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this seemed to be laughter recurring themes throughout stand today how do we talk to each other was 1 4 we do find each other and we talk to each other how actually work together so that's that's another 1 of users how do we get users where they had a real problem with sticks to tell them to tell them to tell us stuff Our it's designing for everybody you know everybody's going to be old in New now I so we need to be to make things accessible for everybody were old and I have cut by side and 20 years were all going to be talking like this because world a open design is a thing not yet good a key doctor and then talk about living in there's lots of stuff here that in you wanna hear me talking I want you talking because a lot of questions being asked so the 1st things was how we communicate design related work and unlike other them sort of go through each top because they'll take a long time so and they kept on coming up building design team to create a channel for design rated discussion that could be Iousy or it could be as the lady said moreover preferably not our CFI it this a question um or maybe slack so I think that says we need to find tools that work for your community that the no point in saying we have the liar see because some people will some people won't um and instead of you keep that it's only keeping an eye on talking how possible is it to get everyone on slack our get everyone on see your bridging stuff I know you can bridge from slackened diocese I've seen that as as a feature which I think is really useful so a question for you have you're projects communication the and there of what and you know this you and what you have the right to use all of you to say yes yes I was right there on the state of was the itself in its 1st through the use of the land and all that was last year and the reason was that there was for the users number 1 side that's well that there was a discussion about so the pheno designers over here developers over here and we get together so as a designer I know I use the slack because optimal designers use of biofuels Iousy because I know how to use our CNN and come the I think it's more eggs and you're totally right why would you build an open source project on a close platform but i'm gonna pull back and say if that's where users are of that for developers are and if you want developers OK philosophically right but we need to come up with a good thing or or in to find a good thing not the meaning of this is you organize the festival the yes and by the and specialists in the field of the particle and and maybe integers and so you have White for query we don't use this this as the the the the the the the stair varieties and you know talk about it worked together in groups and I think something for yet they yet the whole you to will if you what yet it is time to use that's I'm I was really glad yeah I was really glad to hear the 1 who was at the center and was you know meet in person conferences like cost conferences like any other technical thing and I think that's 1 the really good thing and things of this year's fast and that they actually for whatever reason said OK we want designed to be spoken about you know there is a whole room all of designer is in the earlier on with developers know median median social hours published said you know drink beer are your beverage of choice whatever that so stuff happens if the 2nd half of problem and there is what the of the was and the kind knowledge and thing and just 1 point the and that of that's also true that's also true yeah yeah yeah and then at the end of the air the no yes this yet you for the others all right and that's 1 thing that I think of it as open source and and and then designers have to go toward the designers are so you're it's PAI 8 I'm absolutely yeah totally so readers who was 1 of the problems because we also have something that's generally what was going on the left and on the other side so if we start in on the strategy you will extract and the process and sold so most of you start that so on the internet users the small hurdle compared to what it would be a visible yeah and yet yet in the the world and all of is in OK so did there's there's discussion there to be had still and and and and that's you know on it was really good to to see young talking about that they have 2 or 3 hours of Google Hangouts in actually talking OK to 1 person but it's um you know uh drinking beer meeting people really important conferences OK so we will see that once you have actually found designers understood to work in a project or developers to work with you have you um collaboration so 1 of the things that kept on coming up that designers come to a project and go play only involved OK get out yet at repo clone OK and shit but I do so there is no clear so the easy path for collaboration sorry for for for contributions and people who are interested in computing in contributing don't know where to start um I forgot to finish off this line and Williamson from from top and so yesterday and brought up a point which is kind of I'm Fred um confrontational best the focus on technical and sort of meritocracy and and technical meritocracy in open source it is clearly defined you know you can you know at the gender lines of code you're but also more you fixed 10 thousand bugs your brilliant you create 50 thousand more friends are you do 67 hours of usability tests and I don't see series I don't see any any lines while yeah you have the you can use the word c yeah
because these that's what and what and I have not many island somewhere in the eye of the class I I think you will all right so that the rest of the nodes and yet all of 2 of so you dangle the carrot of something what I can and you know that's a tube engage and she did that idea the that that by the yeah you seem like a slightly uh confrontational person which is really to in a in good sense the yeah of yes that's it really the always yeah Hey I really like the 1st term that is the answer that the only way to save my head I was the 1st to in the world said that so all time how mn USD they think it's a good thing I didn't always the but we have to that with the fact that you so a high and I the say that I have yet but you can find the the the the of the of the you in the eye of the world and they have not been this is the left and the right that you the thank you and the the and what so that's yes sorry it's it's it's really small it is ever know and another another changes but that's a good thing he said you know so i'd that I redesigned something and the 1st answer is will flight so maybe what do we have to do is give them our design rationality are designed reasons so the reason I changes was because I tested with 2 people and nobody was able to find a yeah this is the so all you know well yes you did what the size of the problems and the rest of the size of the way through the use of the theory of the teacher at fact the that you have to have some in some of the last 1 I want you to know that you know what's of what I don't think that's a difficult this my for and this is my you don't really so you have to find as that all or the other and the the thank you this is not the case the right something more there is and by the time of the 1 of the and so I want well but that's all it it's good you brought that up because that was again absent the jensen @ and kept on coming up you know even if it's going to be a simple is just um in your book truck to you know open the problem and put design or maybe even put you I already input you x something that is you know clear that it's it's for design and I think that yeah and this useful right about here the joint work but with you would you would just like to say on like this 4 words that of all OK so as of open moment ago true and another thing that I am about users so roII and made it very clear that you know they did to to usability Usability testing and phases on Drupal and it surfaced low the problems that the the budget lead said were doing nothing else the and the these effects to having having usability testing user research is really important have he designed for people if you don't know what those people are in in in in in broad strokes you know user research is so important and there's a whole bunch of different problems well how do I get them they're all over the world OK but at least you know kind of understand the need 1st they're different and the users they're very did not the sensitivities but you know be aware of all of of of of the importance of this and the yeah and I wanted to get the these 2 things so when you find designers in open source for open source projects use designers here and under developers here for the designers hang out you can plug in OK and fill in the time frame the work for you you you were so that they find a way of life and the policies they have a corporations say all you know what it is in the mind and of the land on the for the 1st rather than you know like yeah I like to get involved with this thing kind of very few of us can start of the only up here and there but at the time I think we some under this just a thing we would have a platform it's commuting in person right and its developers like somebody said developers going to and design these up so that's Unix PAI stables convincing high I'd like to to to talk to you about open source projects not under superheavy technical way but in in a more philosophical late you wanna get involved after 4 years the thing that you want know it would be In the case of these if they never anybody in this list are also but have like these have 1 of the and have only chair is yeah the the and through all this definition it's the flavor of the you yes sure sure sure and and I was as we have the
form and then here and 1st
and I would get a that ready I mean maybe this is this is a really good example of how to do it so you know and I work in our group working on open source project goes to the Expedia professionals
and user experience Professionals Association says I'd like to fit you my project I'd like to get some involved and coming together after some of the work to to brand a I think you of its own but I think the website of our project already pretty much makes it clear that we could use a design of to logos 12 years old and um the what the platform is or what the project is all about is that it's a very kind of specialized web content management system used in academia to give open access to um research outputs mainly so it's being used by about a thousand 2 universities worldwide but also by organizations like the United Nations and the World Bank so in the most recent development cycle we actually implemented a whole new thing based on bootstrap but do we did it without affecting the UX X so it actually we kept everything pretty much in place to make sure that we didn't upset anybody but we could users some designers to commandeered than to 2 cific some of the problem so that we have we would be open for discussion and so on the space aboard there's uh link about getting started at CERN and there's a mailing lists uh there's a bug tracker there's the there's different ways um 1 of the things for pretty much for developers but also for the UX community were trying to use more and more discussions on StackOverflow because they're more persist in there and they have a pretty powerful tagging system but we haven't been leveraging the UX community on on StackOverflow just yet but we'd like to do that so at some point it and the the exactly off off talk to us and the and non will get started the the the the the so the of the kind of thing that would be called the climate shift I I work on a project called sandstorms which is the weight of the host webapps on Universal Server easily and safely but we are talking about a different project right now called open hatch which I used to work on in the past I still do not just less so open hatches the site intended to help people learn how they can get involved in open source the
and we have a whole bunch of contributors who are working on this could I because is enormous not 1 thing that people mentioned the idea of a job board for design and and we have this money the click of little find a project and if you want to get involved in open source project and if you're like me you and I originally designed this you why 5 years ago you think great what people wanna know is what language are bugs for the project in and all of what or is it an easy bug or is it is not regular by the having a little by the product and that's easy better than other ways you can contribute to projects like doing divine work like writing documentation and maybe you want to know what the product is more than you wanna know exactly i which easy python task you could look at I into this vaguely this this you why of gives you know context as to what the product is I mean when I designed this I made it with me in mind and I know what every single project on the site is by members you don't so we often hatch would love design help but we have a whole bunch of contributors at all levels of pi bond and wide experience and so you won't feel like you're the only 1 who doesn't know and use the link a very technical a complicated and the way to get in contact with us is probably
the best way is by this contact link with then you have In this work man that's why I bring this up I
on the economy that OK so that we the best way is this hello at about half the origin you know address which is from available from contact us wherever you go to the site and you could you do command after contacting you following so but other than that Americans alter quest doctorate I guess thanks to the with you of the of the link there has to be a function of the of for all of higher and I'm from uh in in the links and this Linux distribution which said grew out of an academic projects and has gone these great said mathematical research ideas may get really reliable system that you can have like uh rollback stated well known states and you can easily tree can modify any package and set have a greater amount of variability and things like that so the hackers into it lovers but there main corridor read understands nowadays dead the dental already convinced of the value of the design so much I really like the logo actually sees landers and it's uh of adding in size but and it is 1 of the problems the colors always at different so there is like a little bit their red so it looks to Woody purple and some screens energy printed is like totally you get very unpredictable and so I tried to start off uh and there's a wiki and I try to start off uh and just by reading articles on um as style guides and stuff just to kind of I I thought maybe if I start a a style guide myself not knowing anything but designed Oakley somebody actually knows the commencing say this is all wrong can you in the could maybe help out like that 17 or something if SM include said the jump in and what kind of the b at I thought maybe I'd like a style guide would be a start and end like pick a font elected that the font is it also you like embodies is what a refund if you like on the day and it's like to inconsistent and divided on this trip adopted by Killian but have of the what and if he had the I can give you the details after that we have a mailing list and is that we can have an hour channel and I understood the word worried if designers steps up and says l I can help and everyone's going go be a the degenerate action reaction is that we have more important bugs dissolves like adding support for some random thing you know and so on but I think it be i a it's not a very well known project I think Rico's people within the new about it but think for anyone to go to the website just have a look at that and is very clear what it's about it's all about them think it's it it it identity can tell the glancing at when it is ah even if you sorry documentation you kind of need someone to sit down beside you see all you have to use this and it has 10 to the like it caught on purely by word of mouth so yeah yeah the OK I'll accept taking can I can be your shadow publisher and I can take the slack and then you can but but I I mean yeah I think there might be an interesting projects because it's like such a fresh air fields and I think it wouldn't take much to convince people that you have to know which on adults and could be branded and the you know this could be bad and I and the me that's an attractive thing for designers Signature Name on its and get a kick