Creating an IoT device with ease

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Creating an IoT device with ease
With Tizen you are almost there!
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Internet Of Things - Deviot03
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within as a main name is to alone working for ontology for intensive attractor in France and we are working under present project and and the reason Jenny if it that doesn't come up again you and my talk today is about 3 United device and just for the furniture to to try to to and to make it and I saw it was quite easy to to achieve something some funny things and the I would try to show you some research on so uh 0 how we can do some 84 that we stays at so advisor as a
general roughly on 10 minutes that try to show you what that what 80 with we studies into what they change that to achieve the dual and then we get we integration answers so what happens uh have
2 minor books here again To enable max this 1 and this other 1 the these when displayed on stop actinometer on me to matter here it may be the got the so we we suppose that the carriers transporting into provide from one's moved to another so it's very dangerous we shouldn't uh the relation in this case and the constant crash gate so we try to many talk what happens on this car so really how we will get some information from the the accelerometer and get I the period of the car and then with post that I really but only when we get me so this 1st bodies quite intelligent in the fact that we simple things very quickly something like when to have Internet but we keep on and we make some calculations and we keep only a the even set makes sense and then would fall the event's to another 1 under the bargaining a swear disconnection this of what would display the behavior of the car and that and we also I I just minutes you some kind of clout somewhere which is in fact the knowledge on a laptop so I I thought to switch
if they cannot have an with
but contested that is the of no
server for my laptop and and refreshing the studies really could could have done works the I was in a reasonable I was and I'm just refreshing every 2 seconds and then when I attended the orientation of the car efficiency that we get some warnings or some of that and if I let this maybe if I get the pressures a select introduce gender on the screen I tomography over and see the screen the other screen connected to the Civil War whether the cabinet was will be yeah you know the colander show 2 books on the yeah it looks so depending on the angular on the x over while ago it would show the the some kind of flying for OK so you can imagine anything in fact it just for the dual um so back on the electrical OK and
the so how they make that I just do the Bayes and on released the latest 1 in 1 there is this week I and modify some things to I'm probably too and because we don't have any displays I mean you my display all VGA display we don't get any western all exhorts ever so I removed displays this bizarre um we got the any you I P or refuted the idea some kind so I just remove them also at this for the for the both the board that makes the position a for the other 1 I kept some graphic do could because I just wanted to to display something from before but that's OK um so for the communication um and in the Bluetooth communication I
didn't have time to integrate the latest libraries that are coming I mean I activities of was announced shoe a few weeks ago I mean the 1st really is was readers last week or something that would we feel I I didn't have time to do that but the idea would be that the of the should recognize themselves the mystery and the other one's dual to send this letter to the Internet securely and etc. but I didn't use the B subsection layer to make things welcomes the I'm just use and there if God the communication be for the things is quite simple it walks I could use a motor to kick with the cation all security above this say about it just an e-mail so the um so why why
choosing Bayes and for a major new life time and what agency they could we use and I think that from my experience the um we can't you stay anything I mean we just need some memory and CPU power erm for me the minimum is 128 by that you might and is the final vote 1st Melesa's compatible landmark of I CPU a single occurring at the small speed like finally gets this is enough I could do this on a unit many destined that I'm quite sure that it works at the 500 may get of for the display of wit and when we get it without any GPU of course by somebody at the GPU in fact in my mind about but I don't use it um and just use a framebuffer because it to use the device that is display is used in compare but um 120 that connectivity is required because but we are in Daiichi rooms doesn't make sense you have to be connected uh so we can have at that or Friday orbitals and nonlinear coming way of collecting things um from what I tested with the what matter the bark consumption I observed on that both for example of the minor max we use a dual core CPU with the 1 gigabyte of RAM I think remember courtship um it's around 10 what's the tree and ideas what they see the patent and you did this and boards the small board whereas the around 1 water difference if you up if you enable a radio we should do Bruce whose real energy or not is 1 of the that give them the ranch um so that to become laid on which we can make as and when but I mean when we support but there is an officially some minor 1 that's that's some internet but they quite a descend CPU has in mind what are the infinity so that was emotional of the October 14 some are more of self regulatory them other during boards the so as you see we can work right we large for of where we can support so anyone can find on the border she's the most of the project only issue on something very integrated could to get thicker all the little things to back uh you reduce the might of all if you want justice more computed interconnect that's has Stifler and so what you want to up and sell probably the in is the best way to to achieve things so to choose this board the which means that by the the the biden scheme for the US for everything from it was the 1st the baseline of the this was that and but as the athletes start very to you can still ties on multiple elements that on them and of white grandeur our so again with the architecture you can dedicate you can get Europeanise you can that I just things the way you want a possible básicamente just a Bayes for constructing a profile building another provide of dedicated to a given task for example for the for a g-force platform for anything and I would you guys not just a range of new profiles for by the so it's it's the same features of the that of the proof what it was developed in the last year um so we have a lot of the of components insight those I mean we offer a lot of companies in 1 in use in 1 out of its gene quite comprehensive and and 1 point which is about for me is that they that is doing it's these tools it's not just based my x as a the no similar the breeding systems of of a present there than in the real you line exist where it's very important because you can take some piece of software communal anywhere and just makin bite and work that's you don't have to I um using is decay use new things as that health issue you want to run that additional bison is very is siphoning or that of all the issues you are anything so it's a it's a it's an important point for um intuition new software coming from outside want to to make it women BisoNets was implemented the main feature of our but basically the connected solution I've already said that we dealing so the genital we Wi-Fi of Saddam um it's secure it's I think the interesting point 2 things uh so that's only secured mismatch and of course when we come forward extends things without other devices or on the internet uh I would probably use the frameworks proposed securities by duty to many framework with cigarette you would um so it's suitable for many performs I recently we really is that your toe of ocean of space and so you can be build right now the beer this is made with 2 systems 1 with UBS which is in the historical system legacy system for Tyson add a new 1 in which is the the same but based on your receipts and the day um so when we had the choice so it up to to the obvious Russian it's more regular the destroyer during that or assembly the moral maybe distribution like you and lastly term dies and will be more IOT aware the I mean that's where 17 the the ITU-T development kits give some details of their and their also to be 2 years and there's the so I made some adjustments as they said uh for the girl for example of alignable already have to change anything because it was supported for example is shown to run ties in a it would have probably to a batch of the ties entailment was is specific matches um so anyway so usual outlet obstruction they are you have to I just depending on your of also the the minor want in my in my dual IDS so I just removed the graph you can a components like 2 hits on the service at a time I also really what that's ingenuity which is a base from 280 dies and for many people know days and I don't know that you don't want to make somewhere that's written on the mind of also didn't make sense but I just couldn't do most of you know well with my GS easy it's the it's easy to set up on it was very um some new doesn't appear anywhere introduced recently I mean in the last year and there there are things that would be very useful for the to work the way about I was introduced with this specific goes for where things I mean on on on so see where you our fuzzy of full principle what short around called the of been a bad of those done this just a tool to do yeah you have indeed that's so uh star that's a some kind of worry about up here but I know that there and there was also some device management at yeah that were introduced some some source of eyes and I to specific as of Oct proof into was uh yeah that's the usual academic dictio
states and uh so I just mark what I removed uh as you see we can keep some interesting things for in in the the nativity eyes here and we can give the social I contend that the eye so we are able to develop some negative ties petitions and they can run on the edited devices and now we are able to use it although the TI's are instead of trying to reinvent the wheel that's right of course depending on the on the project to would probably remove that has been want but all can know them where they are and it doesn't it doesn't matter um and it's the same on those of the caucasian we remove the non support things people nearly Ottaway or and project and probably because of the security stuff and status the way to customize is portrayed
as usual and we observe that doesn't it or PIC and all get should just before and you can just make it could be a kind of cookie or out you you could have the same labels on the site and depending on the real system you have to do on the way to that both layers can purge and you you get something specific private version of surveillance the the idea is simply to integrate your specific other where for example you can you know what the people even if the song was on the show specific API for something just put it or perhaps you know the question the what so I
just about energy and the reserve presentation by Brandon the phone it's a 20 I think and that is wrote the 18 if it the interesting ideas I couldn't do it so I mean use that a led printing it's time us and that I sent between the boards and you don't say that is thinking and I could have used those 2 libraries to just make the building link then that link and also I have with is used the European library to I get either from the external mentor but it was too late for me have an energy g uh there will be a two-day another provision of of that I think you on the other side of of the power
of showing the world and and show you what you to but a good just wishing there any questions sure I want to the and reviews would officially net division was and what are the object from supported and present uh we have the old way to use 3 which is supported uh acting that Simpson would also support some parts wasn't a hot 64 I mean from 6 in all of its architecture and of the books but that some uh this architecture is also supported it was the it's a get to the from something and um we have some diversity expressed 4 5 which is quoted from the from the guy with I will viable we tested the dies and on the exports based on in their own we're at 20 it's abuse for example and I'm sure it would be good work on the other well I would say that the main problem on bombards correctly is a GPU you drive but which maximize stuff where you don't a GPU drivers replace so was made by use retired from that proposal the regression Ch so remove some parts of the future is there a configuration to the well I just have a when I created the which would be the square and so it's of division was I around here we move to the In some components on days and to make the uh it was very easy because when you do for build all the package is entirely well we have something active agent source packages which is to 2 thousand binary packages and then we have some of some of those packages in binary images and we we say we want that that that and that so when you when you resolution can say no I don't think have while using the usual dependencies uh uh what flow of you that just a small image and IG making I would say of data on checking of aggression of the olfactory must run