them self organize into subgroups I suggest that subgroups because of the magic number that I'll be returning to 730 150 are magic numbers when it comes to the human psyche and how we how we are at social ingroups scientists as just 13 but the important thing is that we divided by geography another returning to why later so what should you do in in Germany you essentially have you probably go about 16 states so it's a pleasure to set up to 30 subgroups use something that's natural for the country where start and that's that's
you draw that sigh just Kickstarter you let self organized you just have to tell them to go there go to the Forum of yours geography elected leaders I don't care how just select leader among yourself and get that needed to come to me that's the Kickstart that's the
easiest part so how how do you move your you need to know the
scaffolding of this work you need to build a hierarchy of leaders and many people sort of pull back her at the sound of leaders and it's important here
that these are not people that can tell the swarm what to do these are people that are responsible for having this 1 function so it's typically 1 to 5 per
cent that article there's a traditional hierarchies in this world then you you need to use for every higher every
geography so you just get start by having a leader for Germany 1 their little ones from for example and you organize them in a job of trees what that gives
you is the ability to partition this war because once you get once you hit these size number ceilings this 1 can no longer grow many many of these initiatives started then hit the magic number of 30 people in size 150 people in size and can no longer all what this gives you is the ability to work locally and still coordinate across the entire organization and the
most important thing their own is not managerial they don't get to say they'll get to tell people what to do think of them as janitors think of them as responsible for maintaining this 1 think of them as responsible for making sure that the flyers their folders there are things happening in the city that that the actual activities become joint
I suggest you have been building the job of the tree you got 5 subdural refused to geography as and if you had Berlin you'd have 5 geographies under that in the tree the reason for that is that that gives you a group of 7 people leaving that particular geography
yourself your deputy and those 5 meters on the the reason I'm going to 7 this is really a magic size is that if you have a lot of time working group larger than 7 is sort of start breaking down a group of data will almost invariably fragmented into 4 plus 4 7 is the largest size we can manage the the year and the next size is set which is a typical classroom or for that matter the
2 and the next exercises 150 which is the tribes size that is how many were able to know by 1st name and they're to this but these cite many many
organizations in formalizations it this these ceilings and they're not being capable of growing more you need to be actively break up groups that hit the ceiling or growth will be prevented that this military
grow dynamically just create the empty boxes across the entire country you might start it was sort of pointing the very 1st leaders and they will start appointing leaders in terms for cities for city parts and the 1st thing you see somebody you've never heard of becoming a leader in your organization as an becoming responsible for a part of the city it's these magical because you know the system is working you realize that something is going on here and your ability something that goes beyond just itself right mentioned those numbers already keep those in mind in particular there will likely be an initial IRC channel works out of some kind with the 1st started once
that channel hits 150 people you hit the 1st that the 1st time we need to break this itself regular meetings and in cities people meeting each other is what builds an organization and I'm not talking about protocols not talking about formal meetings I'm talking about pizza and beer don't Over bureaucracy sizes you don't need protocols you need to have people's faces to name and the need to have a smile with a handshake which is again why you benefit from dividing this 1 geography from the get when I had meetings at the party leader level I was very adamant that meetings are not work meeting is always you report on the work that you've done between the meetings so don't go thinking that and it as long as we just have meetings we're working that that's not the case also I made a habit of saying that we are meeting for exactly 1 hour we starting at 18 were cutting off hard at nite that wants to things they people could always plan for getting also at 9 so they could do whatever they want with the rest of the meaning and the whatever it didn't get done in in 1 hour wasn't important enough to get done at all that that creates a very hot fertilization and stop people wasting of people's time so I suggest having a heart stopped and every everyday so once you once you set up this
boring traditional hierarchy the importance of comes as you let use the actions for the tens of thousands of activists the supercritical has 18 thousand of them and the focus is on what you
can do always on what you can do we have
something called the 3 pirates ruled in Sweden and that means that the 3 pirates Freeman that something is beneficial that the British official for the property that means they have green light from the highest authority in the Party to act in the party's name traditional organizations would be absolutely scared out of their way to give an anonymous people just kids in the background this kind of empowerment but guess what I was a party for 5 years how many fish how many times we think this was abused for the full 5 years across free
elections it was not used in 1 not 1 and
repeated 50 thousand members who all have this so that's the lesson if you do if you let people some the plates they would say that they will accept the responsibility that comes with the and diversity here is key to
success the important thing is that everybody everybody in this 1 is different and that is 1 of the best assets this swarm have we let people
look at what other people of those doing not just inside the organization but outside as well we copying we we look at a that was that that was the change a little bit and then use it in our city if you see a good poster being used in 1 city you can see a sort of
organic flowing through more cities without you at the top needing to do anything at all it's part of this 1 culture is part of letting people observed copying remakes use and perhaps
1 very important as appears that you provide the vision is what we're going to article content and you repeat that almost every single day we can do this we can do this we can do this no matter how impossible it is we are going to
Mars got there we are going to get Parliament's goddamn yeah we did and this 1 does the talking you talk to the swarm the swarm talks friend and why is that better because different social context used different languages if you're at
and this goes against every piece of marketing you can ever read and MBA but the key here is understanding that most people just trying to create a 1 size fits all message and then broadcast that to the entire country well frankly that's stocks this if I
if I'm standing in front of a libertarian job I could say that I think it's very beneficial for the long-term economy growth that a link in the value chain can be cast out of the distribution logistics and therefore come we can connect consumers directly to producers of culture creating new jobs in the cultural sector and time and creating opportunities for long term growth and and as we get rid of this dead weight of the distribution chain if I'm talking before a marxist proud and I've done that too I would say that I think it's absolutely amazing that agricultural workers have finally assumed control of the means of production for all call for their own sweat and labor and are able to cut out these parasitic profit t at middle men who have been profiting unjustly off of this sweat and I'm saying saying the exact same thing hence language is is very powerful social market of inclusion and exclusion if you're using the wrong language in a crowd they would disagree with you no matter what you say FIL so this is why you that this will the talking and you trust them to do the talking the case because they do it better than you to their friend so everybody has the
right and the duty to talk in the name of the swarm in their own language that's here without asking anyone's permission just like a set that give you don't have permission you know that you are empowered to acts your after all you join this form because it coincides with with your own personal goats project
management has how many have workers project managers that's the enjoyment OK that's a couple so for the rest of you the 1st time related project self organized it
feels like but imagine you just tell crowds With under full of passion that they were going to do this we're going to
we're really going to call this this but you don't tell them how house and the magic is you don't need to because if you get the crowd electrified over the magic of reaching the goal they will send organized into making it happen what you need to do is to be very clear on what the goal is and communicate how far we've come towards the goal and you need to do that every single day word least every single week you need to re ect rate we can do this we can do this we can do this remember your in the center of this war you need to
broadcast the message to the entire swarm in all directions as to where we are need to help people explain to their friends why they should be joining you need to tell people what the problems are and how and why yeah what all the indicator would be that we will overcome so again
self-organization it works democracy
substance warmer and why is that we talked about it
already the reason is that democracy is 1
mechanism for conflict resolution
conflicts are when Alice and Bob disagree on what should be done Bob thinks that attitude we do something and other things that go on to do something else 2 people things are in disagreement on what the other 1 to be doing but we've already said in this 1 that 1 of its keys is that people act individually according to how they think the swarm is best served and that's why it's so powerful you don't that kind of conflict resolution and it's worse than that it's actually harmful therefore ways to solve such a conflict you either require consensus among everybody before you do something you hold a vote in which 90 and 91 per 51 % wins over 49 % you let and you have have from the talk who did that determines the outcome of the conflict which is bad very bad 1 all you don't conflicts arise in the 1st place because everybody is empowered to act in the name of this swarm and nobody gets to tell anybody else what to do and this is out of this house 1 works nobody gets to tell anybody else what to do if you have a vote that means that 51 per cent of the people get to say what 49 per cent cannot do and you create
losers voting losers that's part of how the process works but we've already seen that
diversity is key to this form success here that those 2 percentage that if called to a vote would just be shot down enlightening and late might very well be crucial to the success of this form because only days I can explain the swarms vision took the groups for the long term goal if we had a majority vote on what to do those 2 per cent would never be able to explain that everybody's empowered don't hold a vote and shoot them down
maintain a power again this sounds very traditional but what I'm talking about is that as
soon as you have started getting some sort of success in use for you will In the end it and get a
number of organizational astronauts that have only seen traditional organization and know how they work and they'll come and this this thing right if everything you have is a hammer everything everything every problem looks like a nail and they come with hammer and start banging at you will swarm that your organization but that's not how this works you have many many people insisting that this is a great initiative is great Swamp where we are a great route to success but you must make this in these in these in these in each these changes because that's how I know an organization works and if you do that you're going to lose
the the value you're going to lose the key goals and some things need not be up for for discussion remember that people joined the swarms because they feel that I cook the goal of this swarm coincide with those of their own there is an implicit assumption that the goals of this form are clear if those come up for
discussion if the goals of the organization of the methods of the Organization come up for discussion the nobody will notice 1 is for so you could just as well be pulling the emergency brake on new recruitment it needs to be absolutely clear what this 1 is about and that means to preferably not change at all or if the changes in the that needs to happen very very slowly and in a controlled manner at end you'll have no shortage of people trying to hijack this 1 for their own favorite purpose we should send messages that we shouldn't go to Mars well it's nice that you want some mustard i'd like mustard but this 1 is a again is about going to Mars
social connections that's 4th theory we know and we
know a lot about those the to insights of social connections 1st this form only grows on its
head use it in the center everybody around you have already heard of your project as you broadcast status as as we spoke about a project management as you broadcast all the time that we can do this work we're here we've come a long way we can do we can do that for almost here we're halfway etc. you're broadcasting that the edges of this form and that's where growth that's where there are people who have recently joined and whether friends who might be interested as a correlated that is absolutely vital to have fun that's more important than just having fun in your life it's actually crucial to the swarm success be cause people go to work rather people seem to be having the more fun you seem to have the more activist you recruit it's ridiculously simple but it's actually a simple as that having found is crucial to the end success
and as we spoke about there's this activation laughter I We mentioning that more shortly but the as you activate towards the swarm you initially have here somewhere then you may be context you may be contacted all contact somebody the that self-identify as as as this movement you go to your 1st meeting you gradually climb up what we call
the activation that and it's important to understand that at the edge of the swarm those and just recently joined they are not aware of what happens around you they are not aware of all the entire history of this form you need to constantly reinforces you need to help them climb this activation ladder you need to repeat and repeat and repeat with every new way that was the edges of the source the exactly once you start a project examined the trajectory that new activists tail and if there is a particular step on the activation ladder that seems hard to apply like is the hot become a member is not become activist is it harder to find the 1st meeting is are to get in touch with somebody in each of these are questions that need to be asked in order to have a successful
and finally told the media and what I mean by this is that you need to all your issues in media if you want to go
to Mars every single time Mars is mentioned in a newspaper or in a story the reporter should think of you what this does is that it gives it helps them right the story they'll call you are asking for quotes that means you get to be a part of media that means you're building the brand of yours work and the deal here is that we need to think like a quarter I think in terms of how they're writing the story as they sit down to write a story what do they need give them that usually it's quotes these people say that that those people say that if you can happen again in that you're helping them do their jobs if you're having them do their jobs you'll get
colds in media newspapers radio television and it's old media yeah but it's still a so that a lot of and is still got a lot of influence so the key here is that you need to watch the same news sources as the reporters you need to cash the news at the same time they had and you need to realize that at the same
time they see the news they start writing an article about it it when that article has in the papers it's
too late because the article is finished same thing when it is online websites you have at most 60 minutes probably 40 because once the reporters have written the story they're moving on to writing about something else you need to give them your quotes in their hands in their e-mail box or whatever means have why is that they are writing the story why they are thinking of who could possibly called on this that's a magic moment when your quote need needs to appear all just what I needed pair you need to train on this because this is hard from seeing an event for deciding that this Presley's material and getting the press release out there that's really really hard cut down we we're that 25 minutes once he is using a and the parent were never that close like the that part of the the for those of you haven't seen it is essentially multiplying note that in your we train on writing press releases you just jump in there 5 to 7 people and you write it all at once and then send it off doing this on your own becomes very hard and if you do if you are demanding somebody to verify there is actually absolutely no way you're going to get down to the 40 minute limit you need to trust the people waiting at the time to do this and media loves conflicts
that this is actually the last slide but it's very relevant very very relevant David if
you portrayed some 1 again against as well as not we might see a small problem with the implementation of this directive nobody gives a shit if you say that these politicians are behaving like drunken blindfolded elephants trumpeting about Singapore's main factories that your code is back in the newspapers if you're colorful if your provocative if you're creating confidence then you are going to be a media because that's the conflict that is what rules all media right newspapers radio television you need to pick you literally to pick fights so wrapping up
this has been a short version of all a book
that's due later this year swarm wise undertaking the most important topics in a very concrete how to and how to change the world as in dealing with media billing the organization trusting people doing project management is due
later this year and in the Swedish Pirate Party we do have software to do all this we did it ourselves unfortunately lost a lot of heart is hard coded at this point it's public domain of course as well as hard coded at this point but we all generalizing it so that other organizations can use and if you would be interested in in having the abilities that I just described we are we're looking at pilot applications from organizations that rhyme well with our values right now in terms of net liberties and so on it does member of this activism volunteer management at every geographical level so that the city leaders can't manage his or her out the area completely independently from embryo part of the organization it's entirely decentralized there is it is empowering at every single levels and once so if you have members sign of that Member writes his or her address and it's and you she is directly place at the right level and the geography and the people responsible notified so they can they get e-mails saying they there's a there's a member you would have to give him over a call just welcome them that would be utterly impossible if you didn't have that kind of decentralized automatic sorting organization and it also doesn't press
releases which are just right we're just typing them and what and once we was we get published it's sent to the categories of reporters we describe civil
liberties reporters technical reporters political reporters on local reports for that matter for all of and it was quite a bit of other things too so if you would be
interested in taking part of the pilot starting later this summer please contact me afterward and that's it questions
and the so thank my question is a little bit to make the question I would this let's say let's call it a technology or how can I say approach does it have interest taken democratic scrutiny for interrupting those leaving right now I just want say avoid avoiding thank you for your attention OK so well my name is from stance taken from a single man and I'm interested in
whether you see these approach in which is obviously in a democratic fashion but have sharing some interesting value which will create
which would be useful as the democratization and liberties in society as a whole whole or could displace the software which has a lot of stuff management the public this be used by the people or organizations which are not democratic and then include use their power to become more control to control more people instead of empowering them so I think that's I think that's an excellent question 1st of all like when they had a bit property of democracy such that was referred to in only within this swarm because everybody's power what this also does of course is that it brings it flattens the organization tremendous and being a political organization that means that there's no distance anymore between the you and the activists school for that both so I think it has a tremendous democratizing effect to that everybody to to to trust everybody because it removes removes distances as in how you could certainly use this as part of the Democratic organization I mean after all we are a political party we holding the democratic system so yes you could use it as part of the democratic system but could use it has to support a dictatorship I guess you could do that after all it's it's managing people in an organization but it's not good for them and so it's not going to be very supportive its ability to let everybody have voiced and dictatorships don't usually line so exact so it's not going to help them very much even though he would try to use it I think it's I think it would be a bit like year as the square square loss in the Ronald done usually from the apparent party
mountainous failure and do you know about how many apart parties worldwide have the 3 pirate rule implemented because think sometimes in a John especially we have the problem of obligate summation what's so what's about you know it's it's it's often used these 3 pirate rules worldwide I don't know how to use these 3 common kind of parties using the prior rule by all the Swedish and Finnish want you of developed other parts of the UK was interested in using it but I think in general that we're sharing sharing the same kind of philosophy that trusting activists this is a good thing although we might go about it in different ways I use that as an example here in terms of just how powerful this form can be if you just let it go well we we have a problem that usually you have to do this
you have to search for legitimation if you want to do something and usually in Germany especially you have to go to some of the whole of the the meeting of all
the party members to find something out and to to development strategy of something and the 3 pirate rule would be something which would be very
much more effective when where much more of a faster to to come to the solution so that do you think it would be a good idea to start again with the 3 pirate rules and other countries I think you could pick it up at any time you want and what you
see here was 1 thing about which is actually the and that's the realization that no matter how much you prepare for a specific you know what think it can always go role you can always go wrong you can have a huge body and it's an enormous on Advertising Bureau and you can still come up with the most ludicrous mistakes and once you realize that the percentage of things that go goes horribly wrong a fairly constant regardless of how much you prepare then you can instead optimize speed and trust you once you know that a small amount of things we go horribly wrong that you can go into this that mode and realize that things will go wrong will deal with that when it happens that optimizes instead as you say was the thanks 1st of all thank for your talk of I'm really interesting how long some flattened hierarchies are being explored in the political process and node and from a business actually and actually some businesses in the yes which try to do that we're actually everyone is fully empowered and be given the owners of the company have pitch today employees to
get a certain idea done and if their employers if they
find that we need to do it then it doesn't get done which is quite quite interesting but make extra question something of traditional bit of software and so could you show a bit of software or I can't because there's no light
but it no you don't have a long and you could go to Planet we're looking at ways of reacting to just you and know OR between an object and you'll see the new new generalized face if you go to kind of activizer form and also just long and but I can't the latest was not wife thank you just running out all of life of a quick question about your numbers 7
30 and 150 can you explain that the jump between 7 to 30 because I can kind of understand logically the difference at a group of 70 and 150 but what is this 30 number come in the use of force it's 50 Watt 150
is the maximum size of the tribe that the number of people Europe you can know by 1st 9 the 7 is the optimum working groups for when you want that working dealer and certainly is this the in between stage which is much more fuzzy but that you you could still get a feel for that's the amount of people that you know something about it the amount of people you can successfully work with when you're working several teams in parallel it would be your extended family it would be a class in in school it would be your group of project teams rather than your single t and what you see is you'll easily see meetings in city start hitting 30 and this would be would be typical example what is the physical meaning started hitting 30 you hit the ceiling you need to break up that geographical area into 2 parts like northern part of the north and south parts of the city were similar because thank you and I get a confession true the
way of information input for the whole swarm in in Europe idea or opinion as I just because it's like yes of course of question and I got idea or maybe a question about the information input for the whole swarm your ascribed to us and how can
you manage or a swarm managing z information input when 1 part this may be the
number of free got an idea of creating and all the other part to get it is information that in my opinion this gets a really big problem we also often got here in Germany for the German Pirate Party that you got an idea and you have really really hard to to search in every part of the information that works if it already done is anybody ever also working on it or do I to do I something totally wrong be chorus it's not the opinion of the other parts and I am working against it or make a double of that time how how we can mention that I I think you're at a very crucial
issue here that I didn't mention which is the 1st it's something good happens so how can you publish for others to see 2nd if you do something how can you know it's it's appreciated not as 3rd if you have a proposal for the whole how can we get his ability In order to get support cannot was a party summarized and there are a few ways to to accomplish
this 1 is to have some sort of centralized information about like this with the purpose of the form of the German government has a week
but at the end of the day this is up every swarm but as you need some sort of centralized information repositories where people can at least poles things that I want that they want to become part of this work getting his visibility for them is as hard as anything drinking from the constant information violence but as for the middle question there how do I get appreciation when I did something good this I think is absolutely key that the leaders of this form the geography leaders that the people who take care of this form so recognized and reward just with their attention that's their job and that's crucial to the getting this reward culture that you need to have found so I don't have 1 specific answer for what kind of information infrastructure the bill what I what I to say is that you need to 1 and it needs to be official I'm not sure that was a good dancer but as best I can get yeah and so you said
and that then this bond democracy is socks and you mention about conflict resolution in Z and that's an end to end next and bright do what they want and and and give them that fast but how did you for example in the political content let's say a politician in Germany and free writing in their public transport layer the is and yet it's a fairly against how to samples and constant conflict yeah this is this is a very good question and 1 of the most specific example here was if you go to models that of was not the only way to change your mind and go Jupiter's so you don't need to vote on but if you have a political party that means that by nature who goes are changing your platform is gradually evolving and in life and in the book I described this in greater detail and I portrayed the German government time is a great example of this 1 the activists 1 cannot afford it to have all its activities be branded as losers that kills creativity that pretty kills engaged so what the the geometry of what I did was make sure that you have a longer cycle of engagement in the liquid feedback Liquid Democracy cycle that makes people feel part of the decision even tho it might ultimately not go their way and yes in this case you do do need some sort of probably vote because I don't think you come to a consensus got a consensus is obviously the most optimal group and if you can discuss it long enough so
that 90 per cent agreed that that would be the best but you don't many times you don't you don't get while many 1 in
more personal impression of Europe and the observation of the development of the German the but I just a few words maybe about the differences between these differences and development from you know from when it started to now and what you
did observed 1 of the book OK so a final observation of differences between Swedish and German you have the time and the development of the geometry of there were 2 things that up that Germany different from other part parts the 1st was that the 1st put the spotlight on the German and but I realize that they were going to be around for a very long time so they later found they took time laying a foundation that enabled them that's the the other parties I could take my my own the Swedish property as an example we said all there's an election and ones that students let's get Parliament that'll be fun I mean we're working on incident a models the way they we we're just changing the world and we get the 2nd thing the thing about what I did was realized that there was a debate between supporters of sticking to the core platform versus broadening the scope of the top of the policy in 2010 was called constant versus from this as in full full program and every movement us has gone this way you you go from protesting an issue to having having in our platform that is all that is also what you protesting to having ideology the workers movement went from protesting exploitation to allowing labor unions to having solidarity as an ideology that really across across societies the Greens went from protesting to want to regulate industries to having sustainability as an ideology and while we were busy and we having election paying the generative appetite went ahead with this last has started understanding where we come from the we are not really just protesting that our civil liberties are being sold to the highest bidder but then we have something deeper with something akin to a lifestyle parties fully connected lifestyle with all the implications that brings so those those are the 2 2 things key things I observe that I'd use explain why the German government i is a little bit ahead of the curve and is enjoying tremendous success is right the current of maturity and questions OK then I just got a question that terms of the 4 so again thank you all for your attention if you want
to grab the Fourier more questions during the war brides just in this phrase not be just as few the and at
very amazes you