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Every pixel hurts
A quests for open UX design
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Open Source Design - Session 6
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thanks for coming and things for monitoring
and it's it's a list having a really good
and my name is but and I am
currently continuing to their
sperm recently and I know I was 11 % the my country and I found that they logo chapter on my city of text haggis for those of you who of you know no 1 had disease it's our gross over overeating shyness and developers the in news with data and makes data families in and that in they stationed at and stuff for invest in my city we within I we work with the local newspaper to map the insights on 2015 which were huge a huge number and then not really was have food to show how how do they were developed on the geography and so I reason histograms into just prior on the excited I hope and it's not clear yet I find some things on the way when trying to ground and trying to get the X could turn into the development process and there were many problems and differences and obstacles and things that I have to Oregon I have right you'd have to log on this year to to make it really happen and the 3rd is how the in it's not a total of a wireframing and prototyping is some of the new in free and I was also for projects and I would like to know if you don't raise your hand how many of you I I Corbusier here so purely developers now so you know how you purely developers know how to design side and these things I and nothing like that by getting the birth all right and how many of you on designers or you serious of the science and you're x and people Newark something interactions on something new I from then the shots right the so yeah that's it I can only you as someone to really like answer like that so here at the bottom of this ways of and so the next having suddenly is something that I know of open source EX is suffering yeah when this this item make it something and in the the I think yeah this is is out that the sound ways open-source x and how can we open the processes of the sign to know to get there free and open source projects to mix with the URIs curvature so I of England we should ask you for their 1st what is units anyway Atreyu and the formation of what is x is pretty innocent and this people about that thing they solid finish off here expert things started the source quarters miRNA and so I'm going to do well with my my own divisions of what music through experience this the so let me introduce you to to I think ladies and let's so remember is stands for and user experience in II and III is stating the obvious user experience but i've things that would exercise to start with the very basics to actually set our head so we would arrowheads and surfing the web user experience essentially in we need that in you know was pressure so let's have it is the experience a user has when using above and just remember up poker me anything in it doesn't have to be like them obligation a high the mobile social work 1 it can be anything and some few for us is saddening and if things are program to improve its user experience to to work better us that that's the final you doing when you add and that is next to a when when you make up wrong about that is easy to use is on a standard seemed to review that there's gain everywhere everywhere at every on names on the and user experience is something that can be mentioned it can improve then also can be developed and sign and a syllable the better birth and the you won't know whether that is new membranes and assign those are processes and those are adaptive processes and they have to think of the gone wrong that they come from different colleges we have mode of the developer and understanding in a study remember I know how the open source words all how visible bershad works when you have toward the end of the community did you contradicted yourself into a community it is not the same of summary of our compassion perfect it has many many different this is in the way in which things did not it has a lot of new mailing lists and lists discussions that may be conscious but you're not however because they have not put on a show which is handy during is just dictates everything is always wrong and way this is at a different kind of of work to do and I want to talk about mood you use Phase 2 and I think the birth softens are pretty good user experience I like thing that now I don't how that user face notes will further fan space is it's I think of it as a child of maybe in the sign architecture were assigned where farming its function and I'd like to see things that like these and they are and there's no a posteriori uninterrupted continuous they the Internet would you like the famous 1 those are really good proteases forestry being on what the in their hands off it and that I think that goes for every to thing of user experience or interactions sign in news to assign on the signing every fashion as the way in which we communicate with thing she and this boy is an example of that this is good for the ranking the the he and to also let's start with the 1 well let's continue with those theories of that is continuing have some some things that the is not and the as the these have started in March then depending on what want you do know that the set of people with different areas of wire you x from Greek and I tried to go some to to give some examples so 1 is that the X is subprocess is something that is that we recruited me written on on blogs meaning of those so there are these subjects me process and yeah UX design is 6 nearest next development a process and is actually an on 2 of
the above something you can't natural right you're not talking about a busses when using your excellent again on the user experience of the experience of you users on your that is something got the method is is not something you see that it takes a lot of time to 10 million now that everybody has some user experience no 1 assigns designed that you fill out the river and you are moving some bottoms are around on you sign the use uses pairs are indexing signing arrayed doing it without knowing then you but yeah you assigned isn't versus non music itself it's it's anatomy I like to make that distinction because this it's very nice C 1 people to where the same this summer and this conception UX is not beauty the beauty of course they sampled broken and something that we call the user experience we on things to be newly uniform maybe but it's not that beautiful but it's useful it can be better um annuity is also a really a famous had to this they had to find new philosopher subgiant if I'm hearing from the last I think 2 thousand years and it's almost kind so you may all with and caller harmonies singleton ratio so during this time about that 1 . magic an internal news experience or into something you'd use for how however I should say newly is the become based some values like trust people win of trust the and making assumptions here this is the people we loved and lost above if if if it's beautiful more than someone some but there is not and so he ain't did that have been settled and that's why people of the Trust boats that our and now spyware too good of to cut in some way and they just just a bit of the because they're neutrophils and not to the ask questions something that is fearful so it's the the dangers duty stations so it's then the X is here this is I think we need the most common misconception I think being much an I I was on the side of some some place in my career the I I started menu items like and PSE in years ago and you exit involves many of the that discussed because they say thing is the well-known is in MOS mission signed direction signs thing performance everything it's part of the user experience and we going over here father and say that branding and backchannels of parts of the user experience this yeah I and this was a list of the number of that this is all the things that UX claims to be I I don't know if I were want the same with this when gaze into fat in the redesign for his valuable dieting really information on detector and for God's yeah and I should should be done about of the more here the and the the well this is just an example of the the many things that you it's it's in the few things that they will think it is the widget which are shows in the fact the assigned me from the and in India and if no 1 and I had this sort of like develop a UI libraries in the gradient mom not new X in the things while that doesn't mean that there is not true I think for obvious reasons and the head the hand in in my in my soul of a problem on to act we so this happening with the most that I think will step isn't like and he sees the web and in this place is using will something now we only rating tool was that I don't agree with that that love I had a little bit and at least I I don't want to use like the will start this guy's got us and said that we are using only the group which is I think the only useful part of bootstrapped and that's right on on this side so through this and most people think that both that is unix some question and all that you're using the phase will look good enough if you use will start analysis the and this is 1 in the how disbanded and the the summit that states that the sign is and the something that can lower we develop new with a birth ladies and design something that some Gracie random bear some that's all he's of his computer like like I'm not taste and and there are these these lied fisheries and on on things like all there to to emotion and the volume and what the percentage are and they're really a badge 22 and assign it to and I suffer another and this same is not out and that's like this guy Christensen save open so the sign is an oxymoron only that I think it may be faced with privacy is an oxymoron ZnO Yale way security in many but not all the way forward on the internet and use it for this year and so is users as of the end of guiding include that and you can do that in are you going from that bag and all that and you find the so here the sign is not nearly as of this 1 thing in these things sound and comes from architecture in other this is where it's funny function and its legs someone then identify the if you if you want to to do a bit of about the and using this as an example for the rest of my life uh it has to serve a purpose then the big gap has to cover covered in this encounter speed it said that the so I take and in this in this examples of I loaded and and I think this this is the 1 I like this and I want and so you have this dies you have 1 leg and artistic approach and you have a stake in this I and the me of many governors and then sign and shows orange that so this guy barriers and but not the basic shape of the thing you have to build new are hunger trying on offensive Hobbes surface 2 million implodes new like in 19 20 and so that that
days like the color of the ornament the choices signer past the Higgins here she nonetheless and but they have to respect the basic function the way it's on this 1 the this is not good science you can see and I think has a really bad user experience but in a sign this is very cool and 11 NASA has me is this was that that by only 1 user at a the main dataset into a good sign and you know you and so that's the the this diode barriers and that's an English centered on what wallops almost all of this is about the notion that the of putting the book Fair in so when we so standbys the submission sample I it's 1 n you x is actually independent independent of style and and maybe find things so we are not get bonding objects in open source projects yet again our x itself but I think it's I would start to to me on on same based on what you unites these because I'm pretty sure that everyone had the effect of the new of units and you all know how languages which is 31 1 there is right at so this review words and the current status that's because I don't want to have any feelings that I have no idea when there an it's a good memory for these and it happens we never find in India the fish I I had this a of like free so fine XX and suddenly is true in most and I am out and we like to say you want to be in many cases and also that commences of phone those there and yeah over is another kind of those things is like making cars is just an overgrown term that we share and bit of and they they even tried to steal things from the open source code for only a minute and they have a lot of things from of soft contour that is a different way of production of people it is like a way manufacturing things the so in the same way we have anything to do an but especially the resources that much so far has not have anything to do with what free so far East and the corporation suspend load notes of mine to convince you that their new X is the this excellent also because in the last line on 2 3 May 5 years you 6 is like a hyper than and is something that says no you all of this house great user experiences and to use it and that's not even true and I see many commercial projects that media sock I'm going for 1 example within this image it speaks for itself big news and finally get serious for the abductions is that a student features to the this world to the 5 billion so he had the economy really shitty UX and they can be in these out is than is not what we end and yet we so that the that's talk about why why so for you x why people say the phase of i xx and associated is it sounds like sex which I should realize that before all so well and following in into in common proteins that you might have read or suffer in the past once this lack of participation there are not many science involved in open source code to and I had it that are there are some designers here that we will I hope after this thought you know champagne do projects to to the and the need doing now and and think this is that there is in is like a war between scientists and the winner burners and maybe they arrest done work on the sentence that much they come from very different worlds and the scientists are being used to work along maybe pretty much because of his style thing every sentence has its own unique style and you can have that bad you can go around that maybe have some work around true the to work with others of witness here later but they did these there many few very few scientists working of its budget and this is 1 of the reasons why unknown off then there no peer but for contributions and the same when they even if it happened to me on the US throwing shunted in 2 to to death by it In began an because I had some friends which I recommend just went to and they say you want on the can and I want to say I think well it's a solution and when you have both an image is constant in feature-wise if be much the same it the past Frank Wood features of the face from those who have a but then there was the major work and then that they know everything in life and I like the way friends are connected all this how this thing is shown on it than I like it in in I started doing what they're like the sign a whole new life and sending in an image of that but that work in language 2 splendid later it would be as as developers don't know how to into sign into that flow sometimes there no clear about you just find some and we should tracker weights UI box to solve and that those most of of the banks that they are shows minor right box like this 1 we're in this and the things on line stuff and that's not really the sign war maybe that's it there were 4 uh at a fountain people this thank you because many of the things the as also the unknown words that end you know that there are many many different places that stock intruding we knew I called before you I call the and for instance I tried to the song contusions the aspiration when I started and I I realized that they were making rating because framework 2 will strap any i if you got no change about the the life it's going on a refactoring there are no clear path of the 2 so there are no known or rumored for the scientists and on so from developers and the and
you also have noticed long ranges that trying to 2 will be assigned the whole thing right and says and sending a pull request when a median changes and trying to train the cold wave navigation wanted that's not their overweight you want there's died if this is the if you have 1 to 3 signers in trying to come to a new project they may be they would all have different visions of what the true lagging corresponds yeah I have to hurry they have but differences noise in the there's a famous guy has to go as bubonic Western features Gracie think see in this happens a lot then everyone is I sign and this is like that too many cokes the program and it happens some that's right Haven's everywhere and customize how the things in this is really really goes to the nature of his of projects you you you wonder person to be customized for other users of medicine were afforded entity and for many things that not proper tools must tools a closer Bay and there are 2 eyes that out to shape a length have developers have the same lemma says that and we really hope when when you have I I a person like this it really helps to integrate but wasn't 1 then Goldfield sometimes sometimes called the summers in new ways most I II III and I have title of finding will in front and go there the the the unreliable I often find and will back in cold and messy from the the also there is the meaning of the dual and I'm trying to contribute 1 is this that leads to enormous immunity and that is a pretty heavily if you're going to doing something going EnOcean and then putting them over and your knowledge and then it it's really the Bedford stated you should find the is diet was this same as time goes goes away there is no sign any well and assumptions and everyone makes assumptions about what the user want because if even always they're developing this of 1 the resistance to change that happens in life on time so it happens in the to and many other than maybe you mentioned as being is after worse because I have to hurry and yet I want to the to share some something sigh I find out my wife wanted to yes and I had to say over on that this and as I said before so this is not the weifang hamper the typing on under that stuff In this case you need to have to be on source new x desire are mostly social you you you you need to interact with our community so it had to be gone and this the intrusive yourself interface prominence do some work to show you the data and the that the role of but the handler tool yet another community that the B a miospore from false projects always uncertainty good but they should be honest in my all there's been activity traits we a hero the American nation someone had assumed known to go over and is is really a common sense and such as skin if you don't have it you have a parameter time the this is 1 I found consistently identity we have knows projects in many times in light lack of the however firing this so there's not even a trace of fonts and colors and things that will lead to the user experience later all the without the indentified run the exponents X as people lose some use of this thing side new extant into integration look and to mountainous integration there's a place for you next and possible going nowhere supported because there is a place and you can make your own your way to died 9 testing tried to to get validation from the community in a b testing is a way to that because if you download to assign size then the community will have that says that they had and this is nothing their religious and you're trying to remove some options when new bank in the you Ugandan taste everyone is that that's in the road to failure trying to please everyone William go with baby steps the love hold for a full range sinanthropus my fix this fixes and this respect when the gold base was working and for instance in the yes bride tried to to such as the only see a sustained changes in that with and has the lion would provide a better user experience find that the in this on this people again the I already and the as in as well and there are a lot of people were given new life as he's uh but they encode this says the way team on you I'm people along the way smarts anything and maybe it's a good time to assemble in that said laws and they meant that lines from the larger beta of those all this facing mode such as case also have some kind of leadership in the Unix because most brochure there is no 1 doing that if there is no 1 is a good opportunity to and I have some leadership not not to interface your value on your real but do you people into that could words said there would be that they is reducedby without saying all this stuff in Fry's we you hate being kind i the font you can find hated it an the you have to integrate the flow and don't try to involves your on tools into the makes use the is that our on the project as mentioned earlier Asian Tigers yeah news of the 4 months which is something that tried to advocate as a face of work and then and to that anyone where the 1st equation is just skip it I'm going to show you a little of what my was mespilus panacea and the so I got validation with what must lie on my side of function theory and he told me right where the barge why something as small as soon as 1 but pull request and that but it something again then you knew would be able to socialist 1 changes so I can do it in a batch name and today I into badge and then I started with we need really shake his stuff that changing the whole they offer from Asia side in 1 step without asking anyone which is the except the exact opposite of what I say in but that there was how I would then I showed you very quickly when they coincide copies an tied soon
work this is this is the current fallacious side and I sent a proposal
which was we shocking for everyone is with my 1st proposal which
West preoperative exchange but I use the same code base so this is this a in the this is made on brewery adenoviral weeks I have to laterally and this is using single race in some different views and you're induces the language and everything and I provided reasons reasons for everything for the font choice for the quarter of for the background why the lowest that big because everyone was a hate leader and and here I will and it the yeah we the and new new the new not how I had a bit of and and assign a if you have saying and you have to worry about a list if you knew around that if you pretty much respect the standard layout 1 being assigned to Dublin changes in new always ask goal there if that what would be too much by proposing something as they will lose me too much the and the reason that you can have so yeah always always always 9 I propose I what I wrote a proposal read they mean I choose this fall in this quarter of the course people going to united like the white by like black and the guy was the employee the and I provided amount of resources in the frequent frequently asked questions life yeah I didn't say why do you want to let for recognition I think this is better for the brush and then I did that
too of of of what I got time criticism which was lifted by and for the and that somebody Asia from the community because I shall but then show that like this this could be much better with some new therefore and I still don't know why it
we are not using this site because this is working is a what cited in the on English and yet then I got
moments that I realize there was a identity provenance and even the they then they're font on the local media Mittag honorable dump anyone what I want and I started in and I I 7 9 and the pressure on the top I made although freely available on Inkscape and that's the thing I II I j to 2 of the big tool in making of certain things and the the assets of a normalized and brings burden the the initially you think Mr.
luminary manual from the best we did this is something really amazing place I but in the same just 1 doesn't have 1 minute so this is like our 1st
to the was by users in the world
the and there were then this and the next as for this theater I don't think the UID age in the world for consistency because there is a lack of within 10 working on the there's by to the with an experiment poll I study with some stage override the this was and
show you the gotta current new ideas and they won the fulfillment of finding which is this
1 is the current there's but I I I started doing experiments on my viral so would stage just arriving CSS without touching anything this was like the outcome using the same mark up would justices changes and I have run an experiment a bold
lines that looks like this and it's starting to look I thing that you most solid and yeah I'm trying to get variation from the 19 every every step of the process and trying to open the busses us much as possible and it all an experiment so not and I think and I'm trying
to win this in which is an this cards which is a like should the agency to teach people to integrate Unix and to going designers to real suffered tools while then to freeze about tools for the sign above the guiding and I like to use in addition which is half the equation approach X which where you then we'll but they should in matches and clickable Hobbes close to release I want to we that the on the free better if anyone wants to services the system look for me the distrust on then and trying to build a you said that's because that due to to Greg world and figure out this which is very severely as screencasts and I sat in this same going up because I think that we really have put are the mean projects present so I'm going yeah the easiest not non planets is our infinite because if they were to if you will have to is you have for Bodine like life from the Congress is is no of saying I want to show a lady tree they gave me testing of for the rest of the woman the a B C D is we find that would this there is you want to live how it works in India and China fueling the and also within a community inside that is right now I am in the west side that will be on thunder but it's empty now so unlike in 2 weeks and will be full and he had tried to the job of format of open to make me is and share knowledge freight undergoes is the the blaze through to the numbers and scientist watching them and the trying to do to write out good things and did things like this God in yeah and event for funding to learn that I know anything about funding so aware that could have been and yet I am make a go for the signers In the designers good science and art of money in them and used to to share their time like this do Nike for over 15 years ago and call this really on that could to design a strong if you know this I'm f-ing its way to do this I have relevance of perfect this is a quote from India and that and there's no more make and yeah I got for burst to have this and it's going grammar because us the guide that was sitting here that is now in the civil he said the well and it was good was the news in designing war yeah I signed it a hunter go nothing because he lived so this this is why I I put this as about for bothers to have the science to among because this guy here he's really willing to to help he's here he is standing there and he's willing to to have on your and and yet I both functions or the bound that you may know from the developer has been free suffer from the unknown from Padania of books I think experimented yeah and if you look on the the past on this really family on the 1st and so so when I'm in the room even if into it in western yeah the use of a lot of people you and I that if you think I would have said that has because of the fact that you have to find the time of the year and it yeah I think the Sunnis obeys does the as is mainly on on-line while at the high and that all of the I de will listen to and I intend to be like you need to decide the learned to do that I don't know any places to that so that's why I'm trying to make it really this is from the unit of time not all the earlier in the area of of the the idea of job or like all the other of the project is but also on the right that we get what a the people think about the world of of a of a the car and this is that the 1 the the channel opens and find the areas where you have all the ionization so hostile sort the line if you want to rely just on the head of you will get referred to what is left of on this side and with a summary of the model we use money thank these compensation of mild do we get together designers on the were of sources in the form of closing that we're going to start in life the next so you would say the question about that is all that you have a project angular like this that I have a friend and this that on the would a new few