EFL - A UI Toolkit Designed for the Embedded Worl

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EFL - A UI Toolkit Designed for the Embedded Worl
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I think yeah so sorry for is only a mile we adjust the and the 1st the talk so just finishing the set of all of the video to the recruiting there is actually no order coming out so if you can't hear me just raise your hand and I will raise my voice on so I'm going to talk today about online information library in our hands to ignite and and working now for sensor moves problems group in I am working for the American runs with the don't matter much I have been working on since 2005 in full of fanciful and maybe since 3 you now hello sold today I'm going to talk with the the wrote what are the online information library in all of where they are used all that is mostly our from setting where essentially using them right now and also worked out of the current plan of of the community and also offensive on all raring to improve on you fill in life and ordered in the coming here is of for questions that we will be a little bit short on time so I may speak fast if you question may be too simple the and I'm I'm trying to make it in time of
so what is itself the AFL is actually it's OK that was created for enlightened 17 so if you didn't know there was a moment that it was like to be temporarily to like 10 years to make it on the main reason was because we divide the full took it before writing like FIL pizzas right now uh I
don't the Mandarin migrants it's also did become a couple matter it's not name 7 it will actually the 1st thing the manner of the product but there was the agreement between our severe of enlightenment and the known other the time and they just father we will we started to do a full rewrite in 2001 and we do the 1st lives life and in 2008 and I believe that the 12 in December I think the very 1st and very important belief in the enlightened community is actually to call that there will be no year also solutions that so we we have real from the beginning of my thinking that we should be targeting on the world because we were thinking that's where there will be a market to of nice you I reckon you I and to have something where it was not at the time because they are well I think we're right we just didn't make it in time and its head of uh so we needed to for that the I will explain later why I so enlightened dimension was the version number of right now what Enlightment 19 and you that they can just call it unlike a the amount enlightened itself is no different from any all the all the obligations it is using near-field of it is using careful seem rather rich visiting units that we we did creates a toolkit for window manager with this to keep any useful and again a publication and aren't all that in bed at t also why took so much time so we have now all Weyland science about in online in the latest release so if you have a way on a petition can run in my memory and slower the we're working right now on adding a famous theorem of enlightened so that you don't need this 11 fire tour and and have a full of with weight on expands it so 1 of the main things when you agree on the device that you want to have a configuration that is very specific for your device you don't want to a shelf and if you are in you on the phone you just want to out of the bars displays the digital but the with the reduced number so you want to have a very long different set of modules of being and all kind of of a profile actually form and so on like and upstream as currently to profile advance our novel that stuff which is what physically most people know what this up and we have also a timing profile and some of from internally well and provide for them to the and for the phone and so all the company also some of 4 5 1 happened and we are trying to actually pushes profile of training but to think broadly defined to make very generic and not product-specific in fact of as a community migrants it's of maybe all around 60 in a country which offered by will so we do now related words for months answered per contributor around 10 people so it's it's very small as a little putting in fact so we have actually no real link is the use of Bayes because they are using distribution so you don't know all the people are actually using the Enlightenment you fill which we know is that people that are using for its so we know that people are mostly in really of enlightenment it's 1 thousand people we don't really know for what couples or anything but that the the the the which we we know we have to be this solution which is Boolean alive but I say we don't really know all of the user panel that's kind of disconnected of so when I took another might encourage aim was to talk about today will appear in the people that are involved in the process of building EFL enlightenment and application around the year fell uh sold for that couples this most people that where you want to have some of my stuff on the working on mostly constrained on where this of for on the device and on this mean that's the floor and like you fell in love for it around the if a community we really focused on all something fast when we say light it's light and them of Mory's age we do actually do a lot of benchmark on of memory by trample consumption but we also are we also due to all the integration of somewhere around you know that people are using it we need to have a lot of future of functionally that you can turn on and off it is something nightmare and of course the into of consternation and also still immediately because of Korean into pot clauses that it's a few itself where we want to know what the user CPU core give you when you have them and we also need to on the screen that Iberian virus reservations want to scale from our like this watch 2 for k T so you need to be able to do all the range of people with the same tools at all and so it took us like a decay to rights by the if else I it's I think the 1st where the feature film was in thousand something that the it's a mix of lgpl and is the most abused is for the planet we think are of course specific so because when you ports you felt to follow a system where you don't the alike forbid area less we don't really care about your patch to do so to completion of 4 there was because we had a bring to have access to relies anyway so you can just keep them and we don't want but we care about is a lgpl Fonseca common bond souls reject all the thing that what everywhere that you do care about them and we want the patch back that we have special is stable at the am long-term support for filled with the goal is to not break application of something very important for given following we do not change the theme we make sure that we have to but for publication so we don't break application all because wearing a very fast release cycle we use 3 months cycle we rearrange the ring that fast the main reason is because of sense also do a lot of product and is available for that is very quick also and they want the latest this feature but sometimes simply German things we want to be able to find the features of a stable on and enable to predict very quickly in the same order kind of the way so this way we are always close to really is when the new for on so yeah the same it was done for we measure with the new information the main reason why we did it is because the string graph all I will later on explain what the scene graph down what's in the wide of matter that much to us of but basically the core reason was because the arise in 2001 there was no some graph on any open-source library to this day must reference to very limited knowledge mean something could like to do is to don't have the same graph and huge as it on the fused critic so very there is really know that much of a ticket at those on will mean on that side of the felt we do consult new benchmark of we also have devised you checkbook contention so we also do check for protection at times some of the release of the film so we're pretty sure that's all when we do neural is it is at least as with the previous 1 and then of battery memory and sellers if you edge and so that's part of the release process actually all reduce the we do device for all around the world so basically we do also care about of the Internet tradition which also means that we need to be able to do right to left and the right a long-range we to a fully UTF-8 support and stuff like that kind of obvious is that need to state to state this all and also we have introduced the concept of scale factor because of DPI involvement of us uh because we you divided I like to watch and that the BPI the same as your T just that's the resolution of the distance of reading is very different 1 is like that is that meta from your face and the other 1 is next emitter away so we have this notion of scale factor that affects all rendering and that is a way to change or layout to change all you side also readable intimate screen in a meaningful way for your actual reading distance the better which we call a scale factor is also a way to measure the reading distance of every component of
we do of plants provide support them immediately after all we have all weekend builds it fell into static library and fact working into 1 binary and on the minimal today on binary you can do with all the tendency is a meager like I did then to cooler it up in the past year 2 because nobody we spend time to screen more of the United medically fit in all device we have to our you want more to train you can still do that but we don't spend more than that the so why do we care still what the nation in the end 2015 which should have most loyal thing else should be like 20 but no because we do a lot of the lines that are on that train and but we don't form also on the best scenario we have like Balsemo battery life of 2 to 1 year to the other so all you need to have a lot of mediation to actually been battery of the same thing with me more along with them with some form also it's our it's actually getting what what because years CPU core is getting better on your memory is not in the monomer along with soldiers security is going to be idle I don't want more so all the way you use your CPU and don't storm Maori you've is very important because they don't refuse are stalling jointly using battery following the news what'll so it's very important to do the nation for old elaborating on battery positive and as a result of the reason of use of a tree actually targeting devices that are very cheap Our system and and when that the king about spot and and low low and form it is to say that I am system-on-chip when you compare would you can put into a dishwasher old or anything like that because the price of and is actually very close to the profitable and form so you can make the same number in both of them so for that reason we still have the need to have a software that comply render that is very fast and able to run the law and the these no trouble but something else so it's important to actually some some but not all of we keep the also many of the running operation are limited by moments I will come to that with a bit later again answers you have 1 the last thing that's when you are doing the that thing on the uh on the low-end full and you actually out of memory that can be done by the web over this thing is going to if you like violent megabytes and then you are you raised to wanted obligation running in and if you start to use open GL must strive will consume like 40 megabyte per geo context so your memory is vanishing very quickly and if you need to have she'll convey Wenger convex bird application like the union the union g of and yelled to draw the calculator and you don't so this definition of are very small and don't really need out where can rent pretty well on software and actually save battery also because you don't pull up on the GPU that's our that's doesn't do anything useful so right now that's where we have a fully working suffer rendering and that is something we are going to stick with so we have both OpenGeo and software for with of year of you can fit still there of the enlightened there it'll run of efficient that also something interesting at most on where we see have the same kind of trade between screen size CPU anywhere along with so it also mean that your application is going to be better the link directly to a screen size all areas of the more concerned you have to push more the others if you need to be the more memory to have and so 1 of the most flashing into to trap it's can afford to states that that's the main driving factor in term of of the requirements on your system but yet we can do actually this stuff we supported me a letter from and threatened the gets on the name of in the foreign than the uh screen yes that's all this stuff provide so you can imagine that if you don't do it as the thinking of that so yet still out of that work so that little bit of of the era families are the main components of the the 1 is a mass and going to talk a bit more time in length but it but on other we have a bunch of all the useful library in all of our tool to having so we don't have variable and the Lincoln lease of something that so we have a noun which you'll looks for all the that I we have EEG false variation on something that we have with that of the region where I was picking on when the number you and which is all in all of the library and there'd languages for uh rejected so everything is built on until the soul are we basically you can build a fire a 4th edition by just relying on you know you don't need to use and the other to it's something go off you go so it here is something of very specific area of land in the ability of the idea behind the the use of that so you can say lies and his sister trainee worried directly into a file and when you need that you can just give it directly into sister to the donor actually need to go to the riddle the 5 which makes a much more faster and we actually can it and I able to map that part of the fight directly enumerate for there is there the kennel L thing to just get that very fast during and that makes sense because most of the time is that the amendment is going to read your corporation that is going to read you came all Julio's all that is basically going to be read maintenance of time by your computer so when you actually need them to read the we have a tool to compute to actually make that's researcher into text file so if you really need to read it intends to seek by all human eyes began but that's not the main use case many data is to be a set of possible in memory when you're reading it because it's mostly with doing it provides yellow it also work on it work so you can send actually the same the searcher from 1 side to the other readers know age of very very we get we actually use a speedy to store all things so that means we have a major forms of sound units of the year round so it's yeah it's redesigned to factor into 1 file enough with the game on doing usually is to have these kind of of file where you have all your resources to not go or on the news and very fast fast time to want to stop yeah so yet we do put your configuration and theme and inside like this of the we the the file so the care of the core of the of a the film is that it's a scene graph so the it's a really did it on the graph on because it is the time we have now are more than 10 year of optimization it's it's stopped the actually difficult to do so by any kind of major work because of all of the nation we have we when we change its we have an impact on performance everywhere so it's really all already in a very good state of governments and there is very little game we can we we have right now and that but we still have the few idea to try them all the goal of this in graph is to reduce the overhead of strings that are you actually the mountain of duplicates stuff screen you want in the but it's a worry the we don't do a lot of evolved to the duplicates resource you actually all compressed what we can do and I said before we are limited by memory along with so we do compress a lot of things emboldened if we actually do generated me as a bit map but then when you compress it into a specific of the run-length encoding so that when we draw them on-screen it's actually faster and actually if indeed faster to do a the compression offer like committing them to you as someone which is enough of anything that we have like we Raffarin of focusing on any given portable so right now it's working on friend of it's 11 well on all of the FRET Jeremy quite well we have uh Windows and Mac with instable there are really working OK on software we have no on the right in 1 of my quest is of have booking software in the 3 working
also in our we have some parameter is and a lot of conditions for all kind of it's 86 on on a diet right now we don't have any of communication for what is your needs nobody seems to be using them a lot of our and we also still terrible interview so we are still of conditional Egidius I we you provide we take care of the meetings switch so open GL there at a cost when you change texture when a Texas Sanger cheddar and the like that so we make a fault you knew that follow we review of reduced the memorial by so we use it with the sea and this 1 is is to which are a pixel compressed but when possible so that also in full performance and battery consumption when you are on on the device so what you see in graph thankfully thing reference pretty simple the letter in the scene 3 actually of the graph is just most it's that 3 of the objects and out when you do the drain you go from bottom to up and you draw that we did 1 on top of 1 of them on top of each other and that's the story of scene the benefit of adding a certain graph is actually that you know every primitive but you need to call on the can and you know which 1 you did on the previous frame so you have 1 point of the nation where can make a difference between the previous frame and the current frame and you can actually know exactly where the change and you can also make optimization of that are able to you can reorder your your OpenGeo of we can really open GL the call to be sure they are not switching fixtures of useless in real there's all other things to be sure that it's effective voltage if you also because you know what was true in the foreign with is drawn now you have a very easy way to check whether the change and you possible dates the fossil data is something that is just terrific and in Tamil for precision down of hasn't innovation you can just imagine that if you have a blinking cursor on your screen and you're doing up until conditions that application is most likely trying full screen redraw full-time so a very efficient handling software it's very easy to have just a small REL the screen that is where most of the because of linking to be data of open GL started to have 2 extension to excellent support fossil dates not all drivers avoid it's an ounce yeah it's it did on your on a system that with some good OpenGeo brighter value you of that on the device and it's actually something of replay of phytochrome brother to with freedom of which no graph Novotel dates you out like that it wasn't going the on just by that 1 of the benefit it also events all the stacking of the objects so you can actually not tools all data about that have something on top of them so this does save a lot of them were along with because they don't but you this is on screen while that is something that is also very useful in assessing rough those and if you are using the old way of doing that we don't worry we're doing a painting and it's very difficult when you're adding a fainter and to actually know what is above you and that draws are a all that are actually a back yeah of yeah we can also do the rendering actually in another thread because a scene graph is operated on representation of the scene so when we say OK Drummond thing we can just leave that scene graph to another strain and that's really the the rumbling as a main of we can still contain too much in the thread is the same as the changes in graphs and when the scene rather than rather we can actually have an office in graph ready to be run on screen so you are to use our strain much work efficiently in 3 others in graph of your you can also catch things before efficiently because you know all between the last frame the current frame much of the soul that just information in the back of the to right and you can be sure that all of only if you know that they are not needed anymore so in Dallas also get a lot of useless work that you do again and again and again if you're doing in differing and thing would so let's just to a song of the year all of of previous and current frames or on on the on the left and on the predetermined itself and then new frame on the bottom and the idea is when you are going to draw in the 1st layer the bottom and actually the only thing you need to draw if Johnson graph is this new rule of light blue rectangle you don't need to role the that we were going to the origin of dominant you draw the shadow you don't need to do anything else than this actual of blue light rectangle analysts is a massive saving and must so it will not do that because they have no idea of the stacking of logic on your you UI so they would do a full row of the full of the fact that they have no choice this resisting graph here shorts and you can do without and just draw what is needed on screen so that's a big fail so that together we is a they use 1 of the most important thing for some but not all sing rough those implement that right now all muscle free software where intermittency in just you open GL and they're real they're the deal and that's it so the Gecamines I wrote to the to do list switching and they do a full for drove from with and 2 of article that's fast enough compared to where they were doing before that's actually you can go much further with us in revenue but they do so that is the rumbling by pipeline so right now we don't have the yellow 1 very very that's in red is the mean of the obligation so we want to give as much time to the obligation to do all its mass and the let's really don't spend toolkits of the of addition multiplication actually of the IU bonds they're not really doing much in them of competition there doing a lot of the networks and doing a lot of a disk at meeting that Don tree compute a lot of that our so that a natural thing that you in light is actually where we do Compute solely stuff rejects and that need to be redrawn screen all at least not to visit we do will is a scene graph 2 times the 1st time to see what the change and something to draw it so the blue the blue 1 is when we actually check whether the change and when we check whether the change we actually and not of pre-computing that but we don't have yet all that is something that we don't do that at something we're working on on this year is to do all this are prepared stage in this thread in advance right now all the ills that is trying to go as we do the drawing all of the which is where 1 of the issue will want to the mobile that's a later on on on the In addition we have with more threads that the idea is that we are going to try to focus its red on a very specific what would also that part of all the air final stage is very more gone goes medically wolves a tree in all directions so if you have almost only like beef and test you have almost no computation on this side the yellow 1 and it will it will be very severe bonds if you want because you actually our computing some information and that's where we can easily spread the load on into the core so you can't really do anything on 2 if you all knew more about John and is actually going to Russia battery so you really need to be careful on what you spread on the strength and what you don't so we're trying to to receptors red and the drawing actually is mostly a memory bound to sold in most operation winning 1 call rattle to saturate the memory long on during so it that is something that is very important because of that we can there is only 1 operation which is the of Scaling and non scaling of image on on schools image by that is actually needs to be made relevant to ministry coral and that's it of otherwise of 1 great enough to remember along with the domain more than so we need to focus on Radial to the identify which workload these the word on which 1 is simply wrong and to spread the incorrect and the other thing is that we actually do the during this red but with push it to peaks in the main the reason being that all we have only 1 connection and so it doesn't work well with there because you still the we don't really use
it to be on the main reason being that it's simply has no support for GL so you still have to have an extremely of age if you will have a few 112 jail so maintaining both its name and it's the those the payoff or of the of years old 1 of the main thing we learn by doing the same graph over the year is the main issue is new along with if you save memorable meets his of and it's to the point that actually we do have some compression technique on for that power for itself and the provide us all like you say like then for some of the and we get the 5 per cent speed of so it's memory along with is most important thing always when you're adding drawing actually it reducing the place where the correctly found on image killing think require most of you but that's a very limited set of of things to do because you don't actually do each frame of image you scale image once and you reuse that for all make friends so all the scale all this if you've operation can mostly be cached between the 2 cycles with vector graphics when you start to do animation vector-graphics news these benefits and there you need to actually were computed for every frame but that's some of networks of the public they also does pay off or until nodes of is also limited by the were bombed so if you're more efficient on along voyage if you interview will be faster you may not that because you have to register the from bus on but actually will notice in your battery use it the better they bring down if you are using something that's less than word on so that something also interesting so we have actually logic in the thing wrapper communicate in strange because less I mean we at some point during this as we add more strings enumerated nature because we already did mitigate image itself so all the next big thing was trained jointly with the things we live if in and text a when it's a text it's if of witches enough for this thing to do we do compress ideas on the nature of the topic software and in you it's 1 of the history that it's very difficult to support a lot of compression format and software because you have to have a lot of logic and what is this later on to do all this can of course they so we don't have demand for actually to do all kind of course based on time compression technique software or we cannot focus on where we see it so and so the design of earlier it accreditation we have a lot of spread around and in fact the yeah security word frequency on on on on the device discovery problems of for the battery conception and handful of performance which is loaded but the thing that the channel is very bad of so also the felt was created light years ago there was only 1 car the time of maybe some I answer whether to go so we started with 1 of the ways 1 of the spread of and new European so we are adding more and more spread over time but we are now limited by the canal and basically what you can do so the main issue will the kennel in that the canon is trying to yeah to guess what you are doing the ability of knowing the idea that you are actually drawing a frame it doesn't know what you do so what does it and look at your and from that it guess which will be your collar you need on undealt CPU frequency and commonly going to need and stuff like that but the prime is that free is annexed so before the line you with on spread which is amended then you do memory bombast which will magically that I 1 1 can near the law for conceived the maori moment you wanted to be a slightly higher but you don't want it to be full speed the yellow 1 that we want to have an old core full speed as soon as a yellow ones but today it because we have only 1 thread we have once and for bringing in once red falls the events from the and the mean of all I do is I abound in the memory bound on the 2 together so basically when they can figure out at all it was a memory bound that specialist post this view the of it's too late this is the same thing happened when the drawing when this trend of sample drank it actually figure out too late but should push this if you are to the maximum and also the dollars take time for this the can out of your other tissues don't on the course so actually what happened in that the wall case he tapped imports the core on the phone after the drawing is finished which is pretty useless and so so also the shopping for the camel they don't that they have to to on those key doing you have this task in the universe if you later on this effect situated turned on all of the core CPU fraction chain the financing and scalar music task between the core and of incoming it so if you knew actually a task from 1 called 1 of the use always story so you can also when you turn on office if you use story of all that that are on that you same thing and so the canalized absolutely no clue of what is going on the very bad situation so right now that we have done experimentation of adding more sorted but it actually doesn't pay off its getting what's the goal the can is not able to our to do anything there in time holidays of being done by the narrower thing as moments once a bunch of all the people on inferring the kennel but basically hello we are we have to in the future by being certain of the Kennedys already and 1 of the things that we will have to do is actually to help the cattle the its so the kernel is actually never going through the receiving from the use of space they don't want to hear those papers that and all now and that the maori bombast now I'm studying is be bond that they they want to they don't want to do that because they are too afraid of security assurance of like that so they even for the main loop we really mean you have to start the strain right on on the events from this on the blue on on light blue on the light blue path it maintenance friend but that's thread look the mean of the idea is that this will give a chance of the kennel 2 of our and history full that's right and all the time of that part of the thread is actually memory bonds right so the idea is to actually have 1 thread bias for each workload even if the old of blocks amino to go this way we are going to teach the candle about what we are doing and trying to at least raise awareness and the interaction of 5 so let's think also made something who will see of obligation where you actually have to to spend your workload the kennel revealed to guess what you're doing otherwise on an embedded device will be always wrong you so yeah it's going to take some time to other contexts and to have also if they're running in this in a future that yeah that's major into here and she is actually on Basel analog very typical of a new film of laboring its basically 1 of the should of edge is skewed Greek for people with no it's the from history basically the need of a get some idea from us and right now we getting some idea from them so that the way was so energy a way to define the new only out of all your did an application that think it use a mass and there can be way to do the drink so it only move all objects in the scene graph it doesn't do any enduring perceive it just the order to the lower layer but it's quite a nice fallers the time the 1st frame of there is some very strong requirement contention that the 1st ramifications so the display In light listening 11 ms something that so be sure I and we all sit on IOI scenario for the petitioned think all the things that so I went into this pretty animation that make you think it's obligations that there but in fact it is a nation make you think an answer we don't do that nation on Fenner in sense and we are trying to make it fast actually we could just do initial against anyway so yeah the Dominion idea is
both of application here are done with of edge and invariant he felt on 1 of the land use the default theme of the and the right 1 is the automation applications include free software and they have done their own uh the mean to match the user friendly wanted so it is the thing with and actually involves clean this level of the famous joined and yes we have a which
affects so that edge itself and provide a button and for my list of things like that it's elementary that's use actually add an analysis to actually make the region which are the defining like what an entry should be what about and so we would we expect actually from the talk in this day and that would inter provide it also provides all the abstraction and I was talking before full scale factor and which is a reading it and so that's raw the interpretation will automatically add up on your screen on there property so it's TV it will make a big font and make a treatable form of our way but if you are the same resolution watch it will be much smaller because it actually fits of data for your reading systems but it also on the assigned the Liberia that's when you have ah and then take you don't want them to be small then your fear sites it can afford used to say that but that chain from 1 device to another so the thing the thing don't take into account the the inside and when we change the the inside it actually a switch of the size and we do the faster now we do have a lot of all the helping neighboring we do of binding rules on for so this was there and then just review of item old enough yeah so where is it used our world look of then you where it is which I don't think you know where the civilians that David so we do the
that I we were actually around it was there anything on the use of Wi-Fi around it's using you felt effect they're actually doesn't have any GPU it's there you I useful software because this kind of device as focusing on having a very expensive sensor and that's really inexpensive images which make sense if they want foot of the dome on display in the of the all we also although
some years there are actually running and fighting we've enlightenment and fill in a fool right now I think later in the year s we did the
uh the 1st phone you knowing which of the fans and then 1 of which is now of fulfilling India and we have the and that's all to
this here will be on morning and 5 and with alive and then you failed well they were shown on here and I think they go on sale on March 4 AFP rules so everything from the to
of Enlightment of so all the time there was a lot of all those small company on the 1 that have been experimenting with this but you fail on on the device we have for each printer we need otherwise at the books all can also foster of going so where it is going well I'll again guess it's still going to have a little improvement of government trees to level the focus there but we also are going to try to with it's even more down to children's in that doesn't have any muons define that of so we also want to improve speed by a little more coughing directly with no conversion of yeah there's not going on there we also are adding some new feature of the best kind of cool like we have a 3 D printing graph now in the field of we are adding trying to work on adding as in the correct in India of so becoming during the year but we also have animated computer and so you when the later on and we have a low probability in the yeah so we went into the
theory that Clinton above mapping in real time so the thing of all is the meaning that you can actually that that's your on rejects so you can actually out of the map on a button and change the source lights on your 4th edition that dealt thus things but you can do it this wheels lasting graphs so I ever let delta do they will going really short on time but the thing is moving down you should lose your so it's a 3 D objects so all of the idea that reading to be on TV have 3 into these so you want to be able to have the icon from time to time and for 3 icon use really want to be able to display the scene graph in 2 different fucking around so if you don't know if if Israel they cannot then of able to do that you actually need to other 3 distancing wrapped to be able to display of the 3 really nature on this recently that's why we are only on this kind of feature but
we also working quite on on making women and work the and that is of the goal is for us to have truly there on June vol enlightenment as a fluent and data without the need for at all anymore but we have to 0 yeah we have a lot of things going on with alignments RE that is going be interesting so yeah yeah failed when do early there were 3 months no using vise and Samsung is putting all of the 48 hour as in matter of of mediation developed where we waited scalable there we do know that we we use the phonics things and I need to finish so now have a question you know I S M this to finish on time this is a good that was stopped so yes question but I think we have a micro in the room no no also however the distance that of the sorry part of the in jail so in open GL to do basilar date yet so how do you do all that battle that open GL so hard you yeah so to decide to do battle date you actually all use the range extension we still you all these the buffer drawing on so he tell you it's it's like 1 frame to France refrain for ever and with that you can do about that and you estimate from the delta the deck values small you do partial data the data as that to me to be beautiful screen of it so there is a social all that is actually almost the same for all g view we did test on on the tail and of our multi and Qualcomm I interviewed and they all have the same threshold of words in its useful to switch to fullscreen memory yeah and if you find the what so sometimes frame for all moving to Italy and is mostly of the main point now it as we are tuning up for interface so the binding of at the interface to do on on when that gun of binding so the working of the fiber hopefully In and maybe it has 4 months later yeah the yet but yet so that it was open GL yes it does work on open GL GS to Alvin he'll the also to we have most like in our work yes and and that so we do have a mass of inside a mass and a the continent to change their transmissions like that metric spaces uh you base and you can actually I think this is a graph that way and we do actually do square of data so we do a bounding box on on that area as the data wrote and about you yet thank you yeah the yes so look over it as a basically the the way we so that aggression was about the if we have always been in entirely Delaney and support and actually we do all the we or their fingers and network through of Austin at work and we do read everything was a little to ask so eric thing is Timorean work both sides so again so just 1 thing and have little state it's of sensitive hiring of not only alive and viral somewhere land on Canale and working with kids and link and there's posterior somewhere wary of all the phrase reordering on the that's falls open group so people like me would do work on at the 1st and will also go around the world to do so you don't like my yeah so there's this uh thank you run been maintained in time and the