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Social Networks for right-wing extremists?

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price of the around so as the along again thank you for your introduction and we have only make it very short the sort of meaning the right extremism populism this not anything which is stick to to international boundaries we just recently saw Hall many votes lapel controlled muscle not get in in France this is very active in the Netherlands we had to do this terrorist group and the discovery here at the end of last year in Germany and they're killing so we have the mass killings of private key in more ways so we see this writing terrorism have uh and in the spectrum until the the writing populism is quite effective and we are entering now the stress so and so we leaving the comfort zone of digital cultural and we are entering the stress on and partly on it's also a wall so and I think as the mainstream left liberal alright in the real world the culture also in the internet it's not so that where is it true people be of this phenomenon and what we are doing now in the 1st round I will also be present you the the speakers that talk about the the main characteristics of different approaches of for a year and freezing or an actors self right at the public this amendment extremism in Europe in the 2nd round we will talk a little bit about counter tactics and strategies in civil society in Europe and then we open the floor for your question from remarks so we start with the roughly from BN she was
presented an overview about the situation of writing extremism in the net in throughout Europe and afterward I represents the others because as a more of a little bit uh art history and she a journalist and she's very active in
different websites dealing with wiring extremism in Germany at the moment she's active for no not that and new website dealing with this phenomenon these hello and happier to see all you have so many people in this room because we need a lot of people to work against radical extremism on the internet and social media as times the momentum and he was my colleague and and together they make a project which was coronal mass next this is in the background and then I will we both worked for foundation
year in Germany in Berlin uh the MIDI Antonio foundation the work force uh democratic conscience of society and offline but also online so that's what we are doing that's why I'm here I'm a journalist and then make a website which is partnered skiing not use which occurrences pendants latest networking and not everywhere where we just report what they're writing estimates due in Germany and so mosaic much strategies they used to get in contact with people and as we saw that there very actively on the Internet and other social media we decided to make a special project on this theme and this is quite obvious that the project will not which works with young people from starting to 19 foreign democratic culture in the social social networks and the rest the some different different kind of information that religious texts reflected somebody some videos here attracted to region with that but the main work this is not you cannot have a look at the block but the main
workers in different social networks where we have groups and discussion was the young people come to us and wanted to discussion of the discussion that was asked and of course the Democratic young people but also this once so this is from the from the rules so the
forum of that thing not see someone said 88 80 databases of both codes of the right-wing extremists higher last by some of the and and then only if you can read this the 2nd 1 says that there's a kind of white so we really easy to get into contact with right-wing extremist opinions and so we thought we can work about this but before and we have money to the scene and this is what we do in a project to
only get in contact with the presence and this 1 year nobody of usually get in the context if you don't want to assume because he's very explicit here is name is already here and the reference to the amount of the Socialists assessing works in the concentration camp and went to the Gestapo at universities so this 1 is very expensive and is only directed at the scene of cost but what we we're get always the more
subtle ways how that try to address people just 1 of them is of autonomous nest and nationalists is a very young and brutal group of communities in Germany and the they adopt another standard of something which is more appealing than modeling on on young people are not yet right wing extremists and that's why I left assuming you let the uptake and sets out a moment militants National Socialism now and so this is where you see that they right wing and left wing and if you look at that the teacher at bottom so that's very the effect of the right so anti-Semites parole is presented in a very and I away the same as
something like that for example a nice animals so seems to be you human but of course has for writing excimers users to contact people from another dimension what'd you made in Germany to is
that with the general extremist part the entity which is very very active in the social network that serve as a years if it is a Facebook page some they have very very technical medium and very we're very organized inputs people who do this website so they're very professional use everything they can to connect with other people and the SEC they also quite like on Facebook symbolic example left 21 1 thousand lakes and that is to show how professional that hybrid another website was I at the moment we have a discussion in Germany that up this year entity should be prohibited or not and for example on this the entity itself made this site on Facebook to say no you can't live as you just don't have any arguments but we I have the feeling I you don't like us but we are legal and we are the honest party so there you really use everything they can to spread their opinions what we ought to deal with the fact that writing extra as used the missing campaigns which are not usually connected to ranking extremism to spread the ideology there's only 1 example of what they're doing which was very successful at the moment so
lecturing extremists pretend to be interested in the protection and the engagement against tired and used and some really very very successful groups because a lot of people at 1st and do not think see with the it was doing this but the right wing extremists users groups to promote the end of the text for example are writing music to attract people to the ideology and what they really mean if they're saying we identified uses this the mean you all the people who did this
and promoted this penalty again in Germany so it's an anti-democratic and the very right wing extremists position but today we're not
here to talk about the only Germany but the Europe and in the ranking extremism Providence also connected so that's what it's like you and so I had a look also again the social networks what I find then of course you don't only find them to be defined every became a right-wing extremist party and come from as arsenal not from France for example the National Party was governing party from 1 region has to see that what they have answer the land the from
Belgium also get lot the people far from the
Netherlands 1 area size and they do things together in the real world not on the on 1 that these parties and actually connected yet
but what I found for example this is the German very small part of the receiver for Deutschland there are also already populist and as you see here they had chided connects with the axis of the velocity and you of like some of this is the
Portuguese writing extremist party and they are connected with some of the other ones to so was not as an item of pattern analysis from Sweden always young again from the primary which is National Party format tonight so they try to make a network but this is only like this is the so this is not very practical of practical that yes this is what you should not be viewed and what you find much more aggressive from the young
activists and as I said before and the autonomous nationalists they're very international intended to prove this is the for example here This is a block of ice optimal nationalists from Germany and items not only because they're promoting neuronal event in Italy
but they also have a long list of about anomalous nationalist groups that connected with and this is really not only over Europe but there's no the world and this who goes to Australia so you might say OK the cell only perhaps that you can do it and that links other really existing May I
just show some examples to show that this style also is the same so this is really a connected to a group of of writing estimates from fly example this 1 is from the Netherlands is always the other numbers nationalists young very very violent and brutal persons who are doing this the summaries this is from Poland like somebody who
oversees the same look always a very you use
cattle 1 as well as give me to move from the Czech Republic and this is from the Ukraine's cells some
examples of what I thought I showed you but they don't only make things and connect to the internet so you can see here is also on on a block in Germany is every part of a demonstration there where they met in the the in front and came together to demonstrate so they are not only connecting and sharing the the dates or something they really go then connect between each other and this is not example would have found quite interesting this is a jumble block also but you have here and the right of
an advertising and placed on that Titan which is in Spanish so OK what's that some this really is
the Spanish Riding extremists site and was was searching in support for right-wing extremists Spain was there has been arrested because the violet another person and so this is the German-speaking support of so they're reading it really seeking support from right-wing extremists in Germany not only this writing instrument connects to the
Internet and of course it's also a very big community of islamophobic people who use the Internet to connect usually knowing Germany for PPI in use for example and the blocks that connected with this so I thought I don't bring you the message you know there's already I thought I bring this 1 of the European defense League
which is also very active in the social networks and and blocks from that site to defend Europe from from the Islamic and as you see it a little bit and this picture is there's there's also members of all kinds of countries of Europe this is a simple they like to use it a they see themselves as crusaders against Islam
and so what is interesting is using social media to connect so this is a German defense leaking will make their own advertising and for a meeting in arms in Denmark she finds a similar ones like somebody
was get wider supporters and resonance and on the John Locke again of Germany
sensemaking then later on in the report of the meta-novel was all they were drinking together and on the next day what islamophobic illustrates and why are we talking about this term here talking about this because it's not only a connection on the Internet where where people are collecting radical and so to extremist and the heights of hateful
thoughts it really has the consequence of the very little 1 usually all realized the last year when I understand right they can always shut shot 77 people collected before and the manifesto of 1300 and I don't know what sites from very different blocks in the Internet of system of folds and and the like mate videos for which you posted on you tube when we used all kind of social media and Web 2 to find all the possibilities to connect with other ones and collect their thoughts to have its own
ideas which is the sort of them would give him the right to go and kill people and this is what we always have to keep in mind because it's not only that someone is writing all the stuff on the internet but it has to be consequences for real people so when the which was and we can now is what can we do if you see a some I
will be what and the scene for for quite a time now so we have the feeling that there are different strategies to who should be working together because you often deal
not this things so I have a problem with the loss or something like that if if things are forbidden in the country of the solvent effects usually react and there's no problem dealing with that will lead you was strangely enough of environmental and not is this about but none the less are very important to work was so that we try to connect work was there's a social network companies to banks and their policies on democratic values and responses responsibility for the society because we often talk about the insulin not as clearly as rate of something like that but it's it's it's a disguised in other words or something like that and what's more important is that we try to find a lot of people who have family of developing smart ideas far and pro-democratic anti-racist campaigns outside online actions dialog of examples to existing fortunately but so we could need some more and what is perhaps the most important thing is that we all users of online social networks and so we all can be actively can be aware and interference with the right wing extremist content of comments and so we can make others aware of this to and the schools would be always them for all of us you to to think about how this will be made and the best way and so we all have to fight for the human rights and democratic values and because it's not granted
only because the Internet as a medium where everyone can write something Mrs. the other ones the writing it and users to and so this is very close to the short introduction and so we come to the role and the so what he saw as the will of the great variety of right populism and towards the writing of the terrorist and what we also can see that the the configuration of these extremism properties is quite different throughout Europe so 1 thing is if you're dealing with this field that you have to be prepared to be surprised and it's always lucky surprises from 1 like probably and therefore I would like strange sound how introduce you to a land and housing from and so he is a political scientist and wise and digital policies he is also overreactive blogger and he's most feeling of the riding competition in the Netherlands which is quite different from other properties politics populations in Europe and probably you can give us some insights general insights but also about the tactics in the Internet and I think you will in the Netherlands it used to be very
tolerant country we were known throughout Europe causes a very liberal tolerant country where some of the open things that you can do anywhere else and tolerance to to get a as well and things like that I guess that was really
deep rooted in that in Dutch society and something new something very profound things needed to happen for that to change guess it again in 3 steps the 1st you had the 911 attacks in america that were of course a shop for everybody in the whole world and uh and then half a year later we had the assassination of different times and another half 18 months later we had another political assassination so we were talking about America right wing extremists violence before and in the Netherlands you really really point to the the trauma was that we had a lot because that were caused by violence against right wing extremists so that is quite a different place to start from and in the Netherlands right now you have these fringe groups used reading that you know what you guys that like the where the 2 hidden structures in and have that has come close to the size of
those are really fringe groups that there there that potentially pretty dangerous but they're quite small and not very well organized and then you have the ability and hit was not announced a thing and I I even would hesitate to call on a right wing extremists and there's 2 things that definitely 7 apart from from that is 1st of all he lost Israel which is a typical for announcing and also he lost that here to defend the the gaze his main point course this is against the law which is certainly fueled by the fact that visited Israel his youth and became very staunch advocate he also has an Israeli flags and waving in officers and things like that so quite a different person for quite different
movement became of course he was already in Parliament before he radicalized after the murder of that overhaul um and it's really not a movement what he has it's very unclear why is he not many people know that here in in Germany but can builders has a party and this party has members that actually has 1 member the is the member so there is no movement there is no organization and this is I think typical of of and his followers did not organized at all there mall in a way and you can see that very well in a lot of on the number of and right wing blogs
conservative blogs or even nationalistic blogs that way you will see a lot of people reacting furiously on anything that is even tainted by the by a sort of a left wing message and I think that is on the internet the thing that is most interest interesting that has happened is that really the discourse has changed and where political politically correct used to be left wing politically correct the Netherlands started to become right wing statements and if you say anything that is even slightly left-wing like a slightly pro or not uh non-discrimination or positive discrimination and you will be in this land and you will get a lot of reactions and that includes the threats death
threats to politicians more and things like that could you will be also touch a little bit on the the shift if it's a shift from type is as a topic
towards the entire EU as a topic is a so shift forces Justin complementation I think it's probably I mean he's not going to go but I think the villages very much the population he'll say what he knows it's politically savvy to save and you go for the the statements that will make his party the biggest uh having said that he has 1 question and that's and I some Islamism or
pro-Israeli it pro is religion you consider that um which amounts to the same thing I think from his perspective to quite a large degree so he shift towards and inside you and more nationalistic agenda I think if it is a fundamental shift it is mostly based on electoral and political considerations because he sees that the whole immigration discussion is this becoming less interesting for the Dutch lecture it's probably 1 last question in this
was wrong to you if you save a lot of sense just 1 person body but you get into a lot of rules and the social you all that follows also and
then that can you observe and all this scenery behind the whole movement probably also all the other thing that is easy to point to any movement is really the the group of people that that became that what was very interested in them for time and became wholeness if you will politically and after the assassination of time and uh and that has been searching ever since and you see them moving you see and it's about all it's always about 27 seats in the Dutch parliament which always has 150 seats and uh on the 1st day all voters that that group followed photos for it and time party that was legal lists and completely fell apart within a couple of months and then they moved to uh that uh the woman called tougher don't uh for large large pocket she didn't really materialize in in the elections and builders came and he got the electrode and now it seems that these people are moving away again after the fall of the reason for the good and the government that it goes of supporting and it seems that a large part of the of his electorate is going to the Socialist party which is the most left-wing extreme party if it's extreme of partially because of the of thanks a lot more more than we are now shifting from a country will the the right and proper business still on the rise so it's still there in the you know quite active support to countries Austria where this movement has shaken the European consciousness and awareness some years ago the of higher level at the at the end of the Haida Phillips on from B and use of human rights activists and the political advisor and uh he's working about these issues of please give us some
insights about the situation the current situation but also maybe uh the generals tradition about it and what is going on also in the in the internet with with the writing populists and
right extremists things link you at 1st I want to use a few words on the concept of extremism because master we have a different usage of this concept and in germany in germany you normally have the idea of a spectrum from left to right in the middle east the center and extremism is that what happens on the left edge and on the right edge and danger comes from these edges and the center has to defend this concept is criticized and maybe we can talk about it later in Austria you have different concepts that dominate the discussion the 1st one is based on the usage of the police we have for fast interests in Austria that only works on police loss and it only acts against criminal offenders that are politically motivated they do not look for dangers that our non criminal offenders and this is the main understanding of right-wing extremism on left-wing extremism in Austria you have another usage this is the scientific you idea of right-wing extremism and there is a concept by a guy called to be bite howitzer he's working for the equipment that you want of the is that I should be the standards and he did the concept of right-wing extremism that focuses on
and I logical criteria is like racial clamor is thinking or being in violence-prone divide to be right and so on so if you talk about a right-wing extremism or populism you have to have in mind that this the usage of the concept is slightly different from Germany if you look at the right wing extremists
in Austria you could talk about 3 fenomeno 1 is right-wing extremist or a
neo-Nazi groups that operate outside the law the tool things that are predicted by revisionism and incitement that I think is the English translation for 4 hits on spectral here and so they do work like producing stickers and putting them into the walls but also taking part in paramilitary maneuvers 1 famous leader of them is
standing on trial in 2 weeks his name is called the crystal and these groups is are mainly reached with jurisdictional means what the crystal is a very known person because he was prosecuted 10 years ago he's by his own words of the national socialist and he was also the and sent to jail for 10 years because he wanted to re-establish national
socialism and he date paramilitary maneuvers in the nineties the hottest guy here talk apart so the opposition leader I will refer to him in 1 minute has connection to these very militant group the 2nd fenomeno is smaller group right wing groups right wing extremism groups with connections to you not groups that try to operate inside the law and there are small parties that try to stay inside the law and use the Internet mainly social media to gain support with very um catchy topics like unto the Islamic campaigns and this is their main strategy I forgot to say the main
strategy of the groups outside the law is to make new Nazi propaganda and reporting their all activities and the 3rd group you have is the mainstream parties if they are you would save right-wing populists with right wing extremists is some call it right wing extremists because of the as scientific concept and this group is very strong in social media and have to start his website on Facebook has 114 thousand supporters you seen the other groups before they had about 20 40 whether thousand the Chancellor in Austin his name is on the firemen he has to 1500 fans and the guy the why students love and has a 400 so you can measure how much support the give this with their policy in this particular group of society thanks thank you
for the non across from the Berlin is collective in there no not in that issues of linguistic and cultural scientists and to engage in civic education and empowerment strategies will discuss your concrete insights about the situation in germany especially in the Internet and Web Tools for fortunately since we are here at Republican notes lecture and choose bring us back to the Internet as well that the internet and this is the connection of the right-wing extremists on the internet as you've seen in a Europe wide you could say well it seems to be an internet phenomenon maybe it's on the internet what is going on in the offline world maybe doesn't matter but it does matter in a really really big scale and that's why we need to talk about this and we need to talk about it here and if you go out to hear from you today please talk about it with everyone else you know knows who works online and offline because the democratic culture doesn't stop at when you turn on your computer and this is where it's really important and so we all need to still work on effect and we all will always have to work on the fact that democratic culture needs to be practiced and practiced and practiced every day so what does that mean concretely for people and with right-wing extremism in Germany well writing extremis for example put up addresses of people who are against Nazis whether they are working in unions whether they are working in the eye and called file or whether they're just some regular people who have been seen by the
on demonstrations that addresses the following numbers their websites that photos that videos and everything is put up online and it's very difficult to take it down because most of the time it's an international service and then the result of that is people get visited they get their buildings get taxed as saying something like that and kill communists or that people get attacked on the street because they recognized by the Facebook pictures and so if you want to online against right-wing extremism from when it lies on the side no please don't use your regular names and because it might be and don't use your clear pictures and because it might be dangerous in the end the offline words come that's on the side so that's 1 thing where it's really really dangerous and of like that difficult to take on this website so that's 1 thing on the other side which is even more important as we talk about social media today in social networks if you see lobbying and comments for example if you see that people get attacked in comments by red races by the right extremis for something in a in a topic that doesn't have anything to do with represents was let's say they talk about how to save the environment and very often use topic where the topic of child abuse or other topics that doesn't seem to have anything to do with right-wing extremism or pop politics in general and people get attacked by them M Vetterli aggressively attacked and sometimes and unfortunately it happens more often than you are the in can think of it happens in the of language and that's where the real dangers of group also a good so we we saw some slides of from morning before a what Oracle issues topics but also maybe some some of nodes surfaces phrases which they are using music
and fashion or whatever and you know it's I think when when I 1st people with this issue after long time I was quite surprised how would it be the right-wing extremism is we should also in the surface and the cultural in the fashion and the attitude and probably you can also give us some insights how to discover it I mean the in the 1st class you won't see it probably is on her uh experienced users so that 2 most of the time they come as sort of underground from 1 of the things is that the right estimates have known the that have led to the internet as all of us have unfortunately are technically very advanced and they are they had a very advanced and knowing how to design graphics and how to produce videos that looked impressive they really know how to react to Facebook for example as we've seen at the National Party of Germany for example and the spokesperson of that party has his own into a internet company so he knows how to you how to produce a video that looks impressive and it can a catches and people and 1 of the real dangers online and that make it so fashionable lately is that the not is only 2 clicks away from all of you so it's actually a neighbor while and for example then youngsters international but the right wing seen from they also as they have changed their clothing I mean this typical you if you see that survive the scheme and the shoes as I have really bad and as it is because most of them that is evident mind and not in there and the way they approach but at the same as online as we've just seen that use parts since then and the use of the pop culture topics a fashion for example they all like to wear a typical like maybe maybe maybe if you wanna call it like American fashion of goodies word sneakers of things like that so it's very difficult to differentiate that and to see the coats from and so it's always that you should always take a closer look at what when you see a video that tells you something about the so called truth no 1 ever speaks about as might be a so-called truth who was trying to promote his ideas and there's a whole movement behind that on the social media on the social networks was who use the the technique of very um writing technical and improved video taking 2 interest people and their because you you can only watch it fully connected 2 and if you factor only mentioned that at a lot of youngsters especially catch up on that so what we
are seeing the ordering quite briefly this but this is not just an augmentative a rational discourse about some topic so so it's more a cultural fight for a or a fight for cultural ideal commonly to use crunchy with so in the 2nd level we can share some examples of how to tactics and and 2 approaches to you started it all ready to draw you have some examples from from all from 1 the Dutch experience how the civil society the state or whatever he's acting in the net against swiping populists or I bring it from what what this your observation is case and think I have that bit of the center and also to that civil society has not managed to to to do much in the Netherlands and I think that is because if you only that will be to build a reaction that lets it before nine eleven there was a right wing party uh very even more extremist and much more sexually than uh not has ever been that was representing it in parliament and and the reaction to this was to to try to silence at and try to make it go away and try to make it a relevant and and keep it fringe and that has certainly not worked and I think that what we've seen is is very much an eruption of the fact that of of suppressed ideologies that have been present in in society and that have not been able to find a way out and that have a materialized in Indian for time at 1st and when then for times was murdered the 1st thing that people started saying in especially after the overhaul was murdered actually the things that people the thing that people said to each other but apparently we cannot say what we think in this country apparently we do not have freedom of expression and
this has become really the the the the 1 thing that that's candles is capitalized upon that he has a right to say whatever he thinks and that has come to include any insult that comes out of his mouth which happens frequently and because he is very good at insulting people as sold I think no I think that we have not really managed to find an answer apart from 1 answer that might have might prove to be very effective which is that in a making responsible for government and and whereas in Denmark and this is completely failed the crisis and the economic crisis has come to our aid and he had to face a situation where you would have to take responsibility for large cuts in uh people's pensions in people's and whatever it kind of incomes that uh and get government
benefits they would have were receiving and since the people that he vote for him are mostly lower 40 educated and and many unemployed among his moment most voters and a lot of the elderly those people tend to use a lot In the in economic crisis and especially by the right wing government sigh ideas about how to solve the crisis 1st there and I think that that's where he panics and had to had to face the conflicts that cutbacks and now he's lost
credibility among electric that's that's interesting but that's really the only thing that we have found something to deal with this group because 1 of the other indicate new new people came and start the people came in and new leaders have
been found in this group has not died away not gone but managed to contain no maybe 1 1 observation is also the structural ignorance within the field of social media culture probably so your in your friends so cylinder for me the question you so if the little bit of model the European examples and you should have some of some of the and could you will probably give us some insights what are typical of
successful counter-strategies kind tactics and was that and overcome probably the ignorance of the different cultures political have you some some successful examples because it's mean the first one was in part what scary how successful this kind of political culture makes from this can be but this is the only has talking and route but I would really must be said I welcome the on the internet for quite a time no editing since the assistance 10 years approximately and the 1st thing you always we always did was sitting on information and things as a person the more information that are not really knowing what they're doing and you as I said make a website satellites to beautiful texts was a lot of explanations of what is the problem about campaigns are anything and you reach some people say do that kind of work but you don't need it you don't reach all the people and perhaps not not always important ones for example
we have have a farm also where people can ask questions and we see we reach people who get in contact with right-wing extremism because their parents and their children to get in contact with writing extremist scene are there are in in sports of football clubs and some have have trainers who have context writing scene and ask how to deal with it so we can reach that presence of information but what we also wanted to that the present we also want to reach our young people have people have fun for example not very highly educated because they're here also very open for prejudices or something like that and our experiences that you need to know a lot of different forms and so this is also why we are here and talking to you because for perhaps you are the ones that can make great videos a great graphics or something like that and we try to do this to move closer
to also reach the message to persons who do not like to read long texts and that is very important to be aware that there writing extremists less threatening the democratic societies and the good thing is so when we started to we found quite a long was doing this and so and until now I will say this a great development there a lot of individual activists but also groups were doing them constantly more things on the Internet and the social media and I'm happy about everyone who was as at the seem because for example if you use you will origins lie always working very well to deal with the things we are looking for a foundation and we have to do some serious things of causing can't do everything I'm very happy of some of the private activist also things which are not always very politically correct or something that that what we can't do and that a lot of examples of flow of persons or groups who are doing very was nice things and they are really also if you have a nice video something that and recommended of cause and shared and this is the best way to stress the need for the play of the oceans all known at least in Germany for the you more slowly than true and some yes until the final so eventually means that the this year's question is all the successful techniques for example how to deal with this by having properties in all shipments I'd say we're 10 years ahead but we're
not successful yet but we have learnt a lot of 1 thing we have learned is you cannot overcome right wing extremists extremism or populism in only fighting right-wing extremism and right-wing populism always itself this is the criticism on the concept of I was referring to before that the concept of the problem is on the right edge and on the left edge doesn't see the dangers that come from the center of society it doesn't see the Gaussian doesn't see racist concepts from the center not to mention extremist financial products that endanger also from cohesion so we have to also get into confrontation with the the center of our society and we have to the problems by their political and by the ideology and the logical programs because the courts can can change they can uh that that that the dangerous programs can come 2 different uniforms they can come into Nazi uniforms they can come into Bart Simpson who and they can come also in suits and ties so you have to identify the danger by the geological 1 substance that's the main thing we learned in Austria last 10 years so that's something that then if you have some questions we mark so we have a mike here and there the big city when testing but what I'm really angry about it is that we have is that she's of an enemy that is legal it's really just that enemy but it's really I will live in an intimate democratic world and the real problem are the people that are accepting that which it it's not just the native youth and in themselves fact that they are idiots but I'm also really afraid all the people that aren't leaving all that and so was all descendants sensibilization is not shaving just an enemy but also talking to the people and the fact that people have to learn and not to listen to some books the head of this is more of a statement is anybody also have a question at the moment we can also ask or any other statement areas well those stupid question but if I find all want to be there to use insulin and to start doing research on the merits so I always will think OK unknown researching unknown on from box who runs new from the fasting should since no 1 mole right-wing extremists so that it can can can open every website would also having to prove that I'm not enough the I must say yes you can do this for a lot of years now and I was never really officially asked for fashion so that's what I'm doing that know it's really him at the moment so if you're doing research for example or whatever look on the internet on right wing extremism especially in social media especially in international social media as Facebook or I tube it's very easy to get in contact visits in you don't you all just use a very popular code or something like that of popular writing extremist and you will find in every social network a lot of interesting comments and things like that so it's easy to have a look at this and so this is also a problem of course because everyone can get this is this is the image in context with his writing extremist contents and but it's it's interesting if you like to engage again just to have a look what they are doing of course because we also do this as we said because you use so that we know which at times we have to work with for example right we said what was young people and for example the chooses which are which were mentioned by my colleague that every they have anti-Semitism nights the users and something that really confuse people will address and ask for example and say I do not want to believe that about the a census of videos as wincing and how can I help you argue that this is not really true so this I really difficult topics and you really can refer you was that there was argumentation science and progress toward
total product revenue 1st of all that and then I would like to add also and once you've found decides don't forget to report them because as soon as the report it of course it takes a while to take it down we just learned that Facebook for example only has 6 people in Dublin to delete everything that is on German content and form of everything from pornography to right-wing extremism and so and of course it takes weeks women tend to take down right in extremis staff unfortunately yet and we're trying to still work with Facebook to talk about the topic
um but I guess that reports that the sites and the more people report the quicker they get taken down a bit quicker the problem gets at least limited yeah little bits that about having I what whatever political propaganda on on the web because of course on 1 side and I think I don't want to see it there I don't want people to be able to spread out there in my opinion bullshit or whatever don't want to solve naive
on the same time but at the same time and also quite glad to be able to recognize what did we how many there are and this
I In that sense would want them to tell me more about them because I'd like to know what they're doing where they show up with people are behind so I want standard about that web page from and I think it was and he whatever they true I don't know and I saw that on their website they had some area for them and their dates for their activities and that was empty and I was really tempted to write and to like please fill out the dates and care for their website so that enabled to be informed about their activities according to and here I I can and this actually understands because I'm also very interested with the handling of class and but I think it's a difference whether they're doing it and so I think that that might be a good thing we have to do is in a
democratic society that they have their own networks that they have their own blogs or something like that and but the question is do you have to connect in space as well mostly non right-wing extremist people are meeting and whether tried to get into a connection things this is applied to the important difference and because I think it is a democratic way you and something on social groups and community and companies can do some and that they don't spend their own space for those opinion I'm a bit from that perspective I think that is also there is a danger in just removing things and trying
to influence the debate from that side I think we've lost the language in the in the Netherlands and the moral rights if you will to to where we were we continue mentioning a right wing extremists speech now we find ourselves in a position where we cannot do that anymore we have lost the initiative on the letters that I think is very worrying and so I think that this most not a good idea to to just sort of a sentence you have to dig deeper and and I would say it depends on how big the thing is and if it's very small it's good tactics to have an eye on it but it's getting it's getting bit bigger you have to do something against it because if you have a small publicity for some hydrological programs then it will spread and it will find people who think this is a normal hydrological program can support however and so it it it's getting on a certain level and this is a practical question of the principal questions you should get rid of it from public space and I think after if group being out 7 % part in Ostia 15 years ago and today it's between 20 or 30 will not have national socialism if they get into government again but they're really able to do very bad things that could of a question on the intervention of the nation's into these debates also and because they can organizational support because of for instance parts of the year some of all the movement in Europe were policy supported by the public diplomacy program of the State Department or if you have now right all this party you know the kind of knowledge of of Russian supporting all these fringe groups so was the social media and they getting a lot of of clicks for for this extremist content and so on how do you view the intervention of governmental actors for whatever agenda into building up the school supporting the schools giving a large audience to them and having
to professionalize the services to the question was that foreign governments or organizations state organizations foreign funding extremist groups in the net transnational or promoting the component of all of what are the reasons we know that this exists when we had the cold war of was of the German Communist Party was was somehow supported by the user we know that the vise versa we have the psychological warfare between the 2 blocks and we always have interventions of professional actors and who engineered these sort of of groups and even was in some societies that thing in the Netherlands was recently disclosed that the Maoist party was just part of the secret services in order to lobby the Chinese but it also happens in Europe after 9 11 that the Americans try to promote this islamophobic faults and was so I which is the fact that in design and was very well and very concerned about these these variants from you sort of communications that promoted I I really can't comment on the my which party which is not very
much in the formerly most costly and Netherlands being support sponsored by any foreign groups and and and the knowledge of that and you know that are built a village has been receiving large funds from undisclosed and donors probably from from foreign countries formerly from America and that it's unclear what exactly that influences that we have introduced new legislation that would force into 0 to open up about that which he has announced she's going to refuse you would find so funding is actually problems because of these kinds of questions and on the 1st hand I think it's pretty real that there's a European movement of national and nationalistic parties and my question is do you think that the topic of Islamophobia you should use them a topic that unifies the Romanian Italian Spanish and nationalists on not to the extent that it that in the United but I think the nationals nationalists and sites that we've just seen on their connection is they're all nationalists so it's it's a paradox but they're always paradox there's nothing that has a straight line in in their way of thinking that views so that in that part where nationalists connect internationally and the paradox it could just comes out straight in your face there's more examples for for them the weirdness that lies behind it but that's 1 of them and things were pointing out and yes it's definitely and is the topic of Islamophobia seems to connect a lot of people were also not really considered to be right wing at the moment and so definitely is a topic that needs to be focused on and and needs to be addressed and with and it and now you're definitely right now it's a bit of I think we all the time no that you have so really the ones doing all states 1 of which you rather want to do it should round of let the audience because you think arms I have a soft versions of them were mainly to sort of when they come here to rural listen to you from give the major nations for all the things I've heard I always structures in our own the writing style unions and everywhere in the room and whole I have to find the the solution so well with what can I do for on you and you're not just think about an international take about 20 years so maybe 20 25 years ago it was quite easy so there on the street here divorcees Kyocera scheme that you know a from ejected and inaugurates lists and their finger in these last 20 years to change a lot so that people so state C or you can reduce meaning or Menotti so they change if you go on the Internet today it's quite hard words more difficult to learn that the so the science has changed in a finger if view of major work that it would be quite harder anymore so I'm not sure if it's the right way to learn to block means that science were the frightening system here I think there should be more the radio from form all people about you know or what's really what would you recommend what to do with sorry framing and relatively recent introduction to the final round of the summary of recommendations or observations what this next to say in and out of your perspective I'd say it's necessary to put a stop signs to say this year is a stock and to reject some positions and to delete them from the internet and so on but you shouldn't stop there you should do it and then go away and and look at the other things look how well this distributed how chances is distributed in society and also fight for a better world for all people not just the shift in and what is this you will occupy yourself with the right wing extremism but go to a better living for all people and social justice and so on so to find the right line not to put too much energy on the stop signs but the but
also occupy yourself with a better future this is the solution because it would say it's closest they're totally agree to that i there
are those people out there who were a threat to our demand democratic views so we need to be informed about that and we need to be aware of that while at the same time be a good example of how to do it better so I think that the social networks are the place to be than using it in a very humoristic waiting and how to show that to show how you live a democratic culture and how you want your life to be enacted let lived in a democratic way so both at the same time but the stop sign that altricial where the stop sign ends and how you want it to be I want to relive try to focus on what is causing all the discontent I think there's a lot of women in society that has been getting the
wrong end of the stick fuel and there have been some impoverished and say see that the future is slipping away from them even if but that's except accurate or not that's what they're experiencing and they feel that they're being replaced by a new class and they have recognized them as being from different countries and and and are unwilling or unable to integrate really well and that that really gets the and you're going to think that that's where we need to focus our attention most yesterday I was asked to do a charter so we do
majority group where I think we will not in our lifetime overcome racism or anti-Semitism or something like that so it's always there always the strength of the people who have that we're not right wing extremists and have a have a good feeling for all people living together and make that these people are more visible and make them more powerful and this also makes much more fun than working with the right-wing extremists themselves we use the 2 . 1 really to argue and listen to arguments so it's just a wish that a lot of you I will work was that's as together follistatin society where we all can differ in the men's Wendeline's sweeping she's quite new this year just if you go on this then from the BPB we have come to a magazine on that he's so you can read it and get some good examples as well thank you very much for thank you for your and that had can be he shop here
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Titel Social Networks for right-wing extremists?
Serientitel re:publica 2012
Teil 34
Anzahl der Teile 72
Autor Gross, Anna
Rafael, Simone
Sonderegger, Philipp
Huizing, Lennart
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DOI 10.5446/21379
Herausgeber re:publica
Erscheinungsjahr 2012
Sprache Englisch

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Fachgebiet Informatik
Abstract Right-wing extremism, islamophobia and populism is growing all over Europe. Right-wing extremists, racists and anti-Semites connect via social networks and blogs to build a Europe- and even worldwide network of anti-democratic hatred and of group focused emnity. This has not only effects in the virtual world, but ends brutally and deathly for real persons as in Norway 2011. What do the networks of right-wing extremists on the internet look like and what can we do against it? We discuss this on a panel with participants from Austria, the Netherlands and Germany.

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