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LibreOffice IDE integration
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OK let's get started living so modeling this highly technical talks I want to look at the problem want to give you some a simple introduction into a actually how to start the process so uh let me mean and the task actually conciously integration and and I'm talk
about it but above the stuff we did to make it easier to build the profits from an and to the bottom and stuff then and uh to start off will just show you the how to build the profits and all who of you here didn't build of the profits like in the last year and OK so there are quite a few people who don't know how to the we're office and I the maybe we should have clear on and you know the classic unique style uh think to build something it of the government make make install and the did you ever tried to build like the old all of those things you know that it was quite different but for the profits by now that it's
actually quite the same configure and make defined here a link and there is this actually that that apartment and video of the pool of something that shows you how easy it is there to get started with building the profits the only thing that is different if you believe office master which you should it is uh the use of a gen average which has been part of H then the immortality of the middle poster and which and which just as the whole um rerun all become a matter stuff like that but that's no different than any other uh of 2 project so it's still pretty much the the same so you just clone Europe of going you the complete and you make and after that actually you don't have to make install because a early brother was already in runnable state when you this gives point what you can do is to make the background which actually runs you know that just below the profits directly into GDP and you can start right away the backing because our well um if if you leave Broca's precious at some point because it did something that which causes it to crash you at least have a stack trace and do not have to do that again there with something to so this is a very simple straightforward thing to do and also this order gen for example thus all of the other and if you things like if you have sufficient stole the uses it and stuff like that the
the so this is how we build all of the profit of course you just believe off the proposition of what you want to do usually because you wanted to changes and you want to rebuild something so for example so you have multiple part of the profit is all list of them and for example and w is a writer of the text processing so you can the changes that and just rebuild of the random module which is made to make this w and uh the other way to do that is to you can go into that directory and to make the if she just making of the w that in there and when you have cast 3 which are of the year uh unit checks which is the running tests that are on the inevitable the flow checks um which around which a bit slower so we're not running them when you're just building for example the tech process so that if you're building the holy prophets which takes still sometimes and then we around them and with that and the last 1 is the subsequent tests which run their which need a complete installation of the profit so you can't just test the and part of the that yeah then you have the high-level make which is also just like any of the other author who wrote so this is the and and the way that you can build it and then you have actually in this book in this directory in your program as officer can just started right away and that try things out from that of course the alternative is to use these make make the background which run early brothers directly under the and so this is so the mean most of the command line tool and we have now so all the anarchy things with you can great whole bill that has the deductibles which factor body in cold and so on and so on um I'll just show that so that you can see that you can do all of that later in in the idea to so this is just to give you an overview of you wanted do the but you can use that so how do we get to the uh I integration well but for that we have a pretty we have a completely new build system of all while not that you anymore but we have a consistent build system at least we just you 1 both of them which is you make they're all through the project and if you ever saw of for example the making you will see that actually is pretty comparible just this index is a bit different but it shows you just that you use libraries and you and I want to have some objects and that this pretty abstract and a description of what you wanna build and because of that you can you can use this information and generates the IT project files for and i the from that when you do that once you have a complete built by issuing 1 of these commands for example the interval of IT integration does this for the interval of form the linear there was a studio you have the same there's and also uh mighty integration that mortgage who just let I think uh and and the little studio and any integration with that of an event by me this was done by a guy named of the I'll show the video later that so you have 1 essentially on almost platform the actually have an idea that you can work with of course you can extend that to other I used so formed of unwelcome so how do we do that from an idea if you look for example at
the head of love this hot look like if you open if you generate these protocols and open that gets and the the target list you can run so you can run the local test which is for example only the tests for right up in this case um so not be then the tests for the Holy Prophet cute but only the test for for items or you can run the goal of which the test would mean you want to run the tests all over the place and there all authors everywhere which is of course for example if you do something like that of the 2 presenters who did not at different before only like open GL stuff you might might want to check that actually it works in all of the office of only in 1 what you would have a specific on the test the and then the last thing you can do it both just run the profits and and from the idea and start of their heads tried manually the other thing that you can
do is you can add the back and the break points and all that stuff all that there wasn't that easy before would be awful so someone with a new bill systems of this on Windows and you see the link here and that's the video showing this is actually a screenshot from the video and how that works in Windows but you can do the same with capable of so on and so on on on there and what that from you can you can just work with us but OK final levels of their outlook and ideas we uh I showed you how you can use the ID to and to run the tests to be back into that rebuild stuff that and if you have done all that and you have a patch how you get a patch that to leave profits well the 1st option is if you if you totally exhausted by the whole experience and you can you can just send a patch and we will take you long but uh that are other options which are making its way simpler and better for uh which is begin was a little script that this uh get set up and that sets of the set you up for a full review and then you can push a patch and all the stuff we're discussing changes 3 a patch and all that it is is done much more easily be about the phase and so e-mails and makes a lot more easy for you to to to interact with the community and you only have to do the 1st thing once and this 1 of the once for every patch the and so what can we improve as a set well maybe we can use more I that clique which would be probably and I think you and I will try to look into that at some point the shouldn't be too hard and the other thing I I think we have lots of documentation like the Doctor of me brother all their which shows the Doxygen generated a documentation for all the classes the problem which is pretty awesome and it would be cool to maybe have that there a directly clickable from the IT that the maybe that and and primitive way to do that is to have a plank park in that actually just the lingam of every class which would make it that obviously available everywhere but yeah and and of course the other things our API is the uh use of the external API OpenGraph is the source code problems so just have links to those yeah OK so that about it father
questions and on building the Brothas estimate but but yeah of the and well I have if if you are there and we added to clean the no 1 of its leaders probably the easiest way I didn't provide any way to do that and it probably hands on it and it depends on the on the IT uh actually how old hold the you are touching the tree for was a Visual Studio for example I think we're just generating like top-level files the the here during the year old J. files which is probably easy to make a clean room for that but for a kid of love we actually generates like in all the directories that the include path for that directory and that's pretty messy so I assume that was the problem right yeah of so yeah 1 could probably do something but I didn't get out of it please leave this way on the and so in in the in the idea of human have world that hands how you generated in general uh the stuff that idea is that by modules so you have 1 specific modules for example but the text processing and then you can do editing and stuff now and can rebuild their thing and but you can also known as what I showed with the tests you can run the tests just fall right here but you can also run the test for the whole skewed and you can also do that just rebuild of of 1 module will just rebuild right and all you can also trigger a complete rebuild that this completely configurable there from the idea so an both as possible and of course in general you would you would say there was used the the whole project but and that might actually be very slow in certain cases because it just a huge project so and having just a small sub projects gives you a lot of performance that especially if you like a low in the in the stack view of if you in the text processor you essentially at the end of the project anyway so you include all the other stuff if you're very in a in a low level order 1 level thing like this up that the last 2 presentations about the graphic stuff that you have next this context and that include part that to to care about so it it's a lot quicker all that that answer the question so it is the harmonics both because you have both options of the you have how and the goal of that part on the having going to generate the need the of Japan yeah I think it's just the next check make making you know I have the honor of the yes yeah I the and the so you can't do that in the stuff that I give you might be able actually to do that on Windows will list of an answer that because he did it he did create targets for every library and stuff like that so many many uh and so on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on OK and I would like to know OK and that I would have to look into that and they look into although I'm using the eye and of that other editor and try to trip II and haven't actually look at the IT integration so sorry but yeah I might have a of the other questions what OK thank you very much