Gdb tips and tricks for MySQL DBAs

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Gdb tips and tricks for MySQL DBAs
How gdb can help you to solve MySQL problems
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Mysql And Friends - Mysql Gdb
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and so probably we should start all my name is Gaussian choir will you this whole not on American in support and maybe just a couple details involved for I
call myself all of all these so the only important thing so far our for 10 years or so I'm working mostly on blogs related of my problems you know different roles of that's why I was exposed to you know divided and the divide in 2 weeks tho for quite a long time and this also explains why institution and thinking and talking about my skill mostly in terms of box so that the presentation I make whatever topic but like our it surely include some links to real blog reports community bug reports and what they're all I just thinking about my spilled that way in many cases so that all you know I'm right in here and there are more or less of a based on these ideas that my feel surely of the ball bonds and you should be aware of all the box and you can study with and understand of based on our review box so all this session is cold so basically called GGB can be blogger can be used to find my field debates going it's a bit of maybe stranger you from the very beginning the divided by used by developers although the barber's used maybe sometimes by New York quality-assurance people when people would like to understand how they work and maybe to great break it's it's a it's a vector of staff and might be 2nd World fair already kind of moving object representation that's what what you should not be scared of the buying things and you should go even try to do that for 1 reason you are working with an open source software so too did box software properly and to use it to bargain in a reasonable way you need to think you need access to full support without that you are more or less on you all because you can see all where all the details in the bottom but you don't know all the high-level ideas you can see the clothing you can understand what was the idea and what really care and so you need to use your brain but that's already will sent by different are so all I wanted to start with of some details on who actually will they deal in production normalized who did you might ever need will have to only benefit from our using the department whatever debugging tools on wearable for what for so all I've collected of some links ions of of you should note that this presentation is already wearable and for the mice kill all friends side so you can just download it and everything that you see on underlined it said the reading that you can click on and so get into the details so it's a short reference it as a reference material for your father you also lost explain a bit of history of the way I understand it it's my personal understanding of some of you may know more details of difference of interpretation how we ended up with the news and you are you product sold and I will remind you about the way call my scale actually works it's a multithreaded frauds and it's important for if you want to apply the body need to know how to debug multithreaded problems all the then I'll just share a couple 4 months baby I will just show them alive as well because they have for low recall sir or will be running in the virtual machine here and well we can always just
you know each yes it's readable right and see what happens if we have some extra
time so all of 1 of the most important and well-known useful to bargain pictures that's my way of living to proponent to keep the the speedy being being all were minus profile of and deviant peer is just a useful and were important to all that was based initially on a single gene the home and an idea that it can be applied who was there so we will politicly coreference you know the Mr. complete reference in field of all of formant profiler ease and follow works all as well as land should really try to the issue to life production my field so all when it's actually that was the only other thing you can do with just we started here so it's just about correct by to do that all I will explain that you need to know the source code of nobody can expect from from you when the best to be used to know all the all the breaks of my scale in the child needed in most cases but you need to know some basic things you need to be able to search the court understand the structure and you need to know some data structure of them should be readable global labels and you need to know all some parameters of some function is important 1 all and 1 of them use of 1st Campbell so almost everything in my skills it's multithreaded it's based on a specific threat and you need to know that structure that's starting point for war you will fall far style that connect soul I will show also some life cases links and then again if we have time we can try to play or might be you know this cost so for me historical all of the use for gene B in production I started with the guy and you should know well his name is enormously to us he is a well known of Michael Hechter and that the moment he worked at my skills support with the all so she did all kinds of tricks with all kinds of authority weight with the D. trace whether he can be traced but 1 day he just published a book called and then created site and then started to you there were a simple tool Gold performance profile the picture at did all 1 thing pulsing you bring to the backtrace off all the threats did it many times aggregated results and presented them so it would you call with some of details of people always all that great success and maybe in invertible he also published a lot of smaller are things next steps the 1st step is to read the data the gene in the in the next natural step for production to be used when you understand the data you can try to old gone some ice to all my skill configuration problems for your specific running instance White trying to change things in the running true no you reach all my skills so he was writing all these so you can check this historical references all chicken them carefully because many of them we were not aware of profile it's for all they're all dated and the of real need for GDP all right depends to a large extent on version you if you will more quality different so version sold off my scale and if you are gifted where and that many of you probably know that with time all there were fewer and fewer things that can be changed in my skill runtime at 5 7 we will be able even to reconfigure and size in the bar for example but in the older worsens my name settings where we and the required and stuff so these as well users of immediate thing and check the thinks and many drinks outdated because people for example try to change marks connections 6 multimedia anymore explaining some of the 3rd settings are still read-only and that's why treatments to who also please pay attention to this last link all went bad things happen all I should tell from the very beginning when mutated gdb alive was killed the process up and then you details from that brought us that's in makeup like all the answers my but remain in the state what when it's motor running for example straight at the moment all you might get a crash you feel like you only gdb will crash for example if you're less likely we cracked you might be rescued people well all lastly and explain what all is going to happen or what you can do you for all your eyes to these 2 concepts of their they these simple instance and sends a signal to continue what you may need to do more than once em not presented some yeah our experience all so as it told you all for from you the history you actually are started with almost but that doesn't mean that he's the 1 you want all other well on our community members later steps being all and if you're interested in studying what people do with GGB I suggest you to remember these names another name the same Western single oracle wise you 18 all and the the the most well known contributor or to the public what the ways you simply member will on the part of the readings for which the the he a performer who also continues to walk on the porch for human gdb all doped off for about what what that's less less interesting for production today is not the hearer works so all data as much data as possible from every single crash that of the error of can get jury that that the boss still may be useful for you as well because when you reported log when you walk and support the issue you may be required or asked can reproduce if you know what Hillcrest and if you do not scale all immediately then you may be required for example to provide a poor Don if you count work on it yourself and corridor maybe really huge and it at least it to postpone the sum of all 4 of the actions of a wild with aggression statement for example you can get needed to walk around like some genes for some sentences of the magically change and spoke crash that war all surely other for his people like legal schools here is also called for most for but trying to prove why gdb all recently there is a great shame used the guy of great Sun Ji who use the Debian pelotons and report local boxful just check all their public 0 they are active so basically what you can do with to be you can also get the backtrace sequence of course in might kill friends all even from the core dump or from a life process that you attach to this is easy all the to interpret that you need to understand the cold and so some data structures you can jump from 1 form to the there are many threads running all the risky all things like 0 multi all threatens of that we we should assume that this connection was field is a set of spread and they decided that there are many by ground threads or from dozens of that so we're going to each to any of these threats and brilliant local able check local where tables pre what that in some cases you can go as far as to bring structured queries if you know what you did well you all well my about spit see Fig item of specific structures in specific frame you without reference wide but controlled if you are just like you you can bring their everything you should be with hormones
liking for all of or in forward and see what's there be ready to get screams and screams of all but that's also the weight of all so you can use any 1 and you can change Volterra local-global were able at this moment program distort the Commission is stopped and the next instruction you will see me for so we can try to fix something that you can you can capture the will run curious change of what but what about in most cases we speak about setting new well used for the donor red that well defined very the all the or this way also all you can walk in cases where of you already he mocks connections you cannot connect have so dB to your server to change something that is already being in great but you look for example a single of additional threat that is available for devoted used by some process might be something monitoring stuff and you still need to connect you can move the gdb that's why you need separate but you can call functions all other things so I just mentioned over the course work great point which warrants and all that stuff is mostly really quite developers when they study results but you should also remember that you will use gdb pairs all online with well so it's modeling directive it's a command line tool the graph to follow what I ended up this report of Baumann profile are always done well original ideas from a from most what will the ball the tool that it's of moles of the picture field who a truly excitations from my cubes deeper water but the but if it's a single brought us you can simplify it and then you can control how many of the details you can get a check the box there is a useful means of how people can understand what's going on there so by patient GGB to crammed in my skewed be brought so 3 example they're all interesting and they're all different and that these are real box that well well-founded easily understood because of PGP in for example Kendon should not OK to compute but you would like to understand what let's so far as I told you all we should understand that my skill the use and multithreaded problem so we have a set of friends In each thread all we care sequence of functions holes phrase if you would like to understand what were able to see what when you have specific or Abelson head that specific goal you need to move a specific right and then you can bring for example anything all local label or any part of the function of that can be specific ranges from cold pool they may be changed so the unique reference is thread frame and then specific work all for for all the important structures besides mobile where both the usual of body they the from the called from streams downfall from from the crash you should understand 1 single structure but they lowered their but they a general understanding of my scale it's a thread structure 1st thing to do where to find it sometimes it's not the rules you can you grab what I will just tell you that it's defined in SQL class speech file 2nd thing you should need you need to know it's a class and the compared to we need to keep inherits properties from other clubs so sometimes you'll get at thread quality is not enough to find what the details you can actually print threat in B and get many screens appalled of structured output to get the idea what's inside but I'll give you some you know it inherits from statement and it can be encoded some things from all of table can but you you you have some some some variables are quite obvious you have Euler variables all you have global were able see you have started where most yeah the same you get with sure were able so start with the threat you have security context and you when should have curious thing but it's imperative of state so you can find it in threaded so with rocks of into real life use case of that I would like to explain recently would would a crash and he knew the Christian purifying from cost but the Curie was executed by their application with many users connected so they need to know specifically are where these called blast walls he on what's specific cost and but what specific you it was executed so by Duncan most streams or using in full betrays the minus that's all surely we can identify the specific at all and if we print everything for the thread when should we will find out what just technique all options that helped in the reality of it if you know where where to there is a security context you can find out a lot when you know what they're looking for if you suspect that if for example and you can easily understand it discrete but if you're dividing a complex sports as well as all you have to rely more on the structure of the so helped immediately to work around the problem they just couldn't all these you to connect anymore that would also kept and in case of real correction so all to do to complete it actually think you have much time left the company that of presentation all so 1 thing is to attach to were alive my still deeper waters another thing used to use or if your server crashes to debug this problem may the yourself all worked with any support provided or to reported public blogs you really need to understand what's going on and for that all as you were not able to do it they died so you need a core not for a dump you need to know 2 things 1st yeah make sure of that it's created all its require some steps depend in all of the way you run my skills you run it is what kind of usually include what kind of call much security carbon these so which is separate book all where poor dump is created so as soon as you cover record done all you can just you know we will require require you to get vector rates even was all the rebels of all the results will be easier to interpret of harder to interpret depending on what all be localized view you which doesn't have symbol symbol table it's 3 but it's like problem and so if you plan to work on that all I would ask you to to train yourself based based instance 1st make sure that core that is created and if you're curious how congressional and real maybe you don't know here is a link aggression by what proponents are optimized by the end of the my best case of so it's spot let's see it's all and finally as small of the useful for a changes valuables they medically all you can pick up my which will worsen find any all mold they were able to make sure you can change it use scale then you can use of GDP in batch mode again make sure we tried these ones by should 1 bit of leading to fire all brought us say Dior my skill Gibraltar's will to live you run several my skill due process for operating system have things might get complicate but eventually after you will change of these should only when you can reconnect and check but the Hawks surely when you depitch the debugger you may leave the port of and the threat has traced you will see the end of beer and simple solution that might or might be enough just to them 1 of signal it might not dependent on how we recorded you might have to also add it again and again until you know send it to the proper thread the proper group leader that was actually traced be ready for that all that sold for
from my side again it's more like of vary I tried to do to you all the media for Apple at a few groups and if you are planning to apply these techniques it should be applied as a last resort it should break things but the have already are going to restore optimized field dieser you have these 2 and this approach to and the last word of report what's please that's what most people this is what I care
about so you know it just works the the the end of the yes the the yes yes yes yes yes yes it it makes a lot of friends right now so I am just so you know period yes let's check if I fear of a life
was killed the yes I do attempts then we can just do it is to be injured by this whole by not well I'm now I will not see anything interesting really because of the container wall that yeah well well you see that some aggregated trace kept single-thread what steel or the Boulby people for 400 you should just keep it's out the ground unity B that I do in all of us and growing use of you calls all the time but here Singh weights select the we are waiting for full for public connection is doing things as soon as we have some SQL my favorite this this curial use benchmark functions function the the branch marked I don't know to class things like that it has what the so while it's and each mark it's a universal way to to understand well probably a mixed yeah the arguments because it cannot be too fast yes right so knowledge for all when benchmark is fast of my skill will be fast and should if it's war enough single-thread performance then whatever you do it with useful to its so it's like a basic fact what you can see at the last role we can see that the benchmark functions whole this is in the form if you get multiple threads we can regain that way of what's interesting that just works by default debris and will bear created and modified by Brian Schwartz based on original create some public carbon so food supply the local and that's why it's easier to apply than original the from the but it still is a white blood some people might be scared of all the work corporate call 9 it can be yeah than you would want to be worse thank if you have any questions just feel free to stay last