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Patchwork Toolkit
Lightweight Platform for the Network of Things
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Internet Of Things - Deviot07
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this shows the history and you know it's the look at the uh the Russian researchers the the the the the the fact OK and yet so I'm going to deduce you patchwork our life without you toolkit and so as you all know ends looking from this program and want us that's the idea use multidimensional it has different stacks it crosses different layers and so what I'm going to talk about is basically 1 layer and above with the previous talk was about and so once you got your sensors connected to the platform like an present priority Galileo and you want to actually make the internal things or a network things you want to communicate over the network of them you need to expose the modern upper somehow of the so the IT
start devices wasn't there a lot of them and they're all different those are industrial devices there's some DIY electronics there are things like a hero for example and would've are interesting thing having that's my has yet and then we connect them together
so 1 step was assembled and those devices then and put them on a network and the wireless network and where network and that's the eventual goal is of course well
maybe not but for the most and stuff that I'm part of the main goal is to build applications from and applications are of different again those are applications mobile applications but I think about them is that's an unfortunate attitude today we cannot talk to the devices majorly we still need some some sort of abstraction some communication protocol that applications can talk we show http and beauty what and perhaps it will be 1 of them the and yet I will not be just here and
so idea days quite affordable like 100 euros you can get a Raspberry Pi and a bunch of DIY electronics you can assemble a together it's quite easy and the problem is then um you wanna do the obligations so how we can make it easier devices once you have connected them I how you discover them and how the U. and too many give that these particles so this point and yeah you can set up your impunity rover for example using computer library to commit give them that's fairly easy you would probably hardcore the endpoints had good any obligation so once set up at works and once you done that in in 2 weeks so the higher up you can pack together you on that circuit server for example and then collected from but obligation it also works I will you can take an existing framework right there is a lot of them and the by short of this is not the only 1 and the problem is and all this from work including the price for it they all offer and the they have their own way of doing things they are and providing their own API is that you need to learn so this is the 1st step right and and then you take some the details so that if you don't mind running a GM is the dozen know is yet 1 also rather high and that is probably fine but we need to get to that point and you to accept this and so what you think in
patchwork and basically we tried to build a a small toolkits Uncle the framework we call little kids and modernize the but rather that sort of thing so and what is much work and we want to provide a simple way to to take the deaI Wiley trying for example like raspberry Pi was a bunch of sensors here and to and to write a simple device agents or simple and come on line executables that communicate was a patchwork using as standard input standard output which is the guy that's any programming language has and then the year uh through this executables belonging to integrate these devices and expose them on a network and using some con particle a Suzuki entities and if we provide some rest the TI so that your applications connection discover those devices attention them I'm
so that is the head by choice you want to make it simple and light so we don't want to have a virtual machines consuming around on your give a and and you want to make the deployment really simple and so then is by short you basically get a binary for platform and and didn't have any external dependencies no and I know saliva they need to take with you um something that and its platform and language agnostic and so we have 19 binaries for Linux Windows Mac and supporting 6 an arm and and the I mentioned the device integration so this step when you actually can make a device there and then integrate assigning pulling out for this by short it's an basically the proton range of future but in his business center it's very we could use the Sun as it had to do that so the moments and those isotopy entity and 1 is for repressors spores communication the other 1 for pops and and the provide semesters to shape the ice for the applications and social so how can you build that in applications by short while the 1st that we need to assemble devices and you need to communicate with them locally like for example addition shown the previous talk and then you put the partial binary in there and this some basic information and then you you need to to implement a simple device agents which is a simple executable which communicates is utilized to GPA 0 or some other no way and and then you can figure this device agents this bolster with the patchwork for but anyway so this alligator and once you have started and you get the 0 Conf that'll discoveries DNS is the so Lang a local network you can find those devised gave way that has this and this device connected to it and bruises was devised 11 immediately we can monitor a global catalog in the network and and it gets the air ACT-ONT keeping only haven't figures and fully devices and I didn't bring arose reply was a bunch really trying to me and so that I have a short video of annex for picture shown here
so this is a robbery by so it's a model the blast and there's a breadboard and is equipped with several sensors and so those sensors there is there this thing which is the J. censored I think is in the the volume and toxicity failed to the red board level by and then there is this from the barometric sensor it has the and the else you the temperature humidity vomited pressure on from it and then on and in the front there is the and USB dongle this is the air quality sensor which is quite fun but it uses the uh marital Teledyne compounds in the air and provides is the measurement of its as a equivalent to C O 2 and then finally defenses part probably is a magnetic sensor in the window and so this 1 and basically reports when the windows open was close and With the
patchwork as in biodistribution you get the dust 1 but it's of reward actually so
when source words realize very simple to configure so you basically provided the data source and Jason and then you can figure where 1 of them you want to to show and it has some um widgets it's already set up for you so you can select the the ridges like like the temperature in this case audited and I guess so the opening the window right now the yes so there are different digits and you basically get this together is by shortages did need to configure how you want to show the data from the devices so I I open the window and and there's level getting the
them the US military PII no through
that as well so running on the device did maybe chance in this case another if I have all the devices connected they're they're configured and have a simple and but this API where I can access the information there's devices I think gets the um I can get the configuration of the introduce you broke on the broker what is the topic with the data from these devices published 2 L. or what is the she in point back and so a GET request again the latest only for my temperature sensor nodes the yeah this is that um and you basically can plug in your applications something like that word or something 1
of that so the bits into more detail
so some components and then I have to show you another them physical this 1 life and so the vision of high short is that 1 of things is basically that you have your and your network where you run several gateways connected to several devices can be a smart home can use my office or something like that and there are several other complies advise catalog and which again have 1 and for a network and then you the information about all the devices in atom with others there and then there is also some mechanism discovery and this landscape play
an architecture looks like this so we're left you have your devices which communicate the on native articles it's good to his or and by phi well years b the and there was not into that uh so that the device agents which are your pieces of software that to develop that communicate as the devices is a native and API is and and then communicates to the and the device gateway we're standing imposed output and yep so then and the end you basically expose these devices using some particle across and community and a moment we planted crops but have managed to at um well interesting but it probably the device did there's all components in and go and which is why we get the um mightily statically compiled binaries don't have any solid is it was it's of compiled and so you just as I mentioned takes a binary job at a robbery by new video in and device agents are cut from independent because all the communication is answer this time but instead of
the they are still AGI and probably the 1 that your application wants to talk to because of you configure the patchwork then you saw this and then magically it creates all the points devices and the topics for entity and so on and so it provides the regret interface 40 rises sources and if you have 1 running on your network but every device given rise only to the only and and is a catalog this pagination you can simple or to some simple filtering and search so if you search for devices specific about capabilities you can also do that of so this is how like a single device looks like in catalog you probably cannot see but I hear you have information about the endpoints but for a REST API of the device um and you can see that the this supported methods are get so you cannot put any single post anything to this device this is a simple sensory can just get the latest like for example Enterprise Information these formats those messages are really M. discovery is another interesting part so as as I mentioned many high get things together luckily you probably hardcore the endpoints which is fine but the problem is that if you go to another network everything changes nothing worse and more and there a particles for this of course there's genus is the um uh which is basically a multicast DNS which means if you run on the network that support multicast and you have a dinners you can discover that there is a quite sure gateway running on his network and you can take it and you can get to the US catalog basically uh absolutely automatically and from that point you have a device that looking at the start is going to Ising and communicating yeah this is just the outputs of the left a lot yeah so and another demo but this is this hero um I know here uh if you don't know what the device and well it's a toy OK and but it's also Roberts that tells and it has 2 mortars against analyze itself in the and it also has an excellent gyroscopic I'm so this is a device which is good for like traveling for them all because it is basically a sensor is also um so our goal is just to put it here and show you some
the yeah and I will probably going to code but I'm so they still can make it is In this case no laptop and I have a simple tool which
way does is the the you know how it that's and K and so France hero This is the tool and it basically just stuck annexes hero and it starts and reading data from it the beach with the the sensor data is excellent a gyroscopic and so on the somehow doesn't work yet yeah so there you go here come the days on like a bunch of data it's they can get a lot of data from this thing I really quite a overwhelming around so once I have is binary it's also it so basically just provides me is to try stuff to sort out adjacent but it also accept the city in so if I am base that can send commands to Speeral the so once you did luckily everything is fine but now imagine you want to do it over the network and yeah so this is the
configuration for the device they play it's looks a bit complex but it's actually not in and so here it just I provided in description some metadata if I want to storage later for example have a hundred of zeros running the network I can indentified and to some key and what's important here is this configuration of the device agent and so I say that this is the agent of type service and type service means that this is the agent which constantly running it's right stuff tested out which is the output from that arise and it accepts stuff to study in which means that's um occasionally direction and and I just provide the past is a curable and I say OK I want to have and I want to enable the occasional always abuse Pharaoh and so this will be a particle that breast and it supports the methods given put so I can get data from it and actually put something there which means running it's some commands you um the all this selection correct because it's not animal uh but Jason and and I also enabling PET I was the only methods publishing which means that on the sensor data from the sphere will be published to introduce you broke I'm I probably show you the integration of the US did as well and so
big of aggression arrested is much simpler than that and you basically say here what is the be consideration the be not as important on and you say what is the NPT Rocha and each graphics the useful topic in so let me just do that um and I start the mosquito G. Rocha and I start my eyes give a configuration configured the configuration to show him and so you basically see that the was give connected to it and and started publishing um so how can you see that I if you use most declines so what I say is connected to a hyperlink ensued a search the and so what I say is 0 I connect my local broker from this is a topic of I should probably show you
how I get to the topic and this is device catalog again which I mentioned previously and here I see that there is a device which is this hero an this your H I found energy is and you protocol and this is the Urals the broker and this is the topic so the topic of generated from the configuration of it
so they can act as I get my I you can
also he here that's the 0 supports the ACP rest communication the gets input methods right
so if I use this to be regressed year and I get the latest value from right and yeah what's more interesting about of course is I can do things that I can change the color to to blue and so this is a obviously just a simple Jason sense they can't call on the the yeah there's also the Dutch
word and so this is the free words are doesn't well skilled and so for free word for example at stake of this is this your device i in the configuration 8 provided the euro I sense say set get requests every 1 seconds the content type is application to Jason and then I could figure for example accelerometer here I know know that's of yeah along so this is how you configure the after word there just passes adjacent takes a single road from to have stuff like that the change of yet so the last and the most dangerous thing that I can ask a through to roll the annoying direction but still that's it rolls yeah the yeah that was it's
even find out more and Patrick is open-source obviously and it's only my MIT license you can go to get help and find it um we have the agent examples repository where you can find stuff for example like how you can connect to and as sensors connected to G on Raspberry Pi and we have like a dozen of agents right now and so should 0 1 of course fully press are and welcome I we have E T and the trying to actually document things properly and make it easy for people to start and understand was an there and and recently published on an article on the gopher Academy of log so the gulf again a blog is as popular as go home and they have like a program for the admins 2014 and there you can find a lot of interesting maybe interesting for you implementation details of by short I am where he finds goal really interesting and productive and I'm using it for I O T yeah it has been a loosely so any questions the I was so most of the work so expensive that it's was 100 thing I know it was a presents itself that's 1 of which is there going to war it is that of a I think it's still 4 . 0 lower yes I do the the problem with all the stuff that you have to write the formation of the self framework which protocols for example for this you will they were already of which were used you with that kind of relation and OK so the question was an whether the the configuration of the particles is detected automatically OK and the answer to this is the configurations are generated
from I will do the confirmation of the protocols for devices and is generated from to configuration files so 1 of them is a configuration of the device today so in the period provides what is the TCP port we use for our city server right what is the been address of this to be server waters is then could achieve broker that you use and what is the the prefix uh for the specific device give a on that broke so this is 1 part of information which is shared among all devices connected to the gate late I and the other part is what is actually information which is provided in the configuration of specific device so here I am the device has names hero and it has a resource of names here API and this is the conclusion of the agent right and then I say that for this device I want to have some rest indication polarity communication that and and yeah don't provide a specific URL for example right I just say that I want heresy because communication and I say that I want to have NTT Communication and under figure the broker here and and configure the the topic here and so then information from both
configuration files and merge together
and he gets a they get this URL and we get this topic so it's yeah conventional configuration probably and you to consider and that was another question I no only about what with the right if