How Sharism is unleashing liberty

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How Sharism is unleashing liberty
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Isaac Mao speaks about "How Sharism is unleashing liberty". The theory of sharism reflects on the share of information and ideas to the point of sharing action by using the case study of a decade of chinese social media and its impact to society, especially on social structure re-shaping, and individualization.
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and think the won't be at the home be mitigated this is the last session of today right so that is system
and people here coming in but more people centering so I want to uh ask more questions today instead of talking too much because I want to see if not this not
only my personal sharing is about how people shared bring your spirit back to me as well that's about terrorism uh so in definition is a very solid evidence that the very short is definition is the moments of sharing why you share call to share and it was the result of the sharing so it is a theory about sharing is is a can of new theory you know we're
developing but to actually is from the people itself so today I want to just want to share a little bit about charism theory by showing
some cases we're starting from the mean you know very simple small
ideas in our minds halt it can transfer into action In our reward in the physical work so is always the question from our
surroundings that why we share it doesn't make sense you know we only share information we should try and try to do something in the real word however I would argue that this is just because of sharing because of the message and means spreading adding up to an amplifying themselves that we can make the word change so it's the whole theory of charism trying to discover the economy model
of sharing for example I will ask you that's
why you are here today the question is very simple you could also mean maybe I want to get some information gets some knowledge from this kind of discussion a lecture the same question to me why are why I'm here only
shares fully but why want ownership is because of what I can judge I can absorb the
energy from you guys because you come here to listen to me to be my the courage to speak out to talk about to share more and I feel is a can of of humans this is kind of the economy model I share you should be back that's the basic model of charism weight is same thing to the Web 2 . 0 word you know we discovered we experience for many years and if we discovered that the coming model is
very much fire because many people share
their information share their knowledge to the surroundings and go through the whole so social narrower but they see real returns in their life that's the economy you know balance we can
see through share is so our argue another thing
later I mention the moisture share the more you again the more you can get from your surroundings this the basic rule the rule we'll take the
control of the Future Internet word I would
argue that the flow that I want to share you guys can you see that technical guys please when used to
reach to the slide that OK anyone there OK perfect these slide today just before 0 this sound the uh maybe 30 minutes before the stock ownership what is happening in China now is also based on the understanding of of social media so you guys maybe no this blind law year Mr. Chairman he worries are protected and suppose lady very safe in the US embassy the last away the whole last week after some Internet ads activities went to his village to save him part of from follows the rise of China of the local authority and that the US embassy
guys Fox including the ambassador take him
to the hospital later yesterday um suppose China government and US governments reached an agreement to set him free fiber however things changed originally if I in
tradition as you know of events happening so you know we to say that the traditional
reporters on media we'll say always of good
ending finally and we we we we published a report that the Chinese human rights right the kids have have been reaching a new level whatever
yeah however it just because of the social media yesterday 1 the guy went to the hospital at people found that's is not
really safe for him because he's family let member cannot see him in the fossil yesterday in the
afternoon and the gasses there's provide prevent people from visiting him as well and
therefore the hospital is surrounded by many many policies to stop prize and people to visit also the mainstream media
study to deleting people was buzzing about this case online news Chinese social media websites however there's steel mn many people buzzing this case on treated of a block to website in China
because many people in China the use we paean to access this this article about global social media so in this case people found that is now the real the final solution to do to this as human rights activities is that is going to be a worse because of fire on the agreement didn't really executed and then many people started to question what's the deal between China government and US government so often known 1 so many people started to question and that that that that the 2 governments
and the mainstream media you know reporting that have been used you know and those traditional media reporters cannot stand still there they this study to investigate this and often of all the media reports change their
tumors so it happened that that in 1 day is
not like the traditional you know daily newspaper reporting 1 story and changed the next day and and and and it won't focused on the real-time happenings like this so if you search now to
England and you can see many treated
uh updates yeah maybe 50 a 1 minute you know will pop up to your time because everything is still happening and today is supposed to be the China US dialog the Strategic Dialogue happening Hillary Clinton is there and let's see what real going out with this case
because many people still worry about the safety of the of the family OK and that's the real thing
real-time thing happening but we love to go back to the old time 1 China you know where's steel in this problem cropped prosperous in all
age there are many 0 inventions in China and technically like this machine is a
very interesting machine that try to seperate the green from the past and the straws and
also is very effective machine to to give people the truth and that is documented in
the very early a book back to of 14 centuries so it's very much an advanced inventions in China however this kind of
things the dense bridal around the word the captain China for a long time for about 500 years until the 18th century and the someone Our Stolen they they use this kind of dimension to make money the because the copy this machine for many many many many times and the people use this machine in different places and they generate you know they they use productivity tool to generate more money and then other lasted the tool to
use the HP and they use the machine power in all more and more to the last
word I won't tell that I would argue that just this machine lead to the industry revolution in the western word but anyway it indicates something that in the closed country like in
China is for ever in 2 thousand years is a hierarchical words you know even there are some very creative innovations if people don't really share these kind of things on knowledge you know things could couldn't be upgraded in all couldn't be improved and
cannot make money however in the western word they did you did so but things changed today will we have many many accommodate you know of phenomenon in China now why is very
famous constant and dry anyone here know standard which and m is host and some of you you understand this gender is of the the the
the the the plain meaning of gender is a village made is that there is something called the cat you know from the real product for them like the iPhone fall when the product really is just a walk after 1 week there's a copycat
in China qualify for fall you know so so the same kind of looking the same of roughly the same sanctions you know from the using the vase however you know the performance of the other things could be different and we have some other this is a very it interesting uh German they germinate based in all reward call the black pride reason I'm not sure if the right pronunciation it just really try to reward
is a joking to those Cobb Academy of products you know because I wondered the death an error model where inventing you you as and there's soon at chinese copycat coming out and also up to in the military industry they
call the cat the US and the Russian jet
fighters as well the bullet train you know uh China copied many technologies to put together into their fully trained to be the fastest find is growing at a high speed rail around the word so the question is the Chinese they can only the Chinese only copying all the also can you renting there's a big argument of this of the young copyright issues the intellectual you choose I
would argue that is a very early stage of things happening in this country because some after a long term of economy you know some of the issues in China they steel need quite a while to learn from the
word and they try to you know share this kind of things from their designed to their in all every aspects of the products then they learn to improve that and I think is a kind of a good sign that many Chinese
manufacturers they're starting to collaborate with international design studios and this is kind of new models to link the design powers from maybe other areas into China to make it into products we see many projects from a website called Kickstarter's you know many people put up their ideas wine and they made this product into which in China to to transfer that ideas into their into the
real products so is a can of idea traveling from somewhere in the other words into China with the manufacture manufacturing capability know integration so they can make the final product this is a kind of a
very good case of file sharing let's talk about it 10 years ago when we think about sharing is a can anonymous word many
people may from maybe very familiar with this comment is a can of violence into tonight philosophy that moment 1 2 dots talk about Internet 1 dog tell another the secret of the internet is so amazing because I Internet nobody knows if you're dog right yeah this is 10 years ago or even 20 years ago many people think about Internet and strange because the Internet
even . 1 show off themselves they wanna seek those followers and there's some people perceive their followers as their social capital and some people think that is the fine is entertainment so nowadays we see in tonight actually the social media age after the Web 2 . 0 technology improvements
we see so many new identities is emerging the real identities whether you use the real name on that is that is identical think too many people they were allowed to start sharing
from their social media in all centers so many people started to grow their
1st around them before is now the animal for is the Internet you know can of synapses to extend to the word is like a fairy person around you so you touch based the words with different synapses some we've that your them with your Facebook some with your Google Plus is edges and different has a blogs sharing this and of a video
sharing to which so this kind of sharing is not so boring like the traditional sharing of your property is different from the if we share an apple with several guys everyone can we get a piece of that right is a kind of losing of up you know those of physical parts from you because you have to be very very gentle very noble to sharing this kind of physical work so to enable sharing is different but that for the idea sharing food the information sharing and knowledge sharing like today's Courseware moments in all this sharing things you know it's not something losing about losing is about generating new
tolerant of bigger things so if you have an identity around you I share something line from my original creation I would try like these kind of sharing along a
solution would like some people visualize those things for those ideas were amplified the largest in the social network virus now the traditional Internet we
cannot find a who is the original creator because he's almost goes to the big and the rise on maybe uh published then lose your identity is that today's social network given
the diverse a handle that everyone knows this is a Europe creation is
very much interesting to to challenges the traditional copyright things why we protect
copyright and intellectual property as before because we're worried about we lose that you know because other people could steal that as gradations that's a kind of fear in our you know emotion or feeling so but with the kind of
identity In a resolution we can have this chance to redefined follow intellectual properties could be protected instead of using the traditional enforcement like patterns like the you know the trademarks its edges we see through the
whole internet and can see evolve my ideas get past that social networks to be large so I just illustrate some people interesting people in China some people may know I reweigh because from the of you to go on to
the law year and the girl you know they're in the right corner who saved extremunction from his home arise better self all this kind of things you know happening in China is based on not so long just 3 years after Olympics that's the social media booming although Chinese government censors all those popular international social media websites including Treder Facebook
tube is edges flicker however that the local social media websites growing up this study to take the role as the media to help people to share their information from their daily and you know uh meal to huge catch to flowers to their datings whatever you know in China it unleash the power of Chinese people from the traditional closure of the information it generate a lot of can activities between different
words i illustrate these people because they belong to different word I reweigh and the author and the last 2 artists and some guys laughter from the peaks groups and some
guys right last to the activities they're not along the not in their own bubble they were connected to the information may flow of from those kind activities I called servitude of the information is just what we think about brain neural network every mention later so let's look examined had exam in case I won't talk to much because you all know this lot lot bin Laden case it
happened last year but that 1 of the very
interesting sharing of this Pakistan engineered so uh we cannot by the US military helicopters the sound the big sound so he's he said that what happened you know so noisy so he he the blast treated however you know Bill
Louden himself he's not an all new fashion guy he was marble floor is set of treated so he didn't have the tweeter timeline there he was attacked and them and today that if the let's think about this even used treated to check that time last around these regions what
could happen people don't know that is something like the k links all you never know what could
happen after some information shared all at its opportunity change so if we share ideas and I'm talking on active case of this may be on a very extreme case but let's think about the opportunity when we share ideas
if we have some ideas we keep it in the safe box we never know the value of that every few albany . 2 maybe in different expressed in different ways in different language we can see what could happen from along this kind of sharing is a carnival verylow
effect you never know OK this tool guys around to
talk more words between really and this guy's
got fungal you know he is also a legend of fever in China this to just matter in every way studio after this
guy was allowed to entering China 0 0 after 90 days of starting in the pot you airport because the words data protesting China gunmen not wanting to enter the host Chinese passport by the Chinese government specifically show a higher authority doesn't allow but to enter junk and for several times what about the of abducted him back to talk you
because he is an activist so the guy stayed in the airports like the the movie terminal show his stay there and demonstrate and the guy is a very traditional guy so I called him you know call Mr. flown you can try a new tool called treated is and what's he didn't understand what that and I tell
him that you can use mobile phone to send out a message that Ivory when knows what you have what's happening to you in airport so he started to
use the tool after 90 days of protect protesting the the 10 gunmen allow him to go back because words because so many people
with its history and the sand foods standard send clothiers and trying to buy tickets to visiting the top 2 helium is
a kind of face losing to Chinese government
so that's why the government cannot stand these kind of our moment anymore it from a
single kinds of trades you know so this tool guys they together meetup family and become friends I colloid Alban activism as a hard to combination with activism we need this can of creativity is like people mentioned we need creativity we need amusement we need the jokes whatever to try to break the traditional media
can show and hierarchical can show this is
very much of interesting matters that's the definition of terrorism coming we is now
the traditional sharing we just try to push people to share but don't give them any benefit of understanding I don't think that money is and this is only way to encourage people to share because many people sharing
today they're not simply caring about money return all in all I least don't care about the media my money returned fire argue that if you share more if you keep your identity you know focusing
and you've use different tools and channels like in this the following you know he keeps trying trying updating his message in all all the time and eventually light all the words know he is a can of power in all he accumulated from his social sharing to share isn't is a can accumulation of capital the more this year the more you can accumulate this social capital is can evolve something valuable and measurable is not the virtue things so the social network reconnect this kind of fun human nature because our human nature studied from sharing in our society study from sharing sharing affairs no not fares sharing shit fairer lightening views
and sharing food to each other to become active
and language emerge from sharing as well it's a human nature but we are losing that's why we need to think about this so the theory of the is
engaging with them boring there
methodologies and theories from the neuron techno New neurology neurons since we I cut
its social neural network for them we ourselves here and around word we don't need to think too much about ourselves so much important to think back to ice we are a
single mom you're in the big brain you know every neuron has many synapses to others we need this kind of synapses and we transfer the information to other neurons and eventually this kind of neural network can generate many
information flows in Syracuse to to help our ideas to be to be shared to would generate larger torrents to amplify the
ideas to be more creative and generous solutions with this kind of uh of the sort used you know had been everywhere all the time is a social cancer is happening so we have this kind of uh apparently thing from those every 2nd uh sharing from like 2 is like treated you know we stand from other model phones devices status stops every 2nd around the word now you know there are 200 million tweets every day on the single merely think treated this website and we
have many blogs from this kind of uh torus of information people those brothers real feel used collect those information to make it into article and generalized also making Dual reports in a based on this can information and then we have those some or collective knowledge back to Wikipedia is edges and and and into books
and then we got new theories and new cast call consensus you know from the from the whole society is a kind of a collective effectiveness and we can have more collective intelligence even to our sense of say you can perceive this agreed meaning by yourself anyway so what's next the Sharia rhizome book is writing and I want to see that reason could be applied to everyone's daily life so we are trying to talk with many uh manufactures like the mobile phone devices Hall can be
ensured that pictures the taxes the information on the devices can be easily shared to their social next networks with a single click of a button with a single clay book of selection that we can see
the messages starting from P here
like this conference room to the whole words so that's my which and I think everyone can benefit from that thank you from so much if and yeah right and you have