Improving LibreOffice quality

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Improving LibreOffice quality
Coverity and crash testing
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Open Document Editors - Improving Libreoffice Quality
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soul I will talk a bit about
improving the quality of people of the so called and what we to have more less each state to make sure that the despite having something of the following 2000 commits 1 but the quality is acceptable so
I haven't talked about the 1st 2 topics are all the main areas at the moment and then trust of branch of the 2 the system about a simple stuff that you do have during the normal course of so we use a well at the at the gap a constant set up for for making sure that you don't match import and export Conrad TA
is a static code I suppose you the last class job on that developed by an American company if it was developed as part government program they provide a feed service to open source projects in they it down database reports for the use of this was portrayed by the project can get on the right to you these reports to people and they and their effects on the reports it's used by many open source projects like the notes column of the and all this and static load analyzes the results of the the it finds real issues and not for us on the some some unused code or something like that so how how do we looked at the
moment that that's taken about an hour ago from the polarity that but you can see the last analyze was yesterday on all of the vector density that means you have up to defects in about 1 of the poles lines of code and the where actually it's 0 and the cable when the change of the 2 of more modern words from the effects of the more on this you can conceal compared to the last bit of except in eliminated entrust 78 have found of has been added of the coarse-grained grain and it's something like 20 of the but since we started with that we have fixed the bold red false and reports and at the moment we have 100 outstanding but most of them are already fixed in master so we have 1 view that's effects and most of them some so around the Sun
cards are you can see it here in December recruitment for the 1st time 0 what's the name of the effects on and since we really started to look at it on the internet we both for the made some unionized both of us and this from from these issues so that the people who they were not as great has about 10 times as many pixels as a novel at the next guy of it that way then is machine he's looking like the people 1st so when the the new ones come in just because you see that that the bible of about 100 open that he already fixed again yeah so
pressure testing on that that's a more abstract idea we want to find
documents that that caused problems for automatic use of long before we should of course we want to know OK we have introduced the problem courses and opens for all users on here mostly concerned about pressures import because they might contain a lot security issues but also persistent export but medication else fall off for the validation for there was always some and validation Ellis and for that user directly to the OMB that's especially the changes the Standard Template of the there are 2 different versions for and that it takes light running all of but all of the memory for and for container and stuff like that embedded in the US and it enables all all sorts of you know I think it's more than 4 fold the in awkward this on if we want to import export that it automatically result in support that that get in so that the set up is quite complex they have several levels of Python interest to French and when we pledge of north of special script that's forming the 1st thing and the country running on something that's and think of but a lot of money for that you have for the people of course for the moment that's taking for 1 day to go through all the performance I'll be doing the same with epistemic ties from time to time which finds even more last serious issues like a buffer overflow of little rules on the are that has been added with the new so as before it was just impossible to run and it takes about 5 things on the news of with my own set up by the quality of life of the Space Policy and the text of the document so let's have a look at all must the smaller than that of the logarithmic scale so the start of the model are simple measures that the the the the fixed and now we have here at the end 20th input virtues of that that up most of the time just so they are not like like the problems of maybe something really stupid it's just that on the strength of something and say OK of something from question analogy but him to the on and it's not just the scientific part of moment documents it's really affects other commands that from Facebook announced that the company fossils on some non populate the security related documents and state of the art managed to to improve quality quite a lot in the last thing that's to usable then for export it's not that would get out but he made some progress in its some other logarithmic scale you see and sometimes the area have some spikes that is there and it's something stupid and then immediately realized OK if something happened thank go back more less will be the you know the college 700 but you need to notice that the the important effect of documents and the export of all of I think 100 the default a month of yeah 70 itself documents imported around 150 of the of the moment exporter and the generated of 1 have the you get lots of clients it states that more than they are at the moment on yeah but most of the times like you spend in the validation of the government and more and more the import or export so use ODF innovative for the about 40 of government and of form for the Poisson model and for that there are few
other things that we do you have to make sure that all quantities of this simply
take the sum of the static analyzer it's not as good as you correctly it finds that are mostly stylistic problems and that you can we use this global for their despite passed on 100 very loose redundant assignments no copy constructor on the it's fixed mostly of using so and another part that there really simple and can get used to the and if they are and reported on 1 of all the words and updated regularly revert to machine we have acquired it you have to look at the right time seconds on the administration of trade that's the look on the and of the year and so on fact find common analysts that the notice that love of and across the whole place and not limited to small piece of code there 1 1 on here in the boxes and by that of that money is 1 of the guys implementing them and all of but simple examples of that there's a lot of listing fastest passed by value that light of preference I'm missing some overlap with its hands who the last possible and if it's available you the platform but also really stupid stuff like like and something of their abilities and slated to William but in and implicitly instead of explicitly which might in the case of a formula I think that I discovered this often and it's mostly not a part of the so the document liberation for is that when a lot which falsely what the properties of these principles of some formats on the planets to 1 and 2 together before 1st testing an epicenter because maybe memories and the size of found I mentioned at this enterprise already at the time of the use of few of us use the particularly if it's used as part of the specialist in the needs on it's developed a little bit but not for trade it's similar to what kind of but it's much faster like 1 might to foster a more fun of course in the summer part of what some people only think of some of the of the world and finds but some of the funds are not detected for both client arms the anomaly user-defined version of of for so for example the moment of the plant and its support of new options work of my life there no I think no 1 of us who used to see the implementation a find books something needs an adviser quite a few really nasty needs that we already thinks are like if you created a away from a lot of time for training for each set you anything something like 100 bytes and if you think don't really think the range and could use and you have to make a point of light updating the formula for 1 over there so books on for for undefined behavior quite a lot of fun stuff on segments went into the like are in relative of dividing by Seattle and yeah quite a lot of that was also an exponent libraries they have them and and that this is an epicenter high sample bottle of course they were both of which is quite helpful and we went quite a lot of issues long before the reach even the use of water in the testing of the the something like that I
think that that's almost important point I think I missed a few but I hope that least that gives an idea of what they're doing to people quality of included in the future