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Twitter joining the Conversation
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Twitter has more than 140 million users worldwide, 70% of which are outside of the US. The platform's user base has always been global, but its physical expansion is just getting started. Katie Stanton, VP of International for Twitter will talk about the company's approach to global growth - and how focusing on interest areas like news, sport, and TV has made Twitter an integral part of people's daily lives all over the world.
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another issue or don't know so a Harry match my name is Katie Jacobs dancin the Vice President of international market development at Twitter I'm super excited to be here at Republican today it's the 1st time that Twitter has been here and the main reason why we wanted to come to Republican come the Berlin is to really think you most of you in this audience have been early adopters of Twitter you've been with us since the beginning you've laid the foundation for Twitter in Germany into water in Europe and we really appreciate your feedback in your honesty In fact we know that such a low was here earlier this week and I and he's been a great advocate for us and given us a lot of good honest back and that honest feedback that makes this battle and so we encourage you to use the hashtag API 12 and then do a C C
to our Twitter account that's where underscored D and our team is listening we're listening in English and German and probably in whatever language you're you're tweeting and and and and we really want to hear from you know continue to have this conversation so we talked to a little bit about what our our vision as a company and as a product Twitter brings you closer to what is that mean Over the past couple of years we've heard stories from our users around the world and stories about news breaking about revolution revolutions said that always end in tears when their favorite team wins or loses a particular game we've heard stories about people after a disaster people who are meeting their friends and family people over connecting and what that has taught us is that Twitter brings you
closer to what you most care about in real time and before I share some of the stories that were seen I wanna share some of the high-level at pieces of information that's what for growing where global so 1st growth were going fast we have over 400 million unique visitors to twitter every month we have over 400 sorry we have around
140 million active users and were also asked about 340 million tweets a day that's a lot of content of the conversations are growing so just to give you some perspective of scale so every 3 days or so were seen about 1 billion tweets were processing almost 1 billion Tweets and so it
took us originally 3 years 2 months in a day for us to reach that 1st billion tweet so I so that's a hell of a lot conversations going on around the world around the world global so over 70 per cent of all of our accounts are outside of the United States from the beginning Twitter knew that we were a global company and that we needed to do a good job to help scale business and our products and see it to fit the international market were now available in 28 languages and we use that crowdsourced model where we ask the community and
volunteers from around the world in multiple languages we have over 600 thousand translators today who volunteer to make Twitter available in the languages and that some fun fact we have 1 out of 6 accounts that are set to Spanish it's 1 of our most active accounts
after English and what's really exciting for us is that we seen Arabic grow as fast as language ever on Twitter we recently lost water and for the right to left out languages and Arabic and Hebrew and 1st and Purdue and so it's very exciting to make sure that you we reach every person on the planet and make 2 as accessible and useful to them wherever they are Japan was 1 of the 1st markets to adopt went on a day-to-day adapted Twitter early and mostly because everyone was on a mobile device and they become some of our most prolific tweeters in
fact 1 of our jokes is that you in Japanese
and Chinese and Korean all the double-byte languages you can practically write a novel and 140 characters we have 3 officers outside the US were six-year-old company were in London and and Dublin in Tokyo and I'll talk a little bit more about have more information there were powered by mobile Twitter was born on a mobile devices 140 characters so we know how important mobile usage is around the world and help on it is to make sure that Twitter is accessible no matter what devices using if you're here in Berlin on your iPad with a Wi-Fi connection or fear in Sub-Saharan Africa rudimentary Nokia phone it's important that were able to make sure that you can access and use and discover the value of Twitter that 1 out of 6 of our users actually sign up on a mobile device there are millions of ways to use
Twitter added those 140 million active users 60 per cent of our users actually produced and listen whereas 40 % are just listening and what that has taught us is that you don't need to tweak it you don't need a tweet to get value out of Twitter I'm just by comparison you to of only 1 per cent of achieve users will actually produce the content and the rest are listening and watching so content there's a lot of content on
on Twitter and we wanted a share a little bit about who are the top content producers on Twitter politicians no surprise they want connect with their their electorate they want to connect with the audience as we've seen political leaders around the world joint where it's not a matter of if it's a matter of when we certainly see this scene is an United States were seen this in other markets 2012 is a very important year globally for a lot of presidential elections be seen a lot of great on activity happening in Mexico and France and in particular athletes we've seen athletes from around the world and especially that the past well players soccer players can ballplayers tennis players and there's a lot of content from a lot of the athletes on Twitter humanitarians were seen humanitarians and the agencies and organizations around the world using Twitter to help extend the brand to help engage with rises to share the causes and to
raise money entertainers from Justin Bieber to Mateus right cover were seen a lot of entertainers movie stars and musicians around the world join and then TV shows I'm in the US at least 100 per cent of the most popular TV shows are actually on Twitter and they're doing a really good job about integrating and and engaging the audience to you and participate in the show today we have roughly 38 heads of state or the government representatives on Twitter from the White House number tensor pocket army in a 1 2 and they the added to our the blue house in Korea and on and and we've seen a lot of this is that descr around the world and people tweet in different ways some a very formal and the white house is pretty formal pretty engaging public if you Tweet to him today help probably treat you right back and another data point for you roughly 80 per cent
of the g 20 are on Twitter the only find that are missing are Indonesia Italy Saudi
Arabia China which government block system doesn't allow us to go and participate in Germany and that and so 1 of the things that were hopeful that Germany is maybe you guys can get miracle on Twitter to try and using the hashtag Merkel on Twitter people at I know our friend r Steffens ibid is up next so maybe that was kind of unfair but I think he's been doing a great job and on and he's been you know 1 of the earliest adopters in terms of a lot of politicians on Twitter and he's conducted to Twitter interviews on the 2nd was just yesterday so he's really doing a
good job but any extra help you can give us the great so while there's a lot of content coming from a lot of sources Twitter is event-driven and we've
seen huge spikes in conversations are around on the sporting events so with this chart shows is about 6 out of the of the 10 most active events discussed on Twitter are around a sporting event the World Cup the cope and it could be either Super Bowl and I and we see a lot of soccer games enjoy a lot of content participation I'm at several of our other major events happen around TV shows the BET Awards went beyond C was on MTV awards and she rub her belly indicating that she is pregnant everyone rejoiced and I and conversation about it and then and the last 1 in happen in Japan during years the if and its Japanese tradition and custom on new year's eve were people will call their friends and family wish them a happy new year and now they're starting to tweak that and just to give you a little bit of perspective in context that's where has become this 2nd screen for these events and how it's evolved to just a few years ago for the super bowl which is the big national football game and in the United States where everyone to examine the US and we had about 27 tweets per 2nd 2008 that increased over 4 thousand just last year and this year we're over 12 thousand tweets per 2nd so it's growing so many of you especially bloggers in newsmakers you fully well understand the power of Twitter as as as Twitter bring you closer to the news you finding out more and more in real time with happening in the world you can tune in at any time and see which are analyst sustain the professional journalist the professional institutions on as a great news but what's also different is that you see more more citizen journalists Twitter has become this open source newsroom where people are able to find out what's going on the world from the people who were right there and this happened all over the world you know probably 1 of the most famous trees happen with well Ghoneim in Egypt when he said welcome back on the and has Jan 25 sports sports is being huge on Twitter gains for the rings you closer to the arena to the stadium to the locker
room wherever you may be and I want to share 1 example that happened just a couple months ago that wasn't necessarily about the game but was set out 1 of the and the half time events call that the Sprite Slam so the NBA had a slam-dunk in contest you know when you have to be a ball you go up the slam that the basketball them and they did this great contest and they asked the audience not just you know to to tweet about it but to actually influence the outcome of the contest so they asked the audience to use hashtags breaks SLAM with the name of their favorite player and what happened is that we saw something like 370 thousand tweets in a matter of about 5 20 2nd 20 minutes on during the course of this event and added very peak it accounted for 15 per cent of all
worldwide tweets so it a pretty fun way for the NBA and for basketball fans to be able to again just not just participate but to influence the outcome the other thing that they did which is really creative is that they had this order notes we capabilities so it was that at the NBA backward camp which literally gave you this 360 perspectives of of what it look like for them to have played in the past welfare to slam fitted to dunk the ball this
chart reflects the difference in the number in the volume of hashtags when at the organizers give a very specific call to action and they said you know you sprites land you will influence the outcome of the and this game and and you can see how much it outperforms some of our other major hashtag events including a freak earthquake on the east coast of the United States as well as his call their this up this MADlib type of vast hashtag and what will Gaga where during the MTV awards television so Twitter brings you closer to TV in the sense that television has always been social since its very inception people were gathered around the living room with their friends with their family and watching her favorite show and Twitter brings you closer
because you get to participate in that conversation around your program and then I'll share some examples the 1st example is about politics so in the US as many of you know were about to engage in a in a very heated up election between out Mitt Romney and President Obama and during the primary campaigns Fox News work with us to help engage the audience and so they had to show you a clip and what they did is that they had all the candidates up there they asked the audience this is candidate into the question if the into the
question you answer if they're dodging the question use
hashtag Dodge and in real time you give feel the pulse of what people were thinking the sound candidates are entering the questions we can
this last name and has had hamster if you think he's tackling the question or hashtag God you think he's of loading the question of the year we members and you will also again history answering the questions you twitter but we this last name has and still has to be larger than the questions that have when their include that hashtagged messages that I know of your Twitter pages like mine mine is on fire and what I'm saying what kind of a consensus for the 1st hour of the debate and take a look at this because this is very interesting we've got the green line here for new gingrich white life for which warm and no one's line for minute was the list drill down on this and take a look at wrongly with the biggest Dodgers were perceived to be 1st of all his answer is back and forth with which on this issue of felons and whether or not they should be allowed to vote people thought that he was dodging that look at the numbers here and then on his tax records he was he was dodging that question so much that we couldn't actually recorded the number of people who were saying that he was going to have a few few it is that Mr. White has no child left behind the success or failure letter what needs to be done to change talk to John Roberts with an update on how the Twitter audience got the candidates for the job New Guinea did very well on foreign policy but rather as you can see below the line and then tell you spend most of the title of a line which in Traum's was giving good answers as well as riparian Ron Paul we're going to have holds with the entire nite in the good answer selection and looking here in New Gingrich Romney's record he was a little more of a diversity that it was a good answer the economy getting good point race getting very good point foreign policy pretty much the same thing that's the way it came out tonight it's actually quite funny to really look at this now that we know who the
candidate is going to be and how how poorly he did and here's a chart that you saw during this clap and it shows that the the the Dodge versus the answer and this is a really important shot and when it's hot all of us is that you forehead newsmakers that we knew what would be on the front page of all the US newspapers the next day it would be all about the tax records people had a very visceral reaction to that likewise and releasing his tax records and on and so that was 1 thing the 2nd thing is that Mitt Romney steam they were very very smart about they realize OK obviously like a human you listen we need to get out these texts are records as soon as possible and so they had become actually 1 of the strongest users of Twitter and Twitter
analytics to be able to really get the most out of Twitter to be able to amplify from the positive news and and try to squash some of the negative news using Twitter and has been a lot more proactive and about how they communicate on our network and this show you another 1 very small clips to the talks about how Twitter brings you closer with reality TV and reality TV for better for worse has become very popular course in Germany and the UK and the US and this is how I am these guys used it in order to get the you sorry to get the population to participate in the show that you would also if you a criteria that the a lot that you agree with the most always use times on the screen right now the onto it and let us know we'll have uniform you know you lost performance it's the financing of universities so the X x-factor has uses boats is sort of tell us how are we doing her the judges Duane I'm and they've also
uses to help again influence the outcome who would you like to when you Tweet your vote and for any of these are a different participants if something is
happening on television it's already happening on on Twitter and with this chart reflects is sort of their conversations the tweets that are happening related to some of these you as popular shows and even if we stripped out the names leave also so for on this would still work for attack taught this would still work in the the case for DST for Germany's Next Top Model sees spikes about these television shows you as they happen and then if you even diving more closely you'll see spikes when you the criminals revealed the sort of I'm when the contestant has been 0 and nominated or elected Irwin's at a certain price and so and the conversations are fine high speed at during the episode and then they take brought of course but they still have been midway so that's all gray but level and that's all Twitter in the US what about Twitter in Germany where guys doing so again many view of the been with us for a long time but I wanna show something that you might know about Twitter in Germany so this is a sketch that Jack Dorsey on Ventura I'm had of Twitter in the very early days and he was challenged by trying to and get a prototype of Twitter up in 2 weeks and so he leaned on our 1st engineer and ask help type that and that engineer flying Weber was in Hamburg Germany and so he actually developed and you the very 1st prototype of of Germany working with several of our other colleagues and so to our has these engineering roots here in Germany and over the years we've had challenges and we've had challenges of discovery how do we help you as a user discovered the most it is the most relevant and interesting real-time content for you with a billion tweets every couple of days a lot of content the 2nd challenge we had a scale again a lot of content how do we help scale there so everybody can get the information they're looking for quickly we've also had the challenge of of content and there's a lot of content on there are a lot of English content on their how do we make sure in Germany were able to surface for you better German content so we have a small seen here in Germany and they had been working really hard in the past couple months working with the number of the different TV stations for example to share a lot of the best practices that we've seen in other markets and also to try to find and define the best types of of of of integration that might be most relevant german can even start here so we work with CDF and energy and the and we've also done sums of several passports integrations was for shower and out in the sky and even really get about trying to you get hashtags on air into involve the audience and a lot of these conversations 1 thing that we started in Germany that we don't have any other markets actually something called a sports 1 box and we're very lucky because we have this very passionate on German engineer wouldn't Francisco was Dortmund and dormant in the that is really easy that's tendering a but and and and what we realize that Germans love soccer detected any German on the various articles the favored soccer player there would the opinion and on and how do we make sure that we remove bring better soccer content onto our platform so we lost this so you can get these real sports sports cost for the Bundesliga 1 and I'm we seen
great at 6 so far as analogous to this course course a great we see the conversations you see when people are screaming to 1 another goal and you see when people rejoice when there's a school or an arm and when they're really mad about whatever and and so 1 things you wanna do is help scale this and so again this is something that we started
here in Germany and we want expand this to other sports and we also wanted to help expand this other markets here's some of the tweets that we've seen along the way so a lot of good tweets from fans from broadcasters and then some behind-the-scenes types of tweets and pictures and politics I have I have mentioned Stefan cyber before but were seen a lot of politicians actually take the lead on Twitter as emotionally it's not a matter of if it's a matter of when these politicians are going to join were super excited today to see and chairman Gabriel joint Twitter from SBT we know the pirates and the greens and all the political parties in Germany have been active on Twitter so and so again we're really excited is Merkel on Twitter trending in Germany anyone know not yet OK that's the work to do and you keep talking til Sunday from and then there's 1 more thing and so there's been a lot of speculation is that a lot of speculation that's what and Jack Dorsey announced ideal the in January there were building up a team here in Germany and we're really excited to confirm that we will have our
office here in Berlin so very exciting for us and that
were really looking forward on that that's a going a team here we have to employs her here from and by now is a market director who just literally joined our last week I mean this is his 1st week on the ground in injury working for Twitter and eases on felt operations manager working with the again the TV stations and and the sports teams and and and the artist to help get them on Twitter so we want you from you I hope you between get ideas for us in the minus back in and out and we look forward to really building a business in a way that makes this part here in Germany thinking addition if they if thank you very much that there
are many questions right now OK the WiMedia we need a few microphones right now OK here 1st the 1st OK you carry over here right side um Islam over time working as a ITU recruitment
specialist I would like to know how many people who do you need in Berlin thank
well played and it's a small team and that you know where you were years starting with a small team 1st I'm no specific numbers and if you have great
candidates feel free to send them my way I'm at as that would OK the next 1 in of the
cynical for the result of as this is good for the doing away caraway girl white-collar during right back here this is getting at here where it doesn't up or anyway still wearing away but
1st of all of the professionals from the list and I want to thank you to critical uh uncovering defend the figures and when looking at the African wars Twitter is 1 of the the fastest growing use of information on that sometimes information of all to suicide attacks and things like that before even the German command in Germany had this information so that was pretty impressive what question or when there will be verified too cold for all of us no that's
a great question and we have a small team that works of verification what we tried to do it is put together a very clear process verifying and you know I about political leaders and brands and making sure we have in in athletes and journalists and people that often have a lot of influence and it's 1 of our challenges this year because we take it so seriously we don't we can't possibly verify everybody with the smallest unit we have we have a little over 800 employees and most of whom are based in services go so I'm it's something that we are working on and we've we have the and newsroom team that also works with journalists to help verify journalists and so there too you know for the journalist in the Roman and others if you again just e-mail me and out and our team and we're happy to send you to a verification team for the for follow-up
11 X was always at hand all the elements you that
I just wondering how many Twitter accounts of other in Germany we don't freak out our numbers I'm in
Germany or in any specific markets but there a 3rd parties that the report on some of our numbers and it's pretty easy to find data trigger to take
this and I work for the foreign ministry and we're still pretty new with social media so what would you suggest that we thought of using Twitter like what what would you suggest so so ministry should join and
that's what that's so and we see some great examples with foreign ministries in Sweden coral built in the UK William Hague in in the U. S. with Secretary Clinton State Department and the ways that they've been using it has been a variety different ways have to do with comfortable for you that 1st to be able to represent foreign policy you know here's what the Foreign Minister thinks about the situation in Afghanistan and you whenever the issue might be the official statement it's also engaging with citizens it's engaging with their counterparts in other places and embassies and consulates around the world have been really active on Twitter and there was an issue last November when an Egyptian-American woman of the Mona was into areas where and she was beaten and on and she was a lot of our friends started to treated about it and within 20 minutes in the core of an event yard expressed offers of new york times they both had treated with the hashtag Freeman and within a few hours or so the US embassy in each of respondents said were aware of the situation and on were were working behind the scenes it's important for us to make sure that she gets free and it was a great way for an embassy to work proactively about a very serious situation on the ground so and this is another way that that you can use that as a the last way is on just general tuning William Hague in UK doesn't where every once in a while UK in the house and every once in a while he will do this Q and I have people say you ask me anything any question and as a foreign ministers you can kind of pick which questions with sort of means you want to answer and it is a very great way to be open and transparent and participatory and hello this is not you and I'm
wants also very at the poster and now I'm not very happy so what's going on the poster you know I
don't have a good answer for you because I'm a little bit further me from posters that be happy to take your feedback back to Saturn and the team and the week they just joined us a couple weeks ago so I think it might take some time to help with integration in and and still support by the consensus Specific feedback that the great it might be Bulgaria your contact
information of all of the purchasing the love questions um hello my name is Marlin I'm very heavy
use of Twitter in Germany forestry years now and uh since I um on to the ITU speculations about the business model so all Facebook board Instagram recently last nite are red linked in Slideshare Solway news Twitter are going to be sold you know where
where is in it for the long term and we've worked very hard about building this business in a way that makes us proud and we launched our advertising platform 2 years ago and we've extended its use several international markets and we're very pleased with its performance to date will be done differently is that we haven't really slept not really we haven't slept on add someone the page that try to get the user's attention what we try to do is make sure that the advertising experiences is woven into the fabric of the consumer experience and a good positive and 1 useful way and what we found as a result that compared to a lot of digital in display on in text ads that the performance for of Twitter have promoted products on Twitter far exceeds that of of some of the other offerings so whereas a display ID might have . 0 1 per cent click-through on average engagement rates of between 3 and 5 per cent in fact 1 of our best performing ads was from a German company from Volkswagen and that announced a new Beetle and when they started their campaign to had a picture that promoted trend and they have promoted tweets and they did a really good job and they had 55 per cent engagement on that effort more people clicked on that have been dead and so we're really pleased with the way that advertising business is growing for us and we're going to continue invest it thank you grow our global audience the k
think 1 more questions or all 0 this 1 question or you just trying to say hello to Fred because I have 1 more question on up but what last 1 I just very quickly but altering why you chose Berlin whole cities in Germany will also special about pollen the mighty based what there is a great question there are a lot
of wonderful cities in Germany you Munich and Hamburg and Berlin and on and the reason why we chose Berlin was because that there it's it's it's a center of the capital of Germany and it's it's held in Europe of developers and end creative artists and on and there's so much great energy happening here on and much of which would does is breakdown walls and we really couldn't have found a better place for us and here in Berlin of the losers thank you the good a little bit so you had