Porting Tizen: Common to open source hardware devices

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Porting Tizen: Common to open source hardware devices
DIY open source hardware devices with open source software
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Embedded - Porting Tizen to open source hardware devices
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the program if I have a 1 sorry my voice is not clear so but the freedom of the unknown so that go so we were talk about prize and common to open source devices this is a community of faults in the we've done this for only 1 and to you so 1st when we explain what is finding come on and what is a princess of and we show you to showcase about so using this operating system on the frontal armor
so if you don't know about Iceland's a specific of project these price and then to be here was of everything it is as if there's been designed for those so version of and that's there is a common base known as last time come on and from its basic and creates different products in which case we present profiles mean don't as future animal by following unity and at this time thank among dozens of some special prefinal logic inside it's this is just a common non raised and for instance for the the I use using k error had 2 % of photos 1 and then personas in Algeria Wikinews special procedures OK and I was also prefinal using its what use what's important for this talk sets so we thank among is supposed to have a long-term support so using and the cycle this is version but would try to stick its heritage we are some the future and I'm really needs is a security feature the and those of the system is for several architectures the and several conference display configuration we have a hex 11 and went on idea is using where for instance so it we want to provide exerted graphics also almost system and provided that architecture for running applications of sorts expect given just explained before and it's entries apart from the condition of any kind of foreign libraries of the future 1 2 of you would support it with that provided by the price for and what is a princess of it's so if you went from most of you know what is it but if you compare to open source software it's quite similar but I think you have some special sings about so the ability to create yourself a princess always being used needs a tools because if you have a source you should be able to put to make our so you're saying so something can be difficult because so it's a tough process why should loan uh I use a princess and will focus on it because as it since the same as a princess software and you can just so customize something which has been known before and focus about so you special feature on not scream and things that we do every day and of course there is a community was giving you or a feedback about this is a device in there you can fix Bergen maybe shares of the Fort about making the 21 and the terms making running an open source software and open source always making sense if you want them to our system you can ensure its we walk and then the last thing in a box so let's do
that until OK so we have 3 showcases for you but 2 of the usual cases are about arm and 1 it's about Intel I'll share some details regarding the initial cases so related to uh are you made were from so the partial case is about sumxi devices sumxi
devices are devices that has system-on-a-chip manufactured by the Chinese company or Wiener I the so she has a little looks C is the name of the community I which tries to support the kernel versions and bought folders for these devices which all winners a system on a chip approximately a year and a half of all I started that my efforts to port ties into these type of devices 2 they went to the assistance of Filip we have ties in common running on several devices here is the list of these devices but the 8 and processes are single courses that processes which modern GPU so the 1st board that we and so the 1st portal which we ported bison was a 10 s for you know me crawl at this point of system-on-a-chip is already deprecated so here is the list of the boss that we support these boards are manufactured in Bulgaria and I'm really proud about this because I'm also from Bulgaria and that's the time over there is the owner of the makes company were making these both these are open-source hardware boards we can find a lot of the devices with all with our system was on a chip but only makes is make an open-source hardware devices which is especially important for community thinks so that the boss that you see here are weighted 810 and 820 assistance such if we have buys and working on them but this is my personal favorite board 8 2002 looks you microM up you can visit that they get help page there some tutorials there as well as the links to download images you give flash these images on on my credit card let them the micro the card into the board and get it running really quickly of and the new devices that all we nervous system so that chip that all winter and creates art 8 8 80 and 8 AD treat I we have them in mind i if you remember yesterday at the beginning of the 1st they Hans explained the status of the Linux song supported at the Linux sumxi project is essential for reporting efforts of sizes as well because we are in the relying on the Linux kernel which is available for these boss at the moment the kernel version is 3 . 4 and we are using q port some assess ice us as I already said at the images that you can download of flushed me crazy the card and directly used but if you want to build on on the image from scratch these are general steps that you have to perform so the 1st thing is to get a both older and likely that you would call the uh is compatible with these devices and at the moment a main line you put water can be used after that you have to clone the Linux sumxi kernel this is a fork of the star the Linux kernel which is available for sumxi devices I there there are a few things that you have to keep in mind 1 of the things is that these devices are not using the regular device trees they're using effect files text files which outcome but converted to binary files but they have the same broad you just like as the device treats I once you have viewed the both older and a kernel of the next steps are related to beauty Tyson so that there multiple there are a couple of ways to to build ties and uh as you caught on previous presentations in this form you can use your talk but in my particular case I'm using uh uh the give good system so we don't a have a powerful enough of a computer you can it cross compiler it in approximately 46 hours then you have to when once you have or where PM's you have to prepare a Kickstarter file and to create an image the final step is to prepare and bootable me grow as the cart that would have thought petition where you should place the Linux sumxi kernel and x 4 petition for the ties and stuff
so I would like to show you a couple of examples of device that you can create 1 of the most important things in open-source hardware is that this is a low-cost opportunity to create a propeller prototypes and to create them rapidly so these devices are not entirely open-source hardware actually uh because the boss are open-source hardware but here this is Motorola lapdog so the board is connected to this model of doc uh Motorola what doc is a project that which has not been active anymore but you can find that these gadgets in eBay in very reasonable prices and the other think is a homemade public to it that it doesn't have a case and something that we are thinking to do next but it has a display with a touch screen and a board at attached to it
so we're moving to the 2nd showcase and this is so we turn this goal by the rock chip of rock ship is another Chinese company making
systems on the chip and these are war cost and powerful system so chip of ties and common rules on couple of their platforms but their country 1 8 8 this is for order of her rock and error country 2 8 8 for the far like that rat her up recently became um open-source hardware project he became all my bird idea and of october so I decided that it's the perfect perfect moments to port ties into it I had an early sample of the border thanks to Tizen experts so I have here you can find information about the project as well as images that you can download that you there are a few videos that you can see ties common running on this board I will I will not go into the details about that that the process for building the rock rock chip image because it's pretty much the same procedure as for all winter devices but the difference here is that there is a you boot but it's so recommended or at least that's what I have understood to to use some preparatory bootloader so the image that is available at the moment for aborting ties and common on from the crazy card on the 2 bourses that we support these 2 wars are we using proprietary all but there's a fork of the Linux kernel again this is for for the rock should devices for heroic we have for Linux kernel version 3 . 0 and for a firefly we have 3 . 10 it a so it's the same procedure and the only thing that I had to fix also a display in issue so visit did help to learn the dose or contact me if you're interested in porting dies and the to ruptured devices up I'll be a really thankful if you have the step of devices and help me to test and expand the port of prizes to more devices so this is the 3rd
term showcase and I'm passing the might of the Philly core explain about me toward max and until devices so the minimum marks is becoming popular in many people social showing the different scission for them so
this is conveys the college he created by an American company known as cold and that also designed or could be left the correct command ShareAlike license and it's using the Ottoman the hate had its own betrayed some it Texas in 2 different version 1 was a single core there's always a or and its future uh Fourier open-source lying supports GPU sources is very interesting if you look at the graphics and Embedded World you of something which is open source and already integrated into the canadian the and of course lot of kind of expansion slots and so on so there are some future research is interesting it is they have some kind of local bold you can plug on it summary to the having notions and so this is this right component the models was of this 1 is providing an excellent without food performed managing an analog on inputs and and you have some other so the kind of stuff and you can even design your own and provide the most open of arousal and for the software as a set of known it's supporting linux-kernel mean line and still is provided by the hint that as you if I the uh project this is 1 version has been really is just a a few days ago if from a pro and con which is making a lot of free fall to support sports so if you care about openness and I think this is a good the the components and as I said that doesn't come on is running on it this is 1 of our reference devices so you over every future of pheasant common working on it and you can even no downloads of he major rabbiting every day so every changed and I just serving thorities has the colonies would with and you get the graphics and the word usable Abruzzo everything is running fine and if it's not a please find but and you can also create so you will build your own image using GPS like will explain all just so using your October because this is ball those already here and support admit tying terribly your too slow no worries there should be some problem with so these are so important for us to fix it please report someone's so zips some small Walker and on this side I welcome the boats system and we are using the deified which getting phase and we are using you neighborhoods of unified framework to put it the so I think we're done with a minor marks
minor Marxism the name of the board because the minimal that 1 was asserted to be 3rd version and the 2nd 1 is known as Marx is this 64 bits so as to prevent Zaria ambiguity might prefer to call it made minor marks because when about the before the loan which 1 is it so for the future on this is of community if also we don't have as their lines real some somehow comfort but we like to be more connected to existing community like a hidden exercise that was unwinnable the condition is happening over there and our soldiers of the project which is providing support for its and I may be able to show some marks or under about so Iet's you know they will running on the ball was a high utility library if you know what it's attributes for in the eye of the room analysts expect this to be very popular among the Icarus maker so people care about graphics because the support is good so for the future about this project so we probably belong to both eyes and come up our kind of all of those as we are able to buy fairly yes we're interested in getting ties and work in as many bosses possible so I will try to get it running come more arm words so for sure Freescale I'm x 6 is so monk our projects I'm gonna little tune and top almost platforms as well as new were models of system so chip manufactured by all with and rock chip were particularly interested in these device is called that because of their low cost prices and where the a few challenges with the ARM devices they're related to did GPU drivers most probably you have heard that the majority of these drivers are not appropriate 3 and the boss that we support at the moment of or Wiener system so cheap and rock chips are weaker and Monday drivers and we are searching for a appropriate money driver for Weyland because ties in common is this relying on Wayland although there is a uniport the opportunity to to use it it with X level we prefer Weyland as this is the future the and engraved on L of just mentioned that we are also
trying to an to to get more of per throws working on these devices as well because this will be a good opportunity to use ties and in the Internet of Things were not create your own profile use your imagination so let me presents you know this book is was written by male and the we review it and the other loss after about building a prize in on the it was a day to a different in our fate than a so there's some the skunk the if you want to look at this that they're the main focus of the books the book is on application development
on Tyson primely HTML 5 apps that is possible uh that the last chapter contains information about sporting ties into different hardware and we show some resource for you want have something for point about getting the stuff and now we are want to sources people and the interesting question
we can answer them now and if you don't conductor it's try to provide assuming just to mention that the presentation is already available at SlideShare so you can check the links there it will be applauded force the website as well any questions yeah which is on the right to use it and you have to and we present a OK I repeat the question for those of you who work for the recording and about the driver issues a work-around could be to use the libraries were right on a bond of ESPN and try to binds insists software and we'll have a different a portion of the project because it is supported by other industry and we have it's it's you know it's not so it's a form univs distribution you would we don't want to rely on some rocks and our having your own a hybrid system but so fish could be an option to buy i've seen some of our proof-of-concept of ties in running not on my embarrassment seminar kind of of of the fission if I don't think it's it does not have so open so some well to have to rely on the previous T that and there's lot question for developers to develop the ASR forests of it's important to connect the Bogor from the as k or can guess the gaze India's DB and traditionally this is done using the was part about as far as I know there no body doesn't has doesn't have uh and that he was declined the world as it was the tool is useful yup but that said the USB host site and to Komag the baht to the PC they use be clients are as possible what I read the people and so you I will give the microphones alignable specialists so you correct the men aboard Max does not have a USB function RO-TD port directly on it however there is will work in the works that has that these are daisy-chained of the PCI Express lanes so it's coming that out I have a prototype sitting on my desk at work so it's not just vaporware and so you I do not have that now in my office is in Portland Oregon than that at at at at that sadly I to show it to you but it it is not where it is coming you I just wanted to add that the smart but breach which is used to the because of obligations on sometimes and can be connected over the network so this is also an option to to the body great last question they OK thank you very much for your time was measured to thank you