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The New Internet
let's talk about IPFS
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Step by step, internet as we know it is currently being limited, censored and monitored. To prevent and fight against this, there are associations, activists and such... and one of the proposals is... IPFS protocol. IPFS is, as the official website describes "peer-to-peer hypermedia protocol to make the web faster, safer, and more open". It wants to offer a distributed alternative protocol, making it more resilient which is handy in case of developing countries, for example. In this speech I'd love to introduce the reasons that brought internet community to care about distributed internet, what is IPFS and how to easily setup and start using it on linux terminal and web interface. We are in the late 80's, internet is very exciting, everyone want to have a webpage... Communication has changed, and we are going into a new lifestyle, in which we can be anonymous, there are no walls between users and knowledge is open. But... uh-oh, some countries are not very happy with this statements... Internet begins to have such importance, it shapes society. If you where an ambitious company or country, wouldn't you think... Who has internet control has society influence, right? This was actually predicted by some computer scientist and technology related persons back then, and that's why associations such as the Electronic Frontier Foundation were created. As internet has evolved since then, it has been limited and censored, as I already describe above. Tim Berners Lee (world wide web) already expressed the need of a new way of understanding the internet, more specifically, a distributed way of doing it. One of the most ambitious projects for decentralize the internet is IPFS, a distributed protocol that can be used from the terminal and has a web interface, very user-friendly. I aim to show the basic commands, explaining the close-future options that this protocol give us, and explain why is this important.
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yeah if you want to blink if you plan to live in the middle please leave now to let people have the full talk okay hello it is some yes hello hello [Music] hello hello the microphone is alike yes oh we can hear you okay okay right you already okay so now we're gonna have our next speakers so this is pelada Rajas she's talking about the new internet and ipfs so hello thanks to me here I am very excited to be here 90% this topic I really like I'm also turning 33 years old today so happy birthday to me so she already tell that I'm a security analyst in my daily life they're back in Madrid but that's not my only job because I also try to investigate about Internet censorship privacy and digital rights in fact we have Association there in Spain with more than 700 members called interference yes I found it's all about creating events speeches and all of that about these topics so if you have questions about this association or you are interested in creating an aversion outside Spain you just tell me please we are very glad you have new members this is our rap logo so yes so now we are going to speak mostly in this speech about IPPs which is interpolate the interplanetary file system which is created by protocol labs I want to explain her context so the the context and why we need to start thinking about a new internet a new way of thinking the Internet also I would like to tell you some challenge about security because in the end that's my main you some conclusions I would love to hear your questions or suggestions ideas surrounding these topics so what is IPPs IPPs is a distributed peer-to-peer hyper media protocol as I said is develop a protocol labs and it's thought to be permanence resilience in a way of storing information on the internet without loosing efficiency on its way so basically how does it work so I have you guys hair about firing hey 451 maybe it's an amazing book is science fiction story writing by Ray Bradbury so I really don't want to spoil you guys because it's actually one of my favorites books but I think that it comes in handy to understand what IP fears want to achieve so in the book pictures a society in which books are very in burned down by firefighters sometimes almost alongside their own owners in society's control it through media so in the book there's a group of rebels that tries to read and learn by hair some books in order not to lose that culture eh so if I haven't mistaken I think this is what IPS is trying to do they are trying to save some data which is going to be lost on the internet if we keep using or classic methods and protocols on it so it were two notes which confirms a nor'easter on the network and when the file is uploaded to the network it is divided into blocks which have made a data which with information which is used to join again all the parts of the blocks again so you can have the LIA f?il it use has an encryption in sha-1 and others increase in methods as you can see the dogs and users are also able to upload blocks atomically so you don't need to divide them bin data the information of the file blocks using common line and apart from common line there's local interface using you know web interface 9ec to lunch no we checked per for firefox so so now i'd like to explore all context so we are in the information age actually internet prove me right did you know guys that actually the first message on the internet that was sent was low almost like Elmo almost 50 years ago it was supposed to be login the the connection broke so yeah so when hours later the message was sent right so now there are hundreds of
millions of Internet users now it's only reading by creating content in form of text pictures videos code so nowadays with dressing that we trust in smartphones devices computers for almost everything like from our health to education yups so since the internet started through so many condoms have lost only see of the information so for that reason for example exceeds the internet our time but it's known that our way of thinking communication is you know it's all about velocity we want or message or non-contact to be fast on the internet and this is how it has a lot of advantages because we can talk to our families or friends even we are so far away but it also changed the way we think in this could be you know the use its compromising from the point of view of security because maybe if you are communicating fast you don't have enough time to think if this data of this information you are sharing on the Internet is actually safe to be assured I know I know that you guys are interested in this because you're in the privacy read everything ok so you're probably very interested in how information is privacy on the internet but if you're like me you probably have encountered a lot of people that says hey but what do I care about this because you know I'm not doing anything Brown that that's the I I've heard that sentence a lot I'm not like doing anything bro criminals do so I don't care if my information is out there so I think this has a lot to do with velocity on the communications so ok this letter to censorship the saying that we don't care sometimes about massive civilians or that kind of problems that are actually pretty huge and common all Caverns Internet's situation so sheep is also a huge problem right now in so many many countries most of the censorship techniques includes like black listen or dyneins blocky and that kind of stuff but so even though there are so many countries that are suffering these kind of problems the same thing is most of us don't really care I know that most of us like right here right now do care but when I say yes I mean like community and users generous of the internet because Internet and open source it's all about empathy so we when we think about ourself we are thinking about ourselves in general that's why I'm in security and probably that's why many of you are here because we really want to share stuff in the community so we really want to take care of the privacy of the ones who really are not kidding about it right now because probably they don't know the the situation so I one of the things that I like the most about IP fears and going back to the main point is that they are aiming to have a user friendly stuff so they can offer this kind of service for efficiency saving data on the internet for all the users so now we have explorer carbon context I really want to aim to what all about this new Internet let's explore the possibilities of distributive internet who can change or daily life so talking about the IP fears but IP Fiesta an offer for to solve this kind of problems so IPS is distributed which is already good because we say this horizontal it's not an assault on network so if we don't have and centralized system it's easier to be secure because if one older two notes are compromised it doesn't mean that the rest of us are is resilient so in case of internet censorship problems or in a developing country problems the the internet probably breaks that doesn't matter because data could be safe anyway and distributed between other nother notes also it's open we are in in folsom so it doesn't I don't need to explain why that's good but it's not all about good stuff because well the system of IP fears that I will technically more describe more later have difficult lives because their identifications I created with hashes so it's very difficult to remember that's not pretty good for normal users or even asked maybe we should try to know down the links and that doesn't work very good so also as the content created named different hashes for different files when you change the file or watch page that you already created and your users know the name also change there's a couple of solutions given by the official page for this but they are not pretty good yet so that's prevented changing the address of an already known service also in general distributed citizens are not very intuitive idea for normal users so when we are ok so when we are trying to reach the current users to use a new internet we have to first teach them about the central Iris's the centralized philosophy because if not probably they are going to mess up you know that because when I am working security there's a lot of clients that got stuck in services that were so low they haven't learned the new techniques and many many of the vulnerabilities are because of that so it could be a big problem in the future if we don't try to educate right in the civility systems so how does technically works IBPS so actually set up on the computers is very easy because you only have two donor and Phebe inside and start I'm speaking about Linux here this is how
the files words as I said before we have a file it's import with different blocks to each post has metadata and we can also upload blocks instead of fails so this is an examples of uploading a file in this case ducky so we've loaded and pin it and then we can share it back with the name of the hash created out of the file there are
some applications already created with this technology for example kill core which is dead man's bellow mine ambry which is similar to it but using the system decentralized systems so we are facing basically as we said two main problems here like security challenge so she owns and technical social because we should really have to stop normalizing censorship we really have to teach and educate learning decentralized systems we really have to understand security and technology is not magic technical because already right now for example the IPPS is not very good for storing secrets or passwords or something like that but we can help it using the GPU we can infect a network like using files which are corrupt or compromising out if we are you see if the servers or the containers for the notes are not secure so for example in creating and selling this would be kind of for solving the problem of Secrets but you are sorry permanently something in Crete on on the network you can infect a network this is less likely to happen because it relies on social engineering well it's so good that you call some IPS node on servers or containers but servers or containers as you probably already know could be compromised so if the nodes are compromises the server if the servers and containers are compromises the network is so there there are many attacks the vulnerabilities that can be done on containers or servers if the network is horizontal that's that's the problem so does this mean we should give up on this absolutely not because this mean there is exciting paths to explore right now in front of us it could be difficult from the point of view social technologically but as an open source developers analysts all means is all responsibility to face these new responsibilities and to help users who use and understand these technologies even more thank you [Applause] any questions how do we have the big corporation see the idea of the decentralized internet knowing that but they basically owned the Internet as we know it today they own the servers they own the DNS server they own everything sorry I can't hear you could you please like higher okay so how do big corporations see the idea of the decentralized internet hi really can talk to you what'd he say Oh I'll hold the corporation see this okay so I really don't know I hope I hope they are pissed because I'm sorry if there are some you don't like this but probably they will adjust if these distributed systems really is a thing in the future because that's what they do in the end always but I don't know I don't know another question can you go a few slides back because you showed a example of usage of ipfs I think it was kill cord another one here you go back to that slide because I was wondering what was quite fast yes so what does this break oh is kind of like get the using distribute system also kill cork will be used with ethereum so yes okay thanks so does it also take into account does it provide an option to make annotations for text if you if you want
to annotate the text and like does it is there a way to write now you get outdated links on the internet if the server derstand does it take into account that a link will always keep on working so if I am so the first question was if you can you annotate text yes okay so you can keep data using something called Dainese link which is playing it in the official documentation so it's like so the hash change the hash of the main file change or the webpage change but you can kind of use a previous tack on the link so it when you visit the the previous stock you can keep updated with the rest of the hush I don't know if I'm explaining right here because documentation is plain is with all the examples but there is a way of keeping updated but it's not perfect right now all right thank you hi Paula thank you for introducing ipfs to us what will be the the thing the one thing that you would like to see on ipfs that is not there today well as as already mentioned I think well you said IP fears yeah that's like well be the feature or example or application that you would like to see built with that technology that doesn't exist today I think I would love to have a really stable social network with IP fears because you know we have master demand such in this change or of Twitter and stuff but like having this philosophy of not losing data we will need us to change your way we think about social networks because we will be more careful about what we post on the internet so I would love to see that awesome thank you here two things um um I asked myself what happens if the last PA goes down who has my files maybe you could just quickly mention the pinning and the pinning services because that that might be useful and another thing about Mastodon which is based on activity pop up my personal opinion is I did a demo last week on any web week and activity pop plus ipfs I think that plays really well together and IPS could just become an alternate storage system for activity pop what I missed was the pinning you know pinning and pinning services did you get it yes they are telling me that times up so if you guys already so if you have a question please ask me right now because they are telling me to like a stop right now so sorry [Applause] [Music] thank you for attending and don't don't forget to leave constructive feedback on the website for each speaks you see in fast em thanks [Music] yeah
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