GeoTrellis and the GeoTiff File Format

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GeoTrellis and the GeoTiff File Format
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Geospatial - Geotrellis and Geotiff
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you the this was the there OK I'll I'll start time I'm just emerge I did do some uncle free trellis this summer and the same prohibiting the a trellis throughout the winter and I'm going to talk about the year to file format and how a reader there for you have to listen scholar so and you ask how many of you were developers and every 1 of the restaurants so if you work with the JVM uh how you read you tests the the so you have a few options right you have the you know the a spatial Sealy which is fast because it's in the and then you have you tools which also saw the spatial library in Java and we don't really know like how the stuff from the data and we don't know you could affect the the so why don't you try used to use 1 of these options well because currently at when I started we actually used uh you tools the uh but as a rather large dependency for only reading and immediately files and shape so we wanted to implement our own we could use to do their bindings but they're hard to install and I haven't actually made it work on my computer um and it's can we go to rest a file for theaters Rob Rob mention it and we're raising it a lot and we try to make things every every possible Bhowmick at should be actually as fast as possible so we try to optimize the benchmark everything and show some benchmarks later so what is the you know everyone knows what it his rights OK that that so someone else's so it's a system to that TIFF file formats and a TIFF file format is an image format from model and it actually adds spatial Menlo to image for example you could I like the serious and the bounding box through custom tags so bodies hard to read is the good format yeah good in comparison to the file format I like the extensions of the bounding box box is easier to read it is the matrix or whatever but the serious I'm I'm not the geospatial person so I don't know do anything else than left long before like this summer so had so at this and the so I don't understand what I'm doing so actually shake the deal source code and attendant approach for string is through the . 4 library which is a really great library and then we get the actual zeros the and then there's all the compressions into the file format there's quite a lot of them and we are now supporting the known disease that the 3 of 4 and a package which only bites uh and CWC compressions which we use it for a practical so managers and benchmarks of like how how can we make it run on data and others that look like and I have a disclaimer so if in need of mad can the yeah there my put here uh 2012 uh at but he was wrong they're connect with temper which is some micro-benchmarks library for from Google and which with micro-benchmarks at to look at the relative speed between the wrongs of the different libraries you can't look at the actual speed because your machine is different from mine and the deal is red for the job windings in attendance roster which essentially means that there's like copyrights and year tools is also ready to give us a race so if read large uncompressed roster which is 15 hundred by 30 50 and float a filled with 13 that's provides we say about the uterus readers actually doing pretty good compared to deal and you might wonder why haven't actually put you tools in there and that's because they kind of
mess up so what's happening data but slower from but the reader tiled uncompressed TIFF file essentially they don't store they don't stored image row by road actually store like Rob children in America in a pie like this web slowed and you know we have about 3 options more something for it and once
again due to losses means something else a and this he said to the 3 4 we haven't actually bumped into too many rests on the files of actually use that compression but the Wing Commander weights and we're pretty good at it there
was tools so the packets is like a similar
similar it's fast it's not that political a compressor stuff but where where right right next to you and when utilizing so
there's a w we are a bit slower about 250 of 150 GeV more so I can only miss compression at the way
this real tools again and and this for a SIP compression we actually could use the and library you to love say 2 years through the bytes in there and it out so a network that provide I was can hoping that you tools wouldn't to what's
the effect on so assignment at the earlier spatial guy so I and II was a beginner scholar when it is so I started using all the school functional mapping snooker right really beautiful stuff is scholar but when doing my micro-benchmarks light I realized OK I have to stick to like the core at the stake to raise while loops and like try use bit operations like and also I'm studying so we like talk about school about big time complexity but when when you can't aboard when is just linear you notice this linear yes run through it and therefore the mike benchmarks help me to gain a few milliseconds so in the future like it seems like it the Don format the format has been out for so long but there's a bunch of uh different impressions we wanna have big to but that's a hard thing to implement and and find anything open source that work and that's all there actually but we need to keep up to date with custom tags so doodle actual ads like no data tags which are in the in the in the specification so we try to re into a string of the same thing also we if you ran right so that you tools we use that for shape from reader and I actually tried to write 1 uh but then you tools was 15 times faster than me so I want like exchange information with someone who is there um so thanks thank you and I we would think about may make you a bit and 1 of the good the the the 1st we have to do that and and I you actually working on the end of that I can actually be really ingest process we sort of cool down to the files of cluster work and I the right this is you want to to try it technique stream the island of and in the 2nd half of the image of the same thing you and I have the right to the use of your time time that I like writing letters and here we have we as a service library the i in the have the that in a in a way that the the and your the 1 that be used for and by the current work benchmarking of the history of next dataset on the the source what that with you know and I for the cluster and he had errors actually is a way of the work on the and so we were able to lose the use of the data that you a confirmation of people what the you and the people in you know you this time we the the and the you know have the use of the land and that could yeah there there were things like what the solution into thinking that the you will sort the hydrogen from as early you the analyst wrote back on history and from the cloud patch by further that for serving out the actual result files and not that serve directly from you will that has come to think of the matter in the audience the center of the options of what what were the 1st to have a way of concentrating in on is the you you you you you you you know you go through the power of the idea that the had we were really really like this so we recommend and model and you want it to and then the other thing I think like an I like the what is the use of the word we'll have a reduction in the sense that the this so we you have to kind all of the of different a lot of you can ask the question of sources there will be used this part of important and we hope that will the work and all of you so there you like the file yeah what what what what what we're doing is uh on the so yeah what we're doing as we read it right there like the results should be like a race of the type the cell type of the type so for coming for example serious the reading of the CRS the serious is ready until like this form of which promotes me pretty much mimics the TIFF file for the DOT file format in memory but then when you actually want the court of of system you the people about them that this included that what we read the here we would all the memory in the area where the you you have a projection logic inside of you yeah but we if we want the like the bytes so like if you would work if you use 1 of read image you should be able to read image right you you shouldn't have to bite the creation of launches in you know like we have that this wouldn't have been conducted so it commenced look at there the such thank you for it and