XMPP-IoT an open solution for things

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XMPP-IoT an open solution for things
A demo and talk around using XMPP to create open scalable and secure IoT systems between peers in different domains
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Internet Of Things - Deviot12
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know this OK I would like to introduce you to your here the and Bertolt offered about X and the the entirety at the end the please ask questions but interactive you and thank you very much and give and what theyre thank you have some Joachim in Morgan from Sweden uh and this my 2nd time for some non members conference and I'll talk on X and pp using for Internet of Things have and then you can compare
work for we try to get technology to go over to the other side of the death valley where the entrepreneurs usually end up so having technology doing energy efficiency that the target I am and we're
not doing anything new here uh that's the inspiration that got me to start to do electronics in 1951 my pay a teacher the read the paper on the smart home control by finger pads so we had 99 unique addresses in the Switchboard so he could control the lights in the living room and he could turn on the lights in the garage and open the door he thought that that this is not the case I'm sorry of total louder is that better but that thank you so the home 1951 the and it was just planning on getting a radio equipment to do the foam padding double number dictate take to open the garage door when he comes home so it's fairly the same thing we're doing now does that we're doing it we new
technologies new levels new protocols new physical layers longer identifications and longer longer longer and more and more more so what we now have on the internet of things as we talked in the beginning in the morning this is loads all IUT trout where you thought throughout the of things get them an account and you did the day and then you do some magic within the hour hopefully in as a user toward the over and
we get those world where we have all these nice devices all these nice API is an even nicer apps by how can anything work together how can my refrigerator talk to this home area network go talk to the state why not have the scale lock the door when you to have the and who to create that service is it the skating company receive Electrolux issue a today you need to go back into the clouds and take care of it in
1 of the clouds I can't use electronics cloud to talk to the station cloud too many API and forming as an energy efficiency
company I need to integrate hundreds of heating systems with their own API their own apps another 100 they're interesting among systems giving him more the more data so we ended up with a need or using XMP pp so how many has seen exon pp how many use it something so that we have a Deborah ID everybody for and the so you can use any server you can use any client any languages that's fine pretty good and you can move data back and forth we can chat send messages so yes we can send messages isn't that what devices that during sending messages and they need to be defined so we if send a temperature is good if you understand that it is a temperature and if you receive the temperature would be good if you knew it was a census so you can convert it to Fahrenheit because that's what you know and that's a problem today you have a pub sub nodes somewhere and you subscribe to data you get 42 and you need to do something else to know what it's so the pressure is OK what hours or whatever the and you're stuck in some messaging pub-sub it's the area somewhere and you can be there inex NPP have pub sub now because in a multi-user chat How about having devices anonymously talking in a chapter you have a nickname we don't read anything on your ideas so to say whatever you want for example the houses in an area could say how much power they use without revealing which houses which but the locus some station can listen and see how much power to these years the sub 1 pops up and use a lot of power 0 shit I need to do something in real time so the use cases of our collaboration can be used in the instant messaging network to do really good things for Smart Cities Smart grade or wherever as a free lunch babies the on the 1st thing you do when you check your friend requests you need to be a friend to talk and you can be in any domain so an alarm company having legal C. whatever can create connection pp service having tons of Gibbs for any device and I can let the smoke detector in my very propriety alarm the friend with another very proprietary heating system and I to orchestrate that as the only I can say that device to befriend with that 1 especially Borromeo Nixon pizza the but function has the redundant servers and federated each other so going back to the area what if it there's a
business model we can have these nice wife devises is there will never talk to each other because as a business model here they won't stop talking to each other that way unless the businesses are agreeing on it the and therefore ended company Confederate any other company signing a treaty reducing services together and suddenly you can use the business model to create new services and it's older than that the actual 3rd party application provided can come in and do nice services the way we have nice services on the phone cool maps and whatever is because the sensors are available and application can have a party provider to do any service on an iPhone getting if exciting things about the utility won't do it and you can't do it unless you can get access to your refrigerator temperature the outside temperature perhaps if your home and it's up to you to choose whom to actually left that they they go to perhaps you'd like to run that logic yourself or have it hosted some is just another friend that actually talking to your devices we could be in any domain as well the so the idea to get a friends but if you're temperature from temperature sensor perhaps you could take a decision yourself uh if I print quest 1 of you knew what the audience you probably think twice while I see a good guy or and say well yes OK and then the other 1 was an friend work so we need some best friend gram all the so when I did a friend request you could also somebody did over that really accessible good guy that domain or what yeah it's so we start talking so the next question would be what's the status of your lot that women is this guy actually good to get that data remark none could say that to him so you can granularity do provisioning of any authorization of any field in a device talking between 2 right candidate and that an entity could be anywhere you could be in your file because it just another track client or it could be a whole system somewhere doesn't different so we aren't if I having devices cross borders utilities alarm system heating the health system whatever you can model them as those identity and that's the tricky thing how can you find identities you need around so you can talk to them I yes have you ever sent an e-mail tonight music Center now you have in the identification that you know the use so you have sending e-mail that's the most common real protocol works fine I can send an e-mail to come person in any company but it's also so that anybody could send me money for anybody through get lost by here we can understand the message if we're finding a and the domains really talk to each other if they are a federated you can yourself in as much as you want or you can open up so do the company looking good together a Confederate each other doing the fantastic service of letting your step trainer blocking your refrigerator door so you won't open the refrigerator door until you've done the 10 thousand Steps you should not it the but that's pretty tricky today to get that serviced on and I can let the heat pump talk to the smoke detector to get the inside temperature I don't need to go to the heating company biasing the devised specially approved for them to get the inside temperature I can used a lot so that there have tend temperatures well the a bit slower because they have tenure of 3 but they better than none and just a temperature of course I can let them share no problem and your electricity meter as anybody get handled there's always William E. 2 values no because it's quite complicated because they're hidden inside a utility would become pollen communication and they would like to get you this can get into it the so going to security which is the mean pocket 1 is security next and the well we enforcing any server to any server must have encryption and it's over 20 server communication is done with certificates certificates so they won't talk to each other honest are included that's a tricky what almost every server on the neck and then it has done to the and it's constantly increase if you go from client to server you also have to US an encryption where a well known it's been done for years and you can go for setting a certificate to authenticate yourself you can go to all way down to have a false certificate from convert session get the authorization and you have the security model all the way down to each field pretty much with the standard that is as is and we have also extensions for discovery and so on
so the memo that's pretty much what we like to do and I do have a the set up the it's not here because it's too heavy to carry around the small holes as I have and I have of course a respirator so I have a respirator lying on the table it has relay and appear senses and we have so that's more or less what we have in place so we go and look on this demo devil's head and we have a house and
perhaps data with higher up I the the what why can move the windows doesn't do that we're trying to make it smaller and then they again reloaded have not had a chance to the company in the window she doesn't in the CNT thing down there no don't good this is distributed work that the so I'm going to a chat client because this is all about chat primed friends it so I have a lot of friends here different people so I have an interesting friend called go go next to number 8 and we have a very dull communication um I can say hi to it in the small letters otherwise it won't understand receives well I'm an IP address and love of laughter and I can say it trouble a toggle and if we are lucky we could go back in and we see 1 of the little lamps of out of yeah right so that uh so it's a total again and then we go back and it will be and intended the it has to get out of here so what's up there and while I have a windows which I have uh uh these 433 may add things terms they get wireless proprietary utilities where the proprietor long and of course we would like to be quite and interoperable when and and know moving around so I have a little JavaScript client so do x pp connect to my little account and I realize that have a few friends and these are friends that supports the extension of I am a device so when you look at my friend list was quite but these are the 3 that actually have device capabilities so I will ask the it's number a what can you do and answer yes I have appeared is false the we could have at a other information to it it's a it's a and I have a relay it's also for the so I would say relay to and return lamp on the
down separate much easier to send the received XML specification Open Data very in Proc impossible to do wrong really it's XML you need to supply to the steam to the notion of how you read and write 1st very often the easy so we done another small home control client good so now I'm looking into to what uh treaty 3 30 different real owners has in Stockholm again there's friends popping up I have a little house called house for and it has several the OK different values of 0 yeah if the control power power message which we most which just a few and that's mapped we know switch so my house as a single entity has a lot of to be on open Hub C B for every but I have no a single way of saying a Boolean I could change its defaults uh the 5 intention to all in force was the thing as they said from force in sense of 1 so we turned off the we know which and you can see that so we try again so that's quite long and traffic to get the way most which messages but we have unified information and the same I could go for the sake B 1 and we now going all the way to the exam DB server down again into an API down again and around them into the CB system and turning lights in the house or so yeah I bad should we be able to do this the yes of course you can and if I find the
PowerPoint windows and you can now 0 I tried to friend if you have again the client you take your funds and you friending this go at accept debit the as a new body anybody they're trying known really know this raise a hand if you doing it polis few trying uh during that hour go to my message sciences I'm already friend of this government thing and I say to toggle the relay you the take I hear taking the uniform Joakim confirmed I'm not cheating the nodding their heads slightly so it's quite easy to get this done start up do make a space we chatting which is not really the interoperable language which use you German the whatever I I can implement whatever language in my script but it's a very quick prototyping thing and then you could switch over to supporting any of the extensions we talking about so hopefully there's any of you what was said walls and a question mark to you this about somebody click the relate so sanity into toggle it and we'll have a erased situation of any totaling this relay but you can now continuously problem really even when you're not here so more appropriate thing would you probability that 1 but that's the you let at my office false them you at jabbered Odyssey and if you send a question mark to it will give you you saturation brightness of its current situation and you can control the critical then a magical thing would be that we actually look on that to see if anything happened and
during that would take some questions on the and that the the question was how do the clients authenticate to the exam pp Sara and they can do pretty much any kind of authentication available today in by anybody on this service either can verify all is there any of this pp service supporting who off as authentication but yes lot and the the because of the yeah I know and a lot of people and all of the group and you know OK so all is in the production uh I know that Wikinews certificates to do the sum of TLS sessions uh that pretty much good so answering a question that hasn't been done no you probably shouldn't do it on a little cortex and 3 you need something more grasp is fine where there but I guess the Moore's law would quite quickly go down the drain that yeah you I this is only client side we don't change anything on server-side the messages of gets routed the at any instant messages so we just extending the messages so you need to have a client uh implementation that does the actual stanzas so I've done this is Python he kicks in pp clients uh and we have a jobless growth in my JavaScript you and this uh job up uh going on uh we just had almost uh Erlang compilation yesterday this is so pretty any of the language clients can support this very easy with the plug-in models they have yes I know what do you know you know this yes and of course you can do whatever you would like to do if your using both but if you're going for a standard that was discussed on X and pp summit 1st a friday how to do this how to get end to end encryption done in a standardized way over the X BP network so that's a very good question and it's being talked about there are happening things the that I'm doing it the the right the guess the uh I yes there is robot to see things do uh mice are use Chrome sockets to server and from uh code of our environment so going straight on is that I'm going to nature to be binding or anything yes that on the way and anymore OK you have an down the big questions but it's XML yes it is XML it's a lot of XML and an therefore it is extensible you have the namespaces you know the schema you know that this is what you get and you conversion so I can support 1 motion and there is an extent uh W 3 3 standard called EX II that compress it fantastically good in a standardized way and with to toggle the speech now if I give him for an excellent I could be a friend 1st