Producing media content for the browsers using GPAC

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Producing media content for the browsers using GPAC
Latest developments for media web distribution
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Open Media - GPAC
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um so I'm going to try to give you examples to see how you can use to to back off and source has suffered to produce some contend that you can play in your web browser so the 1st point
is that the web browsers are more more capital of fleeing media that that so you may have heard of the HTML 5 0 June view track elements of course but there is also JavaScript so in JavaScript you can do several things in combination with HTML 5 you can use the extensions so for example media source extensions for encrypted many extensions or you can use plain Java script to extend the capabilities of your browsers for example if you don't know how to the codes a certain of product for example data you could imagine that you have a job as the decoder for that that and so we're going to explain the can be initiated that we have taken inside a project to help you of both on the server side and on the client side to produce some ginger consent so maybe a few words you back due back it up until software uh its license so there was a GPL and now there is a commercial company called energy back licensing but 1st it was started in 2000 at the start of the New York City and its can of a long story but it's not a hostage in the university in Paris uh we are hostage get have its revenue in used to be on sports so we hope that they will be more comments more issues more pull request and that it will make the process of using and contributing to G. packs smooth its cross-platform it's a huge the common base and we have several Tools graph tools from packaging streaming and playback basically I'm going to come back to this later and 1 thing that is interesting is that our main packager which is cool and and P 4 box is also available as JavaScript so and before what's the GS and it's really helpful but when you need to provide some content to the browser and the marks of from the browser has a different behaviors of across browsers all you can the marks of some kind of that that suggests titles on rest i from IIT made a presentation this morning talking about the subtitles thing of the slide later about this so we have packager streamer and
a player so this is an interactive layer at the interface is made using SVG and you can have many detailed information that a really useful and this is 1 of the reason why many industry Octel's chose to work with us when they needed to make demonstration might for K 10 beats demonstration using the letter Scott except there are because they could gets all the standard states of the could for example the made the bandwidths artificially into this kind of things just
a few words about that acknowledges the video technologies that used on the web and initially there was a lot of fragmentation like we didn't know which context we were going to use which contain as we were going to use and it seemed to have submit standardized around the M PEG for acknowledges sodium before container but the M P 4 video they view the video which is 6 4 and the some ACM pick for and how would you so it's really makes things easier as the 1 of the thing about HTML 5 is the addition of the old you and the video elements and if you consider the Plano gender video elements just to provide files to feed the that and 1 of the extensions of our work about in the 2nd slide which is called media source extension allow you to push some buffers of directed to decode and the way you get the data from the network is your responsibilities so you can use JavaScript to get that you can feed the data to the browser media decoded I think that you 5 is going to make a peer-to-peer demonstration the idea of the traction later today so 1 good thing is that it supported by the role of the latest Internet Explorer it's going to be an idea to Firefox but they are some limitations like you need to package your accountants are in a certain way you the it that so the good news is
that that's with the tool that we provide with the packages that you can really simply take some constant that you have package and transform it into something that makes it compatible with is the latest technology so if you need to max some old you view instead of file using an before you of this simple common life and now if you want to make sure that your content will be compatible with the latest edition of of extension datasource extensions for example because you need to switch the quantity in the middle of the playback for example your content is available as a low-quality playback fol low bitrates and high quality for high bit-rates so for example you can fragmented and at 1 point you can decide to send some the fragments from a different quality to the media decoder as the less for the user and another possibility of of fragmentation is to use the dash the streaming technology that is going to be really popular this is somewhat additive streaming over HTTP this is the new generation of and the protocol started being deployed the so
Q is a color line where you can decide to dash accountants so here you have a 1 one-second segments and fragments end of things to this you can take advantage of the latest layer such as the Dutch JS out there that are freely available as free software on the web another subject which is
not really popular so we had the top this morning from under a sigh of IRT is a sub titles and subtitles is quite a mining field because there is no agreement on the technology that we need to deploy and the 2nd point is it's not we easy to stream some subtitles so use and we used to stream mainly about teachers and so when we needed to speedy it's as a set fragmented source segmented into small fires are being able to to to to be strange so it's not so easy so this morning with so that's for the where they are to the start of something that was colonized by the w 3 c there is where the the and there the males and so there is a way to store them into the eyes of the MS UB and picked for him before files um and actually in before work supports both formats for the packaging and in our player where some partial support for where entity we have no support for 2 him out but they will probably be some way to translate the MLE into whether your into 2 think but depending on the needs
another interesting subject to use encryption so we're not going to talk about so the orange today it's more about encryption you want to encrypt accounted for 1 reason or another there is an extension of fractional fat which is cool encrypted media extension that slows you to entry standard cream the data and what is interesting for us in our project so we are experts Indian but the before from forms and there is a technology which is called common encryption and come on encryption gives you the opportunity to seperate of the encryption itself the key that is needed to decode the contents and the way the the key word can be retrieved so this allows you to share some node u in video files that support a difference of protection schemes using the same files so for example if you need to have 1 prediction scheme to play inside internet explorer and you need another prediction scheme to play into Firefox then you can have 1 single file that is going to be distributed to all the users so it makes it really simple and that we support its but mainly on the packaging side that's the same so we support a way to describe the difference of encryption scheme uh you we standardize way and it allows us to support the difference of difference of technologies such as Microsoft clarity and of the access of little white vine but also some of these are the are and of course we support some other schemes up really more simple and I just made so that if you make view and they somebody will not make a right teach to just make a copy of your account and on the playback size the Dubai back there is quite limited but there are some player the use of the web players such as the giant invested JS but I'm sure that there's gonna to be some other players in the future to decodes the content from the same the article that protection technologies and I've given you the link so that if you're interested in in this you can see how to achieve this
another project that I talked about this school in before what the jails so give you the opportunity to D-marks your eyes of the file directly inside your browser using JavaScript so we made it because of manipulating um empty for files inside a browser was really complex and when you give the find directly traditional 5 of the new and you have no control on it and especially across browsers you had 5 steps you were able to play on some browsers and not able to play ensembles of there are still many limitations we experiment and so we give you the possibility to reassemble file on the fly so I think that's um at the end of the track there is pure 5 is going to talk to you about peer-to-peer applications so for example gives you the opportunity to get a plane in the file that you would have encoded in a long time ago and you can get the different fragments from different places and you can get them together directly inside your awesome so there is a page with demonstration that shows you how it works and you can play with it the another
subject so I thought about the streaming of subtitles but there is also the streaming off interactivity Lazard like SVG graphics so this is a specialty of Michael the real who couldn't attend today so it's the possibility to have some of the for example to get some interactivity on the on top of an existing video or simply to display subtitles so ICG has been used but when GTT and where not already here on 2 of some of the graphical reach although there is some text itself so you can see some examples you can in place some cartoons were some countenance are in a less rigid format it's and it's a really small formats and it's entirely scalable scalable so you can play it on small devices and the huge screen but 1 thing
that is probably and unrelated to the web technologies and that presented is called of Zen build its scan of the new project that we have pushed and you have and by 1 problem that we have is to build some of the other our open source project you back the player has many dependencies and I think that it's true for ffmpeg for the baby for VSE foreign player for but many other carbons players the was we sometimes really hard to get a spécifique the configuration of the novel so software sometimes you have people saying I need as if and then with the GPL license and I need support for free fonts for example and was really hard so to configure and to execute so what we need is of but complements level real system so that it makes it really easy you have a set of of projects you give the common lines uh to combine and cross compiler them so there is a specific form of and from then you can decide to build them and you can even generate sub substrates so that's so you can then have a single scripts that will be able to generate useful so we use it in G back and we're going to advertise its more during the year as we have 1 more module so that other people can of builds ffmpeg G. Barker whatever project more easily another thing um
but is to have a tear and this morning said we have no equivalent of land but in the multimedia field and maybe there is you buy which is a start but we are also working on something similar with with probably different for different reasons and we are trying to find a way to for people to build easily and multimedia applications whether they are inside a single process several processes across different computers from and to make it really easy so it must be easy to makes to write some applications and the to write and compliments so for example there are some people who want to add some support for the AVC and or you know just think about it as a piping system but probably with things that will allow you to do other things things such as scalable codec that's so actually it's not so it's gonna be open source I expected to be open source in 2015 and what is interesting is that is being entirely financed by
by the industry and so actually people were looking for different applications like a player in the TV Yoko transcoder etc. and the that's how we did it the so the
last slide this to present you the different subjects we working on uh what we're going to do this year and kind of a demonstration were going to show and so the first one is um the relate if to scaleable colic so we've for DHE BC decoding we've been working closely with the team from opening Tunisian Hall I We did many demonstration like for k demonstration attended video demonstration higher frame rates etc. ants we believe that's scaleable codecs like as and can see so the scaleable those enough HUC of could take off some all and especially with some here delivery like HbbTV scale of things so people would receive for example the Astana definition version of accountants and if they pay for the bandwidth they can gets the complement so that they can receive the for k or they can receive an additional whatever it could be an additional Joe or whatever and so in terms of ISO BMF sodium then P for formant internal of Pfizer BNF signaling this is really not trivial so we're working on it another thing that would like to work on is the storage of office so there is a specification of all see in in the foreigners opium BMF i which is being written and we hope that we can have on this the the other thing is but the storage of images in general so this is related to subtitles dis is related to radio this is related to so many things that are not of purely video another thing is related to the limbic batch so I talked about and the dashes the adaptive streaming over HTTP is i currently of the hot subject so there is the Dutch and it's a form there is HbbTV so TV interactive TV and there is a streaming of subtitles and another thing that we implemented in G back is what is the so actually a trainees bands 6 miles on this and we hope to be able to use the bike as the word or or so of the the aim is to use it as a peer and I think that force some projects suggest due to pure delivery it's going to be useful and the other project that i've presented to users and so that you can do is your multimedia open project and signals so that people can build more easily that streaming applications thank you thank thank you but you don't know the the read of their own the project in the the so we used to have a plugin for web browsers Lagos words it under yeah actually so that's true we what else so was no for is the name of that the Windows player levels would z that which is a protein and a and and API plug sorry worse but in Savary in Firefox and is going to work for a few weeks ago in Chrome since chroming is going to deprecates thought to be KPI so yeah it's not Avenue just it's open source someone did it at 1 point and actually we don't use it so users you know needs to make requested for some something is broken I actually did we don't believe in plug-ins with thing that section of 5 is going to take over and so we need to adapt and that's 1 of the reason why we played with the Emscripten we decided to reduce this version of India for what's which is cool and 4 but suggests and we think that the people doing the player like GW player does the JS around are going to you know the better than we are to make a player inside a web browser the other thing that I didn't say that did you but player has some HTML 5 capabilities like we have some JavaScript with support some of the HTML 5 video elements we support mitosis extensions so possibly we could extend it at 1 point if people are interested at 2 of light weights player that would support is count things and I know that at 1 point we try to posses the best of jay as player directly inside you back so it would be really relate weight and you wouldn't have to deploy you of full web browser to play you content inside the browser this was the last time can think of the 1 the kind of thing is designed and this is the this the and this is on the end of if you use the you think about OK so the question is related to a and for what's that S and subtitling so but if we extract did that that the where the TTE from and if robots suggests yes you can use the native rendering from the web browser yes was that we were yes sure it and there is no link on this but sitting in cynical Gretel my colleague made some experiments and he put the result on his blog yes if you have if you have a question just asking because it is the expert in this kind of things and the question is the question you there want to so we think of the this was the please be self OK so the question is what is the difference between a our JavaScript implementation of the best clients compared to what the best and as a forum on the best thing we don't have a display and injured back in JavaScript our display and is native application and so we aim to use our for example of plugged inside the dashed Aegidius player because for example there are some files that don't claim that js and people don't know why so they all use the same common lines and our re-emitted in the set of features that they can use from the Rhizobium of contains I think that everybody in uh who tried this got into the problem like a major source not fault which is a 1 of the arrow of chrome doubt true error messages anyway in Chrome when you have issues so everybody is using the same functionalities and we're really limited right now but indirect players that's 1 reason why so many people like it the bit moving company will there be best player at the I have of flash version which is really more extended and what they don't know how to play the contents of this switch back to the flash version of the player so we still limited the question regarding the licensing set you back licensing this special licensing of applying all OK so the question is about the licensing of G back here and the the the the Commission initiated called goal G back licensing so what happens is we contacted all of the copyright holder and so this sign an agreement saying that they agreed that the code would be sold so it acts as a cooperated actually so we can we license the code that this happens for example we I GPL and when people want to use due back inside their IOS subjugation by you know that become distribu dynamic library so in fact they would violate the license so the by a license forests and it's easier for them all right yes it's true licenses what the the right to yeah possibly possibly every contributor rise to sign of a series that I think kind the yeah the but is a political question how do I see a the decision of a dashing the future I'm going that that she is really going to take off i . many actors from the industry pushing really hard and the right now we have a genus which is going to be supporting Windows stand that which is probably going to be extended to the new at UBC codec so it's not going to disappear but at the same time we see the problem is able to and at the same time we see that you know a able their contents protection scheme with AS is not sufficient for major is so actually Savary has some support for that as you've heard of so I think the best is really going to take off In all those and you know you thank