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The bitbox console
Making of a small, open & DIY ARM game machine
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Embedded - Bitbox Game Console
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OK I was assume to start with our last call an hour less so it's a bit different going to hopefully play games so let's see what we wanted OK but thank you and everyone and which presented a big blocks so I will render a presentation from the years Wilkinson itself sort of privacy right and the really big different size my example as as big loss is a do-it-yourself project the personal project that is not currently being made with so all the people so how the and suffer projects so what about has and I will 1st introduce you have what were the ghouls but present what it's I wanted to do with the books uh to have a general presentation of what is capable to do how it relates to other us Morecambe new game consoles because it's about video games as a hardware Howell is a hot rural uh design and what's inside it and then the different levels of software uses architecture is quite simple and what 1st the goal was to make a moderate do-it-yourself and simple reunion concert whether that is the say that the candidacy is looks modern as the models and that and you wouldn't have to find high uh try how to find peripherals for example to thank arteries etc. and the idea was to keep the environment are quite Gordon was as a cause for example ways USB and USB is begin by address the debate order games may be because the would need to be a do-it-yourself for anyone could be able to do it and is uh in his attic or some it is all hell's without any particular truce and besides this more of soldering iron for example and be able to source a components of without having to build the hundreds of thousands uh so simple to build simple to program so everything is in special cases of cost nothing is portable and as part of the fun and there is no operating system the receipt is very simple and keep it simple from start to finish and is due to the duke and console a with gates so how we to gaming and means all school having for me and I Simple and from the back of gains and which we could be able to produce ways in in a house and made hardware uh the digits of is generally low stake in order to be able to bring it to build it yourself to solve the it's use of uh as so using which forgetting that games of course which was be perfectly natural but there are many people were trying to do in relation to all trying to uh we replace uh on games on will harbor with a quite difficult to find or to maintain of those all the artery or old any has all the internal I can be difficult to find or to find peripherals for all to repay the software are maybe not the real deal because your seeing small different images and you don't have the feeling to have 1 you just have a computer with some very nice games on them but it's not just that something is that the and there are however emulator the forward there have been 2 very much older blown new old uh Atserias TO re-creation was if the GAO wasn't right level hiking that sometime used to produce bend which is a bit ashamed to put so mistress usin tutorials just to reproduce some past design because it would be simpler to destroy everything well that's 1 of the principal for addressing and just start from scratch what the what is
interesting in this but was too cold and ritual way meaning no operating system during the during the hacking on the hardware fuzzy bring graphics have a fixed um cholera and try to good and try to find what you can do with this but having a fixed and fix Holland at no Fueros there is 1 you just have a your C compiler and the 1st bite at that you execute and you write everything from the executive problem so there is a direct uh uh taken the material and their however uh 1 which is quite different from the modern kind of form and so my goal was to emulate a system meets like consul of 16 bit era a computer I kind of games I want you can see here on the left what's going quite blurry but this is still doesn't matroids are in the area of 16 bits of what I wanted to to to emulate or to replicate the other 16 bit look good looking thing because I think meta agree and not too complicated to do what was of this and I wanted it to be a simple as was seen as a state and to be able to train a to because console games of rate of the BTB and not let the new Nintendo Game Boy things and their offers everything as in the open so the is completely open and there is no binary Brom driver of unlike forcible her last briefly uh which is also more that which you can see with the gates at era in your house that you can uh by the chip you can at it except if you buy the how many hundreds of cells and by because wrote going and it's very difficult because it's a four-layer PCB as so everything I would use it to be simple and completely off and of course uh so uh the levels according to our and then the hardware uh the the design and so to keep it simple and the idea was to have only 1 chip uh the noise from memory everything a microcontroller so a b a b a metric controller to the 1 can find the Arduino but uh only 1 week for control was everything inside uh no FPGA because it can be quite see that it can be quite tricky to find this package is easy to solve the phrasal and nodes tomorrow and flash because what you have to to high speed signals on your PC board can be quite complex as as cheap as possible because a Rosemary by certified so there's no point in making lower gold uh for 10 times the price of a Raspberry Pi this mixed extends so and simply source of all you should be able to go to Eurydike Stronach up and get the component 1 um other interfaces to being were to interface was of the show peripherals and simple to manufacture uh so it was a kid use double-sided PCB for example which can be made at all can be all the but quite cheaply but it's not going to have a circle layer of PCB pro Fourier Basilio more uh uh yeah uh for a 70 I was OK because as possible uh to solar by hand uh to a TQ if the kind of packages for chips working of the BGA for example which as a from a small walls and use you quite we do have some specialists Harvard to so so let's just have a look of different kind of consults less about the Xbox 1 type of hardware which has 8 core CPU 1 that's sort of gigahertz they did of around uh 50 gigabytes blue to get to the rights using a detainee 20 research he as bone uh contour recently built ones uh so you 128 bytes of RAM on this 1 this 17 millions less than the other 1 and 2 K 2 kilobytes of flash uh well between baseball which is weak spots 1 which is very poor food but quite close and the incredible for and their tiny upon which is quite open but committed to 1 game uh and then hanging quite small up should be some intimate respect and on the a side uh the mean gender for example had do but almost to media Harris processor to kilobytes of rather small and the cover tree is a cartridge were around 32 K 2 1 makes of RAM and a new output at 256 to 24 uh 22 for the pixels these books is another project uh of do-it-yourself console of that has been made for them by another guy again see that's the specs are quite similar for indeed gaze except for 1 of the year CPU speed which is core most 20 times more and that the fact that of course there is no uh dedicated the GPU because the NES 100 indicative GPU true render dies and sprites on the screen and the is well doesn't have such kind so everything is emitted in hardware so you I training uh specialized hardware for me years it while I was in for 16 the so it's Super Nintendo was what I was willfully and foreign kind of look and feel games and you can see there that it's roughly similar in the to the preceding slide in that we're trading special GPU with price enticed uh for higher and the years I use uh irony seems 32 uh so as the microelectronics searches for that which is quite powerful for microcontroller because how 182 uh kilo bytes of prior which is quite small there were some water to my to implement Linux on but some is basically similar work from that you can have a super Nintendo a the outputs while I'm going back to the output but that's kind of resolution Internet digitization is 600 by 4 80 which is what they're saying right there are some compared to the t and output of the superintendent for example which is quite smaller resolution uh but if you want to for a game to while somewhat acceptable and modern screen you have to hide to do to get resolution at high which is more demanding for your city but but from that everything is quite Anderson label exhibited trading may hurt the focus of our and they're just as as a bit of comparaison other is revised uh which of again nothing against and that is what you can see uh thousand as thousand times more of a memory if for example a there is dedicated to video cord abuse or where to disseminate we may be a hundred times less for for a little bit less well than that for Processor CPU before everything is would not and assembly and the Raspberry Pi is very simple and it's more like a Super Nintendo kind of the public the as suffers the but was there and different being water and so quite cheaply here is a 1st but powerful for GPU is made of a bunch of resistors and servicing mostly out of you have and that person from went somebody of 20 minutes of material and and finally I a
1 inch to get some of those 2 things size in real time and the video signal to be able to offer tonight image was converted conditions as for the project and which is wasn't moving at feature it wasn't a study picture but the fact that the yen is sparse and much nicer accomplishment for for the
project so that correctly is added which vision to uh has true that connects attitude 2 to 4 so I used hospital to connect to you with begin by which quite easy to find and the of course in a synset to F 4 5 and get some initial connectors and their to lineouts to the elements that to the year loudspeaker at all or whatever you bring in line out and that the VGA out with a 15 bit result that directly breaking essence of which has again and GPU there is nothing uh particularly table for viewing this chip is just a general a microcontroller and do chemical control was there's nothing I have for all speaking a video or processing I Images for you some the it and here
is the yeah and here is more that there is
1 of the few 100 uh so you find that the dual USB host from full size you must be true to break it simply and of my career is micro-USB for up or it as a user Britain support to would get back to uh after that the recent written would you out individuated big media you can see that most of the size is taken by yeah connectors as the 1st were the following
have was a game console what CPU RAM flash that's everything so macro control of that's taken care and you need to have to deal make myxoma handling but peripherals of semester range M handle some gets transferred so the 2 in a microcontroller was systems into a full was 1 made of flush so it's all lot some more complex games and that's a very simple 1 that 1 can have some quite complex game it costs around Syria rule what you have to bend and you have to buy a 10 thousand of them but if you want you can buy 1 and then it's rather nobody twice that price a to be less so when we need of course everything to be always cheaper remember Rosemary by 35 years and OK so the mostly that put to generate a video signal generative inducing only just have to remember how it felt like 50 years ago it generates a black-and-white video signal from UTD of CIA been uh electron beam which is getting the top left to bottom right in the grantor's of electrons and you modulate the core of the signal with your our signal sorry you that 1 holds to get to whites and you get 2 point 3 volts to get back and you make that's uh change in time uh during the time and you understand your been going incorrect to right and then you have to go back to the left so you putting synchronize isn't signals back to the revolt of the small not there and the and to tell the being to get back and there is some personal secretary and it's for an attack to be able to produce scientists that way and but for the black and white quite simple to understand and it says the same thing today regulator all what was called
for clearly any uh 3 components red green blue basically all since the more better fits in with the tension and so you have to be compatible with a black and white signal so uh you send the luminance and then standard with the for the composite signal for 1 uh and 4 for 1 and for for and it's as if you have to to transmit everything 1 wire it transmits and modulated color just like complicated to achieve and by yourself and if Andrew agree that you can have a super video for example was awarded which is Ron White & Cromer OS abraded that are you can have components white and differences to the and a blue and red on trial of 3 wires but the most simple thing to do in the wall are ubiquitous break at a fine because you need to find screens break to uh is a VGA because the VGA what 5 elements the synchronization the vertical synchronization to delve into going back uh uh the or isn't all synchronization a red green and blue well that fine wires and that you have on in Euclidean or there's a is simple to generate a video signal we just have to alkyl those 5 signals the right time uh separately the have to of and you have yet you laughter makes them into 1 wire so it's quite easy and that was the important of what to generate a new signal as the do dining see you have 4 1 9 2 on the top there 1 line and you are the sink Cino uh then you have to wait for the 50 year around 50 pixels then just 6 140 of pixel to generate and that's 1 line and then you have to do that again and again and again for its line so you don't have you cannot um not be completely synchronized because if you shift by 1 big surprise of all so that the risk or the amount of time uh you would have completely distorted I majored in a very small number of time means that's what I get and if you want out still overdue resolution uh at 60 frames per 2nd probe for example that mean 25 megahertz so you have to generate a 50 25 megahertz formal 160 uh meager has microcontroller so that mean that you absolutely you CPU cycles to generate the speech pixels and if you shift by more than 7 cycles while you I'm at will be disorders OK so here is a key features of the system so you do it for the the user has provided leader with this 1 I using DP ideal of microcontroller to output of course as a signal user DNA there's Jimmy says what's the opposite you know of that uh again this is more elements of silicone that can outputs that that can copy some part of the memory to other other part of memory so you can prepare a buffer for 1 online and there's a DMA transfer it to the GPU are you address memory and then I think it's a bit acidic on and it's not the microcontroller does this it's very precise and time so you can go off and the person next propose before I went there a DNA to solve for that the GPI of hey and then so you using uh the other elements that are all within microcontrollers USB is for example because there is a USB contour inside is yeah you ought to output in the media good enough for the fuzzy as decoded and summer digital analog converter for the audio or the video it's much too fast to work with you for the old you uh you could of course just this 1 um yes pulsory what's happening the that the more effective course OK and that's what we can do that it's quite is attribute OK
so think too plus 0 OK
have for the outputs as the signal output is output on 15 um wires on the microcontroller then you have a simple resisted deck and then your outputs for each of the color red green and blue edges video signal so it's very straightforward from the microcontroller directly to the you them the but on the sound the idea of an internal dual
back from this sensory to a forces went very easy you just after the wires and you goes through some lowpass highpass electronic filtering in order to improve a little business signal and then out to uh your line out so it's very simple as you can see there you get a microcontroller
things there left the right you there's a small filtering and output is Jack here is a connectivity so USB dignity the next energy for the USB directed a microcontroller then you and the some connectors phobia as he got there directed to microcontroller user button just in case you have to which my as summer debugging ports and simple were and after their sum to the next 1 4 4 1 4 a user led just to be put to test if we can reach a land and then you have the whole
not not considering that not only this expression ports of so and in order to be able to connect external and gadgets and the console uh I really used in existing specification of the expansion port uh which is named you acts of presently there were 2 main possibilities and the audio Sheila is big but discovery is useful for that kind of uh that kind of microcontroller because and that kind of war because everything what many of the existing Arduino boards are already inside for example for that we do you get uh video output which is inside some output which is inside the as the covering approach so any speak and so there wasn't much room and on the board fire articles another 1 of which is a you texts and is installed on uh where you just roots uh a surreal on the connectivity is the eye to see uh there is a very simple connector it's another proprietary and there exists a lot of uh make someone a thing that you can buy and connected the books so how you try to connect them for no because was focusing were focusing on the on the big books but it exists iron errors vary by ellipses Rosemary by and see the Bluetooth GSM Wi-Fi biofeedback can previous of to people and yours could be improved through Mr. women should care of the 6 a uh it's digestif ready because very simple the some of the that you have there uh and it's available is very little OK so you might not see but if it's a summing up of everything we've seen before with him for and and this cycle of hunger for the books so it's very simple we just send them in half of the 10 minutes uh so here is a B C D which would from the preceding elements and as physical is ship the now for the
software I for the 2 tuition for that kind of microcontroller journey there are a lot of preparatory out to change but I I used just C and GTB for him uh there 2 for the very middle uh compiler so you can you just see 2 from you see to all of 5 uh start of linker but to generate L finds objdump to extract from the outside uh and finds the right binaries is serious straightforward and the makefiles generally maybe I don't know 20 lines long it's very simple to renew everything by hand or just to combine without any finds there's but you can use 1 of big thing is that you can use gdb during the 2 there is a need by the import and you can bring it and using a third-party board which can course maybe 10 years had to be able to do step by step execution on the console to really working memory to world some of the elements to surround so it's very nice because you can do uh without having to resort to a neighboring kingdom and which is quite painful and are you have copied view of what's happening inside from UPC size nice to see step by step your called uh from what's happening with and within the map microcontroller I so the developing can can be done and you can to all all the and so what you would do is very straightforward windows as some people ask me whether they can update from Windows possible and Macintosh the hair is a software steak yeah the harbor and you put your game binary unattended difference that was by the fire and there is no operating system of course there is only 1 process that is only 1 user is for however well it's your him that's when they only have to set up to VGA and DMA for the upon you have to set it as a binary to be able to uh to run your DNA you have to any crux tree and because there are several plots for several ports of the and now you have to have a USB stack with a USB HIT pasta uh if you want to present events that are sensed by different get about for example and yes implement it is the ideal and interface to fight sir to uh to be what we want to look at what it literally pay for what you can do it all right so but you can also read some existing in the libraries so other more for the ASR of society this summer library from the J is the sound is if I call this the kernel it's absolutely not a camel is just a set of libraries 2nd that you link to your game or you can choose all not to use them I was an interface which is a variable in only 1 of the books that page uh C 5 arising from there and see there's no I simply want you can put some of the forces that it everything that has happened in the format but the kernel so is a can of API on on Mr. Khadr fact more than that a real kernel it's a small set of role drivers that was incomplete useful by being gay and there is no specific algorithms there is no John there is no leader and is very simple you have to interface is the first one is the the the before here is line you on his before for that line and then the idea and I would take care of protein that's uh to screw orbiting that'd be different and uh at an mechanism to the screen and then for the next line you you walk in the game by interact so you just have to provide 1 uh 1 method of which is of the line a lot given line up with a pointer to you before and the same for the audio and another 1 for you know what part of your game which would be looking at every frame review video frame of 0 2 to take care of the of buttons serves the user for example to diversity France prices critics truck and that's it so you have 3 @ functions to implement with that kind of it's like to be able to to to use the the different atoms as a is a niche idea parser and a simple interface to has a complexity of the you is this text maybe the shares in most painful and eventually produce 1 to us for everything out uh for the rest is very straightforward and we are on the low the whole economy via Unocal hundreds lined seasonal not maybe 1 how and when the 1000 max so it's a very complicated in OK there's numerator which is not free in minute infection it's an implementation of the books that age 5 on is the and so you can test again on your PC and then you can importance and you can combine it with with a possibly books so just and you do just call the high-level Portage again the combined 40 years with and the about him and you just run it on your PC to be will not to have to upload it so it's time for the on the on the device and what computers and runs was big box so for inside of the book I can be analytically generally as his uh everything is reproduced generally you have to be careful with a reciprocal of course because you have an awful cause research to make it to the hosts uh 1 is easy to go overboard on functions and not to have enough CPU left uh on that's very small device because and you have very small uh respond there this remember that you have 100 K of memory to used put everything in your uh however I want
I uh how how many uh again just within the data set and send it to make embodied and the 1st time each 1 1st time around the the books so it can happen that you can come directly with a PC and and you upload it that is the you just we combine it as breakfast I mean it didn't have the the device but it from 1st time for the device clustering as him and after that even to the is an OK and that's nonsense and graphics compression is necessary I you don't have enough room and the whole memory to store 1 photographer so when you bits and at the last line you don't remember the they both can't remember what it is but admitted on the beginning of the frame were not into lines before so you can store graphics and completely uncompressed within the box you have to compress national proceed but you need to be able to decompress it on the fly line by line so it's you know I think it's 15 guys 31 kilohertz per 2nd so so they you want your have person you need to be able to output a line in the compressive so you have only 7 cycles to decompress speech and when you get uh so you have to compress it but you have to do clever but not to care for you for a CPU to compress and everything on memory and 1 friend is almost a whole flash memory and so if you wanna make a foot to friend is 1 1 4 2 0 you can so various you have to compress today and the it needs to be also simple to modify your eye image because again is moving image answering to real-time events so you need to be able to modify the you're a compressed uh graphics to be able to output screen so uh for example it's very difficult to compress were our on the uh very simple 1 and encoding and compression of instead of saying 20 pixel blue you just out of 20 and in and the size that's not very simple to modify online because this there that it so you need to find some way to do they're out a lot of for this uh there are some other libraries that you can choose not to which implement that such kind of parameters of the different users and different solutions forces at pixel just simple way to compress it and 989 of texts and you get uh well standard text mortgages right some of the characters to bunch of rock and becoming a and the different subsystem dictate that Carrefour so you can solve when that to develop a little bit books uh there other most of the graphical from before so there you have to reduce something today you reduce it is the solution or the number of of course with about it so there you use a Punnett or an increase in resolution general generally most you can go up to by 6 and by the way that's there is too much to do as you like that um and then there's duty in time Retrieval by 2 was that's that's like I and II of millions suffer and with the sprites of meeting which is the most useful in against that the other 1 can be used to make some more it's more against so you you define different see different objects and you instantiate and move them on-screen and the beta takes care of of putting that up to the 2 different lines of their the OK something giants there are also some and so if you don't want to up with everything by hand uh well there is a simple mixers emperor had to brain we simple audio from fresh for example so you just put in your flesh notes and some music and you 10 December 2 makes everything into a chance something rate on the flight to the will to outputs of notes in music and special expressions and 1 you can import if I said as comparison within this and I know this is so of modified their thing old record modified view remember wants and and then there are also uh there also simple sees for the square and the more attitudes like sounds if you want to make some gains th out as someone concrete contributed simpler attitude so here's some so can a synthesizer and there is attracted to I so here is a more for us off the stack at different layers which you can get completely rid off and program uh from scratch of course and 1 of the but things while project is trying to do something reason behind that is made for so attitude have full motion video to people to render video for screening and that's how to light speed as so you need to to have to store 1 framing around you can add do interframe compression because you cannot remember the past frames the state to keep 1 friend memory it's time as cited in is more new codec uh which uh well I'll also how some of the true quality output video I wish to be 2 per pixel which makes it fits in the whole of the full screen so you can store that and then history 50 or 60 for i kilobytes per frame and 2 output view on the fly so they and the other is a Python encourages from so a real quality as you can see the presentation has been compressed with that connect the terrorists some that so that is a kind of that can
output a with the uh and with the books and with a set an encoder uh so you have to reduce the resolution you have to reduce everything so you have to be quite clear and how you and you have to be fast to decompress because you only have civil uh here yes you have to decompress missing on the fly and when brought writing this 1 to the screen you have completely forgotten that you just in the compressed air there there were lower bound and if you re doing that as is some example peaks principle and then there is a
video example but the time to do to show it um the program transfer can be done through the internal as in the for the for the chip but you have to transfer it's quite slow so I made a good filter and within the 2 so do we want to transfer and using it to be work offers a program from there's ECoG uh however a good has to be resident is on energy you don't have much room and the cheap story generally it has to be small so so and it has to be stable in section 1 2 of data with other every time you there is new version however defined screen was given by and loading them from the micro the to the flash that is quite a complex task in fact because for the console at this because you have to use facts as the idea you VGA fresh programming an output of the text on screen uh so you have to fold uh graphical form and to be included stress is quite be and then another small thing in that you can't from from flash if you want to program to match so there was a problem and so the but there is a 2 stage the first one is always inside the very small each just knows how to a node at the 2nd stage would go there to RAM and then from there from the wrong 1 into normal program is just running from run except on clash and then you come from the fashion and the sum can be competitive it is a justified under Mike with the call the some examples of programs and there was a port of the new boy which is a gambling Moneta they can run the simulator and the books so candidates they engines on this 32 bits and CPU you have to well remove matches functionality for game states for a loading gained from the is account for example everything that has been removed but you can keep working against you can make him are in matroid and gameboy uh working uh well that this notion that you can and you can run the skates and of course also we are only free word games because you have to embed them and flash so to to do that with the novel games and Harrison game screenshot so that there is school to setting them at boot this 1 easier bits some books and to to produce a somewhat arbitrary sounds and I was with the microcontroller also you select a different parts and interests some sounds uh to to make some rhythms and there is a yes more
games like that as much as they are if 1 has been put into making the whole thing work and making it simple to to work so the games hopefully are coming uh also want coming out this one's Buddha Dutch
demonstration uh it quite a screenshot of this 1 is that the all the games and where's the interim 48 it is quite simple and is correctly bird which is a truck over that period an a which is well aware Weiss an example to show how to do uh erasing get without and the engine so everything is there everything from scratch and is the hundred lines of C running directly on the mutual not using USB connector using the button to dress this very simple and there are many many 1 a weapon of the some utilities a view players is the k examples so there are many examples of this OK and use the device gesture that through because quite complex to to handle 2 different given by keyboards and mouse differently so that there is a small Dessau for that and we so south of the law that of many of them as having contributed by other people's for this 1 and there are many into much for the types of 2 different people you an intruder is gains assumptions about so the dual base adventure the Maressa which kind of a result I out from the supreme what raising the being uh which is uh the the fact that you raising have divided it from being you have to produce the image of this expression that you found in the old uh in older consoles as bolder man then travels a it's here what about the future of what 1st make games uh improve closing military interesting giants defendants and make them smarter or more compressible and the you need to but to make again you need to produce graphics to have to produce sounds used to produce interesting game play for example that everything of course and physical the engine uh maybe do some more of a beach militarist and this from the point of all an expected Sinclair went spectrum with with a keyboard can be I think and at all uh was basic maybe uh praying with extensions uh 1 of so is that what I would like to play with our Wi-Fi and to because there is an accelerator so it's quite a can be friends and a Wi-Fi while the STAT 266 cheap uh is very is very inexpensive Wi-Fi company that you can add to your project and i maybe a 5 doors to i've Wi-Fi 2 can interesting to use them to add which appear don't uh but not powerful for however because that's the whole point is to have limited the stable how the and debt that's the smaller the number of links and the first one is a main road was a whole lot of process development process is in present day then there are tutorials and time presented and then they did have a point where everything is the data and the source code of everything and the and the funds to be able to replicate this little bias our present so that said do you have any questions FIL the thank you you would you how can I let expecting the Center for being convinced that the and there were no air loaded so if I prefer to focus on but and I'm trying to make some libraries to these 2 different games but that there have been some the most with that achieved on another console that that you could set of the the I think that's seriously the cannot can can you say that of course is that these managing I was in there the question there was some people
the was on the list of the Jerusalem of the judgments but you were Amontons units you have few is right to know the the book of the here is loading as the program from this the log to the flash so it's it's lighting describing work the that now that that I know it could be interesting to test the the the posterior is handmade so I
don't know if I I have no idea if the differences that are like Chadian OK but then I that difference less
but not to the right and 1 of the worst you can the what we would
get as many elements of this I can go to the left others so that is
1 can get to the left and it was something and showcasing American you on assignment 1
of that's where commendable planarians to President of don't the lovers simple games because of how the hasn't been much time but a fireman this try this 1 in this was very simple from the correspond 1 the the
nearer than if you remember this 1 so running 64 personally on might not let me write that should be about probe that might but seems to be reckoned we can get to the left so you tell and the it OK I don't have much hope for this to run for the 1st time so I'm not covering my I know because the game is important
to run on so is it working on
Wall and can we get to the left yes we can OK well this was the simple it gets harder commission 0 the that the you know you have the at 20 grand to the ice ministry this poem the guys that I did not what is in of the other how
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