Working with I/O using libmraa on Linux

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Working with I/O using libmraa on Linux
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yet OK let's introduce Brendan who will talk about using linear MRA the the end of at the few around so essentially you know what would you go on the library and working on which sends you as you did use based on on
general Linux boxes there all sorry the
we if your questions you can be a good I apologize because my laptop cues works of and wandering around the
century of MRA is and I library the space limits and with the intention full enabled as possible and as you do the difficult stuff you'd expect from which is to just a using gingerbreads or any kind of weird methodology the award uses we base of onto hooks and do with stuff always boys to cities by about and you enabling on with rewrite your library to like hundreds of them and you can just pick a favorite 1 on we just make sure you up all actually works the the game is that there isn't really on Linux so give library that tracks is the usual way there's a bunch of stuff that exists but there's no 1 actually supports more than like tuples along the so a China-based eh of make it easier and this is what we support a moment on everything in black we actually do support properly and in blue we have a p or person for a bunch of stuff of which is still kind of merging you're always free because possible intervals so we don't have so a trial surely that you work repression and responded via call carrier branches of build system doesn't really understand world to show bill so but it does work but essentially it's pretty easy support the boats there's 1 the file of online depend on how complicated border is it's like an afternoon's will equal a few days really inspections the lovers both pretty easy and and the request you the news is a real hot so as to do I wanted to balls in science and the answer is that in this slide where I go people like you know you got to see the device open it's pretty easy just like start talking to the right and so this is what you need to do in order to start talking like you see on an Edison born 6 so that everything you need to do that before you can start right the device and it will do something and if you do these in any role of it will screw up and if you don't know is order is is very somewhere in the data sheet you can find it public but if we that a very intuitive and crazy enough somebody operations will fail but you know I still works the target and so yeah this examples of essentially we do that for you and the idea of the bride is that was the pin numbers the real you bought a what you get and it just work to do nothing more so if is written 1 you bullet you ascertain 1 and you will get paid 1 Ernie's we will try and make sure that's what you get we spoke bluntly the eyes I forgot indigenous as the other than how how we we have a CAP which are basically I written C and there we have a C + + Henry library and and then we use we to generate a JavaScript and Python API is when bunch interface also try make is like nice and this week only of python by arrays and node buffers and so useful myogenesis Noctua jobs with around but essentially you can extend this we have a lecture a branching like PHP working go is just a bit hard to make those they show little work so that you're just simple lower were very open and we have some guy the a tight maps and definition you can use the the marks apartments of into and so that every charge shaved how it works you know this
from troops the so this is a
title bold so this is the this imposed on the old Raquel yeah cool handy value diamond examples of it has have many comes from this guy is going in um the the do
because I didn't stable how'd control the it is not a I apologize now the we use the in sit if around it cool what we I suppose they really of it is in the throes of an expert in mobile every supportive evidence based so just any Linux board and wrestled the most the does the long offset enough are so if you really positive I like the Python API it's much easier to test of so it is the bullet and we give you a bunch of when when added library initializes we're on init function for years to construct and this really try and guess what would your own what are the best we can said to be on x 86 ball that we use Indian I and will try to bold name and a few parameters we try and find as and you make guess and on on we use whatever we could find this on and basically then we part of it back so you can do stuff like go get version library you can get you the but it's to which the problem no you talking platforms as the mean of the word the name if you really want have been you can check consistency as basically give you the amount of light you have away you either this classroom I think the doesn't exist will complain to me and tell me that's an about and so I can request I the actually exist on the and essentially tree is still LC display causes the biggest ADI I could find my library we need to blink like something so I was like to see screen images delight give you a the so on so last through the urgency bus 0 0 1 in along but thing we do so there's a bunch of ITC pausing colonies from user space so we try and guess what you see because you can use so if you have some numbers have been stupid will trying to be something that makes sense to us as a body formed this board b bus 6 unfortunately this breakable uses what you call some of the 0 0 we we guess for you but if you guess of 1 that already you're using it whatever other concept we have a pencil of Jacobians is given a concept of ownership so the 1st person requests uh do judge the OpenSER based exports it will on the pin the now let me when they close it we will clean up after what are you can not underpin and there's you know the voice but the entire idea of this is we use context and all around why we know which based come stateless answers you expect to keep ownership of your of your eye and that's how we can trace you well on but we know well clever been away the connection to processes running just but the same I O pins and you will conflict if you start at the same thing just like the so there is pretty simple issued should allow to see and I think this is right the and you registers so I think it's the 1st the that and then you have to remember remembers by so that's the and then I think it's the of traditional how should take some critical of so it is now red so they go to communicate to that of the could change again going to call the sensors in RGB color some reason site is utilized the size of the 1 unit colors is good enough to display and so this you can write really simple stuff others of it's that across platforms now why would you wanna do this from user space is the entire question you could do this in kernel space course in this planning good lovers doing that our problem a scale-space hacking is a lot more complicated takes some more time as your degree pro-cycling it's just the mass the only and so that's calendar 1st of them on the
acoustic is no jest C C + + on it's slide you just take whatever language you the great so I see
only scholar this instead of objects we have context so you initialise a context the and and in this case you said direction that you can write whatever you want to of energy or the unelected for our you will close the context in which can be a bit of a weird you can just say you don't really know what is the 1 you want on we do that with electric and C and C + + and would you have like a optional parameter on your hand on the constructive on the so it's especially Linux right so I mean it's a bit banging down the stack of but we we have measured because people seem to be crazy obsessive doing this and we go the 2 . 6 megahertz the I but it offends we tried it because that's what writing is a among and if you then change the direction that can then you have another latency because it's done with an eye to see expanded so it can be a lot more complicated is giving you a car or a lot of micro are but it should be biomonitoring row at the so we can do it drops as well so this is don't interrupt Python and and essentially it's quite easy to do was quite well on so you justify of callback function so that the vehicle that function does have to be an object of because of the way with Python the stuff of essentially edges request you you say what did you want of securing drug on and you just 7 and so it can from it's really trittyes program of it's what people expect these days I guess from provide stuff around that's talk about 2 concepts we have which is essentially the ownership of thought about and we also have the ability to use we can enrollment so that he does not but limits we virus numerator down from all tehnologija those which usually starts with a 256 for the researcher to 512 which means Europe like crazy numbers lies in the the Raspberry Pi think of my 44th 146 are you have them in your area because all the currencies and so we have a translation map we initialize renewable starts which just makes that sensible and go along with you connect it looks like all we think it looks like and but we can also write this behavior and you can initialize rho just is if you want and we use are internally all and so if you really want in 13 to be what the kennel things has been 13 we can give that to you if you really want guy UCT you can do that as well I you will to do anything with it is completely to be able and so that's that's kind of what we do internally to support all these books and and and you can use its they can be handy and the and then a bunch of stuff we do see is the well get Latin tiger powerful name uh we don't each coordinate reaching should because that makes sure you border that initialize otherwise you don't know the the last properly and the the platform code is independent is oxygen dependent own platform constant query it but you can't write to additional on area we reopen syslog quite law and you can change the policy and stuff so usually on stuff forms in your system DC can go check in the journal Nature if anything's going wrong on and we've got a bunch a bunch of stuff of an internal talk we tried explain how how we the the I what 1 of the questions we have is what we can definitely has some API the and and this really is big is and we read these contexts type things we we need to know who owns what in every model to run multiple processes of the not every node you only run 1 program but you don't really care about running along especially in the it's 86 ordering implementation the 1st thing novel does resettled inside when you start out in a sketch which is really no we want we were trying to the board in the same stable whether state you left it is and and a lot of the the you stuff people copy and paste like an Arduino library and doesn't work because it's Linux and you carpet bang and you really cannot expect when you do sleep for 1 2nd you can see for 1 2nd you might you might not around every kind of follow a 1st in the and API is where where they have this form of comes context but there's the plus plus around which we really want and that real convinced says a bunch of guys of rats or library and to be i ordering stock we address the welcome to use that if you are ordering a style mapping and another guy was delivered the genocidal on down the line around but the really cool thing is and what would be an API that does abstract suborder away and there's bunch I stuff is we we stop having to write code for for this kind of display like and I that I don't know what will the ICC bus address illnesses has some built-in user right you get in the box so pretty from the manufacturing ludicrous prototype use when you use this Grove LCD RGD that light screen right so what we do using provide a a bunch of X-ray PR on top of the
graph which allow you to this use of finished the product so the recording again so useful packages some wrong the steps what time so so essentially it has is through post last and has again Python and John script of bindings answers stray away it's is much much easier so you pull the ITC but the that's your i l LCD library we have and you can adjust us for whatever you LCD years in this case this form uh give ITC bus number and display initializes and then and I still set chemical which can go which and the display changes come as expect but but the really cool thing is this works now it if you're bold suppose now this work on anybody have so instead of having to uh copy and paste code or whatever and you can just take our libraries and we support something like 60 70 depending on how you count senses and backlights and LCDs stuff we're constantly adding the way more and did you just had a right title platform file and you get all the sensor for free around that's basically the concept and we're trying to add more platforms are more devices animal blind in this and so were originally it could help Saturn see see what you guys that she was 1 of the and that's that's basically the idea and and I can quickly show you what you hear module would
like the the use of stock in
it was horrible around yeah of
the PM API and building digital libraries for pretty much every sensor or sensor class we try and regroup senses of reuse together but there are individual libraries that you want as 1 sensory detail that 1 library for itself or you build the whole damn thing and you just turn on you depends what you want and you can replace them and they try and follow a fairly similar patterns so temperature sensors have a similar call for get a temperature so that you can write your code and be fairly temperature sensor agnostic let's say you take 1 sensor user and you pick another 1 of 1 of the oldest and the idea of people to quickly right out and not bother about what the hell and ITC devices an example is the barometer sensors we have a API at the can even call it without any parameters are more user defined you see those utilize and essentially a you can just fashion temperature in order to print out the on it's all in C + + for some reason and we we have seen we use the CPI Rob because of the time that's the thing we had and the reason C + + is that we can then build sweep your eyes a lot cleaner lot easier without duplicating even more carried of a technically you can write C 1 of your analysis we the modified stuff so you can really do what you want on a bunch length and its affiliates of Pelosi it's MIT license to be taken as a poor request already a bunch stuff on so if you are I as a driver so your support you platform and our momentum to and yeah we distrust boys many things as possible and In the way and that's basically it so if anyone has any questions of we right this what so we don't OK packages for a different other distros and so if the dead then we were trying to be where we've got like the start of or we're going to do that at the moment we support looks packages so we build every every single detrimental to Bill and to like each a package that you can install which insisted that package of modify those you can on in as well on we more having more of you gives it a quite big um Rusbridge small and we're going try push rods at a bunch of different distros as well on but here not quite yet and just and the the average of the you you you you you we we have the the the the the we the all and you the the because in the world and that was the way he what do you think the the the the and think it the of yes so the 1st question is do we spoke open wrt right and the question is yes the viewer cause emits thing the role that wrt only the the reason it's not quite years because we we see many cannot build system doesn't quite we haven't quite worked out of the 2 together but we begin the that and yet we just people to write like things to the roots of reasoning can use user room integers the 2nd 1 is on the USB about is that you could be paying to go on we every little idea of bitch is with more worried about supporting the I on that show platform on embedded platforms but I should 1 0 and the numbers the reason we can in the vocoder-based initialize a performance is very he's so we can vary much of a techn USB devices and see if you got adapter and stopped using that but 30 that'd be great in the test image and a method that I the that nothing else good but will figure out if we