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Upstream Allwinner ARM SoC (A10 / sunix) support status

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that is very cool and 1 of the reasons which makes it possible that we have and she got support as we can actually put the file system somewhere which is really convenient we have simple as the support simple and b is an interface between you boots and a kernel that occur almost which piece of memory is used for buffer but also which clocks are useful framework for such an internal this plot we had a huge flame fast on a number of Austria mailing lists to get the the API between kernel and so you would flesh out here that took me a lot of what's when there saying but it's it's there now itself through its number and it's working and we already have support for the latest as seen from all and only 18 but this is basic support is is currently at the same level as very were lost lost them for the HNH hurting so you get a you watch basically 8 input from is the color of from a memory image so what's coming the
I let me 1st tell you a little bit about how we bring up a new SOC for some cheap so the the uh the dishonesty SOC itself as a little broom from inside which is not capable of doing a lot what it can do is it can loads of up to 24 K of code from this he got and copied at which interval as Roman execute so this is basically where we have a powerful as receiver were still talking microcontroller this stuff right if 24 cave code that's it in a 24 k of code we need to set up the DM controller will 1st we need to program the the power management I she gets is externalizing which creates all the voltages which are necessary on on on board we need to program that so that the diagram actually gets that's and power because if you don't get any power to the realm of work once a year powered up we need to program development for interaction talk to the development set all the timing parameters correctly for the use of board and then what happens is that there is also the 24 K as simple as a car driver which will load the real you want which is about 4 or 5 of K. so halter-neck of gold to G RAM and then will jump into the room you so that's how basically a boat for you would works we have a tiny look 1st lower which is called the S P L which stands for secondary payload because the primary payload is good from which is wired inside stop this is which starts executing secondary payload is the tiny loader which is to initialize the powers and RAM and and copied to really you wouldn't endearment jumped in theorem and and the the actual you would runs and actually you would is therefore sometimes called the territory which locally this kernel which is what we actually want the portrait painter at so getting up a new sort means that we need to build both in SPL and you binary at if you look at the customs bootloader proprietor who daughter which always ships that's also uses 2 stages they call what we call the S would 0 end and sometimes they have an excellent single pooled 1 and then they look you move and some versions they love you would directly from here so what we usually do is we start with just building only you would binary so we don't have to worry about by all management ICG ramping it etc. and then once we have their normal you woodworking using always alone material which is a proprietary block basically to do did you have any it then we start working on their own SPL to replace the GMM control to the so this means that the uh the steps for getting up and bought our 1st of all just getting the basic you would going using always own proprietary bootloader and then once the ones that works we need to figure out how the the clock 3 set up and a power management I see in and actually works this is not stuff especially during controller the class and there are no dogs always usually is working with other organizations and whatever but whatever I IP what they are buying for a the run controller has a song clause in the contract which they have which I believe and avoided even control of they cannot tell us anything they cannot give us codes they cannot give us data sheets they give us nothing except 0 so to get to a 20 tree up and running as I said before we now have a 23 support through so including SPL in world I basically had to disassemble when 0 and look at every instruction what it was doing the manually I dataentry support is coming up I was hoping it would be very similar to a 28 reasons it's been compatible but they put in a different from control so yesterday when I was in the training error I spent 2 hours going through on disassembly again figuring out how did you mean for a territory works and probably still will dispense 20 30 more hours going to armies assembly and hopefully we would have the for ages so this this you an idea where we are at least a currently we are administering a disassembly listing but there are more slots which we want to support the we all AT get the optical or the big little 1 as that 1 is complete so we have a base you would then be in which we can load would always good 0 up to step 2 was looking complicated because they're are using 2 payments were chained together so they don't have 1 I see which creates all the voltages on the board to have to and the chained together somehow and we don't have schematics of the boards so we don't know which voltage of the p make is going where we have about 16 being equal mycologists which we need to configure they but we don't know which 1 is going where what is power so this is still bit head-scratching and I've pockets for now and look mediated 3 because that looks to be lowering for not are there also is something which is called the a in the tree which is the budget version of a I know you can buy tablets with this up in there that's why I know this associate I know the markings beef I know their templates which I can buy which I haven't done yet so that gives you an idea of where they 83 supports it's basically nonexistent at Mount you at the currently a real soon now we we have a come from utricle Chen you this a lot of really great work is over there have there's lots of great work for our 4 always support in real so now we should in option kernel of CPU frequencies support so currently what happens is we ramp up to the SOC CPU core voltage in you would 2 the voltage we ramp up the clock speeds two-dimensional clock speeds and that's what it's running at the focus supporting so this is running eyes in task it's nice and warm the about what we should have CPU of frequencies support soon we should soon have a new was being pants and she such as the got again takes in 10 new a we have someone working on a date and you make on for a driver and audio codec support those to go hand in hand so we should be able to do audio output at least over the analog outputs which a lot of water I think we still need to figure out how to route that in you might we noted the chip can do audio over divided is what you want if you don't have any headphone connector like distinct I We know
experiment we have the basic audio codec supported should be just a matter of doing the 2 together famous last words the as a that's something to well actually it's not something which you can do until we have a kernel molten rock video but because we need to integrate that at the kernel so work in progress is and support and support is a problem because all the all where devices use and it's not like as is the worst offense equal for which there is a flash translation layer is small and you need to do everything yourself I the Linux kernel has a subsystem for discourse of the MT due to memory technology devices subsystem and that is basically from the eighties some pretty from the eighties we didn't have Linux in the eighties when it's all it's meant for single level of SOC single level FS chips happen nowadays everything is multi level but it doesn't support it gets we need support vector 1st translation layer integral for MSE devices we have some patches for those but no 1 is maintaining it so no 1 is able to review those patches so if you know anyone who is interested in doing interviews government we could use for and and support assault on don't remember his name I was that it has posted a backchannel while back for pop support for the marker crypto engine so you can do things like this and 8 he s in in in Ottawa on as a C I I put those up as made with may seem to have that step Absolon will pick up that that should again original configurable start working on again soon if the and the last thing which is still being worked on which should be ready soon is a driver for uh age they to be made the a straight chips on from all where there are 2 the power management I see so the 1 which make all the voltages in which you can use to configure for example the CPU core voltage and we want that because we can configure the CPU core voltage then we can do frequency scale and voltage gets a mention of a once we have that works we can probably also look forward to CPU frequency-scaling 48 23 and who knows maybe it will be the same for a planetary on but plants as in some will start working on this and so was the 2 g support this is a very important 1 I said before we have voted to support a new mode which means that I can take a cheap tablets and employ many use the keyboard and interact with you and I can tell you want to go to kernel and I no longer have a working is the because the kernel is in support of the genius so once we have this 1 so I will start working on this real soon and it looks pretty why also that you would patches so I know what I'm talking about but then you should be able to sort of user tablet wouldn't use the reports of which stop Linux the and we also want to have a kernel sitting right so we don't need to think not only just take over the free refers to the but you wouldn't lose a lot of stuff like change resolutions automatically detect something is plugged in the ectoderm etc. and the boss of this union there's no I hope we can sustain correct probably not I will hopefully soon start work on that or may already be working the and the cells with exactly 5 minutes for questions as we have seen that you might see you know that window Our yes Olivia repeat the question remark was we had NOC and working as something like 6 years ago so if it's not the girl something is wrong I you need to talk to Boston pursuing activities unit stuff I don't know to do something with my support and hard for see and we need support for those features and something like that the whole or I yes we are going to support in the form of a weak acid questions which they may or may not and so basically the answer almost every question it's a police have questions about the problem we have of mutation except for the and if you of course but so i in general all winter is support of this as supportive as they can be giving conference which the IP vendors which they do it's from whom they buy B which still using their and he so but yes we have support from always they help us we can ask them questions and using an answer so things like that yes in wrong and this is all in and there is a lot of info which we can get from the current sources the I day yes they do have something which could be considered GPL violations depending on your interpretation of GPL because they ship some objects house instead of shipping source for every model which they ship that something of afforded data mean and videos to same for the binary block driver for each 86 use that it's debatable I don't want to really go there because always correct right whereas I don't have to tell them yeah but you are doing stuff which we don't like some people do know who very loudly at all Elwina's violating the GPL I think that's what you need is a C worlds they are all 1 of the better vendors the not the best but 1 of the better so for most of the stuff the problem is not that we don't have the cold is just at the always produces shown moral and that usually is better to just completely start from scratch that use reusing their cult or admission into the role of clean but the except for the do something we have no culture but that's not part of kernel that's part of the talk so they are not violating the GPL there the the the end the war yet but still it was not really the kernel atmosphere morality were loading another device that does manage our more questions yes the what's the reference drivers intuition about what's the current iteration no look after that an and the problem is that so there are 2 new use if I go back to the initial screen you will see that there are 2 GPU used the yeah yes there we were
but the money for your momentum only for all that has been reverse engineered and look for a has a major driver for it but it's the he was not publish it and there was 110 per cent and is never 100 membership ready so please ask look if you will be so kind to publish his cult so artist could be integrated and then the other part of it is that some of the newer ones have our VR graphics and power of your graphics are basically never going to happen he can be really simple they're they're never going to get support in unless power the are itself days it might and starting to melt lava itself with so to give you situation is money fear or is possible but I know we need someone to read and work I think he did publishes the amount work for the initial instructions and reverse engineering is public so you could start implementing reason writer based on that works and you have a lot of work to based on or someone needs to convince look to actually releases source and or integrated with the existing of 3 codes yeah are there any more questions think yes all the way back that they use great work in some on real life so the only thing that the of all wouldn't it be better to get all where to do all this work themselves yes definitely if all leading to hire competent engineers let me summarize that pretty much it's so that they are going for time to market they are going for right kernel specific kernel patches and things like that so they're not really interested in of string kernels for that's that's that's what 1 of the things that I want to thank
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Titel Upstream Allwinner ARM SoC (A10 / sunix) support status
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Serientitel FOSDEM 2015
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DOI 10.5446/34377
Herausgeber FOSDEM VZW
Erscheinungsjahr 2016
Sprache Englisch
Produktionsjahr 2015

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