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Perl 5.22
The Shape of Things To Come
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Perl - Perl 5.22 Things To Come
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the people in with below the so this is really weird for me because usually I talk about the new version laughter it's out and I know it's going to happen so I'm only talking today about Perl 5 22 which comes at this spring and also provide 20 which came out last spring but what you can actually at today's pro 521 and we ought to give you a real quick run-through what that means every version
of Perl 5 we have a new version of every year in the rule is it has to be better than the last version of Perl and and every month there is also a new dad version of Perl in Abidjan just has to be different but somehow and in better here means I say it's better so if you trust my taste you should probably be OK except you have an efficient as my taste the dev cycle works like this a new version comes out and then after a little while the bug fixed version comes 521 cannot maybe a month or 2 after 5 20 and then a few months after that he said to slow down so eventually becomes a very long time between releases of because we get out all the bugs but at this point there are no bugs left and provide 18 which is pretty great but the more interesting version the cycle is what happened on the big red line that's where we are now pro 521 these the version that come out every month every month on the 20th of the month I think we've only missed the 20th Weismer last for 5 years and it comes out the 21st we come out the new version and eventually after generally 1011 versions you get the new ones and if you're wondering how safe it is to install these the risk over time look something like this year's 5
20 and and over time 520 is really serious very slowly brings down how scary it might be how we think we're change we're very strict rules about what we can change in in a book in the released maintenance version basically can change any on the other hand or in bleed we start out exactly the same as 5 20 and we say OK code unfrozen you can start merging all that stuff you're waiting on and everything all through right and they apply all these crazy features aims inopportune months and then people feel like are minwise all my code not working on bleed anymore all its could the freezes over I could put my stuff into it and this goes on for a little while until everything's in and then people start seeing what they've broken they start that's in it because we don't wanna have bad code and now that your code can work again people's a great out comply my other fixes and and eventually eventually really start getting down into fixing and then people start Justin bugfix releases and then we have the code freeze code we say at this point just stop breaking stuff after the 20th of January which is what we see that the time was this year after the 22 January no more any weird changes so on the 19th of January we can like this and and then the code freezes the gun and we start doing nothing but bug fixes this turn out to be really really productive months when we really are looking at all the stuff the change we know there's nothing any more we're change we bring this down and down and down until hopefully the new release is just as stable as the previous new release and offer the past 3 or 4 releases I is a pretty confidently that it's been good at 5 20 0 5 18 0 5 16 0 they've been really pretty good I did not have major crazy blogs like we used to have a long time ago before we had his monthly releases encode freeze periods so i'm we thought not 521 in this is where we are in the cycle right now it was any means that something that we
like that's in there might still get ripped out between now release if it's an on fixable bond problem I don't think that happen it might and just in case what you wanna do is come see this talk again a gap see of America it's being held in beautiful Salt Lake City which everybody should see at least
once but then seeing the top referral pro
522 using the talk about from only with 522 is like the 1st thing I want talk about is getting rid of stuff this is why my favorite things that do because profile as you may not be aware has a lot of weird stuff in it so weird stuff you haven't even seen right and what we wanna do is delete all this crazy weird stuff so there's lots more syntactic room Perl for adding new crazy weird stuff out what acidulous style maybe you've heard people talk about how cruel 6 introduces school singular style when we tell you it's not really that exciting new pattern profiled forever for example everybody's seen this you can write this in profile and you can write this and provides therefore what do you know then you can write that you're pushes onto an array you can get the keys on from high and it's it's Pearl 1 and nobody ever to get out of until now so that's 1 of the Perl 6 so that way you know you can have it back provided on another another really thinking hashing is that our reference is that are not references so if you want an element out a hassle what you do use the subscript it if you want something into a hash what you do you write this well if you had just come from there OK I so yes heads Perl 6 not and I and and
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