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Vimeo and the open source community
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so thank you everyone for coming I'm going to meet a if in terms of our and I will be talking and I will be talking about the amount of open source community I'd like to thank you the EBU angle for having me here and that the force and stuff of for electing deserve didn't happen as well and of course the my colleagues that happening to after the slides so this presentation is between 2 and
2 main parts of the 1st 1 is about the the our architecture infrastructure and the 2nd part is more about our open source philosophy the sure so what is the e-mail
the lays out we'll be discerning websites where among amongst the top 5 of video streaming services while we are con the creators we multimedia hackers we'd like to experiment in new things in you the colleges so we believe that the the
highest quality of don't use something is a nicer asset for us and we do that by having are very very clean now pay that really is flitch the playback would not the ties meant and then we have uh the the most audiences and the greatest tool of that the revenue from through our services with the other video video on demand or we did it deep dark which are tools for um helping people spread their the videos but if everyone uses us in the I
invite you to visit decide to to to know more so architecture is mainly based on an because services this is how we handle static images and their families and so we we have earned um selection of processes that the help us a abstract and the the a compressed that the images on the top right that we see Hudsucker and that goes on which are too close of for uh obstructing accessing storage of from from the city and from descendants of from the uh complete infrastructure and they have soccer helps us to can the results and for example if any major city requested that the very recently it will not get the valid again but it really be provided through the cash and the main point of this uh many of the schema is that you must you must our tool of that there is able to the compressor any kind of images and will compressed with stored there the original know would be and and then I would get through the through with and that's like will provide that I indeed beggar that in your solution or an even would be the browser supports it I said with images because these this is this the simplest thing possible I will move to the video
transcoding is a very complex and but do we have of to mind thing and computational infrastructure that helps us in the point would have again some abstracting obstructions so we therefore example um admonisher and the argument that Acacia and ended deploy jobs to different uh computer force in GINsim the uh we we as again so we we deploy we encode the ordinary the separately and then we have a the multiplexer later we have own the us to be adjusted to the end and with that analyzer Analyzer in order to uh um have a some somebody the data before starting a new job I was going in montmartre now we have a
user I. um hasn't doesn't mean over over and Jim Newman job now we have the master of uh double which controls everything and is able in the so that it is mustard at the calls for the last lecture a sufficient we downloaded the I mean the the for the file from the was applauded the from the storage 2 over uh encoding platform we haven't yesterday analyzer which is a collection of them half of the problem and that you may you and then gainful which should take up with to take the the own that the file and the performance of some images images of glucose based analysis uh we have a government as to also for a frame rate analysis and indexing um once we have everything and everything is better than like we supported him according this with invisible to Jeter and that basically of rubber for ffmpeg uh it so that if if but receives the to requests the for encoding audio and the video the 1 so this is successful to return back at to master and then must so we also such at the end at the will ascended the tumor tool string to as much as measures or favorite the uh and before UMC I was the then to 4 Israeli uh we um we have our as most of my addition processor which checks that the what has been encoded is that matches with the as near near-synonym put then it is uploaded on the city and this city and then replies what when we're by when we get there by from this we have to update of the application which is the would that what pages the that that the job is finished we do that through 1 should people posted but this is it can fail uh we also uses some air queuing services as it as it is desirable is small sets so it's a dot we use many more but these are particularly interesting because they are deployed mostly with the open source of course the these are mostly what we
use I would have of course argument for all of them and that it for an anticipative just server that we use ffmpeg anybody which had the best smoothing book it's available so is its explorers doesn't need not presentation I guess as mentioned is the as as emission is their favorite their the and before marks and also on and for analyzes but often nothing also if of him as to which is sparse simpler asymptotically as than early above called the cup and there is a really simple to use and after k Caesar is how we encode the the the the the audio and media for emissions of the what about the analyzing the the video is really important to have a separate for for that uh and of course and meaning a pick is for and also work to serve attaining goal and that there is an ongoing process said to uh the chair hanging by and just these the um encoding tools so how can we deal with the all this a tool they together nicely well sort the
perhaps I even if I wouldn't want dimensional so this is also my uh and projects a dialog we are looking closer to what they're doing and this affects the with promotion of things wind up but they should that we are using um a special flavor of as nation and the the format that but we have a we couldn't working on having our H lesson to uh addition uh conversion on on the fly of course we're looking to it you see so we are monthly tasting it exists 5 and see how they perform a right now it's still there there is an order of magnitude and so it's not possible to use it in production but it's shaping up nicely for K yes of course you're looking for period just offered the for k for k for k and 2 k dollars and also looking to all high from rates and the adaptive streaming of uh all the tree with the the shorter and this year uh also poses with mission so where we work together with the the user can where which is the is Michelle for to have it there uh the standardizing and perform in this final so as I
as I mentioned how the women get them every of nested collisional tool so open-source tools that we have read together why have a sense of the stronger voices and abilities would not afraid of admitting that to use open source open source is great than there it's what all almost all always admits a NE causes and a solution well we work directly in the in and the open source community in uh most of our thing of the task linking laser you is a member of the event they can leave a B projects so we really that it's not possible to have an its takes too much time to much them therefore to to keep it updated that especially for our libraries that with the MBA's changes so frequently and the 1 myself in because is that the term we we get back from the community the we work together with them the my working together with them we also get a lot of from them and it's not the bread that that the community helps us to get some of meaning features that are deployed In short the path we are collaborating with the people that that everyone is working with and being a jerk that his bank is nobody because nobody will in with see Europe the improvements of Europe the you're trying to sperm provided hasn't affected the rope there seem to be like to war so that they're fighting each of which other uh we tend to be on the on the good side of hopefully we work with the substance that we which I tool report by sensing patches we try to go around and really is our software uh when there is no completely advantages and uh within a profit license for example we're less realize we're is the source code for some of our uh go packages and we did with with this the library uh with the BEST among license not to what is about the community well we would tend to get that our code across the opposed without getting older too much into politics and when when we get the and when we work together that we which I do accept the patches from the from the community for the protease that there we host on the other side there is the is a but the trend which is a which it which is more common than we would like to admit that that um spots and then so be corporations that they could use all um opens so there is just as good a bumper like they the is is a softer and they forget about it and they knew they don't use it anymore this it's nice that they provided the source code but that without the community supporting that is very hard to have things working with it so there's a case that I like to mention that there is that there was a superstar celebrity that we develop the CD API for and the this was at our request was ignored the foreign mass and the we contacted the doubtful directly in we will prove we would prefer that to rather have uh rather than having and enough orca we wanted we were ready to have a separate library that for their interfaced with their with lover itself but this is messy and that request additional worker it without without proper upstream you you don't have this kind of additional effort then a lot of prejudice so are encumbered with this laser I and sometimes it's very difficult to comply with them and this sunk the cooperation in the claim ownership and by that they mean that they are the ones controlling the source code and that I'm sure this is the best practices for open-source suppresses that we belongs to the community not to a single entity so in in conclusion I let elements myself to give some advice to any in any the corporation like to we use open source is not not don't be afraid that they're at the press research works have been has a we using all of the office was in would be a profit that has like a there is a at using a gem of open source tools glued together with the appropriate later but is using and contributing back to the community we're not say all of telling people that do we use we are open source so people and the we tend to be a member of the open source community and that was of course had turned out to be not to get involved with too much would politics the I'd like to finish with a quarter that not everything that can be counted the Council and not everything that counts can be counted because I wanted to convey the fact that the dealing with but with open source is something that it's really hard to measure but it's really important it's not something that you can uh and put the easily on time should the for example but this is something that the in the long run and in the short run that we live in improving your company and your you was an engineer and you as a human being the think you're rich but if it was the thank you very much so we have almost 10 all questions so should of yes I mean it yes also so far from beta subscriptions and the being on-demand yes the question of how you especially on the yes of course there is an API you the world the ones on the street so if the person was a free will overnight and API the yes so there is an B i which is it was enables you to we use those services this yeah exactly and kind of various find it's mostly HBB base there and it has been
released very recently this should be a whole augmentation on the on the on the web the questions that you mentioned it has to do with the 2 what is important is the direction of the so called the pool of of the law student and so on this when this happens it usually open source says is a great tool which is has but this is only an extreme solution like usually it's possible to what we do upstream and the the sum of the of the of the and the and it is likely that you will have a nice coating another question and regarding the licensing cell the idea is that the variance in the material and the I'm not exactly a year from here with the use and yeah the probably the thing is that the coding mustard done on the on the decoding side and which is provided by the operating system so it basically says moved to sorry sort of ever be the question of what to do for some of the related tool and bigger lay in the licensing and problems for a 6 4 and can you hear the question was how do how to deal with the uh how do we deal with the it's datasets for ended the iterated lot licenses that the answer is mostly there decoding is performed on the on the device and the so we let the operating system order was manufacturer so pay the royalties for I think the question to ask here is the time for the next more yeah you mentioned that you're reading what you that you know what it was the and that the crystal is a y including audio and then the other separately the mostly in the encoding performance this this is a tool um have up separate processes for um audio and video and there also attempts as uh um remove timestamps uh desynchronization like a further by including them separately we about to uh um remarks them out there with their timings and the usage of the use of transition from to the for the so the question is there a hold on to the would go and time that is sensation goal is a very very very very powerful and that we really love it's half foreign forces are reason it's easy to deploy is is a tool right the concurrent program it's easy to test and have coverage for at that some I don't have exact figures on on how we are going to um in transition the was but that which I do right most of our new called you know I go so that we can start afresh and and the short and the long years and then you have to apply the job of that and move on to the end of the theory of France 1 of the and the and the advantages of the factory for the in package and has so the question is um how old we're going to 1 what how and why would we dropping pattern and JavaScript the and what mostly dead it's so it's a matter of also deployment of like having all the um see based applications and the goal applications is very very easy or as a node the requires a of knows application by requests signing a lot of the dependencies so it's a user to deploy but is also user to to deal with the having a single a single family language to to deal with these um it is an improvement from the development point of view the power of the nation and East I think this the major yeah exactly so use of deployment then the conservation in the and the if you want to look like the and the the same thing the same thing the any further questions yeah what's been said in and out of the time