Replacing Xorg input-drivers with libinput

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Replacing Xorg input-drivers with libinput
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I never thought the marketable hearing clearly that's good my name is also and I were for red Hat on input for each server and latent mostly annals of some single writers were necessary when we need to enable new hardware add today I would like to talk to you about uh the input and how we want to start using the improved even in the extent of techniques 11 sexually sort server we initially designed with input to have a shared code base for a weight and there so we want to have a
unified place to all the input handling because the soul that since which uh Waylon's the compositor this the display server that everyone was implementing it so he go and Peter Auer has a lot of experience doing inference techniques and he knows that it's not a transistor view of the teams it may seem easy when you do your own thing works mouse for but if you go to more complicated devices in actually quite tricky to get right so we didn't want its weight of composite to invent a wheel themselves so we started with input they did also was a great chance for for us are mostly for beer because he knew little of working apart from this to rectify some historical mistakes which he wants to kill for a long time so you've enabled in live input to use a number of things differently than will never next our In the beginning wrote all Peter world a little rougher so a little export input driver using it and other needs mostly to be able to test since weight and is not really make things more violent yes and that that's an adult so well working so well that we now have the plenty stop maintaining the old rivals and just use delivered wrapper everywhere but it's mostly what this talk is about we hope that with inputs in the is stable within these and 0 . 8 release we cannot promise that 110 per cent as we 1 can never but we're pretty sure we got it right and we have everything we need in the world will be will be extending maybe were hoping cannot break compatibility so why would we want to use live
including the I will it's the only thing which people are currently actively working on so as new opera comes in a market and you won't that support its chances are better that will be supported in the input then in say it's a at its of 86 improves the synaptic not entirely true will still doing song patches there I think a bit of duct tape to left had a bit of 2 right but we're not really doing new feature development narrow or properly adding new Harper sport actually we have not been doing that for a long time that inputs already is better than the old exceed or its work like in a number of ways in a big way which is better is with regards to touch pets the old synaptic which is unique for the Dutch but rivals designed for single touch touch but everything else on armed with a bit of duct tape and some chewing gone and basically our support for multi-touch touch pets is horrible you especially note that once you have a clicker that is why you physical buttons you don't need to smoke such often if you have a click pattern of 1 finger which is known to the left or right click and some of you may have noticed that if you put a finger down to the left or I think you can no longer move the cursor around and things like that you need to 1st position occurs only done used to finger to click and that's all fixed in advance so that's really the reason why we want to move to live input because that's 1 of the historical mistakes which we have been able to rectify the properly per finger tracking etc. and touch but handling not a big problem it's I don't think sort input stack instead uh exceed the rates in devices through you there and it's tells the driver here you have go drive this thing here I each driver only know the Ostrava instance only knows about a single device sometimes devices indirect for example I have to do sort of poor man's upon detection in synaptic we have something called disable while typing but that's not the driver we have something the sin to started doing inside the accession which uses techniques test extension to listen to compressors and also synaptic sovereign solace typing a keyword in the Libya would we have a single context you create a context once using and and that shared between all the driver instances of X of 86 video or improve living with and so we can know about what's happening on devices is also useful I don't know how many of you have a lot of the newer generation think that it's no longer has physical scroll of physical buttons for point have people were used to be able to configure anything after I've heard if you could pick the middle button and scroll around the track point that would make me they can no longer do that's not entirely true there is some room to PPA which has a Frankenstein viral drivers are just different did so just blend together and being together and will make colonists somehow works but not something which we want to support upstream is Frankenstein writer but in the event within this cleanly well for actually doing there where injecting the top button presses into the trap 1 device if you look at it as an in it input then level you will see stop buttons being emitted from the input device which is associated with a checkpoint and can real buttons growing and things like that so uh what changes
were required to extend 86 input living Buddhas are already said we started this just as a testing towing was basically just to have something to use day-to-day so we will be using our own we would adopt fully they today not only testing it when you're running tests the basic functionality like addresses of the movement was pointer buttons world there since they want all Romanians knew what was at a configuration and like because users may want to use step to click on a touch pad automated some of the data hate step to click because when I and the clicking everywhere accidentally so I disable it so we need to configure to configure some things so we we needed an API that of the desktop environment signal working your existing would be able to configure a mouse acceleration left-handed those attempting to enable to figure scrolling vs. x Groaning if you have a click that do you want to use the soft but areas usually they're marking of the bottom line this is left it is right or do you want to use the apple when of if I click with 2 fingers answer left-clicking everything 1 which is called clicking so we needed some some support for that that's actually landed in the 0 for release it was done December this 2014 that desktop environments this is I hope some desktop environment people are here if not then well we have also been born in them by fire you know so hopefully they are aware of this I 1st Intermezzo about something which we are going to take away some configuration options and people always clear when you take away covering the options we don't is because in the old stack is made of crazy stuff there are really some really crazy hats and I have to give you an idea of the most interesting example of crazy stuff and the old stacks is something as simple as saying I want a a left-handed but the right so I want my left click to turn into a right click and so will my right click to the primary clicker my left click a button to to the secondary this so 1 is action always context menu by the way it works with the old stack is that you tell the X server at the server level you know some of you would run their normal where this is happening add to swap the bunny events so it doesn't matter which is sort of the right it is coming from all about an offense for a 1st or 2nd bottom will be swapped in what Yangon swap any random bottom to any random place that's crazy stuff as I said before let's let's not go there the I you use any do it globally it doesn't matter attach but as a single device let's say I want to use watch my talk like that but buttons because I'm handed but also in the if we and what's that even if you do it at a single device level that that's not how just models users but those another even if you would at at as in the price level then it still won't work because a touch pad is a single device agent tackle touch but the synaptic for 1 thing the taps primary but an make sure you will stop at your bumping up that all of a sudden you contact me there to figure it out will be 0 far reaction now how do you fix that if your desktop environment solution in the global for better when you say that the but it's it's what the buttons and it's used it into the touch but it isn't reconfigures the tab settings sets single-parent tap is left by or on the right button and then it gets swapped and server little again and they becomes so that but then again so this is the kind of stuff which we no longer want to support the I call the random mappings of random but it's just love mean doesn't have many practical use-cases I won't say non but this is how it currently works especially the whole left-handed setting thing see is pretty crazy and a lot of us like a need for example yes this is wrong right because KDE has uh basically his as the base most configuration settings and button swapping globally and the track that settings up to recently where Tirupati they've just merits extreme but after recent literature party and on any word not aware that the the core team was new and modern topic I would do just didn't work very good just left hand Louboutin said in combination with tapping the so um 1 of the problems which we had is when we started to doing its of 86 input live input is we want to the compatible we want it to be a drop-in replacement and not require any desktop environment changes but as we started looking into the large amount of options just of environments use and how they are used how we came to the conclusion that that's not really doable were at least not desirable because there are too many combinations with few would be to support which we don't want too much interactions between different settings at the server level and even rival level so we decided to just you are config interface from scratch it's it's using uh it is the device properties you can do well on a colorblind example list props and invites number and you can see what you can configure for that device I want is to give a demo so I a graded by machine to the latest and greatest no because that already in school integration for actually using the new sentence and then just click of that enable them to click and you will see change in eating this problem blots uh it works as long as you don't but this the current development builds and don't don't like having an external monitor they the so I condemn 0 it on the screen but I cannot them 0 in on the screen the the but so where to give them a I don't we have a new clean config interface you can use to its input list on a colorblind you'll see or devices in meaning its input list props device number and you can see which properties there are and device and that this open violence are supposed to change their conflict panels to use that but we don't want sentence throw away their old code at least not for a while right because depending on on what they're running on and also depending on if they're running unsafe previously or something users may still be using the old right steps are our advice as inputs stack evolve worst to best of environment developers is that support for a new configuration API but runtime detects which driver is in use and all coat this put a big if else walk around it of for a new stack do not use any of the core it's interfaces excessive mouse acceleration interface for all the 19 eighties or or something and you can configure to change you can configure an acceleration threshold an acceleration fact for but not all acceleration algorithms actually have so it's really written for 1 specific acceleration algorithm but we don't want to be locked into 1 algorithm because we may want to use a different acceleration over for attachment for mouse so in the input for a mouse acceleration We are ignoring whatever you're telling server were writing i at to level ends is that you get a skillful minus 1 . 0 2 plus 1 point here so is that some of our ideas can once Lyra goes from minus 1 put you don't want to show minus 1 . 0 0 was 1 . 0 for the user because the skill you get and so 0 point 0 means what think is the best beautiful wild acceleration y is 1 . 0 means as slow as this exploration will go for Disney Vice and plus 1 . 0 as fast as it will go very clean I I know that you like these ideas will love this because before they had to they can slide along for a threshold for the factory try to explain to the end user what to beat the difference between the 2 sides lost well this is the part which remains kept so so
more about pointer acceleration a already OK good about it but we we have been doing a lot of work in this area this turns out to be a nasty area and 1 of the things were living which gives a sort of a clean start have a big problem with partner acceleration is that's a mouse devices do not have the same amount of CPI or clicks per inch right if you had a really old mouse it an edible when they're in rule 1 you and we'll which would tear me that's books which were break lights that brain and every time the library was broken you would get a take or click so I know of the no smart mouse historically have something called clicks per inch which is how much it's basically they give you for every time you would endanger how much takes off um 1 problem with that is that all licensed 300 dpi person I and more miles of thousand CPI legal by a high and think you get up to 4 thousand CPI New Guinea Moses which go even further and he also the solution what's this is something which in Windows isn't that right I yields that the solution was well you have an accelerator accelerations slider display with it that that's not me nice because uh well that if you change your mouse speak you're also changing your search but speed and things like that of the issue and also if you just Block mouse-oriented docking station allows an orbital station at home you 2 different types of lights a difference CPI the resolution then it would work very well and also an acceleration algorithm making its lower is not the same as reacting properly to a mouse a different amount CPI will get a different field if you don't 1st correct for the CPI so what we're doing is we're normalizing resolution to thousands of did that CPI mouse but we're actually building the database for this so we're using it was the IT system this is my notice as this resolution because uh will be goes Harper's socks basically our act for example USB keyboards actually have the fields in the hip descriptors which tells you which language to keyboardist the no 1 uses then every operating system Austria you what language they are those of people do you know why is operating systems that use it because it is less reliable than just defaulting to something what's in that field is utter nonsense it our a which when was B was introduced and itself was introduced so a couple of chances were missed 1 of them was to properly put the keyboard layouts in a few directions and they it was something which was useful another 1 is there is no such thing as resolution information for much In this study even worse some wise like gaming license and have a bottom to on the fly change the resolution that does not generate an event the as has no clue to know you have changed your resolution on so what we're doing forest dimming Weiss is we look at what the factory default resolution is and take that and if you change it looks basically map so wanting which it would bring suspect you no longer have a global about acceleration we do with per device out which is something which not all environments will like the best of environment just still have 1 slider and everywhere in this applied to all the devices are but if you want to win really fine-grained you can be really fine grained where you could have 2 sliders will vocal-tract points 1 from ice whatever and hopefully 1 setting will fit all because for correcting for the resolution of the much will try to correct that's very important loss with eyes provided that the hardware union 3 so the you have Papa database is correct right we try to give you a reasonable behavior reasonable default acceleration corrected for mouse speed or mouse resolution I assuming we actually know the correct resolution if that's often all bets are off have what's interesting also on which I wanted to also them with now all of these talk about it is is is how do know guys have souls actually getting ready for the input and this is interesting the grass they have done a nice piece of back-end and front-end separation right they are not directly talking to live in groups in the front ends in there you idea just changing so difficult settings and ever backend which listens to the gulf changes in responses to that and also was wrong that's initial log-in to apply setting then it is interesting the grass
and what data of going triple Texan is will be fully in the people running it already is unlike the Milton 1 operating at its not a what happens is they have put the actual applying of the inputs 7 tomorrow what is there there library which is it contains most of their under window manager the shell I wanna is is a good place to put it because they since the input is also the library which is used for Weyland other settings are denticles between late the next right of the settings which you can apply to a single device are identical so what they've done is they've created and and and expert said settings and after the next at section for the back to actually applied a sentence and f 2 implementations heavily avoidance implementation for when you're running no way and that just goes directly into living rights they they article posited a composite directly into the inputs they can just the function calls and or not and then under AIX they need a notary 174 back and then it just sets the example properties so that way actually 99 per cent of the code is the same religion over X because they have a they separate effect and from themselves and things like that so then ongoing control center they are there is an issue of global center basically just needs to show the configuration menu and updates the legal settings with this is that the number of iterations and back and and then mother will pick it up and respond to those changes so what's made it doesn't make sense of desktop you show track but settings so did you need to know which devices are present the system and this slide may not be entirely accurate Oracle had a discussion of no necessity in many do differently it the initial plan was to use you know and it might still end up doing that and then have a little helper which refers to uniform rule which sets of properties in the database and then non center can look at you of database and see if there any device which is a track pointing if it's a checkpoint is a spilled multi-finger source and because it doesn't make sense to show the toggle change between 2 fingers growing and edge growing if you have a single parts such that thank you just disconnect actually and you can use to think of chronic single part the is lost this of army continuing with this plan is constantly business with forward to make the input unit helper part of living property of the input of stream and in those yeah properties would always be available on input devices and all this of environments can use so the future this is happening for Fedora 22 which will be released in May so in Figure 4 months from now you can download and install Fedora 22 when all about should we are allowed to be stable and we using while you're running element of X so this is happening pretty fast i ix server 1 both age which will be released soon we're all includes actually for the 1st time a again back in the past we used to have the experi 86 3 . something releases they monolithic you will get everything in its world and long-term well and then it will spread out in a number of models separate libraries make serveral separate of so application for several of the we're coming to the conclusion that we may have made a tiny bit to model think 16 different top or something now 1 of the plant system at least making server were more or less than the low in a sort of basic minimal configuration so that if you build a new server and the virus or syllable built for yield ABI version so it won't you have to love them in server then at least you will get something on your screen while we're there now with 1 18 at the remote setting which basically can talk to any payments device is there it will give you 2 due to the acceleration would work with any came as part of so if you build and install the latest server forget to a great advantage of that he knew out but you will not get any you'll see I've love creating a will have a mouse or the keyboard so the plan for 120 days to actually take the next logical step and building something from drivers and we want that to be the exam 86 input input and will become part of the server proper right it will be to the full revenue can still use other drivers there's a metric on the call that this will be diesel driver in the 120 release that's a plant so I got the message with find the same here is Linux distros and it's test I need to get ready even if they're still staying with x with a lot of will do because when this is a feature completely at I'll get ready to move to live in because that's where all the new development is happening it's also it's already better in a number of ways especially again especially the touch but experience is just much more pleasant because currently we sort which touch pad salinity I said that so that's what's going to happen and promise that way the short amount of time variant for our i have that this is all I have to say so I won't bore you with making up stuff so far any questions so the more it works the same thing that the part of or the thing that the back but there's not of views about yes we have now you that the nest now you made have on the left side on the on the right think they are extra but among if you have a fixed kernel and then the wilderness it's a button to and the answer but I'm preprocessing event goats and that's that's because they're using the same bits is an ethics particles which they used years ago years ago directional synaptic touch but which has physical extra buttons next left right you have a couple of x originally produced for scrawled strolled out so it you know however takes 250 or T 5 15 and use the extra buttons then they will scroll up and down your feel as if you're struggling aware fiction is we're working on its remaining of rule to identify but but as being interesting in the in the colonies would broken away and any latest synaptic rival this is 1 of the pieces of duct tape which we are in the synaptic drivers for the people stick which will at least get a lot of back the were also fiction in the input and again in the input the middle but election usable in growing because they're which confided high something which we lack little breakfast so very good question the current frame and in the the model basically be we can get from lower layer will be you we have half then only and you of the we or do you want me to board it's only been expect is example of input a but other than that as a yes spear wrote a very long blog post about why higher than 8 bits goes student work in its I am this person with some global guys about this and also a KDE wanted circadian Martin bracelet last Friday we had across desktop meeting on some people's valence this going up like the way that will be ready for how are liable much longer so can we do something to help fix people who have same goes higher than to 55 1 of the ideas is that made me really would arrive at the
chocolate and rather would just creates a a pipe from script somewhere which decibel violence and but that would then he sport inadmissible so we are taking about an inductive for this the problem is this higher 0 I did this doing something which can go to church higher than 256 problem is just not fixable in same way next so you created some duct tape we're thinking about our own duct tape but it's always mean inductive you could do that you can do the same thing right away but which might be preferable just for writing operative company right you have Harper he'd been you could make up the scandals at kernel level all the I've already either Microsoft office he would have home which has like crazy he's like start that X . spreadsheet whatever those I range if I mapping those would a hard reading interval what if in road what post about it was his last name yes but postmodern somewhere the so I specifically serve for Microsoft Office keyboard for dozens that 1 has a school tin which in school optical but buttons and why yeah there's what postmodern had that any more questions of the and and the yeah so the question is how easy is it to intercept anyone event only a little wider and turn into any other wires and if you know how to write C code and it Buddhas doable because the out 1 thing which you can do for this in this so made with improved open the device so and it's or like ignored is device and then have little interest they shall go which opens the you never vise itself and creates its own it's over new input device for from user space you can create a new devices which actually get grievance pushed into them from user space that's called new input device for reading where corner cases that sort of the direction we want to steer people if you want a funky shit and weird remapping this create your own artificial devise new space and do whatever you want them because then you have all everything which is possible on the but on the people and so on the interesting question there it's a branch which is where close slowly working toward standard support lack of growing tablets an entrepreneur on templates things up unep scholarly sitting on a branch because we believe it's ready but we also want to have the way the bits ready also cross already sitting when a branch with now we want to have at least 1 collision of 2 when protocol so we're working on getting it up and running GTK and and what we have all that writing we have a bunch of branch this score for that would support which we can push but we don't want to push any of them until we have the entire change in a for sure we get all the ABI right so I had more intimate sports coming a joystick support were thinking along the lines of this is really complicated we don't really need in a windowing system so what we need to if there was a demand for its and we take the rest this up and and API to say give me heat it follows that so that any game instead of needing to have you have rules which open up the doors to rise the world you can just ask the windowing system may I mean I know you have this will always be there for you guys would you don't want to have handle otherwise please give me follows the prefer the advantage of doing that is that we can also can focus on because he had found scripts can be revoked so when alt up away from the dangers provoke evolve scripted a little that that will give it a new 1 like here suggesting again and then we would need support it to export the same as the old 1 Latin woman ones so that's the plan for joysticks the funky inputs devices we also have a plan for iraq input devices which do not fall into any categories likely these boxes which at 6 in a grid of 16 buttons for by 4 and you can assign any many many the models is and using special software handles more funky interesting stuff like petals for musician and whatever and we we're going to try to make something which we call bottom box interface in a bottom box is a box with a bunch of buttons and or dials and or sliders and or whatever and so those will all be obstructed away winner note that could in theory also use rejoiced were up . 6 especially those usually also what force feedback which also goes by and even if file-descriptor that would just hand out I the paedophiles referring the dominant I what the do we we see this as a composite virtuousness of environment problem depending on what you're talking excellent good only as a whole bunch of golden heuristics to figure out what we know it is a touchscreen which is integrated you want for natural the input device medical so we shouldn't to both models but skilled 11 into 1 and it's already a safeguards for that to do that as a list of environment so this is mostly a problem off of the higher layer from our point of view the offer API to same restrict the coordinate systems to this 1 of the and and from that point on this up to something higher some settings manager to Eq with for example we're drawing tablet same problem i've been awakened templates you can say I have a multimonitor % that's uh lake was from input but I want my tablet long enough to 1 of 2 which is where always run my give or whatever so we have our configuration fretting no retrieving go to conference in the tablets and you can see that this template only to this 1 that's something that we can never although the text because we don't know what the user wants to do In the case where a word of Dutch Greece physically attached to 1 of our some heuristics we can use the fact that then it's attached to a ball and which 1 over an initial ultimate but that's a problem which we just put up on the diary of no fixed the time of all 4 we the theory of problems note that as you have to put all of his or her the the so the question is
what I have new insists on
using static configuration for everything and that should still be possible you need to write different exorbitant because you can specify simple properties directly from example con you will need to rewrite the proper from situations you can also always keep by new branches right we will at least keep them compiling for a while and it all working the weightings to work so but still if you start with to things like like the 450 laptop so that at 1 example for which we specifically already and some duct tape to Synaptic's and 1 bundle based up doing right of what 1 would you want people to use but for now but once want you to and this is all wrong way just the you know you out of conflict and we don't want people to these config file wherever possible yes here of what's the version of the X server we require for running the inputs 1 . forming a work that's the oldest version I used I don't see any specific reasons why women work put something all abrupt cannot make any promises what support for calibration at the driver level that's that's an interesting long we've had some discussions about that we don't really have an answer variance we do it's not completely true we have our the input will pick up your property which is called calibration matrix or something like that you would need to look up what th actual name is so if you and you have room for a which contains the calibration data then the pimple pick it up and work on which the work of Weyland etc. we just need a tool to generators uniforms by that i want to calibrate my Dutch which means calibration of yeah I'm not sure I think we have the the uh we only have 4 4 4 point so it's the same algorithm was what we had in x if you want something fancy of are welcome were willing to discuss but yes so the me clear for that these were the question was some touchscreens mostly resistance that change only work with a bunch of we apply breeze which are not shipped by distributions like lip and it's easy to inputs to his lips is the input going to fix this and in the short answer is yes i'm because I have a number of the search region I wanted to work so ah yes this is going to work I think you even work now you just need to to have a driver which 1 of the problems which the T lip supportive touch screens is they come with an right 1st ever drivers don't properly implemented interviewed aspect we will not support us and we're drivers you need a fix the price but once you have that it should actually already work with the input that again you need to write a new rule which sets the calibration points and we may want to make it easier for programmers part of the input to generate such a rule now if that's not a solved problem that the numerator the up by and so i the question is joysticks I mentioned providing a follows part it will be in here follows that it would just be a role kernel found script so you can do everything that you can do if you were to open death input you need invent something because that's uh here follows script of a sort of unique nowadays in kernel that they have a revoked your so we can just hand them out and whenever the focus change we can just look and indeed the application and the 1st time tries to use funds were that would an area that is on the rope sorry and when that's focused packet gets involved so that where we can actually do focus handling would joysticks for something which we cannot well it's 11 I am still not worry about to pictorial joystick options enforce backstop everything which comes that we can use say at its best left at least that's not serve you for now in the future will see that's right you work we need to add a specific protocol yes all the that's that's a very good question so what the question is it my my translated what's going to happen in the game says who of course typically Vice vibrant very heavily and also that you alter the way in that the games focus cannot stop the vibration I strongly melting up all season just inferred breeding very lovely it's cool it's a good point it's a very interesting 1 I think is is said is is something which needs to be fixed at the kernel level actually that when any focused on that whatever force feedback is running yes turned off because uh entries occurring gang problem it at all to David Herman about this you know David Herman just dropping a minimal I think he's the guy should look into as he came up with a whole we hope principles so you can fix it and you any 0 keyboard let's I think I mean there is that many could also think term think by this but I think what basically is when you get a new funds for from re-initialize list to what you want them to be right so it's then up to new application to put the let's say the same state because the old application doesn't know which to new application is going to be etc. so yes you create your own you input we we basically means the whole bunch of heuristics type something is right if it has a relative access and a couple of buttons it's probably a mouse and you can just look at the code which we are fine and if you prop ordinal input device you structured properties of the right type of X is etc. We should recognize and is what you want to be yes that's pretty much unchanged yes the yes he has lipase something we want to go away and the dimple pretty much already has equivalent functionality except we don't have a calibration but if you know the calibration data and you put in unified from you then we'll pick it up and you're resistive touch just work if the touch diver properly implements the EDF API because a lot of the Emirates Riva's just do crazy stuff right if never read the documentation and sense of random events and the asleep actually as code they're like this is not supposed to happen but will be would it anyway because and were devices notice that's pretty much I think of course like an and we don't want to go there we don't want to guess what they Britain in the type of event which is not supposed to be needed for single but you for example a number of and work if I saw sending multi-touch inference for single patch the because I think the Altamira variance with response to single touch events because they only support that so the detector the driver to prevent multi-touch below would always only 1 finger and the and that's the we don't want to go to supporting those kinds of hybrids stays which were especially my friend words and I know it'll Dutch we models were trained upstream kernel are properly refuse to actually writing an of this work the end of the world and the the the yeah well as I said before with the question like what if what if I will determine the mean and implemented on a events right it's a hell of a program which opens the role in the cathode creating new input device which then lights multi-touch would only a single finger and and problems have and we're happy to because we don't need to support British remaining want to get out of the world of they were people who really crazy set ups and and this out of those 1 we break and because it has a long history of backward compatibility and long history of making everything under the sun configurable no-no you've ever worked with old extinct uh toolkits apps down to its resources you can configure everything right you can replace the random labels in random acts contains and it's it's very configurable that several something where we want to get away from far more questions and certain and it was