GStreamer in the living room and in outer space

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GStreamer in the living room and in outer space
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Open Media - GStreamer
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right hi l everyone and I get that we don't have a PA system hunters in the the call this out from the back yeah right and without your buddies to and catchy title it's gonna be super high level if you hoping for any in-depth information about use humor you find it here but you can catch me in way later and we can talk about anything um right i'm until that Sebastian the the arms but visible who are way um renowned scientist do my developers with an hacking honored full and 10 years roughly and we were particular what is the neural start up a consultancy and we do consulting around assume a multimedia graphic stuff so what I'm going to talk about 1st all create intuited used humor and what is that thing and secondly it the biggest part we just going as I said very high-level just mention different things people are doing was to Sumer and then at the end of the talk about that but also of what's coming up with a people working on and what features to expected and so maybe what's missing as well and right so disallowed is it's and it's a multimedia framework it pipeline the that means there's the concept of a little you know something produces certain types of media and then you have a pipeline and you have building blocks and you put them all together and then somehow media flows from 1 at the next and all these building blocks have different functions so you might have something that you know I'll put stuff to the screen or advice to a fire Laura down you know scales that don't formed the the applies a little funny how effect or whatever all these things as very much like Lego you know you just have all these different pieces we can put them together and then you say go either stuff found good the so basically or provides it's all very little plugin-based so you can write your own plugin so there are hundreds of different places of and so but this yourself is the library so you can use it any application like everything else so you know use all these plug-ins you you as the pieces you build your little thing and then you just on just the play and we try to be super generic so we build on other people's work like for Codex on the desktop for example we would use the baby OF and that we know we're at other people's libraries and other people's multimedia work so it's not like we reinvent everything from scratch but we just provide the framework and that the heart of word the that other people it's open source and a duty tool which means you can write proprietary applications on top of that you have to publish your code you can write proprietary plug-ins and keep in G itself and although you know making more false is always myself but you know them from the con so that proprietary stuff perfectly fine as cross-platform looks embedded linux and Rhode Island as Windows OSX and you name it we've got a we've got binary split as well it's a very it's a stable API we empirically backward compatibility um man we have you have to write everything and see if you want to provide bindings for languages python java scripts what not and yeah just make the point clear what things do so it's not it's not a it's not a set of any kind it's motion media player it's not say a transcoding tool it's also you know the Kodak aphorical library you can you can use to estimate to do all of the things I was just the library for you to do anything multimedia and related and try out both the our we want to be super flexible a like we want to integrate with everything and everyone of bowls all of you know we should be able to you should be able to use more than anything in the years plug-in industry but likewise he should be able to to use the tumor in anything you do with the web browser whether it's up in a southern station you writing and whether it's a little on handheld device the arising whatever should you know it should work everywhere we shouldn't say OK but only if you use the computer that we try to work with so we have a super large of active developer community and the great community so whenever you know problem chances are both people want it has already which is great and that will have a large commercial ecosystem that loads of companies building collects on top of the tumor and even more importantly that these companies innovators take stuff and go away and the thing but many of them actually and most of the course but many of them they should contribute back the got and the companies would contribute fixes on a cold all the time which is great and of course you got consultancies as well but what about the ones that's always good to have if you if you blink stuff alright I motors question so they are metal so let's start with the well stuff the blood with juice for us to start with the boring things like of it's used in desktop environments and desktop applications if you use Linux you probably use it somewhere used by the norm enlightenment x of KDE are useful the player screen capturing can I use it all this stuff it's you by cute by the tutor multimedia um subsystem is used by open JDK it's used by Leiber Office Open Office so whatever you have on your desktop You probably use that at least 1 units and so some of this kind of stuff was where the tomorrow found its 1st large scale usage but a set of it's boring it's good to the more interesting things so let's go to the web I am it's used in brackets in our 4 different ports at least i the G K and a year fell in the cute and in the winter sky reports and to their it's used term for all the HTML 5 thousand years Tablets use to come from this source extension it's useful on the Web Audio for everything basically it's also used in Firefox not that much there and they're just using it as a clitic library and I think 0 by default on notes and so on you can compile it on was X and Windows but it's not the default then since a few days so there's blink extension a Chrome extension there where can then justice to stream out to do all this stuff all the media stuff in the roles instead of whatever list providing you and then those you what we're about to see a concert implemented implementation since our last October called Open Web see which is also just wrapping around you streamer and well it's a very difficult phase I thing it's something next temples mounds of court and all the heavy work is done by G stream of and the so well that what they provide a simple applications for Linux Android I wasn't always acts currently it's work in progress and so soonish from their artists and their integration into work at plants then on the server side so of course we also have quite a few applications there are the most important let's say a parental currently which is so I would like to see you 5 streaming sort of it's huge it's very enterprising and you can basically do everything with it but of smaller things like our all kinds of little streaming transcoding cells that are built on just map we have following artiste piece of implementation we have stuff for addition at 8 2 you can even buy some commercial out boxes why you plug in some inputs and it's just encoding stuff and sending it to the network then would also if a surgeon and a solve implementation college right which existence quite a few years already works what about and it's using the stream of for the exam before um yeah transcoding on the fly if your own device can't and the specific order quote it's just transcoding on the fly you don't notice anything just place afterward yeah and then to a few
more interesting things so it's use in the deadening applications so what you see here as well stand out the non video added to our interface this is PTV open-source application and analyzed using the stream of all the media handling for the editing for the encoding for reading all files for facts and so on
well there's some country fundraiser surrounding if she wants to donate some money on it so it's becomes even better and In the end it's all the work that is done on the TV is also having induced a mind general and the TV is based on the on the some editing services library which 1 more this as that used in PDT but it's also used in quite a few commercial products nowadays so that's for example of this 1 here it's
an application where you can Our work well we unify recording so for movie from from different angles itself and you can and just aligned the properly then select all I want to have this part so for the 1st 10 seconds then from this and all the other segments and it allows you to well combine all the this movie so
then it's use in music compositing and audio editing applications so 1 of them is so boss tracks and it allows you to put together various instruments so graphically and then you can define control across 4 kinds of properties on them and then let the thing run so maybe a picture says a bit more is
do you have all kinds of weather virtual allochronic instruments cycle so late us all kinds of fear does and then you can just pluck things together and make quote Anachronic music were the
and as can think it is usual for quite a bit it comes up and those of different scenarios which is device as implementation of you you you will notice the dimension of of the times but then 1 of them is for example if the cut class from thing you know like everyone has tablets at each other tablet or a computer and you want to stream of that's too old you students and the students should sort of be able to follow what the what the teacher does likewise and you think OK you know the picture 50 tablets assault problem you know just the multicast or whatever and it's a very quite simple but in practice this is the the tricky Can because you've got Wi-Fi so you Wi-Fi because is not a constant practice and you use rendering and access points and infrastructure the dual control the heart will so it's quite challenging you've got a band with very limited is that all these different devices has to work loads of motions etc cetera cetera a good strategy to do in practice as well looks
like a you know 50 or whatever but you don't have counted tablets and that's where the price before and later that would think and
countries of the video now but and if you look at the video is quite nicely to teach a course like this stuff and metabolism you can see how it was with very low latencies will updates on the the
you yell than what's a relatively new so that's just mice used in quite a few commercial just all play out some of us and basically what that the goal is you have all kinds of inputs you um want to recall the life you want to rebroadcast broadcast and you want to mix them together and sort of in all that it's very informative some fixed defined latency and things just shouldn't fall apart and especially at that thing is to run reliable for 24 all 7 days a week there is no it's just must not fail and so some of the few applications that are doing this or a stuffed like scheduling of recorded shows overloading things putting subtitles in there was some kind of new sticker on some of them are using of the GPU for all this fancy on mixing stuff and so on what is also important here in this context as some flow we have good support for SDI input and output 4 and for K 8 k a 10 bits 12 bits of the dual is all there Gandhi best-supported would be under that magic Declan costs but also we support quite a few others and while that's how you could
our and visualize that kind of thing this kind of sulfur uh and could run additional or like sound he doesn't but others then the selected the the
service stuff on the the problem this you must always have these pipelines you put stuff together and then data you know of a video audio starts to flow and I'll problem has always been that well you know if if if there's no data flow somewhere then the whole pipeline sort gets jammed so I will assist really Aquarius leaving outflows video mixes and sales which work very well with life input which is something unique in that scenario of that for the defined latency come from let's not get currently the mice and local station was used on such a boxes that different kinds of boxes and some some ideas IPTV type things number hospitals needed to stream different you know to be channels allow multiple unit cost of of IP and some a person with a recorders of course and life in a TV DVD and that's catch up with you know I might play and stuff like that also video-on-demand the on-demand this busy but not before ok what might not be for K I could be encryptor much and those usually use quite low cost trips which makes them sometimes the challenging of and their there lots of people who do unsettled boxes using out and you use 1 of them is like a BBC not subsidiary but company in the works but make up do not work and that of French companies using you
know how the waters that a book looks like but for those
out this same forties is actually is quite widely anti-TB that thing all the major to be many factors unused if you somewhere these days and energy just stuff and with as something has announced ties in to now which also includes femur and that's quite cool and I think this was mostly used in both cases for the connectivity part which 1 is best media and given a playback playback of stuff from Exxon hard drive and the video on demand video or the smart she the features of you know like at Netflix Amazon and stuff like that of the so called for reporting yeah I O time shifting that for that to be looks like
and you might have seen before haven't courses when you've got all these the integrated entertainment systems of which is that at various colors etc. and involvement in the in the containment and again you have a video-on-demand she has been playing course just use of the what's a play in a car you might want to share you stream 3 different users from a new network which limited so you become the same 2 3 times and download it but you have to Donovan wants and shared out and things like that but the against the class what unless they working on your you have a security announcement above law and you'll know that at the beginning of the flight of new plane and you want it to be played on or off 180 seats in and think append is quite challenging and the afternoon you playing recently and the sink was also 5 seconds it's amazing the what acceptance of and those who use the little things like that
I like the challenge of playing a lead to something like table insisting that the it was just histamine this army of then it's also
used it for the dual walls or dissident distributed speaker systems and in those cases it's always important you well for the video frame accurate synchronization between all the different devices for audio life you need even more accurate synchronization and so what we can do that the over the network and some there's also a little while our example domestication called arena but you could use to set this up in your own network and display around with it if you look at the code itself we will really small and it's that allow you to on well show the same video or audio and a lot of different devices and it's completely synchronized and there's also an Android application using that so you could even use it on your phone earlier tablet and so and also was quite a few commercial products used for control rooms on would command rooms for video boards for digital signage and above all this kind of huge control
room fans it's quite amazing what people are actually doing drones yes I know most of you
you you what homeland full of military espionage use lecture increasingly people using control kinds of possible use cases and the Middle East was just among them only as rest in emergency stuff it's all sort of some of what you could deliver medical for example the next disaster relief of you know remote areas to come the axis and it's user-friendly for law enforcement I've been told in the US you know long roles in the middle of nowhere where they are of the force speed limit using lots of packet delivery we have to see it I was like the things in place
so remote places that I want to make sure that you on our eyes that they're on 1 his office so if you use the use of on whole thank you but for but the augmented reality as
well as and was a demo and very hard to see but we regard the union of the use of the Oculus Rift of kind of things of so it's a basic you you you get to see stereo and video because their impression and the camera on the like because of next and the the idea that the guy with the glasses sort of remote controls the exterior of but of course initially very low latency it actually uses where RTC in this case I so that's quite nice the but we don't have that
much time anymore so I will skip the bit so that's why it's so I just as a little bit of a lot of these things it's used in all kinds of forms a good to systems was a good to come as far more most motion detection you just want to start recording once something moving its use for restraining these things so you can well absorption home from when you're newly days and stuff like that then its use that you quite a lot for all kind of IP conferencing and communication and in most cases very important absolutely long-latency you want have and have all this kind of stuff work with lots of participants and so there are few commercial products that have been very huge scale and things like where bodies your soup are of course used in these cases and perfect supported I then was also quite nice it's a it's you start for event recording and broadcasting so for example this is an open source application called tubules not related to the system and it was used last year at LCA for recording all the presentations and streaming them but there's also some commercial company culture because which is providing services to what record all kinds of events and stream them and snails using these a marble inside and proprietary application and then it's also useful media management and publishing as the media bubbling open-source project for example is it allows you to do deploy your on you tube the because on Claude kind of thing it is all wall Benedict uh completely sure use by argue which is some kind of
solvers in the US and they were are using it in the back end for streaming and
then of course it's used in lots of mobile and embedded devices so as said before it's used filers apps Vanguard apps but on Dallas actually some divide and which advises that included in the system for as example of some some galaxy seeks cover so just that 1 is using just remind sort you might not know and other words part of lots of embedded in as case so you will notice it then quite offensive thing on it's used for gravitational wave research and for the legal project which is which is for laser informative gravitational wave Observatory I have no idea of what that's does it exactly what what they're trying to do is some they're trying to detect traditional waves from collisions or some of neutron stars on rotating neutron stars it's quite fancy stuff and so they have large scale signal processing pipelines use induced along with thousands of filters and they need perfect synchronization if after 30 all semester of the graph of 1 sample they will complain and fix could fix quite a few books like this already the and large parts of this surface of from the right and where have I who actually you uh this is the land but up but here you what put stuff on the chances PlayStation little application question also friendly to help them with different procedures on the on we just get it to go up by the government and click the future we don't have much time um but we working on what are you hoping to improve in the near future development tool it's than our 1 of our weak spots and there's a new tracing subsystem and bugs along with last review based on that we hope that we'll be able to build better tools for the budding P and tracing stuff and performance optimization continuous integration bills for um operating systems is exist already we want to create binaries automatically and testing of testing the interest of government is about status in the pseudo just proving to be increasingly useful QC harnesses the new an API to create an unit test on the feature front so this 1 important point the community because the people complaining about that it's so difficult right lines for example and we not provide the what is the 2 of you convert the patient and I put on features modes to most of the area of a lot of different types of trick modes of the adaptive streaming streaming tortured Moses of very important to many young people so that's being worked on will solidify playback of stairs comics the support hopefully and soon editing support of good is being improved um best age as of both the saving side and the client side of are being improved cross-platform supports the other platforms so and we're trying to get them up to mean you know that old platforms should be the same level of quality which we planning to a great hockey exploration working on my as an Android etc. the director of the they also multiply ones in question and the 1 of the questions that you have the time and few of the things that you just do you think the bank can get included in a way that 1 question if you look at those because this kind of mention working on their environment the health the clown this is seen in a while just because you know about the information years it for them to learn and whatever those are the things to but as the question was why don't we we we are talking about that by into with what we do is just you know gdb on the on the bag right and all the usual tool for the bargain and yes I suppose we have made that clear the character by into looking for are completely different from those kind of code but tools and yet context pipelines you want to know and you know why does it take so much time on you know do we read we do stuff efficiently and efficiently how long does it take for buffer to go from there to there was a latency of certain things stuff like that and that's very hard to cheque currently because of the huge complex pipelined actions and yes it looks to me in such a framework that will help you to do that yes they can be because the a hoax and you can drill down to specific part of the pipeline and and sort of you know find out exactly what's going on currently we have that by block so you can set the duties the the barber level to like 6 and then you get 5 gigawatts of logs that's great you can find lots of information that but that's not worry about you have on embedded systems that something be fun it's a fun to read these logs look more work a a structured way so you know the computer can dynamically to stuff of the US the we don't know where we're going with that but you know people want better divide into just actually seeing what by looks like you can do that I can sort of the speech about what the it's it's more dynamic than that economic you realize rising and was like the heels of the problem were just must complete the multithreaded and if you have think it's quiet and you can easily have hundreds of threats looking at that and GB is going to be a disaster like most of you will be given a lot of the time taken to