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Spatial backend as a service!
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hello writing I took a animal in the feedback of the song you hear me so I don't think are I think it's let's think of me I'm here to present you some day that and the question is the storage of the service with a special component of the of the stations of of and it's since doing uh thought front-end their over us the REST API and collected on the left from the the walking this work is of the and I'm thinking does of leave that plug-ins so you might have crossed the line in there and and and and the pattern of over and I just the ontology of December you can find on the side of the presentation of this draft and you will have the effect of the thing the I would like to think it bit about how you build a simple application where I use those guests in let's say in and within them out and and all the users would get them back like a share a sharing location location sharing application user you adhere to is like a you need somewhere to persist you make us all with you have a very good idea and the of the sign and you would like to do is indeed be their desperate box that would not this is task back in the rubric to develop their own API away BPI employee and then you have good you have your just read the code talking to some so of the API and basically what they did that is to keep that power and those of you think about 90 in the downstream and you just have to play given that David back so and you don't need back in developers anymore all you have to put your hands in deployment of a United flight at so where and how old how did then that come up in our online and they there was working a services company where every time I was asked to develop some application where so wary of users of flow geographic that that in all those that get it not for like Milan application where you share our location nowhere you take a picture of this is the lower end of the data time and then of can see the map of all flowers and the fact that it was all in the same of collaborative the spatial apps and and I was tired of always deploying of coding API just changing a few fields and applying it in an hour failed of that so I wanted to do something to prevent us to reinvent the wheel and not the friend and I was thinking of of the form alternative so that basically on source version of from and we we felt together and realize that we would that we could develop uh of uh wave API that would be year reusable let like just define new modern there who's who's from data and get it back it will also allow us all to prototype with applications in very easily so that maybe you have a customer he's talking about something you just implement is a very small profit life and you can show it to the inverse like like like a few hours later you have something more he the the has can offer wow-effect human you think quickly on that of regarding sharing and so on they made is not another RDBMS so it's very minutes away tonight for the fall fall pretending to be a very from DBMS and it's not a frame walking America's so wave API we're not tied to any library of clients to the to the it's not the end of the London under won't solve the order of the problem so all of the the the situations where you need uh where you need an API but you can of many of and learn not to company would be this with with this plan where is key events of friends their experiment seating with a shared vision and they made their way to explore that thing that the direction of the world of origin the way that that them it is a simple arrest that you can use with uh any it's to be science that can be a mobile phone in idea of the objects in the code and you can be like I think creates all whatever that's great whatever you have of you can perform at the computer press you can talk to them on of course and of your perfect world the world you can have all and in so I ended up with of tools and the lessons and the things you deploy at once before you may you we were sharing the same that they servers need the eyes but the thing is now in there that you can 1 instance 1 thing in 1 instance of your back in and all your client applications we connect the same 1 so diploid once and then you use it very intuitive May I 90 comes up in your mind then you think of
the mothers relations foundations the the itself your mother the type of the fields of 1 you put everything in a adjacent you push it to the to and that's it you have a you have the muon point we invent in your holiday created because of and then but then there was no on the other end point of the woman and then with using a get back can get all the recovered and you can for example populate tonight under the good it's using present from Tony's which is like the API to kit from the path of violence there used to validate the that that in the humor and red is the view that the default back and forth as is but you cannot do this we also have coached and you who also before motivated was the here and that as long as doesn't being and we have linear that's index then provide the Celts and use and faceting I so you can see this as an acid year that provides recall validation authentication information on top of the noise here that they that they it would be and of course and use they couldn't has some special features and the baby seeing things it has it has it in their geometry filled by so you define your mother using strings integers have Booleans and also you can have a point slide and putting on judge I think it's that you can get the recall the injured Jason and you have also special that the when you define your mother you just even if the the the the formation and you get to to and from the permission is the permission system is very easy it's a metrics between a user ID roles and termination so you can say like users can modify their own reco can modify can create everybody can create recalled but on the new owner of the recall can modify underneath it and the fact that in all of these things you you would imagine move since it started to get an targeted that's the front-end developers we builds a smaller DS that just refer and and wrapper it would basically from generate seemed to be request said that the the scheme within all have from the Sun signing and that that can be tricky to do it by hand and just there so you we do we do that for you and some methods to help you thinking and sharing recall we have to kind of get so I show you very quickly and I how to build a very simple collaboration and uh in collaborative modification using if you like so the data everything that we created definition of of our model with beneath the fields so here we have a location in the locations of the points in a label which is a string uh the termination we'll everybody to create we call everybody can read it as we want we call and everybody can update and delete every once we call that means it's kind of a and we feel bad information in like everybody can the um you know more than you put the definition and the and then use station on the other and you the mother of to the you the time and that the it's on that creates a mother on the based on the back and to get the articles they found by the default the freedoms Beijing here Jason so if you want your days and you provide a constant Pfeiffer had the so you the the mean time of the day that you get the recalls the promise freedom to the dark days and in here it said reflects a leaflet lying the idea fled to the didn't phenomena I don't think flat here could it has a very strong I think that and the but of course at the beginning of the war like quality of 3 and to create a recall of what we do here is that when you do that the thick enough you get the location of the and you think the recall on the back all on the other thing get the points In this best joke of the women in the next to you that means that of non lack and so long to using the same mechanism you say because of the the mother like you create the recall from the new from the label of with the meaning of affinity the point we got the out of the mouse and that's if 1 is found in the the bad and the market and yourself and the called ID on the database you can associated the layer so he around other today create a marker and story from the back and and on when I think the the market on the I had data from the common pond ponder the on the on the decisions the of the moment a lot and eigenvector of the length of the I don't think the land for when he's done I remove the map from the from the it's a very simple example we support all read rest of the of the and and I would that you can I
mean the the teeth and clears the market in the limit and the it's online and of the words online and you can see it's like MIT the 4th line of course before the end of the in the all those marker of 1 the the things who been collaborating
applications you laugh to Cheryl credentials like you share your user ID and the fate that of the Phoenicians so that you can use the focus on and various similar way to share Dawkins between friends of collaborators and you can be in New York so in a very simple example of a this I think about and from the your conversation using the spoken and that's it come on connected therewith with these credentials so I can get specific for using that but that's a very very easy system to the covariance unification for special Rico
and we use left such they so every time you create a mother elastic such mappings are created automatically and when you create a week of their are indexed with well it supports the generative types for that from that thing because and that's what we want here that can you can 1 that's why I'm here the and I think that's parades you a bonding box search and the distance calculation like distance social modulation and it provides you like clustering so like clustering so can be very helpful when you have lots of things and it's the best combining because this gives you the everywhere it's very often it scales very spherical and provide provides you with all the data manipulation you expect that salting paginating aggregation counting there a handful the so to talk to elected so to define your query Jason so it's a bit of all of the text so here for example the name of Fath model of named locations so what we do is we will still want most in on the location and that is of course in the fall I like looking out for values that gives the extent of the bonding multiple on sold and then using the 2 using that they made that the estimates of the recall dealing words and you get the response from the prior and the promise thing is needed in other online as
well what I do is I know the the the stream thousand 500 in the areas of the body
and the middle of and when I using in the map of from the special extent the cells on the left the and it's very it's very very
quickly very snappy and and I didn't have to implement anything in the back and out just exploiting the capabilities of the
so to bring a conclusion I would say that that they didn't want that think it's in there it's of generating a T at generic API and its reasons able helps you to create theories smaller rather small applications but very quickly so it means that you have no if all to do in the back end you can quickly starts very very cool of the morning provide are you want to share the best restaurants and a new neighborhood you to a custom application wages that's something that you can share the spots of the most whom mushrooms location where area where and hit the woodwork and the thing is that the API is logic to make it generates so you don't have any business rules on the back and that would imply to provide the mall walk on the line helpful because there there are many kind in by the Our in regards to elected such capability so my vision is like you have a very stupid back and to president like logic of back and and stuff like that of on the client which is the Joe especially in to Industrial and and that's it so next time you have an ideal use case just think about it before deploying them implement in your own back in to think about it and as long as we know we are the only open source solution that has that there are some common from for right of the sinister but we're on only 1 you having the schools solution for that so think twice before implementing the like in getting that's even in case you have questions the the thing I'm running out of time for questions it's OK well as your family question then right now lots of them to the of effeminate within that time and thanks to that yeah we use we we implemented the very simple relations like that 1 off any of and in I think but they here but the we don't so far we don't we don't provide needs strong constraints between the food stuff you'd expect like and when you remove it from 1 find you who like 3 Guerra cascade Oro constrained there on the fixed we we don't we don't do it yet and if you but that's not again fell vision so that it takes time to private is a very strong system to that and also what I had in mind is to provide a relation reversing make when you define a model that has aeration in 1 1 way then from the other model you can explore like that that that's that from from the other way that that is not the label right number that spot for you events of they want to know about you the all of in the light of to anyway and the view and get on the you can some of the yeah I'm this I we use the old which is the token based on the station so if you knew you just ask for a token and then you use the stock 2 for your your your operations so you just trust you're right you ask for a book and using this talk and create a modern that means the mother you just created is associated to this talk and that means the stock and is the owner of this new mother to get us special steps forward list except you need the real order recalls permission because you don't want to low searching in the whole collection if you don't have the permission to read all oracles so you will like it regarding elastic Phillips we behave like a proxy because it's not exposed directly to cast behind their bed and their bed just take but the spoken has the permission to perform on the soap strong reading of the report so it's very it's it's many we had in mind uh the our main use cases like you create just keep application you put it on the the page is then you to reference you not in the set up anything regarding authentication over 90 anything just make sure it takes about canon and VA then are of operates using this talk that does this surface while thank you for your attention